Shetland (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Episode #4.6 - full transcript

Troubled by historical DNA evidence results, Perez has to face the fact that Duncan may have been involved in Lizzie Kilmuir's murder and potentially Sally McColl's as well.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Thomas Malone,
convicted in 1994

for the murder
of Lizzie Kilmuir.

Drew McColl called in.
His daughter seems to be missing.

My girl...
my wee girl...

They've deployed a major
investigation team.

They arrive first thing
tomorrow morning.

If I find out
that you are in any way

involved in these new crimes,

you'll be prosecuted
a second time

for the murder
of Lizzie Kilmuir.

I've told Thomas I won't
be seeing him again

and that he needs to just
leave us alone.

Well, he's not listening,

because he's just followed
me home from school!

Just go away!

Kevin's DNA isn't a match

to the DNA that we found
on Lizzie's scarf.

Who's Alan's real father?

This is an 8mm film. It could
have my biological dad on it.

- Did you kill Sally McColl?
- The last I saw of her,

she was arguing with an
older man at the festival.

Why didn't you tell me before
that you'd spoken to Sally?

- I forgot.
- You forgot?!

You forgot you had
spoken to a woman

who got killed the same night?!

You don't seriously think I had
something to do with it, do you?

Season 4 - Episode 06

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DI Perez.
You're up early.

How can I help?

I haven't had any luck finding Alan's dad.

But you know that, don't you?

Come on,
I want to show you something.

Do you recognise this?

It's an old film
that Alan found.

It's a birthday party
for Kevin on the beach.

Not long before Lizzie died.

God, so it is.

Where did he find it?

In the basement.

I'd forgotten all about that old camera.

- So who took this?
- Kevin, I imagine.

He was the cine buff.

Because I was hoping this
might jog your memory.

These men here,
can you name any of them?

Not really.

They were work mates of Kevin.

And what about Alan's father,
was he at this party?


He was gone by then.

Something wrong?

Not all of my memories
from that time where happy.

I think you know that.

Duncan and Lizzie seem
quite close, don't they?

I didn't know either of
them well enough to say.

Yet they were at your party?

Kevin's party.

People would just turn
up and start drinking.

Duncan was just another one
of his boozing buddies.

Where's Perez?

I can call him.

Lars Bleymann's identified
another man seen with Sally

Sally at the music festival
- a Duncan Hunter?

Yeah, that's right.

Well, do you know anything about
him? Who are we talking about?

He's a local businessman.

- No criminal record?
- No.

He was DI Perez's late
wife's first husband.

The father of his step-daughter.

Right. Well, we still
need to interview him,

even if it's just to rule him out.

And I mean now!

- Do you want a cup?
- No, thanks.

You look like the grim reaper,
Jimmy. Everything all right?

Well, if you're thinking about
getting me that for Christmas,

the usual bottle of Glenfiddich's fine.

Are you saying to me that
you don't recognise that?


That's your scarf.

At least, it was.
Back in the day.

That's the scarf that was used
to strangle Lizzie Kilmuir.

- I did have a scarf like that.
- No.

You had that scarf.

It was stuffed in your
pocket at the beach party.

OK, I had that scarf.

You have any idea
how that ended up

being wrapped around
the neck of a dead girl?

I must have given it to her.

At that party, or...

Maybe I lost it and,
and she found it.

Or Thomas Malone did.
Or somebody else.

Why didn't you mention that
to the police at the time?

I dunno...

I probably didn't even notice it was gone.

This was years ago, Jimmy.

You're going to have to tell
me about you and Lizzie Kilmuir.

- There's nothing to tell.
- Are you sure?

Because the camera never
really left her the whole day,

and then a hand comes out
from behind the camera

and brushes away
a hair from her face.

And you can see the sleeve on
the jacket of the cameraman.

And it's your jacket.

I did a bit of filming.

- It was a laugh, it was a party.
- You can look at it another way.

Like it's the kind of thing you'd
do if you were in a relationship

with somebody
or you would like to be.

You could look at it that way,
but you'd be wrong.

Would I?

So Donna was enough, then?

Donna, as well?

Well, you're giving me more credit
with the ladies than I deserve.

- How do you work that out?
- By the look on her face

when she was watching
you dancing wae Lizzie.

And the fact
you're getting so wound up

about Cassie getting close to Alan.

It's because he's her half
brother, isn't it? Isn't it?


I'm just concerned for
Cassie's safety, like you are.

Cassie's safe.

You, I'm no' so sure about.

I think you're reading too
much into this, Jimmy.

I mean, it's not as if it was the
only scarf of it's kind, is it?

It wasn't a one-off. It might not
even have been the same scarf.

So you won't mind giving
me a DNA swab, then?

Let it go, please.

I cannae do that, Duncan.

I cannae do it.

I'll need that swab today.

And if it turns out it
is your DNA on that scarf,

being Alan's dad might turn out
to be the least of your worries.

Even if it is his scarf,

it doesn't mean
he killed Lizzie.

No, but he's connected
to both the victims.

There's as much pointing at him
as there is at Thomas Malone.

And he doesn't have an alibi
for the night Sally died?

No. He got back late.
Mary was asleep.

- This is Duncan we're talking about.
- I know,

and if it was anybody
else, you'd be the first to say

that we can't make an
exception, and you'd be right.

Christ, Rhona, do you think
I want this to be happening?

You really should have shared
this information with me sooner.

I'm sharing it now.

If his DNA is found on that
scarf, he's your prime suspect.

I'd like a motive.

We can get to that. The
DNA is enough to convict.

No, it's not.
It's his scarf,

so the DNA would
already be on there.

Fine! Well, if it wasn't Thomas Malone,
and it wasn't Duncan Hunter,

who do you think it was?

I just like to be sure before
I start accusing people.

Yes, of course,
especially here,

where everybody knows everybody else.

What are you implying?

You may find it difficult to believe
that he's capable of something like this,

but guess what - every killer's
family feels the same way.

Let's just wait and see what the
DNA results tells us, shall we?

Yeah, yeah.

Who left these?

I haven't been here for ages.


I don't know.
Is there a card or anything?

He's still obsessed with her.

Thank you.

It's a match.

It's Duncan's DNA on the scarf.

He's Alan Killick's father.


We don't treat him any differently.

He's just another suspect.

You let him know that if
there's any tardiness at all,

I'm letting him go.


I'll catch you later.

Duncan Hunter,
you are being detained

on reasonable suspicion of
having committed an offence.

I need to tell Cassie.

I've been trying to get
hold of her all day.

I'm sorry, you have to come with us now.

One call.
That's all I'm asking.

You've had plenty time
to tell her.

You can wait a wee bit longer.

What's going on?

I'll call you later.

I need to know what's happening.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I think DS Jackson and I
should conduct this interview.

- No, that isn't necessary.
- Yes, it is. This is personal for you.

This is Shetland,
so it's always personal.

If this leads anywhere, his
lawyers will say you had

a conflict of interest.
You know that.

I know what I'm looking for.

Don't tell me there isn't any
tension between the two of you.

- There must be.
- How would you know?

Do you have a problem with me or is it
just being told what to do in general?

No, no, it's just you.

You're the Fiscal.
It's your call.

DI Perez leads.
You sit in.

I'll make the case.

We would like to talk to
you about Donna Killick.

How long did your
relationship with her last?

About six months.

- And you were married then?
- You know I was.

What's this got to do with Lizzie Kilmuir?

Just answer the question,
Mr. Hunter.

Yes, I was married.

Who ended the affair?

It was mutual.

- Because she got pregnant?
- Yes.

Is that when you started
seeing Lizzie Kilmuir?


When did you start seeing
Lizzie Kilmuir?

I didn't.

Did Lizzie know about
your affair with Donna?

- Nobody did.
- If she did...

.. how do you think
she would have felt?

Where are you going with this?

For the record, I'm showing
Mr. Hunter an image of him

and Lizzie Kilmuir
from an 8mm film.

You and Lizzie look

very close in that photograph,

And Kate Kilmuir said she
thought she had a crush on you.

If she did,
it wasn't reciprocated.

But you did give her
that scarf at this party?

Because she was cold.

Let's move on.

Did you know that Alan
Killick was your son?

I-I wasn't sure.

- Did you ask?
- No.

I thought Donna would have told me
if I was the father, but she didn't.

So, you just filed it away, under
what, miscellaneous children?

that's hardly fair, Jimmy,

you've never been
in that situation.

No, there's a reason for that.

Did Sally McColl know that
you were Alan's father?

- Why would she?
- That's not what he asked.

Not that I'm aware of, no.

What did you talk about the
night that she disappeared?

I told you.

.. seemed upset about something.

I-I thought she had...
a bit to drink.

I offered her a lift home and...

and she turned it down.

Where did you go after the festival?


The festival finished
at half past ten.
You got home at midnight.

It doesn't take an hour and
a half to get to your place.

I-I-I went to, I went to the holiday
lets we've been working on.

I wanted to check the
builders hadn't fallen behind.

- At night?
- At night, yes.

- Alone?
- Jesus, Jimmy!

Do you really think that I
murdered Lizzie and Sally?

- Seriously?
- Someone did.

Well, it wasn't me!

It w...

It wasn't me.

Sorry, if you're home for lunch,
I've used the last of the bread.

No, you're all right.

Do you know where Duncan is?

He left a message,
it sounded odd.

I tried to give him a call back
but he's not answering.

I need to talk to you
about that.

Come on inside.

There isn't an easy way, for
me to tell you this, Cass.

We have been trying
to match Alan's DNA

with an unknown sample
that we've got on file.

And we've found a match.

And it's Duncan.

It turns out that he and...

.. Donna Killick
had an affair.

So that means that Alan
is your half brother.

Was he with Mum when this was going on?


He was.

How could he do that to Mum?

To us? What was he thinking?

- Legenda n?o traduzida -

Oh, darling, I don't think
he was thinking at all.

That's why he's been
going on about Alan.

Why didn't he just tell me?

Does this mean Duncan's
mixed up in these killings?

Not necessarily, no.

- That's not a no.
- I know.

I want to hear a definite no.

I can't give it to you.

Not yet.

I'm sorry.

Can I come in?

What do you want from me?

It was you who left flowers

at my Aunt Lizzie's grave,
wasn't it?


Why did you do that?


.. she was my friend.

So, not out of guilt, then?


No, not guilt,

Do you remember the last time you saw her?

Yes, I do.

The day she died.


So you didn't see her the
day she went missing?

If you tell me what really happened,

I'll let you do all the
things that Lizzie wouldn't.

I would like...

I would like you to leave now.

Am I making you nervous?

Are you scared you'll lose
control like you did before?

Tell me what you did to her!

I need to speak to you about your
relationship with Lizzie again.

When was the last time that
you saw her? Do you remember?

Probably at that beach party.

Duncan, you're sitting in a jail
cell. "Probably" isnae good enough.

- Legenda n?o traduzida -

Why are you doing this to me?

Is it because of Fran or
cos of Cass? Just so I know.

I'm trying to help you.

Now, you listen to me.

Your DNA is on the scarf
that killed Lizzie Kilmuir,

you were seen talking to Sally
McColl just before she disappeared.

See that team through there?

They're trying to build a
case against you as we speak.

So I can ask you these
questions or they can.

Which would you prefer?
It's your choice.

Were you sleeping with Lizzie?


Did she have a thing for you?

She might have.

I didn't encourage it.

Donna got annoyed with her
flirting with me. I do know that.

The truth is,
things were getting complicated,

so I bailed out.

Lizzie didn't threaten
to tell Fran?

- No.
- Are you sure?

Cos you were spinning
a lot of plates back then

and I need to know if
things got out of control.

got out of control.

I did not kill Lizzie.

I did not kill Sally.

And when I say that to you, Jimmy...

.. I expect you to believe me.

Then why did you lie to me...

.. twice?

When I asked you what you talked
to Sally about at the festival.

Cos you lied.

You lied to me!

Sally knew I was Alan's Dad.

Donna must have told her,
I dunno why.

She started having a go at me.

Telling me that she'd tell him.

I said I'd tell him
when the time was right

and to mind her own business.

I didn't tell you

because I was ashamed.

I didn't want Cassie to know.

I swear on Cassie's life...

I did not harm any of those women.

Well, I think he's telling the truth.

With respect,

is this because you
want it to be true?

What is it?

It doesn't make complete sense.

Duncan says that...

Donna told Sally
that Alan was his son.

Why would she do that...

.. if she's kept that
a secret for so long?

If Sally knew that,
what else did she know?

Dig out her articles and all
the research that came with it

and make a start on that.

I have to go and talk
with Donna Killick.

Come on. Come on.
Come on.

- Thomas?
- Kate, it's me.


I-I need you to come and
get your daughter. Now.

Wait, what do you mean?


- OK.
- Hurry! Please!

Yeah, no, I'm coming.
Yeah, I'm coming!


could you take a look at this?

One of the photo's on Sally's flash
drive amongst the NDA video clips,

it's definitely on the Unst ferry.

But look at it.

Look who's in the background.

- Is that Donna Killick?
- Yes.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, we're sure.

can we date these photographs?

I think so.
It was scanned front and back.

I'm guessing that translates
as "Ferry to Unst June, 1993".

It coincides with the
murder of Lizzie Kilmuir.

Right, we need to know
who took those photos

and how they got on Sally's memory stick.

Yeah, OK,
I'll organise a search.




What happened?

Are you all right?

I wanted to make him confess.

I wanted to record him saying
that he killed Aunt Lizzie.

what were you thinking of?

You said you wanted this all to end.

The both of you,
get out now.

I'm sorry.

Come on, love.

She thought she was trying to help.

.. they've arrested Duncan Hunter.

Just so you know.

- For Lizzie?
- Aye.

Come on, love.

Donna Killick interview commencing at 4.36

- with DI Cole and...
- DI Perez.

For the record,
I'm showing Mrs. Killick

a photograph taken
in June 1993.

I don't understand.

Sally McColl had that photograph
saved on a memory stick.

Is that you in the background?

- Could be.
- Do you remember that photograph being taken?

- No.
- Do you know the woman in the photograph?

- No.
- And if I asked you for an exact date?

No idea.

I don't remember being on
the Unst ferry that often.

I didn't say
that was on the Unst ferry.

Well, it looks like it.

If you didn't go on it
very often,

you'd remember that trip,
wouldn't you?

I could have been going to
visit a friend at Gardiesfauld.

She worked in the youth
hostel there.

Has she got a name?

Anna McCleod.

But you don't remember
the exact date?

Well, it must have
been during the summer.

June the 14th?

No, not that day.

- Why are you so sure about that?
- You know why not.

It's the day after Lizzie
Kilmuir went missing.

- So?
- So I remember what I was doing that day.

I remember I was...

in the house
and I heard it on the radio.

Not according to that photograph,
you weren't.

We've confirmed that photograph

was definitely taken the morning
after Lizzie went missing.

What we need to know now is...

whether Lizzie's body was
in the boot of your car.

Did Duncan Hunter kill Lizzie?

Did he force you
to get rid of the body?

Were you trying to cover up the
affair? Is that what happened?

Donna, at the moment, we're
looking at disposing of a body,

which is serious,
but it's not murder.

So, help yourself.

Tell us what happened.

It's unusual for...

a woman to use strangulation
as a means to kill,

but not unheard of.

If I'd strangled Lizzie Kilmuir,

my DNA would be on that scarf,
wouldn't it?

Well, wouldn't it?

If you'd used gloves, no.

But we can check the scarf
again, that's not a problem.

Then I can take your house
apart brick by brick,

and see if there is so much as a
trace of Lizzie's DNA in there,

I will find it.

Don't you think that after 23 years

Kate Kilmuir deserves the truth?

Duncan Hunter did not do
your dirty work for you.

He had nothing to do with this.

You killed Lizzie
to save yourself.

She was a nasty, spiteful girl.

Everyone knew it.
She wasn't anything like Kate.

She was mean-spirited and jealous.

- What, of you and Duncan?
- She came to me,

telling me she would tell Kevin.

I begged...

I begged her
not to say anything.

I told her I was pregnant,

.. he would beat me, that
he would probably kill me.

And she...
didn't care!

So you strangled her?

Has Thomas Malone sat in a cell

for 23 years

for a crime he didn't commit?

I didn't know what else to do!

I tried to talk to her,

I tried and she just wouldn't listen.

I had no choice.

It was her or me.

And the baby.

Just to be clear - are you
saying you killed Lizzie Kilmuir?



Donna Killick,
I'm charging you

with the murder
of Lizzie Kilmuir

- and Sally McColl...
- No.

No, no, no, no.
No, not that. You can't.

You can't do that.
You can't say that.

I, er, I did tell Sally

that Duncan was Alan's father,
but I didn't touch her.


.. who did? Somebody who
was trying to protect you?

I don't know.

Somebody who knew
what you'd done?

I don't know!

I don't know who it was!

I managed to speak to a
Janne Ronning from Bergen

who claims she was
on holiday on Shetland

at the time Malone was arrested,

and gave the police photographs
she'd taken on the Unst ferry

shortly after Lizzie disappeared.

She thought they might be of some help.

They said they'd be in
touch but they never were.

They definitely took
possession of the photographs?

They did.
In fact, she'd recently written

to the officer requesting them
back for sentimental reasons -

her late husband
was in some of them.

Then, out of the blue,
Sally contacted her,

said she was in Bergen, wanted
to see any other photographs

she might have,

saying they might prove the
wrong person went to prison.

Could she remember the name of the
officer she sent the photographs to?

Detective Drew McColl.

She still has his card.

I hear you're looking at
Duncan Hunter.

Is that right?

For Lizzie?
And Sally?


We released Duncan Hunter.


Glad to hear it.

Malone's your man.

- You'll get there in the end.
- Yeah, I did.

I know you buried the evidence.

I know that you framed
Thomas Malone.

And I know why you did it.

Donna Killick confessed, Drew.

- Confessed to what?
- Killing Lizzie Kilmuir.

Donna had nothing
to do with any of this.

Don't listen to a word she says.
She's trying to protect me.

I killed her.

I killed Lizzie.
It was me.

See if you lie to me
one more time,

I swear to God,
I'll break your neck.

Donna killed Lizzie Kilmuir.

And you destroyed the
evidence that proved it.

What evidence?

The photographs from the Unst ferry.

And you forced the confession

and then you got
a witness to lie.

All of that.

I fabricated evidence,
I admit that.

But I believed Malone
was guilty.

I didn't see the photograph from the
ferry until after he was charged.

So what?
What did you do then?

You did nothing!

Why did you cover up for her?

I loved her.

I loved her then and I
love her still. That's why.

And Thomas Malone?

It's only a matter of time
before he harmed some girl.

He's a predator.

I was doing us all a favour.


You need to tell me
about Sally.

I met her after the festival.

We drove home.

She told me she knew everything.

Said I disgusted her.

That I was the lowest of the low.

It's a terrible thing, knowing
your daughter hates you.

And she did.

Ever since her mother killed herself,

we just pretended to be a family.
But we never were. Not really.

I pleaded with her
to forget about it.

Malone was free.
Just leave it.

But she wouldn't listen.

She kept saying to me,

how could I slept at night?

She wanted to destroy me. And that
was fine, I didn't care about me

but I couldn't let her do that to Donna.

You don't understand, Jimmy.

Donna wasn't in her right
mind when she killed Lizzie.

She was terrified
of Kevin Killick.

He was a monster and there was
nothing I could do about it.

I had to help her, I had to.
But still...


Sally wouldn't listen.

She was going to expose us
and tell you everything.

I lost it with her.

I can't remember
what happened after that.

I think you can.

What does it matter?

You know what I did.

I need you to say it.

Say it.

I strangled her.

There you have it.

I killed her.

I didn't mean to do it.
I just...

The way she looked at me...

The hatred in her eyes.

Your own daughter?

Your own daughter.

That was Christine saying

Thomas Malone was seen in
the high street with a shotgun...

Get out.

Just get out, Mary, now.


Please, please, please...

- Mary?
- Jimmy!

Jimmy! Malone's here at the
house, he's got a shotgun!

I think he's going to
kill Duncan! Please come.

- Mary, don't do anything. I'm...
- You've got to come!

I'm on my way now, OK?

What is it you want, Thomas?

I want you

to admit

to what you did.

I don't know what you've heard
but I haven't done anything.

You think you'll get away with it again,

don't you?

Not this time.

This time!

This time!

There's going to be justice now.

What do you think I did?
You think I killed Lizzie?

I don't think!

I know you killed her!

And McColl,

he helped you get away with it,
didn't he?

I gave the girl a scarf when
she was cold 20-odd years ago.

- That's it, that's all.
- Shut up!

You're a lying bastard,

Jimmy! Jimmy!
Jimmy, please!

You're a lying bastard
and you always have been!

Thomas, it's Jimmy Perez.

Duncan isnae lying to you.

He's telling you the truth.

No, I don't think so.

Just put down the gun

and I swear to you,
I'll explain it to you.

His time has come.

23 years of my life...

.. my life he owes me.

And you know what? I'm
going to take it right now.


Thomas, he had nothing to do wae it.

He'd nothing to do wae it.

You do know that they're
going to put me away again...

.. unless he admits to what he did.

Thomas, listen to me.

Listen to me!

It was Donna Killick.

She's been arrested.

Drew McColl's admitted that
he killed his daughter, Sally.

He's been arrested!

How do I know this is true?

You're going to have to trust me.

I'm going to have to trust YOU?

I know it's difficult
for you, I understand.

But you've got a second
chance here, Thomas.

Think about it -

no more threats,

no more suspicion.

Come on, that's the life
you were hoping for, right?


If you pull that trigger,
you're going to die in jail.

All those years
that you spent inside

when you could've been free,
all of that, it's going to be for nothing.

please don't do that to yourself,

cos you really don't deserve it.

Trust me.

Trust me.

Get away from me.


It's over, Thomas.

It's all over.

Come on.

In here, please.


We just need a statement,

then you can go home, OK?


Y'know, Thomas, you have
been very badly treated.

I hope you don't let fear and...

.. anger and resentment eat away at you.

Just go and live your life.


So he's going to be all right?

He's fine.

And of course we...

.. we won't be pressing
any charges.

So he'll be released?



We have charged Donna Killick

with Lizzie's murder.


I'm sorry, Kate.
Yeah, Donna.



How you doing?
You OK?


Are we OK?


I love you.

I know.

Ya numpty.

You're going to have
to speak to Duncan.

- I'm just so disappointed in him.
- I know.

But see if your mum was still here...

.. I think she'd probably
want you to forgive him.

You probably know that, right?

Plus, Alan's going to
need the both of you.

You called him.

I did.

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