Shetland (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Dead Water: Part 1 - full transcript

A journalist is killed in a road accident and it emerges he was an old pal of Perez. As the investigation progresses it seems the victim's return to Shetland was connected to plans for a controversial new gas pipeline.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Shall we shove them up here, lasses?

And there's your husband to be.

John looks better
in real life. Honest.

More muscles, at least.

Come on.
Shall we get a drink down her?

Come on.

Jerry Markham.
What're you doing here?

Buying you a drink, hopefully.

I'm sorry I haven't seen you
since Fran's funeral.

No, it's OK. You're a busy man

and London's not
exactly down the road.

I miss her. She made
working at the Gazette fun.

What about Cassie?
She must be about 15 by now.

16. She's staying
with Duncan tonight.

Are they getting on better?

You never stop, you, do you?
It's like an interview here.

Sorry. Force of habit.

So, what you doing up here?

Are you just up to see your folks,
moving back up, what you doing?

Just up to see my folks.

Aye. No, I thought so.

Kind of outgrown this place,
haven't you?

No enough juicy stories
for somebody like you up here.

I wouldn't say that.

Have you met anybody down there?

Pound to kiss the bride.
Pound to kiss the bride?

You got a pound?

Oh, come on, look at her.
She's gorgeous.

No? OK, moving on.

What's up with our money?

You want another?

You can leave the car
at mine if you want.

No, I'd better not. I've got
some e-mails to do tonight.

But, look, It's great
to see you, Jimmy.

Hopefully we'll hook up
before I head back south, eh?

Aye, sure. Any time you like.
Just gimme a call.

Hip-hip, hooray!

Hip-hip, hooray!

Hip-hip, hooray!

Down there!

Lerwick station.

Sandy taking the CID exam this week?

Thinks he's ready, aye.

There's been an accident
on the Skellwick road.

Driver died at the scene.

I think it was Jerry Markham.

There anybody else involved?

Not sure.


There's some broken glass up there.

He must have lost control
and spun off.

Cause of death?

Sorry, I left my
x-ray specs at home.

Feel free to help.

You'll need to get
the poor man on a slab.

As soon as we can.

If it's any consolation, Jimmy,
I'd say he died instantly.

Something wrong?

There's no skid marks on the road.

He didn't brake.

This glass is from brake lights.

So I'm thinking
he's been hit from behind.

Are we looking at leaving the scene
of a fatal accident, then?

Tape it off.

And check with Renwick and Munro's

and see if anybody's brought in
a damaged vehicle for repairs.

And then get someone else to
check nearby crofts and garages

to see if anybody's
hiding a damaged vehicle.

Sir. Must have fallen out
as he came down the hill.

Good. See what else you can find.
Will do.

Did you know him well?

Och, we'd lost touch but, aye.

Aye, I did.


It's yourself. How are you?

What's wrong?

Jimmy Perez. Haven't
seen you for as long.

I'm here about Jerry.

Well, why don't you wait
and I'll see if he's up?

Maria, I don't think
this is a social call...

is it, Jimmy?

I'm so sorry to have
to tell you both this

but Jerry was involved
in an accident last night

and he's been killed.

Oh, my...

Oh, my God!

Oh, no, God!


Oh, God!

What do I do now?

I don't know what I'm supposed to
do. I've phoned the doctor, Adam.

He's going to come and see her. Aye.

A sedative...or something.

Adam, when was
the last time you saw Jerry?

Yesterday he asked if I could get
him into the Fairhead Terminal.

I had some contacts there, so I did.

That was the last we saw of him.

Even then, I didn't know he'd gone
until I saw his laptop was missing.

He was practically
attached to that thing.

Do you know why
he wanted into the Fairhead?

He didn't say. I suppose
he was working on something.

He'd set up this...

investigative website.

We worried about him
when he was in London,

but not here.

Here, we expected him to be safe.

Authorising intrusive surveillance.

Who is the authorising officer?

You'll never pass the CID exam
if you can't get that right.

Sandy, did you find
a laptop at the scene?

No. Just the phone. Badly damaged.
No record of recent calls.

But there are these.

Video footage from
the Save The Sound protest

against the pipeline
Storne Gas wants to build.

Save the sound!
Save the sound! Save the sound!

Save the sound!

And there's a bunch of photos, too.

It's the site where the new Storne
pipeline'll be coming ashore.

I know that place.

It's the Dalhousie croft.

It's a fish farm now. Aye.

Mr Dalhousie?

I ken thee?

Sandy Wilson. You know my father.

I'm investigating a road accident
yesterday. Not far from here.

Near Skellwick.
Did you see anything?

Cannae say I did.

Is everything all right?

The fish are dying.

I've lost about 60%
of my salmon stock.

If it doesnae stop, I'm finished.

Any idea what's causing it?

The water. The water's bad.

What do you mean?

They're wanting me out.

They're wanting the land
for their pipeline.

No damaged vehicles in the vicinity.

It is possible somebody made
repairs between then and now.

And I don't know if
this is relevant, but...

..old Joe Dalhousie said he's
having problems with Storne Gas.

They want to buy his land,
which he is refusing to sell.

He's lost a lot of his stock.

Claims they're trying
to sabotage his cages

and put him out of business.

Why hasn't he reported that?


he's an unsociable old fella.

To be honest, you'd have
a better chance striking up

a conversation with one of his fish.

But he did mention a journalist had
been to see him, asking about it.

And I've found
Jerry Markham's website.

There's no sport, no gossip, no ads.
It's just the news.

Maybe Jerry was going to run
an article on Dalhousie's claims?


Hello, I'm Detective Inspector Perez.

I spoke to your press officer,
Andy Belshaw, this morning.

I think he's expecting us.

500 tankers a year used to take
crude out of here.

At Sullom Voe it was more.

Today, it's about 150.

It's only a matter of time
before it runs out.

Which makes the new pipeline
even more important?

Aye, it does.

Is that why Jerry Markham was here?

Aye. Wanted to know what we thought
of Storne Gas muscling in.

Another pipeline.

I told him there's room
enough for everybody.

We need as much gas as we can get,
like we needed the oil.

I remember you couldn't get
work here for love nor money.

I think he was looking
for some negative stuff

between us and the gas company

so I said as little as possible
and showed him our safety measures.

It'd be ironic if he'd gone green,

after all the money his folks' hotel
had made out the oil business.

It was Jerry Markham who broke the
story about the Cabinet minister

with the offshore tax
account, wasn't it? Yeah.

Made a bit of a splash down south.

He could be quite
a contradiction, Jerry.

You know, he could be very ruthless.

But he'd be just as quick to put
his neck on the line for people

who couldn't stick up for themselves.

Is that why you think
his death was suspicious?

His car was stationary
when it was hit.

The other vehicle must have
rammed him down that hill.

And, plus, I think he was working
on a story, maybe about Storne Gas.

If he was, wouldn't he have
mentioned that to you?

No. He'd keep his powder dry
till he published

cos otherwise he's got no scoop.

So this story's serious
enough to get him killed?

No, I'm not saying that.

I'm just saying to put it down as
an accident is a wee bit premature.

You'll have to get forensics in
from Aberdeen to have

a look at the crash site.
We'll see what they've got to say

and then I'll decide
whether to proceed.

I know you're all
multi-tasking, Jimmy,

but you're not
a crime scene examiner.

I think it would be good
to get someone that's not

so emotionally involved
to take a look. OK?

Hello. Constable Wilson?
Yes. Reeves. Forensics.

I'd like to get straight to
the scene if that's all right.

This way. That is
one good thing about Shetland -

you're never that far
to the car park.

What's the other?

What are those?

Bride and groom. It's a tradition.

Means there's a wedding
this weekend.

What does the pathologist
say on cause of death?

According to the initial report,

he died of a rupture in the isthmus
of the aorta and a fractured spine.

It looks to me like
he was hit from behind.


I'd need to assess the crushing
damage before I can comment on that.

There's no skid mark on the road.

Maybe he was on the phone,

didn't have time to brake.
We should keep our options open.

Jerry Markham knew these roads
like the back of his hand.

You sound like my ex.
He was never wrong either.

If he was hit from behind,
there'd be paint on it.

Ten out of ten.

I'll get these samples checked out

and give you an answer,
in a day or two.

I'll need them sooner than that.

There's nothing for the Gazette
here, Reg.

What? I'm just out for a drive.

Never kid a kidder.

You've been following me
all the way from the crash site.

OK. I heard about Jerry.
Just wondered what happened.

You got forensics down there?

Traffic Accident Examiner.

According to Lynn Gouldie
at the funeral directors,

his body's still lying
in their back room.

Not releasing it? Soon.

When was the last time you saw him?


Spoke to him just
a couple of days ago.

Said he was planning a big piece
for his new website.

Do you have any idea what that
was about? Are you daft?

He wouldn't tell me.

But he was planning to attend
the public meeting

for the new pipeline later.

Now, the fact you're asking
questions like that

makes me think there's more to this.

Well, you know, being local,

I'm sure you'll be the first
to hear about any press release.

Appears Markham had an app installed
on his mobile called Veecryption.

I checked with Digital Forensics
and if both the caller

and the receiver have it,
you won't see a phone number or ID.

It encrypts the conversation
and the data to keep it secure.

Liked his privacy, then?

Any news on the laptop?

Not yet. But we do have a minibus
all over the island last night.

Evie Watt's hen party.
They might have seen something.

OK. Check. And can you study
in your own time please?

Officer Reeves?

The crashing damage -
you were right.

I'm always right, according to you.

He was hit from behind, twice.

And I found flecks of paint
on the floor mat.

I'll get it analysed. OK.

Do you mind, I'm allergic to dogs,
could it go outside?

Billy, can you take the dog out?

Come on... Come on...

Is there anything you need,
is there anything I can do?

We're fine.

We just need to get on and make
arrangements for the funeral.

There's going to be a delay
releasing the body,

because it looks as though Jerry
was deliberately run off the road.

Is there anyone you can think of

who would have had a reason
to harm Jerry?


I mean, what about
when he was at the Gazette?

Is there anyone on the islands
that he upset or...?

There was one thing...

personal, not to do with the paper.

Adam, it's not relevant.

So, what isn't relevant, Adam?

Jerry had a relationship
with a young girl from Skellwick.

She got pregnant.
Her family were upset.

He claimed he didn't know
if it was his or not.

And what do you think?

The truth is...

Evie was a nice girl
from a sheltered background.

I don't think she would have lied
about something like that.

Is that Evie Watt?

That's right. Cameron Watt's girl.

After Jerry left, she lost the baby.

Cameron was beside himself.

It left a very bad atmosphere.

Jerry never spoke to you
and Fran about it? No.

I hear she's getting married?

Aye, to John, John Henderson.

He's a pilot at Fair Head.

His wife died a few years back.

He's a good man.

Well, you're right, I mean,
it's probably not important.

Sign the petition! Save the Sound!
Save The Sound! Sign the petition!

'First of all, ladies and gentlemen,'

I'd like to thank you all
for coming here today

for Storne Gas' presentation
of the proposed new pipeline.

We, at Storne Gas, want the people
of Shetland to know

that great care has been taken...

Didn't know you were interested
in the environment.

Just observing, Reg.

..with as little disruption
as possible.

Now, the cost of linking this
new oil field to the mainland

is estimated at one billion
and a great deal of that money

will go into the local economy -
new jobs... hotels...

And what if there's
a pipeline failure?

Speak up! Can't hear you!

Andrew, shush!

What happens if there's...

What my daughter is trying to say
is what happens in the event

of a pipeline failure
and the ignition of a vapour cloud?

Anybody within 100 metres
of that pipeline could be killed.

Now... Are the people of Skellwick
just supposed to live with that?

We have gas pipelines already,
we don't need any more.

Or another gas company,
for that matter!


We're planning to tunnel underground
for the most part.

It will be perfectly safe.

For the most part?

Well, if we acquire
Mr Dalhousie's land,

we can run the pipeline
along the bottom of the loch

and then tunnel across the hills
to the terminal.

No-one will even know
the pipe is there.

The coastline should be protected.

We need wave power, not gas!

As far as I am concerned, this gas
field is of national importance.

The Council has every right to
approve another onshore pipeline!

This entire project needs to go back
to the drawing board!

Oh, come on, Cameron,
live in the real world, will you?

We need to get a petition going,
raise awareness,

get the entire island behind us, and
make sure Dalhousie doesn't cave in.

It's true, Storne Gas does want
Dalhousie's land, but as you can see,

we've made no bones about it, and
we've made him a very fair offer.

Which he refused?

He did. But it's a bargaining
technique. He'll sell.

In the end, everyone sells.

The money too tempting,
the way of life too hard.

Maybe not for him. I mean,
he's lived there all his life.

The business is failing,
he's defaulted on his mortgage.

If he can't pay, the bank
will repossess and sell to whoever
it pleases.

And how do you know about
his mortgage details?

It's no secret.

The Save The Sound Fund are helping
him financially. And they are?

Evie Watt and her dad. Her fiance,
John Henderson, helps out too.

It's a family affair.

Why do you need Dalhousie's
land anyway?

Can't you just build round him?

Any other route would be too close
to the local village.

Must be a pain, these claims.

They could affect your
planning permission, no?

If they were true, but they're not.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time
a big company has tried

to put pressure on someone
like Mr Dalhousie, though.

Claims like that will have you
in a room with our lawyers,

and trust me, you don't want that.
They play hardball.

Hardball? What, is that
like shinty or something?

Did you talk to Jerry Markham
about this? Jerry Markham?

Yeah, he's a journalist,
from London.

No. Don't think so. Maybe I forgot.

I have spoken to a few
journalists about this.

Excuse me.


Evie Watt?

I'm DI Perez, erm...

Could I give you a lift somewhere?

No need for ID, I know who you are.

Did Jerry Markham ever get in
contact with you when he was home?

Why would he?

He was writing an article
on the Storne Gas pipeline,

so I assumed he'd want
to interview you.

He left some messages on my answer
machine. I...ignored them.

You were very close once,
weren't you?

That was a long time ago.

But it still hurts.

I was scared of my own shadow
back then.


I'd never met anyone like him.

My, erm... My father builds boats.


But they're based on the original
Norwegian designs.

Takes him months. Very methodical.

Jerry was the complete opposite
of that -

he wanted everything
and he wanted it now.

Your fiance is John, isn't it?


Did he know Jerry was trying
to get in contact with you?

Aye. I told him.

I didn't want the two of them
bumping into each other and... Sure.

John is very angry with the way
that Jerry treated me.

But he's very devout.

He wouldn't hurt a fly.


Hey, kiddo. Hey. How was Duncan?

What's his latest scam?

Ask him yourself. He dropped me off.
And why d'you always make it sound

like he'll appear on Crimewatch
any minute? He's just a businessman.

Who gave me 50 quid
towards the trip to Edinburgh.

We haven't agreed on that yet.

What is your problem?

My problem is whether or not
you're ready to go away

for a weekend on your own.

Not on my own. With my friends.

You know what I mean. Dad,
I'll be going to university soon.

Deal with it.

Or are you going to close down
the ferries and the airport

and make sure I never leave?

What's the word on Save The Sound?

Funded mostly by local donations
and environmental groups.

Evie and her dad
are passionate about it.

And what about John Henderson?

Sympathetic, but keeps
his involvement low profile.

He works out at the port control.

Let's get Joe Dalhousie's
water tested.

Cos if Storne Gas are trying
to get him off his land,

that's the story
Jerry would be interested in.

But why would anyone
kill him over it?

Sorry, just asking.

If Storne Gas have committed
a criminal act,

it'd jeopardise their planning
permission, everybody loses out.

Tosh, see if you can get me

everything on this Iain Redford guy
over at Storne.

And also, get uniforms to check
all the skips, recycling bins,

everywhere and anywhere,
because we need the laptop.

Are you John Henderson? Aye.

Can I have a word?

It'll have to be quick,
if you don't mind.

I just wanted to ask you a few
questions about Jerry Markham.

I'm afraid I didn't know the man.

And what I did know, I didn't like.

If he had done the decent thing
and stood by Evie,

I wouldn't be getting married to her, many ways,
he did me a favour.

I live Sola Scriptura, detective.

The Ten Commandments
are my guide in life.

And "Thou shalt not kill" is...

It's number six.

You know the commandments then?
I know that one.

I hope you don't mind me
asking you this,

but how many years is it
since your wife passed away?


It's not easy, is it?


I suppose getting to know Evie
must have been like...

coming alive again.

It did. Aye.

And you're getting married tomorrow?

A traditional Shetland wedding,
I hear? Uh-huh.

Whoever wants to come is invited.
The entire island.

Yourself included.


..I might take you up on that.



Are you in, Joe?

Mr Dalhousie?

Joe! It's me, Sandy.

It's Sandy Wilson!

I just come to see if you're OK?

It's a lot worse inside.

They did this!

They're trying to destroy me!

OK. Just calm down, Mr Dalhousie.

Now, did you see anything
or hear anybody?

I've had enough.

The next time they come,
I'll be waiting on them!


Don't do anything stupid, Joe.

Do you want to give me that?

Good man.

It has to stop, aye!

It has to stop!



I saw someone in the kitchen,
trying to steal the laptop!

You do what we agreed, OK?

You lock yourself in the bathroom

and I will get someone
over to you right away.

'All right?'


You OK?

I'm fine, I just got a fright.
He saw me and ran.

Somebody just chancing their luck?

Yeah, Duncan's right.

It's probably just some kid... it for a bet.

Let's rob the cop's house. Big joke.

Didn't seem like a joke.

No, sure...


'No luck.'

What are you doing?

Helping Joe.

Is he around?

What do you want, Iain?

Mr Dalhousie,

I've been asked to come here
to make you a final offer.

It's very generous.

Storne had nothing to do with this.

It's not just them annoyed with him
for blocking the new pipeline.

You know, Evie...

I didn't even want to come here

Just following orders, yeah?

Now go, please.

You think the break-in had something
to do with Jerry Markham?


You don't have enough physical
evidence for a murder enquiry.

Have you been talking to Reeves?

Is it possible
you're just trying to make sense

of a friend's...tragic,
but random, death?

Jerry didn't mind
ruffling a few feathers.

He was more of a vigilante
than a journalist.

Now, what if he got access
to the company

and discovered something
that was a lot more damaging

than just this campaign to get
Joe Dalhousie off his land?

Damaging enough to blow this new
pipeline right out of the water.

You mean a whistle blower?

I'll hold off for another day, but
you need to verify that, and quick.


See if you can find this guy
on any other cameras, will you?

Yes. Got it. Thank you.

Redford. No criminal record.

But he studied engineering at
Glasgow Uni, same time as Evie Watt.

I dug a bit deeper and it seems

they had the same address
in their second year.

Maybe more than that.

What can I do for you?

I am Detective Inspector Perez.
This is DS McIntosh.

Nice yoals.

Aye, they are.


Blood, sweat and tears.

Worth it for a boat like that, eh?

Oh... Indeed.

We've become used to the easy life,

..made us greedy, uncaring.

Well, I don't want to take up
too much of your time,

but did Evie happen to mention
to you that I had a word with her
about Jerry Markham?

She did say, aye. Terrible thing.

I think he was working on a story
about the new pipeline.

Was he?

He didn't contact you about it?

He knows he'd not get
much of a welcome from me.

And I'll say this.

The Markhams made a fortune
from the oil boom.

I find it hard to believe
that Jerry would write

about anything that might jeopardise
his family's livelihood.

Maybe if the story was big enough?

When he got my daughter pregnant,
she was shunned by the Markhams.

When she wanted to spend her wedding
night at the Skellwick Hotel,

Maria Markham refused
to take the booking.

Those sort of people look after
number one, believe me.

It must be difficult for Evie,

with her old flatmate
working for the Storne Gas.

Iain Redford, you mean? Aye, it is.

But he maintains Storne have nothing
to do with this campaign

to get old Joe out,
but...who else would it be?

Do you think Evie's going to keep up
with the boat building?

That's what I'm hoping, aye.

At the moment, I build them
and she paints them.

But soon, she'll be ready
to build her own.

Where have you been? Come on.

You should be getting ready!

So Redford lived with Evie, but he'd
never heard the name Jerry Markham.

You think he's lying?

I think we should take up
that invitation to the wedding.

The paint on the exterior
of Markham's car

was from a previous coat.

But we also found particles of metal.
Chrome plating.

Means he was hit by someone
with a metal bumper.

Probably a larger vehicle,

a four-by-four maybe?

OK, good to know. And what about
the paint on the floor mat?

Should get the results on that
by tomorrow. Right.


I need a list of everyone
on the islands

who has a chrome bumper
on their vehicle.

And then crosscheck that
with anyone

who had a link to Jerry Markham.

That's going to be a fairly
extensive list. I don't care.

And I want
those water sample results.

And I want to know what's killing
Joe Dalhousie's fish

and where it came from.

I'm on it.

You look gorgeous.
He's a lucky man to have you.

OK, that's enough.


What are you doing out here?
Where is she?

Get him back inside.

Better late than never.

In you go. Now!


You look lovely.

Your mother would be so proud of you

marrying a local man like John.

So proud.

What's wrong with confetti?

What happens now?

Well... They'll walk
down to the hall

and then the youngest male relative
of the groom

and the youngest female relative
of the bride,

they carry those brooms and they are
sweeping away the evil spirits.

Right, shall we get out
and join the end of this?

Let's go.

Are you OK?

Why wouldn't I be?

What is that you're drinking?

Don't worry, it's a Shirley Temple.

You're not welcome here.

I just want to offer
my congratulations.

It's a bit late for that, isn't it?

You seem to have forgotten, Dad,
that everybody is invited.

I'll deal with this!

Come in, Adam. Have a drink.
Do as you're told, Evie!

So, who's that you're with?

Oh, that's Carol.

She works at the flotel
in the harbour.

Is she your new girlfriend?

Sort of.

"Sort of"? She'd love that.

To be honest,
I'd rather be here with you.

Was I a "sort of" girlfriend, Drew?

Were we going to get
"sort of" married?

And did you "sort of" jilt me?
And now, you're "sort of" flirting
with me

while your "sort of" girlfriend is
over there waiting for a drink?
I just meant...

You know what you can do, Drew,
you can "sort" right off!

See you.

Can I buy you a drink?

Nah... No, I don't drink, as a habit.

Evie looks lovely.
You must be really happy.

I'd have preferred a simple ceremony.

Marriage is a divine institution,

not an excuse to get drunk
and make a spectacle of yourself.

Are you going anywhere special
for your honeymoon?

Just a few days sailing around Yell.

I've a boat moored up at Toft.

We both love that part of Shetland.

We'll drive up tonight.

Any closer to finding out
what happened to Jerry Markham?

Fairly sure it wasn't an accident.

He was forced off the road?

I thought that was just talk.

We all have to live on these
islands, Joe, not just you!

What I do with my land
is my business.

This "everyone is invited" idea

seems to have backfired
a wee bit, don't you think?

It's like an episode
of The Jeremy Kyle Show in here.

Come on, Andy. Forget about the
bloody pipeline, enjoy yourself.>

Stop it... Come on, come on.

You're making a fool of yourself!

I hope you'll be very happy.

Joe, I really need
to have a chat with you.

Smile... It's our wedding day.

I can't just ignore
what's been going on. Yes, you can.

Enjoy your cheesy puffs.

I'll see you there in an hour. OK.

Evie, congratulations,
it's a grand wedding.

Thank you. Thanks. Erm...

Just going to say my goodbyes
and then go back.

OK, enjoy your night.

Thank you.

Are you going somewhere?

The airport.
I've finished my report.


You can't know what the driver was
thinking when he or she hit Markham.

As it stands, the only crime
committed was leaving the scene...

But I hope you find
whoever was behind that wheel.

You know, considering
that was his wedding,

John Henderson looked pretty
miserable to me, don't you think?

I think there's something
going on there.

In fact, I don't care
if he's going on his honeymoon.

Come on, I want to talk to him.

'No new messages.'

Are you sure Henderson's at home?
It seems deserted.


Call Billy.



John, it's Jimmy Perez.

"Blood toucheth blood."

Phone's been ripped out.

Could be a robbery.

Nice to meet you. Pleasure.

'This is the final
boarding call for flight...'


Flight to Aberdeen.

Perez, calling to say goodbye?

Cancel your flight.

It's bad news, Evie.

OK, just tell me then.

I can't confess to something
I didn't do.

You seem to have forgotten,
I'm the victim here.

But whatever it is,
Evie Watt is at the centre of it.

I don't blame John Henderson
for what happened.

You put my daughter in danger

and I want to know why!

You're wasted here,
you do know that, don't you?

Just tell me the truth.

And what is that?