Shetland (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 6 - Episode #7.6 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You carry with you

all the terrible
things that people do.

I don't know if I want that in my life.

Lloyd's not who he says he is,

and we have found a connection
between him and William Rodgers.

I am wanted for a crime in
the United States. I was framed.

If you're found guilty of killing a cop,

it's the death penalty,
no questions asked.

There must be something we can do.

We have no control over what
happens to him

after he leaves this station.

You're treating him like he's
already guilty.

No, I'm treating him like he's
a suspect in a murder.

I'm arresting you under
the terms of section 41

of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Someone rigged it with explosives.

I've got the very strong possibility

that's there's another bomb being made.

The Flett boat was spotted moving
up the coast towards the oil tanker.

They've tried to contact it by radio
but he isn't answering.

I've notified the CTU of a potential
explosive attack on the tanker.

He's turning round.

Where's the explosives?

What explosives?

I don't see a group of climate
activists killing someone.

They're not climate activists.

Rodgers was taking this to a new level.

So why was William Rodgers killed?

That, I don't know.

I think the only person who knows
the answer to that

is the person who killed them.

There is someone else pulling
the strings here.

Look, I know that everybody's tired

but we need to stay focused.

I think Ally was being used more as
a distraction.

So it could be that neither the Mora

or Stenwick Terminal is the target.

So we need to draw up a list of
other possible targets.

- Sandy, can you get on that?
- No problem.

Billy, we're going to need to speak
to Gregg Flett again.

It's possible he knows more about

what his brother was up to than he
was letting on.

Right, Tosh, let's see what we can

get from Ally and Carol Anne.

Why did you take your boat into
the prohibited zone?

You knew that area was restricted.

I was just taking the boat up the coast.

We don't have time for this.

I need to know who else is involved

and what their target is,

or more innocent people are
going to die.

Nobody's going to die.

We were never going to attack a tanker..

...or the terminal.

Er, who's this "we"?

I meant me.

You really need to start taking
this seriously.

Carol Anne, people are going to be hurt.

I wouldn't be part of anything
if that was the case.

Oh, God... have no idea... you?

Well, I see it every day.

Oil tankers coming and going.

It is only a matter of time before
there's another slick.

One day... will thank people
for taking a stand.

People like you, you mean?

I didn't say that.

Three people are dead.

That's got nothing to do with me.

That was down to Connor.

He killed Bill Rodgers...

...then Bryd...

...then he took his own life.

Connor didn't kill himself.

He was murdered.

I want you to take a look at
these photographs.

Look at his injuries.

He was tortured before he died.

He was beaten and he was burned...

...and he was cut.

No, that's not...

- That's not what happened.
- No, that's exactly what happened.

You might not want to harm people,
Carol Anne, but...

...there is somebody in your group
who has.

Maybe it was your brother Gregg?

Gregg's got nothing to do with this.

Well, you see, we found rope from
your boat at the crime scene.

So one of you was involved in
Bryd's and Connor's deaths.

If you have any feelings for
Connor and Bryd...'ll tell us what we need to know.

You're trying to trick me.

No, we're not.

We are trying to stop this person
before more people are killed.

And if other people do get harmed,

you'll be culpable.

Who's behind this?

And who's been lying to you?

You need to tell me who killed
these people.

I don't know what you're talking about.

We heard back from the US
authorities about Lloyd Anderson.

I've informed Home Office that we
have him in custody.

They'll liaise with the FBI

so if we're not going to charge him
with anything,

we need to pass him on up
the food chain.

But he's still part
of our investigation.

I know, but the Home Office will
want to call the shots on this.

This guy's really got under your
skin, hasn't he?

Right, what if he's innocent?

What if he's just got caught up in
all of this

and he ends up paying for that
with his life?

What makes you think he's innocent?

Because the guy who gave him the watch

that linked him to the crime in
the first place

confessed to the killing.

Confessed to who?

It was a jail cell confession so the
judge will throw it out and...

Yeah, you can bet.

It's like they've made up their
minds already.

I mean, what if we give him back
and they execute him?

I'm sorry, Jimmy, but we have to
play by the rules.

You, more than anyone else,
should understand that.

What are you talking about?

There's no explosives on our boat.

We think he might be a decoy
and there's another target.


I didn't think he'd go this far.

What does that mean?

Ally, he was worked up about
the oil companies.

The council selling out, the effect
they're having on the environment.

I mean, we both were.

But doing something like this?

Did he ever mention the name Bill
Rodgers or Lloyd Anderson to you?

Not that I can remember.

- What about Carol Anne Mane?
- No.

So none of those people have been on
your boat?

Why would they be? It's a work place.

Cos we found rope from your boat at
a crime scene.

But I'm just wondering how it got there.

We don't have anybody on the boat.

You're sure?

Jamie Narey visited a few times but...

But that was...

...only because he was interested in
how we worked.

Said he might publish something
about the fishing industry.

Jamie Narey's been on your boat?


OK. Thanks for that.

Look, listen to me, Ally,

somebody stole fertiliser from
the Morrows night before last,

and I think they're going to use it
to build another bomb.

So, who is it?

After Bill Rodgers disappeared,

we felt something was wrong.

Connor started to have second thoughts.

That was a problem.

He was building the device
and the timer.

It was Bill's idea to keep it on
a need-to-know basis.

So that if anybody got caught...

...nobody could give over any

Connor had knowledge of engineering

and could put the bomb together,

you had your boat...

...Carol Anne had the information you
needed on Stenwick.

And Bryd?

Bryd had access to fertiliser.

I was told we'd plant a real bomb

to drive the point home

and then we'd call in a warning later,

so they could find it.

But they'd know that somebody could
blow the place up if they wanted.

And you believed that?

Connor knew where the explosives were... else.

I think that's why he was tortured.

And you think whoever killed him is
still planning a warning call?

Not any more.

I think this time it's for real.

Then who's behind it?

It's Jamie Narey, isn't it?

For the record, Mr Flett is nodding
his head.

In words, Ally, out loud.

It's Jamie...

...Jamie Narey.

OK, we know that he has a blue

Mitsubishi L200 registered in his name.

I'm assuming that's what we're
looking for.

And that he has enough explosives
to cause significant damage.

What we don't yet know is what
the target is.

Any suggestions?

Harbour Authority, the Western Gas

the Offices of Marine Incidents.

- Can you cover all these targets?
- Not really, no.

I reckon there might be a way
that we can narrow this down.

Given his original target was
Stenwick Terminal,

I think he'll go for one of
the oil companies.

Any idea which one?

North Straits Oil.

It's independent but it still has a
stake in the pipeline.

And now that he knows we're onto
him, it is a much softer target.

What do you think?

I think that makes sense.

It's a risk if we call this wrong.

You have a better idea?

OK. Get protection on the offices of
North Straits Oil.

Billy, we'll need road blocks on the
main roads in and out of Lerwick.

Tosh, go and search his home
and his office

and see if you can find anything
that points at the target.

Consider the search warrant granted.

I'll deal with any fallout.


Look for anything that might give us
a clue

to what his target is. Yeah?

Firearms officers think they might
have got a sighting of Jamie Narey

near North Straits Oil.

Well, if they did, then he's already
in Lerwick. Come on, let's go.

He took off when he saw that we'd
got there first.

Right. So Sandy was right,
this was his target.

It's not any more.

- Alexander.
- We've got a big problem.

Jamie's abandoned his truck near
the Market Cross.

I'm pretty sure the home-made
bomb's in the back.

Don't go near it. Just clear the
area but do it quietly.

I don't want a panic.

We'll get a bomb disposal officer
over there as soon as possible.

And get Cassie out of that wine bar.

Jimmy? I need you to get
out the centre of town now.

I don't have time to explain why,
just do it, please.

Jamie had a friend, a photographer,
her name was Catrina Johnson.

She was killed in South Sudan

five years ago while working as
an anti-oil activist.

If we are looking for what
radicalised him,

I have a feeling it was her death.

OK, everybody, if you'd like to just
make your way down

towards the Esplanade.

There's no need to panic.

Keep it moving, guys, straight
ahead. Clear the area, please.

There's been a gas leak.

We just need to get everybody
out to a safe place. Thank you.

Keep moving, guys, straight ahead.

Thanks, bye.


Gas leak?

Why are you still here?
You need to go now.

What's going on, Alex?

We have a possible explosive device
near the Market Cross.

I need you to go now.

Oh, no.

No, no, no, you need to go now.

Where? What's wrong?

It doesn't matter. Just move, move,
move, move, move, move!

All clear, sir.


Just got word, the bomb, it's
not wired up.

They think the containers were
attached to

a small explosive device,
like a pipe bomb

and he's taken that with him.



He just took my car!

I think he's got something in
his rucksack.

What's your car registration number?

He's heading south.

And tell them it looks like the
bomb's in a rucksack,

it's not in the truck.

Right, I'm heading south on the A970.


Support units with firearms will be
with you soon.

Just stay on him until they catch up.

He's slowing down.

All units, the suspect
vehicle is heading south

on the A970.

Speed is approximately 40mph. Over.

The firearms unit now with DI Perez.

The suspect vehicle in sight. Over.

Bravo, Michael, two, five.
The suspect vehicle is in sight.

OK, he's going to Quendale Bay.

That's where the Braer ran aground.

There's nothing there for him
to blow up.

Yeah, apart from himself.

He's going to make some kind
of grand gesture.

Hold your fire, hold your fire.

Suspect has left his vehicle

and now walking towards the water.

Suspect has thrown his rucksack

and now appears to have the
device in his right hand.

Wait to follow further instructions.

Any closer and we both die.

I mean it, Perez!

You want to die with me?

I don't want either of us to die.

Even though you know what I've done?

Doesn't matter what you did.

Just put the device down before you
hurt yourself.

It doesn't have to end like this.

TSU 15. Got a clear shot of suspect.

There's still part of it down there,
did you know that?

When the Braer ran aground...

...the people gathered here, praying,
for the oil to disperse.

When the wind took it back out
to sea, they said it was a miracle.

But it wasn't, it was just luck.

They won't be that lucky the next time.

And there will be a next time.

So what good will killing yourself do?

Every cause needs a martyr.

You won't be seen as a martyr...'ll be seen as a murderer.

Have you any idea how many activists,

all over the world are killed trying

to protect their environments?

Hundreds, every year.

What, you mean like your friend Catrina?

You know about Catrina?

Well, she died for a cause,

now you want to die for it too.

I mean, is that what this is about?

Because if it is...

...none of it was Connor's fault.

- Or Bryd's.
- Those two...

...they were just playing at saving
the world,

it was all show.

They didn't have what it takes.

I couldn't let them ruin everything
I'd been working towards.

Jamie, you've took it way, way too far.

Can you not see that?

I know.

But here we are.

Catrina would not have wanted you
to do any of this.

- No, stop.
- None of it.

Stop saying her name.

Catrina stood up for people trying
to save their land

from the oil companies, and she died
for it.

SU 15. Permission to shoot suspect.

That's a yes. Yes.



Perez, get back!

- Hold your fire.
- Suspect is down.

...make the suspect safe.

Suspect has been shot in the right

shoulder and is bleeding heavily.

Request an ambulance immediately.

Well done out there.
You really put yourself on the line.

We can take it from here.

Thanks but I've still got some questions

- I need to ask to him.
- I understand.

But we need to know more about his
online contacts.

I'll call you when we're done. Yeah?

You're OK?

I'm fine. Yeah.

I heard what happened.

You could've been killed.

Jamie wants to talk, but only to you.

- Can I talk to you later?
- Yeah.

You and Bill Rodgers manipulated a
whole group of people.

You lied to Carol Anne... Ally, all of them.

They thought it was just a stunt.

Get some attention for the cause.

But not you.

You're prepared to kill for it.

There are some things that are worth
killing for.


...I had no choice.

Connor wanted out.

After the book launch, he told me he
was going to the caravan

to dismantle the bomb.

I couldn't let him do that.

So I forced him into my car
and took him to Ronan Kirk.

And tortured him?

I needed to know where the caravan was.

And that was worth more than
Connor's life?

Sacrifices have to be made.

Sorry, who told you that you get

to decide who's sacrificed
and who isn't?

I'm trying to make a difference.

But all you've achieved so far

is that you've killed your friends.

I couldn't...

I couldn't let Bryd go to the police.

So you pretended to be Connor...

...and you tricked her into meeting you?

Yeah, I had to make it look like Bryd

and Rodgers were killed by
the same person.

Then Connor's death would look
like suicide,

like the guilt drove him
to take his own life.

Hang on a wee minute.

You had to make it look like

Bryd and Rodgers were killed by
the same person?

Are you trying to say that you
didn't kill Bill Rodgers?

I never touched him.

He wanted to take in the islands,

so I hired a car for him.

He never came back.

When they found his body, I...

I knew I couldn't trust anyone.

And I was right.

Well, you'll have a long time
to think about it.

He says he didn't kill Bill Rodgers.


If he's telling the truth, we've got
another killer out there.

There you go.

What is it we're looking for?

I have no idea.

Maybe we missed something.

All we've got is the traces of
paint on the suitcase.

That's it.

Everything else was clean.

There's no fingerprints, there is
no DNA.

But it was artist's paint.

Yes, that's right.

Narey had the car written off.

He reported it stolen on the 26th.

The car company found it abandoned
in a lay-by the next day.

There's usually a mobile speed
camera set up

on the road to Lloyd's place.

And there it is.

Heading in the direction of Lloyd's
on the 26th.

So that would put Bill at
Lloyd's about three?


OK, Lloyd...

...I'm running out of options.

I know who killed Connor Cairn

and I know who killed Bryd Fleming

because I've got the guy responsible
in custody.

I also know who was involved in
the plans for

the attack on Stenwick Terminal,
but it turns out

that that had nothing to do
with Bill Rodgers' death.

So... I am.

And I'm sick of being lied to.

Did you kill Bill Rodgers because he
recognised you?

I have never killed another human being.


What were you doing on the 26th of

I was teaching one of my art classes

at the community centre.

You can check.

No, that's fine.

I believe you.

Bill Rodgers drove up to your
place on the 26th of August.

Did you know that?


You told me that you use acrylic paints.

But why? Why is that?

It dries quicker, it's cheaper,
I like the feel of it.

Why are you asking?

You told me the

traces of paint you found on
the suitcase were oil-based.

Yeah, they were.

So, if it wasn't you...

...and it wasn't Jamie Narey,

and it wasn't Connor Cairns,

who put Bill Rodgers in that suitcase?

And if it didn't have anything to do
with what he was planning...

...then it had to be about
protecting you.



...who would want to protect you?

I can't answer that.

I just know it wasn't me.

Alison shares your studio, doesn't she?

What kind of paint does she use?


No, Lloyd, she doesn't.

Alison uses oils, doesn't she?

She'd have no reason to harm
Bill Rodgers.

She didn't know anything about my past.

She seemed awful sure about your

Because she knows what kind
of man I am, that's all.

You mean that, in all the years

that you've been together, you've
never told her?


You've got it wrong, Perez.

She wouldn't do that, not even to
save me.

You've met her, surely you can see that?

I've met a lot of people who aren't
what they seem.

Anyway, it's not possible.
She wasn't at our place.

She was with her mother all that day.

Can you be sure of that?

You told her you'd been recognised,
didn't you?

You were right first time,

it was me. I did it, I killed him.

Too late, Lloyd.

But I'm the only one with
a motive, you know that.

I did it, I killed him.

And I told you, I'm sick of being
lied to.


She has the motive.

I'm just not sure if she was at
the house when Bill was there.

Because Lloyd says

that she was at her mother's,
all afternoon.

Rachel and Danny Cairns are here.

They're in reception.

Connor tried to stop the attack.

God knows what Jamie would have done
with those explosives.

After William Rodgers disappeared,

Jamie became...

...very paranoid.

And Connor tried to pull him back.

Should be proud of him.

Listen to him.

Our boy did the right thing.


And Jamie, he killed this man
Rodgers as well?


We have another suspect for that.

But obviously, I can't say who at
the moment.

It's Lloyd, isn't it?

Because Rodgers recognised him?


Lloyd is not the suspect.

So somebody who was protecting him?

Somebody close to him?

That narrows the list of suspects
down, doesn't it?

Danny... have to leave this with me.

It had nothing to do with Connor's

It had everything to do with it.

You said it yourself,

after Rodgers died, Jamie became

Oh, one more for fourth period?
Yeah. Yes.

You have no idea what you've done.

- Meg?
- Jimmy.

You got a minute? I need to ask you
a quick question.

Yeah, sure.

Can you check your rota for
the 26th of August

and see who was with Alison's mother?

I'm always there about the same
time. Erm, 12ish?

OK, how about later? Anybody else?

Hang on, the rota was changed that week.

I was there at 2:45.

For how long?

Er, I left at 3:30.

It's in the notes.

And was Alison there?


OK. Erm...


She's in the canteen.

You go round the side, I'll try out
the back.

Alison, I need to talk to you.

What is it you want to know?

William Rodgers came to see Lloyd,

on the 26th of August, around 3pm.

Can you tell me where you were?

- With my mother.
- No, you weren't...

...because Meg was.

You need to stop lying to me.

Tell me what happened at the studio.

OK, Alison, if it wasn't you,

then it could only be Lloyd.

So I'm going to be charging him
with murder.

He knew nothing about this.

You have to believe me.

Then tell me what happened.

Bill Rodgers came to the house
to speak to him.

Erm, if you're looking for Lloyd,
he's not here.

And you are?

Alison, his partner.

Can I help?

Tell your husband Bill Rodgers said hi.

And I know who he is and what he did.

Tell him he didn't see me
and I didn't see him.

If he keeps it that way,
everything'll be fine and dandy.

If not,

well, then he'll have
to go home and face the truth.

Your life together will be over.

I think you know what that means.

'I knew exactly what that meant.'


'Lloyd had told me about his past.

'I reacted without thinking.'

I hit him with all the strength I had.

I don't really remember what
happened next. I was on autopilot.

I just knew that I had to get rid of
that body

as quickly as possible.

And you did this all on your own?

It's amazing what you can do
if your whole life depends on it.

I drove up to Stromness Voe.

I hoped that
the tidal current would drag

the suitcase out into out the Atlantic.

Judge me any way you want,

but Lloyd is a peace-loving man.
He always has been.

He is... he is the best
soul I have met on this Earth.

And you...

You're about to
send him back to be murdered.

It's good, isn't it?


I can't believe he's gone.

We'll... we'll not get to
see what kind of man he becomes.

It's such a waste. No.

It's such a waste.

We can't think like that.

You know what Connor would have wanted.

For us to get as
many people as we can to read it.

You're right, darling.

So let's tell the world about it.

And about Connor.

He's innocent, Tosh.

And he doesn't
stand a chance over there.

What is it you think
you can do to help him?


...we haven't
received an extradition order

for Lloyd Anderson yet, have we?

Not yet. But it's in the works.

I'm expecting he'll be moved to the
mainland within the next 48 hours.

Right. But he hasn't been charged
with anything here yet, has he?

He has not.

Then I don't know
what we're holding him for, then.

Do you?

I think we should let him go home.

It's not like he's going anywhere.


I'll, erm...

I'll see you all tomorrow.

Just remember,

you love this job.

You've got a lot to lose.

Not as much as he has.

Are you planning on sleeping here?

I can make up a bed, if you like?

No, I'm fine.

I won't be long.

You... go and get on your way.


Alison confessed.

We've got her in custody.

She says Rodgers threatened her

and she was
frightened about what he might do.



I'm sorry.

You are free to go.


You're free to go.

Here's your passport.

Whatever you do,

you mustn't leave Shetland,

and you mustn't get
the early flight to Bergen.

Because the last thing
that I would want is for you

to disappear off the face of the Earth.

What about Alison?

There is nothing
that you can do for her now.

And we both know
that she would want you to go.


I don't see you as a flight risk.

It's a bad call.

But a genuine mistake.

Think anybody's going to believe that?

I'm not sure I care.

No. I can't do that,
I can't turn my back on her.

She did it to protect you.

If you don't go,
it'll all have been for nothing.

But you'd better go now if you're
going to catch that flight.


You've released
Lloyd Anderson from custody?

He wasn't charged with anything.

You know this outstanding
warrant from the States on him

isn't just going to go away?

- He's not a flight risk.
- Really?

Cos I've just asked
for him to be picked up

and he's not at his home address.

But I expect you knew that already.

If he's gone,
it's the end of your career.

I know.

I think it's worth it.

You know, we don't always get it right

and I've learnt to live with that,

and this is different.


...I'm done.

If the last thing I do is help
an innocent man...

...I'm good with that.


You heard?

I heard.

I'm not sure I can do this without you.


You're ready. Trust me.

I do.

I just don't have your confidence.

What, you kidding on?

Do you remember that young woman
that walked in here wearing braces

and couldn't even
remember the words to a caution?

That's not who you are any more.

Look at you now.

After everything
that you've been through,

you can do this job in your sleep.

Can I give you some advice, then,

about Meg?


I'm not blind.

If you think she's the one,

tell her.

Otherwise, you'll lose her.

It's true, then?


Nobody knows this place better than you.

You'll be fine and
Billy will keep you right.

Won't you, Billy?

That's right.

Keep answering those phones, pal.

- Keep an eye on 'em.
- I will.


Hello. Look who it is!

Have you got your ducky?

Thanks for coming.

I don't have much time,
I've got a late shift.

OK, well, then I'll keep it short.

Yesterday, when I knew
that you were in danger...

...and that I might
never see you again...

...I realised how much you meant to me.

And that's, pretty much, everything.

And I've felt like that for a while now,

but I didn't know what do with

the feelings,

so I just put them in
a box and stuck a lid on it.

Until now.

You sure this isn't
Florence Nightingale Syndrome

flaring up again, Jimmy?


I'm amazed

at how I feel.

I never thought for a second that
I'd get to feel like this again.

I thought about
what happened yesterday too.

You putting yourself
in harm's way like that.

It seemed to me to be the actions of
a man

who didn't care about himself.

Or his future.

Brave? Yeah, sure, but reckless.

And that is scary because...

Because a world without Jimmy Perez
isn't one that I want to live in.

But I know that doing what you do

and your work is what you live for.

It isn't any more.

I have quit.

I hope you didn't do that for me.

No, no.

I just didn't wanna hide
in that police station any more.

You know, I'm pretty sure I fell for
you the first time that I saw you.

Don't you mean the second time?

- You didn't remember the first time!
- Oh, God!

You're just never going to
let me live it down,

- are you?
- No!