Shetland (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Episode #3.5 - full transcript

A traumatized Tosh is dumped, shoe-less and hooded, on the edge of the city as a 'warning' to Jimmy, returning to Shetland along with Asha, who resumes her relationship with Jimmy and tells Freya that Michael was about to reveal to her his true identity. The body of Michael's killer is washed up on a beach but McCall, now on bail, claims no knowledge of how it got there. Aware that the club Level 9 is of significance to the enquiry the Shetland officers discover that ten years earlier Michael was working there and had taken prostitute Kelly Paterson to hospital after she had been raped. Jimmy traces Kelly, who explains that, whilst Michael had always been good to her, club owner McCall had paid her to keep quiet and not tell the police as her rapist was a man with influential connections.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The gunman was late dropping off the car.
'He missed the boat.' LOUD THUD, MAN GRUNTS
They're calling again.
I'm going to need the name of Robbie's partner.
See, you and me, we haven't even got started yet!
'Whatever Michael Thompson was going to tell them,'
it was bigger than just Arthur McCall.
- MICHAEL: - 'Level Nine... Burn...'
Please, get them talk to me.
I'll meet Freya, but, er, not here. Shetland.
My work is not to everybody's taste.
That club - Level Nine? It was owned and run by one of McCall's men.
- ALL: Cheers! - Who's that? - Calvin Sarwar.
Your client would like me to...?
Refocus your investigation.
I think something happened in Level Nine on Burns Night.
- OVER TANNOY: - 'This flight has been delayed.' - Is it a two-pint delay?
She definitely had a ticket. She just didn't get on the flight.
Jimmy! It's Tosh! She just walked into
a police station in Cambuslang.
She's fine, Jimmy.
She's fine, OK?
Apparently, they put a hood over her head,
drove her to the edge of the city
and left her to walk back without her shoes.
Other than that, she's not been hurt.
She wanted to wait on a doctor till you got here.
Right, well, then, let's get you seen to, then?
- Right. You got any preference as to A&E departments? - No.
No, I mean no, not a hospital.
He said I was a message you couldn't ignore.
How do you like to be called?
Is Alison OK?
Do you want to talk to a police officer, Alison?
We're not the police, we're independent,
- but if you want to talk to someone... - No.
No police.
But you would like us to gather evidence, is that right?
Would you like somebody with you while we do this, Alison?
Are you there?
Yeah, I'm here.
Have you washed since the event, Alison?
- Have you brushed your teeth? - No.
- Did you vomit? - Yes.
Are you aware of any injuries?
I didn't fight.
I just did what he said.
Yeah, I know they say flight or fight,
but sometimes, your body just closes down.
And there are some injuries here.
You're just not always aware at the time.
Are you sure she's all right?
(I mean, if I'd been bundled intae a car
(and a bag stuck over my head
(and dropped outside the city without any shoes on,
(I don't think I'd be straight back to work.)
You're looking all right.
I AM all right.
- What about you? - Oh, you know.
But fine.
From the Guizer Jarl and the Jarl Squad.
We're not the only ones glad to have her home safe and sound.
OK. So, what have we got on this Burns Night attack at Level Nine?
Maybe the reporting officer just forgot
- to put the complainant's name down? - And their own?
No. Someone's covering something
and we're definitely looking in the right place
- or they wouldn't have bothered trying to warn us off. - Sandy...
check the hospitals, maybe our victim needed medical attention.
And see if you can find out
who the police surgeon at Gallowgate was at the time.
Now, either that report was filed incomplete
or it was tampered with after. Whichever way it happened,
we need to know who was working out of Gallowgate at the time.
- Yeah. - Also, pull everything you can find about Level Nine -
company directors, trading history, accounts, payroll -
whatever you can find.
Right, Tosh?
We should go through your statement.
Do you want to do this somewhere else?
At the airport bar, what did you drink?
How many?
- Who paid? - Him.
Then me, then him again.
And did he pay by card or by cash?
A visa.
And then?
They announced another delay to the flight.
He said he knew a good bar.
He said we should take a cab.
When we got outside, there was one waiting.
A black saloon.
You still can't remember the make?
After a couple of minutes, I thought we were going the wrong way,
so I turned to look out of the window.
He must've had the hood in his pocket.
Did he say anything?
You know...
The names women always get called.
Do you know how far you drove?
We could've been going in circles!
I couldn't see.
Right, when you got to the place...
could you hear anything?
Nothing like a road, or a railway,
- or planes...? - Myself!
I could hear myself...
See, if you don't want anybody knowing about what really happened,
like Sandy or Billy...
..that's your call.
It's fine.
But I just...
I find it hard,
when I hear you talking like you've got anything to be ashamed of.
I didn't see it coming.
I didn't see the signs.
I walked straight into it!
- How stupid does that make me?! - No, no!
This is not about anything you did or didn't do!
Well, what?
- What, this is your fault? How is it your fault? - How's it not?
I'm police.
I'm trained.
- I should've known better. - Tosh! HE did this.
- It's not you. - Yeah!
But I made it easier for him!
You should get that.
I'll see you back at the office.
- 'Boyd.' - Boss? The CCTV footage from the airport's just come in.
- They're sending it through to both of us now. - OK.
- Er, where are you now? - 'Er, Level Nine.'
We've pulled DNA and fingerprints
off the stuff of Tosh's they left behind.
I'll let you know if I hear anything from the lab.
- 'Anything else you want me to chase in the meantime?' - Um, yeah.
The airport bar.
A couple of bar bills settled
'with a visa card. Two beers, twice.'
OK. Er, what about the car?
'Still a blank on the make.'
Hold on.
'Are you still there, Boss?'
He's never to camera.
He knew we'd be looking.
How we all doing?
I've spoken to Gallowgate.
They upgraded their computer system a few years back.
Apparently, lots of data was lost in the process,
including who was working out of the station
at the time that report was filed.
What about the hospitals?
Oh, it's a pretty depressing array of possible Burns Night assaults.
- But there is one of them. - What?
Just the patient gave a name, but there's a note that says
that, when they came to check it, it didn't match any NHS number.
- So, what is it, a fake name? - It looks that way, yeah.
- Well, what else does it say? - Female. 19 years.
"Broken wrist, fractured cheekbone,
"damage to the posterior fourchette..."
- whatever that is. - That's a sexual assault.
It's a rape.
Get back on to the hospital
- and see if you can dig up anything else, anything else at all. - OK
I'm not all right.
I know I'm not all right, but...
when I'm here, when I'm working, I can think straight, I can...
The thing is...
..I feel like myself again when I'm here.
I can see why you would take me off this case.
But, please...
please don't.
If that ever changes...
..or if I ever feel you shouldn't be here...
then we're going to have to talk again, OK?
..we'll find him.
The woman was tested for STIs and HIV.
She was of no fixed abode, but she asked for the results
to be sent to the person who'd brought her in. Michael Thompson.
- So, this data loss at Gallowgate? - Mm-hm?
Cock-up or conspiracy?
I don't know.
And what about Michael's handler - Asha Israni?
Can she cast any light on it?
- I'll...I'll get onto that. - OK.
I'll see you.
- DS Boyd. - 'Boss.'
We traced the Visa card he used at the airport bar. Stolen.
'So was the car. We caught it on CCTV leaving the car park.'
This wisnae opportunism, this was planned.
OK. Thanks for letting me know.
Oh, hello.
Er, sorry. Sorry, I didn't realise you'd landed already.
- Oh, we...we landed early. Good tailwind, apparently. - Good.
- Shall we go? - Sure.
Freya's going to come to the hotel.
She didn't feel comfortable meeting at her house.
Makes sense.
So, Michael never alluded to this incident
in any of your conversations?
- Nothing about a young woman that he might've helped or, or hurt? - No.
- Not even a hint? - Look, he didn't even tell me that he had a son.
What makes you think he would have confided in me about this?
My job was to prepare him for his future, not rake through his past.
Yeah, all right, but I mean, you built a relationship with him.
You earned his trust, you knew him.
- So what, you want me to guess what his connection to her was? - No!
You're the expert. I'm inviting you to give an opinion.
OK, well, in my "expert opinion",
his relationship with her was probably professional.
Michael once told me that he wasn't leaving a personal life behind,
because, after working for Arthur McCall for two decades,
he didn't really have one.
Look, er...
Maybe, when you're through, we could...
I don't know...
Have a drink?
I don't think that would be a good idea.
- Tosh? - 'Sir.'
I've been on to Gallowgate. I requested more information -
who authorised the upgrade, who implemented it,
whether any other data was lost.
'I also requested any old notebooks or duty rosters -
- 'figured we could find our reporting officer that way.' - And?
They say they can't spare anyone to look.
I can't tell if it's a smokescreen
- or if they're just genuine arseholes. - 'All right, well...'
If Michael Thompson was Arthur's muscle,
'then was he at Level Nine on that night?'
If Arthur McCall had a stake in the club, was Michael working there?
Billy's pulled the company records on Level Nine.
Want me to see what I can dig up?
Why not? And leave Gallowgate with me.
No, they're claiming that an IT disaster ate their digital records.
'And they don't have the manpower to follow a paper trail.'
Well, maybe they just don't.
They might if the request came from a Senior Fiscal.
Right, well, are you sure there's a connection between this incident
- 'and the murder of Michael Thompson?' - At the moment?
It's the best lead we've got!
OK. OK. I'll get straight onto it.
- Bye. - 'Bye.'
Everything all right?
..we've realised, if we want to be together,
then one of us is going have to give up an awful lot.
We're negotiating at the moment as to...
which one of us that's going to be.
You saying you might be leaving?
She's got the bigger job and the new grandchild...
I'm not sure what I've got to set against that, so...
And I do miss her.
All the time.
Something's come up and we'll need to meet.
Oh, Boss?
Just had a call from the Norwegian coastguard.
Apparently, a trawler radioed in to say they'd ran into some wreckage.
It's spread over a wide area,
but they think it looks like the remains of a small boat.
It could be our man.
- I told them to keep us posted. - OK. Thanks, Billy.
Sandy, you making any progress with Michael Thompson's file?
Still ploughing through!
I couldn't find a record of Michael Thompson ever having worked
at Level Nine, but look who ran their door security.
Do you know a man called Arthur McCall?
- Should I? - He had a stake in a club called Level Nine
and you used to work there.
I worked in a lot of places.
You know, the thing about having a connection to Arthur McCall is...
it's going to make it a hell of a sight easier for us
to start tracing that debt of Craig Cooper's that you sold on.
Do you know the maximum sentence for supplying Class A drugs?
I mean, to be honest, I don't think you've got
- that many years left in you. HE SNORTS: - Sod off!
A wee bit of cooperation now
might soften attitudes somewhere down the line.
Burns Night, ten years ago, there was an assault at the club.
A rape. Do you remember that?
Do you remember what happened?
That it was dealt with.
- How? - She got took to the hospital.
I imagine...
he ended up there, too.
Not the sort of behaviour Arthur...tolerated.
Do you remember her name?
No, just...
some tart who did casual bar work.
What about him? HE SNORTS
They all look the same to me, those boys.
and full of come.
Just like her.
This is her. I PNC-checked everyone on the Level Nine payroll.
Kelly Paterson. Occasional barmaid.
In 2005, she'd have been 19 years old, plus...
Convictions for soliciting.
- Tosh, he's, er... - Kelly Paterson!
It's her, sir.
I know it is.
Hello, this is Detective Sergeant McIntosh.
- I'm looking for a Kelly Paterson. - ..Is there a Kelly Paterson...?
- ..Your household with the surname Paterson? - ..Kelly Paterson?
..Looking to trace a Kelly Paterson...
- ..A club called Level Nine in the East End of Glasgow... - I see.
..Detective Inspector Perez from the Shetland Police. We're trying
to trace a Kelly Paterson... LINE DISCONNECTS
'I'm sorry, but the person you have called is not available.
'Please call back later or leave a message...'
No, but thank you anyway.
If you don't make the Glasgow flight,
there is one to Edinburgh just after.
- Call me? - CHILDREN'S VOICES: 'Alexander!
- 'Phone for you!' - The kids have changed my ring tone!
OK, we'll be right there.
- 'Alexander! Phone for you!' - Nearly there.
'Alexander! Phone for you!'
Factory settings! Seriously!
You cannot have the fairies calling you at work!
A new identity, a new life?
Never seeing my family or my friends again?
Well, what kind of future is that?
You could've said no.
Where were you going to send him anyway?
Canada. Montreal.
For a man who hated maple syrup and snow?
Did Michael speak French?
- Yeah. - I don't.
- Well, maybe he thought you could learn. - Oh, my God, the arrogance!
He didn't take it for granted that you'd say yes.
- He wa... He was scared. - I... Not him, YOU!
You people!
Is it even possible to walk out of a life and never look back?
You know, Freya, people come to Witness Protection
for different reasons.
Some are just unlucky.
They look out of the wrong window at the wrong time
and they see something they can't unsee, but...
for someone like Michael, it was the only way out of a life he...
he no longer wanted.
Look, I know you have questions, but you have to understand that,
even if I know the answers, I may not be able to share them.
Look, I have got you something that I can share.
Michael wanted to come clean to you about who he was,
the things he did before he met you.
He knew that it might mean losing you,
but he wanted to do it anyway.
He said there was no future without honesty.
His charge sheet.
This is what he'd have told you if he'd been here.
I'm glad he found his way out of that world.
I'm glad he found me.
I'm sorry that we lost him for you.
Me too.
- Yeah? - I'm Detective Inspector Perez.
Is Kelly around?
You haven't missed her by much.
She only went this morning.
Do you know where?
We're more flatmates than friends.
I mean, she got some phone call that freaked her out
and she just took off.
I was thinking bailiffs, but...
Is she in trouble with the law?
No, I just want to talk to her. MOBILE PHONE VIBRATES
Can you think of anyone Kelly might've gone stay with?
- Like family or friends or...? - Sorry.
I mean, like I said, we don't have much to do with each other.
I mean, when I'm working nights, I barely see her.
I'm a nurse.
And what about Kelly?
- What does she do? - Bar work.
But she's between jobs at the moment.
You know, there was one thing.
She was packing stuff into a bag before she left.
I'm pretty sure I saw her passport.
See, if you see her, or if she calls...
..could you ask her to call me on that number?
And will you please tell her that she's not in any trouble?
I just want to talk to her, OK?
'I'm sorry I missed your call. Everything OK?'
Listen, a body's just been brought in by a fishing boat.
'Sandy's ID'd him as the guy from Scalloway.'
- What, the gunman? - 'Billy's informing the relevant authorities,'
but I figure we should keep a blackout on this
till we have a name, if only for Freya Galdie's sake.
We're transferring him to the Mainland now for postmortem.
That's if he doesn't burst before they get him into the car.
Speak to you later.
He's a man paid to do other people's violence!
I'm supposed to feel sentimental about his carcass?!
In Shetland, you called me an expensive errand boy.
Well, that's not all I am. And some of the things I am
are sitting less easily with me than they used to.
- Why, what's changed? - Arthur McCall has changed.
He was always motivated by one thing and one thing only - greed.
Whatever he did was done in the pursuit of profit.
There was a rationale to that. A logic.
Not any more.
Why? What's different?
There's a generation coming up behind him.
A new breed.
Perhaps he can feel his power waning or...
maybe it's less emotional and more neurological.
I'm sure I could get medical testimony to that effect
the next time he's in court.
Either way, he's not a safe person to know any more.
You telling me you're scared?
I'm telling you, he is no longer a client I want to represent.
Neither is he a client I can afford to offend.
So, you're saying that, if he was to end up going to prison...
..then that would solve your problems?
OK, then give me something that'll help.
I heard what happened to your colleague.
I'm sorry.
You're trying to find a match for the perpetrator's DNA.
You won't.
No, that doesn't makes sense.
He wasn't clean.
- He knew what he was about. He's got a history... - Hold that thought.
Work with it.
Eddie Kerr's missus was just on the phone.
Says he had a job up north.
Due home a couple of days ago.
Hasn't shown up.
She seems to think you might know something about it.
Eddie Kerr?
I haven't seen him in months.
- I'm glad you came by. I was just gonnae call you there. - Uh-huh?
The DNA results are back. Not a match for anybody on the database.
We're still waiting on the prints, though.
Aye, well, they'll be the same, because this guy's not on our...
Tommy, does Arthur McCall have connections outside of Scotland?
Oh, aye. Holland, Estonia, Bulgaria.
Aye. Tosh didn't mention the guy having any kind of accent, though.
Could be one of ours who's been abroad for a while.
They use them in one country and keep them clean in another.
What, a foreign exchange programme?
You ask the Bulgarian police!
Hi, er...
I-I wondered if I could still take you up on that drink?
- 'If, if you haven't changed your mind.' - No.
No, I haven't changed MY mind.
'I've got something to do in the office,
'but I could probably be over at your hotel in about an hour?'
OK, I'll, er... I'll see you then.
Hey, Tosh? Listen, could I ask you a question?
The DNA that we got from your things in Level Nine... the same as the DNA they got in the SARC at Sandyford.
Now, it didn't match anything on our records,
but it showed up on a database in Eastern Europe.
A couple of violent crimes. Both of them are still unsolved.
So, would you be OK to look at some photographs of potential suspects?
It's OK.
Right, so...
How did you end up in Scotland?
I came to university in Glasgow, met someone and then stayed.
Yeah, my daughter's working on a variation of that.
Hers involves following the guy to Brazil.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
How about you?
Why Shetland?
Well, I'm from Fair Isle.
So, for me, it was just a matter of coming home, really.
- After your wife died? - Uh-huh.
Fair Isle. Isn't that, like,
where there's a million sheep and no people?
- There's...there's 70 people. - Ah. - And some sheep.
There's a lot of birds.
And it's very beautiful.
There's actually...
It's about 20 miles that way. You can see it when it's clear.
Listen, um, I'm sorry about the way I was earlier.
I've been doing this job for a long time now and...
some things get harder to live with.
But it wasn't your fault.
Look, what I said to Freya, when I told Freya,
er, I...really didn't think what that would mean for you.
So, I'M sorry.
Well, I'm not your responsibility. You...
You know you did the right thing by asking me to come
and that's all that matters.
Well, how'd it go?
Yeah, OK. I-I think she felt better.
- And what about you? - Oh...
Why'd you leave me in Glasgow?
Mmm? I just woke up and you were gone.
Well, I didn't want to outstay my welcome.
Yeah, well... I'm the one with the room this time.
So, you can stay as long as you like.
You were back early last night.
Ahem, only my sources told me
that you were in the bar at the Lighthouse Hotel
with what looked to them very much like a date.
I thought you'd be staying out.
Or maybe bringing home a little company.
Oh, Jesus Christ, man! Once in a while, throw me a bone, eh?
What is it, Duncan?! What is it that you want to know?
I just want to know you're all right.
How're you doing?
All right.
We'll get them.
Kidnap and false imprisonment? They're looking at years.
But so am I, though, aren't I?
I know justice is what everyone wants.
But I don't want to be stuck where I am now.
And, if it went to trial, I would be.
Like you said...
It's not about what everyone else wants, though, is it?
It's about what you need.
What if he does it again?
Tosh, you are not answerable for what he does. He is.
He's your attacker.
He's not your responsibility.
I'm around, you know, if you want to talk.
Thank you.
You've just had another delivery.
This one looks more promising than flowers.
So, this thing at work you cannae tell me about,
did you at least tell Asha
that's why you were passing up her invitation?
Look, I-I... I didn't want to make excuses,
so I just told her it wisnae a good time.
Jimmy, if you don't tell her,
she's going to jump to the obvious conclusion.
What's the obvious conclusion?
Oh... Dear God!
I can guarantee you, that at this moment in time,
she's thinking she got turned down because either you're not attracted
to her, or because you're not ready to move on from the dead wife.
My guess is, she's thinking it's the dead wife.
Christ, I thought it was Fran until you told me otherwise.
Look, I...I know I'm not in a position to lecture,
but there are some things it's just better to come clean about.
Who do you think you are,
sending me presents?
Sending me pictures?
Who do you think you are to draw me?
You don't know me!
- I... - I don't want you to draw me!
I don't want you to look at me.
I never said you could do that.
Erm, there's, er...
a seat you can...
you can sit.
Can I talk to you for a second?
Er...yeah, sure.
Come here.
Look, something, something happened.
Very recently at work and it's not my story, I'm just a...
bystander. But it's...
It's about how men are with women and I've been struggling with it.
I'm struggling with it.
And I don't want it to intrude.
And so, that's what last night was about and not about anything else.
And... And not you...and really, really not about you.
I'm sorry I didn't say anything but I've got
so used to not sharing things.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Will I see you soon?
I'll call you.
God, how can you stand it?
You know what I mean? There's nothing to focus on.
It's just horizon.
There's been a rumour about a guy shot in Shetland...
Mick Thompson.
Is that the murder you're investigating?
Yes, It's one of them.
And the only other person I've heard refer to him
as a man called Arthur McCall.
That's, um...tea.
And, um...
I'll be in there.
I'd seen him around but I didn't know him.
He was in this big group.
He was good-looking, you know?
It was Burns Night, I wasn't working, I was just ...
I was just out to please myself.
We started messing about and we ended up outside, round the back.
But he was flying on something and he started to get rough,
so I said I wanted to stop, that I wanted go back inside.
And he...
He did what he did.
He raped you.
You went to the police but then you decided to drop the charges...
A couple of guys from the club came to the station.
Mick, you know, and another guy, Calvin.
They said Arthur didn't want to give the cops an excuse to poke around.
They said they'd look after me
and they'd take care of the guy that did it.
I was a user.
I had a history of selling sex.
My injuries could have come from a violent punter.
I mean, the cop's weren't going to take it anywhere, anyway.
Well, then, why go to them in the first place?
I didn't have many choices back then.
Needle or smoke.
Tea or coffee.
Who I said, "no" to.
I said "no" to him
and he broke my bones and he hurt me.
What about Michael Thompson?
He was good to me.
Not just then but...
for a long time after.
He looked out for me.
And he treated me the way he thought I should treat myself.
With consideration.
And I do now.
I just wish I'd been able to show him that.
Can you remember the names
of any of the police officers that you spoke to?
And the name of the man who assaulted you?
He was a student.
They called him "BB". You know, like the air gun.
Those were his initials.
Ben Brennan.
They should only take me a couple of hours to sort out.
Thanks, Billy, you're a life-saver.
Aye, that's me!
- Rhona? - Yeah?
Phyllis's son.
- Yes. Did he go to university in Glasgow? - Yeah. Why?
trying to figure something out.
So, Phyllis Brenan's son...
..commits a rape...
..and Arthur McCall...
..makes it go away.
That's big.
That's bigger than just Arthur McCall.
- So, what does Arthur ask for in return? - Everything.
I mean, ten years on and he's still a free man, isn't he?
Then we should get the paperwork on McCall
and we should...
I don't know.
I mean, do you ever think what it must be like to have
something like that happen to you and for there to be no redress?
Things have changed since then. We'd handle it different now.
Right, so you think that if Kelly was to walk in here tomorrow
with the same story, that we'd get a conviction?
And that she wouldnae be asked on the stand what she was wearing
and how many sexual partners she'd had?
We should be doing better by them.
Is she around?
- No, she's gone for the day. I could call her... - No.
Billy, I'm moving out of my flat for a bit.
I'm going to be staying with my friends Beth
and Roz for a while. I'll give you the details.
The thing is...
It wasn't just the car..
..and the hood over my head
in Glasgow.
There was more. You know?
You know.
Could you please tell Sandy for me? I want him to know...
Aye, aye, I'll tell him.
I would like to give you a hug. Would that be allowed?
Hey, lady, you call the shots round here.
No, this doesn't make sense. It's just that there is not enough.
But McCall has dodged prison again and again!
Yeah, because he's got a good lawyer.
If Michael Thompson hadn't been shot,
McCall was looking at life in prison.
Every time that he's investigated, he suffers, his business suffers.
Think about it. If you had a Senior Fiscal in your pocket,
then wouldn't you expect better protection than this?
'What if it's not McCall
'who's been benefitting from Phyllis Brenan's protection?
'But if not McCall...
'..then who?