Shetland (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Raven Black: Part 2 - full transcript

DI Perez believes he and his team are finally closing in on the killer as they discover what 17-year-old Catherine Ross was hiding from everyone in the hours before her death.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


Is it Catriona?

Perfectly preserved.

When did your sister die, Magnus?

A long time ago. She was six.

And your mother?

After that.

Catriona's body's been found,
on the hill.

And she's holding a doll.

And I think it's the same doll Agnes
has in the photograph.

What do you think?

Step away from the car.

You know why you're here, Magnus?

Catriona Bruce was found
with this doll.

Do you know what Catriona was doing
with your sister's doll?

Do you know what happened to


Magnus. No!

Catriona was holding his sister's
doll. And he knew about it.

Which means he was probably hiding
something from the police at the time.

But since we got him down to the
station, he hasn't said a word.

So, what I want is a custody

Is he the link, Jimmy,
do you think he's the link?

Honestly... I don't know.

And what about the teacher?

Hugo Scott.

Well, I mean, he concealed
information, lied to us,

wasted our time. But he can't drive,
doesn't even have a car.

So we've checked taxi drivers
and rogue operators, his friends -

but I don't think we're going to
be able to place him in Ravenswick

the night Catherine was killed.

OK. You can
have your custody extension.

I'll send someone over with
the paperwork.



Don't worry about it.

It was a nice walk on the beach,
wondering who landed you one -

at least it
took my mind off the fags.

So we're running two murder
enquiries now?

Until we get a post mortem on
Catriona, she's a suspicious death.

Now, have you had any luck
tracing the family?

Still trying.
Apparently they went to Canada.

OK. Put it out on Twitter that
we're looking for them.

It's all over social media anyway.
What about Magnus?

Hasn't said a word. Hasn't eaten.

I've been trying,
but it's like he's somewhere else.

OK. Let's get a psychiatric

Did you get an extension to keep him
in from the Terminator? Yup.

She's not sick. She's not ill.

Leave her to sleep!
She's been through a lot recently.

Lying in bed of a morning isn't
going to bring anyone back, is it?

She needs her rest!

You know, everything you said
at the start about the two cases not
being linked...

it's still the only
thing that makes sense.

Someone who targets children

doesn't just switch their attention
to teenagers.

19 years. Maybe his tastes changed.

Maybe it was never anything
but opportunism.

Look at the modus operandi!
Couldn't be more different.

We don't know how Catriona died,
but she was hidden - buried.

Catherine was
left for the world to see.

Well, OK, but Catriona had his
sister's doll, Magnus knew about it,

he lied about it and he was
one of the last people to see
Catherine alive.

I'm not saying he's innocent.

I'm saying I can't see him
for both of them.

Catriona - maybe.

Catherine - maybe.

But not both.
It just doesn't join up the dots.

And there's another thing that
doesn't make sense.

Catherine's father said that she was
never without her phone,

but the kids at school told Tosh
she was weird

because she wouldn't use
social media.

Where are her phone records?

They've been checked.
No anomalous calls.

Her dad called around lunchtime,
she phoned Sally Henry a bit later.

Nothing after that.

That's it? A teenager's
phone calls for a month?

Cassie's bills come in by the yard.

Well, we know she was a bit
of a loner.


Sandy's right. She's not using
her phone to stay in contact.

So what is she doing with it?

Surfing the net?

Taking pictures.

Everyone takes
photographs on their phone.

So Catherine never mentioned
anything to you,

like she'd taken a
photograph of something specific

or something unusual?


It must have been hard,
finding Catriona.

Are you OK?

People are angry that it's taken
so long. 19 years.

Another girl dead.
Yes. I understand the frustration.

But we don't yet know what
happened to Catriona.

And we certainly haven't established
a link between the two.

You people!
What are you waiting for?

That degenerate cretin is
still in his... Margaret!

What do you want -
witnesses who saw him

with his hands around
the girls' necks?

Well, that would certainly have the
advantage of standing up in court.

Unlike opinion.

Hang on...
How did you know it was Catriona?

Well, who else was it going to be?

I was her teacher.

I recognised her shoe.

Her shoe?

After 19 years?

The buckles. She'd been
showing them off in class.

Diamante. A present from some
uncle in America.

Oh, nothing
but the best for that peerie lass.

We're still trying to contact
the family. Did you know them?

We were neighbours rather than
friends. We didn't keep in touch.

Photographs? Not that she mentioned.

But, like you said,
I've not been around much.

Are you sleeping out here?

Outside, it's just the wind
and the cold, it's easier.

Inside... mind plays tricks.

The little girl, Catriona, will her
family be wanting to come back now?

We're still trying to find them.

If they do, will you tell them
from me,

if they want to come to the house,
they're very welcome.

Catherine used to talk about her.

About Catriona?

She was... curious, I suppose.

Little lost girl who used to live
here. Macabre, really.

But teenagers are, aren't they?

Was it him?


The old man.
Did he kill Catherine too?

We don't know who killed Catherine.
Or Catriona.

Euan - you listen to me.

If we don't know, nobody knows.

Least of all the gossips.

Look. There's nothing that's going
to make this any better.

But you can make it
a hell of a lot worse.

Don't go there.

Please don't go there.


Hiya. Look, something's come up.

I thought Aberdeen were taking too
long with Catherine's laptop

so I got onto them. It's been wiped.

How? Some tool downloaded
from the internet.

Not as good as drilling holes in the
hard drive, but does the job.

They might be able to
retrieve some of the data,

but it's going to take a while.

OK. Thanks for letting me know.

All right.

Has anybody fed this bird?

So Catherine took
photographs on her phone.

She downloaded them to her laptop.

And now her phone's gone, the
laptop's been wiped and she's dead.

If she was taking photos randomly,
did she even know what she had?


Look at the way she's
holding the bag.

First, I thought
it was just security, you know?

Like a teddy bear or something.
But it's not just that.

She's guarding the contents,
she's guarding the phone.

So you're saying, whatever she had,

it was already on the phone
at this point?

And that she knew it needed

And since the first person she went
to see when she got off the bus

was Magnus, she obviously thought
it didn't need protecting from him.

Catherine's death - it's not Magnus.

They've moved Catriona to the

Apparently, they're sending in a
specialist -

a forensic pathologist
from the University of the Highlands
and Islands Archaeology department.

There was a rock at the bottom of
the trench where Catriona was found.

The jagged edge was in her skull.

The rest of it - all hundredweight
of it - was buried in the peat.

Believe me, Jimmy - that's not
a rock that anyone hefted and threw.

So you're saying she fell on it?

Moving object, stationary head,

injury to the brain here.

Stationary object, moving head,

injury to the brain here...

AND here.

So it's just an accident?


What was she even doing there?

When I was a peerie lass,

we used to play hide and seek
in the old peat cuttings.

Talk about lethal.

You'd disappear in them
over your head...

and half the time they'd be
full of water.

But Christ knows,
if you wanted to stay hidden...

..they'd hide you forever.

Sorry. Hello?

Well, if we can't spare uniform
to keep a watch on the place,

can we at least have them
take it in on patrol?

Last thing we need is some idiot
putting petrol through the
letter box.

All right.

The pathologist.
From the archaeological department.



I know you didn't kill Catriona.

I don't think you killed Catherine

But until I can find out who did,

I'd like it if you stayed here.

It would be protective custody.

So you wouldn't have to be locked in.


See, Magnus.

I've to feed the bird.

The bird's dead. Ahh!

I'm sorry.

People do stupid things
when they get fired up.

The bird didn't do any harm.

No. Neither did you.

She said she was going to make
people angry.

Maybe she meant angry with me.

Who? Catherine.

How was she going to make
people angry?

She didn't say.

I was thinking maybe you
and I could play a game...

..where I say something
that I know about Catherine

and then you say something you know.

What do you think about that? OK.

Yeah? Well, do you want to start?

Catherine's dead.

She had blue streaks in her hair.

She has red socks.

OK. Er, she was about,
what do you think...

she was about this tall?

She likes Marmite, but I don't.


Erm... She used to babysit you.

She was funny.

She was funny?
What did she say that was funny?

That's a question!

So it is! OK, you win.

You probably knew her the best,
didn't you?

I'm her favourite girl.

Are you?

She's sending me a present.

What kind of present is
she going to send you?

It's a surprise. Ah.

Are you sure, princess? She said!

Why send it, though?
Why not just call round?

Same reason she sent the photograph
to Magnus - cos she was kind.

You know what I think?

I think she saw how isolated he was,
and the kind of life he was leading

and she just wanted to give him
something nice.

A surprise.

So do we think Kitty's present is
another photograph?

I don't know. Right,
let's get on to the sorting office

and see if they've got anything
snarled up in the system.

Hang on.


I did what you said. Put it
out on Twitter about Catriona.

Apparently the mother
and father are both dead,

but the brother, Brian -
his ferry's docking as we speak.

OK, Billy, thanks for that.

Inspector Perez?

They said to look out for you.

This is Brian, and Pim.

I'm Gret. I'm afraid
one of us smells really bad!

Can you hold on
while we change a nappy? Of course.

Brian didn't tell me
about Catriona for a long time.

Then when he did,
so much about him made sense.

One big catastrophe that shaped
everything that came after.

Two filter coffees
and a decaf latte.

Anywhere you're NOT
working these days?

The Cop Shop?

Just call if you need anything.

Where is my sister?

She's in the hospital mortuary.

Now, I spoke to the pathologist
this morning,

who told me that
your sister's death was an accident.

She fell through
a crack in the peat.

And she hit her head on a rock.

Do you want to see her?


I'll give a DNA sample - whatever
you need to confirm it's Cat,

but... I don't want to see her.


I want Gret to do it.

We thought someone should say
goodbye. Properly.

Can that be allowed?

Of course.

She looks like she fell
asleep yesterday.

Yeah. It's the peat.

Nothing perishes.

Goodbye, Catriona.

Du bist so gefehlt. So gefehlt.

It was Sandy - he realised
when Catherine told Kitty

she was going to send a present,
she didn't necessarily mean by post.

Jess doesn't check her
e-mail that often

cos the connection
in Ravenswick's not great.

But when we asked her to have a
look, she found this waiting in the

inbox. Catherine sent it to Kitty
at 22.55 the night she was killed.


So, what do you like best
about living in Shetland?

I like the sea.

And my green boots.

What don't you like about
living here?

I don't like the yoghurts.

There are some that I do like,

but the ones I like are too

Anything else?

I don't like Mrs Henry.

Mrs Henry doesn't like me.

She says I am a proper little madam.

Mrs Henry doesn't like anyone.

Why are you asking all these

It's my homework for school.

Now tell me a secret.

That's easy for you to say.

My client would like it noted
that he comes here voluntarily.


You talked about having set your
students an end-of-year project.

What was it? That was up to them.
It could be anything they chose.

What was Catherine doing?

I don't know.

They were due to
hand in their proposals at the end

of the midsummer weekend.
Catherine didn't come back!

Is it possible she could have been
making a film? Very possibly.

About what?
I told you, I don't know.


You knew her! You taught her!

"Receptive, interested
and engaged," you said.

My client has already answered
your questions and does not need...

What was she interested in?

What were you expecting from her?

Excuse me.

"Life in the raw - John Grierson and
the Scottish documentary movement."

The last essay she handed in.
It was good. Very good.

It was obviously something she'd
really thought about.


A documentary about what?

Well, something that was going to
make people angry.

What subject is a 17-year-old
going to pick that makes

people angry enough to get
her killed?

Maybe it's not the subject,
maybe it's the questions.

"What do you like best
about living here?

"What do you like least?
Tell me a secret."

Catriona, Euan Ross said Catherine
was interested

in what happened to Catriona.
We know what happened to Catriona.

No. We know how she died.
That's not the same thing.

I think I might be getting
back with Drew.



Seriously? It was that school.
All those teenagers.

Made me nostalgic.

Then I bumped into him in this bar
we used to go to.

Besides, I can't sleep at
this time of year.

What else are you going to do to get
you through the night?

Not just the laptop, then?

Was Catherine interested
in what happened to Catriona?

She used to ask people about it,

about what they thought had

I think a lot of folk found that...

ghoulish. Did she have any ideas

Any kind of pet theories?


We're so sorry.

So this is Pim. How old?

Five months. Five.

Do you want to hold her? Can I?

Yeah. Just like this.

Are you all right?

Sorry, I need some air.

Are you all right?

Gret was a wee
bit worried about you.

He was having an affair.

Who? Dad.

Me and Cat didn't know
anything about it.

I only found out years later.

Mum was talking about leaving him
and taking us.

And in the middle of them trying to
work out what to do...


The house felt different
to the way I remember.

Childhood memories are strange,
aren't they?

Mine are made up mostly of what
things tasted like.

Cat had this...

..secret stash of sweets. Erm...

I don't remember how I found
it in the end. I just remember the

pattern on the carpet and the feel
of the empty wrappers in my hands.

Kids must make crap witnesses, eh?
Remembering all the wrong details.

What happened when she found out
the sweets were gone?

She threw a plate at my head.
She threw a plate at you?

Oh, Cat was a handful.

Her teacher hated her.

And my mother struggled.

Which didn't help the guilt after.

She'd shut Cat in her room that day
as a punishment for something and...

..she climbed out the window.

It was my mother's worst nightmare
that someone had hurt her.

Tell me, what did you
think of Catherine Ross?

She wasn't the friend I'd have
chosen for Sally, that's for sure.


She liked to court trouble.

I worried she'd land them

in a situation my daughter wouldn't
be able to get herself out of.

You taught Catriona.


Did Catherine ever ask you about her?

Maybe. I don't recall.

The day Catriona went missing.
You saw her on the cliffs

and you called for her to come back.

Is that right? Yes.

She didn't listen.

That girl never did
a thing anyone said!

So, if you thought it was dangerous,
then why didn't you go after her?

It was the holidays.
None of my concern.

She was seven.

Where were you the night
Catherine was killed?

God above!

You think dislike is
a justification for murder?

If it were, I'd have half my class
laid out in their graves.

To say nothing of their parents.

Now, I have already made a statement
to your colleagues...

Go through it again.

I was here. All night?

School the next day.

Can anybody corroborate
your whereabouts?

Mrs Henry?

Sally was asleep in bed.
So was my husband.

So, no.

They can't.

Sandy said you were looking into
why Magnus might have been

finger-printed in the past.


Magnus was interviewed
about an assault on a girl

here on holiday with her family.

Someone else was charged
and convicted.

But, thing is, when I looked for
a record of the actual interview,

there was nothing.

So, I dug a little deeper,
and found this.

The day after he was interviewed,

Magnus was admitted to hospital.

Broken ribs, two broken fingers...

a fractured skull.


The reason
I wanted you to stay here,

is because I wanted you to be safe.

But I get the feeling that

you will probably never feel safe
in here.

Because I think something
happened to you here.

So we're going to find
somewhere else to move you to.

And then maybe you and me
can have a proper talk.

Do you understand, Magnus?
Is that OK?




I don't like Mrs Henry...

Mrs Henry doesn't like me.

Hey. Hey. All packed? Yep.

Well, thanks for taking Cassie.

Always a pleasure.

Oh, and I don't want
the strange old man in my room.

You have my bed, he can have yours.

Yeah, go and check
if you have got everything.


Strange old man?
Is that what you've told her.

Aye. Because I'm no' you.

It was nothing - a wee flirt.
Just... feeling old, wanting to check
that I still got it.

You saying I walked in in the middle
of your mid-life crisis?

I'm putting it down to the poor
quality malt

that Alex Henry and his mates plied
me with

at their all-night poker game.

You'd think environmental
officers would be caring types,

but they're a bunch of ruthless

And, yes! I was safe to drive
the next morning.

No, that's not what I mean...

You mean the night Catherine Ross was

you were at an all-night poker
game with Alex Henry?

Yeah, and it was a long one.


Aye, come away in, Billy.

Hi, Magnus. Come in.

Make yourself at home.

So totally your room!

OK. Goodbye.

Bye. See you.

I'm about to ring
the bell for school.

Yes, just hang on.

You told me your husband was asleep
with you in bed

the night Catherine was killed.

That's not true, is it?

He didn't kill anyone and nor did I.

Why should I have to air
our dirty linen to prove it?

Which dirty linen?

Mrs Henry, do you actually know
where your husband was?

You thought it was another woman.

You didn't ask?

Perhaps you didn't feel you had
the right to question him.

You didn't like Catriona Bruce,
did you?

You can't expect to like everyone.

Because she was - what?
Wilful. Spoilt?

Her mother ruined her.
And her father was having an affair.

Who else knew?

His wife and your husband...

Who else?




What did you call him?

"A degenerate cretin"?

Yes, well... He was watching.

Through the window.


And Catriona - did she know?

She was with him.

She saw?

It was all so quick, I thought
maybe I'd imagined her face.

Then ten minutes later, his wife
came banging on the door

saying Catriona had run away.

We all went looking.

I saw her on the cliff.

I called her.

She ran.

And that was the last I saw of her.

And her father never knew
anything about that.

How would that have helped him?

The man was destroyed already.

How did Catherine find out?

Did Magnus Bain tell her?

Oh, Catherine Ross didn't know a

Oh, if she had,
she'd have let me feel it.

She wouldn't have passed up that
opportunity - not that girl.


The only one who knew...
was Magnus Bain.


Who's that?

That's my wife, that's Fran.

Where is she?

She's dead.


There's a lot of dead folk
in the world.

Magnus, when I asked you what you
and Catherine Ross talked about,

and you said you couldn't remember.

Is that because what you
talked about was Catriona, but...

you didn't want to tell me that?

She wanted to know a secret.

So you told her about Catriona?

She'd found her hiding place.

She was curious about her.

She had a hiding place?

Aye, in the house.

Tosh? Inspector?

Catriona Bruce had a hiding place
and Catherine Ross found it.

OK. Now, what if she used it?

What if she'd made
a backup of her documentary?

Well, where is this hiding place?

Ask Brian Bruce where his sister hid
her sweets and search the house.

Tosh! Drew.

Brian Bruce. Is he in?

Checked out first thing.
On the eight o'clock ferry.


Did you tell Catherine Ross
about Catriona's father

and Margaret Henry?


That's not my secret.

What's your secret, Magnus?

You know what I think, Magnus?

On the day Catriona went missing,
I think she saw something.

I think she saw something
happen between her father

and Margaret Henry.

And then I think
she went to your croft.

And I don't know what happened next.

But I've seen your sister's room.

And I know the things in it
are very precious.


she came looking for her father.

I'd seen him going
to the Henry house.

I said I'd take her.

I wouldn't have...

..had I known.

And that's why you took her
back to your croft,

because she was upset
about what she'd seen?


She always liked Agnes's room.

But... that day...

She took Agnes's doll.
She wouldn't gie it back.

I shouted at her. I chased her.

I shouldn't have done that.

She was only a peerie lass.

And she was that upset about
her father, crying to the heart.

If I'd known that she was hiding
in the peat...

..I'd have gone after her.

Aye, it's gey dangerous
for children.

Why didn't you tell the police?

I didn't want them to hurt me again.



We've found it.

Found it then, yeah? Yeah.

Cool. You got me a drink?

Yeah. Thanks!

Of course I'm going to
get you a drink.

Is it whisky?

Yeah. It's a good malt.

Oh. It's strong!



On you go. Ask away.

What do you like best
about living in Shetland?

Oh. What do I like best?



The girls?

The girls. You got that right.

Shall I tell you... a secret?

You're getting ahead of the script.
Secrets come last.

Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

You're one of the girls that I like.


You wouldn't be too bad if you made
a bit of an effort, but... Really?

Yeah. Quite the little lady.

If you did something thing
with your hair.

I'm probably a bit old for you
though - 17.

What do you mean?

I thought the younger the better
for you.

Sally's only 16.
Isn't that why you went for her?

Cos anyone who was old enough to
know anything would see straight
through you...


Call the school. Call the school and
find out if Sally Henry's there and safe.

I heard one of your girls
was only 14. Is that true?

Who said... Who told you that?

I mean, course you like living here!

Big man in a small place,
impressing girls half your age with

the big car and the big boat
and the cheesy lines...
Just turn that off!

The way you were coming on to me!
I asked you to turn that off.
"Quite the little lady"...

Turn that off!

She's not at school. Apparently
she called in sick this morning.

OK. Put out an urgent
call for obs on Isbister's car.

I also want you and Sandy
to check on Isbister's alibi

for the night Catherine was killed.

Alibis can be bought.

Where are you going to be?

Is Sally home?

Sally's at school.

No. School just said she
phoned in sick today.



What is it? What's wrong?

Sally didn't turn up at school.

What are you talking about?
Of course she did.

I saw her leave this morning.

Tosh? She's not here.

OK, Sandy's on his way to you.
We tracked down Isbister's alibi.

He's in Whalsay, I'm going
to go and speak to him now.

But no luck with Isbister himself.

His office said
he hasn't been in this morning,

and he's not answering his phone.

What if she's freight?

If an alibi can be bought,
surely a truck driver can?

That detective...

he kept coming back.

I just wanted it all to go away.
I just wanted to be with you.


Will you stop talking
about the police?

I never brought you here to talk.

I didn't tell him anything.

I knew where Catherine was
the night before.

She was at your party.
But I didn't say anything.

I don't...

I don't want to speak
ill of the dead...

but she WAS a silly bitch,
your friend.

You're not going to be
a silly bitch... are you?

How many more of these are there?

30 odd. That's not so many.

If I were them,
I'd sell the pelagic trawler

and get another fleet like this.

But that is me.

I like trucks.

It was always the trawler Alan
talked about.

Not the trucks, the trawler. Thanks.

Whereabouts...? North Roe.

We could get a drink in a minute.


Don't get dressed.

There's ice in the kitchen.

Do you want some?

I just need to go to the bathroom.

It's just down there.


Inspector, I've just finished
speaking to Isbister's alibi.

And he says they were together
all of Sunday night.

What? Isbister's alibi checks out.

Isbister's alibi checks out.




Ice and a slice.

Step away from her.

What for? She's 16.

I said step away from her. She's 16!


You are going to have to come
with me now.


You know why.

Oh, Sally...

Was he really worth it?

OK. I don't understand.
What's going on?

Get a solicitor
and come down the police station.

What's the charge?

Assaulting Catherine Ross, along
with questions about another matter.

And for God's sake, man,
do your trousers up.

What's going on? Where's he going?

Why isn't that man in handcuffs?

Mrs Henry, you and your husband

are going to have to come down
to the station.

We're going to be charging Sally
with the murder of Catherine Ross.

Oh, don't be ridiculous, man!



When did Catherine show
you the film?

Sunday night. It was on her phone.

And is that when you killed her?

She was her friend!


I don't want them in here.

Sally... I don't want them in here.

You know...

..people say "friend"
like that means it's simple.

But it's not...'s really complicated
being close.

Why would you hurt someone
who didn't matter?

She knew I liked him.

She knew.

And she made him
look like a stupid thug.

She said she was going to put
it on YouTube.

She knew my life... crap everything is.

She was so confident,
she could have anything she wanted.

And she couldn't even leave me
the crumbs.

It took time, what you did.

Minutes... not seconds.

You could have stopped.

You could have let go.

I didn't want to let go.

She called me "baby girl".

I was crying and she said,
"Poor baby girl."

I really miss her.

I really miss her.

Are you OK? Aye.

Is there anything you need?

Anything I can help you with?


What happened to you before,
in the police station...

that was wrong.

Whar's du fae?

I'm fae Fair Isle.

Fair Isle.