Shetland (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Episode #3.3 - full transcript

After Maguire's murder Rhona tells Jimmy that he was really called Michael Thompson, a man on witness protection on the island. As a result Rhona, Jimmy and 'Tosh' travel to Glasgow, where they learn that Michael was to testify against gangster Arthur McCall, who is not forthcoming in interview in prison. Jimmy also has to fight off one of McCall's heavies whilst learning that Michael and Leanne - still in a coma - were shot by the same gun. He does meet Glaswegian policewoman Asha Israni, who tells him that Michael was hoping to link up with a man called Brian McDade, whilst back on Shetland another important link is established between Michael and Robbie, hastening Jimmy's return to the island.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- You've found Robbie, haven't you?
- I'm sorry, Leanne.
- It's that guy

with the rings. Have you arrested him?
- I take it this is coincidence?

- You see your alibi coming?
- You're saying you were in

- Mr Maguire's company...
- Was there all night.

- I have to go away, will you come with me?
- Where?
- Glasgow.

Next time you'll hear me coming,
won't you?

I need you to have a closer look
at Robbie Morton's body.

- What's that?
- A tattoo.

- You've got a connection to Glasgow.
- It's just a tattoo.
- No, it's not.

The whole family knows
that he's in trouble.

- Tell me whatever it is you know.
- I don't know anything.

Why did you trash
Freya's workshop? Huh?!

He's haunted by something...
or hunted.


Michael Maguire's here
on witness protection.



Any word from Sandy?

We've pulled in officers from
everywhere we could get them.

Nothing's left the island
since she was shot.

- Have you heard from the hospital?
- It's touch-and-go.

So... Michael Maguire drives up here,
shoots Leanne,

and leaves his car.

Why? Why would you?

It's Billy.

- Billy.
- Boss. A body's been pulled
from the water over at Scraada.

I got them to send me a photo.

It's Maguire.
Looks like he's been shot.

Shoots Leanne... then kills himself?


Call the ferry port and the airport

and tell them that we're no longer
looking for Michael Maguire.

The suspect has not been ID'd,
we have no description...

Oh, who did she leave with Freya?

Denny and Jo from the station
in Brae.

Right, get on to them and tell
Sandy to meet us in Scraada.

Ms Galdie!

Two shots.

That's one in the head
and one in the heart.

That's a professional hit.

Right, we can forget about
the airport and the ferry terminal,

because this guy isn't going to be
using public transport.

- Private craft? That's over a
thousand miles of coastline.
- I know.

Coastguard's satellite tracking
system records most of

the shipping movements
within a 100-mile radius of Lerwick.

All right, get over there and see
if anything lights up, because...

if we're lucky - I mean
if were really lucky -

then he hasn't left Shetland.

Billy? Get ahold of the ARU.

We're going to need somebody
over at the hospital,

this was a professional job.
If Leanne's a witness

then she could be in danger.

- Sorry. She was away before
we could stop her.
- Freya.

Is it him? Is it Michael?

Is there someone, a friend
or a relative, that I can call?


I'm fine. Thank you.


I'm so sorry, I'm going to have to
take this.

- Sandy.
- 'Coastguard have ID'd
what looks like a cabin cruiser.

'Left Skolland at 11.47 last night'

on a Northerly bearing.

Plenty of time to shoot Maguire
and get there from Scraada.

- OK, and do they know where
that boat is now?
- Out of range.

Right, meet me in Skolland.

OK, I'm going to have to go now

but I'm going to come back
as quickly as I can. OK?

Shootings on Shetland, eh? Terrible.

That's the Age of Aquarius for you.

Just so I'm clear, Eric,

you didn't notice what time
the cabin cruiser docked

but you did notice it
leaving the harbour

- just before midnight last night?
- Aye.

There was a bit of row -
shouting, you know.

- So I looked out the window.
- Hear what the shouting was about?

An argument of some sort.
But they got going after that.

- Looked like they were in a hurry.
- Who's they?
- The crew.


- Can you describe any
of the men you saw?
- Billy.

No' really. It was dark.

- They just loaded the bags and went.
- What kind of bags?

Couple of holdalls.
One chap had a big one.

- Kind of long like fishing rods or...
- Sir!

A word.

The harbour master says
their paperwork doesn't check out.

And Norwegian police just got
on to the coastguard -

apparently the cabin cruiser was
stolen from Harstad a week ago.

Contact the Norwegian,
Swedish, Faroese authorities.

Maybe they'll make landfall.

We lost him, didn't we?

Michael Maguire.
Real name Michael Thompson.

On witness protection in Shetland
for the last ten months.

Who was he testifying against?
Who benefits from his death?

I'm due in Glasgow to see the senior
area fiscal, Phyllis Brenan,

on a... unrelated matter.
I will find out.

In the meantime, any other lines
of inquiry worth pursuing?


Michael Thompson and Robbie Morton
both had the same tattoo.

They were both on the same
ferry crossing last Friday night,

where they got into
some kind of dispute.

- They're connected.
- Same killer?
- Mm-mm.

- What about the girl... er, Leanne?
- She's in a medically induced coma.

They're keeping us posted.

But this isn't just about us being
kept in the dark historically,

Rhona. We've got two murders
and one near-fatal shooting

and the chief suspect in which
has got to be whoever

Michael Thompson was going to
testify against.

Now, we can't be running into a wall
of silence thrown up

by some fiscal's office in Arbroath.

- If they don't start co-operating
with us...
- I will do my best.

I hope this doesn't make things
too difficult for you.


Ask me after I've talked to her.

(I so need a fag right now.)


Something to do with his family?

Michael Thompson opens this
every morning and he sees this.

Was Michael his real name?

Yeah. Michael Thompson, though,
not Michael Maguire.

- Was he married?
- I don't know.

What about children?
Did he have children?

Did he kill that boy,
Robbie? Do you think he...?

We don't know who killed Robbie.

We don't know who killed Michael.

Or why.

But we're doing our best
to find out.

Did anybody ever come to the house?

Was there anybody... hanging around?

Anything unusual?


He never talked about his past,

he was always going off
on business trips -

sometimes at a couple of hours'

His flat looked like
no-one lived there.

And someone trashed my workshop
and he knew who it was.

- Apart from that... no...
- No.
- ..nothing.

Does this mean anything to you?

Is that his family?

I don't know.

I know...

I know you need answers.

I will do my best.

Do you reject sin so as to live
in the freedom of God's children?

- I do.

Do you reject the glamour of evil
and refuse to be mastered by sin?

- I do.

Do you believe in God,
the Father Almighty,

- creator of heaven and Earth?
- I do.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ,
his only son our Lord,

who was born of the Virgin Mary,
was crucified, died and was buried,

rose from the dead and is now seated
at the right hand of the Father?

I do.

Christ, what a cock-up.

- Not our cock-up.
- I never said it was.

We were obstructed and kept
in the dark by one of the offices

under your jurisdiction.

Now, someone needs to
make sure that my DI

- gets the co-operation that he needs.
- Yeah...

someone has already
been asked to step in

and oversee the situation.

Mum. You're hogging the wee lassie.

Oh, darling, I'm so sorry.

- Watch her head! There we are.
- Have you been good for Granny?

Oh, good girl.

- Ben, darling, you remember Rhona?
- How could I forget?

- Really glad you could come, Rhona.
- Oh, thank you. It's my privilege.

- The, er, outlaws want a shot of her.
- That was so nice,

- Bernadette being her middle name
I didn't know.
- Wanted to surprise you.

- Thanks, Mum.
- Thank you.

Bernadette. After your mum.

So, I'm going to call a meeting
of all relevant parties.

How soon do you think your DI Perez
can get over here?

Given our relationship,

do you think that someone may have
a concern about your... impartiality?

- Would you?
- No!

So what's bothering you, then?

I suppose I don't like the idea
of someone bad-mouthing you.

Oh, darling, really, you're going to
have to toughen up.

Looks like it's going to be
a rather bumpy ride.

Come on, let's go
and find the Champagne.

PILOT: 'Ladies and gentlemen, as we
start our descent into Glasgow,

'please make sure your seat backs
and tray tables

'are in their full upright position.

'Make sure your seatbelt is securely
fastened and all carry-on luggage

'is stowed underneath
the seat in front of you

'or in the overhead bins.'

Assistant Chief Constable
Henry Grimes,

head of the
Organised Crime Group Task Force,

and Chief Super Mike Gillan, head of
the Witness Protection Programme,

and DS Asha Israni. "Iss-rani"?
- "Ish-rani."
- Israni.

Michael Thompson's dedicated
handler. So...

This is not an enquiry into
the mistakes that have been made.

It is a salvage operation
to see how best to move forward.

DI Perez, you are investigating
the murders of Michael Thompson,

- Robbie Morton and... the shooting
- Leanne Randall.

...Leanne Randall. Exactly. All of
which you believe to be connected.

- Is that right?
- Yes.
- What do you need?

Assurances from all the agencies
present that they'll co-operate

fully with our enquiries,
starting off by confirming

who Michael Thompson
was testifying against.

Is there any reason why DI Perez
shouldn't get what he's asking for?

Well, there is
an issue of security.

A concern that the confidentiality
protocols in Shetland are...

well, perhaps not quite as rigorous
as one might wish.

Thanks to your obfuscations we
didn't even know who Thompson was!

- So if you're suggesting...
- His whereabouts were leaked

and not by us.
- Don't you dare try and pin this on us.

Witness Protection. The clue's
in the name. (Bloody arse.)

Ms Kelly, insults at this juncture
are unhelpful.

Mr Gillan, if you continue to waste
my time by trying to use this as

a face-saving forum, then you'll be
landed with the lunch bill

afterwards, and I was thinking
Romano's and I won't hold back.

It's in no-one's interests for this
to become public knowledge.

For that reason alone, DI Perez
will have your full co-operation

in his investigation,

beginning with an answer to
the question that he asked earlier.

Arthur McCall.

That's who Michael Thompson
was testifying against.

Yeah, he used to run the heroin
trade in the west of Scotland.

Never came across him myself
but, you know, heard the name.

- So he's our chief suspect?
- Yeah, looks like it.

- I can't believe that.
- What?

The Snake Pit's
a scented candle shop!

So you used to drink
in the Snake Pit?

I used to go in there. On raids.

I was young.
I didn't know any better.

Had a few mad nights in there.

So Shetland's like
rehab for you, then?

Sodom and Gomorrah's rehab
compared to the Snake Pit.

- Sometimes I miss Glasgow. Don't you?
- Uh-huh.


- Thomas Monro.
- James! How in the name
of the wee man are you?

That's a very nice suit.

- Does that mean you've finally
found yourself a girlfriend?
- You kiddin'?

Only sex I get these days is
pickpockets and airport security.

This is the new era, Jimmy -
Scottish National Police.

- Sorry. DS Mclntosh, isn't it?
- Yes.

That's him just showing off that
he used to work in intelligence.

Come on, I've got you
some desk space.

We won't be disturbed in here -
techies havenae finished yet.

Michael Thompson. Close associate
of Arthur McCall.

He still running heroin?

McCall has diversified
into many other activities,

some of which are actually legal.

He's got money in wind farms,
public-sector building contracts,

private health-care facilities.

It's horrible, Jimmy.

I thought we had Arthur
when we got Michael Thompson.

He was close to him, you know?
Inner circle.

How did you land Michael?

A lot of people round here
trying to take credit for that.

If you ask me,
he wanted to be turned.

- Made it very easy for us.
- Why?

Sometimes a man's
just had a bellyful.

Anyway, we got Michael
on money-laundering charges

via his private-security company.

- Had enough to put him away
for 20 years.
- So you offered him a deal?

He'd witnessed Arthur's recreational
murder of one Kevin Willkie -

a wee rat himself.

He'd had his hand in the till so
Arthur took it off with a machete.

Michael told us
where to find the body.

Even gave us eyewitness testimony
that it was Arthur that killed him.

- So we put him on witness protection
in Shetland.
- I'm going to need to

speak to Arthur McCall.

With Michael's death, the case
against Arthur collapsed.

As of today McCall is a free man.

His lawyer's already threatening
a suit for wrongful arrest,

so you can't even put him
under surveillance.

- He'll just tell you to piss off.
- I'm also going to need a list of

everybody that knew Michael Thompson
was stashed on Shetland,

because we've got
a second murder there -

a young boy called Robbie Morton -
and it's connected to the murder

of your star witness.
Now, if there's a leak...

Who said anything about a leak?

Oh, come on, Tommy, what did you
bring us all the way up here for?

You think there's a leak, don't you?

Well, if there isn't

I'd like to know how McCall
found your man out in Shetland.



- Anything from the search teams?
- No.

- What about the door-to-door?
- Ditto, I'm afraid.

It's a huge area
you've asked them to cover.

Get back onto the co-ordinator.

If they need more manpower,
I'll see what I can do.


Your phone's ringing.


Erm, yeah.

Sorry. His mum's away
on a work trip.

- Have you been in the wars, Logan?
- Not for the first time.

I'm really sorry about this.

Listen, Sandy,
I've dealt with worse.

But it's best to nip these
things in the bud.

Best if you take him home
for the rest of the day.

We won't call it an exclusion.
Just a time-out.

It's no excuse for him
starting fights but...

there's been a lot happening
at home recently,

- a lot for him to deal with.
- Look...

Logan's been telling people
that you put his dad in prison.

Your dad's a fine man, Logan.

If you think it's my fault
he's in prison...

I mean...

I can see that's what it might
feel like, that I took him away.

But that's not how it was.

It was Craig.


Cousin Craig. He said
you put my dad in jail.


maybe he was joking.

Not a very funny joke, eh?

Logan... listen to me.

Whatever Craig told you,

it's not true.

I thought if you put him in prison
you could bring him back.

Perez, isn't it?

Mr McCall.

I wonder what it is that attracts
the plain-clothes to this place.

The plods prefer that Paki joint
down the road.

Maybe it's the institutional racism
of the intelligence service.

I know why you're here.

It's a shame about Michael.

Are you going to tell me
when the funeral is?

I've been on remand for six months.

This is damaging my business,

so I'm here to tell you,

you'd best bugger off
back to Shetland.

I will. When I'm ready.

There's no way you're going to pin
this Mick Thompson thing on me.


Before I go...

I don't think so.

- No...

It's no' what you think.
Wee misunderstanding there.

Found in a skip.

Is that no' your wife?
Your ex-wife.

- Your dead wife.

I'll tell you what...
finders keepers.

I'll just keep hold of that myself.

He just make an approach?

Nah, just trying to
rattle my cage.

Showed me a photograph of Fran.

- Jimmy...
- And he knew
Michael Thompson was dead.

Right, listen.

There's a file in your office.

Five people knew Michael was in
Shetland. All of them are listed.

Plus everything you'll ever need
on my Michael Thompson inquiry.

Is there any word
from Michael's handler?

2pm over at
the Serious Crime Campus.

They've got no choice. Phyllis
Brenan's kicking shins over this.

They've insisted on a formal,
on-the-record interview.

They're very defensive about this,
Jimmy. They know they arsed up.

And Arthur McCall...

- Just watch your back, eh?
- Aye.


I found that in Michael Thompson's
flat in Shetland.

I don't know any of the punters but
that's St Bride's up in Dennistoun.

Well done.

The bond between dedicated
witness protection officer

and client is like a marriage.

A kind of temporary marriage.

And like any marriage it's built
on mutual trust and respect...

How often were you in contact
with Michael Thompson?

- Regularly.
- How regularly?

Well, at least, um,
every couple of weeks.

And you never mentioned the incident
on the ferry with him

- and Robbie Morton?
- Not when it happened.

- But later, yes.
- And your first response
to that was to provide him

with a fake alibi and lodge
a bogus complaint against me?

We needed to keep him safe
until McCall's trial.

We would have handed him back
to you, soon as he testified,

if he'd been guilty of any crime.

Do you think
he killed Robbie Morton?

He was not that stupid.

Do you think he was in contact
with anyone from his past?

DI Perez, as with a marriage,
does your wife

know what you're doing and thinking
every moment of every day?

Does that mean anything to you?

- No.
- We found it in Michael's flat.

It was the only personal effect
we found

so it must've meant
something to him.

He didn't really
talk about his family.

How do you feel about all this?

I mean, you persuade somebody
to leave behind their friends

and their family
and their loved ones

and to cut all ties with their past
and to trust you, completely.

You take their life in your hands.

So it's not really like
a marriage at all, is it?

It's more like having a child.

Look, erm, I wouldn't know.
I don't have any children.

How'd it go with the handler?


She doesnae like her boss, though.

Tommy's moving-in present for us.

Right, Michael Thompson -

surveillance reports,

transcripts of intercepted
phone calls.

I need you to start going through
all of this -

associates, friends, family. Anyone
he might have got in contact with

after he went into
witness protection

or someone who found out
that he was on Shetland.

Cos if Arthur McCall
ordered Michael's death,

then how did he know
where to find him?

Was it an internal leak
or did Michael give himself away?

Now, see if you can make that link

and we've got a chance
of nailing Arthur.
- OK.

Where are you going?

Er, Dennistoun. Then Cassie.

Send my love.

- Yes?
- Oh, hello.
I'm Detective Inspector Perez.

- Right.
- I'm trying to trace a family

and I was wondering
if you might know

who does the wedding photography
around here.

Well, there's a couple.
I could find you their cards.

I know that dress.
That's one of mine.

- And the flower girls' dresses.
- Really, you made those?

Every last stitch.

Of course, that was before
people ordered on the internet.

They say it's silk organza but you
don't know it's not polyester

until you've got it in your hands.

I take it it would be too much
to ask that you remember the names?

No, sorry.

- I remember that one.
Right wee tyke.
- You knew him?

No, I didn't exactly know him...


It's just really sad.

I can't remember his name

but it was just him and his mum

and, well, she died

from heroin, a couple of years
after this photo was taken.

And do you know
what happened to him?

They took him into care.
Then he ran away.


God knows where he is now.


I want you to fast-track
some DNA work for me.

This is nice.

I know, Dad. It's nice.

Too nice.

Things can never be too nice,

Have you been to see Gran
and Grandad yet?

- Stop trying to change the subject.
- You're putting it off, aren't you?

I'm going to see them
this afternoon. Satisfied?

So... are you going to tell me
about Edison?

Edison Orantes Carvaehellio.
He's Brazilian.

And we're late.

Brazil is booming these days,
Mr Perez. More booming than Europe.

Me and Cassie could do really well.

Edison's just finished an MBA
at Strathclyde Business School.

Sao Paolo is the hottest spot
in Brazil right now.


Erm... we've got an idea.

Scottish produce
into the Brazilian market.

Wild salmon, Harris tweed...

square sausages.

It's a joke.

Yeah, I know.

I, uh...
I need to check some messages.

- Listen, Dad, Edison's really
going places.
- Yeah. Sao Paolo.

- And taking you with him.
- It's dead safe.

His mum's only been carjacked
like three times.

I'm kidding.

I'm in love, Dad.

You don't say.

I like seeing you happy, Cass.


Yeah. OK.


We're getting there.

- Hello, there.
- Jimmy!

- You wee smasher.
- Hi, George.
- Hi.

So what brings you
to Glasgow, Jimmy?

He never learns, does he, James?

You know James can't
talk about his work.

- Aye, you havenae changed, George.
- I know.

- You all thought I'd be dribbling
in a care home by now.
- If only.

Hey! Who's going to protect you
when I'm gone?

Protect me? Just because we had
that wee break-in yesterday.

- You had a break-in?
- Aye - just kids.

They scarpered the minute they heard
my feet on the stairs.

Did they take anything?

A photo.

Frannie at that marathon.

They must have thought
the frame was silver.

It was only plated.

You don't have a copy of that one,
do you, Jimmy? I did love it.

Er, no. No, I don't think so.
I don't have one of them.

Tommy. It's Jimmy Perez.

How do I find Arthur McCall?


look at you, Mr Perez,

walking in here, uninvited.

I find that plain disrespectful.

Let me guess.

You're investigating a crime.

A crime that works to my advantage.

You might even think
I'm responsible for that crime.

That I ordered that crime.

You might even think I had

inside knowledge that allowed me

to have that crime committed.

But you cannae prove it.

Cos there's nae evidence.

I can get inside your life.

Inside your head.

I can do a lot of damage.

So why don't you piss off

back to Shetland and shag a sheep?

Your wife's dead.

You can shag anything you like.

Tell Alan to clean himself up
before he comes in.

Don't want blood on the carpet.



- Tosh.
- Look, I'm losing the ability
to focus my eyes here,

I'm going to call it a day.

OK. You find anything?

Nothing yet. But I heard from Sandy.

They've confirmed it was
the same gun used to shoot Leanne

and Michael. No change in her
condition. What about you?

Did you find anything?

I don't know. Maybe.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

- I'll let you know if my maybe
becomes a something, OK?
- OK.

- Have a good night.
- You too.


Evening, everybody!
Are you all right?

Well, I'm no' too good at speeches.
But, er... Where's my granny?

- She's here!
- Oh, my wee granny Bella is...

the biggest,
best influence on my life.

- Aw!

I know I've no' exactly been a saint
these last few years, but, er...

...everything good in me
is her doing.

So, I'll ask you all to raise
your glasses to Granny Bella!

Happy birthday!

- VARIOUS: Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday!

Here's to the next 80 years.

- I'll be right back.
- OK.


Sandy, I telt Jimmy Perez already...

I know what you said to Logan
about me and his dad.

Do you no' think Jenny's kids
have got enough on their plates?

I dunno what you're talking about.
I never said nothing.

"I never said nothing, I never did
nothing, everybody's picking on me."

How many times have we got to
hear it?

And how many times will you deny you
were involved with Robbie Morton?

Cos I know you were, and you're not
getting rid of this one.

- Not this time.
- You know what this is, Sandy?

This is police harassment.

Logan probably just made it up
to get the attention.

You come near Logan again and
I swear I'll have you charged

and off this island
before you can blink!

What's going on?

What's it look like?



I think we owe you an apology.

How's that?

Is there somewhere more private
we could talk?

Thank you.

- Do you have anything to drink?
- Yeah.

No, I was, er... I was thinking
more minibar.

Well, you wouldn't
if you saw what was in it.

It's supposed to be for a friend.

I don't think he deserved it,

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

We weren't straight with you today.

My boss is too busy
trying to cover his back.

And mine.


Before he was killed,

Michael Thompson was trying to
renegotiate the terms

of his witness protection deal.

Shetland was only ever meant to be
a staging post.

We'd set him up with a new life
after the trial but then...

he met someone.
- Freya.
- Yeah.

And he wanted her to be
part of his new life.

He, er... He hadn't yet found
a way to tell her that.

- Do you want to sit down?
- Thanks.

Anyway... exchange he offered to give us
something big -

something new, something that would
change the whole game.

My job was just to deliver him
to a meeting with someone

from the fiscal office, a guy
by the name of Brian McDade.

But Michael was only in the meeting
for a few minutes

before he walked out. He said that
what he had to tell them...

was too explosive to be trusted
to one junior fiscal.

He said he wanted more of them
and he wanted them to be senior.

And then within a week...

he was dead.

So you think that Brian McDade
was the source of the leak?

I don't know.
But I think if there is a leak

they would rather bury it
than try to stop it.

You said that...

your boss was covering your back,
too - how's that?

When Robbie Morton's disappearance
became a murder enquiry

I wanted to pull Michael out.

But he begged for time. He wanted
to come clean to Freya, so...

I cooked up an alibi.

I bought him 24 hours.

You know, if I took him out when
I should have, he'd still be alive.

So why didn't you?


...what's the point of a new life
if it's not worth living?

Do you want another drink?


It's good whisky.

So what did your friend do
to unearn it?

Friend's probably the wrong word.

My daughter was three years old
when I met her mother

and Duncan's her father
and we co-parent.

Not very harmoniously.

- So is that your way of telling me
that you're married?
- No.

No, Fran died. She's dead.

I'm very sorry.

It's not really how you expect
things to go wrong, is it?

I didn't expect things to go wrong.

An optimist, uh?

I should go.



Do you bite your nails
and then you paint them

or do you paint them and then
you bite?

I paint them.



Thanks for covering for me earlier,

I had to pick up Jenny's son.

Everything OK?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Only it's five o'clock
in the morning

and you're not due in till nine.

Couldn't sleep. Thought I might
as well make a start going through

- those door-to-door reports.
- Might help with the insomnia.

- No-one came back with anything.
- Still. On the desk?
- Aye.


- Cora.
- Ah, Jimmy. Did I wake you?

No. Er... yeah.

That DNA test you asked for?
I've got the result.

Robbie Morton and Michael Thompson -
they're father and son.

Whoa, er...



- Father and son?
- Yeah, that's not all.

Before Michael was killed

he was trying to renegotiate
his witness protection deal.

In return he was offering them
something big.

Nobody knows what it was

but he did have a meeting with
a junior fiscal called Brian McDade.

Who told you this?

Asha Israni. In confidence.

A whistle-blower?

So you were right -
she doesn't like her boss.

Ah, hello. This is DC Wilson
from Lerwick Police.

I was just wondering about
the changeover day

for your holiday cottage?


And do you have a contact number for
whoever was renting it last week?

Brian McDade hasn't been at work
for two days. He's called in sick.

It's very out of character,

- DC Wilson.
- Mrs Whelan.
Listen, I-I won't keep you.

I just need to ask you about the
holiday cottage you were renting.

You said on the phone you saw a car
there some time after 11.30

- on Tuesday night?
- Aye, that's right.

We were all still up
playing Monopoly.

It was just a bit odd. Erm...

the driver, well,
he just got out and ran off.

And this driver, did you get
a good look at him?

- It was dark. Sorry.
- Is there anything you can remember?


- He had a bag.
- What kind of bag?
- Wait a minute, Abby.

Eh, long. Like the kind
for keeping fishing rods in.

- And did you see which way he went?
- Towards Skolland.

- I'm talking.
- So, the car.
Can you remember where it was left?

- Yeah, but, erm, hold on.
- Stop talking!
- It won't be there now.

- His mate came back for it,
about... 1am?
- His mate? A second man.

- You're sure about that?
- Yeah, no,
the other guy was different -

skinny. Younger, maybe.
- Come on!
- One minute!

This is very important, can you
remember where the car was parked?

- I mean exactly where it was?
- Yes.

Neighbour says the car's gone.
Hasn't seen him in a couple of days.

I'd say, DS Mclntosh,
we have reason to believe

Mr McDade's life may be in danger.

Don't we?

Yes, sir.

Tosh, upstairs.

He sees this...

and runs.

Do you think he's the source
of the leak?

And now he's scared.



'Freya, I don't know
if you can hear this...'



'Freya, I don't know
if you can hear this...'


Get uniforms over here, secure
this place and keep an eye on it.


- The shooter had a car. I've got
an eyewitness.
- OK.

He drove to a spot two miles short
of Skolland some time after 11pm.

He took his bag out the car -
a long bag -

and went on foot in the direction
of Skolland harbour.

- Looked like he was in a hurry.
- Have you got the car?

It was driven away
at 1am by someone else.

The shooter had help on Shetland.

I'm going to get the 7.30 flight.
Meet me at the airport.

PILOT: 'Ladies and gentlemen, as
we start our descent into Sumburgh,

'please make sure your seat backs
and tray tables...'