Shetland (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Episode #6.1 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

..and the voice from heaven
saying, "Write this:

"Blessed are the dead, who, from now
on, die in the Lord!"

"Yes," says the spirit,

"they will rest from their labours."


And when great souls die,

after a period, peace blooms,
slowly and always irregularly.

Spaces fill with a kind
of soothing electric vibration.

Our senses, restored, never
to be the same, whisper to us.

They existed.

They existed.

We can be. Be and be better.

For they existed.

You have entrusted our sister Mary
to God's merciful keeping.

We now commit her body
to the ground,

earth to earth,

ashes to ashes,

dust to dust.

How much longer
do you think it will take?

Don't worry. I'll chase them
for the paperwork this afternoon.

Your leave to remain is not
in doubt.


Under the Vulnerable Persons scheme,
you have a five-year stay,

at least. Inshallah.

It's just the Home Office playing
funny buggers. Funny buggers?

He means
they're just being awkward.


My mother would like to know
what happens after that.

Well, we need to make it permanent,
but leave that with me.

I've got that all in hand.

So no more funny buggers?

That's right! Now, as I said,
nothing to worry about.

We'll talk soon.
Mr Galbraith, thank you. Not at all.

Hi. Hey.

Just reminding you that you're
picking up Merran. I know, I know!

Sorry. I know.
I know you've got a lot on.

I would do it myself, but I cannot
miss this strategy meeting

with Niven. It's fine. Don't worry.

you can't keep Niven waiting.

Is there anything else?


Oh, shit.

Oh, I've got a "stop the release"
mob outside the office.

I'll call you back.

Oh, Alex, a quick word.

I'm doing a piece on how Donna
Killick's compassionate release

might affect her victim's family.

I've spoken to Kate Kilmuir,

I just need some details.

Donna has stage four lung cancer.
It's terminal.

She shouldn't have been in prison
in the first place.

She was the victim of domestic abuse
and wasn't in her right mind

at the time of the murder.
You got all that?

Good. Love to the family.

Hi. HMP Clyde need to talk to you.


What's this? What's it look like?

It's a leg of lamb. I suspect
it's Jim Crawford's way of saying

he can't pay his bill again.

Will you see if Gavin wants it?
He looks as if he could do

with a feed.

Listen, I need to pop home
for a bit after this call, OK?


Jimmy, I'm so sorry.

Your mother was a wonderful woman,
taken far too soon.

And don't worry.

We'll all keep an eye on your dad.


How are you doing?

Yeah, I'm OK.

How are you?
Yeah, I'm OK.

Grandad seems to be coping.


There he is. Cassie!

I've something for you.

Uh, it was here this morning.


She must have moved it.

Who, Dad? Your mother.

She was always bloody moving
things. Oh...

Here we go.

It belonged to your great-granny.

Mary wanted you to have it.

Thank you.

We need to talk, Alex. Not now, OK?
Not now.

They left for Aberdeen yesterday -
Kyle and my kids.

You must feel
very proud of yourself.

I never took your kids, Linda.
The courts did.

And I'm sorry about that.

This isn't how anyone
wanted it to end.

I loved my kids. Aye, but you loved

the drugs a wee bit more,
didn't you?

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said
that. Listen, Linda,

you couldn't look after them
and your husband could.

Now, if that changes, I will help
you to win them back, and that's

a promise. But your kids had to
come first.





Jesus Christ!






Hi, darling, I'm on my way.

You were supposed to pick me up,

I know, I know, I'm just at
home picking up a few files.

I'll be there in ten minutes,
I promise.

How did the exam go anyway?

Hit a few bum notes, but
I think I got away with it.


I bet you sailed through it.

You'll be playing the Albert Hall
in no time.

That's the door -
give me two minutes, OK?

It's OK, Dad, I can always
walk back from here.






Are you OK?

Say something, Dad!

Right. That's...that's them away.

I don't know what I'm going to do
without her.

Look, Dad, why don't you
just come and stay with me

for a couple of weeks?

I don't want any fuss.

It's no' a fuss.

You're a good lad.

You know what this feels like.

Not everyone does.


Tosh, this better be good.

I'm really sorry to call,
but we've just heard

that Alex Galbraith
has been shot dead.

I'm on my way to the scene now,
but I thought you should know.

Right, I'll...

I'll be on the next flight over.

He's different since the last time
I saw him.

Aye, yeah, he is.

And judging by the Post-it notes
all over the house, I think

he's probably been like that
for a wee while.

Look, don't worry,
I'll bring him over later.

OK. You're the best.

Bye, Dad.

Hey, Sandy. Didn't take long
for word to spread.

So I see.

OK, let's get rid of them,
shall we? No problem.

I'm sorry to haul.
I wasn't sure what to do.

This is just so hard to take in.

It's OK.

You did the right thing.

So, witnesses. None.

His daughter Merran was on the phone
to him at the time.

She heard the whole thing.

Let's organise a door-to-door
all the way back to Lerwick.

Somebody must have seen someone
come and go.

Eve, I'm so sorry.

Do you mind if I have a quick
word with Merran?

Can you tell me what you heard when
you were on the phone with your dad?

He said he was picking up some

And did he speak with the person at
the door? No.

The doorbell buzzed...three
times... Then...

..two shots.

Promise you won't let anything
happen to my mum.

She'll be OK.

Merran. Put them in a room
in the Haldane Hotel and put

a protection officer on the door,
just until we can establish

that Alex was definitely the target.

Will do.

Two pistol wounds to the chest,
one straight to the heart.

He died almost instantly.

It has the hallmarks of
a professional assassination.

But from the bullet entry wounds,
he seemed to be turning away.

That could be to let a person
in, as if he knew them,

or to protect himself.

Hard to say.


Come in.

I just wanted to see if
you had everything you needed.

We're fine, thanks.

There's some press outside.

They'll have questions
about your campaign, but best

to avoid them until we've got
a clearer picture

of what actually happened.

I understand.

Merran, you're safe here.

So is your mum.

I don't want you to worry, OK?

I don't see how.

Nothing's ever
going to be the same again.

It's going to be a long road back
to anything that feels even

close to normal.

But now, you both need to take
time to grieve.

I know...

..that this is a shock for

We all knew Alex, but I want
you to keep focused.

The assailant is still at large.

We do have a witness.

The daughter, she heard
the gunshots.

Unfortunately, that's all
that she can remember.

Sandy, I would like you to put
together a timeline

of his movements.

Now, we know that he came
home to pick up some files.

Did he always come home
during the day?

Tosh, there was that break-in
at the Galbraith place a couple

of weeks ago. I want to know exactly
what was taken.


Check his finances -
professional and private,

check his phone records,

and check his social media.

There's a very good chance that his
wife is going to be our next MP,

and that means that we're going
to get a lot of press interest.

But I would like you to ignore it.

Talk to nobody.

Remember - to know how a man died,

you must first learn how he lived.

And please stay safe.

Whoever did this is extremely

Boss, you've got the new fiscal
in ten minutes. Yes.

Thanks, Billy.

Will do, will do. Bye.

DI Perez, sorry, I'm late.

Maggie Kean. I'll be taking
over while the fiscal's on leave.

I just want to introduce myself
and get the lie of the land

regarding the Galbraith shooting.

It seems we're all over the news.

Yeah, you certainly picked
a great week to start a new job.

I take it you knew Mr Galbraith.

I did - for over 20 years.

He was a good lawyer.

And he's well liked, you know,
almost everybody in the isles came

across him at some point.

And Eve Galbraith, as she's running
in the by-election, is that right?

She is, yeah.

She's also got the backing
of a powerful

local businessman, Niven Guthrie.

And with his clout behind her,
she's probably a shoo-in.

Is it possible she was a target?

According to your local paper,
she's made a few enemies

with her anti-oil stance.

That's true.

So I'm not ruling it out.

But it seems like the shooter
knew what they were doing.

"Seems like".

OK, well, I imagine the press
are going to have a field

day with this.

Are you ready for that?

I know you had a bereavement.

The funeral was this morning.

This must be very difficult
for you. If you need some time off,

I'm sure we can bring in some...
No, I'm fine.

Well, keep me posted.


Hi, Cassie, I'm just wondering
how the packing is coming along,

so if you could give me a wee phone
when you get this, all right? Bye.

Fiona Bedford? I'm DI Perez.

Can I have a word?


You worked closely with Alex,
was there anyone who was angry

with him or somebody with a grudge?

There was always
somebody with a grudge.

Well, any recent cases that were
giving him more grief than others?

Donna Killick's release, obviously.

On the family-law side...

..there was a custody battle. Wife
lost her kids due to drug addiction.

Lynda Morton.

She's been giving him a hard time.

She capable of violence?

You OK?

I just...

I don't know how to process this.


It's not easy.

There's one thing I need
you to do for me.

I need the files on all his cases
for the last two years, and I need

access to his computers
and his phone.


You've been in here for ages.

Tea's getting cold. Just putting the
drone away.

Do you really have
to take this dive?

You said you were going
to take a break.

We owe too much. You know that.

Anyway, I can
hold my breath... For ages.

I know, it's not funny, Eamon.

I won't be doing it forever,

Got a plan B.

You know what that is, Jimmy?
That is a ghost bullet.

Right, does that mean that
we're looking for a vintage gun?

My best guess is a German 1944
Walther P38. Standard issue,

but unlikely to show up
on any registers. There's a load

of these knocking around
from the war.

But you can't get the ammo,
so these bullets were custom made.

You can buy home-made bullets
like this online, if you know

where to look.

Tosh, get a hold of Sandy.
Tell to check gun club members,

collectors. See if any of them
have got a Walther P38

or make their own ammo.

It's probably in the sea by now.

Aye, well, humour me. OK.

There's more online about
Alex Galbraith being shot.

I still can't believe it.

I'll try to call Merran tonight.
Erm, see if you just sign

all of those, and then at the end
of January, your company tax

will be due and you can just do
it online.

Thank you.
No problem.

Though, you'd be better paying
for an accountant, Rasha,

because that stuff will
really do your head in.

My dad doesn't want to spend
the money. Huh!

Well, maybe you should make him.


Thanks, Molly.

Is that the Nassan family? Aye.

I am helping Rasha get her head
around being VAT registered.

I take it they know about
Alex Galbraith?

Aye, they were quite upset,
they considered him a friend.

You not so much?
Is that what this is about?

I'm pissed off about Donna Killick.

What do you expect?

She kills my sister and then
she gets to come home

and die in her own bed?! Mum.

Look, I know Galbraith was only
doing his job, but I wish he'd shown

as much compassion for Molly
and me as he did for Donna.

I hear you, but I'm still going
to need the list of the people

in your pressure group.

I've got a petition with 2,000
names on it.

You want that as well?

I'll get you
the list. Thanks.


Tosh. I'm looking at the break-in
report - the Galbraith case

file that went missing
was a custody case.

Kyle and Lynda Morton. Yeah, Fiona
Bedford mentioned her.

So you should speak to Lynda Morton.

Find out where she was this morning.

Hello. Hi. Hi.


My mother would
like to know if Mr Galbraith's death

had anything to do with the fact
that he was helping us?

Oh, no - we have no evidence
to suggest that.


Thank you.



Hey, there's a back gate.


Hello, police.
Anyone here?



Lynda, are you OK?

What happened to your hand?

I cut myself.

Looks like it need stitches.

You know Alex Galbraith, don't you,
from your custody case?

So? You haven't heard what happened
to him, then?

No, what? He's been killed.

Someone shot him.

When was the last time you saw him?

Erm, this morning.

I went to go and have it out
with him about my kids

but he didn't want to speak to me.

And after that? I came back here.

I felt pretty low, so I took a
sleeping tablet.

There was a
break-in at his house

recently, and a file relating
to your case was taken.


What happened, Lynda?

You weren't always like this,

were you? No, I wasn't.

But I'm...I'm trying to get better,
I really am.

I've got Eve on CCTV at the time
of the shooting.


And what about her campaign manager?
Niven Guthrie was at his engineering

plant. His brother, Struan,
has already given a statement.

I thought he had a building firm.
He's got a stake in half

the businesses on Shetland.

And an OBE. Looks like he's throwing
everything he's got

into Eve's campaign.

He won't be happy till he's got
a statue of himself

at the Market Cross.

OK, is there any trace of the gun?

Not from our register
of gun owners.

We do have a couple of collectors,
but none with a

World War II Walther.

As for the bullet maker,
we're looking for a machinist

or maybe an engineer, but again,
nobody on Shetland seems

to fit the bill.

Got a wee problem. Local lad.

Fraser Creggan.

He's been posting about
the Galbraith killing online.

I think you should take a look.

True Crime Crazy.

Yeah, look at this.

OK, so that must have been him
this morning.

Hang on.

Creggan - we've got a Logan Creggan
on our register of gun owners.

OK, we'll find out
if they're related and, Billy,

shut this site down, pronto.

Lynda doesn't
have an alibi.

She was alone in her flat,
but to be honest, I can't see

her shooting anyone.


I mean, she might know somebody
that would.


OK, let's call it a night.

See you all bright and breezy
in the morning.

Cassie. The eagle has landed.

But I can't get him to eat anything.
He keeps saying he's already eaten,

but he hasn't.

All right, erm...

Don't worry, I'll - I'll pick
something up on the way home.

OK? Bye.

How are you holding up?

I've had better days, Tosh.

If you need to talk,
I'm a good listener.

Thanks, I may take you up on that.




Hey, Carrie.

Oh, I didn't know you were on this
shift. Proverbial bad penny.

What's for dinner?

I hope it's not that
slow-cooked lamb thing again.

Shite on toast, will that do you?

I tell you what...

Take a good look at this
handsome face.

You might not be seeing it
much longer.

Oh, yeah, you won the lottery,
then? Could be.

Aye, you're right.

And I'm serious, as well.


Well, that's your choice,
but you'll regret it.

You OK?

Aye, sure, no worries.

What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be in Fair Isle?

What, you not heard about Alex

Well, I heard.

I just thought you'd stay
longer. Cassie is bringing my dad

home so that I can keep an eye
on him for a wee while.

His memory's really - it's not

So he's going to be staying
with us for a wee while.

You OK with that?
Aye, sure.

Oh, let me get you a drink.

On the house.

You're never going to make a profit
if you keep doing that.

Oh, that's OK, it's your money.

How was it?

Aye, we got through it.

And her friends got to say goodbye.

You know, so...

And Cass? Yeah,
she did really well.

You're going to need time to grieve
too, you know?


And there's that.

Aye, and there's that.

She's definitely coming back, then?

Yeah, there's nothing I can do
about it, Duncan.

No, I know. Got enough
on your plate.

Yeah, but you know, try
not to think about it.

Because the truth is,

she's not going to be here that

Look, you got any food I could take
away? That pasta thing you do.

That pasta thing?



He's been sitting there
since we got back.


I got some food.

Listen, I got a call.

They want me back at work.

I have to go in the morning.

Of course.

Don't you worry about us,
we're going to be fine.



I heard you were talking to the

They were asking about Alex

You'd better not have mentioned my
name in any part

of that conversation, Lynda.

I fucking mean it.

If you've dropped me in any of
that, we're both screwed.

I didn't, I promise.

Anything to drink?



Kids, is that you?

Anybody there?


I've called the police.




Erm, I was going over Galbraith's
cases last night. On the custody

case, he made a note that there's
evidence linking Lynda Morton

to local drug dealers.

He didn't use it in court.
He didn't need to.

But you might be right
about her knowing the shooter.

Well, might help explain the
break-in at the Galbraith house.

Here, go and have a look and see
who she was mixing with.

So I checked if Logan Creggan
has any links to Galbraith.

It appears Creggan asked Galbraith
to represent him, a few years back.

He refused.

I don't know
why, or what the case was.

I thought he was the guy
who would help anybody.


Logan Creggan? I'm DI Perez, do
you mind if I have a word

with your boy?

What about? This about Galbraith?

Why do you say that? It's something
else happened in Shetland this week.

I believe you've got guns
in your house.

I just cleaned it.

A habit I picked up in the Forces.

How long did you serve? Ten years.

Oh, you'll be the Crime Voyager.

You asked Alex Galbraith
to represent you in a case

a while back.
What was that about?

It's private.

Not any more.

I got a letter from the
Service Prosecuting Authority saying

I was being investigated by IHAT.

Historic Allegations Team?

In relation to what? It didn't
share that information.

And then they dropped the charges.

Well, he must have had some idea.

Probably the mistreatment
of detainees in Iraq.

People were coming
out of the woodwork,

claiming they were tortured, looking
for compensation.

Couldn't wait to crucify
people like me.

Are you saying stuff
like that didn't happen?


Just not by me.

But Alex Galbraith
wouldn't represent you?

I had known Alex
since we were teenagers.

And we were pretty close for a time.

Everyone deserves a defence,

no matter their crime -
that's what he always said.

Turns out, he meant everyone
except me.

Did that annoy you?

Not enough to shoot him.

Where were you yesterday morning
about 11?

I was setting rabbit traps.

Your wife back you up?

We're separated.

She's on the mainland, Golspie.

You'll just have to take
my word for it.

Mind if I have a quick word
with Fraser?

Is that Leopold and Loeb?

You've heard of them?


Didn't they believe in nature's
concept of Ubermenschen,

and that they were above the moral
authority of ordinary people,

and then they killed a 14-year-old
boy to prove it?

Bit more to it than that. Is there?

Yeah, it's a pity that they
left a pair of glasses

at the crime scene.

Not very Ubermenschen, that,
was it?

As far as I can see, they
were a couple of sick bastards.

Fraser, on your website, you've
posted photographs

of police officers working on the
Galbraith case.

You can't do that.

It's an ongoing investigation,

and you have to stay out of it,

He will, I'll make sure of it.

Must be exciting for you.

Having a perfect murder to solve.

Who said it was perfect?

From what the neighbours say, Linda
had a regular visitor who they think

looked a bit shifty. I've asked drug
enforcement if she's on their radar.


Get in touch with the service
prosecuting authority.

Logan Creggan was under
investigation and I want

to know the details.

Also, he doesn't have an alibi.

And it's just possible that Eve's
position on war crimes

has just opened up some old wounds.

And talk to Fraser's teachers,
as well. Get some background on him.

I don't have time.

Why don't you get a uniform
over there? Just take a look.

It's on the road to Hellister.
What's on the road to Hellister?

A break-in.

That's not far from
Galbraith's house.

What was taken? A drone.

I thought it was just a door
banging that I'd left open.

No. Looks like somebody forced it.

What does your husband
use the drone for? Photography.

It's his hobby.

And when did he last use it?

Yesterday morning. He was out
flying up and down the coast.

So he would have passed
over the Galbraith house?

I would think so.

Is he around?
I'd like to have a quick word.

He's at work.

He mentioned seeing anything?

If he had, I think he would
have said.

Is that blood?

Sandy, can you get
a sample of that?

Of course. Do you have a
contact number for him?

I'd really like to speak to him.

That might be difficult.

He's doing maintenance
on a Ninian pipeline.


Are you feeling OK?

Are you up for this?
Of course, why are you asking?

I'm just making sure
you're in the right frame of mind.

You seemed a bit on edge last night.

No, it was just a domestic, eh.


OK, Eamon, the dive depth will be
200 metres. You guys

happy with everything?

Listen, it's possible that this guy
Eamon Gauldie

has inadvertently filmed
the killer leaving the crime scene,

and that's who's taken the drone.

If that's the case,
we need to find him. Yeah?

Thank you. Sure.

Gauldie has started his dive.

But I did a quick background check.

He was involved in a court
case a few years ago.


Don't tell me -

Galbraith defended him? No.

Galbraith represented the other guy.

Tell them to bring him back up.



Hang on, just slow down.

And you saw this just now?

Look, I will. I promise.

That was Kate.

The Chronicle have just published
crime-scene photographs

of her sister online.

These were never released
to the public.

How the hell did they get
hold of them?

Somebody must have hacked
into our system and downloaded them.

Billy, get MacBay in here now.

Where did you get these images?

They were posted through the front
door of the office.

No stamp.

Probably someone sympathetic
to the Kilmuir family.


Somebody looking to pour fuel
on the fire over Donna's release and

you were just happy to oblige.

It's in the public interest.

No, it's heartless.

These are police property
and you're going to take them

down and you're going to do it now.


These have been printed out
on a computer - scanned, maybe.

Check if the originals are still
with Cora at the mortuary.

And then get on to the Digital
Investigation Team in Aberdeen.

If they were downloaded, we need
be able to trace who by.

No, they're snowed under.

It'll be weeks before they
get to us.

Donnie could do it.

It's what he does - he's half man,
half laptop.

Might speed things up.

OK. Check that everything's above

because if we need to use anything
that he discovers, we cannae

risk it being thrown out. And I
don't know if this is significant,

but Fraser Creggan once hacked
into his school computer system -

you know, got himself expelled.
And he's smart enough not

to put them up on his own website.


Hi, Molly.

I suppose you've heard that
photographs of Molly's aunt

were posted online.

They were copied and left
at the Chronicle, but someone hacked

into our system to get them
in the first place.

I can't help you. OK.

Where were you yesterday
before you went

up to the Galbraith place?

With me.

We were here together.

OK. Fraser, I'm going to have
to confiscate your desktop,

your smartphone and any other
devices you have. You can have them

back once we've run a check
on them.

Didn't do anything!

My boy had nothing to do
with Galbraith's death.

I never said he did.

No, but it's what you think.

What I think is that he's fascinated
by people who do bad things.

But you'd have a much better
idea why that is than me.

Take a look at this desktop - see
if the owner hacked into our system.

Also, we've got some images
of Lizzie Kilmuir.

Is it possible to find out which

they were printed or scanned

Yeah. Er, I'll see what I can do.

And the main office is off limits.

Oh, yeah, that's not a problem.

Come on, let's get our stuff

They've said we can go home.

I can't go back to that house.

We don't have a choice, darling.

Where else will we go?

It's not safe.

There'll be security all
around the house.

We will be the safest people
in Shetland. I'm not going back.

What the hell are you playing at,
huh? Where did you get that?

Molly gave me it.

You need to stop posting this shit!

You're just attracting attention
to yourself.

They think you're a fucking weirdo.

I'm a weirdo?

It's not me screaming and crying
in his sleep, drinking

himself to death.

I love you, boy!

But you ever speak to me like that
again and I'll... What?

I just...don't want them accusing
you of something you haven't done.

They're bringing him back up.

Problem? Not sure.

They'll be needing fed, though.

Grub's up.

Hi. Is everything OK?

I'm sorry, Jimmy.

She won't go home.

She's in the bathroom.

She won't talk.

Oh, um...

OK, I'll-I'll give it a go.


Hey, Merran, it's Jimmy Perez.

Your mum says that you... don't want to go home.

Is that right?

You know, I really don't blame

Because when you lose somebody

who's that close to you and you


It's like the world just stopped.

It's exhausting.

Because nobody gets it.

Not really.

You've just got to try and keep on

regardless of how hard it is,

honestly, there's
nothing else to be done.

When are we going to get a DNA hit
on the blood from the garage?

That'll be a couple of days.

I'll chase it.

Drug enforcement
have got nothing on Lynda.


Gauldie - he's going
to be in a decompression chamber

for a few days.
Nothing we can do about that.

You want me to call the dive boat,
see if we can talk to him?

Do it.

We can't accept calls from onshore.

Tell them we'll divert the call
from the bridge.

OK, but we need
time to isolate him first.


What's the rush?

Can they not wait till
he's out of his chamber?

Just waiting on the dive boat
getting back to us.

Could be a while.
And they say he'll sound like a

chipmunk when we do talk to him.
Jesus, Billy, I don't care what he

sounds like, we just need to speak
to him!

You should go home. Check
on your dad - you've got time.

You're sitting in the dark, Dad.

Broadsword to Danny Boy.

Where Eagles Dare.

It was her favourite.

We saw it when it first came out.

She loved Richard Burton. Ha.

Must have seen it three
or four times.


You had a wee bit of competition

I loved her with my very soul.

I couldn't remember her name today.

It's OK, Dad.

It'll be OK.

Eamon, Shetland Police want
to talk to you.

Can you move into chamber two,
so you can take the call in private?

We've got that call coming
in for you, Eamon.

Are you OK to talk?

Argh, argh!


What the fuck's happening?

We're losing pressure.
Check the gases.



We're losing pressure, Eamon.

Go and isolate the internal valve.

Agh, agh, agh!

Aargh! Aargh!

Now, do it now!



Use more gas, maintain the depth.

I can't secure the valve. Well, get
out there and find the leak.


Medic and all off-shift life support

to Sat control immediately.


Isolate the internal valve!

You need to isolate
the internal valve!





Argh, argh!