Shetland (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Red Bones: Part 2 - full transcript

When no other prints are found on the knife that killed Hattie suicide is the first thought as her mother says she was prone to depression. However Perez discovers that she had had a fling with Berglund,which could jeopardise his dig. Perez matches a necklace Hattie was holding to one in an old photograph of Mima with Per Lungstad,one of the Norwegian escapees in the war. Per was supposedly drowned but no body found. However the list of suspects grows as Perez discovers that Berglund was also having an affair with Ronald's wife Anna,a fact Mima could have seen and that Ronald was in debt to Duncan Hunter.Ultimately Perez learns that Mima was upset to see the body being dug up on the archaeological site,reminding her of a secret love affair from over sixty years ago. Ailing Andrew Haldane supplies Perez with some of the facts but,as the crowds gather for Up-Helly-Aa Perez must work out the precise link between past and present and the reason for Mima and Hattie being murdered.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Who's there?

Is that you?

'I'm at my grandmother's croft!'

I...I don't understand.
She's been shot.

She's dead.

Has the gun been fired recently?

Aye, I went out shooting rabbits
after I got home.

I'll need to take the gun.

Can I help you?

'Two families.
The Wilsons and the Haldanes...'

Jackie Haldane?

'..Related. Living on top
of one another for generations...'

We're all connected in one way
or another on Shetland, aren't we?

One big happy family.

'..One of them wealthy,
one of them not.'

Now, I can't believe that
that hasn't created any tension.

My boy wouldn't hurt anyone,

let alone his own family.

You should be asking yourself
who inherits the land.

It's Hattie James.
I need to speak to you. Hattie?

Hang on. My signal's going.

Oh, good God!


Can you hear me? Hello?

Did Hattie ask permission
to work at the dig?

No. I didn't know she was here.

I was over at my croft all night.

Well, I have to ask you this.
Were you alone?

Uh-huh, alone.

I just want to know what happened
to my mother and this girl,

I don't need accusations.

You might want to take a look at it

before we whisk it down
to Inverness.

All the equipment's initialled,
so stuff doesn't get mixed up.

PB. And I'm guessing
it's not Pierce Brosnan.

Paul Berglund.

Check these for prints
as quick as you can.

As far as I'm concerned,
this is a suspicious death.

Tape off the area and get Sandy
to block the access road.

It'll keep him busy.

I'm going to head back
to the main island.

But, from the photos,
she reckons blood loss,

wounds probably self-inflicted.

I'm just... I'm not sure.

You see, the bruise on the arm,

it could be someone held her.

And she's got another one
on the back of her head.

She could have cracked it
when she passed out.

And these cuts?

No reason why they couldn't be

Self harmer?

Her mother said she'd suffered
from depression, didn't she?

The lab got back.

The only prints on the knife
are Hattie's.

What?! On a knife that numerous
people must have used?

That... that doesn't make sense!

I mean, what if... the prints
were wiped

and then, the knife was put back into
Hattie's hand after she was killed.

Nah... Jimmy, this feels
like suicide.

Mima's death could have pushed her
over the edge.

Hello. Yes, he's just here, hang on.

Who is it? Duncan.

What would you say if I told you

I just picked up that great
wee engine for your boat?

'I was going to call you...'

'Sounds ominous. Go on.'

Well, I was just thinking, you know,

because I cannot think of one single
person on these islands

that you haven't done business with,

because everybody likes you

'and everybody respects you...'

Where is this going?

I'm thinking of requesting
a banning order for Up Helly Aa.

'On what grounds?'

Public safety.
I do not have the manpower.

The festival will police itself.

I've got two unsolved murders
on my hands

and I'm supposed to switch off
all the streetlights in Lerwick.


'I'm supposed to open
all the church halls.'

And there's tourists
jamming all the roads.

Now, what do I do
if something happens?

What do you want me to do about it?
I'm not on the Island Council.

'But you know just about everybody
that is.'

So I'm thinking, you know,
if you back me up,

then, we might have a chance.

'I'll see what I can do.'

But Up Helly Aa has never
been cancelled.

Yeah, OK, great. Thanks for that.

Excuse me!

Have you heard?


What a waste, such a talented girl.

I've never understood suicide.

The knife found by her body
had the initials PB engraved on it.

The knife was used
to slash her wrists.

Any reason why she might use
your knife specifically?

Was it symbolic?
Is that what you mean?

She was upset about a love affair

and I just wondered...
Professor, student.

It happens. Yeah, I get the drift,
Inspector. Uh-huh.

But I want to make one thing clear -

there was nothing going on
between Hattie and myself.

If there's a reason
she took her life,

it wasn't me.


I'm Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez.
We spoke on the phone.

I've got a car waiting for you
over here.

Are you the one who found her?

Yes, I am.


I need some fresh air.

Can I get you anything?

Apart from a brave face.

You haven't got one of them,
have you?

In my family,
we just got on with things.

Not much for talking
about our feelings.

I never knew what to do
about her mood swings.

It's not easy being a parent.

Nobody gets it right.

Nobody. She had a breakdown.

A couple of years ago.

It was over some man.

Somebody she was at work with.

I thought she was on the mend.

I really did.

You don't think she killed herself,
do you?

Do you?

It's possible there's
another explanation.

There's talk of a failed
love affair a few years ago.

Does she mention
anything about that?

No. Berglund comes up
a lot in her posts.

Thanks. Having had one or two
fruitless crushes on older men,

I'd say she was a bit in love
with him. You think?

And he's always messaging her.

He said they hardly knew each other.

Not sure about that.
Check out her photos.

Not only did he know her,

I've a feeling it was
in the biblical sense as well.

Professor Berglund's
been telling porky pies.

Hello, Tosh! Drew.

Don't bother being nice to her.
You had your chance.

Is Berglund here?

He's gone out. Sorry.

Is something bothering you?

I just don't like being lied to,
that's all.

See, look, there.

Berglund's car.

Do you mind?


You told me that you'd never worked
with Hattie before this project.

So who's that, your twin brother?

She was volunteering on a dig
I was supervising.

I thought you might misinterpret
the situation.

Try me.

We had a brief fling.

I was away from my family.

Hattie was beautiful
and... available.

What I didn't realise
was... how needy she could be.

Were you still sleeping
with her at the time?


You think it's significant
she used my knife to kill herself.

You're wrong.

I didn't say she killed herself,

Was Hattie threatening to tell
the university about your affair?

Cos sleeping with a student
is a no-no.

I mean, you would lose your funding
overnight if that got out.
It was over.

It was! I don't know what
you're looking at her for?

She's young enough
to be your daughter, man.

Hattie did all these.

They're all objects that were found
at the dig. Except for that one.

Freya, the protector of lovers.

Well, you better hope
she's looking out for you two,

cos you're going to need her.

What's the score with the drawing
of the pendant?

Why's it with the stuff
from the dig?

Because Hattie thought it belonged


I knew I'd seen it before.


The Norwegian, Per Lungstad,

he's wearing the pendant
that Mima gave Hattie.

'You think Mima and this Norwegian
spy were lovers?'

Well, he gave her a pendant,
the Norse goddess of love,

and she kept it for 70 years.

Yeah... Drew never gave me anything
like that.

Although he did write my name in
the sand on the beach at Scalloway.

Spelt it wrong, though.

He can't spell Tosh?


Honest to God, Alison.
You're better off without him.


That goddess of love is certainly
being kept busy, isn't she?

What are you talking about?

Aye, almost as busy as Mr Berglund.

Whatever she's saying,
he's not liking it.

You know, you can see Ronald
and Anna's place from Mima's croft.

If there was anything going on
between the two of them,

what's the betting Mima
knew about it?

Should we spoil the party?


Sometimes it's good to keep
your powder dry, Tosh.

It's crowded up there.

Just got the pathologist's report.

You were right. Foul play.

Tosh, check with the Norwegian

See if you can get a record
of all the agents that used

the Shetland bus.

And I want the names

of all the men that went missing.


I'm not staying in again tonight.

Look, Cass.

A young girl got killed last night.

Until I know why,
you're going nowhere.

I can't wait for this to be over.

What? My childhood!

Can I at least go over to Duncan's?

Mary needs a hand making food
for Up Helly Aa.

Sure. I'll drop you.

Bye. Bye.

Who's this?

Gwen James wants to know

when she can take her daughter's
body back home.

I told her not for a few days.

OK. I got an email from
the War Museum in Bergen.

It's the list of the Norwegian
agents lost

during the Shetland Bus operations.

Look. Per Lungstad.

It seems to me
he was a bit of a hero.

He did far more trips
than any other sailor.

How did he die?

It was reported he drowned
during a crossing.

They never found a body.

They moved a lot of money between
Britain and Norway via the bus.

Does it say if he had
any money on him?

About a 100,000 Norwegian Krone
when he disappeared.

I'm guessing you could get
quite a lot of pickled herring
for that back then.

Shouldn't you be looking
after the croft?

I need to do something more,

especially now my father
is a suspect.

What do you mean?

His name is on your incident board.

Do you really think my father
could kill his own mother.

If he did, he wouldn't be beating up
cousin Ronald

for the same crime, would he?

Who said he beat up Ronald?

Crossed your mind though, didn't it?

Look, I'm not arguing with you
about this. OK?

My dad needs to know what happened.

It's eating him alive.

I can see it in his eyes.
I'm worried about him.

If it helps, I'll go over
and see him tomorrow.

Tell him how the investigation
is going.

Put his mind at ease. How's that?

Now, go home.

But I'll need you in tomorrow
to keep an eye on the festival.

And it'll be a long shift. OK?


Thank you.

Hi. Cassie ready?

I didn't realise you were
picking her up. She's gone.

Said she was meeting
some friends in town.

What's up?

Did she say where?

Market Cross.

Don't worry about her, Jimmy.
She'll be fine.

I've got two murdered women
on my hands

that thought they were going
to be fine.

Oh, hey! Calm down.
You're overreacting.

Cassie will be all right!

The island's not safe,

not until I say it is.

OK. You want me to come with you?

No. You're fine.

Hey, Ronald.

What do you want? Are you OK?

Should you not get home before
you get yourself in more trouble?

I don't have a home!

I don't have a wife!
I don't have a family! I've nothing!

All right, you calm down.

Calm down or I'm going to arrest you.

Get in the car.

I said get in the car.

What's happened?

Anna's left me.

That's what happened.

But she's going to regret that.

And so's the bastard
she's been shagging!

Careful with the threats, Ronald.
Remember who you're talking to.

Where did you find him? Uh?

Oh! Market Cross.

Listen, you haven't seen Cassie
on your travels, have you?

No. No?


Drink that.

You need to be thinking clear.

The booze is only going to make
things worse. For everyone.

I tried to make her happy.

It's not like I wanted to be
away from home.

I did it for her.

And this is how she repays me.

You know who the other man is?

Aye, that guy who runs the dig.

Do you know who I mean?


I'll just be two minutes.

Have you got anything
in your pockets?

What's the charge?

There's no charge.
He just needs a wee bit of "me time".


Are you gambling?

These slips add up to thousands.

Another reason for her to leave me,
I suppose.

Has this got anything to do
with why you were attacked

or why you were so sure
it wasn't Joseph?

You owe people?


Duncan Hunter.


Come here, you.

Your Dad's looking for you.

Suck this.

And if you want my advice,

stick to vodka, you can't smell it.

That was a joke, by the way.
Come on.

Right, where the hell have you been?!

You knew I didn't want you going out
on your own,

but yet, you did it anyway!

I said I'd meet them.

How do you think it would look
if I didn't turn up?

Nothing was going to happen to me.

You don't know that!

You don't know cos you don't know
what people are capable of!

You hungry?

OK, so Berglund was having

an on-off affair with Anna,

and also with Sophie,

and possibly Hattie.

I'm surprised he's got the strength
to pick up a trowel.

I suppose if you're going
to be addicted to something,

it might as well be sex.

Anyway, Mima must have seen him
coming and going,

so what if Anna knew she knew?

Gives her a motive.

Otherwise, she loses
the Haldane money.


Just so you know...

your man is down in the cells.

He hasn't done anything stupid,
has he?

What do you mean? Like going out
shooting rabbits

drunk as a skunk in the middle
of the night? No, nothing like that.

Oh, God!

But he did happen to mention
your domestic situation.

I'm not here to judge you.

It can't have been easy
moving all the way up here

just to find yourself on your own
for weeks on end

while your man's out at sea.

And then, when he does show his face,
it's always at the end of a bottle.

Now, with the baby,

it's a difficult situation.

I'm not surprised you feel neglected.

Along comes a man like Paul Berglund.

If I was in your situation, I would
probably have a go at him myself.

The problem I have

is that Mima Wilson must have known
about your affair.

Because it would have been hard
for her to miss it.

And then, the question I have
to ask myself is what part,

if any, that played in her death?

Look, I know what you're getting at,

but Mima wasn't going to say
anything about Paul and me.

She knew an unhappy marriage
when she saw one.


It was clear she never married again

because she was so unhappy
with Jerry Wilson.

She almost seemed relieved
he died young.


you know that if it does turn out
that Mima threatened

to reveal your affair, it gives you
a motive for murder.

There's a lot of money at stake.

I don't care about
the Haldane money.

I never have.

You know, I wish Mima
had told Ronald about us.

I would've thanked her.

I didn't have the courage
to do it myself.

When did it start?

Last year.

When he came up for the first dig.

Before you got pregnant?

So that is why he looked
so uncomfortable?

He didn't know?

Didn't know what?

Ah, come on...

That he's the father of your baby,
not Ronald.

I made a mistake marrying Ronald.

But it doesn't have to ruin my life,
does it?

You know, all I want
is a fresh start.

With Paul Berglund?

That's not going to happen.

Here, come on.

Have some of that.

Ah, takes me back.

This could be you one day.



Right, I'll be two minutes. OK.

So, how long have you been
taking illegal bets?

You know me. I'm always looking
for a new project.

It was just a bit of fun.

How much does Ronald owe you?

Three grand.

You should have told me!

Well, as you just pointed out,
it is slightly illegal.

Yeah, but do you not see my point?
Ronald's got a motive now.

He needs money, he needs it quick. He
could have gone to Mima's to rob her.

Why would he?
Jackie'll bail him out.

And what if she said no?

I hope you don't think
I had him duffed up.

Cos, truth be told, there's a queue
from here to Aberdeen

waiting to take a swing at him.

Your days as a bookie are over.


Is everything all right with Cassie?

Eh? Aye, she's fine.

I was wondering...

how she feels about me
and Mary starting a new family?

I mean, has she said
anything to you?

No. She likes Mary.

Oh, but me, not so much. No, eh...

I'm sure she resents me
for walking out when she was a baby.

Well, I know she does.

She feels rejected.

That's natural.

But she needs us both.

You did the right thing coming back.

But I don't think it's going to be
as easy as you think.

When did I say
it was going to be easy?

I'll... I'll see you later. Aye.

Cass. Uh-huh? Here.


you know, if you ever want
to talk to me about stuff,

you know, how you feel about Duncan,

stuff like that, you can.

You know, you won't hurt my feelings.

Cos I'd much rather you spoke to me
about it than bottled it up.



Two dads are better than one?

Always with the jokes, huh?

OK, if you must know.

I feel trapped sometimes.

I feel so far away from everything.

I know, I felt like that,

I couldn't wait to get away
from here.

Now, I couldn't imagine
living anywhere else.

It's been the longest
two years of my life.

You were born here. I know.

But it just seems a bit weird to
stay in the same place all the time.

If God had wanted us to do that,

he wouldn't have invented
TripAdvisor, would he?

What am I actually supposed to do?

There's no decent shops,
the Internet's dead slow.

I mean, if I was a tomboy, I'd climb
a tree, but we don't have any.

You know you'll be at university
before you know it.

In the meantime,

start collecting shells or something.

That's mine!

Come on!

Any chance of a bacon roll?

It's no bed and breakfast, Ronald.

And if I was you,
I would stop drinking.

You're a better man sober.

So do you think I killed Mima?

Some people are capable of anything
with a drink in them.

Now, gone, get away home.

Three cheers for the Galley builders!

Hip, hip, hooray!
Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!

You take the harbour,
I'll stay near the Market Cross. OK?

You're the boss.

Hi, Tosh, it's me.

I'm on the ferry back to Bressay.

I just want to make sure
you keep an eye on things.

Oh, what is it now?

Per Lungstad?

Mima ever talked to you about him
at all?

You see, you know what I think,
I think Mima thought it was him
that they dug up

and she was upset about it.

And, actually, you were upset
about it as well, weren't you?
Cos you stopped the dig.

"Let whoever is buried here
rest in peace," that's what you said.

Who's buried up there?

What changed your mind, Joseph?

Who is buried up there?

Because you know, don't you?

It was my father they found.

Jerry? Jerry was drowned at sea.

Jerry Wilson was not my real father.


Per was your father?


Mima thought the skull was his.

Now, what else did she tell you?


She said that...

She said that Jerry found out
about her and Per.

He was in a rage.

He told her that he'd given Per
24 hours to get off the island.

And what about the money?

The money that Per had on him
to take to Norway.

I...I don't know.

When did she tell you this, when?

The day she died.

I think she'd kept it secret
for as long as she could,

but now that it was
all going to come out,

she just wanted me
to know the truth.

Why didn't you tell me this?

This is nobody's business but mine.

But you must have been angry...

after being lied to
for all those years.

Are you telling me
you didn't lose your temper?

I did not harm my mother.

Well, then, where were you
the night she died?

Because you weren't in Lerwick.

I need to know, Joseph.

I need to know you didn't do this.

I was out on my boat.

All night.

I couldn't tell you cos I've already
been out 15 days fishing.

That's my quota for the month.

You're saying you lied to me
because you were black landing?

I need the money.

Boats like the Cassandra
are killing us.

Ronald's not here,
if that's who you're looking for.

He'll be over on the main island,
for the burning.

It's your father
I've come to talk to.

About what?

Well, it's not the EU fishing quota,

Just so you know,
he's had another fall.

He will keep trying
to get out of his chair.

You're not feeling your best today,
Andrew? Oh, could be worse.

I wanted to talk to you about
the old days, about the Shetland Bus.

You fit for that?

You and Jerry Wilson worked together?


The Scalloway men
repaired the boats.

But when the navy wanted crew,
they came to us.

We were just boys,

but the best sailors on the islands.

And you moved men and supplies
back and forth?


And money?


What about the Norwegian who was
passing information to the Germans?

What about him?

He got some of our boys captured.

The Germans executed them.

We were very angry.

You remember his name?

My memory isn't what it was.

Was it Per Lungstad?

It might have been.

Cos you boys meted out
some rough justice, or so they say.

I wouldn't know about that. No.

No, you wouldn't.

Cos that's not true.

Is it?

Per Lungstad wasn't a traitor.

Mima was having an affair with him,
wasn't she?

Well, if she was, it's a secret
she's taken with her to the grave.

I wouldn't be too sure about that,

You know what I think?

I think Jerry killed Per
in a jealous rage.

And I think you helped him
to dump the body,

maybe... even helped to kill him.

Not true!

And Jerry, what happened to Jerry?

What happened to him?

We were fishing.

The weather turned.

A wave washed him over.

I tried to hold onto him.

But I lost my grip.

And what about the money
Per had on him?

After Jerry was gone,
that was all yours, wasn't it?

You used it to buy
your first fishing boat.

You were 19. And look at you now, eh?

The proud owner of the Cassandra,
worth what, ten million?

Your fortune is built
on stolen money.

Even if that was true,

who would care about it now?


She saw her lover had been murdered
and one of the men that killed him

lived in the big house
across the hill.

What did she do,
did she threaten to ruin you?

Cos all she had to do
was pick up a phone.

You couldn't silence her on your own,

so you got somebody else
to do it for you. Was it Ronald?

Leave him alone!

Can't you see he's struggling?

OK, it's all right.


Why are you doing this to us?

Ronald had nothing to do
with Mima's death, nothing.

You can't be sure of that, Jackie.
It was a robbery. Some incomer.

You said yourself they smashed
a window, pulled out the phone!

The answer to Mima's death
lies in the past.

And you and your father know it.

What did you say to him?

What did you tell him?


'Tosh, it's me.'

'I want you to find Ronald Haldane
and bring him back in,

'I'm not finished with him yet.'
Yeah, right. Fine, I'm on it.

Don't involve Sandy,
use another uniform.

What did Jimmy Perez want?


All these years, you've sat up here,
looking down on us, haven't you?

Well, now, you're going to tell me
the truth.

What did Perez want?!

He thinks Ronald killed your mother!

Billy, radio Sandy,
he's not answering his phone,

and I need to speak to him.

I've had Inverness on.

They're sending up a forensic team

and a DCI to take over
the investigation.

Apparently, we're not getting
anywhere fast.

Tosh, you picked up Ronald yet?

No. I can't see him anywhere.
The place is mobbed.

Well, they're going to turn
the streetlights off at seven,
so just keep looking for him.

You... I'm sending a copy
of my report to your university.

So if I was you,
I'd start looking for another job.

What is it, Joseph?

Uncle Joseph!


When you found Mima's body,

you said the landline was unplugged.

That's right, isn't it?

I think so.

I noticed that when I went to call
the hospital. I plugged it back in.

Have you told anyone in the family
about this?


Are you sure. Nobody?

No, nobody.

Jimmy, I just saw Ronald
going into the Fish Market.

Joseph Wilson's away in after him.

'I think you better get over there.'

OK, I'll check it out.

Listen, I want you to issue an arrest
warrant for...

Never mind.

You're coming with me, now.
What do you think you're doing?

You want to help your son?
Now's your chance!

Tosh, Ronald's at the fish factory,

I want you to go over there
as quick as you can.

I'm on my way.


You think you were going to get away
with this? Did you? Did you, eh?


I never thought someone could
do that to one of their own.

Never! Never!


Put the knife down!

He's getting what he deserves.

Joseph, put down the knife.

Put it down!

Don't make things any worse
than they already are!

I'm not letting him
get away with it!

I'm going to mark him,
mark him for life...

so everyone, EVERYONE
will remember what he did.

He didn't kill Mima. He'd nothing
to do with it! Did he, Jackie?

Go on!

Tell him who killed Mima. Tell him!

Tell him!

That night...

after we found the skull,
Mima called.

She was angry.

She said my father
would die in prison.

Made crazy accusations
about the past,

about where our money came from.

I didn't know what she was on about.

But when I looked into my father's
eyes, I knew it was all true.

I had to protect him.

Don't you see?

We'd lose everything.

Dad would have to go
into some care home.

I couldn't let Mima do that to us.
I couldn't.

And Hattie?

Hattie came to see me...

and she said Mima's lover
was buried near the croft.

I couldn't let her find the body.

I followed her.

I didn't want to hurt anyone.

But I had to put an end to this.

You have to protect your family.

You know that, Joseph.

Family comes first.

WE are family.


Jackie Haldane, I'm arresting you

for the murders of Mima Wilson
and Hattie James.

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence if...

If you do not...

I know it - if you do not mention,
when questioned,

something you later rely on
in court.

Should I bring in Andrew Haldane?

And charge him with what?

I just wanted to say that
I thought your daughter was lovely.

She could empathise with people

and see the world
from their point of view.

And, unfortunately, that made her

But it also made her care.

And I wish there were more people
like her.

You should be very proud of her.

I am.

I always will be.

Safe trip.

Is that who I think it is?

Yep. It's the mainland DCI
and his team.

I thought you told them
we didn't need them.

I thought you did.


You still think this is the best
place in the world to live?

Yep, of course I do.

I mean to say, on a clear day,
you can see Norway over that way.

There is that.

And... you can see Iceland
over that way.

The shop?

I forgot, we don't have one of them.

Or a McDonald's. Uh-huh.

Or a Marks & Spencer. Uh-huh.

We've got the sky and the sea,

and razorbills and kittiwakes.

What more do you want?