Shetland (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Blue Lightning: Part 1 - full transcript

When a scientist is murdered in a bird sanctuary on Fair Isle and Perez returns to his childhood home to investigate, a storm forces Perez and the suspects to remain enclosed under the same roof.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

One chick, fully feathered,
two adults.


Empty nest.

Last one. One chick, fully feathered,
two adults.

Horrible system forecast
from the East later.

Yeah, I saw that. Finlay!

Hey, kiddo. You arrive OK, then?

'I did, thanks. And I forgot
how cold it was over here.'

So, aside from cold, how is it?

'Why couldn't you've been born in,
like, the Caribbean instead of Fair Isle?'

Ahh... You know I'd miss the rain.

I'm sorry I can't be there.

How's that pile of paperwork anyway?
'I'm getting through it.'

'Is that music I can hear?'
Yeah. We're just about to go in.

Well, tell your gran and grandad
that I'm asking for them

and have a good time with Angus.

And, you know, you behave

We will. Love you.

And I...

Hey. How's your dad?
Fine, I think. Yeah.

You forgot to ask, didn't you?
Sort of. But he sounded fine.

Ah, yes! Thank you, Frank.
Thanks, Frank.

There you are, son. Come on.

Happy birthday. Happy birthday.
Cheers! Cheers!

There's Angus! The happiest of
birthdays to you.

Happy birthday, Angus.

Happy birthday, Angus.

Hey! I'm good, how are you?

How many times have you and your wife wished
each other a happy anniversary today?

Haven't you heard? Absence makes
the heart grow fond of texting.

You're like a pair of Canada Geese.

Honk, honk to you, my sad,
unpaired friend.

Ha! Unpaired I may be.

Sad about it?


Peter, could I have a word?

Are you lot going to join in
the festivities

or are you going to stay in here
like a bunch of antisocial lab rats?

Bit busy right now, Frank.

Working in here isn't a judgment
against dancing through there.

Yes, but it doesn't hurt to let the islanders
know that we're reasonably normal,

and not just totally obsessed
with their bird life.

Oh, I am totally obsessed
with their bird life. So am I.

Anna, please. It just helps.

Oh, for God's sake.
You wanted a word, Anna?

Oh, yeah. You two go ahead.

First drink on me?

First? How many do you have in mind?

Well, as many as it takes
until we lose count.


Well? Close the door.

Close the door... and lock.

Just closed will be fine.

Drink, please. I'll get it.

You're all right, Finlay,
I'll take it from here.

Little tip. Better to chat her up
away from the husband.



What are you doing here?




Right, this is my wife Tessa,
Frank Blake.

Jimmy Perez.

Hang on, say that again.

'..overnight to storm force
ten that will be accompanied

'by heavy driving rain.

'Due to the conditions,
the airport is expected

'to shut down within the hour.

'This will make travel
between the Mainland

'and Fair Isle impossible
for the next 24 hours...'


Are you all right, darling?
Yeah. Bumpy flight, I take it?

Aye... Just a bit.

Good to see you, Jimmy.
You too, Dad.

This is my colleague,
Detective Sergeant Alison McIntosh.

Hello, sorry, I'm not always
this shade of puce.

Jimmy's mother's the same.
It's the boat for her every time.

Right, now, let's get these things
loaded up.

Given how much time
we've already lost,

it's probably best
if we just crack on.

Did you manage to keep everybody
away from the laboratory?

I got Donnie down there and
he's put everything on lockdown.

And Isobel is with the family.

The weather is probably going
to shut Lerwick down

for 24 hours at least.

So we are on our own, Dad.

We're all devastated, Jimmy.

I know.

There hasn't been an unlawful
killing on Fair Isle

for 70 years. And even that
was caused by the Luftwaffe.

People are scared.

You're their lay preacher, Dad,
just do your best to reassure them.

Hopefully, you'll be able
to wrap this up pretty sharpish.

One of the scientists at the Centre
hasn't been seen since last night.

Peter Latimer.

What does that mean?

I'm just saying that
if I was a bookie,

I wouldn't take any bets
on who did it.

It's probably just as well
you're not a bookie then, Dad.

Aye, well.

Right, better get started here.

Dad, can take you Tosh
down to the harbour and see

if there's any boats missing.

But can you take Cass home first?

And if a boat is missing?
Main island coastguard?


If he's headed north, that'll almost
certainly mean a recovery operation.

That stretch between here
and Shetland is notorious.

Even locals like myself
struggle to navigate it.

Well, I'm sure they are aware
of that, Dad.

Can I help you with that?

I'm Finlay Caulfield.

I was Anna's assistant.

We've been waiting for you, actually.

We thought you wouldn't get here
before they shut down the transits.

I'm Detective Inspector Perez.

Could I see Doctor Blake's body now,
if you don't mind?

The body is in the lab,
just through here.

I'll be fine from here, thanks.

Well, there's no vessels missing.

Really? OK.

So then, this Latimer
is still on the island.

Is that a good thing or bad?

Who owns these huts?

Well, that's the, err...

the fishermen there and this
belongs to the Research Centre.

Shouldn't we be getting
straight back?

Just need to check these,
he could be hiding until dark.

Aye, well, there is that.

Hey, wake up.

Hey, Donnie, good to see you.

And you, big man. And you.

Just wish it was under slightly
different circumstances, obviously.



No, nothing here. And you?



Sir, there aren't any boats
missing and there are no signs of

anyone trying to hide nearby either.

'OK, keep looking and...'

Listen, I want you to ask my dad

if we can set up an incident room
in the village hall.

'Also, I've made a start
on the crime scene,

'but I just need to check something
and then I'll start feeding information'

through to Sandy. OK?

He's gone out for a cigarette.

I thought this might prove useful...

Am I right in saying
that visiting researchers

would be given a front door key?

That's correct.

And so, who would have a full set?

That would be the three
permanent members of staff.

That's the Blakes and myself.

They're hung up in the office.

And were they still there
this morning? Yes.

Are these bedrooms?

Erm... yes.

That's mine. Erm...

That's Bill's.


That's Anna's. And that's Frank's.

So, Dr Blake and her husband,
they slept apart?



I'm so sorry, Frank.


Well, in the old days,
if I'd have thought of hiding out,

I would head for the lighthouses
up at Skroo or at Skadden.

Good vantage points
over the whole island.

Why the old days? Well, they've both
been automated for years,

so they're completely locked up,
your man couldn't get in.

Could he break in?


You still want to check them out,
eh? Please... Aye. Good! Good!

Listen, thanks for standing guard.

Oh, not at all, not at all.

I am only happy to help.

Bit weird though, ain't it? Aye.

Listen, I just wanted to check
something with you.

Has anybody been in or out of
that lab since the body was found?


Not since I was there, no.

You're sure?

Positive, aye. Right. OK.

Isobel and Angus are looking
forward to seeing you.

Did he like his present?

He loved it, Jimmy.

I know I've not been the most
hands-on of godfathers...

No, no, listen, we understand.

You and me, we'll get a chance
to have a proper catch up later, eh.

Aye, aye, sure. Aye. You get on now.

I'll see you later. Right.

There is severe bruising
at the left temple...

..but not on the right.

And there's another bruise

on the right cheek.

But there's...

..there's no other signs
of physical injury.

OK. Got that.

'There's signs of a violent struggle
within the room, '

but there are no blood
spatter on the floor...

..or the walls,

'and there's no blood emanating
from anywhere on the body.'

Dr Blake's computer is still
running, which suggests

'that she didn't have time
to shut it down before the attack, '

and it's password protected.


Some sort of altercation has taken
place, during which Anna Blake

has received a severe blow
to the left temple...

and she's died.

But the question is... with what?

Would you say Anna Blake
was popular with the locals?

Anna was all about the work. And
Frank looked after everything else.

But fair play to her.

She kept this island's profile
right up there all over the world,

and that put money
in everybody's pocket.

Who's that?

That's him. That's Peter Latimer.

Right. Pull in here.

Peter Latimer?!

My name is Detective
Sergeant McIntosh.

If you're thinking of running,
Mr Latimer, number one -

I was a cross-country champion

and number two...
Why would I think of running?

Where have you been?

'Come on, Sandy, that's 20 minutes.'

They're coming. They're coming.

Have you got them yet?

I have got them. Finally. I will
send them straight to Inverness.

'I need anything that illuminates
the choreography

'of her final moments.'

I also want you to pull the phone
records for Anna's lab phone.

Cos I want to know who she was
talking to in the last few weeks.

And you want her mobile too?

Yes, if I can find it. All right?

OK, good.


Tosh. I've got Latimer.

Where was he?

We found him walking back
to the Centre.

Apparently, he's researching
changing migration patterns.

He told me he left the Centre early

because he'd received news
that eight...

Icterine Warblers had been
reported flying south,

and he didn't want to miss them
if they flew over the island.

It's apparently why he stayed out
so long... waiting.

Did he have binoculars?

A camera? Notebook?

He claims he slipped on a path
on the cliff top,

lost his grip on his backpack,
and watched it tumble into the sea.

Well, then, he wouldn't have known
that Anna was dead.

He gave no indication that he did.

Did you say anything to him?

All he knows is that there was
"an incident" at the Centre. Good.

I've asked him to wait alone in one
of the reading rooms for the moment.


Well, I'll speak to him after
I've spoken to Anna's family.

Your father made a couple of calls

and says the village hall's ours
for as long as we need it.

Excellent. He's a connected man,
your dad.

Yeah, well, I suppose when you
live on an island with 70 people,

being "connected" isn't a bigger
deal as you'd think.

Plus he is the lay preacher and that
gives him a certain... status...

..which he does enjoy.

Right. I'll talk to Frank,
you search Latimer's room.

Because if he did kill Anna, then,
he almost certainly left the Centre

early so he could dump whatever he
killed her with into the Atlantic,

but see if you can find anything
else in there

that links him to Anna.

Mr and Mrs Warren?

Yes, that's right.
If there's anything we can do...

Well, at some point, my colleague
Detective Sergeant McIntosh

is going to have to take separate
statements from you both

regarding where you were last night.

Is that really necessary?
We were together the whole evening.

We'll be as quick as we can.

Thanks, Isobel.

They're both in shock.

It's good to have you home, Jimmy.

I am sorry for your loss.

I am going to have to ask you
a few questions, Frank,

it's probably best if we do it now.

Joe, would you mind waiting outside?


Have the police given any indication
when we can return to our rooms?

Tessa needs to lie down.
This has been a terrible shock.

Did she know Anna?

Did she have to? To be horrified
by what happened to her?

The police have told us to remain
downstairs until told otherwise.

Would your wife like a cup of tea?

It would only upset her stomach.

Something to eat?
I could make her a sandwich.

Thanks, I doubt she would
keep it down.

I wasn't going to fill it
full of puffin shit...

you supercilious arse.

When was the last time
that you saw your wife?

When I turned in.

At what time was that?
Can you remember?

About one.

Was the dance finished by then?

Had everybody gone home?

But by one o'clock,
as far as you know,

the only people who were left
at the Centre were the people

who were living and working here.

As far as I know.

And none of those people would have
had any reason to attack your wife?

She was my wife.

I should have protected her.

Can you name those people for me?

I'm sorry, Frank,
I know this is insensitive,

but I just have to ask...

Can I get you a glass of water
or something? No.

No, no, I'm fine. OK.

You want me to name the people
who were staying here, OK.

Yes, please. OK.

It was myself, Anna,

our son, Joe...

Peter Latimer. Finlay Caulfield.

Bill Warren and his wife,

who turned up to surprise him
on their wedding anniversary.


Thank you.

Did you often go to bed
before your wife?

You don't become pre-eminent in your
field without putting in the hours.

So she worked hard?

Ferociously hard.

Did you resent that?

In our field, we don't resent
those who are cleverer

or more insightful than us.

We applaud it,
we're grateful for it.

Cos in the end,
it moves us all forward.

So it was because of her hours
then that you slept apart?

Don't waste your time by reading
anything into that.

Our marriage was fine.

So where was Anna
when you said good night to her?

In the lab, working...

..with Peter Latimer.


With all due respect,
shouldn't you be talking to somebody

who wasn't in their bed
when she was killed?

I mean, wouldn't that be
more useful?

Was there anything unusual
in your wife working

with Peter Latimer late?
There was nothing unusual.

She oversaw all the research here.

And he's a postgraduate student.

Right, so you locked up...


..and you said good night
to your wife...


..and you went to bed.


Now, go on and find out who
killed her before I do.

Excuse me...

Sandy... 'The pathologist's had
a look at your photographs,

'she's got a possible
cause of death for you.'

Extradural haemorrhage, it's caused
when a blow to the temple

damages blood vessels
running to the top of the brain.

This results in bleeding
within the skull.

And if left unchecked, it simply
pushes the brain down through

the base of the skull and into
the top of the spinal column.

So it's the base of the brain
that controls the breathing

and when it's squashed,
it just simply stops working.

Any word on Anna's
phone records yet?

Hopefully on there way to me now.

All right.

While we're waiting,
I have a couple of names

that I want you to run through
the PNC. OK.

'A Dr Frank Blake,

'Emeritus Professor of Biology
at Birmingham University.'

Frank Blake,

'Birmingham Uni.'

And Peter Latimer.

Postgraduate student in
Avian Biology at Oxford University.

'Peter Latimer, Oxford.'

I'll get Tosh to e-mail you the

And then you get back to me
as soon as you hear anything, OK?

'Will do.'

Excuse me. Are you with the police?

I'm Detective Inspector Perez.


Then perhaps you can tell me
what's going on

and why I'm being cooped up in here?

Well, let's not talk out here.

What's "going on"...

is a murder investigation.

A murder?


On the island here?

Dr Blake was found murdered
in the lab, this morning.


I didn't say which Dr Blake.

Sorry. I just assumed.

No, well, you're right,
it was Anna, I'm afraid.

Christ almighty!

Wha... what happened?

Her body was found in the lab
this morning by Finlay Caufield.

And I have to say your absence
from the building seemed to cause...

quite a stir.

I explained to your colleague...
I... Yes.

Icterine Warblers.

Yes. If the sighting was correct,
it's significant cause for concern.

Well, it's not as significant as the
woman you've been working alongside

for the last few months being
found dead in her lab, surely.

No. No. Of course not, I was just
trying to explain its significance.

Sorry, I...

I...think I'm in shock.

Can I ask you something?

How did you find out
about the arrival of these birds?

Warblers? Was it e-mail?

Was it a text? Or what was it?

Um... It was an RSS feed.

And did anyone else get this feed?

No, no... No, I don't think so.

Bring it up for me.

I think I should speak
to a solicitor.

There is a storm on the Mainland,

you're not going to be able
to get a solicitor here

for at least 48 hours.
Why don't you just talk to me?

I didn't kill Anna Blake.

I didn't say you did.

No, but you think I did.
You don't know what I'm thinking.

One thing's for sure - you didn't
leave this building this morning

to spot eight birds prematurely
flying south for the winter.


don't insult my intelligence.

Well... Latimer wants a solicitor.

You know, I've told him,
with the weather coming in,

he's unlikely to get one for at
least 48 hours, but he's adamant.

Do we take that as an admission
of guilt?

His backpack and equipment
aren't here.

He maintains he didn't kill her.

Although, you know "I didn't"
can turn into "I didn't mean to".


But then, it's possible
he's telling the truth about that

and lying about why he...

There's someone.

Finlay? I thought I asked
everybody to stay downstairs.

Oh, there was something
I needed for work.

So quite urgent then?

Urgent enough to disobey a direct
police instruction during a murder inquiry?

I just thought it wouldn't matter
if I nipped up here briefly,

and got what I needed and...
It does matter.

What did you come up for?

Well, I thought it was up here,
but... Finlay, you're beginning to
annoy me just a wee bit.

Just answer the question.

Well, it must be down in the lab.

What? The memory card, that one that
you're holding in your left hand.

You can stand there looking glaikit
all day if you want, I don't mind,

or you can give me the card.

Look... it's not what it looks like.

If you're going to think on your feet, you'll
have to be a wee bit quicker than that.

And don't you even think
about swallowing that.

Trust me, on the way out, it'll
hurt you a lot more than it will me.

Now, for the last time...

..give me the card.

See... Why would you do that?

'Where were you last night?
Look at me.

'Don't turn your bloody back on me.
Get off me!

'Where were you last night?
What is wrong with you?

'Where were you?
Do you think I'm bloody stupid?'

Do you think I'm bloody stupid?!
Do you?

Do you?!

Do you think I'm bloody stupid?!
Frank! Frank! Frank!

Leave him!

You were in the lab
with her last night!

That means nothing. Means nothing.

Means nothing.

Take a minute.

Just think about your boy.

The last thing he needs is his
old man in a jail cell right now.

I'm not stupid. You understand?

I'm not stupid.




So I take it everybody on the island
knows about the killing?

What do you think?

People are scared, Jim.

Fair Isle doesn't do crime, remember?

Don't you miss that, Jimmy?

Sure, who wouldn't miss that.

So what do you prefer
about Lerwick then?


Go on.

Well, it's where I met Fran.

It's where Cassie was born.

It's where her dad lives.

And plus it's about
the right size for me.

You know, if you want people
to know your business,

then, you can share it with them
and if you don't, you don't have to.

You have no choice here.


Does he not know how busy you are?


Jimmy's here! Jim?


Joe Blake...

What about him?

Any idea why he would come back
during term time?

How do you mean?
When did he come back?

Last night.

Right. I didn't know that...

It doesn't matter. Coffee?


Here he is, my favourite godson!

I'm your only godson!

How are you? Good. Good. Thanks.

Thanks so much for the iPad,
by the way.

That was the right... thing then?

Bloody brilliant. Bloody expensive.

You're only 18 once.


I remember when I was 18.

Do you remember
when you were 18, Jimmy?

Right, Angus, I've got a problem.

Actually, I've got two problems.

Three if you include
not being able to count.

This is problem number one.

That's easy. They don't usually
work without the camera.

No, no, no. Seriously now.

Can you get the photographs
that were on that?

Hi there, my wife Mary thought
you might be hungry

after losing your breakfast
on the way over.

Nothing heavy,
just food for a tender tummy.

That's very kind of her.
I'll leave it with...

How could someone do that to
a beautiful and intelligent woman?

I just pray that it wasn't
an islander.

Does that really matter, Mr Perez?

For us, it does. This community
survives on mutual trust.

This could completely destroy it.

Who would have thought it, eh?

Our old village hall -
an incident room.

Well, needs must, I'm afraid.

Excuse me... Sorry.

Yes, Sandy...


According to Anna Blake's phone
records, two weeks back,

she called the airline flying
between Fair Isle and Tingwall.

He's on a diet.

So I requested details of
any flights booked in her name

and there were two same-day
return tickets to Tingwall

on the 23rd of last month,

a week and a half ago.

And the name of the second

Well, it's damaged.


But as long as the flash memory
on the card is intact

and the internal circuit board
isn't cracked,

it should be possible
to retrieve the files.

Come on, Angus,
how long is this going to take?

You're back on Fair Isle now,
Uncle Jimmy.

The land where time
doesn't just stand still,

it frequently loses
its internet connection.

Ah, here we go.

Uncle Jimmy? What? You haven't
told me about problem number two!

Aye, I'll speak to you later!

He retrieved the data?

He did indeed.
There you go, stick it in.

Do you think it's worth getting him to
take a look at Anna's laptop? Unofficially.

If I can't crack it,
I'm just going to leave it with him,

and just let his natural, geek-like
curiosity run its course...

Oh, Sandy called.

Uh-huh. Anna Blake booked two
same-day return flights to Lerwick

a week and a half ago. Why two?

One for herself.
The other for Peter Latimer.

And why would Anna and Peter Latimer

go to the main island
just for the day?

I can't imagine!

Why would a beautiful woman,
married to an older man,

want to get away from the prying eyes
of Fair Isle to spend an afternoon
alone with an attractive student?

If that was the case, they could
just have slipped behind the bike sheds.

Why go all the way to
the main island? You think?

I mean... Frank maintains that the
reason they slept separately was

because she worked all hours.

Yeah, but he would say that,
wouldn't he?

And I did get the impression
that he did love her very much.

Yeah, but did she still love him?
What is he, in his fifties?

No offence, but it would be
like me fancying you.

Thanks very much!

The fact that he loved her
like he did means

he could have been capable
of killing her in a jealous rage.

He's got it in him -
if we hadn't come in when we did,

Latimer could be dead.

Before you go too far
down that road,

just have a look at the contents
of Finlay's camera.

If she was the last Icterine Warbler
on Earth,

this number of pictures
would be excessive... Uh-huh.

He is totally obsessed.

The only one he doesn't have
is Anna dead.

Was she sexually assaulted?

Well, we'll need the results
from the post mortem,

but it didn't look like it, no...

Right, let's say it's Finlay.

He's been here for the best
part of a year.

Why last night,
what was the trigger?

Has a few drinks at the party
for Dutch courage.

Comes on to Anna in the lab.

Get's rebuffed.

Humiliated and angry...

The fact that he tried to destroy
the memory card gives us enough

to arrest and question him
at least.

That's me heading out, Billy.

In this weather?

I've got a lead on Finlay Caulfield.
I'm going to check it out.

I'll not be long.

Where is she, where's Mum?

They took her away.


They moved her somewhere safe,

then they're going to take her
to the Mainland.

I want to see her.

I don't think that's a good idea.

That's not your decision to make.

I think it is, I'm your father.

Be good if you'd acted like it
a bit sooner.

Listen, I don't want to argue
with you.

I'm just trying to protect you.

I don't want your last memory
of your mother to be...

Her corpse.


You can't control the way I feel.

Could you tell me
where I might find Gina?

She's over there.

Thank you.


Detective Constable Wilson.
Might I have a word?

What about?

Finlay Caulfield.

Maybe we could take a seat,
if you have minute?

Thank you.

I'm sorry for bringing up
the past like this.

It's all right,
what do you want to know?

You met Finlay at a singles club,
here at the library?

That's right.

And you went out on a date?

Just a drink, really.

I wasn't interested in seeing him
after that,

so I gently knocked it on the head.

The male ego does bruise easily.

But by that time, he had your e-mail
address, is that right?

Yep, that was a mistake.

And he started pestering you?

He wanted to see me again.

I just kept saying no
till the e-mails stopped.

Then, after a month,

I started getting e-mails
from a different address.

Each one wordless,
but with a different attachment.

Gina, what was in the attachments?

Photographs of me going
about my life.

You know, normal stuff.

But it was creepy.

I was completely unaware
he was watching me like that.

Did he ever threaten you physically?

No. Never.

And now, no more e-mails?

No, thankfully.

Why do you think they stopped?

So... What was her answer?

'She said that after receiving a
police caution for harassing her,

'she'd heard he left town'

for the job on Fair Isle
at the Research Centre.


That's great work, Sandy.

Have you heard anything
yet about where Anna Blake

and Peter Latimer checked
into for their...

..secret tutorial?

Not yet, but it'll take a while
for everyone to check their records.

'OK, well, just remember
they might've used'

false names, so while you're waiting
for something to happen,

start trawling through the CCTV

'between the times of their flights
in and out of Tingwall.'

Will do. 'Anything that will'

help get a confession out of Latimer
before his solicitor arrives

is going to be great.

Because, you know, there are
70 souls on a very small island,

Sandy, and one of them is a
murderer. People are getting scared.

OK? Bye then.

Right, bring me Finlay Caulfield,
will you?



Hi, Dad.

'I missed you today.'

I missed you too.

I am sorry about that.

'It's OK. You can't help it.'

I'll make it up to you.

You don't have to.

'Cas, did you know...'

that Joe was coming back
to the island last night?

Why would I?

'Well... No, I just thought
maybe he might of mentioned it'

on Facebook or Twitter or...

OK, we both know they are the only
two social networking sites

you've ever heard of.

I know Joe, but we're not
really friends.

Ask your father when
they want their tea?

Nan wants to know what time
you want to...

What in God's name...?


What was that?

I don't know. We can go and have
a look in the Land Rover.

We don't have a key.
And I can't find anyone.

We're on Fair Isle...
Keys'll be in the ignition.

It sounded like it came
from Donnybrook.

I didn't grow up here, remember?
Be less specific!

That way.

Tosh, be careful.

What's happened?

Dad, stay where you are.

What is it? What's happened?

Who is it?

It's Peter Latimer.

He's not breathing.

Oh, dear God!

Are you any closer to finding out
who actually killed her?

I mean, it's an island,
how difficult can it be?

For the sake of this
wee lump of rock, Jimmy,

catch this person.

I never would have hurt Anna
and I never hurt Gina.

Scared Gina though.

What's going on?
Why did you question Donnie?

Talk to me about Joe Blake. Now.

I need to speak to you.


I know who killed my mother.