Shetland (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Episode #6.5 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Galbraith wasn't murdered. He was

These were never released
to the public.

I know who leaked the crime scene
photos. Sandy.

If Eamon Gauldie was a witness
then that would make him a problem.

You think I killed Eamon Gauldie
for Creggan?

Carrie thinks you're the only one
who could've loosened that valve.

Why would she say that?

You don't seem much like a nun.

Because I am not.
Far too many demons.


I am scared. You will help me,
won't you?


Creggan is Muir's brother in law.

He's a crackpot. Always was.

Even before he went to Iraq.

Whatever you're planning to do,
it won't bring Fraser back.

My boy. I killed my boy.

We won't be pressing charges

but you are being detained under
the Mental Health Act.

We'll move you over
to the hospital.

You'll be better off over there.
You'll get the help you need.

I want to stay here.

We're going to send a file
to the MOD

about the killing of Miller.

It'll be up to the SPA
whether or not they decide

to press charges.
But whatever happens,

you should plead diminished
responsibility, in both cases.

Should I?

Don't punish yourself for this.

It's the last thing
Fraser would want.

He was trying to protect you.

You should remember that.

Accept all the help you can get.

Now I'm going to get somebody
to take a look at your hands.

The report from IT on
Eamon Gauldie's drone footage.

They couldn't get any more
out of it than we did.

Let's make sure that doesn't get out
to the press.

Galbraith's killer was so worried
about what was on that footage,

they had Eamon killed.
So let's keep them sweating.

Sir. I've got something here
I think might be important.

Carrie McAndrew,
the chef on the boat.

Her business that went bust,
Lights 'N' Bites,

it was one of Niven Guthrie's


She's in a lot of debt,
to a lot of people,

including Niven.
That makes her open to offers.

And the way she was so quick
to point the finger at Mick Muir

makes me think she's worth
another visit.

OK. Give it another go.




Jimmy, I think we need
a protection officer

back over at Donna's place.

She thinks she heard someone trying
to get in here last night.

OK. Tell her not to worry about it

and I'll get over there as fast
as I can.

I just need to go to the office
to pick up a few things.

Will you be OK here on your own
for an hour or so?

Tell me if you're not,

I can ask someone else to go
and do it.

I'll be fine.

So what's this about someone trying
to break in?

Duncan's overreacted a bit.
He's just... He's being protective.

You two getting quite close then?

Well, we were once,

and it's a bit late
to be holding a grudge.

Do you think Duncan is to blame
for what happened to you?

You worried I'm out
for revenge, Jimmy?

Look at me.

What could I possibly do?

Or maybe you think it's redemption
I should be looking for.


Is everything OK?


I'll have somebody
come over later

and check everything's OK.

It's understandable you're nervous.

Feelings are running pretty high
after what happened

up at the Creggan place.

What did happen exactly?

We're still looking into it.

We should all make the most
of the time we have left.

You just...

You never know
what's going to happen.

Do you?


Now where were we?

Chapter nine.

Hi, it's me.
I think you might be right.

About what?

About relocating Donna.

I think she might well be
a threat to public safety.

I'll start the ball rolling.


I need to speak to you.

It's important.

I found a notification
on Darren's phone,

so I looked it up and it's from
something called Spyrite.

It's a tracking system.

He's been spying on me.

I'm not sure for how long.

So do you think he was lying to you
when he said he didn't know

about your relationship with Alex?

Yeah. He must've suspected

Why else would he be doing this?

Do you think that he's capable
of murder?


He can be a bit controlling.

But he's a kind man,
his patients love him.

So why are you telling me this?


Here he is. Thanks very much.

Sorry to interrupt you
during your break.

I need to have a look
at your phone.


It's nothing to worry about.

I just want to establish your alibi

and eliminate you from
our enquiries.

Your phone will help us track
your movements on the morning

Alex Galbraith was killed.

I need my phone.
It's just for a couple of hours.

You know something, I resent being
put in this situation.

I believe you.

Like I said.

I just want to get you off
my list of suspects.


It's no secret my business went bust
but I've paid off my debts.

That must have been recently?

About a week ago.

How did you get the money?

Well, it wasn't my money exactly.
Niven paid them off.

Niven Guthrie paid off all
your debts a week ago.

Just before Eamon's accident?

Well, yeah. He did.
But you know he's like that.

He's helped lots
of small businesses.

Word is he's got
a major contract to decommission

the older rigs.
Carrie's debts are peanuts to him.

So you didn't come
to some arrangement then?

What's that supposed to mean?

To pay him back?

He didn't want it back.

Bedford was signed up
to this monitoring service

called Spyrite which gave him
access to all the data

on his wife's phone.

So it's possible that he knew
his wife

was having an affair with Galbraith.

That's a motive if ever
there was one.

But according to his phone records
he was in Lerwick,

nowhere near Galbraith's place.

Yeah, but somebody as clued up
as him would have left his mobile

at the hospital. What we need
to establish is did anybody

actually see him in the hospital
that morning.

So, if he's a suspect,

are we saying that Galbraith

and Gauldie's murders
aren't related?

Alexander, get down to that hospital

and find out if Bedford was where
he said he was.

Try and find out what he was like
to work for.

Because if this guy is capable
of violence,

I want to know about it because his
wife could be in danger.

Sorry, I didn't know you'd be here.

I was just getting some
of Alex's things.

I'm not sure what to do,
about the practice.

Will you be coming back?

Only if I don't win
the by-election.

I am sure that's not likely.
Everyone says you're a shoo-in.

Yeah. The sympathy vote.

I'm sorry, Eve.

It just happened.

Nothing just happens, Fiona.

We both know that.

I knew my husband.

On one hand he was caring
and ethical,

and on the other he was
a complete egotist.

After the election, I'll let
you know what I'm going to do.

If I do come back here then you're
welcome to stay, if you want.

What are you not telling me?


I know you told them that I was
the only person that could have

loosened that valve on
the boat. Why did you say that?

I didn't say it was you,
I said it could have been.

You had access.
That was all I was saying?

And why didn't you tell me
Niven paid off your debts?

You've been lying and trying to
fucking dub me right in it?

That's not what I was doing, Mick.

I was just answering
their questions.

I wanted to help.
Eamon was a friend of mine.

And I'm not?

Get your stuff packed,
I want you out of here.

I knew something didn't feel right
about Carrie.

Niven paid her debts off
just before the accident.

That's a big coincidence.

Certainly is.

Do you think they had some kind
of a deal?

Speak to Niven's brother.

Check his alibi again as well.


Struan Guthrie?
Have you got a minute?

I need to ask you some questions
about a statement you made

regarding your brother Niven?

Is there a problem?

Some new information has come up
and I just wanted to go

over the details one more time.

So you were in a meeting
with him here on the morning

of the sixth when he received
a phone call telling him

that Alex Galbraith had been shot.

AND that phone call came from
Eve Galbraith?

Then he left in a hurry.

What was the meeting about exactly?

The tender for decommissioning rigs.

Not Carrie McAndrew? Who?

Carrie McAndrew.

Niven paid off her company debts
the very next day.

I wasn't aware of that.
He didn't discuss it with you?

Our company needs every penny
at the moment.

We've taken a substantial hit since
the downturn.

He must be desperate for that new
decommissioning contract then?

We all are. It's a family business.

If this is to do with
the argument with Galbraith,

all that stuff's just hearsay.

We'd never jeopardise the safety of
our workforce

just to get a contract.

Let's hear your side of it then.

So the brother is sticking
with his statement.

But he told me Guthrie Industry
is in trouble financially.

Niven was desperate
for this new contract.

Galbraith suspected he was cutting
corners safety-wise

to get the tender down.

And he and Niven had
a huge row about it

the week before Galbraith
was killed.

And I'm just finding out
about this now?

I'll be back later.

Try and eat something, eh?

I know it was you who leaked

the crime scene photographs
of Lizzie Kilmuir.

Why? What were you thinking?

I wanted people to remember
what Donna Killick actually did.

I thought if they saw the

then it would help Kate's campaign
to stop her coming back.

Kate was a suspect in this case.

You hampered the investigation
and you lied to your colleagues.

I just couldn't bear to see Kate
so upset.

It felt like Donna had won.

Won what? She's dying.

And it's killing Kate and Molly
having her back here.

I know you have feelings for Kate.

But what you've done is
totally unacceptable, Sandy!

How many chances do you think
you're going to get?

You don't have to say anything.

You could just let it blow over.

You think Jimmy's
going to let that happen?

If I don't say anything,
it's my career on the line too,

you realise that?

Everything OK?

Sure. Yeah.

Sorry, I can't do lunch.
I've got too much on.

I understand. What did Perez say,
then, about Sandy?


I haven't told him yet.

You don't owe Sandy a thing,
remember that.

We're a team.

Yeah, he made a mistake

but does that mean he has
to lose everything?

You might be a team but he's clearly
not playing for the jersey.

You need to go.


See you later.

It's not enough. Niven's motive.

I mean, so what if Galbraith
wasn't happy with the tender?

What could he actually do
about that?

There has to be somebody else out
there with a better reason

to kill Galbraith.

Can I say something?

Sure, fire away.

It's about MarieAnn Ross.

You know,
the girl I mentioned before?

Yeah, I thought I said not
to waste time on that?

I know.

But I did a search for her.

And the thing is,
she's never registered to vote,

never claimed unemployment benefit,

never applied for a passport,

at least not using her real name.

She's just disappeared
off the radar.

Maybe that's what she wanted.

Why do you think this is relevant
to Galbraith?

Fiona Bedford said MarieAnn's father
asked Galbraith to trace her.

But the old man says it was
the other way round.

And he thinks MarieAnn is paying
for his care

but it's actually Galbraith,

and he's been doing it for years.
It's just odd.

And I keep asking myself,
why would Galbraith do that?

I just really think we should
follow it up.

OK. Let's go see the old man again.


Maurice, this is my boss, DI Perez.
He wanted to meet you.

I hope that's OK.


We wanted to ask you about MarieAnn.

We've been trying to trace her.

When was the last time
you spoke to her?

21 year.

That's a long time ago.

Last time I heard her voice was when
she left a message on my machine,

said she was going to London.

Had she been planning to leave?

Oh, aye.

She was always on about how she'd
be away the first chance she got.

I never thought she'd actually go
and do it.

But I was just kidding myself.

What was there on Fetlar for her,
after her mother passed?

But she never called you?

No. But Mr Galbraith said
he'd spoken to her

and that she was doing well

but that she didn't
want to be contacted.

Why was that?

We had words the day
before she left.

I wish we hadn't.
I'd do things differently now.

I didn't know how to deal
with a teenage girl.

I did get a postcard, though.

It's one of the things I kept
when I moved here.

I hope she'll come
and see me one day.

I miss her so much.

Even after all this time.

You said that you had words before
she left. About what?

She wanted to go up to
a party at the lodge.

They were celebrating
the Auld New Year.

Some still do on Fetlar.

It's just an excuse for a booze-up.

I wasn't having it,
but she went anyway.

I never saw her again.

So she didn't come home that night?

That's what I thought.
So I called the police.

They had an officer out
looking for her.

Then I realised her haversack
and some clothes were gone.

I felt like a right fool.

This was the last photo taken
before she went.

Who's the other girl?

I canna remember. Sorry.

Were they good friends?

Lynn. The Harrison lass.

How could I forget her?

Thick as thieves, they were.

It's Sister Carolyn.

The woman Galbraith was visiting
at the retreat? Mm-hm.

And who writes a postcard
in pencil?

Someone that might
want to rub it out and start again.

You think they were trying
to fake her handwriting?

It crossed my mind.

Let's get Sister Carolyn in
for an interview.

Cos if it turns out that she is Lynn
Harrison, I really want to know

how the hell this all adds up.

That's so helpful, thank you.

Sister Carolyn's left the retreat.

Paula said it was all quite sudden.

She told them she'd made
a mistake and just went.

When was this? Yesterday.

I met her yesterday in Lerwick.

She said she was going to Dundee
to see a friend,

so that doesn't quite fit.

I've tried the mobile number
they gave me for her.

She is not answering but Sister
Paula did say she mentioned

that she still has an Aunt
on Fetlar.

She's on the passenger list
for tonight's ferry.

We can't hold the ferry again.

Well, let's just make sure we speak
to her before she gets on it.

And Billy, find out where she's been
since leaving Shetland.

I want some background.

We'll head over to Fetlar
in the morning

and see if this aunt knows anything.

Is there any corroboration on
the Bedford alibi yet?

We're still interviewing people down
at the hospital,

but none of them have verified
it yet.

Links to the dive boat?

Drawing a blank there, I'm afraid.

I'll go down to the hospital,

talk to the night shift myself.
I might have more luck.

Thanks, Sandy.

I've got some food.

Is everything OK?

Your mother's dead.

I know she is.

Why didn't anyone tell me?
I have to learn it from Cassie?

What do you mean?

Just there. On the phone.

Wondered how I was,
how I must miss her.

Nobody tells me anything.

We did, Dad. You've just forgotten.

Forgotten! How could I forget that?

And I'll tell you this for nothing,
I don't see you grieving.

You're just carrying on like before.
What kind of a son are you?

We all deal with things differently.

Show some emotion,
for God's sake!

Or do you just not care?

OK, thanks.

Seemingly, Lynn left Fetlar not long
after MarieAnn

and hasn't been back much.

Sandy's going to text
the address of her Aunt Ida.

Can't imagine what it must
have been like

for MarieAnn growing up here.

No wonder she wanted to leave.

It's so...empty.

There's the lodge.

Is that where they had the party?

Shall we head to the aunt's place?

I think that's everyone.

Any joy? There's still an hour
unaccounted for,

when Bedford was in his
office sleeping,

and nobody saw him.

But to be honest,

not one person has a bad word
to say about him.

I know. Same here.

Talk of the devil.

An hour's enough time to get
to Galbraith's house and back.

I know.

But he's not seen leaving on
the CCTV.

And his car never left
the car park.

Check it again.
Maybe somebody picked him up.


Yeah, now. And make sure we haven't
missed anyone here.

Then you can get some sleep.


Hi, Mrs Harrison?

We'd like to ask you some questions
about your niece.

I'd no idea Lynn was back
in Shetland.

She's not been in touch.

Is there a reason why she wouldn't
have called you?

No, we always got along.

And I'm the only family she has now.

Has she done something wrong?

No, no, no.

It's actually her friend MarieAnn
Ross that we're trying to trace.

Aye. MarieAnn.

Nice girl.

Can you tell us
a wee bit about her?

She was a restless spirit.
They both were.

But I never thought
she'd actually leave.

Lynn maybe, but not MarieAnn.

Why's that?

She was close to her father. Loyal.

And he was on his own.

It would have been difficult
for her.

It certainly broke Maurice's heart
when she did leave.

He played that last message
she left him over and over.

He mentioned that there was
a party at the lodge

the night before she left.

I didn't have much to do with
the lodge, or the visitors.

Fair enough, Ida.
Thanks for your time.

And the tea.

You're welcome,
I don't see many people.

It'll give me something
to talk about.

Erm... You mentioned that Maurice
kept the message from MarieAnn.

Until he went into care.

Then he asked me to store everything
of hers in case she ever came back.

Is it stored here, on Fetlar?

It's not very clean,
but it's dry.

Maurice's things are in the boxes.


What am I looking for?

The tape from the answering machine.

There's stuff here about where she
was planning to go.

Her world was so small a trip
to Lerwick was a big deal.

Tosh, come and give us a hand
with this.

After three. One, two, three.

Let's try and find
the answering machine.


What's up?

It's your dad,

he's determined he's going home
to see your mum.

Can you try and get him to stay put?

I'm on Fetlar.

It'll take me at least
a couple of hours to get back.

I've got to see my suppliers
in 20 minutes.

Your suppliers or Donna?

My suppliers.
Then I'm going to check on Donna.

She's not your responsibility,

Then whose responsibility is
she, Jimmy?

Look, I've, I've got to go.

I'll try and check in on your dad
later, OK?

Is everything OK?


If you're phoning to ask me out,
I'm sorry my dance card's full,

at least until Christmas.

Well, that's OK then,
because that's not why I'm phoning.

I need a big favour.

Is it your dad?

I wondered, could you pop in
and see him?

I know it's a big ask

but he's planning on going to go
to Fair Isle.

I've got it covered.

She's nice, isn't she?

That was Meg, wasn't it?

Right, come on, let's keep looking.

James, just the man
I was looking for.

Do you fancy a coffee?

I've got some cupcakes.
I know you like them.

Oh, aye. I do.

Come on, then.

You can tell me everything
that's been going on.

I know you lost your wife recently.

That must be very difficult.
Mary, wasn't it?

That's right. Mary.

Got it.

Right, yeah.

Let me know what happens.

Everything all right?

That was my new lawyer.

Yeah, I gathered that.

She said the Procurator Fiscal
is making a request

to the Justice Secretary
to have me relocated.

I am a danger to public safety.

I knew he wanted to punish me.

You mean Jimmy? This hasn't got
anything to do with Jimmy.

Don't be naive, Duncan, it's got
everything to do with him.

I want to die here.

Will you lie down with me?


Do you remember when we first
started seeing each other?


How exciting it was.

We couldnae keep our hands off
each other.

I got an adrenaline rush
every time I saw you. Me too.

Hold me, Duncan.

Just once more.

You were like a little chink
of light in the darkness for me.

I should've thought about
the consequences.

There's no excuse for the way
I was back then.

I did make things easy for you,
didn't I?

I never told your wife.

Never asked for anything.

Not even when you betrayed me.

It's time you made things
easier for me.

I don't know what you mean.
Yes, you do.

I want to die here.

And I can't do that
without your help.

He's fine.

He's forgotten about going back home
to Fair Isle.

We watched an old movie together.

It was so kind of you
to spend some time with him.

You really saved my life.

You still think you can handle
this alone?

I was only joking about my dance
card, by the way.

Howard Hughes went out more often
than I do.

You're a vindictive prick,
you know that?

Come again? Donna's got days to live

and you want to kick her
out her house.

To die in some fucking hospice
in Aberdeen?

I've got no idea how long
Donna's got to live,

and neither do you,
cos you're not a doctor.

I can see her slipping away every
day with my own eyes!

I had no idea she meant this much
to you.

Yeah, well, there's a lot of things
you don't know about me.

To be honest,
I'd rather have kept it that way.

You can't do this to her!

Will you just listen to me
for a second?

I'm worried that her presence
is going to cause more violence.

Don't use that as an excuse.

You're just pissed off they let her
out in the first place.

OK. Bottom line.

I don't trust her.
I think she's enjoying your pain.


I think she wants to hurt you,

I feel it.

You're not thinking straight.
Your mother just died.

I'm thinking clearer than you.

Donna's contemplating suicide.

If she does take her own life,
her blood's on your hands.

Nothing on CCTV but I've got
a cleaner here

who found Bedford fast asleep in his
office on the morning in question.

And they have a rota system
so she's dead sure about the time.

She's sure?

OK, thanks.

Bedford's alibi, it holds.

All right. We ready to go?

Yeah, got it lined up.

It's me. MarieAnn.
I've made up my mind.

I'm going to London.
I just can't stand it any more.

I need to get away from this
bloody island.

That doesn't sound like
a daughter talking to her father.

She's leaving for good
but there's no regret.

She doesn't even say goodbye.

More like she's talking
to a friend.

Let's hear it again.

It's me. MarieAnn.
I've made up my mind.

I'm going to London.
I just can't stand it any more.

I need to get away from this
bloody island.

Did you hear that?
That wee click at the end?

That message wasn't for Maurice.

That was being played down
the line from another machine.

There's only one person I can think
of that she would speak to

like that, and that's Lynn Harrison.
What's her number?

Lynn, it's Detective Perez.

Call me back. Please.

Right, the people who were
at the party at the lodge

the night MarieAnn went missing,

we need to find out who they are.

Billy, same as yesterday,

make sure that Lynn Harrison
does not get on that ferry.

Set fire to it, if you have to.



I'm sorry.

I should have listened
to you earlier.

Listen, I'm just going to go.

I'll be back later on though, OK?
I promise.

Could you post that letter for me?


It's for my lawyer.

It's my last will and testament.

And will you think
about what I said?

Please. Time's running out for me.

Lynn. It's Detective Perez.

Call me back. Please.


I can't spot her
on any CCTV live feeds.

But we've got people on the ferry.
She won't get past them.

We got reports of a vehicle left in
a passing place near Minn Beach.

They ran the licence plates,

it's registered to Lynn Harrison.

Let's go, Tosh.

Keys in the ignition.

There's a blanket,

looks like she's been sleeping
in the back.

What's this?

Silence? Same as Eamon.

OK, bag that.

You take a look over there.
I'm going to go this way.

Hi, Lynn.

Could you tell me where you are?

I think you might be in danger.

I'm at Minn Beach.




Did you post the letter?

I did.

One last thing.

Donna, please.

There's a malt chocolate in
the kitchen.

Make some

and put all the medicine in it.

That's all you have to do.

I can't.

They'll think it was me.

You'll be fine.

It's not that, it's just...

It doesn't feel right.

You don't have to do this.

I loved you,

and you ruined my life.

It's the least you can do.

Hi, Lynn,
could you tell me where you are?

I think you might be in danger.
I'm at Minn Beach.


Lynn? Where are you?


Talk to me.

I'm not here to judge.

I only want to know what happened
to MarieAnn.

Why did you play that message down
the phone to Maurice?

Why did you do that?

Because he told me to.

He said everyone had
to think that she'd left.

I didn't want to do it
but I was scared of him.

Who? Who were you scared of?

Alex Galbraith.

Alex Galbraith was there?

OK, I know that this must be
really difficult for you,

but I need to know what happened at
the lodge.

She died.

And I helped them cover it up.

I made it look like she'd left.

I sent the postcard from London

and I packed up her haversack.

It's all my fault.

I should never have left her up
there alone.

You said them?

Who else was there?

Lynn? Who else was there?

Niven Guthrie and Darren Bedford.


There's someone here.
Where are you?

Just tell me, where are you?
Tell me where you are.

The ruins. On the south headland.

Tosh! Head for the ruins!




She's alive. Call an ambulance.

Can you see anybody? Whoever did
this couldn't have got far.


Billy, we need paramedics to the
ruins on the south end

of Minn Beach. Right away.
It's an emergency.

You did the right thing.

You did it. You did it.

You did the right thing.

Not everyone will understand.


Duncan, this really isn't
a good time.

Jimmy, you need to get over here.

It's Donna.

She's killed herself.

You need to stay with her.
I've got to go.

What's wrong?

Is it your dad?


You found her like this?

Did you find her like this?

Take the mug, put it in the sink.


Pick up the mug
and put it in the sink.

I don't understand.

There has to be a reason
why your fingerprints are on it.

And then wait here for PC Grant,

because you're going to have
to make a statement.

I'm going to go and call
an ambulance.