Shetland (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - full transcript

We all knew Alex. He was well liked.

Jesus Christ!

That's the door. Two minutes.


We've just heard that
Alex Galbraith has been shot dead.

There's a very good chance that
his wife is going to be our next MP.

Everybody on the isles came across
him at some point.

There was a custody battle.

The wife lost her kids due
to drug addiction.

Lynda Morton? They were asking
about Alex Galbraith?

You better not have mentioned
my name

in any part of that conversation.

Got a wee problem.
Local lad. Fraser Creggan.

He's been posting about
the Galbraith killing online.

We've got a Logan Creggan.

On our register of gun owners.

I am pissed off about
Donna Killick. She kills my sister

and then gets to come home to die
in her own bed? Mum.

What does your husband
use the drone for?

He was out flying it up
and down the coast.

You really have to take this dive?

I've got a plan B.

Well, that's your choice,
but you'll regret it.

They're bringing them back up.

Shetland Police want to talk to you.


We're losing pressure.



{\an8}Mrs Killick? I'm Dr Bedford,

Consultant at Lerwick General.

This is Nurse Meg Pattison.

Welcome back to Shetland.

{\an8}Right. We should get going.

You OK.

What happened to him?

{\an8}There was a problem
with Eamon's decompression.


{\an8}If that chamber blew...

..he would have been in
so much pain.

Kirsty, I know this is hard, erm...

I'm going to have to ask you
a few questions.

Before Eamon left to go to work,
how was he?

For once he was in good spirits.

Did he say anything before he left?

He said he had a plan B.

Do you know what he meant by that?

I've no idea.

{\an8}You'll find out what happened?

{\an8}I'll do everything I can.

She's just docked.

This is Connor McKay.
Connor's been appointed

by the Industrial Safety Authority
to investigate the accident.

Obviously, you guys are going to
take the lead on this,

but Gauldie was a potential witness
in a murder investigation.

So I'm hoping that,
you know, we could work together.

Of course. You'll be the first
to see our findings.

Yeah, you see,

I don't really want to sit about
and wait to read a report.

I want access to the accident scene

and all the evidence.

Fiscal will have to clear that.
Aye. She already has.


Has the Fiscal cleared it?

No. That's why I need you
to call her.

Most of the crew's been stood down.

Everyone's still in shock.

I've lined up a recording of
the accident for you to view.

At 8:20, Eamon transfers in to
a separate unoccupied chamber.

18 minutes after he transferred,

there's a massive drop in pressure.

A breach of an external valve.

We tried to isolate it from in here
but it wouldn't respond.

Who was the Life Support Supervisor
responsible for the divers?

Me. And Mick Muir.

Mick's in his cabin.
He's not feeling well.

I sent Mick out to try and close the
external valve manually but...

But he didn't make it in time.

What caused the breach?

The valve must have came loose
which caused a leak.

Why did it come loose?

We don't know.

We did all the pre-dive checks
and everything was secure.

Did you do the checks?

Mick carried them out.

How easy is it to loosen that?

What do you mean?

Well, what I mean is,

could someone have come in here
and loosened it by hand?

Well, aye, but why would they?

Do you think this was deliberate?

Gauldie was the closest thing we had
to a witness

and he dies minutes before
we're due to speak to him.

Getting to Galbraith in
Shetland is one thing,

but how did the killer get onboard
to kill Gauldie?

Could be more than one killer?

Whoever killed Galbraith got someone
else to kill Gauldie.

Somebody who works on the ship.

Then we're talking about someone
with connections, money, resources.

Talk to everybody who had access
to the dive chamber

but start with Mick Muir.


Nice and easy.

Any chance of some help?

My orders were to escort her
to the house.

I've done that.


What the hell is wrong with you?

The woman has stage four cancer.

What do you know about her?
I know that she's dying.

And she could do with
a bit of compassion.

That's Donna Killick.

She murdered an 18-year-old girl,
a friend of mine,

and then she let an innocent man
spend 20 years in jail

for her crime.

I've got plenty of compassion...

..but not for her.


I checked all the valves
before the dive.

Every one of them was secure.

So then, what caused the breach?
I don't know.

It's not something that happens.


Maybe the seal broke or
the valve malfunctioned.

Or maybe someone loosened
it manually?

Well, it wasnae me.

Did Larson tell you it was me?

Because you need to know me
and him don't get on.

Did you and Gauldie get on?

I had no problem with Eamon.

What about the rest of the crew?
Any of them have issues with him?

No. He was pretty well liked.

You never saw him arguing
with anyone?

The night before
he got in the chamber,

I heard him giving somebody grief
over the phone.

He said it was his wife.
I never believed him.

Why didn't you believe him?
I don't know.

He just didnae sound like he was
talking to his wife.

If Eamon had a problem,

who would he talk to?

Err, Carrie McAndrew maybe.

She's the chef.
Her and Eamon were pally.


Kate. It's Sandy.

She arrived this morning.

I thought you'd want to know.

Call me when you can. OK?

How did it get on
with Donna Killick?

I just dropped her off
at her house.

And how was she?
She's fine.

She's got a doctor and a nurse
running around after her

like she's some sort of celebrity.


Any luck finding Gauldie's drone?

Not yet.

But the tech boys reckon it's the SD
card we should be looking for

and not the drone.

The card is where
the data is stored

and Eamon may have taken it out
before the drone was stolen.

OK. Well talk to Kirsty Gauldie
and see if she knows where it is.

Ah. Jimmy,

just had a call from
the media officer in Inverness.

Those Kilmuir crime scene photos
are causing a big stooshie.

Has Donnie worked out who posted
the original images?

Says he's working on it.

So, apparently,

I authorised access to
an accident scene this morning.

Thing is, I don't remember doing it.

In fact, I don't even remember
someone making a request.

Well, we tried to call you.

Oh, well. Least you tried.

I needed to get on that ship.
We didn't have time to wait.

I'm sorry.

Connor McKay says you think
Gauldie was murdered.

If Gauldie witnessed
Galbraith's murder,

then maybe the shooter got
to him before he could talk.

In the middle of the North Sea?

We're working on a theory that

the shooter got someone on board
the ship to do it.

Which reminds me. Sandy,
keep an eye on Lynda Morton.

I want to know who's been
visiting her recently.

Sorry, Lynda Morton?

Lynda's ex-husband
was a client of Galbraith's.

In Galbraith's notes,

he accused Lynda of associating
with drug dealers.

Sorry. Billy...

..I need the details
of every recent drug arrest.

Dealers linked with mainland gangs.

If Galbraith was right,

then Lynda was mixing with
some serious criminals.

Galbraith wasn't murdered.

He was assassinated.

They used an untraceable gun.

They used ghost bullets.

Now all of that takes resources
and organisation,

which is exactly what you want

{\an8}if you're looking to kill
a witness at sea.

Next time, you wait for an answer.


Lynda Morton?

I already told your colleague,

I don't know what happened
to Alex Galbraith.

OK. What about Eamon Gauldie?


How long have you had
a drug problem for?

I was in a car crash.

Two years ago.

My leg got smashed up
so they put me on painkillers.

The really good ones.

Before I knew it, I couldn't
get through the day without them.

Then I got depressed. And...

..instead of asking me
if I needed any help, my ex just...

..used it as an excuse to dump me
and take my boys.

Now all I have are the pills.

Which brings me to your dealers.

I don't have dealers.

Alex Galbraith thought you did.

He had evidence.

Of course, we don't know
what that evidence was,

because the file was stolen
from his house.

Yeah, and that was nothing to do
with me.

Maybe you didn't steal it,

but I'm betting that
you know who did.

I know you're scared. I know.
But these friends of yours,

they might have done more than
just break into a house.

So if you give me their names,
then I can protect you.

I need you to leave.

That's for when you
change your mind.

I want it out of the flat.

We've been through this.

No, the police were round again.
That guy Perez.

And he was asking about...

He was asking about the break-in
at Galbraith's house.

What if he comes back
and searches the place?

I can't take the blame for this,
OK, I'm not going to prison.

Jesus. Will you calm down?

Give me some time
to sort another place.

Go home. Wait for me there.

Don't worry.

It'll be OK.

That's every significant drugs
arrest in the last six months.

Mick Muir. You heard of him?

No, doesnae ring a bell.
Who is he?

Could be he's the guy who caused
Eamon Gauldie's supposed accident.

Do a background check on him.

See if he's linked to anybody
that we're looking at

in the Galbraith case.
OK, sure.



Did you tell your dad that you'd
take him for lunch today? What? No.

Why? What's he saying?

That you're taking him
for lunch today.

At The Scalloway Hotel.

At The Scalloway Hotel, no less. He's confused.


..put him on.


Where are you? I'm waiting.

Dad. I never said that we were going
to go out and have lunch today.


I-I never said that we were going to
go and have lunch.

I'm at work. I can't get away.


It, it's me.

I never said that
I was going to take him out.

Er, I don't know
where he's got that from.

Right, listen. It's, it's all right.
I'll take him for a bite

in town somewhere.
It'll be grand.

Are you sure?
Aye, aye. Sure.

OK. Thanks, Duncan.

Everything all right?

Fine. What's the problem?

The Galbraith timeline
you asked for.

There's a three-hour window

in the day before he was shot
that we can't account for.

You speak to Fiona Bedford?

She has no idea
what he was doing either.

Seems he dropped off the radar
between one and four o'clock.

All right. I'll speak to Eve.

A drug hit?


Are you serious?

It's something
we're following up on.

Did Alex ever mention
anything about drugs to you?

No, not that I remember.

Should I be worried? Should I...

should I be getting Merran
out of this house?

Your protection officers are here.

But I can arrange a safe house
if that's what you want.

No... No, it was hard enough
getting her to come home.

If...if we leave again,
she'll dig her heels in.


The guys are here. Can I go out?

I'd rather you stayed close.

We're just going down to the beach.

OK. Just keep in touch, Merran.

Er, just one thing before you go.

There was something that I wanted
to ask you and your mum.

We're having trouble accounting
for your dad's whereabouts

on the day before he died.

Either of you have any idea

where he was during
the afternoon?

He wasn't at work?

Fiona Bedford says no.


I was at school.

Did your dad happen to mention
what he was doing that day?

He never said anything.

I can feel her pulling away.

I'm sure she'll talk
when she's ready.

I'll set up the transfer
this afternoon.

No, no, that's all right.

Listen, I know how hard it is
to set up a business.

Love to Rasha.

Is, er, everything all right?

Are you Niven Guthrie?

Aye. Yeah, I'd just like to have
a quick word with Eve.

How does she seem to you?

Like somebody
who just lost her husband.


Well, she needs a distraction.

Something to take her mind
off things.

That's why I think she should
be back out campaigning.

You seem to be throwing a lot of
weight behind this campaign.

I'm just helping out.

Aye, it's more than that.
You're funding her.

Look, I have a lot of faith
in Eve.

And, you know, I think
she can help the islands.

And what's in it for you?

The chance to make a difference?

Most divers are a pain.
Think they're better than us.

But not Eamon.

He was a nice guy. Good laugh.

When did you last talk to him?

He came in here for breakfast just
before he went into the chamber.

You didn't see him in the chamber?

Er, Larson said that the galley
staff have access to Sat Control.

I normally take up
the evening meal at about six,

but Mick came and picked it up
last night.

Mick Muir? Aye.

How was he last night?

Seemed fine.

He's locked himself in his cabin.

Well, that might be a good thing.

The rumour is
Mick caused Eamon's accident.

Gone analogue, have you?

Well, the police
took my desktop away.

Yeah, we're still going through it.

You do realise this leak of yours
was probably an inside job?

You know something about it?

I'm just saying, even I'm not stupid
enough to hack a police computer.



Mick Muir's been attacked.

He's on his way to Lerwick General.

What happened?

He was assaulted in his cabin.

Tosh. How's he doing?

He's going into surgery. He's got
a couple of fractures in his arm.

Did he say who attacked him?
He says he didn't see them.

Excuse me. DI Perez.
Shetland Police.

Oh, Christ. I told you.

I was ambushed.
I didn't see who did it.

But you know why they did it.

I had nothing to do with Eamon's
death. I did my job, that's all.

Your crewmates disagree.

I'm being set up.

What do you think?

I don't know.

I can buy him causing it
through negligence.

But I can't see him
killing Gauldie like that.

And I can't see a motive.

Maybe we just haven't found it yet.

We have to link Muir to Galbraith.

So find out what connects them.
Where does he live?

He's got a flat in Brae.

I'll speak to Kean and see if
we can get a search warrant.

Donnie's got something for us.

I went through Fraser's desktop.

Some right weird stuff on it. Who
watches autopsy videos for fun?


Oh, sorry. Anyway, er,

Fraser didn't hack into
your database.

In fact, as far as I can see,
nobody did.

You mean an inside job?

That would be my thinking, aye.

So can we identify
who downloaded these internally?

They weren't downloaded.

No, I think the images sent
to The Chronicle

were scanned from the originals.

I mean, as a piece of subterfuge,
it's crude, but it's effective.

There's no digital traces

He doesn't seem very happy.

Don't take it personally.


I don't care what Donnie says,

I don't believe anyone in here
would leak to the press.

No, me neither.

The original crime scene images
are stored at the mortuary.

Call Cora and tell her

the leak might have come from
her department.

And tell her we're going to need
a list of all the people

who've got access
to the images. Right.

So, the search team
at the Gauldie house

didn't find the SD card
for Eamon's drone.

But Kirsty says he edited
the videos on his breaks.

Thinks he might have taken it
to his work with him.

So the ISA might have it.

I could head over
to their lab later on.

OK. Good.
What's the word on Lynda Morton?

Er, we got a patrol car outside
her flat.

She came home about two. Alone.
No sign of any visitors.

OK. I want you over there tonight,
and see who turns up.

I've got to go out for an hour.

OK. Is everything all right?

Yeah. Someone I need to talk to.


Earlier today,

When I asked if you knew
where your dad was

the day before he died,

I got the feeling that you
knew more than you were letting on.

I know that you and your dad
were close.

And I know that
you want to protect him.

I don't know where he was. OK?

Where do you think he was?

Probably with her.

And who would that be?


Flora M.

Flora M?

That was the name that came up
on his phone when she rang.

And how do you know
that she and your dad were...?

I noticed things.

Things my mum didn't.

When she called,
he'd get all secretive.

He'd go off into another room
to talk to her.

And afterwards, he'd always have
this guilty look on his face.

Did this Flora M call
the day before he died?

As we were leaving for school.

And you're sure it was her?

It was her.

We're still going through
Galbraith's contacts.

But so far,
we haven't come across a Flora.

If he was having an affair, he'd
probably have kept it well-hidden.

Yeah, especially with Eve
running to be an MP.

He'd need to be extra careful.

Billy, go through Galbraith's phone
records again

and see if you can find the call
that Merran mentioned.

Did anybody get back to you

on the IHAT investigation
into Logan Creggan?

It seems Creggan and his unit were
accused of prisoner abuse in Iraq.

Lots of cases.
One that involved a fatality.

So why were the charges dropped?

They weren't.

But the government pulled the plug
on IHAT in 2017.


Are you OK?

I've got a lawyer who was shot,

I've got a witness who was killed
in the most horrific way imaginable.

I've got multiple suspects
and motives,

and I've got nothing
to connect any of them.

And to top it all off,

I've got somebody leaking
crime scene photos to the press.

So no, not really.

I meant personally.

I know.

And thanks for asking,
but on that front, I'm fine.

Just remember you've had
a tough few days.

You need to take it easy.

I can't, Tosh.
I've got a house call to make

to the other problem I've got -

Donna Killick.

Hi. I'm DI Perez. Shetland Police.

Sorry. Come in.

And again.


Here to welcome me home?

I'm just here to see
if you've settled in

and if there's anything else
you need.

You got another ten years?

I take it you heard about
Alex Galbraith.

We don't know if his death
had anything to do with your trial,

or your release, but it is possible.

And why are you telling me?

Well, if he was killed
because he got you out of prison,

I thought you might feel
some kind of responsibility.

I feel responsible for
a lot of things.

But not his death.

And I don't appreciate you trying
to make me feel that I should.

Alex was a good man.

It was an awful thing to happen.

Darren Bedford.
Consultant at Lerwick General.


Ah, my wife, Fiona.
She was Alex's PA.

So I knew how hard Alex worked
to secure your release, Donna.

He did what he did
as much for himself as anyone else.

He liked to pat himself on the back
just a bit too much.

A bit like our Jimmy.

I'll see you again tomorrow.

You know...

..for a minute,

I thought you might be here
to apologise.

To apologise for what?

Lying at my trial.

Well, maybe lying's a bit harsh,

but you definitely
didn't tell the truth.

Not the whole truth.

I mean, you told them
I killed that girl, but... didn't tell them about
my husband.

That I was pregnant.

That I was just trying
to protect my unborn child.

I wasn't there to defend you.

And the girl's name
was Lizzie Kilmuir.


Everything OK?


I was just leaving.

Er, sorry. You...

You don't remember me, do you?

Christmas. Must've been 2001?

You and your drunken pal spent
the night in my flat in Dennistoun.

No, I don't think that was me.

"Burns is the perfect poet
and Jaws the perfect movie."

OK. So maybe that was me.

Your drunken pal was Mark Pattison.

You and he worked out of Pitt Street
when you were in uniform.

Mark's my brother.
I'm his wee sister.

Right. Mark Pattison.

And you're Meg.

Aye. Dennistoun.
Yeah, I remember now.

No, no, you don't. I'm...

OK, don't worry.

You were pretty drunk.
Fun, but drunk.

Well, I'm going to have to
take your word for it.

Er, and you're nursing? Uh-huh.
Specialising in end-of-life care.

That must be tough.

Rewarding, too.

Are you aware of Donna's history?

I'm not here to make judgments.

Right. Well,
there are people who will.


..if you get any trouble,
then give me a call.

My number's on the back.

Oh, and you were right,
by the way.

It is the perfect movie.

An SD card, you say?

Yeah. We think Gauldie might have
had it with him in the dive chamber.

Well, they've just
brought his belongings in.

They're still in boxes. We've not
had a chance to go through them yet.

I'm happy to help.
No, you're all right.

We'll manage.

But it could take some time.
That's no problem.

I'll just wait over here.

Kate. Kate, I know it's hard.

Look, Donna's not going to be around
for long anyway, so...'re getting yourself upset
for no reason. No reason?

She killed my sister.
That's a big reason.

I didn't mean it like that.

Of course you have every right
to be angry.

Angry doesn't even begin
to cover it.

I know.

And I'm sorry this has happened.

You don't deserve it.

Look, I've got to go.




You all right, Dad?

Oh... Must have fallen asleep.

I'm sorry about today.


About the mix-up
over lunch at The Scalloway.

But Duncan took me to lunch.
Yes, I know that.

But before, you thought that I was
going to...

Where did you and Duncan go?

Oh, somewhere in the town. Your mum
would've liked it.

Aye, aye.

Oh, that's grand.

Thanks for looking
after him. Oh, no problem.

He was on fine form.

You look
like you need a drink.

Donna's back.

You seen her?

She's up at her house just now.

Looks like she's never been away.

Well, that'll go down well with Kate
and her pals.



Flora M isn't a person.
It's a place.

The Flora Maris religious retreat.

It's over on Whalsay. They
spoke to the ferry master.

Who confirmed that Galbraith was
over there the day before he died.

What the hell's Galbraith doing at a
religious retreat?

I have no idea.

But the ferry master said it was
a regular trip for him.



I'm Detective Inspector
Jimmy Perez.

I'm here investigating the murder
of Alex Galbraith. And I'd...



Oh, come on!

When did you get home?
Couple of hours ago.

Urgh, I can't open these bloody

What files?

I picked up Eamon Gauldie's SD
card last night.

I can see there are video
files on it. But they won't open.

Do you want me to...?

Aye, yeah.
Looks like they're corrupted.

Well, can you fix them? Maybe.

I've got some recovery
software at the station.

Then you need to get over there. As
soon as you open them, you call me.

See you later. See ya.

I'm going.

You must be DI Perez.

I'm Sister Carolyn.

Sister Paula said you were
looking into Alex's death.

I'm investigating his murder.

Still can't believe it happened.

You knew him?


Shall we go for a walk?

Alex started visiting about ten
months ago.

We were selling some land to the
farm up the road.

And he was taking
care of the legal side.

And what, he just
kept on coming back?

He'd turn up most weeks for a few
hours. We'd drink tea, talk.

About anything in particular?
His life. Mostly. His troubles.

What, so, you were his therapist?

I tried not to judge.

He appreciated that.

You know, I hate to have to ask you
this, but, were you and he together?

As in sleeping together?

God, no.

What on Earth made you think that?

Well, because his daughter was
convinced that he was having

an affair.

And she overheard him on the phone
to you, so she assumed that...

I was his bit on the side?

Even if I was in a position to
be in a relationship,

I wouldn't have chosen Alex.
Far too many demons.

Although, I'd be surprised if there
wasn't another woman in his life.

You know,
don't take this the wrong way

but you don't seem much like a nun.

Cos I'm not.

Sister Paula
and the others are real nuns.

I'm what they call life professed.

It means I do the prayer,
the solitude, the good deeds,

but I sit out on the whole
married to Jesus bit.

It's quite a view, eh?

My mum loves it up here.


You lost her recently?

I'm sorry.
No, don't be.

How are you holding up?

Err, I've not really had
a chance to think about it.

I've got work and my dad to look

But you have to mourn her.

I don't think I want to.

I know how long grief takes,
and to be honest, I'm...

You're what?

I'm beginning to understand why
Alex Galbraith came here every week.

So you saw him the day before
he died. How did he seem to you?

His usual troubled self.

But not troubled about any one
thing in particular?

If you're asking if he was worried
about being murdered? Then, no.


Galbraith was seeing a nun?

She's not exactly a nun.

But she's not his mistress, either.

Although she did suggest that
Galbraith was the type to

have another woman.

How goes the search at Muir's flat?
Nothing yet.

But I did find the SD card
last night.

Donnie's at the station trying
to open the files.

Right, I'll go and see him now.

the hell's going on here?

I didn't realise you lived with
Mick. I don't.

He lets me crash on the couch

when we've got a tight
turn around between jobs.

It's a lot cheaper than a hotel.

Oh, I called the hospital.

They said he was recovering from
surgery. Mm.

They had to re-set his arm.

Jesus. Poor Mick.
Do you know who assaulted him?

Had to be one of the crew.
But you don't know which one?

They know I'm mates with Mick.
So, I'm the last person they'd tell.

Mind you, I could easily throttle
Mick myself, right now.


Oh, come on.

I mean, it had to have been him
that caused Eamon's accident.

You're sure it was an accident?
What else could it have been?

So if you sleep on the couch here,
who sleeps in the guest room?

That's Angela's room. Mick's sister.

She stayed here for a few months,
when she broke up with her partner.

She's in Golspie now.

There's four
video files on the card.

Time stamp on the first video is
10:15. The last one is 11:12.

Yeah, I want to see the last one.
There's a bit of a problem there.

See, the card must've got
corrupted during the dive accident.

Cos the files won't open.
None of them?

I've been running recovery software
all morning but the, err,

these later files are gone.

Erm, all I could get was a bit of
footage from a video timed 10:45.

But there is something on it.

Alex Galbraith's car. Watch this.

So that's all I've managed to get.

It's, it's too blurry to get
a registration on the other car.

But if I do some tweaking, I can...
I know whose car it is.

Yeah, that's me. So what? So what?!

So, we've got video footage of you
trying to run Alex Galbraith's

car off the road...

No, I wasn't trying to run him
of the road.

It was shot half
an hour before he was killed.

So that puts you in the vicinity
of the murder scene.

Oh, so well, I killed him, then?!

It's OK. I did something really

I know that. But I was angry.

I'd been trying to talk to him
for weeks, kept ignoring me.

So you rammed his car? No!
I wasn't trying to, I...

Look, honestly, I don't know what
I was trying to do. I just saw red.

Why was he ignoring you?


because he didnae want to get into

an argument about Donna Killick?

See if it was, if it was some lawyer
from down south, I would understand.

But he was from here.

He knew that bringing her back was
going to cause pain.

But he did it, anyway!

What happened after this? Nothing.

I hit him,
I got a fright, I drove on.

You didn't follow him to his house?
I came home.

And I was here when she got back.

What time would that be? About 11.

So, about the same time that
you were with

Fraser Creggan at his house?

Come on, Molly. You cannae be in two
places at the one time.

Now, you were either with Fraser
at his house or you were here.

Now, which one is it?

I was here on my own.

Do you think Kate's capable?

Six months ago, I'd have said no.

But now, she just, she seems angry.

Her and everyone else in Shetland.

The search of Mick Muir's flat.

You manage to find anything?
Nothing linking him to Galbraith.

Or Gauldie, for that matter.

But Carrie McAndrew seems to think
Muir caused Gauldie's death.

Sorry. Who's Carrie McAndrew? She
runs the kitchen on the dive ship.

What was she doing at Muir's?
She stays there between jobs.

But she's not the only one
who stays there.

He's got a bed made
up for his sister for

when she's home from Golspie.


What's the sister's name?

Old habits, eh?

What? You.

Turning up during the day. Sneaking

Takes you back.

Mind you,

if it's sex you're after, I'm afraid
you might be disappointed.

Cancer plays havoc with the libido.
Why did you come back?

The trouble you caused. The mess you
left. That was bad enough.

But to come back... I had a choice.

I either die in a cell or I die at
home. And what about everyone else?

Fuck everyone else.

This was a mistake. Y'know,
you're not so innocent, Duncan.

You need to take some
responsibility for "the mess" too.

What are you talking about? It was
your son I was trying to protect.

I only did, what I did,
to keep Alan safe.

And you know what Kevin would've
done if he'd found out about him.

You are just as much to blame.

I didn't kill a girl and leave
an innocent man to rot in prison.,
you just did what you always did.

And played the bloody coward!



Oh, I don't even know where he is!

He's in, he's in Glasgow.

in contact with him? Er, no.

Cassie keeps in touch. To be honest,
he doesn't want to talk to me.

I want to see him.

Make him come and see me, Duncan.

I don't know if I can.

I need to
see my son again, before I die.

OK. Thanks.

According to Carrie, Muir's
sister's name is Angela.

Before moving to Golspie, she lived
in Shetland with her partner,

and son.

Partner was Logan Creggan.

Creggan is Muir's brother-in-law?

And Muir is Fraser's uncle.

So Logan Creggan kills Galbraith.

Eamon Gauldie sees or films it.
Either way, he's a witness.

Creggan has to take care of him.

Creggan phones Muir to arrange an
accident and keep it in the family.

The timing would be tight.

Could be done, though.

OK. Hold on a moment here.

Yesterday, you were talking about
drug gangs and organised crime.

Now, you're saying it's an
ex-squaddie and his brother-in-law.

No, yesterday we were
looking for a connection

between the killings of Galbraith
and Gauldie.

How could the person who shot
Galbraith get to

Gauldie on a dive boat?
This here is, is that connection.

They're related to each other.
So what?

It doesn't mean there's
a conspiracy. You need more proof.

Is your dad around?

Need to
talk to you, Logan. So, talk.

You want to tell me what this
is about? Mick Muir.

What about him?

When did you last speak to him?
Dunno. Six months ago, maybe.

Are you sure you haven't been
in contact with him more recently?

Muir's phone records show that he
phoned this house twice,

the night that Eamon Gauldie died.

Who the hell is Eamon Gauldie?

He's a diver who
died on your brother-in-law's watch.

Same guy who was flying a camera
drone near Galbraith's house,

when HE was shot.

Well, this is all
fascinating stuff -

what's it got to do with me?

If Eamon Gauldie was a witness to
Galbraith's murder, then that

would make him a problem.

The murderer would have to
get rid of him.

Except, Eamon Gauldie's at sea.
So there's no way of getting to him.

Unless he knows
somebody on that ship.

Now, do you see where I'm going
with this?


You lot are really drowning, eh...

I don't know who this Gauldie is but
if I did want somebody to kill him,

I sure as shit wouldn't ask
Mick Muir. The man's an idiot.

Why did Alex Galbraith refuse
to represent you in the IHAT case?

I told you. I don't know. Maybe he,
he thought you were guilty.

Well, it doesn't matter what
he thought.

He still had a duty to defend me.

Maybe there were some cases that

even Alex Galbraith couldn't

Maybe the thought of those poor
prisoners that you

and your pals beat the shit
out of, repulsed him.

I think you'd better leave, now.



Call the SPA again.

I wannae find out more about this
prisoner who died.

I spoke to my contact at the SPA.

The prisoner Creggan was
accused of killing wasn't a soldier.

It was a civilian. A teenage boy.

Apparently, Creggan's unit captured
him and took him into the hills.

And they beat him to death.

I've been looking for you. Now...

..where is your friend?

I don't know what you mean.


Hurry up. Get fucking in.