Shetland (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Episode #6.6 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Galbraith's killer was so worried
about what was on that footage

that he had Eamon killed.
He's been spying on me.

I'm not sure for how long.

Bedford knew his wife was having
an affair with Galbraith.

That's a motive
if ever there was one.

Niven Guthrie paid off
all your debts a week ago,

just before Eamon's accident?

He didn't want it back.

It's my last will and testament.

Do you think Duncan is to blame
for what happened to you?

Are you worried I'm out for
revenge, Jimmy?

If I don't say anything,
it's my career on the line too.

You don't owe Sandy a thing,
remember that. We're a team.

Marie-Ann. Nice girl.

She left a message on my machine.

I've made up my mind.
I'm going to London.

This was the last photo taken
before she went.

It's Sister Carolyn.

Thick as thieves, they were.

She died.

And I helped them cover it up.

I sent the postcard from London,
and I packed up her haversack.

It's all my fault.

She's alive.

Whoever did this can't have got far.

I want to die here.

They'll think it was me.
You'll be fine.

Pick up the mug
and put it in the sink.

There has to be a reason
why your fingerprints are on it.

How is she?

She's still in intensive care.

They're not hopeful.
It's a massive head trauma.

And no witnesses either.

Whoever did this must have come on
foot, then doubled back.

Put somebody on the door,
because she's still in danger.

Just before she was attacked,
she said

that a group of men were celebrating
Auld New Year on Fetlar

when Marie-Ann died -

Galbraith, Niven Guthrie and Darren

So I'm going to need to speak
to them.

Yeah, OK. I'll get it sorted.

I just heard about Donna.

I'm so sorry, Meg.
She took an overdose.

She didn't die alone, did she?

Duncan found her.

That's not what I asked you.

I know.

Look, I'm sorry,
I'm going to have to go.

What is it that you're looking
for, Dad?

My car keys. I'm going for a drive.

Your car's on Fair Isle.

I'll take your car, then. Look,
where is it?

Where are you planning to go?

Where are you going to go?
Do you know what time it is?

No. I don't.

Oh, I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm sorry. It's just, it's...

It's late, that's all.

Erm, what is it that you need?
I can drive.

I can't remember now.

Listen, about Donna... Don't, don't
say it. I don't want to hear it.

I don't want to hear another word.

If I hear it, then I have to do
something about it.

The police are here.
What do they want?

I don't know.

Darren Bedford,
we'd like you to come with us

to help with our enquiries.
About Alex Galbraith?

No. Marie-Ann Ross.

Mr Guthrie,

we'd like you to come
with us if you don't mind.

I don't think so. I'm busy.

In that case, I'm going to have to
arrest you

for obstruction of justice.

Oh, my God, the smell of that's
making me feel sick. What is in it?

Er, it's ham and mustard.

My sister used to be like that
with coriander

when she was pregnant.

Niven and Bedford here yet?

Er, yeah, they are.

We'll talk to Bedford first.

Because if they do have anything
to hide,

he's going to be the weak link.

Auld New Year, 21 years ago.

Were you on Fetlar
with Alex Galbraith?

Auld New Year?

13th January.

Erm, we did go up there around that
time. Not sure of the date, though.

And Niven Guthrie was present?

I think Niven was there.
You think?

If it's the same trip we're talking
about, then he was.

Do you recognise this girl?


Her name's Marie-Ann Ross.

Are you sure you don't
remember her?

Look, I wish I could help,

but it's unlikely that I'd have been
on Fetler then.

I'd just started working
with my father,

and he was a hard taskmaster.

Darren Bedford says you were there.

I'll just have to take Darren's word
for it, then.

It's odd that you don't remember,

because as we understand it,

a girl died at a party you attended
that night.

We even have an eyewitness placing
you at the scene.

What eyewitness?

There was a party, but I,

I don't remember anything out of
the ordinary happening.

You would have reported it
if it had, wouldn't you?



So why do you think
Lynn Harrison said

that her friend Marie-Ann died at
the party?

I've no idea.
I don't know who Lynn Harrison is.

Alex Galbraith kept Marie-Ann alive
in her father's mind for years.

Now, the only reason he would do

is if he was trying
to protect someone.

Or himself?
Why would you say that?

Maybe he knew something we didn't.
I don't know.

Galbraith was paying
for Marie-Ann's dad's care.

Any idea why that would be?

Maybe he knew something we didn't.

You don't think it points to
a man drowning in guilt?

Does it matter what I think?

You all stayed close as friends.

Well, to a certain extent.

Is that because what happened on
Fetlar bound you together?

I don't remember anything out of
the ordinary happening.

Again, same reply as Bedford.

OK. That's the second time

you've given the exact same answer
as Dr Bedford.

It's almost as if you've been on
the phone together

rehearsing what you'd say.

Are you aware Lynn Harrison is now
lying in intensive care

at your hospital?

I'm sorry to hear that,
but like I said,

I don't know who Lynn Harrison is.

Could you tell us where you were
last night?

Last night?

How many alibis do you want me
to have?

I didn't know Marie-Ann,
so how would I know her friend?

She's also known as Sister Carolyn.

I still don't know who you're
talking about.

When was the last time you
and Niven Guthrie spoke?

I don't know.

We bump into each other now
and then.


Not that recent.

Could you take a look at this?

It's a list of calls Niven Guthrie
made last night.

Is that your home number?

What were you talking about so late?

The price of fish?
Or how to get your stories straight?

You'd better start giving us
some answers.

If something happened at that party,

I don't know what it was. I swear.

I was a lightweight back then.
I passed out.

I woke up and they all wanted
to leave.

So the trip was cut short?
And you never thought to ask why?

I just wanted to go home. I was ill.
I swear that's the truth.

And everyone left at the same time?
You, Niven, Galbraith.

And Logan.

Logan Creggan was there?


How are you doing?
They treating you OK?

What is it you want, Perez?

I need to ask you,
about Marie-Ann Ross.

She was at a party on Fetlar.
Auld New Year 2000.

She hasnae been seen since.

You were also at that party.

Do you remember what happened
up there?

A bit.

I was on leave,
Galbraith invited me.

I was a bit surprised.

I hadn't seen much
of him since I joined up.

I didn't really fit in
with his crowd any more.

You mean people like Darren Bedford
and Niven Guthrie.


I think I was a bit of an
embarrassment to them, to be honest.

So why invite you?

Maybe they needed somebody
to do their driving.

I went anyway, seeing as they were
paying for the booze.

And what about Marie-Ann?

I don't remember her, or the party.

I got tired of the others.
They were taking drugs.

E and stuff. It's not my scene.

I remember wandering along
the beach.

A bit drunk.

Some locals had started
a big fire out there.

So I hung out with them.

By the time I got back,
they were all packing up to leave.

Nobody mentioned the night before?

There was a bit of an atmosphere.

Bedford, he was out of sorts.

Bit hyper.

Started telling me something,
but Niven told him to shut up.

You never wondered what he was
going to say?

Not really, no.

I was deployed to Sierra Leone not
long after.

Then those planes hit
the twin towers

and the shit hit the fan.

I didn't see any of them again
for years.

Well, the word is
that she died that night

while you were
partying on the beach.

Galbraith had been trying to cover
it up ever since.

I swear, if I'd known a girl had
died, I would have reported it.

If you tell me that's the truth,
I'll believe you.

It is.

Explains a lot if it's true, though,
doesn't it?

All of his good deeds.

He was just trying to make up
for what he did.

Seems like that's what we're all
trying to do.


I've got the autopsy report.

Donna died from an overdose.

Taken orally. But you knew that.
There anything else?

It's just so sad when someone takes
their own life,

even in these circumstances.

Thanks for doing that so quickly,
Cora. I really appreciate it.

Lynn Harrison died
half an hour ago.

I heard you found the body.

I really don't
want to talk about it, Kate.

I'll bet you don't.

What's that supposed to mean?

I know what happened.

You let her off the hook,

She should have suffered,
been terrified,

scared and begging for help,
like Lizzie.

What good would that have done?
Let it go.

Oh, no, no, no, I can't.

She hurt too many people.

And you'll get away with it,
won't you?

Lynn Harrison died 40 minutes ago.

This is your last chance.
Tell me what happened on Fetlar.

I don't know what happened.
Yes, you do.

You wanted to tell Creggan
the morning after.

You were eaten up with guilt.

You wanted to report it.

But what, they stopped you?
Is that what happened?

You weren't calling
the shots that night, Darren,

we know that, but you will take
equal blame.

You happy going to jail
for somebody else?

You'll never practise
medicine again.

I did nothing wrong. I was just
trying to protect a friend.

Protect who? From what?

Marie-Ann died after taking drugs.

Drugs... Galbraith and Niven
gave her.

They'd brought all kinds of stuff.
Ecstasy, coke. I don't know.

Galbraith was egging on everyone
to take some.

She began to have respiratory

She fell asleep on the sofa.

In the morning...

..I couldn't wake her.
I should have called the police.

I wanted to. But the others said

that they'd be held culpable
for her death

and their careers'd be over.

They covered up the death of a girl
to save their careers?

And you just went along with it?

I didn't want to see their
lives ruined.

Or mine.

They buried the body.

I don't know where.

I refused to take part in that.

And you think that makes it OK?

No, no. I don't mean that.

I meant that we just...
switched off.

You can judge if you like,

but do you have any idea
how many lives I went on to save?

Now, Galbraith, struggled with this
like you, didn't he?

Is that why he was killed?
Was he going to confess?

I don't know.
I had nothing to do with that.

Get up. We're going for a drive.

Is this the magical mystery tour,
then, eh?

Did you ever tell your father
what happened up there?

There wasn't anything to tell.

Must have been tempted though, eh?

He could have used his contacts
to help you out.

Then you obviously didn't know
my old man.

He never helped anyone but himself.

Oh, I get it.
He already had a low opinion of you.

And then that would have been
the final nail in the coffin.

You'd never get the company then.

Your wee brother would.

Well, best just cover it up.

You know, it's not a great feeling

being a disappointment
to your father,

but I really did not have anything
to hide.

And I'm not someone who likes
to dwell in the past.

That much is obvious.



What are we doing, Perez?

Show me where you buried Marie-Ann.

Bedford told me everything.

Now I'm giving you the opportunity

to show that young woman
some respect

and tell me where she is.

Take it.

It was Galbraith's idea.

He knew the girl had an argument
with her dad.

She told us all about how bored
she was.

How she wanted to leave,
but how she felt guilty about it.

He said if she went missing,
people'd think she'd just run off.

Just tell me where she is.

Come on, she was dead.

What difference did it make?

What, were we supposed to lose

because of a stupid accident?

You left her up here for 20 years
like she never existed.

Her father should have been allowed
to mourn her.

What we did was wrong, OK,

we've had to live
with it our entire lives,

but we agreed we'd do our damnedest
to make up for it.

And we did.

I've used all the money I earnt

to help people get a foot on the
ladder. Galbraith did the same.

Bedford's in that hospital
night and day.

That doesn't change what you did.

We've contributed to these islands.

Don't deserve to be remembered
for this. Where is she?

I don't deserve to be remembered
for this.

I'm asking you a question.
Come on, man.

You would have done
the same in the circumstances.

Just tell me where Marie-Ann is!

You're standing on her.

Tosh, we're going to need
a forensics team on Fetlar.

I've found Marie-Ann.

Right, OK. Erm, I'll get them up
there as soon as possible.

They've found her.

You need to tell him what you did
and why.

It'll be so much worse coming
from me.

I know.

Stand up.


Get up.

We're charging you
with unlawful burial.

It comes with a maximum sentence
of ten years.

Once we have an autopsy on
Marie-Ann Ross's body,

we'll know whether or not
to add murder to those charges.

For 20 years you both knew there
was a body up there,

and yet you agreed
to say nothing.

Silence is golden, right?

But then someone threatened to talk.
Galbraith. So you killed him.

No, that's not true.
I have an alibi. You know that.

Your brother could be lying.
Protecting you and the company.

Bit of pressure
and he'll change his story.

I didn't kill Alex.

Well, then, you'd better tell us
who did

or you're going to spend
the rest of your life in prison.

You're right.

He was going to tell
the world about what we'd done.

God knows what made him decide
to confess

after all these years.

Maybe it was seeing Lynn
Harrison again

that brought it all back to him.

But something in him changed.

I tried to talk some sense into him,
and I thought he'd listened.

So that could be
the reason he was killed.

But not by me.

I didn't think for a minute

he'd destroy his own life
like that.

It might be nothing, but I don't
think Carrie told you everything

about what happened on
the dive boat

the day of Eamon's accident.

You know,
if Niven's telling the truth,

then we're going to have to look at
who else had just as much to lose.

Everybody on that board has
an alibi for Galbraith's killing.

Except for Sister Carolyn.

Is it possible that she killed

and then had Eamon silenced?

So who attacked her?
Who gave her the postcard?

What did Muir want? He's just told

the kitchen porter on the dive

said Carrie was talking
to someone on the ship's phone

on the morning of Eamon's death
and that she seemed agitated.

She never mentioned any
of that when we questioned her.

OK. Have another go at her.

And this time,
put a bit of pressure on.

See if you can find a link between
her and Sister Carolyn.


I hate doing a flit,
you always leave something behind.

Mind if we have a chat?

I just want to ask you
about Lynn Harrison.

Maybe you knew her
as Sister Carolyn?

Don't know anyone by that name.

You know, Carrie, it's only a matter
of time before we find out

who paid
to have Eamon Gauldie killed.

Niven Guthrie and Darren Bedford are
both in custody

and one of them is going to talk.

A note similar to the one sent
to Eamon

was sent to Sister Carolyn.

And now she's dead as well.

Now, that implicates you
in both murders.

I didn't have anything to do
with that. OK. If that's true,

can you tell me who you were
talking to

on the dive boat's phone
not long before the accident?

Nobody. Not according to
the kitchen porter.

I was told nobody would die.
He just wanted to scare him.

He told me Eamon could isolate
the interior valve

before anything serious happened,

..he'd get the message.

Who told you?

Niven Guthrie.

Did he say why he wanted
to scare him?

No. But I think Eamon might have
tried to blackmail him.

He said he was coming into money.

I just assumed there was a link.

I'd never experienced
an uncontrolled decompression.

I had no idea things would happen
so quickly. You have to believe me.

I'm sure his wife and children
will take great comfort in that.

Sure, can I call you right back?

I need to speak to you about a young
women called Marie-Ann Ross.

OK. Come on in.

Did Alex ever talk to you about her?

She died of a drug overdose
20-odd years ago.

Should he have?

Alex was there when she died,

and he was involved in covering up
her death. What?

I don't understand.
Why would he do that?

Because he gave her
the drugs that killed her.

He never confided in you?

About this? No.

He'd been talking to her father.

I think he finally felt like he
had to make amends.

He wasn't there on his own, Eve.

Niven and Darren Bedford were
both there,

along with a young woman
now known as Sister Carolyn.

She was attacked yesterday,

and she died in hospital
this morning.

So that's two people,
who were present are now dead.

Now, is Merran here? Because I'm
going to have to talk to her.

She went for a walk along
the beach.

You know that tide's coming in,
it's not going out?

I miss him.

Or I will when it finally sinks in
that I'll never see him again.

Well, we're getting very close
to finding out who shot him.

And why.

I'm not sure I want to know.

Would you rather
that they just got away with it?

He'll still be dead, won't he?

Is there anything that you
want to tell me

about the morning that your
dad died?

Something you might have forgotten?
Like what?

Well, maybe some little thing

that didn't seem important
at the time.



Come on, I'll walk you back.

All right. Thanks.

OK. Keep looking.

We need to know if his alibi holds.

Anything? No, nothing yet.

Look. The vans have dashcam.


Right, you, behave yourself.



I've examined the remains,

and I'm pretty sure it's Marie-Ann.

There's no obvious signs
of foul play.

It looks like it might tie in
with the story they told you.

Thanks, Cora.

Nothing found at Niven's yard.
And that's the good news.

His alibi holds.

We've found dashcam footage from
one of his vans to prove it.

He can't have been in two places
at once.

There's something else
I need to tell you.


Jimmy, it's your dad.
He's been in an accident.

I'm on my way.

He's OK. He's in shock
more than anything.

What happened?

Well, from what I can gather,

he was walking to Tingwall Airport

for a flight to Fair Isle.

He was in the middle of the road.

The van swerved
and he fell and bumped his head.

And is the driver OK?

He's fine.
It was a close call, though.

It could have been much worse,
for both of them.



Wha... what's going on?
What am I doing here?

Erm... You were walking to Tingwall
to get a flight to Fair Isle?

Oh, aye.

To see Mary.

She passed away, Dad.

I know that.

I was going to put some
flowers on her grave.


Well, we can do that together
when we go and get your stuff.

My stuff?

Well, you should come
and live with me permanently.

You can't be on your own
in Fair Isle, Dad.

Live with you?



You'd drive me up the wall.

Your mother and I, it was...

Practically read each other's minds.

Finishing each other's sentences.

Wee private jokes
no-one else would get.

I even knew her footsteps coming up
the path.

And if she forgot her keys...

..I knew by the way she knocked
it was her.

Always the same.

Two knocks, and then two more.

I miss that.


So, how long do you think I'll get?

15 years, maybe more?

For unlawful burial?

No. That would be five years,
give or take.

I'm talking about culpable homicide.

Eamon Gauldie. I had absolutely
nothing to do with that,

nothing whatsoever to do with that.

Shut up, Niven.

Carrie confessed.

So you didn't kill Alex,

but you needed to keep Eamon quiet,

so who are you protecting?

Someone who knew about Marie-Ann.

If I tell you, I'll be an accessory
to the murder of Galbraith.

And if you don't, you're obstructing

Right, well, I'll take the lesser
of two evils, then,

so you'll not be hearing it from me.

But I think you already know,
don't you?


Tosh, check the crime
scene photographs.

I want to know what files
Galbraith had that morning.

Okey doke. Also, did someone check
if anyone in the Galbraith family

served in World War II and brought
a pistol home as a trophy?

Yeah, I think Sandy did.
I'll check. OK.

Hi. Do you mind if I ask you
a question?

How do you know Sister Carolyn?

I saw you speaking with her at
the museum

just after Eve's speech?

Oh, yes. Erm,
I thought I'd met her before.

At Eve's campaign office.

And when would that be?

Er, the morning
Mr Galbraith was killed.

The files he had were all
legal documents.

Apart from one,

which was notes from
Eve's last campaign meeting.

OK, Tosh, thanks.

So it says here
Eve's grandfather was in the Argyll

and Sutherland Highlanders during
the war. But there's no record

that he brought back any firearms
as souvenirs.

Did you hear that?

Yeah, I did.

It's possible, though, isn't it?

Yeah, it's possible.


Don't tell me,
you forgot your keys.

Who did?

Who rings the buzzer like that,

Your mum does, doesn't she?

Merran, wait.

Look, I understand that this
is difficult, I do.

But you have to talk to me.

It was your mother at the door,
that morning, wasn't it?

No. She was in Lerwick.

But she always buzzes three
times, right?

She was in Lerwick.
You know she was.

That's not what I'm asking you.
Does she always buzz three times?

Is that the way that she always
does it? Impatient, in a hurry?

She wouldn't kill my dad.
She just wouldn't.

Look, if you know what happened,
you have to tell me.

I don't know what happened
and if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Where is she?

I can't lose her as well.
I can't lose them both.

Merran, you have to tell me
where she is.


VOICEMAIL: Please leave a message
after the tone

and I will get back to you.


Did you get the files you wanted?

What files?

The ones you asked your husband
to collect

on the morning that he
was murdered?

I don't think I asked him
to collect anything.

Why would he collect notes on your
campaign meeting for himself?

I'm not sure I follow.

I was here when Alex was shot.
You know that.

Have a look at the CCTV image again.

I did. That's Sister Carolyn
passing herself off as you

while you were waiting
for your husband at home

to collect those files.

Er, who is Sister Carolyn exactly?

One of the people who covered up
the death of Marie-Ann Ross.

Alex's death is linked to
the release of Donna Killick.

Everybody knows that. Yeah, I know,

that's what you hoped everyone
would think.

But the truth is,
there was a group of people

who stood to lose everything,

if Alex confessed to that cover-up.

And you were one of them.

So was Sister Carolyn.

And you persuaded her
the only way to avoid prison

was to help you silence him.

How did you keep them all in line?

Niven, Darren Bedford...

..and Eamon Gauldie,
who got you on his drone?

Are you saying I killed Eamon
Gauldie now as well?

No. You got Niven to try
and scare him.

But that plan didn't work out.

And then Sister Carolyn had
a change of heart,

so she couldn't be trusted.

Tell me,
did you take care of her yourself,

or did you get Niven to do that
for you?

Can you prove any of this?


Merran, none of what he's saying
is true, none of it.

She knows.
She's known since day one.


We have Eve in custody.

I want your confession to the murder
of Lynn Harrison, in writing. Now.

Don't speak. Write.

Donna Killick sent a letter
to her lawyer

the day before she died,

informing him that in
the event of her death,

under no circumstances should
he accept

that she has taken her own
life voluntarily.

She claims that Duncan Hunter

was trying to coerce her into

using the threat of relocation.
And when that didn't work,

threatened to kill her himself
and make it look like suicide.

The letter goes on to state that you
were aware of this situation

and would cover up his crime.

It isn't true.

Which part?

All of it.

She's playing you.

Hunter's relationship with her
was anything but straightforward.

Neither was yours, for that matter.

And you did have a sudden change of
heart about having her relocated.

You believe this? I'm just saying,

if I decide there needs to be
an investigation into her death,

you'll have some questions
to answer.


Oh! Still got it.

Champion stone skimmer,
three years in a row.

Christ, are you still going on about

You got to take the little

If you collect enough of 'em,
you've got a big one.

Before she died,
Donna sent a letter to her lawyer,

saying that in the event
of her death,

it should be considered murder,

and accusing you
of being involved in her death,

and me of covering it up.

Is this a joke?


She could have lived for months,

but she'd rather die
and see us ruined?

She got... she got me to send it.

Can you believe that?

I sent the fuckin' letter.

It was just you and her.
It's going to be hard to prove.

We can fight it.

Wouldn't do your reputation
much good.

It's not going to do me much good
seeing you go to jail, either.

We can't let her get away with it.

You'd have to lie.

And even I know that perverting
the course of justice is jail time.

And haven't you just arrested some
people for doing exactly that?

This is different.
You didn't do anything wrong.

Aye, I bet they say
the same thing too.

I've never been much of a friend,
or a father,

but I do have some principles.

And I'm not going to ruin
your career

just to save my own skin.

Cassie would never forgive me.

Look, just, just promise me

that you're not going to do anything

Just give me a chance
to figure it out. OK?


We commit the body
of Marie-Ann Ross to the ground

in sure and certain hope
of resurrection to eternal life.

Let us pause for
a moment of silent reflection.

What are you going to do
about Duncan?

I know what happened, Jimmy.

Donna manipulated him into this,
didn't she?

I don't think he deserves
to be punished.

I just wanted you to know that.

But unfortunately, I don't think the
law sees it that way.



Not now.

What's that? the European Union.


What are you doing here?

I got a job offer.

In Shetland?

Yeah, at the wine bar. Really?

Yeah. Duncan said he needed someone
to run it for him, so here I am.

Dad, it was only
a matter of time before I came home.

This is where I want to be.

No, it isn't that.
When did he call you?

Yesterday. He said it was urgent
that I came back and took over.

OK, I'm going to have to go.

Duncan, what can I do you for?

I need to report a crime.

And what crime would that be?


You don't need to do this.

Yes. I do.

Well, give yourself a chance.
We can fight this.

I've had more than enough
chances, Jimmy.

I'm not dragging you down with me.

What are we talking about here?

I gave Donna Killick an overdose.

She asked me to do it.

And just for the record,
DI Perez knew nothing about it.

Duncan Hunter,

I'm arresting you under
the 1961 Suicide Act.

You are not obliged to say anything,

but anything you do say
will be noted down

and may be used in evidence.
Do you understand?


I just heard, about Duncan.

Do they know?

Not yet.

Do you want to go
for that drink later?

You look like you might need it.

Maybe next time?

I'm going to hold you to that.

I hope you do.

This is Detective Superintendent
Sandison from Aberdeen.

I spoke to Cora,
and given how weak Donna was

and the contents of her letter,

I had no choice
but to ask for a full investigation.

Something happened in that house

between Duncan Hunter
and Donna Killick,

and I think you know what that was.

DI Perez,
I'm arresting you under section one

of the Criminal Justice Act 2016,

as I suspect you may have been

in the unlawful death of Donna

You're not obliged to say anything,

but anything you do say will be
noted and may be used in evidence.

Do you understand?