Shetland (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Episode #7.1 - full transcript

DI Perez investigates the disappearance of a vulnerable young man, whose family are new to Shetland.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This programme contains
some strong language

How's Cassie?

She said in the last call we had

that she was moving
in with Alex?

Yeah, seems to be going OK.

Ah, good.

He's a nice bloke, eh? Yeah.

I've been thinking,
when I get erm...

..released, from here...

..I'm not going to
come back to Shetland.

Why's that?

Oh, come on, Jimmy,
there's plenty

who think I let Donna
Killick off the hook.

Are you going to eat
that Toffee Crisp?

Cos if you're not,
I'm going to have it.

These are like gold
bullion in here.

What time's the tribunal?


Don't feel bad about
the suspension,

I've been fine.

And if nothing else,
it gave me time

to spend with my
dad, before he died.

I wish I could've
made the funeral.

Couldn't be helped.

What are you going to do,
if you cannae be a cop?

I havenae really
thought about it.

That's a big lie.

You've thought about
nothing but that.

This committee has
been instructed

to review the findings of
the police investigation

and Reviews Commissioner

into the death of Donna Killick.

We must decide whether a
charge of misconduct holds.

Is there anything you would like

to add in your defence
before we reach our decision?

I'm a police officer.

It's the only thing
I've ever done,

it's the only thing
I've ever wanted to do.

And I really don't want
to jeopardise my chances

of being cleared here today...

..but I have to say this.

Donna killick was dying...

..and she wanted
to punish people,

in particular,
Duncan Hunter and me.

Now, she manipulated
Duncan Hunter

into committing a crime.

And then she tried
to ruin my career

through false accusations.

And with all due respect,

that was self-evident to anyone

who actually knew her.

The fact I'm sitting
here today is a,

is a victory for her...

..and no-one else.

We had no choice but to ask why

Donna Killick made
these accusations

and you know that very well.

We will now retire,
weigh up the evidence

and reach our findings.

We'll let you know
our decision, shortly.

Come on, Connor, hurry up,
we're going to miss the ferry.

All right, Sis. Get on, then.

Oh, oh.

Right, come on.


I'll see you later, at
your "book launch!".

Enjoy your swim.


Connor not coming?

He said he was.

Oh, I'll have to
start without him.

OK, everyone, welcome
to the Kelpie Swim Club.

For those of you who haven't
been before, like Alison here,

the first rule of
wild swim club is...

Never talk about wild swim club?


Very funny, Ally.

But seriously,
nobody swims alone.

So, grab yourselves a partner
if you haven't already, OK?

Leave a message and
I'll get back to you.

Hi, Connor, it's me, I'm at
the swim. Are you coming?

OK. Bye.

Hi. Hi.

Will you partner with me?


I'm a bit nervous,
first time and all that.

Of course, of
course, no worries.


Don't worry about keeping up
with them, they're hardcore.

You doing all right?

I'm good.

Bloody cold, though, eh?


Shit. Bryd, my leg. Alison?

I cannot feel my leg.

I can't... It's OK, it's OK.

Just stop, just grab my arm.

I can't. Oh. Help. We
need help over here!


Are you OK?

I've got you.
Alison, are you OK?

Thank God, Connor.


we have reached the conclusion
that there is no evidence

of misconduct against you.

You are free to return to

operational duties
with immediate effect.

Congratulations, DI Perez.

The right decision.

I look forward to working with
you till the Fiscal returns.


..I feel like such a fool.

Don't be daft, Alison, it
could happen to any of us.

Don't let it put you off.

Cold water exposure is
actually really good for you.

It's made a big
difference to me.

Certainly got the endorphins
going, that's for sure.

You'd better get ready for
your book launch, Connor.

Aw, thanks, Connor,
it looks amazing.

Thank you.

My pleasure, thanks.

There you go, thanks.


Ladies and gentlemen, if I could

have your attention, please.

Thank you all for
coming along to

the launch of The Wulver,

a new graphic novel
by Connor Cairns.

It's a story steeped in Shetland

myths and legends,
with a fair bit

of gore thrown in
for good measure.

But erm, Connor is...

..a great talent,
a boy from Glasgow

whose love for
Shetland comes across

in every page of this novel.

I expect great
things from Connor.

I know he won't let me down.

Congratulations, Connor.

Aw, congratulations,
my wonderful boy.

Thank you, Jamie. Aye.

Well done, bro. Cheers.

Connor's dad not coming?

No, he's working. He
was desperate to come.

Well, enjoy your drinks and
when you're drunk enough,

come and buy a signed
copy of the book.

Thanks, guys.


I'm coming.


Erm, I just thought I'd
drop round a wee gift.

It's just to say
thanks for all the...

..all the help you gave
when my dad was ill.

You didn't need to do
that, it was my job.

Yeah, I know that but you didn't

need to spend as much
time with him as you did.

And anyway, it's nothing,

it's just a candle,
and a gift token.

I love a candle.

So how did the tribunal go?

It was today, yeah?

Yeah, I'm, I'm back
to work tomorrow.

That's great news.

You know, I know how
stressed you've been and...

Listen, shall we
go for that drink?


..I mean, I've, I've been
meaning to ask you for ages.

It's, it's just that, you know,
with everything that was going on.

No, I know you've had
a lot on your plate.

We could give that
fancy wine bar a go.


I'm proud of you, you know that.

It's not going to top the New York
Times bestseller list, though, is it?

That's not the point.

You did this, it's good.

OK, it's really good.

Will you sign my...? Oh.

Er, no, er...

..later, no problem.

What's up with him?

Has he never seen
anyone kissing before?

Look, I'm going to sneak out.

Cos I want to do a bit of drawing
before the sun goes down, so...

Well, I thought we could talk.

We need to talk.

Right, later.

At your place.


The land is beginning to die,

and the soil grows cold.

So the Earth continues
its descent into night

and we mourn the
days drawing shorter.

Six months of light,
and six months of dark.

The Earth goes to sleep,
and later wakes again.

Oh, dark mother...

..we honour you this night...

..and dance in your shadows.

We embrace that which
is the darkness.

Without the night,
there is no day.

Without death, there is no life.

Great goddesses of the night...

..I thank you.

I am actually still
out of breath. Really?

I am so glad it's
not uphill any more.

Are you OK?

It's fine, it's fine.
You are so slow.

Shut up. Ooh.

Watch out, there's something
coming up behind us.


Get off the road! What?

Quick, Abbie!






..what were you doing
on the hills so late?

A ritual.

Lighting a candle,
that type of thing.

For the equinox.


And on the way
back, this vehicle

forced you off the road?

Yeah, no doubt about it,
it drove right at us.

You think it was deliberate?
Is that what you're saying?

Couldn't have been
anything else?

Come on, I'll take you home.

It's fine.

I'm good at the halls.

Dad, what are you doing?

I should've stopped.

I just hope those
girls are all right.

We never touched them.

I think we should go home.

You go if you want.

I'm staying.

How do you manage to look
sexy frying sausages, eh?

Years of practice!

Now, leave me alone, will you?

One of the guests might
think there's more on

the menu than just
black pudding.

Sorry I missed the book launch.

Oh, can't be helped.

Go and see if the
genius is up, will you?

He's supposed to be giving
me a hand this morning. Aye.

And you will give Abbie
a call, won't you?

She got a real fright
last night. Aye.

Two secs. Sorry, everyone.


He's not there.

He probably stayed with Bryd.

Will you call her?

Tell you what, I'll
change my shift,

give you a hand,
instead. How's that, huh?

I'll do it, then.

Here we go, folks,
sorry about the delay.


Hi, Bryd, it's Rachel.

Hi. Is Connor with you?

No, no, he was
supposed to come over

to my place last night,
but he never showed.

I tried calling him, but
he hasn't got back to...

He's not with her.

He'll pitch up,
hungover, no doubt.

It was his book
launch, after all.

You want to take that
chance, after what happened?

Rach, seriously,
just wait a wee bit.

Hey, Billy, what's up?
I'm just on my way in.

I've got a concern call
from a Rachel Cairns.

They're the folk that took over
the Noss View B&B on Bressay.

The son, Connor, he
hasn't returned home.

How old is he? He's 22.

Two sugar.

When was he last seen?
Yesterday evening.

A book launch at
the Harbour Bar.

Oh, there must be a
reason she's this worried?

If there is, she didn't say.

Although, I did notice their
daughter was involved in

an accident last night.
But nothing serious.


We need to swap.
It's OK. Don't worry.

All right, little girl, you
going to be good for Daddy?

Ohh. All right, there you are.


Hello. Good morning.

I thought you might need
this on your first day back.

Thank you very much.

So, do you fancy a
wee trip to Bressay?

I'll fill you in on the way.


So, how was the tribunal?



Just glad it's over.

I was worried you
weren't coming back.

Yep. Me, too.

How about you? You getting
ANY sleep these days?

Oh, couple of hours a night.

Why? Do I look knackered?

Considering you've
being acting DI

and you've got a newborn baby at
home, you look as fresh as daisy.

Oh, thanks!

I can tell when you're
lying, by the way.

I should probably work on that.

Last year, Connor tried
to take his own life.

It was an overdose.

Some girl he was keen on at
uni was messing him about.

But he's a different person now.

He's got a new girlfriend, Bryd.
She's been really good for him.

She's got him into
wild swimming.

Personally, I think we're
panicking over nothing.

So, where is he, Danny?

Erm, Bryd...?

She's a house parent at
the Moray Bridge Halls.

Your daughter was involved
in an accident last night,

is that right?

It was nothing, just
a reckless driver.

It wasn't nothing, Danny, she
could've been seriously hurt.

I meant it's nothing
to do with Connor.

OK. So, when was the last time
you actually spoke to him?

Last night. At the book
launch for his graphic novel.

Jamie is publishing it for him.

Jamie Narey? Yeah.

Yeah. And before that,
what was he doing?

In the morning, he
took his sister, Abbie,

to Lerwick on his scooter.

She stays at the halls during
the week, when she's at school.

And then, he went
to the wild swim,

and then, to the book launch.

So, he keeps busy, then. Yeah.

Is he on the Vulnerable
Persons Register?

No, we... we didn't do that

because he wasn't keen
on people knowing.

What about his is laptop?
Have you checked that?

For what? If you're looking for a
suicide note, there won't be one.

Oh, my God!

There might be an email explaining
where he's gone, that's all.

I don't have his
password. Sorry.

Could we have a look
around his room?

Yeah... yeah, this way.

The drawings are for
his graphic novel.

Is it a story about a
Wulver? Yeah, that's right.

Half-man, half-wolf.

You know the legends?

Yeah, well, my dad used
to tell them to me.


Look, we know he's vulnerable,

so if you give us his
mobile phone number,

and his social media accounts,
and a recent photograph,

then we can try
and track him down.

Thank you.

Erm, sorry, but I have to ask,

if we have to identify him,
in case of an accident,

does he have any
piercings, tattoos?

No, no.

But he does always
wear a gold signet ring

with the letter "C" on it,
that we gave him for his 18th.


What happened to your window?

Er, not sure. The wind, maybe.

It's brutal on this coast.

If you were going somewhere,

you'd take your laptop,
wouldn't you? You would.

His sister being run off the road
is a bit of a weird coincidence.

Did you notice the dad seems to
know a lot about police procedure?

I got the feeling that he
didn't want us involved.


Let's run a background
check on him.


Who's that? PC Lorna Burns.

She's been here a
couple of months.

About bloody time.
Where've you been?

God, are you still here?

Good to have you back,
sir. Thanks, Sandy.

Passenger manifests.

No-one by the name of Connor
Cairns on any of them.

Foot passenger? I'll check.

But there's no sign of the scooter
at either the port or the airport.

Or of him from the CCTV in
the town centre last night.

Oh, Sandy, can I see the report
from the accident that the sister

was involved in last night?

Yes, of course.

I was thinking, maybe I
should speak to Jamie Narey?

He was supposed to meet
Connor this morning.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

Look, let me sort this out and
I'll meet you at the Moray Halls,

and then we can talk
to the girlfriend.

Jamie? Hiya.

Can I have a quick word
about Connor Cairns?

Sure. I was just emailing him.

Well, as you know, his
family are concerned.

Erm, when was the last
time you heard from him?

I saw him at the
launch last night.

It's not great timing,
with his book coming out.

Hmm. Did he mention any plans?

No, but he mentioned an ex
on the mainland, recently.

Lynn, I think her name was.

Do you think he could've
gone to see her?


I'm lucky to work with him.

He's such a talent.

So, were you surprised when
Connor didn't show up last night?

Of course. It's not like him.

Did anything happen last night
that might've made him disappear?

Not really.

He said he wanted
to go and draw.

Sometimes he likes to
sleep out under the stars,

if he's had a fight with his dad,
or he wants to commune with nature.

Does he not get on with his dad?

Well, they argue a
bit, but nothing major.

Although, there was one thing
that happened last night.

Murry, from the library -
he was acting a little odd,

at the book launch.

That's all I can think of.

Is that Connor's wee
sister over there?

Yes. Do you mind if we
have a word with her?

No, of course. Thanks.

We just wanted to ask you a few
questions about your big brother.

Is that OK? Sure.

So, how's he been lately? Is
there anything worrying him?


Bryd was just saying that Connor
likes to sleep out sometimes.

Do you know where that is?

No, I don't. Sorry.

But he's got a
place that he likes.

His safe place, he calls it.

I don't think he likes
being in the B&B much.

Sometimes he says he'd rather
stay in the halls, with me.

Is that because of
trouble at home?

No. It's just a joke.

How's your wrist?

Hear you were involved
in an accident?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You know, if there was anything
that you wanted to tell us,

you can phone DS McIntosh
or me any time you like.

Nobody has to know.

All right, then.

You know he's dead, don't you?

Why would you say
a thing like that?

I feel it.

I don't know why, but I just do.

Right, and who might you be?

Just a friend.

Thanks for your help.

There's definitely something
not right about this.

You're not kidding. It's
like Salem in there.

We should head to the library.

No, I... no.

Er, I've got to go, I'll let
you know if I hear anything.

Sure. Absolutely.

Hi, Murry. I'm DS
McIntosh, this is DI Perez.

We're checking on the
whereabouts of Connor Cairns?

I've just heard. Has
nobody heard from him?

Er, not yet, no.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I-I'm just really worried that
something awful's happened to him.

I catastrophise
about everything.

How did the book launch
go, everything OK?

Oh, really well, I think.

Nothing odd happen?

No tension between
you and Connor?

Er, no.

Oh, that's his book there.

Oh, have it, please.

OK, well, thanks for your time.

If you do think of
anything, give us a call.

All right, it is possible that
Connor Cairns has left Shetland

of his own volition, but we
can't be sure of that yet.

There could be more
at play here, so...

This is a vulnerable young man.

For the family's
sake, let's find him.

Do we have any more
on the ex-girlfriend?

Erm, Lynn Henderson.

They were on the same course
at Glasgow University.

Chemical Engineering.

OK. Let's track her
down and talk to her.

Find out if Connor's
been in contact.

Erm, Tosh, it would
be good to see

the background check
on Danny Cairns.

And locate the scooter, because
we can't rule out an accident yet.

And finally, erm...

..I don't want any of you to think
for a moment that I missed you,

but... it is nice to be back.

Oh - didn't take you
for a comics guy.

Ah. It's just work.

Erm, hello. Hi.

You look great. Thank you.

Er, what can I get
you? Red wine, please.

Excuse me. Could I
have another glass?

Here you go. Thanks very much.

So, what's the comic
got to do with work?

Erm, we've got a missing person.

And... he wrote it.

It's a story about a man
who conceals his identity,

and it turns out
that he's a wulver,

which is, he's
half-man, half-wolf.

Yeah, I've met a few
of them in my time.

I'm sure. Me,

Slainte. Here's to you. Cheers.






believe you just said that.

It was nice to finally
get that drink.

Yeah. Yeah, it was.

Well, I'm this way.

Yeah, I-I'm up there. OK.

See you around?


OK. Goodnight. Goodnight.

So fucking stupid.

Where have you been?
Just getting some air.

Look, are you going to call
the police about last night?

Listen we should talk
to the guests first.

Maybe it's some kind of joke.


Or maybe not, Danny.



Oh, shit!

You need to see this.

Danny Cairns is an ex-cop.

Convicted on corruption charges.

Served two years.

We need to know exactly
what you're involved in,

and I need to know now.

I was based in Ayr.

And I stole drugs from a young
drug dealer called Pepper Waldron.

I was trying to put pressure
on him to become an informant.

It backfired.

He was killed.


A hit-and-run?

That almost happened
to your daughter.

What's going on? Is it Connor?

They know. About me.

I'm sorry, we should've
said something. You think?

Do you realise how much
time you've wasted?

Is there anyone involved in
what you've told us that has

a grudge against you?

Pepper's family blamed
me for his death.

It was three years ago. They
don't even know where we live.

They could have
found you, easily!

Is there anything else
that we need to know?

Last night, somebody broke in...

..and they stabbed all my
kitchen knives into the counter,

and then, they left.


Let's have a look at the knives.

Sandy, can you get me any members
of Danny Cairns' old team in Ayr?

And get me the details of the death
of a dealer called Pepper Waldron,

and any family
members of interest.

Yes, of course.

Look, I've just spoked to
Lynn Henderson, Connor's ex.

But she says they only
dated a few times.

She says there was other
stuff going on with him,

and the family just
wanted someone to blame.

OK, then.

I can't wait any longer!

Rachel, don't.

Leave the searching
to the police. Please!

Oh, God.


ON PHONE: Lerwick Police.

Rachel, what made you come
up here looking for him?

Well, I've been thinking
about his safe place.

So, I've been checking out parts of
the island which he loves the most.

I have to ask you.

Why did he need somewhere
safe in the first place?

For some peace and quiet.

He's a sensitive soul.

And I would appreciate it if you
stopped the veiled accusations

against my family, and
you just find my son!

Tosh. Seal off the area and
get a forensics team up here.

Boss. Billy, this is
now a high-risk case.

Get Connor's photograph out on
the PNC with the usual notice,

and get his information
out on social media.

OK. And then, call the divers.

I'm going to need them to
take a look in the water

up at Stromness Voe.

The Flett brothers'
boat's got a sounder.

I'll ask Ally to
get over there now.

And warn them that they
might... find a body.



Sandy? So, I spoke to
a DS at Ayr Station.

He says Danny's story about
the informant is a lie.

He stole drugs to sell them on,

and he didn't give
a damn who got hurt.

Danny is bad news.

Sir. There's some locals
arriving to search for Connor.

I've tried to talk to them,
but they're determined.

So sorry to hear about your son.

We're just visiting, but
we'd like to help if we can.

That's good of you, but I wouldn't
want it to spoil your trip.

So, what do you think's
happened to him?

We're not sure.

Look, thanks for the
offer, but I've got to go.

what are you doing?

Just being a concerned citizen.

This isn't right.

It's got to stop, now. No yet.

Dad, come on.

OK, it's going to be light
for a few hours yet, so...

I want you to go with them.

I don't want to have to send a search
party out for the search party.

Does that sound OK?


Who's that with Bryd Fleming?
I don't recognise him.

I think he's staying at
the guest house on Bressay.


Look, there's a chance
that Connor might be hurt,

so I think you should
leave this to the others.

Look, if he is out there hurt,

then I want to be the
one who finds him.

Yeah, I know how you feel but...

No, you don't know how I feel.

Keep an eye on
her. Will do, sir.

Hey, there. We haven't
met before, I'm DI Perez.

Lloyd Anderson.

Are those some of Connor's
drawings in there? That's right.

I was giving him
drawing lessons.

Oh, how long did you work
with him? A few months.

He just needs some
pointers here and there.

So, you're an artist
yourself, then?

I am. I sort of make a living.

So, you're not going
on the search, then?

Don't misunderstand
me. I pray he's alive.

But that's not how it
usually plays out, is it?

What, do you think
he took his own life?

I can't say, but Connor was...

He was too sensitive
for this world.

He took on board
all the bad stuff.

Couldn't switch off from it.

It ate away at him.

Hi, Ally, it's Sandy.
Have you found anything?

Not so far.

Don't worry how insignificant,
just let us know.

We don't have time for this, Ally.
What are you expecting to find?

I just want to help if I can.


That baby is far too
beautiful to be yours.

Carol Anne? Hi. Hello.
It's a long time, no see.

Yeah, and I can see
you've been busy.

Aye, yeah, she's, uh,

keeping me on my toes.
Aren't you, Louise?

Well, it is a tonic to see you.

You got time for another coffee?

Yeah, got all the
time in the world.

I'll give you that.

Oh, thank you.

That is mine.


What good's this going to do?

Nobody should get
away with what he did.

Come on, move.


Come on. Grab the bag.

That way.


Connor. No.


You bastards.

You bastards!

You bastards.


You bastards!


Did you see him, Dad?

I thought he was going to
have a fuckin' heart attack.


Oh, my God.


The vehicle's registered
to Cameron Waldron.

I could have told you
that. I recognised him.

You're saying it's Pepper's family
who did this? Do they have Connor?

PHONE RINGS I don't know.


We've found them.

Arrest them.

Let's go.

Where's Connor?

We know about your brother.

And we have the knives
from the Cairns' kitchen,

which I'm pretty sure are going
to have your prints all over them.

Pepper wasnae my brother.

So, what was Pepper to you?

My cousin.

You blame Danny Cairns
for Pepper's death?

But not the people who
actually killed him?

They wouldn't have touched
him, if it wasnae for Cairns.

So this is the only
justice I'm going to get.

Are you saying
you've harmed Connor?

That's your words, no mine.

Is that Pepper?

I get the feeling you probably
told him a million times

to try and sort himself
out, is that right?

Nicole, I understand grief.

You need a release.

To lash out.

Connor Cairns didn't
cause your grief.

So I'm going to ask you once
again. Do you know where he is?

Even if I did, I still
wouldnae tell you.

Your daughter's in
very deep water.

And if it turns out that
Connor Cairn's has been harmed,

it's going to get
an awful lot worse.

We didn't come here
to hurt anyone.

Why did you come here?

What you've got to understand
is, Nicole loved Pepper

like a brother.

More than a brother,
if I'm honest.

They were so close
it wasn't healthy.

Then after Pepper died, she
became obsessed with Cairns.

She did everything
to track him down.

But I swear she didn't
do anything to that boy.

So his disappearance
was a happy accident,

then you then used that
to taunt the family?



She just wanted them
to suffer like she did.

Abbie and her friend?

That was you, wasn't it?

And the knives? Yeah.

We just wanted to
give 'em a fright.

That was all.

What's your instinct, DI
Perez? You believe him?

I do.

So this was about rubbing
salt in the wounds of

the Cairns family
and nothing more?

That's my call, yes.

The preliminary forensic
report on the camper-van.

No blood. No sign of a struggle.

What do you want me to
do with the pair of them?

Release under investigative lib.

Erm, are you sure
that's a good idea?

That's my call, yes.

It seems a risk to
let them go now.

What if they had accomplices?

Or they used a different
vehicle to abduct him?

I don't think they have him.

I think we should be
focusing on finding Connor.

Get them off the isles and
get them out of my sight.

Will do.

How's it going, anyway?

Any sign of Connor?

Oh. Honestly,

I'd rather not talk about
all that, if that's OK?

Actually I, uh, I bumped
into Carol Anne today.

And she was saying that
everyone at her work's got

a theory about what
happened to him.

Carol Anne Mane?


Didn't you used to
go out with her?

Did I? Just-just
for a couple months.

I thought it was longer.

What, are you jealous? Oh,

you think your man's
still got it then, do ya?

I didn't say that.
Maybe she's desperate.


What makes you so
keen to find him?

If your son was missing, you'd
want people to look for him.

Ally, let's call it a night.
We've wasted enough time on this.

Just a bit longer.

Y'know they found Pictish
treasure here in the '50s,

maybe we should go
for a treasure hunt.

It's taken millions of
years to make all this.

And now we're going
to destroy it.

Are you listening?

I said there might
be treasure here.


Yeah. Well, I could
do with some treasure.



Meg. Hi. Come in. Thanks.
Erm, I won't stay, though.

There's, there's a
party down at the beach

because it's the
equinox, apparently.

Erm, I just wondered if you
fancied coming for a bit?

You know what, I'd love to,
but I've got work to do.

So, take a break.

I don't think I can.

OK. Sorry.

No, it's, it's fine.

Here, look, I'll get it.



Hi, Meg, you on your own?
You want to come and join us?

Erm, thanks, I'm
meeting someone.

Tea for two.

I'm sorry for being a dick.


Well, it's fine.
You're here now.


Cheers to you.

Listen, about earlier.

When you used your work as

an excuse not to come
out with me, you mean?

Is that what I did?

It's OK. I get it. You're
protecting yourself.

You don't want to
get hurt again.

But just so you to
know, neither do I.



Billy. Ally's sounder's
picking up something on

the bottom of Stromness Voe.
They're bringing it up now.



Ally fishes here regularly,
it's been recently dumped.

It could be nothing, but
we thought you should know.

Oh, Jesus Christ.


What the hell are
they doing here?

Sandy, keep them away
from here, Alex, help him.

Sorry. Stop right there. Is
it Connor? Please tell me.

Sorry, you are not
allowed any closer.

This is a crime scene. You
are not allowed any closer.

You have to stay
back. But it's my son.

Sorry, but you
just have to wait.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

It isn't Connor.


Please go home.

Well, if it's not Connor,
then who the hell is it?