Shetland (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Red Bones: Part 1 - full transcript

As DI Jimmy Perez investigates the murder of an elderly lady who is shot dead outside her croft, he finds evidence of a massive, bitter dispute between two families.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
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Season 1 - Episode 01

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OK, I'll be five minutes.

Have you got everything?

You got your gloves
and your homework and...

What do you think this is?
A fashion choice?

It was Norse Mythology this week.

Right, don't be cheeky, you.

Don't pretend like you're organised.
We're 15 minutes late already.



Are you in, Mima?

Now that Shetland prepares
for an influx of visitors

for Up Helly Aa,
Europe's largest fire festival,

'the council is reminding residents

'that the streetlights
will be turned off in Lerwick

on Tuesday from 7.30pm to 8am.

The festival will culminate
in a torch-lit procession...

- Morning.
- Morning, Billy.

Morning, Craig.

Robert Eunson's in the cells.

Drunk in the Market Square
at three this morning

singing King Of The Road.

You'd think he'd have found
another song by now.

You got any news from
the Up Helly Aa Committee?

Aye, it's just in.

Guizer Jarl thinks it'll be
the best festival we've ever had.

I heard a rumour there's going to
be a Lady Gaga squad this year?

- You know anything?
- Well, you see, I do.

But then, if I told you about
it, then I'd have to kill you.

It kicks off as usual at 9.45.

The Jarl Squad march along
the esplanade to the Ferry Terminal,

where the official photographs
will be taken.

Lights out at 19.00.
Set fire to the galley at eight.

Then drink will be taken.

Hi, Duncan.
You come to hand yourself in?

Or are you looking to sublet the
cells and rent them out to tourists?

That's not a bad idea.

No, I'm checking you still need
an engine for your boat.

- I think I might have found one for you.
- And will there be a finders' fee

- involved in this?
- Course. What am I?

A charity?

- Tea?
- Excuse me.

- Jimmy Perez.
- It's Sandy...

I'm at...Croft...Bressay...

I'm sorry, Sandy,
I didnae quite catch that.

I said... Grandmother's croft.

I don't understand.
She's been shot.

She's dead.


what I want you to do is I want you
to phone Billy on the landline

and give him all the details.

I'm going to get the inter-island
ferry to Bressay

and I'll be there in 20 minutes, OK?


Are there any signs
of a break-in at the croft?

There is some broken glass.

Do you know if the neighbours
heard anything?

I called my cousin Ronald.

His croft's just up the road.

He passed by late last night,
but didn't hear a thing.

Neither did Auntie Jackie
and she's just over the ridge.

Could it have been an accident,
do you think?

A shotgun blast up close? No.

Did Mima own a gun?

She keeps it in the hall cupboard.

What's the signal like up here?

Comes and goes.
You'll need to go up the hill.

OK. This is what I want you to do.

I want you to phone
the hospital in Lerwick.

Use the landline. But try not
to contaminate anything.

And get them to send
an ambulance over here.

After that,
I want you to tape off this area,

set up a common approach path

and put up a windshield.

Do you think you can handle that?


Can I cover her up?

No, I'm sorry.

We need photographs.

I know you were close,

but we multi-function here, Sandy.

There's nobody coming
over the horizon.

Can somebody please answer that?!

Sorry, sorry, it's mine.


- Inspector!
- Did I wake you?

No, Sir.
I've been up for ages.

Well, look, I could lose
my signal at any moment.

I want you to get on the ferry
to Mima Wilson's croft on Bressay

and bring your camera.

We got a suspicious death.

You got that?


Gun hasn't been fired for years.

- Did Mima own this place?
- Yeah.

- Does cousin Ronald have a claim?
- No.

He's related on my mother's side.

- So it'll come to your dad?
- Yeah.

- And where is he now?
- At home.

I told him not to come down.

It did not feel right breaking
the news like that on the mobile,

but I was worried
about contamination.

No, no, you did the right thing.

Can you tell if anything's missing?

I don't think so.

But Mima's phone was unplugged.

I put it back in.

Why Mima?

She didn't have anything to steal.

She always lived alone.

My granddad died young.

What's the story with the dig?

Archaeological team
from Aberdeen Uni,

led by a Professor Paul Berglund.

Right, take as many as you can,

the body, the surrounding area,

and inside the croft, and
then, e-mail them to Inverness.

- Do you think you can manage that?
- Course.

Are you sure? Cos your eyes
look like pissholes in the snow.

Late night.

- I thought I was off-duty.
- We're never off-duty here.

Have you still not got that yet?

Is this your first?

Don't worry.
It happens.

It's not that.

It's the Dutch Chocolate Vodka
from last night.

OK, fill me in on cousin Ronald.
I've not met him.

His mother and my mother
were cousins.

His dad passed
away a few years ago

and left him this bit of land,

so him and Anna could set up home.

Now, he's taken his place
on his family's pelagic trawler.

- Is that The Cassandra?
- Yeah.

She's a beauty.
State of the art.

Not like my old man's tug boat.

I hear the Haldanes are worth
a fortune. Is that right?

They've got part of
the fishing quota.

They do OK.

Does that cause any problems
between the families?

- No.
- No?

I'm sorry for your loss.

You must be stunned.

But I'm going to have to
ask you a few questions.

You passed by the croft last night?


I was just on my way home.

He was drinking over in Lerwick.

- Like he does every night.
- Look.

I'm no' long back from sea.
I don't know what to do with myself.

- Now, get off my back!
- For goodness' shake!

- All right?
- These days,

the deep-sea ships only do
two or three long trips a year.

Ronald can explain.

I'd been over at the mainland.

I got the last ferry back and
I had a wee nightcap at the ceilidh.

What about you, Anna,
did you see anybody about?

The baby was sleeping.

I took the opportunity to join him.

Jackie, Ronald's mum was here.

That was earlier.

- How long did Jackie stay?
- Half an hour.

She wanted to tell us about a piece
of bone she found at the dig.

She was actually quite excited.

Is that the dig at Mima's?


I know.
It was six.

I got him down to four.

Why do men like so many things
that are bad for them?


If you think of anything
else, just call the station.


Has the gun been fired recently?

Aye, I went out shooting rabbits
after I got home.

Do you often go out lamping
with a drink in you?

I didn't go anywhere
near Mima's croft.

I'll need to take the gun.


If you don't mind.

So how did Ronald and Anna meet?

She came to Shetland on holiday.

I have a feeling it was the place
she fell in love with.

I'm going to need a word
with your dad,

in case he spoke to Mima last night.


- What's going on?
- Hattie!

- Where's Mima?
- Hattie!

Mima's dead.

- I'm sorry.
- Oh, God!

Oh, God.

I know.

Hattie, you know
she was wearing your coat?

Did you give it to her?


The other day.

It was pouring down.

Mima always liked that jacket.

I said she could keep it.

And that was
the last time you saw her?


No, I was with her last night.

- What time?
- I left the ceilidh about nine.

I stopped in
and had a quick drink with her.

Did she seem like
her normal self to you?

There was one thing.

Mima was a bit funny
at the dig earlier.

Sophie and I were working
in the trench with Jackie,

she'd volunteered to help.

Jackie Haldane,
is that Ronald's mother?

That's right.
Mima turned up with some tea

just as Jackie
found a piece of bone.

I was hoping it was
a fragment of pottery,

but it was a pars orbital.

A human skull.

Mima seemed upset when she saw it.

D'you know why?

Maybe she didn't like the idea
of living so close to the dead.


I spoke to him just this morning.

I hope he's not gone
and done something stupid.

Can I help you?

I'm sorry for your loss, Joseph.

It's a hell of a thing
to lose your mother like that.

She wasn't an easy woman.

She could start an argument
in an empty room.

But she was my mother.

She did not deserve
to die like that.


Can you shed any light
on what happened?

Did you hear a gunshot?


I wasn't sure if you were in.
I called by.


That's right.
I was over in Lerwick...

picking up some new nets.

I missed the last ferry,
slept in my car

and waited for the early one.

Sandy, you've got some leave due.

I want you to stay with your dad.

Cos he needs you.

- I want to help.
- Well, you can.

Get him to check that nothing
was taken from the croft,

cos we need to be sure.

I'm capable of more than that
if you'll give me a chance.

I know you are, but it's difficult.

You can't investigate
your own family.

Jackie Haldane?
Ronald Haldane's your son?

Jimmy, isn't it?

I knew your mother
when she was a girl.

Come in.

How's she doing these days?

Much the same. Still keeping
my old man on his toes.

This is my father...


Mr. Haldane.

Just wetting the baby's head.
Better late than never.

Have you any news yet?

No, not yet.

First, we have to eliminate
family members from our inquiries.

Now, just so that I understand this,

you and Joseph's late wife
were cousins, am I right?

Aye, but we're all connected

in one way or another
on Shetland, aren't we?

One big happy family.

Since all these incomers
came to work at Sullom Voe,

you wouldn't know
who's on the islands.

It's not safe any more.

Don't forget your pills, Dad.

- I took them already.
- That was yesterday.

Nobody wants to think that
a Shetlander did this, Mr. Haldane,

but the fact is,
nine times out of ten,

victims know their killers.

Jackie, you were at
Anna and Ronald's house,

did you notice any strangers
on your way home?

I didn't, sorry.

I was in after that.

My father can't be left alone
for any length of time.

Hattie said that Mima was a bit...

put out when you found the skull.

It was nothing.

She was quite possessive of Hattie.

She got a bit hacked off
when I volunteered to help.

That was all.

What's going to happen
to the dig now?

It looks like Joseph
is going to close it down.

And put the place up for sale,
no doubt.

He's been trying to get Mima
to sell for years.

Duncan Hunter wants to build
holiday cottages on the land.

But she'd never agree.

Tell your mother I said hello.

- I will.
- She's over on Fair Isle now, isn't she?

- That's right.
- Jackie!

- I'm sorry, excuse me.
- Thanks.

I want you to check the CCTV
as soon as you can.

I want to know that
Joseph was where

he said he was the
night Mima died.

It's a bit weird.

Champagne with Mima hardly cold?


This from the woman that thinks

Dutch Chocolate
Vodka's a desert.

Mum was right, cooking is all about
timing, and you don't have any.

- It'll be ready in two minutes.
- It's only pasta,

the place looks
like a bomb's hit it.

One minute.

I don't know why you don't
just let me cook.

- Cos I like cooking.
- Well, that may be, but

you're rubbish at it.

Pasta should be served al dente.

Oh, is that right?

Well, you can have yours
al fresco, if you like.

Can I go over to Maureen's after?

- No.
- Why?

Cos it's late, it's getting dark.

And there's a killer on the loose?

Cassie, that's no' funny.

In fact, until this
Mima Wilson business is over,

I don't want you going anywhere
on your own.

What's this about
you trying to buy

Mima Wilson's place on Bressay?

I made an offer.

150,000 for the croft
and the surrounding land.

For more holiday lets?

Christ, Duncan, you're turning into
Shetland's answer to Donald Trump.


Anyway, no joy.

Joseph wanted the deal
to go through,

but unfortunately,
it's not his land.

It is now.

No idea what happened yet?


I could do without Up Helly Aa.

I need my people on this case. I've
not got the resources to do both.

You know most people
think Ronald Haldane

got drunk
and shot Mima by accident.

Well, thinking's fine.
I have to be sure.

You know your problem?

You think it's perfect here

and you want to protect it
at all costs.

And a wee bit more sunshine
and you'd turn it into Benidorm?

I wish.

No, I just think most people here
don't lock their doors

and I'd like it to stay that way.

Jimmy. Everything changes.


- Cassie!
- Yeah?

Come and say good night
to your father.

All right, coming.

- Night.
- Night, Cass.

- See you at the weekend.
- OK.

She's another thing that'll change.

She'll get bored with Shetland soon.

She'll go back to the mainland.

We'll see.

Jimmy, it was great you came home.

After Fran and me split up
and you guys got together,

I thought I'd never
see Cass again.

So I can't thank you enough.

But it wasn't completely
selfless, was it?

You want to be here
more than she does.

- But it's not my business.
- No, aye.

It is.
You're her father.

But you're her dad.

Looks like hard work.


We're not sure yet
if Mima's family

will let us continue
digging here.

Can I ask about the brace?

It's just you don't really
look like a detective?

And you don't look like
an archaeologist.

She isn't,
she's a student.

Don't let the brace fool you.

They fast-track
the brainy ones like me.

Fast-track to nowhere.

Truth is, I was getting married
to a Shetland boy.

Thought I'd get my teeth
straightened before the wedding.

Any road, he had second thoughts,
called it off,

but I thought I might as well
stick with the brace.

It's all very amicable.

Has to be, on an island, doesn't it?

Is there anything missing?

Only tales from other people
about my father.

Mima never...

Never talked about him.

He worked on the Shetland Bus
during the war.

Is that right?

Local boats were used to...

transport saboteurs into Norway

under the noses of the Germans.

Across the North Sea
in the dead of winter.

Aye, brave men.

Which one is your dad?

The one on the left. Jerry Wilson.

You know this skull they found?

Apparently, it seemed to
bring back the past for Mima

in some way or another.

Any idea why that might be?



Is this where you found the skull?

Just over there.

We were hoping we could
date it 15th century.

That would fit with
Professor Berglund's theory.

We've already found
silver coins from that period.

Hopefully, it shouldn't be too long
before you can start work again.

No more digging.

- This is sacred ground now.
- What?! Because of the skull?

That could have been there
for centuries.

No matter. No more digging.

Whoever was buried here
will rest in peace.

Losing your temper
isn't going to help.

No love lost there.

Hi, Tosh. You recovered? You were
giving it laldy the other night.

DC Macintosh,
if you don't mind, Drew.

It's not like it's your business
any more, is it?

All right.
Aye, fair enough.

Do you have a Paul Berglund staying?

The Professor who's running
the dig at Mima Wilson's?

You just missed him.
He was going to catch the mainland ferry.

He said he'd be back in a day or so.

University business, I think.

Can you describe him for me?

Wearing a Gore-Tex waterproof.

Thanks. That really narrows it down.

Berglund was on the ferry
that just left.

OK, get McCabe
to radio Aberdeen,

I want him back on the next one.

And the harbour master
doesn't remember seeing

Joseph get on the Bressay ferry.

OK, we're going to have to
go through the CCTV,

cos I need to know if
he was in Lerwick or not.

List of people with
a licence to hold a shotgun.

The Haldanes are on it -
Andrew and Ronald.

Joseph Wilson.

Half the islands.

And the other half are phoning me
wanting to know what happened.

Vicky at the museum is still trying
to carbon-date the skull fragment.

And Hattie James' alibi
checks out.

The couple she spoke to came in
and gave a statement.




I thought you were at your dad's.

He wants to know
when my granny's body

can be released for the funeral.

Well, tell him he's going to
have to wait for the PM report.

I did.

But he's taking it really bad.

I think having the funeral
might help.

Well, my hands are tied.

You know, when I was
at your Aunt Jackie's,

they were all drinking champagne.

Well, Jackie's partial to that.

I don't think looking after
old Andrew is easy.

But, like you said, there's no
tension between the families, is there?

You know, if you're trying
to protect somebody, Sandy,

- don't.
- She's my grandmother.

You think I don't want
to know who killed her?!



I'll never make detective
at this rate, will I?

This is Mima Wilson's
croft on Bressay.

This is Ronald's house...


..and Joseph's.

Two families -
the Wilsons and the Haldanes.

Related. Living on top
of one other for generations.

One of them wealthy,
one of them not.

Now, I can't believe that
that hasn't created any tension,

despite what Sandy says.

It's ten minutes
from here on the ferry,

but it can feel pretty isolated.

Aye, and plenty of time
to nurse your wrath.

Why are you still wearing that thing?

Because you think there's a chance that you
and Drew are going to get back together again?

Don't be daft!

I just don't want Scottish teeth.

I want nice American teeth.

How are you getting on
tracking down Joseph's movements?

McCabe's trawling the
CCTV tapes as we speak.


There he is.

Professor Paul Berglund?

I'm DI Perez.

You're a hard man to track down.

I was just on my way to see you.

I was talking to Hattie.

She said that Mima was troubled

by the discovery
of the human skull.

Did she say anything to you about it?

Hattie tends to blow things
out of proportion.

She's an emotional girl.

You know her well, then?

No. I've just gleaned the fact
that she's quite neurotic.

After Mima was found dead,

you took a ferry
to the mainland.

- What was the big rush?
- He said, threateningly.

Funding meeting.
Had to be there.

And you can corroborate that?

Of course!

Sorry, am I a suspect?

Well, according to Hattie,

this dig was quite
important to you.

Mima could have closed it down.

Like I said, Hattie exaggerates.

I didn't get that impression.

It seems we've taken
an instant dislike to each other.

That's unfortunate.

Not for me.

I'd really appreciate it
if you'd let me know in advance

the next time you plan
to leave Shetland.

Let's go.

Get off, get off...!


He was found by the
road, unconscious.

- Nothing on CCTV. Blind spot.
- OK.

You must have some idea
who did this to you?

It was dark and I was...

Well, I'd had a few.

- They didn't rob you, then?
- I don't think so, no.

Do you think it might have
something to do with Mima?



- How can you be so sure?
- Why would it?

Because people blame you.


Look, I told you not to come.
I'm fine.

Who did this?

My boy wouldn't hurt anyone,

let alone his own family.

Make sure people
understand that, please.

Come on, let's go.
I need to get back.

Your granddad's on his own.

You should be asking yourself
who inherits the land?


Well, it's not us, is it?

I was rubbish at history.

I mean,
King James VI and King James I

were the same person?

That's just confusing.

Having said that,

Rocky II and Rocky
IV are the same film.

Jimmy Perez?

Hi, Vicky,
thanks for seeing us.

You interested in
the Shetland Bus?

That's ironic.

You weren't when you were at school.

I was his teacher.

- Is that a young Mima Wilson?
- It is indeed.

And that's Mima's husband?
Jerry Wilson.

With Andrew Haldane.

Best young sailors
of their generation.

Oh, so Mima's husband
and Jackie's father worked together?

Alongside Norwegian sailors.

Between 1940 and '45,

they took spies, supplies,

and large sums of money
across to Norway.

Sometimes they'd
bring back refugees.

To take the Shetland Bus became
a synonym for escaping the Nazis.

I should have paid
more attention in class.

No comment.

Anyway, not all our lads survived.

Some were betrayed
by a double agent.

Jerry Wilson and Andrew Haldane
were lucky.

People say the Shetlanders
discovered the double agent

and meted out their own
brutal form of justice.

Have you had any results back
on that skull yet?

Not yet, but the coins

they found returned dates
between 1465 and 1510.

The skull will probably be the same.

Yeah, I need to know for certain.

Tosh, will you wait here a minute?

You not cold out here?

I miss her.

I could tell her anything.

Nothing seemed to shock her.

What's that?

It's Freya,
the goddess of love.

She soared through the heavens
in a cloak made of hawks' wings.

She's supposed to protect lovers.

I take it the man that caused you
all the trouble gave you that?


It was Mima.

- Who gave it to her?
- I didn't ask.

I presumed it was her husband.

She was right, though.

We don't need men
these days, anyway.

You know, the man that hurt you...

it just means he's not the right one.

Are you sure you're a policeman?

I can still roll over
the bonnet of a car if I need to.

I take it you met the right person.

You telling me she's never hurt you?

Not deliberately.


Come on, you'll catch
your death out here.

We're going over to Bressay to see Joseph.
I'll drop you at the Bod, if you like.

I heard about Ronald.
How is he?

He'll be all right.

He never saw who attacked him,

so there's not really much
I can do about it.

I don't want to have to ask you this,
but where were you last night?

- He was here, with me.
- Yeah?

If you're thinking it was me
who had a go at Ronald, think again.

Cos if it had been me, he would
not be getting out of hospital.

Now, look.

I know folk are saying that Ronald
accidentally shot your mother,

but it might not be the case, so

I want you to ignore
those rumours. OK?

They don't remember you
getting the Bressay ferry

the night Mima died.

Do you have the ticket?

I threw it away.

Someone must have seen you.

You were telling me
about the Shetland Bus.

You never mentioned
that Ronald's grandfather

and your father sailed together.

Were your father and Mima
married then?

Childhood sweethearts.

Cos they say that
there was a Norwegian

who was killed on the island,
a traitor.

Did Mima ever mention
anything about that?

Like I said, she never spoke
much about those years.

Because there's a photograph of Mima
with some young Norwegian lad
at the museum.

And I just wondered that...

maybe that's why
she was upset about the skull.

Cos maybe she thought
it was somebody she knew.

And if that was the case...

then, she'd be even more loath
to sell up, wouldn't she?

Who said anything about selling up?

Did your dad not tell you that Mima
had had an offer for the land?

Mima never would have
sold her place.

We know that Mima Wilson
was killed around 11pm.

And we know that the killer wanted
to make it look like a burglary.

Hattie James was the last person
to see Mima alive.

Paul Berglund had
a lot riding on the dig.

He stood to get major funding
if they got results.

So is it possible that Mima
was going to shut them down

after they discovered the skull?

Or that she was going to
sell the land?

Is that a strong enough motive
to kill her?

Well, I don't know.

Ronald Haldane.

He could have shot Mima,

either deliberately or accidentally.

But if he did it deliberately,
then, why?

He wouldn't gain from her death.

If he did it by accident,
he could have panicked

and tried to make it
look like a burglary.

Yeah, you see, that's possible.

Is your dog a member of
the magic circle, by any chance?

Cos he's very good at making
those biscuits disappear.

I'll buy some more.

What, are we done with
the dog and the biscuits?

- Sure.
- Joseph.

Duncan wanted
to buy the croft.

Joseph wanted Mima to sell it.

And she wouldn't.

Now, we still can't verify

his movements on the
night that she died.

So the question that we have to
ask ourselves is this -

did Sandy's dad kill his own mother
for the croft?

How was school?

Well, no crimes were committed,

so, really, I can't see
what would interest you.

Could you go a bit faster, please?
I want to get home.


cos that would
be breaking the law.

We can't do that,
the police might arrest us.


What are your plans for Up Helly Aa?

Cos if you're going to
go on your own,

keep your mobile ON, OK?

I might give it a miss.

Are you serious?

It's just a bunch of men dressed up
as Vikings burning a boat.

The biggest fire
festival in Europe.

- Everybody on the islands loves it.
- Everybody minus one.

Hattie, where are you going?

Can't sleep?

I can.

I'll be up in a minute.

No, you won't.
I know you don't sleep.

Not since Mum died.

I hear you're going out
to work on the boat.

Oh, you know. You need less sleep
as you get older.

But you're not old.

Want to see what the boat's
going to look like again?


your mum wanted the hull
to be bright blue,

so that it would cheer people up
as it went by.

Sometimes, I get angry at her
for leaving us.

I know that doesn't make sense.

It wasn't her fault
that she got ill, but...

I do.

You know what, kiddo?
So do I.

But she left me you.

And without you, I don't know
what the point would be.

OK, bed!


- Night!
- Night!

- Jimmy Perez.
- Hi,

it's Hattie James.
I need to speak to you.


Hang on...
My signal's going.


- Hattie?
- Hi, it's Hattie,

please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.

You got a signal yet?



Someone as untidy as me.

Didn't think they existed.

- What are you doing here?
- We're looking for Hattie.

I haven't seen her since last night.

She's been weird
since Mima was killed.

Do you have a number for her parents?

Her mum's name's Gwen, she lives
in Glasgow. That's all I know.

We don't really go in
for girlie heart-to-hearts.

Well, do you know
where she might have gone?

What? You don't
know? You don't care?

- I can't tell.
- You know, Mima's death

has affected us all,
it's not just Hattie.

I'm getting the first ferry
back to civilisation.

No, you're not.
Not unless I say so.

Call the police station at Lerwick
as soon as she gets back.

it's Jimmy Perez.

We've just been up at the Bod and...

- Give us a pound, quick.
- I've only got a £2 coin.

- That's a total waste...
- Just give us it!

Yeah, if you pick this up,
could you give us a call?

We just want to know where
you are and that you're OK.

What is the matter with you?!


Has Hattie James been in contact
or left any messages?



OK, listen, we may have
a missing person.

Inform the Coastguard
Section Manager

and radio the station at Brae
and let Willie know.

I want us to check the CCTV.

Cos I don't want to call out
Search And Rescue

if Hattie's sitting in a pub
in Lerwick crying into her beer.

And tell Sandy his leave's over.

Cos if I've got to put
a search party together

we're going to need him.

And get me the number for
Hattie's mother, it's Gwen.


- Hello.
- Gwen James?

Sorry, who's this?

This is Detective Perez,
from the Shetland Constabulary.

There's no cause for concern,
Mrs. James,

I just wondered if you'd heard
from your daughter Hattie recently?

Is everything all right?

She's not in any trouble, is she?

No, no.

Is she...

Is she likely to hide herself away
if she's upset about something?

- Why?
- Don't worry, Mrs. James.

If she does
get in contact with you,

can you please let me know?


Right, Tosh, you and me.

- There you are!
- Yeah.

I want you to check the shore road
and the pubs around the harbour

for Hattie James,
and can you do it now, please?

You check the house. I'll head up
to the dig and see if she's there.



It's Gwen... Mum...
Been...trying to...get you.


- Hattie, I can't hear you.
- Have you... Yet?

Oh, good God!


Can you hear...?


Can you here me?

Can you hear me?


Are you there?


I just wanted to say that
I thought your daughter was lovely.

And I wish there were
more people like her.

You should be very proud of her.

I've got two unsolved murders
in my hands

and I'm supposed to switch off

all the streetlights in Lerwick.

Up Helly Aa
has never been cancelled.

Right, thanks for that.

Where the hell have you been?

You knew I didn't want
you going out on your own,

but yet, you did it anyway!

She used my knife
to kill herself.

I didn't say she killed herself,

It's the list of
the Norwegian agents

lost during
the Shetland Bus operations.

Per Lungstad? Mima ever talked
to you about him at all?

He got some of
our boys captured.

You know that if it does turn out that
Mima threatened to reveal your affair,

- it gives you a motive for murder?
- She's going to regret that,

and so's the bastard
she's been shagging!

Ronald had nothing to do
with Mima's death...

- Joseph!
- ..nothing.

Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd
Sync: Marocas62