Shetland (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Episode #6.3 - full transcript

The race is on to catch Sandy's attacker before he can escape Shetland, while Lynda Morton finds herself in trouble, so she desperately calls Perez for help - offering a key name for his investigation in return. Blood from the recent break-in throws up a DNA match that leads to another murder suspect, and a shocking confession causes tensions to boil over, sowing the seeds of further violence.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Alex Galbraith has been shot dead.

If Eamon Gauldie was a witness to
Galbraith's murder,
then that would make him a problem.


The rumour is Mick caused
Eamon's accident.

I'm being set up!

Creggan is Muir's brother-in-law?

It seems Creggan and his unit were
accused of prisoner abuse in Iraq.

Where were you yesterday before you
went up to the Galbraith place?

With me. We were here. Together.

I'm pissed off about Donna Killick.
She kills my sister,

and then she gets to come home
to die in her own bed?

I need to see my son
again before I die.

So I knew how hard Alex worked
to secure your release.

Darren Bedford. My wife, Fiona.

She was Alex's PA.

There was a custody battle.

The wife lost her kids due to
drug addiction. Lynda Morton?

I don't have dealers.

Alex Galbraith thought you did.
He had evidence.

I've been looking for you.

Now, where is your friend?

Keep your eyes on the road!

There's a car coming.

Is it the cops?

Er, no. No.
I don't... I don't think so.


What is it? Don't worry,
it's all under control.

It's under control.

She's not going to be a problem.

We'll stay here.
I'll dump the car first thing.

Then we get off Shetland.

Let's go!

He's conscious, but there's a head
injury and some serious bruising.

I'd like to keep him in overnight,
if that's OK?

Whatever you think's best.

Haven't got
a name for the driver yet,

but the house is let to a company
that doesn't appear to exist.

How you doing?

Would you recognise this guy
if you saw him again?

Definitely. And she's scared,
Lynda. I think she's in danger.



Anybody here?

Detective Perez?

Is something wrong?

I saw the lights on. I was just
checking everything was OK.

Everything is fine. We've been
building a seating area outside.

You just helping out?

That's right.


Can I have a word?


I didn't know you spoke Arabic.

Well, there's a lot of things
about me you don't know.

You know, I would have thought that
Galbraith taking on the Nassan case

and not yours
would have grated a little bit.

I've got more in common with
that family than you know.

They escaped Aleppo on a bus,
no luggage, their house in ruins

after seeing loved ones
blown to bits,

and their only thought
was to survive.

I know exactly what that feels like.





No! No!



What if we get caught?
I won't ever see my kids again.

Listen, do as I say
and you'll be OK.

Argue back, and you won't
get off the island alive.

It's not me saying this -
it's the people that I work for.

It'll be out of my hands.

Give us your phone.

I don't have it.

I must've left it back at the house.
I'm... I'm sorry.

Stay here
and keep quiet till I get back.






No, no, please! Please!

Please, please, please!



Jimmy Perez. It's Lynda Morton.
It's Lynda Morton.

I am now trapped.

I'm trapped. Please, please!
Just come and get me.

It's Lynda Morton. Where are you?

Um, near a petrol station.
Er, near Skellister.

Please hurry up!

We'll come and find you.

Put a trace on that number -
I want an exact location.

And if she moves, let me know.

Billy, petrol station
near Skellister.

Find out if we've got
anybody near there.




I'm in here!

I'm in here, please!


OK, listen, don't worry.

We're going to have you
out in a minute, OK?


Are you OK?


Lynda, what's this guy's name?

I... I can't... I can't...

I can't...

Right, come on.
Let's get you somewhere warm.


What do you want?

Heard about the accident.
Just want to make sure you're OK.

Aye, I'm fine.

I don't want to get involved in
this any more than I am already.

If you've got Perez breathing
down your neck, that's your fault.

Just don't bad-mouth me.

Is Lynda OK?

She's in the interview room now.
What about Muir?

Oh, Creggan paid him a visit,

but I couldn't catch
what they were saying.

Seemed heated, though.
I did get something useful.

Have you heard of Lights 'N' Bites?

It's a catering firm
owned by Carrie McAndrew.

It turns out she went bust
owing money all over the place,

and that's why she's
sleeping on Muir's sofa.

Right, is Galbraith
involved in any of this?

Not that I can see.

Well, I don't see how any of
this is relevant, then, do you?

Interview starts at 9.05
with DI Perez

and DS McIntosh present.

Lynda, you need to tell us

everything that you know
about this guy,

starting with his name.

I don't know his name.

He was just someone that I went for
a drink with every now and again.

Come on, Lynda. You're the worst
liar that I've ever heard.

You do know how much
trouble you're in?

You were found with a sizeable
amount of cocaine.

You'll go to prison.

Does this guy mean that much to you?
More than your kids?

Nothing means more to me
than my children!

Prove it.

I know how scared you are, Lynda,
but the only way you're going to

feel safe again is
if we get this guy off the streets.

You don't understand.

The place was
so empty with the boys gone.

There was nobody there to
stop me from drinking,

and everything just
spiralled out of control.


He was really nice to begin with,
cared about me...

..said that he would help me
get my kids back.

Then he started using the house
to hide his drugs.

He gave me money for that.

And, you know, I just thought,
if I put some of that money aside,

then I could save up and get a
decent lawyer and win back my kids.

With drugs money?

I'm so desperate.

Do you know who he works for?

You'd have to ask him that.

I can't. You won't give me his name.

It's Curtis Galt.

Curtis Andrew Galt.

He's got a list of convictions
as long as your arm.

And he's known to have links
to organised crime.

She's lucky to be alive.

Get that photograph out to
every single officer we've got.


Hey! Hey!

Stop him!

Police, stop!



Suspect's heading towards
the town centre!

Just had a sighting of him
at the ferry port -

he's headed back into town.



I'm going to try and cut him off.





He's heading for Commercial Street!

Police! Stop!


Get off me! Get off me!

You hit a police officer
with your car.

I didn't know he was a cop.

I thought he was trying
to break into the house.

I was just protecting Lynda.

Is that why you locked
her in a container?

What's the big hurry to
get off the islands, anyway?

I was taking her to see her kids.
It was going to be a surprise.

Right, let's get one thing straight.
I know your history.

I know you're capable of violence.

So you can either tell me the truth
or I'm going to charge you with

the murder of Alex Galbraith and
the attempted murder of DC Wilson.

I used her. I admit it...

..when I did a bit of dealing.
But I don't kill people.

I threaten them. I scare them.

But murder -
hey, that's way above my pay grade.

The break-in at the
Galbraith house, though,

that was you, wasn't it?

I did it for Lynda - she wanted
to know what he knew about her.

So, what are you running from?

What am I running from?

Let me tell you how it works.

I'm given stuff to sell.

I take a small cut and give the
rest to the guy who gave me it.

And he takes a cut and gives it
to the guy who gave it to him.

And if you think I'm scum,
you should meet that guy.

He'd kill anybody,
he doesn't give a shit.

And this chain works fine,
but now I've broken it

cos I can't pay back
the money I owe.

I'm a dead man. And so is Lynda.

And whatever you think of me,
I don't want any of that.

For what I make out of this
isn't worth killing anyone.

In order for me to believe you,
you need to prove to me

where you were on the morning
Galbraith was killed.

I was in Aberdeen.
I got the overnight ferry.

You can check.

We'll get that alibi checked out.

The blood from the drone theft -

we found a partial match
on the DNA database.

Only problem is,
it's of Lizzie Kilmuir.

I don't understand.

You're saying that the blood
is a match to my sister's?

It's a partial match, so it's either
your blood or it's Molly's blood.

Molly? Get in here!

Did you steal
a drone from Eamon Gauldie?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Molly, let me see your hands.

Did you think that the
person who killed

Alex Galbraith could be
on Eamon's drone?

Listen to me, Molly.
This is a murder enquiry.

So you need to tell me who it is
you thought you were protecting.

OK. Sandy, request a search
warrant for the Kilmuir house.

You won't find it.

I threw it in the sea.

Is that because you thought Fraser
Creggan would be on the footage?

No. Not Fraser.

Then who?

Your mum?

I knew she went to see him
that morning,

and I knew she was really mad.

I just worried that she'd
done something stupid.

How could you think that?

You've just been really
angry lately.

Molly, how did you know that Eamon
had a drone in the first place?

I overheard Sandy mentioning
to Mum that they thought that

he'd accidentally filmed
who shot Mr Galbraith.

I'm sorry.

Molly, Molly, when they announced
that they'd released Donna...

..well, that made me
sick to my stomach.

But I swear, I swear, darling,
no matter how angry I get,

I would never, ever take
another person's life.

Come here.

And what about you?
Do you think I killed him?

No, I don't. And I hope I'm right.

Molly's going to have to come in
sometime soon, make a statement.

OK, Sandy.


Is that right?

Did you tell
Kate about Eamon's drone?

I did tell her
a bit about the investigation.

Just as a friend.

I was looking into Galbraith's
bank statements to see if

there was a connection
with Lights 'N' Bites.

I couldn't see anything.

But he was paying for a room
at the Levenwick Hotel

every Tuesday afternoon.

You said Merran thought
he was seeing someone.

It's something we
haven't considered.

As a motive, I mean.

So I called.
It was booked by Fiona Bedford.


Can I ask you
why you didn't tell me

that you booked a room for Alex
at the Levenwick Hotel every week?

How long had you been
having an affair?

Oh, that's...
That's not what's happening.

We know about the room. Just
tell me the truth, please.

About a year.

And did your husband know?


I'm going to have to talk to him.
Do you understand?

Is that really necessary?

I can give you a wee bit of time
to tell him yourself.

Tosh, you were right
about the affair. It was Fiona.

I'm going to go and talk
to the husband. OK.

Well, I'll get Sandy to
check our CCTV for Bedford's

movements on the morning
of the shooting.



Maurice Ross.

Huh! That's a blast from the past.

His daughter went missing.

Aye. The father thought she had.

Turns out she'd just up and left.

Is he related to Alex Galbraith?

Not that I recall.

So, then, why was Galbraith
paying for his care?

Sounds like the type of thing
he might do.

Here we go - that should
give you a bit of strength.

How's the pain?

Not good.

I'll get you something for that.

Nice to have a visitor, though.

Aye, not exactly a tall dark
stranger, but he'll have to do.

Um, listen, it's not
great news, Donna.

I tried calling Alan,
but he didnae want to speak to me.

Cannae blame him, really. I mean,
we weren't exactly ideal parents.

Speak for yourself.

I'm sorry about the
graffiti outside.

Why? Was it you out there
with a tin of paint?

I just mean... I hope...

I hope people leave you
alone soon, you know.

Fat chance.

Kids driving by at all hours,
honking their horns...

..trying to keep her awake.

I had no idea.

Folk just want to see
the back of me, Duncan.

Including my own son,
it would appear.

I know why you're here.
Fiona called me.

And you weren't aware of
the affair until just now?

No. Still trying to take
it in, to be honest.

So you never suspected?


Alex was the last person
I thought would do this to me.

Betrayed your friendship.

He did.

You'd better be
telling me the truth.

If you think that I'd kill
a man because of an affair...

..that's not who I am.

And if it helps, I was here
that morning on the wards.

I slept for an hour
or so in the office

cos I'd been on call all night.

So, you're really ruling out Galt?

His alibi checked out -
he was on the ferry.

Well, whoever you land on,

without a murder weapon, it could
be tough getting a conviction.

Your case needs to be rock solid.

And hopefully it's not Creggan.

I don't fancy making
a case against a veteran.

If what IHAT claim happened in Iraq
is true, then he's capable.

Anyone else on your radar?

Darren Bedford. His wife was having
an affair with Galbraith.

And, technically, he has
an hour that's unaccounted for.

Does Eve Galbraith
know about the affair?

I don't believe so.

You should find out,
don't you think?

What about Kate Kilmuir?

I can't see Kate doing this.

I presume you could have said
the same thing about Donna Killick

back in the day.

You should keep all options open.

You must be pretty pissed
off about her. Be honest.

After having put all that work
into her conviction, she's back,

causing all kinds of grief.

It's not forever.

What if she lives longer
than expected?

She could be here for years. How
would the locals feel about that?

That's not going to happen.
You can't say that for sure.

I am going to talk to the
Islands Council and make a case

to have her relocated for
reasons of public safety.

I'll need your backing.
I'll expect it.

I'm sorry, Eve. It was going
to come out sooner or later.

So I'd rather you heard
it from me first.

I'm not surprised.

She was in awe of him.

He loved that kind of adoration.

Do you know how long
it had been going on?

About a year or so.


Hey, Dad. You OK?

I'm fine.

I was just wondering
where your mother was.

I'll stop by on my way
to the station.

I'll see you in a wee bit, OK?

I don't know how you do it.
I really don't.

How do you mean?

I didn't realise the job was
so tough. It's, like, it's intense.

You'd make a great mum.

Come again?

I just meant, if you can do that,
you can do anything.

Well, I'm happy doing
what I'm doing.

Yeah, no, no, I know,
I wasn't suggesting you weren't.

You could do both is what...

As in,, being you...

Do you want to dig that
hole a bit deeper, Donnie?

I can still see
the top of your head.

I'm impressed, that's all.
I'm paying you a compliment.

I can see you doing it all.

Oh, right, and what will you be
doing while I'm doing it all?

Wait, I wasn't suggesting we have
kids, if that's what you mean.
And what were you suggesting?

Well, I don't...

I don't remember
suggesting anything.

Well, why don't we put
what a great mum I'd make

on the back burner for a bit and
focus on what a terrific cop I am?

I'd prefer that.

Aye, aye, absolutely, totally!

Oh, what are you doing here?

Er, you phoned. About Mum?

Did I? When?



You remembered me?

Well, it wasn't
quite as long as the last time.

Your Sergeant told me you'd be

I wanted a quick word about Donna.

She's getting
hassle from local kids.

People leaving abusive messages.

Journalists calling day and night.

The woman's dying,
she needs some protection.

The least you can do is get
rid of the bloody graffiti.

You're right. It's not good.

I'll have somebody look in.

Is that the best you can do?

Remind me
always to have you on my side.

I'm sorry, it's just, if it wasn't
for your friend, Duncan,

she'd have nobody.

Duncan's been up there?

He wants to help,
he just doesn't know how.

Can I have the car keys?

I need to pick up some things.
I can't find my DVDs.

I need the car, Dad, I'm sorry.

Whose bloody car is it?

Who's this? Your fancy woman?

Does she know you're married?

And that was my dad.
I'm sorry, his memory's not great.

It's OK. I understand.
My mother was the same way.

I'd better go.

You need to hear this - now.

Can you say that again?

I killed Alex Galbraith.


He was everything I hate.

A hypocrite who made a living
from other people's misfortune.


In your own words, tell me
what you did exactly.

I took an old gun that
I found belonged to my dad...

..went to his house on my bike.

An old gun? What kind of gun?

I don't know.

A pistol.

When he answered the door,
I shot him.

Afterwards, I threw the gun away.

Sandy, get Molly Kilmuir
in here right now.

Molly, I need to know that
you were telling me

the truth about Fraser
when you gave him an alibi.

Why? What's happened?

He's saying he killed
Alex Galbraith.

That doesn't make any sense.
We were in his room all morning.

And he never left?

No, not long enough to get to
Galbraith's house and back.

So he did leave?

He said he wanted some fresh air,
so he went to clear his head because
he'd been at the screen for hours,

but he only went to the local shop.

For what?

A can of Megaman.

Right, and did he have
it when he came back?

He said they didn't have any.

Molly, why didn't you
tell me this before?

He wasn't gone that long!


We need a timing on how
long it would take somebody

to get from the Creggan place
to the Galbraith house on a bike.

A bike? Right.

I've got your boy in custody.


He's claims he killed
Alex Galbraith,

and he used an old pistol
belonging to you.

Well, he...he's lying.

How do you know? Because he's
taking the blame for you?


Cos I don't own a pistol
and, even if I did,

I would never kill
a man in cold blood.

Really? Not according to the SPA.

Can I ask you something?

Do you think the Mahdi Army
prosecuted their people

for killing prisoners?

They fucking promoted them!

A war crime is still a war crime,

even if it's committed
by one of your own.

You need to stop talking
about things you don't understand.

How long are you going to let
your son sit in a jail cell before

you tell me the truth?

I did not kill Alex Galbraith.
And neither did my boy.

You know, Fraser's going
to stay in that jail cell

until I get some answers.


Fraser posted his confession
online before he came here.

The press are outside,
people want answers.

I killed Alex Galbraith.

I'm making this confession
not out of remorse...

..but because I despise
the hypocritical society
he personified...

OK. That's enough.

They've done the timing.

He could have cycled there and
back in less than 20 minutes.

Let's go over what happened again.

How many times do I have to say it?

I knocked on the door. He answered.

I shot him, then I threw the gun
into the sea and cycled back home.

Sorry, you knocked on the door?

That's what I said.

You know, um...

It can't have been easy
since your mum left.

Just you and your dad.

I mean, I take it he's not
the easiest guy in the world

to get along with.

Even so, you love him, don't you?

My dad didn't kill Galbraith.

He's damaged.

But he'd never kill someone
without reason.

What if he had a reason?
Would he kill then?

What have you got against him?
He fought for people like you.

It broke him. He still screams
at night in his sleep.

I hear him.
So how is it you get to judge him?

We're not judging him.
We just want to know the truth.

I did the right thing...for Molly...

..for everyone.

You see,
the problem that I have is

that I know you didn't do it, son.

That instinct to want to protect
your dad - it's only natural.

I understand it more than you know.
He's all you've got.

But don't ruin your life, Fraser,

because that's the last
thing that he wants.

It's just, you don't know him.

He isn't himself sometimes.

He scares me.

Right, what I want you to do
is I want you to go home

and make another video,
explaining that you lied,

because otherwise
I have to charge you,

and the prosecution won't care what
I think, they'll have a confession,

and then, even when you recant, as
I'm sure you will, it won't matter.

You will go to prison for life.

If he didn't do it, how did
he know it was a vintage gun?

He didn't say vintage, he said old.
I think he was guessing.

No, the killer rang the doorbell.
Merran heard it.

Three buzzes.
And he said he knocked.


I don't want him.
I want the person that did it.


Anybody gives you any hassle,
give me a call.

What's going on? Mrs Galbraith!
Why has he been released?

Because he didn't do it.

Are you joking? He's confessed.

I just saw it!

He was lying.
His story's full of holes.

Right, well, then, he's done
it to protect his father.

Come on, man, one of them did it!

Attacking me or my family will
not stop me getting elected.

And when I do, I will fight tooth

and nail to make sure the
war crimes investigation is
reopened. Eve. Eve. Eve!

You can bet your life on it.

Come inside, we can talk.

I'm done talking.

Maurice Ross?

Yeah, Alex was paying for his care
at Fairside. Do you know why?

Was it something to do
with his daughter?

Marie-Ann Ross?

The old man asked Alex to trace her.

He was getting on and he
wanted to see his daughter

before it was too late.

Alex said he'd put in a
few calls as a favour.

Did he have any luck?

I don't think so.

How are things at home?

Not good.

You're going to need
a bigger board.

Or maybe a new DC.

Every one of these people's got
a motive.

Not one of them strong enough.

Somebody's hiding something.

Boss, Kirsty Gauldie handed this in.

She found it in her husband's
clothes when the ISA returned them.

Says it's not his handwriting.

If the ISA have missed this,
what else have they missed?

They need to give us everything
they've got on the accident.

It's a threat, though, eh?
Aye, it's a threat.

Give it to forensics to look at.

Have you got that list of Carrie's
creditors you were talking about?

It would be useful to see if
there's any crossover with this lot.

Erm, not yet.

Er, this might be nothing

but Fiona Bedford says Galbraith was
asked to trace a teenager

called Marie-Ann Ross who left
the islands about 20 years ago.

So? Well, should I try to
track her down,

see if there's any connection
to the case?


No, concentrate on the
connection between Muir and Creggan.

Hi, Meg. How's things?

Sorry to bother you.

Your dad is on the road past Aith,
where the cake fridge is.

He looks a bit lost.


Oh, OK, I'm on my way.

He's been there a while.

OK, Dad?

You want a cake? You just take them.
They're free.

No, you still have to pay for them.

It's like an honesty box. Remember?

No, you're all right, Dad.
I've got it.

How did you get up here?


The bus. Aye.
I fancied a trip to Aith.

Your mother and I used to go here
when we were first married.

I must have taken the wrong road.

Is that Fran?

God, I haven't seen her for ages.

Come on, Dad. Let's, erm...

Let's get you back to the car

before I have to arrest you
for cleaning out the cake fridge.


You got him diagnosed, I take it.

For dementia, you mean?


You should bring him
down to the memory clinic.

They can do a test.

If he's in the system,

it'll be easier for you to get
the help you'll need.

No. I don't need any help.
I'm...I'm fine.

Maybe not now, but you will.

Think about it.

OK. Thanks.


Tosh, come in.


Is everything OK? Yeah. Yeah.

I just wanted to check in
and see how you are.

Right, well, we'd better have wine,
then. Ooh. OK.

How did he manage to get himself up
to Aith in the first place?

On the bus.

Meg found him.

He thought she was Fran.

Yeah, he's getting very confused.

Maybe after this investigation's
over, you could take some time off,

just till you know what you're
dealing with.

I can't do that, Tosh.

Look, it's not any of my business...

..but if you're going to be looking
after him,

you're going to need to
look after yourself.

The place won't fall apart
without you.

Well, maybe a little bit.

I'll try Alan again
in a couple of days.

He might have changed his attitude.

I do appreciate everything
you're doing, Duncan.

Thanks for bringing
those books over.

Oh, no worries. I've got stacks.

And plenty of time to read them
these days, eh?

Well, I'm not, er, involved with
anybody, if that's what you mean?

Apart from Jimmy Perez.

You two are
Shetland's most eligible bachelors.

Jimmy, maybe, but, er, I think
my reputation proceeds me.

Och, he's cramping your style.
You should get your own place.

Mind you...

..he'd be devastated
if you weren't around, wouldn't he?

MEG: Only me.

How are you feeling?

I'm fine.

Hey. Hi.

Duncan, could you look in
on my old man tomorrow afternoon

and just make sure
he eats something? Aye, sure.

How's Donna?

She asked me
to get in touch with Alan for her.

I know.

I know, but I didn't have
much choice.

I couldn't let her die without
seeing him.

No matter what she did.

She's the mother of my son.

Don't get sucked into this.

No, for your own good.

Would it sound strange
if I said I feel a lot responsible

for the way things have turned out?

She did what she did to protect
her son. Our son.

What kind of man would I be
if I walked away from her?

She...she was a victim,
I understand that...

..but she didn't go and kill her
abuser, she killed a teenage girl.


She wasn't thinking straight.

Duncan, you're picking a hell of
a time to play the Good Samaritan.

What happened to selfish Duncan?
I'd kind of prefer him right now.

You reformed him.

Here, eat something,
and get off that.

What you did was daft.

You don't need to protect me.

I can look after myself.


..I know I wasn't much of
a dad when you were growing up.

I wasn't much of anything
when I came back from Iraq.

I should have got help.

Talked to someone.

But I just took it out on you
and your mum.

For that I am sorry.

I want to try
and make things better.

You think maybe we could start over?

You could start by telling me
the truth.

About Galbraith.


Get to your room.

Why? Who is it?

Just get to your room
and stay there!

Dad, don't do anything stupid!

Can I help you people?

You and your boy have some
questions to answer.

Get the fuck off of my land.

And stay away from my boy!
I'm warning you!














Jimmy Perez.

You need to get to my place.


My boy.

They've killed my boy.

Boss. Billy, I'm going to need an
ambulance at the Creggan place,

quick as you can. OK.