Shetland (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Episode #4.3 - full transcript

Perez questions Donna about the DNA results, Tosh arrives in Norway in search of Andreas Hagan, and an unexpected twist leads Perez and Tosh into the murky world of the Norwegian far right.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Thomas Malone, convicted in 1994
for the murder of Lizzie Kilmuir.

Her body was found inside a kiln on Unst.

Why did you go after
Malone in the first place?

A witness came forward
putting him on the Unst ferry

the day Lizzie went missing.

All I know is that if I hadn't spoken up,

that pervert Malone might
have got away with it.

Drew McColl called in. His
daughter seems to be missing.

It looks like she was strangled.

He did it then, and he's done it again.

He's laughing at us, Jimmy!
He's laughing at all of us!

I was able to cross-reference
Sally's movements

with security footage from Norway
two minutes after she arrived.


Norway called. They've found Hagan.

I thought I'd nip home and grab a bag.

As long as you're up to it...

The sample of DNA we
took from Allan Killick,

it's a partial match for
the DNA found on the scarf

used to strangle Lizzie Kilmuir.

He wasn't even born
when Lizzie was murdered.

No, I said a partial match.

We have to find out who
that DNA belongs to, Jimmy.

It is bad enough you dig
Kevin up in the first place

without coming here and asking
me a question like that.

It'll be a mistake.

No mistake.

It must be.

Kevin's DNA isn't a match to the
DNA that we found on Lizzie's scarf,

which means that it isn't
a match to Allan either.

They're not related.


.. who's Allan's real father?

How is that your business?

Because whoever he is, he's now a
suspect in Lizzie Kilmuir's murder.

A man.

Aye. I'd worked that out.

That's all I can tell you.

It was stupid, OK?

Some rigger from down south I
met one night in The Claymore.

I was drinking. A lot.

I'm sure you can guess the rest.

Did you get a name?

I might have done but I was
in no fit state to remember.

Did you try and trace him?

Why would I?

He's the father of your son.

You never met my husband.

Didn't take much to light his fuse.

More often than not, that's
when the fists came out.

If he'd even thought Allan
was another man's child,

he would have made damn
sure Allan paid for it, too.

Is there nothing that you can
tell me that would help me

to trace this guy?

I remember he was kind.

You'll have to tell him.


Allan's going to find out who
his dad is sooner or later.

It's better if it comes from you.

I'll need time.

I can give you the morning.

- You must be kidding.
- No, we have to find him.

How? We don't have a name.
We don't have an address.

All we know is that he worked
on the rigs 30 years ago.

Billy? The Claymore pub?

Closed down in the '90s.

Right, do you remember
anybody who used to work there

that we could still talk to?

Jim Orr. He was the barman.

Jim Orr, start with him.

If we're lucky, maybe he'll
remember who this guy was.

Oh, it'll take some feat of memory, that.

What did Donna Killick say?

Well, apparently Allan Killick is
the product of a one-night stand.

- Who's the lucky bloke?
- She says she can't remember.

But for the time being we
have to take her word for it.

What about Hagan?

Tosh is seeing Bergen Police this morning.

And Tosh can handle it?


Call from the hospital.


Benny Ray's been attacked.

DI Perez didn't travel with you?

He had to stay on Shetland.

But he said you might have
an idea where Hagan is.

Hagan, he has a hunting cabin in Voss.

We think that's where he's hiding out.

You mean, no-one's checked?

I'm not sure how it is
on Shetland, DS McIntosh,

but here we try not to waste resources
chasing other forces' suspects.

Of course. Understood.

However, Detective Bleymann has
volunteered to drive you to Voss...

.. despite this being his day off.

Don't worry about her, she's
not always like that --

just stressed because we
are merging departments.

- Lars.
- Tosh.

- Your name is Tosh?
- It's more of a nickname.

- Sorry about your day off.
- No, no, don't be.

I have no life.

Jesus Christ, Benny. Who did this to you?

Take a guess.


Jumped me at the garage last night.

Now, why would Thomas
Malone attack you, Benny?

OK. What time did it happen?

Just before midnight.

Was there anybody else there?

Malone's too smart to pull a stunt
like this in front of witnesses.

What you doing here?

Benny called me.

Oh, is that right?

Just here for moral support.

Right, when you're feeling up to it,
I'll get somebody from the station

- to come down and take your statement.
- He's not giving a statement.

Why not?

Fear of reprisal.

If it wasn't for me, you
wouldn't even know about this.

Without a statement, without
witnesses, you're tying my hands.

Right. I'll talk to Malone.

What's going on?

Just wondering why Benny would chose
to call you before he called us.

Me and Benny go back.

That's what's worrying me.

Sorry if you feel you
were passed over, Jimmy.

But the fact remains that Malone
assaulted an innocent man.

- He's hardly innocent.
- Benny's turning his life around.

Yeah, he also tried to bury
Thomas Malone alive last week.

Now, look, I know how
you feel about Malone

but this isn't your case any more.

You had your chance over 23 years ago...

.. and you blew it.


Apne opp! Det er politiet!

All right. Stay here.

I'm going to go round the
back and check the shore, OK?



Ikke ror deg.

Snu deg!

- I don't...
- Snu deg!

I don't know what you're saying.

Turn around.

What are you doing here?

I'm DS McIntosh. Shetland Police.

I'm looking for Andreas Hagan.

This is Detective Lars Bleymann.

Dumb bitch.

Lucky I didn't shoot you in the back.


Thomas. Open up!

Err... the door's open.

Where were you last night?

- Er... I was here.
- Really?

Cos Benny Ray said you were over
at his garage and you attacked him.

- What? He said that?
- Oh, aye, he said that.

- Well, he's lying.
- Why would he lie?

The same reason he lied
about seeing me on the ferry

the day Lizzie died...

The man just doesn't like me.

Do you want to go back to prison?

Cos that's where this is heading.

The whole island wants to see
you back inside and right now

I'm struggling to disagree with them.

- There's me thinking that
we were pals, eh? - Did you?

I was prepared to give you
the benefit of the doubt.

But after the stunt you pulled
at Benny's, that's done.

You step out of line one more time,

I'll drive you back to prison myself.

You make such a big noise
about being innocent...

That's because I am innocent.

No. Innocent people don't go around
breaking other people's fingers.

So, you came all the way to Norway
to talk to me about Sally McColl.

Sally was murdered, Mr Hagan.

And the reason I came all the way
out here is because you refused

our requests for a formal interview.

I'm on vacation.


Tell me -- your choice to come
here or did Forst Energy insist?

What do you want?

Sally McColl was investigating
you before she died.

She was writing a story on a
cover-up -- your cover up --

of the Forst Energy rig accident.

The inquiry concluded that the incident

was caused by a crew member.

Danny Hamilton wasn't to blame.

But the report says otherwise.

Were you worried Sally was
about to publish her article?


On the contrary. I wanted her to
publish it, so we could sue her.

Where were you on the night she died?

Were you at the Shetland folk festival?

We have a witness who saw Sally
talking to a Norwegian man.

That wasn't me.

The last time I saw her was
in Bergen, three weeks ago.

- You sure about that?
- Yes, I'm sure.

Sally was in Bergen last week.

I want you to leave now.

- I have more questions.
- Then talk to my lawyer.

Well, it sounds like you touched a nerve.

Didn't get me very far, though.

And nothing that could force an arrest.

What's your gut on Hagan?

Well, he's got motive to kill
Sally and his alibi is weak, but...

But what?

When I told him Sally was in Bergen
last week, he kind of freaked out.

- Why would that freak him out?
- Dunno.

But if she wasn't here to
see him, why was she here?

Does that matter?

I'd like to know.

OK, well, see what you can find out.

Any chance you could get me access
to the CCTV from Bergen airport?

Yeah, sure.

All those years and he
wasn't even my real dad.

Was he a good dad, though?

He was never a good man, far
from it. He was a bastard.

Spent most of my childhood living in fear.

There were good days, too?

Every Friday he used to
get off early from work

and pick up a Chinese on his way home

and we'd sit in front of
the TV for a few hours.

Before he got too drunk,
he was almost fun.

Do you know what I've just realised?

We've got four dads between us!

- Yeah, you've got the best two.
- What makes you so sure?

Well, one of mine's dead

and the other might have
killed Lizzie Kilmuir.

OK, fair enough.

Look, whoever your real dad is...

.. doesn't change who YOU are.

Our parents don't define us.

- Did you get anything from the barman?
- Nothing useful.

Jim Orr's memory of his
time at The Claymore is hazy.

So he didn't remember Donna Killick, then?

Doesn't remember anything. I got the
feeling he took his wages in beer.

OK, back in the '90s, most of the oil
workers were recruited through two agencies.

- Best get on to them.
- And say what?

"Is there any chance one of your
clients got a woman up the duff

"back in the day?"

Just find him, Sandy.

What happened with Drew?

Nothing. Why?

He's just left a message on my phone.

A five-minute drunken rant.

He didn't make much sense
but the gist of it is,

you're wrecking his life.

Well, I think he's being
a wee bit overdramatic.

You see, that's what I'm worried about.

Drew has never expressed an emotion
in his life. Not before this!

So, what happened at the hospital?

Benny Ray says Malone attacked him.

Drew was with him at the hospital.

I felt he was interfering,
so we had some words.

Did Malone attack Benny?

- Aye, I think so.
- OK, I'm worried about Drew. Find him.

Make sure he's OK.

We think Sally landed round about now.


What about arrivals?

There, look, see -- there she is.

Do you recognise that logo?

Rask Tur.

- It means fast ride.
- Taxi company. - Hmm.


Greit. Jeg er pa vei.

I'm sorry. I have to
go. It's an emergency.

- Is everything OK?
- Yeah, yeah, sure, don't worry.

- Hi.
- Any chance you speak English?

Yes, a little.

I'm looking for information on this
woman. Her name's Sally McColl.

I spoke with a taxi driver who
said he'd brought her here from
the airport last Tuesday afternoon.

I don't recognise her.

She was a journalist. I think she
might have been working on a story.

Maybe she met someone here? Someone
who worked in the oil industry?

If you could just take another look.

She doesn't need another look.

The woman wasn't here.

Taxi driver said she was.

Then he made a mistake.

Maybe I could ask around?




Drew, what the hell are you doing, man?

What's it to you?

Come on out of the water.

You don't think much of me, do you?

- Well, I think you're grieving. I think
you're in a lot of pain. - I mean as a cop.

You don't think I was up to the job.

You think I had to go
and frame your wee pal.

Drew, come on back to the car.

- Fine where I am.
- You'll freeze. - Good.

Drew, did anybody ever tell
you you're a pain in the arse?

The wife used to say that.

Said I was too stubborn for my own good.

I wish she was here.

She would've found a way
to make sense of all this

cos I sure as hell can't.

I know how you feel.

Trust me, I do.

And there's nothing I can say that's
going to make this any easier.

You can arrest Malone.

- Drew, I'm not sure he did it.
- You're not sure?

That how you work, Jimmy?

It's all about how you feel?

Give me one piece of evidence that
even suggests Malone is innocent.

There's another suspect out there.

The DNA and the scarf
isn't a match for Kevin.

Allan's got a different father.


Donna says she cannae remember.

Come on.

Come on, eh?

- I told you I can't help.
- Please. It's important.

No. You're going to get me fired.

- You remember her, don't you?
- No.

She was murdered last week.

She came here, didn't she?

- Yes.
- Did she meet with someone?

His name is Mati.

I don't know his other name.
They just call him Mati.

He's in the NDA.

Norske Forsvaret Haeren.
Norwegian Defence Army.

Far right. Like, er, fascists.

Why was Sally meeting with him?

Mati got angry and said
he was going to kill her.

Then he threw her out of the bar.

Where can I find this Mati?

He hasn't been here since.

Can you get me his address?

Are you stupid? I don't want
to end up like your friend.

Stay there.

Take a look at this.

What's that?

Proof that Malone was more
than just a good suspect.

That goes back years.

Social work reports, interviews
with teachers, neighbours, friends.

And all of them agree
that Malone was dangerous.

So why wasn't it used in court?

Hearsay. It was inadmissible.

But it doesn't mean it's not true.

When are you going to believe me, Jimmy?

- Kate? - Thomas? - Er...

I saw you through the window.

Listen, about the phone...

Look, it's fine. See, good as new.

- Can I buy you a drink
anyway, or...? - Yeah.

What do you want?

Look, Thomas is going
to have a drink with us.

He's not joining me.

- He's a creep.
- Molly!

Wait... Thomas!

Seals giving you hell, were they?

How was Allan?

He told you, then?

Of course he did.

How is he feeling about that?

- Don't do that.
- Don't do what?

That thing you do when you pretend
we're having a normal conversation

when really you're just working.

You want to know how Allan
feels? Go and talk to him.

I'm not your spy, Dad.



Last time Sally McColl was here, she
met with a Norwegian called Mati.

He's part of some far-right
group based here in Bergen

and I have a witness who saw
him threaten to kill her.

I'm wondering if maybe she
was doing a story on them.

I don't remember any mention
of far-right groups in her file.

- What about the name Mati?
- I don't know, I'd need to go back and check.

OK, well, call me if you find anything.

- Hey!
- What are you doing here?

I just wanted to say sorry for before.

There was just a little
problem with my grandfather.

I'm sorry. Is he OK?

Sure. He's in a hospital,
his mind is not so good.

Anyway, I went back to the office
to check on the airport CCTV

and I found Sally again on the way back.

If you're not too busy right now,
I could show you what I found...

.. maybe over a drink.

- Sure. - Yeah? - Why not?

This is just before she boarded
her flight back to Shetland.

She's right there, see?

- Do you see that?
- What am I looking at?

There is some interaction, right?

- You think I'm an idiot?
- No.

I appreciate you bringing it to me.
I'm just not sure it's significant.

It looks like she just asked her the time.

But, now that you're here...

.. maybe you could fill me in on the NDA.

Why are you interested in them?

I think Sally might have been doing
a story on a group here in Bergen.

Ten years ago, groups like
the NDA, they were nowhere.

But now, they have
organisation, they have money.

They've gained support, become mainstream.

We think that they're
behind a number of attacks

on immigrant communities.

But we are monitoring these
groups, you know, gathering names,

so we can identify major players.

Then there's a list?


Do you ever stop working?

What else is there to do?

Lots. Drink, dance, have fun.

It's not your scene?

Something like that.

- What is it with this country?
- Hmm? - You're all like super models.

Makes me feel like a Hobbit.

You haven't heard?

Norway's a multicultural
paradise right now.

Everyone is welcome here,

especially Hobbits.

So, erm... by the way,

what is your real name?


Yeah, I think I prefer Tosh.

Me too.

- Sir? - Looks as
though you were right...

You found something?

It's fragments mostly.

Research notes, interview
transcripts, articles.

But if you put them all together,

then it looks as though Sally
was looking to do an article

on the Scandinavian far right.

Any mention of Mati?

No, there's none that I can see.

I mean, I did find a profile
on the NDA in her notes.

You think that's why she was killed?

Um... Hagan still has
motive and opportunity,

but we can't rule it out.

Tosh, can you hear me?


There's someone in my room....

- Aah!
- Tosh?

- Aah!
- Tosh, are you there?

Yeah, I'm here. I'm fine.

What happened?

Someone broke into my room.

OK. Get out of there.
Get out of there now,

go downstairs, go somewhere public.

I'll phone through and
get some help for you, OK?

Listen if you're worried about
something, you need to tell me.

If you could just keep an eye
on Cassie, that'll be great.

Is it about Allan Killick?

I just need your help.

Well, why didn't you just say?

Go on. You'll miss your flight.

I'll see you.

I'm heading into town. I
wondered if you wanted to come.

Not up for it.

You all right?

I saw Perez yesterday.

Anything you want to tell me?

Nothing I can think of.

Right then.

Call me when you're feeling more yourself.

You found me, then.

- Are you OK?
- Yeah. Thanks.

Anke take care of you?

Sent some uniforms to the hotel.

Look, I'm fine, really.

They reckon it was just
a thief chancing his arm.

I'm glad you're OK.

I'm glad you're here.

I spent the flight reading up on the NDA.

I found this from a couple of years ago.

It's an arson attack on a
current-affairs magazine in Oslo.

Nobody was charged for it,
but they were about to do

an expose on the NDA.

The NDA did this?

No, they couldn't prove it.

But if Sally was trying to
dig the dirt on these guys,

then that would've made her a target.

So we need to talk to this guy, Mati.

Sorry, it's out of the question.

So we just need to look at the list.

Not just any list -- an important list,

a very sensitive list.

I hear you're trying to merge departments.

I'm trying to, yes.

It's not an easy task, is it?

It is not.

The last thing in the
world you need really

is a couple of foreign
cops getting in your way.


The sooner you let us see the list,
the sooner we're out of your hair.




Just coming.


The office is locked up.

Aye, I know.

- Are you having a clear out?
- No, my mum likes to tell everyone

that she doesn't keep anything,
but I know her better that that.

She's just as sentimental
as the rest of us.

Come on. You can give us a hand.

My real dad's in here somewhere.

Can't we just access the database?

No, Anke prefers it like this.

Fascism must be popular in Norway.

This is not all far right.

We monitor Muslim radicals, anarchists,

left-wing activists, hackers.

Anyone we consider to
be a potential threat.

What was this guy's name again?

- Mati.
- Mathias Mati Soderland,

active in far-right groups
for the past five years.

He's based here in Bergen.

OK, I'll go tell Anke.

Look at you in your wee kilt.

My mum bought me that
for a friend's wedding.

It itched like mad.

There's my mum.

Let's put it back, put everything back.

Quick, come on, hurry up.

What are you doing in here?

It's my house too.

- What are doing with that?
- Watch what you're doing.

Let me help.

Leave it! Get your hands off.

I should go.

- Aye, you should.
- No, she can stay.

I'll see you tomorrow, OK?

You had no right to talk to her like that.

My house, I'll talk as I please.

What are you thinking?

Sally isn't even in the ground

and you're running around with a new girl.

Look, Cass is a friend.

She's Perez's daughter.

- So? - So being around her is
just drawing attention to yourself.

Look, the only person that Perez
is interested in here is you.

What do you mean about that?

Whoever my father was, well, he was
close to Lizzie before she died.

And this "Rigger from
England" story that's...

that's not fooling anyone.

Get out!

Mati Soderland. Born in Bergen,

4th of September, 1989.

Soderland has been an active member
of the NDA for the past ten months.

That's the guy from last night.

He was the one in my room.

So what do we know about him?

A history of assault on women.

Two years ago he was charged
with rape and attempted murder.

And he's still walking free?

The charges were dropped.

So what now?

Eh, give the mug-shot to Sandy,

see if he can get Jo to identify him.

If he was charged, you'd still
have his prints on file, right?

We'll get them, yeah.

And in the meantime?

We'll need his address.

Yep, OK.





How you doing?

- Come in.
- Thanks.

Molly had no right to speak to
you in that way, she's just...

It's fine.

Is that water cold?

Aye, the generator's gone off again.

Well, how are you cooking?

Right, that's it. Come on, let's go.

- Look, Kate, it's fine.
- No.

Now, you can put a wash on at mine,

and we'll get some proper
food in you. Come on.

- Are you sure?
- Get your coat on.


Mrs Soderland?


Eh, do you speak English?

Yes, I do. A little.

I'm DI Perez, this is DS Macintosh,

we're from the Shetland Police...

.. and we're looking for your son Mati.

Mati, he... He hasn't lived here
for a good number of years. Ah.

Do you know where he is now?


Not even a contact address?

No, I'm afraid not.

My son and I haven't talked in many years.

- Would you like to come inside?
- Uh-huh. Thank you.


Mati and I are different people.

He-he took after his father, you see,

and, unfortunately, he
left when Mati was young

and I was no substitute.

So, as soon as he was old enough...

.. Mati left home.

Oh, for the oil industry?

No, he worked on cargo ships.

But then something happened.

He lost his job, so he
stopped going to sea,

stopped coming home.

Was Mati interested in politics?

Was he involved with the NDA?

All I can say is that he began
to hold some very extreme views.

Ugly, ugly ideas.

Mrs Soderland, we are
investigating the murder

of a young woman in Shetland...

.. and we have reason to
believe that she and Mati

may have had an argument recently.

And you think Mati killed this woman?

Would that surprise you?


Thank you.

Yeah, I keep it the same. No idea why.

He was always called Mati?

Yes, he never liked Mathias.


Do you mind if we have
a look through this?

- Mrs Soderland? - Yes? - Is this Mati?

Yes, that's him with his father.


His father is Andreas Hagan?


Why was Sally McColl running around
Bergen meeting with Hagan's son?

I don't know. There's
only one way to find out.


We don't have Mati Soderland's prints.

But he was arrested,
processed and charged --

they must have taken them.

Of course. That's procedure.

Right, well, so where are they, then?

Maybe they're lost or were mixed up.

OK. Well, thanks anyway.

Is everything OK?

Let's go see Hagan.

He isn't the same man your
boss showed me the other day.

No. This is another guy.

- What happened to the other man?
- We're looking at them both.

Is there any chance this was
the one you saw talking to Sally

at the festival?

I don't know.

Before, I thought it was the other
man but maybe it was this one.

- It's hard to remember.
- Were you even at the festival?


All this is...

It's as frustrating for
me as it is for you.

You think this Malone killed her.

It wasn't Malone I saw with her.

Why don't you take another look?

How does this thing even work?

You're kidding.


You don't know how to
use a washing machine?

Not one like this.

My mother had one, but
that was about 20 year ago.

This thing looks like
it was built by NASA.

So no laundries in prison neither?

- Some do. Some send all the washing
out to other prisons, too. - Uh-huh.

- Friday was laundry day. It
was a waste of time. - Why?

You always ended up getting
somebody else's kit back.

Even their underwear?

Especially underwear.

- Well, it's not all bad, then?
- It's not funny, y'know?

What the hell is this?

What is he doing here?!

Molly. Molly.

Molly, please. Come back. Come back here.


Molly, come back. Where
are you going, Molly?


You OK, Molly?

You all right? Hey, what's happened?

Hey, it's OK.

I didn't do it.

Killing journalists is just not my style.

Is it your son Mati's style?

Why did he meet Sally McColl?

I took care of everything.

Made sure there were no loose ends.

Once she couldn't find
anything on the accident,

she started to look into me instead.

OK, so that's how she found Mati?

Last time we met,

she said that if I didn't tell
her the truth about the accident,

she'd expose Mati and....

Embarrassing for you.

More than embarrassing.

It's not only me.

Poor Nina would not have
coped if everyone knew.

So how long has Mati been NDA?

Nina warned me years ago that
he was getting involved but...

.. I thought it was only a phase.

What did you say when Sally
threatened to expose your son?

I warned her to be careful.

It doesn't look like she took your advice.

She did track down Mati.

- Then he threatened to kill her.
- Mati wouldn't hurt anyone.

Or at least not the Mati I knew.

Did he ever visit you in Shetland?


He saw me as the enemy.

A corporate vampire, draining the
lifeblood of this proud nation.

So if he had been at that festival,

you wouldn't have necessarily
have known about it?

Look, Mr Hagan,

the best thing you can do is
to help us track down Mati,

because then we can
eliminate him as a suspect.

Even though Mati hates me,

he has no problem taking my money.

This is where I send it.

If you find him, tell him....

Tell him his father loves him.

So why did you stay?

After Lizzie, I mean.

Didn't you want to leave?

I wanted to.


But I...

I felt that if I went I
would be abandoning her.


What about you? Why did you come back?

Shetland is my home.

It's not been that for a long time.

To prove a point.

To look everyone in the eye.

And to let them know I'm a...

I'm a good man.

I'll get some more wine.

I think you are a good man.

No. No...

I'm not going in there.

Whatever's going on
between you and your mum,

you need to talk.


- I'll give Lars a call. See if he can
meet at Soderland's tomorrow. - OK.

Tosh, let's take a walk.

What's going on?

The black van behind us, it's
been following us all day.

- Who is it?
- I don't know.

And I don't want to find out.

Go left.