Shetland (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Episode #3.4 - full transcript

As the case gathers pace, Perez, Sandy and, most significantly, Tosh are all under threat.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Do you know a boy called Robbie Morton?
The whole family knows that he's in trouble.
Robbie Morton and Michael Thompson,
they're father and son.
DS Asha Israni.
Michael Thompson's dedicated handler.
Arthur McCall.
That's who Michael Thompson was testifying against.
McCall is a free man.
You're investigating a crime. A crime that works to my advantage.
- Two shots. - That's a professional hit.
Michael Thompson was trying to renegotiate
the terms of his Witness Protection deal.
- Freya. - And he wanted her to be part of his new life.
- PHONE BLEEPS - 'Freya...'
He said that what he had to tell them was too explosive
to be trusted to one junior fiscal.
A guy by the name of Brian McDade.
Brian McDade hasn't been at work for two days.
The shooter had help on Shetland.
What are you doing?!
There's no fire.
I promise you, Bella, there's nothing to be frightened of.
- ALARMS BLARE - You're all right, Bella, darling.
You're OK, you're OK now. You're all right now.
Oh, go back to bed, Alec!
It's all right, sweetheart, come on.
- How are you feeling? - Hmm...
The doctors told me it would be OK to ask you a few questions.
Is that all right?
Do you have any idea what happened to you?
Someone at the camping bod, they told me...about a walk.
I caught the bus.
He must have followed me.
- Who? Michael? - Mm-hmm.
Is that because he knew
you'd smashed up his girlfriend's workshop?
You weren't looking at him...
Leanne, when you got off the bus, did you see anybody?
No-one, no-one at all?
OK, what happened is... that you got shot.
Now, you weren't the intended target.
Michael Maguire's real name was Michael Thompson.
He's dead.
Now, he had his own story, you just got caught up in it.
You were unlucky.
We still don't know who killed Robbie.
But I don't think it was Michael.
Now, when you saw them together on the ferry
did it look to you as though they'd met by accident or by arrangement?
Er, I don't know.
They're nice flowers.
The place that Robbie worked sent them.
Right, look...
It's only small...
..but I figured, if you're going to be stuck here for a while...
Here's a theory.
What if it was a pure fluke
that Michael and Robbie bumped into each other on that ferry?
What if it was the first time
that they'd seen one another since Robbie was a kid?
And Robbie recognises Michael
but Michael, knowing that he has to stay hidden, pushes him away,
and says, you know, he's made a mistake, or whatever.
So, he waits for Leanne to go asleep,
and then, he goes to try and find his dad.
And then he sees something that he shouldn't see.
- Like what? - Somebody following Michael.
Passing information back to the gunman.
- A scout? - Yeah. Just a theory.
Whatever happened on that ferry...
- PHONE RINGS - ..I don't like that McCall's gunman
had help on Shetland.
I don't like that his reach extends this far.
Boss! It's Tosh on the line.
OK, just put her on speakerphone.
'So, it turns out King's Cafe isn't a chippy any more.
'You can't get a special fish supper after work.'
I'm not convinced the march of progress in this city
is going in the right direction.
All right. You had any luck tracing Brian McDade?
Nothing from the hospitals,
and his family haven't heard from him for days.
I've put flags on his phone, his passport,
his numberplates, his bank cards.
Other than that I've got a list of his friends
that I'm going to start following up.
Tommy's promised someone to help, but I'll believe it when I see it.
- OK. Well, keep us posted. - 'Will do.'
So, what now?
PHONE RINGS Well, someone moved the gunman's car
after he was done, and we don't know where to.
- But we do have the tyre tracks... - Hello, Lerwick Police Station. let's use them. Sandy, get on to Forensics,
see if they can find what we're looking for -
size of vehicle, type of tyres...
- Boss. - Billy.
- It's the sound lab. - Yeah?
They've managed to clean up the message Michael left
on Freya Galdie's answering machine.
- MICHAEL ON RECORDING, - 'Freya, I wanted to commit to you.
'I did. Too late now, Freya...
'..I want you to...burn...
'..Level Nine...
'..I need to run...
'..I love you.'
Is there anything in there that you feel you recognise?
He uses the word "burn".
Could he be referring to anything
that he might have given you, any documents or...?
Birthday cards? One Valentine?
Maybe he wanted me to burn them(!)
What about the phrase "Level Nine"?
Is that familiar to you, did Michael ever talk about it?
Freya, is there anything you know that might help?
I don't know!
I've told you everything I ever learned about him!
You told us that Michael
never mentioned anything to you about family,
never mentioned anything about children.
Robbie Morton,
the boy that was killed...
..he was Michael's son.
We know that they were...
..estranged for a long time, but...
I really didn't know the first thing, did I?
You know that he left you a message.
You know that in that moment, he called you...
To tell me to tell them!
Michael was negotiating to take you with him.
He wanted a future with you.
What future?
- Take me where? - I don't know.
I'm not supposed to know that.
But I thought you should.
Someone brought Michael here,
invented a life for him,
- and they were negotiating our future. - Aye.
They know more about what's happened to me than I do!
They're the ones I should be talking to! Not you. Them!
Please... Please...
Get them talk to me.
I'll do what I can.
- Sandy? - 'Forensics came back on the tyre tracks.'
We are looking for a small, two-wheel drive.
Billy's checking for vehicle thefts
and I've just done a trawl on the traffic reports.
Now, the station at Brae is unmanned at night,
but they had a phone message, left on the night of the shooting.
A woman reporting an incident on the B9075 at Skellister.
'A close shave with some joker driving around at speed
'with one headlight out.'
- I think that's worth following up. - 'Yeah. On my way.'
Kyle had suspected appendicitis.
By the time they'd decided it wasn't,
and we were away from the hospital,
it was one o'clock in the morning.
Idiot came out of nowhere, one headlight, can you believe?
- On that stretch of road! - Did you see the driver?
No. I mean, I assume it was a man.
But I didn't see. I couldnae honestly say.
What about the car?
It was dark, I was braking, by the time I'd turned round he was gone.
Here, the kids might know.
They were still awake, playing their game.
If you get a Lexus you get ten points.
Nine! A Lexus is nine. A Ferrari's ten.
So, what did you get the time you ran into the stupid driver?
It was a Ford Focus. We see loads.
A Ford Focus? You're sure?
And what about the colour?
BOTH: Silver.
Billy, I need a list of every silver Ford Focus registered in Shetland.
OK, thanks for your time.
If Brian does get in contact can you let us know?
- Brilliant. Thank you. - MOBILE RINGS
Billy McCabe!
Sergeant McIntosh.
Just sending you over a little something
we thought you should have.
- Ah. - 'It's a message Michael left on Freya Galdie's answerphone.'
Sound file and transcript.
"Level Nine". What's Level Nine?
'Yeah. Well, I can tell you it has over 24 million hits on Google.'
Of which I am on number 12.
"The final dungeon of the First Quest in The Legend of Zelda"
Well, maybe, he got a really high score he wanted to tell her about.
- DS McIntosh? - Yes?
You put an ANPR request in for a car owned by a Brian McDade?
- Yeah. - Congratulations.
Traffic cameras just picked up the plates
driving south through the East End.
Billy? I've got to go.
If the family were coming from Lerwick...
..then this must be the other car.
And this must be where they went off.
What do you think?
Same tracks as Scotland?
It's hard to tell.
We need a print of this.
Boss. Do you believe in ghosts?
Cos I think we might be looking for one.
'24 silver Ford Focuses, registered to owners on Shetland.'
And the 21st belongs to a Mr Robbie Morton.
- And where is it now? - 'SORN'd in the garage at his place.'
But I've checked the forensic report we got on it after he died.
- It has a broken headlight. - Where's the key?
That's locked safely in my evidence cupboard,
where it's been since the day Robbie's body was found.
I think somebody has a spare.
The friend of age and guide of youth
Few hearts like his with virtue warm'd
Few heads with knowledge so inform'd
If there's another world, he lives in bliss
If there is none, he made the best of this.
That's a nice poem.
You probably know a lot about Robbie now.
Things I don't know and may not wish to.
But he'll be remembered here with nothing but fondness.
Caught the bastard yet, Officer?
Oh, geng dee wis, Alec!
Aye, thought not.
We had a fire alarm in the night
and what with the memorial, we're all a bit out of sorts.
Are you just here to pay your respects,
or was there something else?
I was wondering, did Robbie have a locker here?
His stuff's in here. I thought it might have been have claimed by now.
Here, Sandy...
Is that what you're looking for?
Who else would have had access to this room?
- I keep it locked when I'm not here. - Always?
If you're thinking someone got in and took that key,
well, I might have left the door open once in the last week.
But not twice.
They would've had no way of putting it back.
You said a fire alarm went off,
- would that door have been opened then? - Yes.
- Do you have any idea what set it off? - Och, we don't know.
Aye, it's a mystery.
Aye, I only joined the police cos the careers officer
told me there would be dogs.
And did they put me on the dog unit? Did they bollocks!
Shoved me right intae Organised Crime wi' Tommy Monro.
He disnae even like dogs!
- RADIO BEEPS - Oh, hold on.
Go ahead.
'Boyd, we've picked up the car, parked roadside.
'No sign of the driver. Do you want us to stay with it?'
Aye, fine, but keep in the background,
don't get seen yourselves.
What was that? That place we just passed?
Hi, can you check out a name for me, please?
Somebody held a flame to that alarm and set it off deliberately.
- I want to talk to Craig Cooper. - Craig?
What would be his motive?
I don't know.
But he knew more about Robbie and those drugs than he was letting on.
And now Robbie's car's been used in a murder
and Craig had access to the key
because he delivers the laundry, and...
..and cos there's just too many connections to ignore, Sandy.
I know.
Billy, can we put obs out on Craig Cooper's van?
And can we get somebody to check the pubs, bars...
Anywhere else that has a fruit machine.
- Table for two? - Oh, yes, please.
- Take a seat, I'll get your menus. - Thank you.
Ah, nice.
Mmm. So what do you want to drink? Martini.
- Who's that? - Calvin Sarwar.
The go-to lawyer for every B-list footballer
and minor celebrity in Glasgow.
They get excited by the vicarious association
to his most infamous client - Arthur McCall.
Miss Brenan.
My client would like another round of drinks when you're ready.
- Have you been waiting for a table? - We're fine.
- I'm sure I could have a word. - No, no, no need. - It's really no trouble.
Why don't we just go and get a fish supper instead?
I've always found this place slightly up its own arse.
- It's nice to meet you. - You, too.
'Asha, it's Jimmy Perez.'
Michael Thompson and Robbie Morton - they were father and son.
Did you know that?
No. I didn't.
What, Michael never mentioned seeing his son?
Michael never said he had a son.
There's something else.
I've been talking to Freya Galdie,
'Michael's girlfriend.'
Yeah, I know who she is.
'OK. She wants to talk to you.
'I mean, she doesn't know your name and she doesn't know who you are,'
but she knows that Michael wanted to make her part of his future.
Well, Michael never told her that.
I told her that.
- 'Asha...' - I came to you in confidence, Jimmy.
'Yes, I know, I know you did, but, you know, right now,'
she needs something to hold on to,
and she's got nothing,
you know, she's not even got a memory that she can trust.
'And life has to feel worth living.'
Do you want the good news, or the "bit of a breakthrough" news?
Yeah. Both. Where are you?
'A bar. I'm meeting Cassie.'
Students are really, really young, aren't they?
We've found Brian McDade's car.
'There's a squad car keeping it under observation at the moment.'
OK. That is good news.
Well, it is for me, I'm not the one on an all-night stakeout.
The bit of a breakthrough is even better.
Level Nine's a club in the East End.
'At least it was.
'Must have been after your time and before mine.
'I've asked Billy to have a trawl.'
See if he can find any reports or incident logs
- Tosh! - Listen, my date's arrived, I've got to go.
All right, well, send your date my love.
And good work, Tosh. Well done.
- 'I know, right?' - Yep.
McDade's credit card has just been used in a hotel near Kelvinbridge.
It's your gig, you lead, I'll take my cue from you.
Mr McDade? It's the police!
We know you're in there. Open up, please. Or we will.
Mr McDade?
- Anybody in? - Sandy?
- Jenny? - We're in here.
- They're going to find me, Sandy. - He says he wants to speak to Perez.
I'm in real trouble!
Why did you run, Brian?
What are you hiding from?
If you don't start talking, I'll arrest you for obstruction.
Is that what you want?
You couldn't protect Michael Thompson.
- You can't protect me. - From who?
Ah, come on, man, what are you going to do?
Spend the rest of your life holed up in a hotel?
Look, I've worked with Sergeant McIntosh
a lot of years, a lot of years, and I'm telling you,
if anybody's going to be able to help you, it's her.
It's kind of her thing, you know?
- Brian, seriously. - MOBILE RINGS
If we found you, someone else can.
Tell me what you know, and let us find a way to help you.
I think I'm in danger.
From whoever killed Michael Thompson.
Why would you be in danger?
I was in a room alone with him!
When whoever killed him finds that out,
they're going to assume I know what he knew.
Which is?
The only thing he said... that what he had to give us was "bigger than just Arthur McCall".
That enquiry you put in about the licensee at Level Nine?
They just got back to us.
It was owned by an associate of McCall's.
These need your signature.
You know, there's an article in this newspaper...
..talking about house prices in the East End.
You know what it says?
It says, "They were known to be once the stomping ground
"of alleged crime boss, Arthur McCall."
You know what I think, when I read slander like that?
It puts me off my sudoku.
I think... Paki lawyer should be working a lot harder.
- Where are the kids? - They're safe. They're upstairs.
He's hasn't touched the gun,
he's not threatening anyone.
What about himself?
I'm not sure.
He's scared.
I mean, really scared.
It's empty.
Where did that come from?
It was in the car.
Robbie's car.
OK. Do you want to tell me...
..why you took Robbie's car key from the office at the care home?
Robbie had a thing going at the home.
Prescription drugs, right?
Selling them on, you know, recreationally.
He liked old people, he really did.
He just...
He just liked their pills, too.
OK, so, that's how it started?
But that's not how it ended, is it?
Someone found out.
He...offered, or threatened, I dunno, but...
..him and Robbie went into business together.
Real drugs.
He put up the money,
Robbie ran the risk for a cut of the profits.
I just gave a hand sometimes.
That time on the ferry,
Robbie was supposed to put the holdall in the back of my van.
But when he disappeared with the drugs,
his partner said that I was liable, that I owed him.
How much do you owe?
16½ grand.
I told him I couldn't pay.
Next thing I know, some guy phones me,
says the debt's been sold on
and that all I have to do to cancel it, is steal a car.
They told me where to leave it,
and where to pick it up again.
It took longer than they said.
When I did eventually pick it up again...
..the gun was on the back-seat.
I thought they'd come back for it.
OK, the thing is, that, Craig,
you could have told us all this days ago and you didn't.
So, what's changed?
They're calling again.
I might be stupid, but I'm not that stupid.
This debt's never going to be paid, is it?
What do they want you to do now?
Petrol through a letterbox.
You got an address?
Get down to my house. Take some uniforms.
Just make sure there's nothing going on.
And then, once you've done that,
I'm going to have to ask you to step down
until I've got Craig formally charged and processed.
Cos you're family, and we're going to have to play this by the book,
- so that we don't do anything to threaten the case. OK? - OK.
I'm going to need the name of Robbie's partner.
Now, look, I know, I know you're scared,
and I will do everything that I can to protect you,
but see the guy that sold on your debt?
He was throwing you to the wolves, and he knew it.
And he doesnae deserve your silence.
Can you confirm your name is Alec Ramsay?
You obviously know fine well who I am.
Alec Ramsay, I'm charging you with being concerned
in the sale or supply of controlled drugs.
Drugs? My arse! What are you talking about?
We have a warrant to search these premises for evidence.
Oh, that gobshite Craig Cooper.
He'd say anything to save his own skin!
Yeah, he told me he owed you money.
Aye, he did, but not for drugs.
Little shite had a gambling habit like an itchy rash, ask anyone.
He also told me that you sold the debt on.
So, who did you sell it on to, Alec?
Someone in a pub who gave me a number.
- I don't have it now. - Then I'll need your phone.
- Lost it. - Where?
If I knew that,
it wouldn't be lost now, would it?
You might want to take a seat, this could take a while.
I've just spoken to Brian McDade.
The only thing Michael told him was that the information he had
was bigger than just Arthur McCall.
But there's something else.
That club, Level Nine,
it was owned and run by one of McCall's men.
'Basically, it was a money-laundering front.
'Sir, whatever Michael Thompson was going to tell them'
that was bigger than just Arthur McCall,
it's connected to that place.
Right. Add on a charge of obstruction and bring him in.
You cannae arrest me!
I'm 70 years old!
You know, Robbie Morton was 19.
He died in a metal box choking for air
wi' a bag of your drugs for company.
See, you and me, we havnae even got started yet.
Billy, that gun that we got off Craig Cooper,
- is it with Forensics yet? - Aye.
- Right. Well, let me know as soon as they get back to us. - Sure. Sir?
There's someone here to see you.
Just off the Glasgow flight.
So, your client sent you to Shetland,
to tell me that he's feeling persecuted?
Mr McCall is disappointed and distressed
that despite the collapse of the case against him...
Arthur McCall?
He is still the subject of sustained and repeated harassment
by both yourself and your colleagues in Glasgow.
However, as a gesture of conciliation and cooperation,
he's asked me to give you this.
An address in Aberdeen.
He thought that a visit to those premises
might prove useful in your investigation
into ecstasy tablets containing PMA.
And in return for this gesture, your client would like me to...?
Refocus your investigation.
Mr Sarwar, you and I both know
that I'm going to give this to my colleagues in Aberdeen,
and that it's not going to make the slightest bit of difference
as to how I conduct my investigation. So...
..why are you here?
You overestimate my client's subtlety.
I'm here because he sent me to deliver a message.
Well, I've got the message.
You'll forgive me if I feel free to ignore it.
Your choice, of course.
Is that it?
All the way to Shetland just for this?
Doesn't that just make you a very, very expensive errand boy?
Whatever I am,
I'm not in the habit of challenging Mr McCall's requests.
Certainly not these days.
My client has always been a man who likes to demonstrate his power.
And the older and more unpredictable he becomes,
the more forcibly and randomly he likes to demonstrate it.
You should be careful.
Thank you.
- You OK? - Och, aye, just...
All right, you know?
- It's Duncan. - Hey, Jimmy.
Sorry to disturb you, but look, um...
I was just wondering..., now Cassie's not around
is there any chance I could crash in her room?
- Or I could give you a lift home. Just give me a... - Hang on.
I didn't mean just for now.
- See you later. - Jimmy?
Thank you.
Boss, Forensics got back to us.
The gun you took from Craig Cooper
is the one that was used to shoot Michael Thompson and Leanne Randall.
Right. Get me Craig Cooper's first statement.
He was late!
The gunman was late dropping off the car.
- He missed the boat! - Wait, wait, wait a minute.
We have a witness who said they saw him get ON the boat.
No, we've got an eyewitness who said that they saw a man
getting on the boat carrying a bag,
the kind that's used for fishing rods.
HE thought it was the gun, we all thought it was the gun,
but it can't have been, and Forensics have just confirmed it.
- So, it was a bloody fishing rod! - Yes.
What about the woman who saw a man dumping the car?
Yeah, that was him.
My guess would be that once he realised he'd missed the boat,
he went back to the car and put the gun in there,
that made it somebody else's problem.
But, Rhona, the thing is, that means he's still on the island now,
- if we can get to him before Arthur McCall... - But where is he?
Boss, we had a burglary reported yesterday - a farm near Whiteness.
So, when you came out,
you checked every building and there was no sign?
I'd been in the pen an hour. They must have gotten clean away.
Anywhere around here he could shelter...
within walking distance?
Rhona, we've missed him.
Logan says you're a detective. Where's your badge?
Well, I didn't bring any of my policing stuff today
because it's my day off.
I don't have my badge!
You're climbing far too fast for me!
Come on, Logan.
Good boy!
Gillian. Elizabeth.
We have to get the bairns out of here.
We've got to get them back on the bus.
Get them to round up their things!
We've got to get on the bus, Logan, good boy!
- PA: - 'Would all passengers travelling to Shetland
'on flight number HM605 please note this flight has been delayed.
'Further information will be displayed on the departures board
- 'when it becomes available.' - Unbelievable, eh?
Sorry, I saw your reaction. Delays, eh?
Sumburgh? Why am I even surprised?
Is it a two-pint delay, or more?
I've had more! Definitely.
- Did you get him? - No, he stole a bow rider.
Too small for the Coastguard to track.
And now, the weather's coming in, so...
You OK?
He knocked me out. From behind!
Didn't waste any time on me, just didn't want me getting up.
Logan here has to shine a torch in my eyes every hour.
Make sure my brain's still working.
So, what now?
Well, we've still got Level Nine to be looking into,
but Tosh is going to be back in a couple of hours.
- We'll make a plan then, OK? - OK.
Ready in five!
- SIZZLING What? - I cooked.
I'm going to the airport, to pick up Tosh.
Oh, come on, indulge me. Eat fast.
Aye, OK, OK. Right.
- Thanks. - You're welcome! - MOBILE VIBRATES
Look, er...
I'll meet Freya.
But not here.
- 'Shetland.' - OK.
Look, I just need a reason to be there, in case anyone asks.
Well, you could always say you're coming to see me, a friend...
Well, I mean, if that helps.
I'll let you know when I'm arriving.
Jesus, you always been that bad,
or is it just that you're out of practice?
I don't know.
I don't know if there's an undercurrent to everything
or whether it's just my imagination.
I mean, I don't know how you've got the mental energy to play around.
I really...I really don't.
The undercurrents are the best thing about it, Jimmy.
Neither's quite knowing what the other one's meaning.
It's the stuff of life.
Right, well, then, could you not just find a way
of being cryptic with your wife?
You should try a career in marriage guidance.
I mean, that is...that is a rare gift of insight you got there(!)
You could double it up with master classes in telephone technique.
Come on. Help me clear the table.
If you're going to bring work home at least tidy it away, eh?
Oh, someone had a crap Burns Night.
Tosh, call me when you pick this up.
The message that Michael left for Freya on her answerphone,
I don't think he is saying "burn".
I think he's talking about Burns Night, January the 25th.
I think something happened in Level Nine on Burns Night.
Come on. One more.
All right, it's my round.
When is your flight anyway?
I've got time if you have.
I've got all the time in the bloody world.
- VOICEMAIL: - 'Hi, this is DS McIntosh, try me at work on 01632349671.'
No, she definitely said she was on that flight.
- Just let me check with Glasgow. - OK.
Passenger, A McIntosh.
She was?
I see.
No, Tommy, I've just spoken with Loganair.
She definitely had a ticket, she just didn't get on the flight.
Got a trace on her phone.
The coordinates are saying she's in the East End.
I'll get officers over there right away.
No, no, no, no, down here. Down here.
Sir? It's DS Boyd.
'I've been working with DS McIntosh.
'I'm in Level Nine.
'I think we've found something.'