Shetland (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Dead Water: Part 2 - full transcript

After a second body is found brutally murdered, DI Perez wonders if the two killings are connected to corporate greed and corruption on the island or to just one woman - Evie Watt.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Jerry was in an accident.
He's been killed.

He was hit by someone
with a metal bumper

You were close once, weren't you?
It was a long time ago.

If we acquire Mr Dalhousie's land,

we can run the pipeline
along the bottom of the loch.

They're trying to destroy me!

Save The Sound are helping him
financially. And they are?

Evie Watt and her dad.

Smile. It's our wedding day.

You're making a fool of yourself!

"Blood toucheth blood." John?

Hi. Sandy, can you take a Uniform
and check the road to Skellwick?


Ready? Follow me.

What have you got?


Lots of blood.

What is this?

It appears to be some kind
of shrine to his late wife.

I'll need a DNA profile soon as.

I need to know
whether he's been attacked,

or if he's the attacker.


Welcome back.

Get everyone we have on this.

We really need to find him.

And bag this.

Is this the same as the postcard
we found in Jerry's car?

Yep, and that's Jerry handwriting
and Jerry's phone number.

"Blood toucheth blood"?

My guess is he was trying to send
John Henderson some kind of message.

Henderson's still not
answering his mobile.

Only one toothbrush, which suggests

Evie wasn't staying here
before the wedding.

And I guess the well-thumbed Bible
explains that.

From the blood patterns, I'd say
the attack started in the bedroom,

then the victim staggered,
or was carried downstairs. Right.

There's something else - flecks
of paint on the carpet appear to

be similar to the paint
we found in Markham's car.

Sandy? You got something?

'John Henderson, I've found him.'

I'm just beyond the straw bride and
groom on the coast road to Skellwick.


I can't find a pulse.

He must have started walking
towards Skellwick and collapsed.

I can't believe
he managed to get this far.

That's as bad a head wound as
I've seen. There's stab wounds too.

But it's the blow to the head
that killed him.

He may even have fallen into a coma
before he died.

Whoever attacked him
left him for dead,

not realising he was still alive?

Well, that might be jumping the gun.

But then I'm not as cynical
as you lot must be.

Have you got any idea what he
was hit with?

A blunt object.
Then stabbed with a knife.

Forensics should take a look.

Call Billy and tell him to inform
the fiscal as soon as possible.

Then, erm...

..walk from here back
to the Henderson house

and see if you can find
those murder weapons.

Someone should tell Evie.
Before the news gets out.


I need to see to Evie.

She's just about to leave.
Just waiting for John.

John's not coming.

I need to see her now.

John, I'm still here, waiting.

Can you give me a call
when you get this message?

What is it? What's wrong?

Evie, could we go
and sit down for a minute?

No. What is it?
It's bad news, Evie.

OK. Just tell me, then.

John's been found by the side
of the road. He's dead.

What happened?
He's been killed.

He what?

You what...?

No, don't touch me! Don't touch me!

Leave me!


Do you have any idea why
somebody would want to attack John?


What was bothering him
at the wedding?

We have some savings that we can't
agree how to spend. That's all.

Have you any idea why John would lie

about Jerry Markham
being in contact with him?

He didn't.

John had a postcard
with Jerry's phone number

written on the back of it,
in Jerry's handwriting.

Why are you asking me
these questions right now?

Had you and Jerry Markham started
seeing each other again?

Is that why John was upset? No.

There's a room
at the top of John's house

that's like a shrine
to his late wife.

Didn't that bother you?

You can't pretend that people didn't
exist just because they're gone.

It... It's his way of coping.

And no, it doesn't bother me cos it's
private and I don't go in that room.

I was going to deal with it
when I moved in.

Just... gently.

I thought that...

..that might make you
have second thoughts?


I wanted to be with John.

I wanted it so much!

No more.

No more questions.

Someone wanted it
to look like a break-in.

I can't tell if there are
any valuables missing.

Or if he had any.
"By scripture alone", remember?

It was pretty basic, wasn't it? Even
the Spartans might have thought,

"A wee doily here and there."

Right, you two go and get some kip.

We'll start again in the morning.


And they're definitely linked?

We discovered traces of paint
at both scenes.

If it's the same paint, they're
linked. We'll know later today.

And both the victims
were in contact with each other.

Both had an interest
in Save The Sound.

One death made to look
like an accident

and one made to look like a robbery.

I'd say that we proceed on the

that they were both killed
by the same person.

"Blood toucheth blood"?

It's according to the King James
Bible -

by lying, killing
and committing adultery,

bloodshed follows bloodshed.

Seems as though Jerry was trying to
appeal to Henderson's faith,

to get him to talk,
or to admit to something.

Murder weapon?

Possibly two. I haven't been able
to identify them yet.

Lying, killing, adultery?
So how many boxes are we ticking?

I'll phone Aberdeen and get the OK
for you to stay on for a few days.

You can use Lerwick Hospital's
morgue to do the postmortem.

Fine by me.

Fine with you?


The head wound is the result
of a blow with a blunt object.

It's the stab wounds
that are the puzzle.

Bigger and broader than a normal
knife, and with ragged sides.

I've never seen anything like it.

Hey, Tosh. Check Crime-link.

Maybe one of the other forces
have seen something similar.

I'll keep working on it.

OK. No pressure, but...

we don't really have a case
without the murder weapons.

I got the results on the water
sample from the fish farm.

It's clean. As a whistle.

Oxygen levels low, but no sign of
any chemicals or pesticides.

So if Storne Gas aren't trying
to pressure him off the land,

who vandalised the farm?

Well... It could be locals.

There's enough people
that want Joe to sell up.

I thought it was odd, so
I called the insurance company

to see if they had any information.

Turns out they're unhappy
about paying out on the damage.

Joe Dalhousie made similar claims
a few years ago,

and they feel the whole thing
is a scam.

OK. We have to talk to him again.

All these insurance claims, Joe,

they must be pushing your premiums
up something rotten?

Insurance companies! Like trying
to get blood frae a stone.

Thing is, they don't feel you've been
completely honest yourself.

They would.

You claim -
they put up your premium.

They never lose.

Daylight bloody robbery.

These attacks are real.

I have to ask you this.

Where were you the night
John Henderson was killed?

I was walking. At night?

I sometimes need to get out
of the house. I walk and I talk.

Mumbles, my brother used to call it.

All I remember is sitting down
by the loch, looking at the water.

Didn't go anywhere near the
Henderson house? Why would I?

I don't know.

Maybe John found out
about all these false claims.

Maybe he was annoyed,

thought you were leading Evie
up the garden path?

You seem to have forgotten -

I'm the victim here.

Nobody's poisoning that water, Joe.

It's that clean you could drink it.

I can't explain the vandalism yet,

but whatever is killing your fish,
it's not Storne Gas.

What do you think?

He mentioned a brother.
See if you can track him down.

See if he knows anything about these
insurance claims from way back when.

And get the car cleaned
after you drop them off. Will do.

Can I help you, miss?

I'd like to speak to
Jimmy Perez, please.

And you are?

I'm Jerry Markham's fiancee.

There's a woman outside to see you.

Says she's Jerry Markham's fiancee.
Seems genuine enough.

That puts paid to our theory

that Jerry and Evie were seeing
each other again.

A looker as well.

Lucky man.

He talked about you
and your wife a lot.

He was very fond of you.

Yeah, we were very fond of him.

Listen, the last time
that you last spoke to him,

did he talk to you about
what he was working on?


He didn't come here for work.

He told me there was something
he needed to sort out

before we could get married.
Unfinished business, he called it.

I suspected an old relationship.

He had regrets,
he wanted to make amends.

He did send me this, though.

I assumed it was research.

He'd often use a memory stick
to back it all up.

He didn't like doing it online,

thought the Government
might be spying on him.

That's why he encrypted his calls?

Yes. He made me get that app.

I felt like I was in MI6.

He could be paranoid sometimes.

Having said that,
the day that I called,

the day of the accident,
he was up at the Fairhead terminal.

You see, um...

I had some good news.

I'm pregnant.

Annabel, I'm so sorry.

I'd, erm...

I'd like to stay, see his parents.

Maybe I could help with
the funeral arrangements.

Do you think that they would mind?

He hadn't told them about you,
do you realise that? Yes, I know.

We were supposed to come up here
next week to meet them.

Now I can tell them that
they're going to be grandparents.

Open that.

There. "SG" - Storne Gas.

"Slush fund"?

Looks like Storne Gas had been
spreading their money about.

Greasing palms
to get planning permission?

I can think of a lot of people who
would want this story to disappear.

Half the island, probably.

Open "photographs".

What was Jerry doing
with these files?

Look at those two at the bottom.

Can you enlarge that? Yep.

It's... John Henderson with someone.

And it's not Evie.

Can you explain that?

When did you start seeing
John Henderson?

Look, Jenny...

What you do in your private life is
your business. But I need to know

if this relationship has anything
to do with his death.

It started after his wife died.

He needed someone to talk to.

Then the guilt set in, so it ended.

And then he met Evie. I knew it
wasn't right, for either of them,

but she was desperate to
get away from her father.

She couldn't breathe in that house.
I think John felt sorry for her.

How do you know that?

We still talked.

That was all.

John didn't even want that.

He was nervous.

He said that Markham knew about us

and that he was willing to use the
fact. He wanted something from John.

Which was what?

He didn't say.

But I knew he was worried about it.

Does my husband
have to know about this?

No. Forget about Andy
for the moment, Jenny.

Did Evie know?

Nobody knew, nobody.

Apart from Markham.

Let's just stick to the one-killer
theory, just for the moment.

Who had a reason
to kill both those men?

Evie Watt. Markham had abandoned her
when she was pregnant,

and now he was causing trouble
between her and her new man,

and to top it all off,
Jerry's fiancee is pregnant.

Now, if she knew that, would that be
enough to tip her over the edge?

But why would she attack
her brand-new husband?

Maybe the affair never ended, so
she lost her temper, lost control...

If Evie was that interested
in Jerry,

she wouldn't care what John was up
to. What about Iain Redford?

If he did have a slush fund,

Markham's story could
put his job on the line?

Maybe John Henderson found out?

No, you're right,
we can't discount any of them.

Whatever it is, Evie Watt
is at the centre of it.

I want to know
every single thing about her.

I want her bank statements. I want
her mobile phone records, e-mails...

Listen, if you can get me a hold
of her old school report card,

I will read that.

Didn't mean to butt in like that.

The paint used for
the graffiti at Dalhousie's farm.

We should take a closer look at it.
It's similar to the flecks

we found in Markham's car
and Henderson's bedroom.

There could be a link.

That's a good idea.

Your dad and I have been talking
about the Edinburgh trip

and he's not keen for you to go.
You're not serious?

Next year, OK? Come on!
It's the Edinburgh Festival.

We'll be sitting in some church hall
watching a student production of Antigone.

Hardly a Bacchanalian orgy.
What's she talking about?

Well, I'm glad
you think this is funny.

Next year, I won't ask your
permission. I'll just leave.

And I might not even come back!

Did you have to say,
"HE doesn't want you to go"?

Do I need to be the bad cop
all the time?

OK. Next time, I'll take point.

It's just...

I know that you want to spoil her,
but it really doesn't help me much.

It's not that. I just don't agree
with you all the time.

Well, she lives here.

I am responsible for her
and I have to make the right calls.

And you have to support me.

I want a divorce.

Right, I need to deal with his.

And you need to deal with that.

Just go and speak
to the girl, will you?

We don't even know who she is.

She could be lying.
I couldn't stand it.

Maria, don't make
the same mistake twice.

This girl is carrying
our grandchild.

The paint on Henderson's carpet
and Markham's mat

are both semi-gloss acrylic.

Marine paint.
For below the waterline.

Common on Shetland, I suppose.
Used it myself.

Navy blue? Yeah.
Same colour as Cameron Watt's Yoal?

Which Evie painted, right?

So she could have been
in Jerry's car on the day he died.

So could a number of people,
her dad included.

As you said,
it's widely used on Shetland.

It also matches the graffiti
at Dalhousie's farm.

So whoever attacked Henderson

and Markham may have vandalised
Dalhousie's place.

You had any luck with
the murder weapons yet?

Nothing that fits.

I'll keep looking.

You're wasted here.
You do know that, don't you?

I'm where I want to be.

Don't you need some excitement?

Other than the work, I mean.


Yeah, of course I do.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't.

But it's not easy, you know?

I'm not a free agent.
I've got a teenage daughter.

My son's about the same age.
They'll both be gone soon.

You should think about your future.
YOUR future.

So, you alone? Is that what
your wife would have wanted?


But I never listened to her when she
was alive, so why would I start now?

Deflecting the conversation
with humour. Very sly.

You'll not get away
that easily, Perez.

You don't want to end up
like John Henderson, do you?

Unable to move on with your life.


I just...

..can't... yet.

Markham's old articles. He wrote
about a spillage at Fairhead

and accused Andy Belshaw
of trying to cover it up.

Right. Bring Belshaw in.

Now? No, Easter!

I've got a chocolate egg for him!

And if you're not too busy revising,

I need a search warrant
for Evie Watt's house. Today.

So, the article that Jerry wrote
about the Fairhead oil spill -

did that just slip your mind?

Minor spillage.

We didn't even get the boom out.

Markham blew it all
out of proportion.

But you should still have told us.

Water under the bridge.

What about John Henderson?
How well did you know him?

Not as well as my wife,
it would appear.

What did you do after the wedding?
Did you go on anywhere?

No, just walked home.

Anybody with you? No.

Jenny stayed behind to help clear up.

And where were you the night
Jerry Markham was killed?

I was over in Yell,
drinking with a friend.

You must be aware that you now have
a motive for killing both these men.

So if you want to
change my mind about that,

then why don't you tell me
something that'll help me?

I don't blame John Henderson
for what happened.

He was a good man.

I blame myself.

Now, this may sound conceited,

but I just didn't think that Jenny
would be interested in anybody else.

Is that the warrant?

Yes. And the results
on Dalhousie's fish.

Acute furunculosis. Tail rot.

So, have you news for us?

No. But I do have a search warrant.

Is this really necessary?

Aye. We'll be as quick as we can.

I think Evie has answered
enough questions.

Circumstances have changed
since we last spoke.

did you paint the Yoal outside?

Yeah. What has that got
to do with anything?

Whose is the boiler suit?

I wear it when I'm working with Dad.

OK, now, if I said to you
that the paint you used

was found in Jerry Markham's car,
what would you say?

I don't understand.

Well, you said you didn't speak
to Jerry Markham

but you were in his car,
weren't you?

Jerry's fiancee said that
he had unfinished business up here.

Was he trying to make amends?

Is that why he was looking into
Storne Gas in the first place?

Was it for you? No.
No, I never spoke to him.

Thinking of buying
a place in Edinburgh?

Evie would never leave.

She's carrying on
the old traditions.

Isn't that right, Evie?

Jenny and John...

You knew they'd had
an affair, right?


What are you talking about? When?

Evie, unless you tell me
everything you know,

and I find out down the line
you've lied to me, I'll charge you

with obstructing the course
of justice, at the very least.

I told you.

I never got in his car.

I can't say I blame her for
wanting a change of scenery.

So would I if my husband had
a shrine to his dead wife

in the attic, never mind
sleeping with my best friend.

"By scripture alone"?
I don't think so.

And the father's clinging
to her like a limpet.

Have the fund paperwork looked at
by a forensic accountant.

And tell them it's urgent.


your fish have got...
Tail rot. I know.

Why can't they leave me alone,

leave me in peace?

They think you're holding up

So, what do you think?

I think it's your land...

..your decision.

Is that your brother?

William. Yeah.

Do you see him much?


But I still miss him.

There's not a day
I don't think of him.

He wanted to see the world.

Wanderlust, they call it.

After Father passed,
it was only him and me.

It was lonely at first.

But you get used to it...

the silence.

Finally, you come to love it.

By the loch,

I can hear the water

ripple at the wind...

..the clouds moving in the sky.

I hear the world
as it's meant to be.

Folks say, "Take the money,
put thy feet up."

I know every inch of this land,

every bird, every animal.

They're my family now.

What if you can't make
the business work?

This place...

I'll get it back upon its feet...

..and I'll no' need
Evie's money for ever.

What's that you're looking at?

It's the fund accounts.

The bank statements show
substantial sums were withdrawn

in the lead up to the wedding.

Then, on the night of the wedding,
Henderson used online banking

to deposit the same amounts back in.

So, they took money out and then
they put it back in again?

Well, SHE took the money out
and HE put it back in.

Could that be what
they were arguing about?

No. She's taken money out
from the fund to pay

for the house in Edinburgh.

Pick her up.

Your hooded man from
the night of the break-in,

he makes a quick call
then disappears again.

I traced the call.
Unregistered mobile.

But I've got the number.

Good work.

You keep on it.

How's it going, anyway?

Those on-line examination guides,
are they any good?

Yeah. Good. Good.

It's tomorrow, isn't it? Tomorrow.

Look, I mean, I know why
you want to move on, Sandy.

It's just that you know every inch
of these islands, people trust you,

so if you have to leave,
it's going to make my job

twice as difficult...

..which is why I'm going
to make a case to have

a DC based at this station.



I can't promise you it's going to
work, but I'll try.

Evie Watt's here.

The money from the fund,
where did it come from again?

I said.


Environmental grants.

And you were using that money
to pay Joe Dalhousie's mortgage,

his running costs

and generally keep the
fish farm afloat?

Just helping him through
some bad times.

What else did you use the money for?

I pay myself some expenses,


Not much.

We print leaflets, organise meetings.

We? I thought this was pretty much
a one-woman show, isn't it?

No. John helps.


But people trust you, don't they,
with the money?

Yeah. There's a lot of support
for a wave farm...

or a wildlife sanctuary,
anything but the pipeline.

This would be so much easier
if you'd just tell me the truth.

And what is that?

That you were desperate
to get away from your dad

and the memory of John's late wife.

So, you found yourself
a house in Edinburgh.

They don't come cheap.

You took money from the fund
to pay for a deposit

and hoped John would agree to move.

Then Jerry Markham comes home,

looking into this so-called campaign
against Joe Dalhousie...

..but you can't have him looking
too closely at your fund, can you?

Jerry Markham ruined your life once

and now he was threatening
to do it again,

so that made you extremely angry,

angry enough to run him
off the road...

..and John would want
to do the right thing,

regardless of the consequences,
wouldn't he?

Now, was he threatening to tell us
about the embezzling?

Is that why you attacked him?

You were rejected
by the man you loved once.

That's hard to take.


..I would think that was unbearable.

You're right.

I took the money.

But I didn't kill anyone.

Why should we believe that?

Because I've got nothing
left to lose.

Everyone I ever loved has gone.

You believe her?!
She had motive and opportunity.

Cameron Watt's kicking off
about Evie getting a lawyer.

And Jenny Belshaw just called.
You need to speak to her.

Is it Jerry Markham's?
Did you touch it? No.

Do you know how it got here?

If you had to guess. My husband.

Tosh, dust it, take it
down the station

and see if you can access anything.

How did you come
by the laptop, Andy?


I know what you're thinking.

I ran him off the road
and stole the laptop?

I'm happy to stand corrected.

He left it at the Fairhead terminal.

He got a call, seemed to be
good news. He was distracted.

Yeah, it was his fiancee
telling him she was pregnant.

I was going to hand it in.

But I decided to take a look first.

He'd left it logged on.

I thought I'd see what the bastard
was writing about this time.

That's when I found out about
John Henderson and my wife.

So, you decided to destroy it?

I was going to chuck it
in the sea first chance I got.

If I'd handed it over,

their affair would have been
all over the islands.

I couldn't bear the humiliation.

I told you.

I was in Yell the night Jerry died.

You know, Jerry Markham
never cared for the islands.

He didn't remember what
it was like before the oil.

If he had, he wouldn't have been
siding with Joe Dalhousie.

The land belongs to Joe.
He's perfectly entitled to stay.

Only because he drove
his brother away.

William inherited that farm,
not Joe.

Have you got any idea who caused the
damage out at the Dalhousie place?

It did cross my mind that maybe
you'd decided to take matters

into your own hands
and give Joe a wee nudge.

And then I realised
you wouldn't be that stupid.

It would cost you your job.

Only if you could prove it.

You're all right.

I'll stick with destroying
evidence in a murder enquiry.

That should keep us busy.

Doubt this is a coincidence.
I found it in the phone box.

This is number the guy
in the hoodie called.

Got that list of vehicles
with chrome bumpers.

Sorry it took a while. It's long.

Cameron, Dalhousie and Belshaw,
they're all on it.

What about Belshaw's
drinking buddy on Yell?

Belshaw's alibi for Markham
is watertight.

Any joy finding
Dalhousie's brother yet?

I can't find a William Dalhousie
that age anywhere.

No criminal record,
no health record, death certificate.

Not on any electoral register.

People don't just disappear,
not these days anyway.

Also, the memory
on the laptop's damaged,

but I managed to access
a few e-mails.

The files from Storne,

they came from an address
registered to Iain Redford.

Save the sound!

Care to explain these? Files
found on Jerry Markham's laptop,

traced back to your e-mail address.

I've no idea what
you're talking about.

Proof that this company indulged
in dubious,

potentially criminal
business practices.

Would you keep your voice down?
While we're at it, do you want

to explain the break-in at my house
the other night? What break-in?

Someone was calling you
from the town centre that night.

Do you want to tell me who that was?

Every thief in Lerwick
knows where I live

and none of them would be
stupid enough to rob me,

unless somebody made it
seriously worth their while.

You put my daughter in danger.

I want to know why, and what exactly
was it that you were looking for?

Proof I leaked the Storne files.

Why would you turn whistle-blower
against your own company now?


She wouldn't speak to Jerry,

but I knew he could help her campaign
to save the sound.

I made a choice. Evie or Storne Gas.
No competition.

She didn't know? No. I couldn't
tell her. I love and respect her.

She didn't sell out, like me.

Well, I hate to disappoint you,

Evie wasn't planning
to save the world.

She was going to buy
a house in Edinburgh.

You know, there is one other person
who's got a motive to kill both those men,

and he's on our list as having
a chrome bumper.


Did your dad know that Jerry Markham
had found out

that you stole money from the fund?

Because the thought of you going
to prison would have terrified him.

You were his whole world,

he would have done anything
to keep you here, wouldn't he?


Was your dad at home the night
you came back from the hen party?

Dammit, Evie, I'm talking to you!

He wouldn't...
He wouldn't kill anyone.

Look, one of you
was in Jerry Markham's car.

I'd had a lot to drink.
I went to sleep.

I assumed he was asleep.
I don't know... I don't know...

Sandy, we need to pick up
Cameron Watt.

Tosh, get Uniform and see
if he is at Danny McIvor's office.

You check the front door.
I'll check the boathouse.


Is there anyone in the property?

No. There's no sign of him.

No, same here.

'What now?'

Give Tosh a phone,
see if she's picked him up.

'Will do.'

Have you brought Evie home?

No, I haven't.

Get off my property.


I can't do that.

Not until I know where you were

when Jerry Markham's car
got run off the road.

Right here - with Evie.

Aye, you see, she's not
so sure about that.

She was stealing money
from the fund.

My daughter would never take
what wasn't hers.

Yes, she would.

And do you know why she did it?

To get away from you.

She was so desperate to get
away from you that she risked

her marriage, her job, everything.

I've never raised my hand to her.
You didn't have to, did you?

What you did was much worse.

You tried to control
every single thought she had.

Now, if you love her,
now is your chance to show it.

She's in trouble,

and the only thing that's going to
help her now is the truth.

I can't confess to something
I didn't do.

Why are there paint marks

from your Ness Yoal
in Jerry Markham's car?

It was either you or Evie.

I went to see him that morning.

I wanted him to leave Evie alone.
He wouldn't stop calling.

It was causing problems
between her and John.

I was frightened he was going to
take her away from me.

I tried to persuade him to go away,

but he said he'd discovered
something too important to ignore.

And what was that?

He didn't tell me.

But he wanted Evie to stop paying
Dalhousie's mortgage.

To STOP paying it?

John wouldn't listen to him either.
Why would he?

I was glad when he had his accident,
I won't lie,

but I had nothing to do with it.

Seems the more I tried to keep her
close, the further away she got.

I've been a stupid man.

Billy? Hmm?

Come here and look at this.


It's the truck.

It's clean.

Everything else in Dalhousie's place
is filthy and falling apart.

Where's those photographs
Jerry took?

You see? That's the one Jerry took.
It's dirty.

Oh, aye.

Which means he must have cleaned it
after Jerry's accident.

The murder weapon, it could be
a fishing gaff. Check it out.

Used to take fish out the water.

We assumed whoever did the graffiti
brought their own paint,

but what if the "get out"
was an afterthought

and they used paint just
lying around?

That would link Dalhousie
with both murders.

Not two weapons, one.

But why? Why would he do it?

Because Jerry Markham
discovered something...

..that Joe Dalhousie didn't want
anybody else to know about.

And then, for...

for whatever reason,

Jerry told John Henderson.

"Blood toucheth blood."

'Blood, as in family.

'As in brother.'

Jerry Markham opened up
a whole can of worms

when he came
to talk to you, didn't he?

No, thanks.

He was trying to trace your brother.

He came to the same conclusion as
I did. He wasn't going to find him.

That's why you didn't want to sell
the land. Couldn't sell the land.

Because William is still here
somewhere, isn't he?

Evie wouldn't talk to Jerry.

So, he had to try and convince
Henderson to help him.

He even resorted to blackmail.

Then, when that didn't work,
told him

the truth about William's

Trouble was,
Henderson didn't believe Jerry.

Not till after the accident.

Then, he confronted you
at the wedding, didn't he?

And then you followed him home.

You assaulted him... with this.

You're a clever man, Perez.

The only thing that I can't work out

is what happened between you
and your brother?

William was the eldest.

When Father died,
it all came to him.

I thought we would work
the place together,

but no, he wanted to sell up.

He had no love for the land.

He would have left me with nothing.

I just...

I just lost my head.

I weighted him down

and laid him to rest.

You mean he's in the loch?

Markham or Henderson
were to dredge the loch...

I could never let that happen.

It was such a long time ago.

It's like it...

It's like it never really happened.

One thing you should understand.

I loved my brother.

I always will.

I just loved this land more.

How could you have done this to me?

After everything that I did for you?

Come on, Evie.

If you're ever in Aberdeen...

..give us call.


Just remember, conditions apply.
There's no booze, no boys.

Is one out of two OK?

Only joking.

Bye, love. See you soon.

Have fun. Bye. Safe journey.

I'm worried already. So am I.

I suppose we all have
to learn when to let go, eh?

You know what, Duncan?

This could be the beginning
of a beautiful friendship.