Shetland (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Episode #6.4 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Alex Galbraith has been shot dead.

These bullets were custom-made.

Even if I was in a position
to be in a relationship,

I wouldn't have chosen Alex.
Far too many demons.

If Eamon Gauldie was a witness
to Galbraith's murder,

then that would make him a problem.


The rumour is Mick caused
Eamon's accident.

I'm being set up.

Creggan is Muir's brother-in-law?

Seems Creggan and his unit were
accused of prisoner abuse in Iraq.

I killed Alex Galbraith.

You know, Fraser's
going to stay in that jail cell
until I get some answers.

My dad didn't kill Galbraith.
He's damaged.

But he'd never kill someone
without reason.

Why's he been released?
Because he didn't do it.

Are you joking? He's confessed.
I just saw it.

Attacking me or my family will
not stop me getting elected.

Eve! You can bet your life on it.

You and your boy have got
some questions to answer.

Perez, you need to get to my place.
They've killed my boy.

Boss? I'm going to need an
ambulance at the Creggan place,
quick as you can.


Jimmy. What can you tell me?

Fatal gunshot wound to the chest.
Big bullet.

Big hole. Rifle maybe?

Oh, forensics found
the bullet press.

They'll send it to the lab today.

How long before we know if it was
used to make the Galbraith bullet?

End of the day, if you're lucky.

OK. Thanks, Cora.

We've searched the house

and outbuildings.
There's no sign of Creggan.

How about the neighbours?

Ah, we've got uniform
doing the rounds

and a car patrolling
the road to Lerwick.

And he's made a hell of a mess.

Creggan didn't do this on his own.

Speak to the SOCOs.

Ask them if anyone else was here.


Mr Creggan? What are you doing here?

Why are you even in...?

Fraser's dead, Molly.

What are you talking about?


..came to the house last night.
They shot Fraser.

What men? What people?

He's dead, Molly!



What's wrong? What's wrong?



Kate Kilmuir called.
Creggan showed up at her house.

She says he's armed
and he took her car.

Is she OK?

She's fine. Molly's in a state.
Creggan told her Fraser was dead.

Did Kate say which way
he was headed? South.

He's heading to Lerwick?

Quickest way off the Isles. Billy,
put out an alert on Kate's car,

checkpoints on all the roads
in and out of Lerwick.

And then phone the ferry operators
and cancel all the sailings.

What about the press conference?
What press conference?

Eve Galbraith's making
a statement today.

There's a load of press
over from the mainland.

If we cancel the ferries,
they'll get stranded. Tough.

The Isles are on lockdown until
we've got Creggan in a cell. OK.

What's the news on Logan Creggan?

He's still AWOL. OK. Um,

Island Radio's been on the phone.
They want a statement.

OK. Set it up.

Tosh? There's someone
here to see you.

Fiona! Are you all right?

I'm fine.

I'm sorry to bother you,
but Jean Woods called last night.

She's the manager
of Maurice Ross' care home.

She was chasing fees.

Did you speak to Eve about it?

I can't face Eve right now.
But I'm worried about the old man.

Er, OK. I'll talk to the care home.

Thank you.

The wanderer returns!
Aye, and he's not stopping.

Just here to get some cash,
then I'm off.

We need to talk about the numbers.
I can't right now,

I've got to pick Eve up
for the press conference.

Tender's due on Friday, Niven.
Yeah, I appreciate that.
See, I don't think you do.

If we were getting something
out of her winning,

I'd understand it.
But all this money and effort?

You know what, Struan? Your problem
is you've no sense of civic duty.

I just like to put my family first.

Nice. You're quoting Dad there, aye?

He didn't give us this company just
so we could run it into the ground.

No. He didn't give us this company -
he gave me this company.

We'll talk later.

I won't hold my breath.

RADIO: Police are investigating
a fatal shooting which resulted in

the death of a 19-year-old man.

The body of Fraser Creggan was
found at his home late last night.

DI Perez from Shetland Police...

..We'd like to assure them
that we're working hard to find

the individual responsible
for Fraser's death...

The latest from Cora is
that Fraser was killed by

a large calibre bullet,
probably from a hunting rifle.

And we know Creggan has a rifle.

We also think that there were
other people there last night.

Could be one of them shot Fraser.

But let's say it was Creggan.

If Creggan shot his own son,

you'd have to say
it was an accident.

Or maybe Fraser was going to turn
him in for killing Galbraith.

No, there's no way Fraser was
ever going to turn his dad in.

I mean, if anything, that confession
was his attempt to cover for him.

Then Fraser must have believed
his dad killed Galbraith.

And then there's the bullet press.

Sorry? The bullet press?

It's a machine that we found
in Creggan's workshop.

Um, it's used to make
customised bullets.

Like the one that
killed Galbraith? Mm.


So I guess Creggan
is our prime suspect for
the murder of Alex Galbraith.

Jimmy? He's on the phone.


Why are you only
looking for one guy?

There was a crowd
of those bastards there last night.

Who were they?

Logan, I'm sorry about Fraser.
I know you must be angry.

But now isn't the time
to go looking for revenge.

Look, why don't you tell me
where you are,

and I'll come and get you myself?

And then what?
You set me up for my son's murder.

Maybe throw in Alex Galbraith
for good measure, eh?

Logan, then you help me find

the people who attacked
your house last night.

You can't go after them all, Logan.

I don't need to go after them all.

Last night was planned.

Someone sent those bastards
to my door.


Tosh, find out where
the call came from.

On it.


Sir? Sandy, did you find out
who was at Creggan's? No names.

But one of the neighbours
remembers seeing a car,

possibly an SUV,
on the road around midnight.

Did they see the driver?

Going too fast.

But they did say there was
more than one occupant.

Well, keep on it
cos we need to find them.

Creggan's call came from the
phone box on the South Road.

Billy, get a unit out to
the South Road now. OK.

What did he say?

He's going to go after them.

DVDs. Thought we could
have a movie day.

I had to borrow most
of them from Jimmy.

And he's got quite strange tastes!

Why don't you go out?

Well, is that allowed?
I mean, is she well enough?

As long as she doesn't do
anything too strenuous,

I don't see a problem.

Oh, God!

It would be lovely
to get some fresh air.

OK. Well, let's go out.

I got a heads up on the ISA report
on Eamon Gauldie's death.

They're naming Mick Muir
as the cause.

Oh, that's something, at least.
Don't get too excited.

They've also made it clear
it was an accident.

It was murder.

Well, unless you can find me
some evidence to prove that,

I'll have to accept their findings.

The only way we get Muir

for Gauldie's murder is
if we can prove him

and Creggan were working together.

Where's Muir now?

With Fraser's mum.

She's due to identify
the body later today.

Well, after the identification,
I want you to take another
crack at him.

We've found Kate Kilmuir's car here
in Lerwick. But no sign of Creggan.

Where's the car? Down at Hay's Dock.

Press conference.
He's going after Eve Galbraith.

Billy, get everyone we've
got down to the museum.

Tosh, come on, let's go.

They don't give any details.
They just say he was shot.

It's fine. We can find out later.

If they ask, just say it's a
police matter and we move on.

Maybe we should cancel.

Eve, there are reporters out there
and news crews from the mainland.

It's too early to be doing this.

All we're doing is letting everyone
know that you're still running, OK?

And there was me, thinking we
were here to pay tribute to Dad!


Jimmy? Eve, tell me where
you are right now.

What? I'm at the museum.

Whereabouts in the museum?

Er, in a side room.

OK. Are you with Merran?

Merran and Niven. Why?

I want you to lock the door
and stay there.

Jimmy, what's going on?

Just do as I say - it's important.

Stay put and wait
until we get there. We're
about five minutes away.

OK, let's spread out.

Why would he come after me?

Because he's a crackpot.

Always was,
even before he went to Iraq.

We don't know for sure that
Creggan is after you.

But he claims Fraser was shot
by men who attacked his house.

He thinks it was me?

Well, you made your anger
pretty clear when Fraser
was released yesterday.

Damn right I did. Even so,

I am not in the habit
of organising lynch mobs.

Well, just to be sure,

I need to know where you
all were last night.

It was Merran's birthday yesterday.
We had a party at Niven's house.

Why Niven's house?

I didn't want to have it at home.

Until we find Creggan,
we need to keep you safe.

So it might be a good idea if
you cancel this press conference.

Wait a minute.
Is that really necessary?

I think it is, aye.

Eve, you need to think about how
this is going to make you look.

They're already casting you
as a vulnerable widow.

You pull out of this at the last
minute, it makes you look flaky.

Who cares how it makes her look if
there's someone trying to kill her?

Aye, but they don't know for sure he
is after your mum. Isn't that right?

If Jimmy's telling us to cancel...

He's not telling us to cancel.

He doesn't have the authority.

Plus, he's going to be
here to protect us.

Along with DS McIntosh
and all the other police officers.

In fact, this is probably
the safest place for you.

So who called it in?

Local farmer. Found it
abandoned early this morning.

I'll take a look.

My late husband, Alex, stood
for all that was good and right.

He believed in fairness

and, above all, he believed
in the truth.

But he also believed in his family.

He believed in our daughter, Merran,
and I know he believed in me.

Without Alex's unshakeable faith...

..and unwavering support...

..I wouldn't be who I am today.

And so it's because of Alex
and all that he stood for...

..that I've decided to continue
my election campaign.


Eve, do you have anything to say
about Fraser Creggan's death?

Well, obviously, I was very...

I was very upset
to hear about Fraser.

I'm sorry.

I can't do this. Eve? Eve?

Do you think Fraser's death could be
linked to your husband's murder?

Eve was shocked

and saddened to hear about

Fraser's death and,
like everyone, condemns

the mob that took

the law into their own hands
last night.

This is obviously
a very emotional time,

but you can all rest assured Eve
Galbraith will come back out there

fighting for your votes.


Get them to the house. Go.

Tosh, phone Billy.

Tell him to keep in contact
with the patrol car.

What happened?
Did the nuns chuck you out?

More like day release.
I'm visiting a friend in Dundee.

Or at least I thought I was -
seems the ferry's off.

Yes. I think that
might be our doing.

Yeah, I noticed
a lot of police around. Is
it to do with Alex's murder?

I'm sorry, I'm going to have to go.

Found an SUV abandoned about
a mile from Creggan's house,

unlocked with the keys
still in the ignition.

Do we know for sure if it was
the one at Creggan's last night?

No. But it matches the description
the neighbour gave us.

It's registered to Struan Guthrie,
Niven's brother.


Ah, what sweets do you want?
A wee Soor Ploom?

Oh, OK.


Hey, you, enjoy the fresh air.

Murdering bitch!

Oi! You!


Take me home. Duncan, take me home!

It's not mine.

It's registered to you.

Along with a dozen other vehicles.
I handle transport for

the company,
but the SUV belongs to Niven.

When did you last drive it?

I've never driven it.

Niven keeps it at his place.
I don't think it's ever been out.

Well, it was out last night.

Well, then, you need to
speak to Niven about that.

That's if you can get him to stop
playing politics for a bit.

And where were you last night?

I worked late, then I went home.

Can anybody vouch for that?


Sir, Struan Guthrie says
the SUV is kept at Niven's house.

I'm heading over there now to talk
to him. I'll pick you up en route.


Hiya. Where are you?

Er, I'm working.

Can you come home?

Why? Cos I need to talk to you.

And I'd rather not
do it over the phone.

Well, I'll try and pop back later.
Right, bye.

I'm DS McIntosh, Shetland Police.

I was hoping to speak to Jean Woods.

Take a seat. Thank you.

Actually, where could
I find Maurice Ross?

Maurice? Hi, how are you today?

Not bad. Are you new?

I'm actually a police officer.
I wanted to ask you

a quick question about
Alex Galbraith,

the lawyer you asked
to find your daughter.

I was just wondering what
became of the search. Did...

I never asked him,
lass, he came to me.

I couldn't afford a lawyer
in a month of Sundays.

You know how much those
buggers charge an hour?

Did he find her?

Aye. He found her.
In London, of all places.

But she told him

she didn't want me
in her life any more.

I'm sorry, Maurice.
That must have been hard.

Were things between you
and Marie-Ann always strained?

I wasn't an easy man to live with
when I was younger.

Mind you,

she must still have SOME feeling
for me.

She pays for me to stay here.

And it's not cheap.


They're here.
OK, I'll call you back.

What's all this about?
Well, I'm presuming that

that was your brother on the phone,
giving you a heads up.

So you know what it's about, Niven.

We found your SUV dumped about
a mile from Logan Creggan's house

this morning.
I don't know how it got there.

Well, presumably the people
who attacked Creggan's house

left it there.

Nothing to do with me.

Far as I was aware,
it was still in the garage.

You've checked already?

Open it.

Look, it's obviously being stolen.

I'm telling you the truth.

Was the garage locked?

Course it was locked.

But no sign of a forced entry?

And the key was in
the ignition when we found it.

Have you lent it
to anybody recently?

No. It's barely been driven.

When did you last check on it?

Well, the thing is, because I don't
use it, I don't check up on it

every day. Last time I saw it
was about, er, a week ago.

How many employees have you got?

What's that got to do with it?

If you had to organise
a heavy mob, you'd have options.

Look, even if I were to send
a mob up to Creggan's house,

I'd hardly have them use
my own bloody car, would I?

I don't know what's going on
but I have no issues with Creggan.

So, it was just a coincidence
that they used your car?

I don't know.

You tell me.

You off somewhere?

Heading up to Lunna, actually.

Having ourselves a picnic.

Er, well, I won't keep you.

It was just to say I spoke
to the care home,

and they'll do what they can
for Maurice.

Oh, thanks. That's a relief.

There was one thing I wanted
to check with you.

You said that Maurice asked Alex
to look for his daughter.

That's right.

Right, it's just that he says it was
the other way around,

that Alex approached him.

What's this about?
One of Alex's old clients.

Alex was paying
for his care home fees.

Yeah, but Maurice thinks his
daughter was paying.

Alex told the care home to let him
believe that was the case.

Why would he do that?

I was hoping you could tell me.

I'm sorry. I've no idea.


We should get going.

Oh, right.

Erm, OK. Well, thanks.


How is it my son's dead?

Logan says that
a number of men came to his house,

and he claims that they shot him.

What do you mean, "he claims"?

We don't know what happened yet.

Fraser was his son!

Oh, I know how you lot
will try and spin this.

God knows Logan had his problems,
but he was a good man.


Why did you leave him?

I left because it was over.

We'd changed. That's all.

You mean he changed?

What happened to him in Iraq?

I don't know.

He never talked about it?

Logan wasn't one for talking.

Even with the nightmares
and the panic attacks,

he never let me in.

What about the IHAT investigation?

I mean, surely you must have
discussed that?

All Logan said was that he was
paying the price

for another man's crimes.

So, who was this man?


His Sergeant.

Look, erm,

I know you can't say much, but, erm,

was it Creggan who did it?

Why would you say that?

Well, he's not here, is he?

And you lot are looking for him,
and, erm...

Oh, forget it.
I don't know why I said that.

My head's bursting right now.

Well, you've got a lot on.

Not least the report into
Eamon Gauldie's death.

Those ISA bastards set me up.

Well, someone caused that accident.

Aye, well, it wasn't me.

Why would I loosen a valve
for no reason?

Because Creggan told you to?

Creggan is the prime suspect
in the murder of Galbraith.

Gauldie may have witnessed the
shooting, which means he was

a threat to Creggan.
I don't believe this.

You think I killed Eamon Gauldie
for Creggan?

You two are connected.
We've barely spoken to one another

for three years. And yet your phone
records show you called his house

twice the night before
Eamon Gauldie died.

Aye, I called the house,
but not to speak to Logan.

To speak to Fraser.

Angela liked me to call in
on the boy every now and again,

so I'd phone up and have a chat
with him.

Look. I didn't do this.

Carrie disagrees.

She thinks you're the only one
who COULD have loosened that valve.

Bollocks. Carrie didn't say that.

Why would she say that?

Should be safe here for a while.

I'm sorry about Fraser.

I know he thought the world of you.

He thought I was a small man.

He loved you.

These men. The ones last night.
Who, were they?


Hired by someone.
Do you know who?

I thought I did.

But now I realise
it was someone else.

Logan? Don't you think you should be
talking to the police about this?

Perez had his chance.


It's all right. Don't go!


Logan. I'm sorry!

It's all right. I understand.

No, Logan. Wait!

I'll help you get out of Lerwick,

But not with the rifle.

I need to make a call first.

I'm going to need you to stay on
the Isles for the next few days.

I'll be at Mick's house.

And we'll need to speak to you, too.

I'll be sure to bring a lawyer.





ON PHONE: Our boy's dead.

What happened?

I was supposed to take care of him.

I was supposed to protect him.

I let him down.


where are you right now?

It's OK.

I'm safe.

Logan, can you tell me
where you are?

Is Perez with you?

Put him on, Angie.


Come on, this has to stop.

Come and hand yourself in.

Someone I need to see first.

Eve Galbraith had nothing to do
with what happened to Fraser.

Are you still there?

Billy. I want you to
trace a number for me.

ON PHONE: OK, no problem.

You ready? Yep.


Nazir, I need you to open up.

Salma, where's your dad?

He's not here.

We're going to have to come in.

But my dad's not here.

Where is Nazir?

He went out. Is he with Creggan?

We know that Creggan made a phone
call from Nazir's mobile

20 minutes ago.
You need to tell us where he is.

They left.

Dad made him leave it behind.

He just wanted to help his friend.

Well, that was a mistake.

Come out.

Whatever you're planning to do,
it won't bring Fraser back.

Go home to your family, Nazir.

What the hell is wrong with people?

I'm fine, Duncan.

It's not fine though, is it?
I mean, it's assault,

is what it is, and we should,
we should report it.


Got a visitor.

Can I get you some tea?

No. I just, I want, erm...

Actually. I came to speak to Donna.

OK. I'll leave you to it, then.

I saw what happened. On the street.

That must've been nice for you.

No. Not really.

I've had this, er...

..speech rehearsed in my head
for more than a year now.

I was all set to deliver it.

Tell you what a monster you were.

But, today on the street,

I realised that you're just weak.

Not cos you're dying.

I think you've just
always been weak.

Cos strong people don't murder
innocent girls.

Your sister was far from innocent.


But she was a good sister,

and I don't think she wants me
to be this angry.

I know Molly certainly doesn't.

So, I'm done.


..I forgive you.

Fuck you, Kate.

And fuck your forgiveness.

Your whore of a sister
got what she deserved.

You're not worth it. Yeah?

Well, GET OUT, then!





Billy, get this bagged up
and send it to ballistics.

Nazir's van passed
the checkpoint at Holmsgarth

half an hour ago.
He was heading north.

He could be heading
to Eve Galbraith's.

Right, Billy, get on the phone to
Eve and tell her to get herself

and Merran out of the house,

and get a unit to meet me
up there. OK.

Tosh, get on to your man at the SPA.

I want some background
on a Sergeant in Creggan's unit

by the name of Miller.


Patrol unit's en route

but it's about 20 minutes away.

All right, what about Eve?
Did you call her?

We're trying, but she's engaged.

I don't like this.

Maybe we should put the campaign
on hold

until this whole Creggan business
is sorted.

Today was a bad call, OK?

I can hold my hands my up.

We should've cancelled
the press conference.

But don't give up, Eve.

I just need to think about Merran.

There's someone outside.




Sorry, we need to get you
out of here. Where's Merran?

In the kitchen.


Search round the house.


You stop fucking lying to me!

You sent them.

I know you did.

She was just here.

Try calling her.

ON PHONE: Hi. It's Merran.
Leave a message.

It's gone to voicemail.

I don't understand it.
Where did she go?

Eve. Who was at the party?


You said you had a party last night
at Niven's house. Who was there?

Me, Niven, Merran,
some of her friends.

How many of her friends?

I don't know. About six?


Gary. Stay with Mrs Galbraith.

Elsa, radio the station,

and tell them I need
units down at the South Beach.


I had nothing to do
with Fraser's death.

I'm telling you the truth!

The truth?

You wouldn't know the truth
if it kicked you in the ar... Argh!

I was there, Niven.

I saw you,

in front of the cameras,
acting the big man.

Too stupid to realise you were
giving yourself away.

You said there was a mob.


Boss is calling.


Merran's gone!

She ran off, and now
Perez is after her, and...

Eve, I can't talk to you just now.

..he asked about the party,

and I think she might have had
something to do... Eve?

..with Fraser being killed.

He's gone to the beach
to find her.

Niven, you need to get there!






Wait here.

They didn't mean it.

They only wanted to scare them,
that's all.

It doesn't matter, Merran.

Because of what they did,
a boy was killed.

They didn't do anything, I swear.

Did you know about this?

I only just found out.
Can't you just let them off?

No, Merran. I can't.

Tell me. Tell me who did it!




Please, tell me!

I don't know!







Come here.

Try and stand up.

What the hell are you doing?


She did...

SHE did it!

No, she didn't. She sent them!

No, she didn't. She's just a kid.

So was my boy.

Get that down you.

I'm scared.

Well, you don't need to be.
I'm here.


But for how long?

Well, for as long as
you need me to be.

Do you really mean that?


Because this is going to
get a lot harder,

and I'm going to need your help.

You will help me, won't you?





Let's go.

What's he doing here?
Handed himself in.

Said he helped your man here escape.

Let him go.

He only helped me
because I threatened his family.

Go home.

Billy, get him into some
dry clothes.

Has he said anything?

Nothing that makes much sense.

He attacked Merran Galbraith
on the beach.

I had to pull him off her.

Is she OK? Not really.

She's with her mum just now,

but I'll go and see both
of them later.

What shall I do about the kids?

Erm, I want them processed,

and start searching their houses.

We need to find out
what happened last night.

Are you going to interview Creggan?

I would rather the FME
assessed him first.

Be tomorrow before they get here.

It's your decision.

OK, let's do it.

But I'm going to need
some leverage.

Have you heard anything back from
Aberdeen about the bullet press?

Nothing yet.

What about your contact
at the SPA.

Did he say anything about Miller?

Just that he's dead.

Killed in action in 2006.

Friendly fire.



You were telling me what happened.

There was about six of them, maybe.

Saying they wanted Fraser.

I refused to turn him over,

and they started shooting.

Did you see who shot Fraser?


Most of them were armed, though.

And were you armed?

I had my rifle.

Did you fire it?

A few warning shots, maybe.

Is that all?

They started shooting.
You just fired some warning shots?

Believe me,

if I'd known they were
going to kill Fraser,

I would have aimed
for their fucking heads.



Give me a minute, Logan.




What the fuck is going on here?

No, no, no, there's nothing
going on. We're just talking.

You were telling me about Miller.

He was your Sergeant in Iraq.

I know who he was.

You're supposed to be telling me
who killed Fraser.

We're interviewing Merran's friends
just now,

but it's going to take some time
before we find out what happened.

In the meantime,
tell me about Miller.

According to the SPA,

he was killed in
a friendly-fire incident.

What can you tell me about that?

Did you shoot him?

You see, I think that you were
too good a soldier

to make a mistake like that.

Unless you shot him deliberately,

and made it look like friendly fire.


that, that I could buy.

Cos it was Miller, wasn't it?

He was the one
that abused those prisoners,

killed that boy,
everything IHAT accused YOU of,

he was responsible for.




Miller was a one-man horror show.

I'm not saying I wasn't guilty.

I was.

We all were.

All of us who stood by,

watched, while Miller
hurt those people.

That boy didn't do anything.

He didn't know anything.

But Miller just kept pounding him...

..again and again.

I wanted to help.

I stepped in.

But Miller was bawling,


So, I...

..I shot him.

And in all the years
I was over there...

..that was the only time
I felt like a soldier.

Something I want you to look at.

Do you recognise this?

It's a bullet press.

We found it in your workshop.

That's because it's mine!

Alex Galbraith was killed
by a ghost bullet.

A bullet that was made on a press
just like this one here.

Are you serious with this shit?

You join up to serve your country.

You go to war.

You see all manner of horror.

Things that nobody should see.

All the trauma. All the anger.

And then the army comes after you.

The very institution that sent you
out there in the first place.

They're now accusing you
of war crimes. Stop talking!

And so, you turn to your friend,
Alex Galbraith.

Someone that you can count on
to defend you.


I was guilty! I told you!

I should have stopped Miller
long before I did.

You promised me.

You promised you would tell me
who killed Fraser.

You know who killed Fraser, Logan.

Those kids that came to your house
last night.

They weren't armed.

They had an air rifle between them.

One of them had made
a couple of petrol bombs,

and that's how the gas tanks
went up.

They weren't hired men.

They were just kids.

Just daft kids,

trying to scare you and Fraser.


Our forensic team found
six bullet casings at the scene.

All fired from the same weapon.

From your rifle.

And our pathologist retrieved
one of those bullets

from Fraser's chest.

My boy!


I killed my boy!



Can we get him some help, please?


Thank you.

The bullets that Creggan was making
in his workshop aren't a match

for the one that killed
Alex Galbraith.

So we're back to square one?

Sandy, the FME won't get here
until tomorrow,

so you're going to have to watch
Creggan until then.

Can you do that?

Yes, of course.

What about Fraser?

Are we going to charge
Creggan for his murder?

I'll make my decision after
I've read the kids' statements.

See if they back his version
of events.


The stuff he said about Miller.

You think he was telling the truth?


Yeah, I do.

Donnie's outside.

What are you doing out here?

I, er, know who leaked
the crime scene photos.

It's Sandy.