Shetland (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Episode #3.6 - full transcript

Jimmy's investigation into events at the Level 9 club a decade earlier leads to a meeting with the high-ranking Glaswegian police officer Phyllis Brennan, to whom he voices his suspicion that she and Calvin Sarwar were part of a conspiracy. At the same time Kelly decides to bring charges against her rapist, forcing Phyllis to tell the truth about the night in question. As more evidence comes to light Jimmy realizes that the person who ordered Michael Thompson's murder is out to frame McCall for their own ends whilst the recollection of a past case on Shetland provides the explanation to Robbie Morton's death.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Maybe if you had a name?
He never got off that ferry.
Michael Thompson and Robbie Morton both have the same tattoo.
They are connected.
You're seeing something that isn't there.
Michael Maguire's here on witness protection.
Arthur McCall, that's who Michael Thompson was testifying against.
He is no longer a client I want to represent.
Neither is he a client I can afford to offend.
Asha Israni. Michael Thompson's dedicated handler.
- It's about how men are with women. - SHE LAUGHS
He said I was a message...
you couldn't ignore.
I don't want you to look at me!
Robbie Morton and Michael Thompson, they are father and son.
Who raped you?
Ben Brennan.
So Phyllis Brennan's son commits a rape...
Ben, darling, you remember Rhona?
How could I forget?
..and Arthur McCall makes it go away.
That's bigger than just Arthur McCall.
Someone's covering something and we're definitely looking
in the right place, or they wouldn't have bothered trying to warn us off.
Hello, come in.
Sorry to bother you at home.
- Oh, don't be daft! Do you want a drink? - No.
Are you going to stay for some food?
No, no, I'm fine, thanks.
Look, I was wondering, erm...
Can I talk to Phyllis alone?
Just for a couple minutes.
Yes, yeah, course. I'll, er...
What's this about, Jimmy?
Your son, Ben.
And Level Nine.
Sorry, I don't really know what you're talking about. Um...?
There was a nightclub in Glasgow that was owned by Arthur McCall
and Ben was there the night a girl called Kelly Paterson got attacked.
- Really, when was this? - Ten years ago. - Ah!
Ben was accused of rape. Calvin Sarwar made it go away,
and Michael Thompson was a witness,
so that's why we're talking about it.
Now, is there anything to do with the death of Michael Thompson that you're not telling me?
Absolutely nothing.
You know...
..I'd always assumed that Michael Thompson was killed
to protect Arthur McCall.
Now I'm not so sure.
Now I'm thinking Calvin Sarwar had him killed
to protect HIS relationship with you.
You know people like Sarwar, they do things for a reason.
Thought he'd have wanted something in return for saving Ben.
Are you saying I made a pact with Sarwar?
What, to protect Ben?
It's possible.
You're right.
There was an allegation, but, um...
Ben did not need protecting.
She withdrew her statement because she was lying
and she knew that nobody would believe her.
I've seen the medical report.
Trust me, somebody would've believed her.
Now, I'm asking you again...
..did Sarwar want anything in return?
You know, Phyllis, I'm going to request access to every single case
that came across your desk which Sarwar represented
and see if there's even a trace of a deal.
I'll find it.
I'm sorry.
I want you to check all the cases you can find involving
Calvin Sarwar and Phyllis Brennan.
You're looking for signs of collusion.
And then I want you to call DS Boyd in Glasgow
and I want you to tell him that we're going to need a search warrant
for Calvin Sarwar's home and his office, as soon as possible.
And tell him we're looking for signs of financial irregularity,
money laundering and false accounting.
Untangling all that could take months.
Yes, so, we better get started.
Come in.
Got an ID on our catch of the day. Eddie Kerr.
Known associate of McCall's. Looks like our Arthur's in trouble.
That's what Calvin Sarwar wants us to think.
- Billy, can you get me on the next flight to Glasgow? - Aye.
I'm thinking I should press charges against Ben Brennan.
You don't think I should?
No, no, it's... It's not that. It...
..just won't be easy.
Especially for somebody with a past like mine?
It was a long time ago, Kelly.
The prosecution won't have any forensic evidence.
It will just be your word against his.
And the fact that you dropped the case won't help.
It wasn't a long time ago for me.
I think about it every day.
I'm not saying you shouldn't, I'm just saying... need to be prepared.
I believe you,
but the court might not.
I don't care.
He made me feel worthless.
Like I didn't matter.
Well, I'm sick of feeling like this.
Like a victim.
I'm pressing charges.
In that case, I'll give you all the help I can.
That's a promise.
I have to speak to him.
DS Macintosh was raped by one of McCall's men.
It's their way of trying to intimidate us.
And I thought you should know that.
I see.
How is Bella?
I've, er, told Craig I'll keep an eye on his granny for him.
A lot better now. She'll be pleased to see you.
- LAUGHING: - I've made you a present, Bella! Do you want to see it?
It's a Kokkaloorie chain.
- 'It was good of you to take Leanne in like this.' - Do you like it?
'How is she doing?'
Settling in.
'Fits perfectly.'
She's having trouble sleeping.
I think she's dreaming about the day she was shot.
Has she said anything to you about what happened?
Remembered anything new?
No. Nothing.
She cries out, that's all. And in the morning, she seems fine.
The first daisies of the year!
Calvin, I've just had a call.
The police are searching your home as we speak.
What exactly is it they're looking for?
Material evidence likely to aid a criminal investigation, apparently.
What investigation?
It's related to financial irregularities,
- but, er, that's all they'll say. - OK.
Get over there, will you? Keep an eye on them.
Well, the girl has made another statement.
It's part of an investigation into Arthur McCall.
They'll use whatever they can to bring him down, of course, it's just that I'm...
- I'm worried that you're going to be dragged into it. - After all this time?
Rhona's really angry, she...
thinks I should have let events just run their course.
But I did the right thing, I know I did.
I... I-I did do the right thing, didn't I, Ben?
- Oh, of course. - Ha.
It's just...
It's just that the girl was really badly hurt.
- Were you aware of that? - Why're you asking me this?
Because we have to be prepared if this goes to court.
'Rape Crisis, hello?
'Take your time. There's no pressure to say anything.
'We're still here with you.'
I remember hardly anything about that night.
You don't know how she got her injuries?
Well, did you hurt her?
Er... Maybe, er...
M-maybe I would behave differently now that I have my own daughter.
I mean, you see things differently don't you, when you...
when you become a parent?
"Behave differently"?! Behave differently? What do you mean?
What do you mean, Ben?
Oh, my God. You've got to tell me what happened.
We were drunk! She... She said she wanted to have some fun,
things got out of hand.
- It didn't feel like I was doing anything wrong, I... - Did you rape her?
- Maybe I grabbed her, maybe I was a bit rough... - That's NOT what I asked.
You know, I've tried to remember what happened that night.
For years I have tried!
I mean, maybe part of me doesn't want to, eh?
You should have told me the truth.
OK, so we've found two mobile phones at Sarwar's house,
both Sim cards missing,
all the files on his computers are encrypted
and it seems like he's run all his transactions through
onion browsers, so it means we cannae trace them.
Basically, he's covered his tracks extremely well.
Any good news?
Forensics think they can piece the files together, but that could take weeks, if not months.
- So in a word, no. - Perez!
I want to make a statement.
Whenever you're ready.
When Ben called that night from Level Nine,
he was in a terrible state. He told me what had happened,
that the girl was making false allegations of rape.
He said he was with Arthur McCall's lawyer,
Calvin Sarwar, and that he'd offered to help.
So I spoke to him on the phone and...
He said that Ben was innocent but the girl was very convincing.
He thought she was trying to extort money because she knew who I was.
He said he could make it all go away.
A few days later, he called, he said that the matter was settled,
there was nothing to worry about and that she had, um...
She'd come to her senses.
Did you ask why she changed her story?
No. I was simply relieved.
So what did Sarwar want in return?
Nothing... Not at first, um...
But after a few months I got a call.
And he implied that if I didn't help him,
word would get around about what happened that night.
He, um...
wanted me to block any investigations
into his financial activities.
How would you do that?
He has a company he uses to launder money for Arthur McCall.
I suspect he's robbing McCall blind in the process.
I kept the Serious Crime Squad away
by diverting the investigation down other avenues.
What was the name of the company?
It's the spirit of treachery in Greek mythology.
Did you give him information regarding the whereabouts of Michael Thompson?
- I would never have put anybody at risk... - That's not what I asked you.
And the murder of Robbie Morton?
I don't know anything about that.
Are you sure?
Y... Yeah.
Because two people have died and one of my officers, DS Macintosh,
was attacked, to protect you, Phyllis.
I couldn't live with myself if that were the case, I really couldn't.
Yeah, you'd be surprised what people can live with.
..Sarwar will have covered his tracks.
He'll have hid behind Arthur McCall and I doubt any of this is going
to lead directly to him.
I'm going to need more.
I don't know what else I can give you.
I really don't know what else I can do.
You know, I think you've got a wee bit of a crush on me, Perez, hm?
Can't stay away.
So, what's this about Michael?
You arrest the bastard that did it?
No need.
He turned up dead in one of our fishing nets.
Funnily enough, he's an old pal of yours, Eddie Kerr.
You're joining up dots that aren't there, Perez.
I know.
You'd never do something so...obvious, would you?
Like ordering the rape of a young DS.
I mean, you're stupid,
but are you that stupid?
Because that would be suicidal, wouldn't it?
Trying to intimidate us like that?
Because then you'd have every cop in Scotland after your blood.
And that's why I don't think you'd anything to do with it.
Calvin Sarwar.
It was him that ordered the hit on Michael.
And the attack on my DS.
He's been systematically setting you up.
He's got a fiscal in his pocket.
Yet you still ended up in the jail. How's that?
Or your money?
You looked at your accounts lately?
He's just about cleaned you out.
It's not going to be that long before everybody knows it.
How's that going to look? Calvin Sarwar making a fool out of you?
I mean, your boys aren't going to be that loyal for very long, are they?
You're done, Arthur.
And he's done you.
You see Mr Perez to the door, would you?
It's Detective Inspector Perez to you.
And I know my own way out.
It's not a great idea for us to be seen together,
you DO know that.
Then I'll be quick.
Thank you.
I need to know exactly what you've gotten me into.
I'm not sure I follow.
People have died to keep our arrangement secret.
You knew who Arthur McCall was before you signed up to this.
McCall had nothing to do with the death of Michael Thompson...
I'd be very careful if I was you.
If you talk, you'll only incriminate yourself and your son.
What kind of a man are you?
- A survivor. Just like you. - I never killed anybody. - No.
But you ruined that girl's life, the one your son raped.
Kelly. That's her name, by the way, in case you forgot.
You could have asked so many questions about that night,
but you didn't. Not once. So, don't take the moral high ground.
You just sound like the hypocrite you are.
I need to know exactly what happened to Robbie Morton
and Michael Thompson before I continue to protect you.
No, you don't!
I don't kill people, Phyllis. But I know guys who do.
So, just keep your mouth shut. For all our sakes.
Is there any way my son can be kept out of this?
Jimmy Perez.
Yeah, I can meet you there.
My father worked in these shipyards all his life.
Dangerous job.
Men had to look out for each other's backs.
- HE SCOFFS - Not today.
All run by people like Sarwar.
Only looking out for themselves.
Ah, come on, Arthur.
Spare me the working-class hero spiel, yeah?
The man you want to speak to is, er, Danny Torr.
Owns a tanning salon in town.
He's not one of my people, but I've had a wee word with him.
Sarwar paid Eddie Kerr... have Michael killed.
All the money went through him.
He'll testify.
Sir, I found this in the Dolos file.
Cheers, Jamie.
Anonymous e-mail sent to Calvin Sarwar
just a day before Michael Thompson was shot
revealing his name and address on Shetland.
We've got him.
For the benefit of the tape,
we are now showing Mr Sarwar a CCTV image that we received.
Would you mind having a look at that and telling me
whether or not you recognise either of those two men?
The one on the left is Eddie Kerr. The other one is Danny Torr.
Never seen either of them before.
Danny Torr is willing to testify
that you asked him to pay Eddie Kerr £30,000 to kill Michael Thompson.
He would say that - he's protecting Arthur McCall.
For the benefit of the tape, I'm now showing Mr Sarwar an e-mail.
Apparently, you knew where Michael Thompson was living.
I've never seen that e-mail.
We found it on your computer in a file named "Dolos".
See, Phyllis Brennan told us almost everything
that we need to know about you. Or rather, YOU did.
- PHYLLIS ON TAPE: - 'I need to know exactly what happened
'to Robbie Morton and Michael Thompson
- 'before I continue to protect you.' - SARWAR ON TAPE: - 'No, you don't.
'I don't kill people, Phyllis. But I know guys who do.'
You see, we went through every single one of her cases,
and every time your name came up... FOLDERS SLAP ON DESK was followed by "No Further Action".
You OK, Mr Sarwar?
Time is 17.42. Interview with Calvin Sarwar
is being suspended for a comfort break.
Yeah, I know what you did.
- Did you really think you were going to get away with that? - With what?
- Sir? - You know what I'm talking about.
Haven't you got more important things to worry about
than some stupid tart who goes off with the first man she meets?
Look on the bright side.
She probably enjoyed it.
Are we finished here, sir?
Are we, Perez?
Not yet.
Calvin Sarwar, I'm charging you with aiding and abetting
in the murder of Michael Thompson,
whereby you paid a third party to carry out the murder.
I'm also charging you with fraud, extortion and blackmail.
Now, do you understand the charge?
Is there anything that you would like to say in reply to the charge?
Don't even think about bail.
You OK?
Are you all right?
Aye, I'm fine.
Are we not charging him with Robbie Morton's murder?
Robbie Morton was dead before that e-mail was sent.
I know those murders are connected, I just don't know how.
Not yet.
Will you keep the techie boys on top of that e-mail?
- Because I do want to know who sent it. - OK.
And he doesnae get any bail.
And you give him vulnerable prisoner status
because I want to keep him out of harm's way.
At least until I can shed a wee bit more light on this. OK?
All right, will do.
Welcome to the VP wing.
Under Rule 42, you're to be segregated for your own protection.
You will not leave this wing.
You will not associate with any other prisoners.
You'll only use the education room
when other prisoners are not using it.
You'll have a separate work regime, separate exercise times,
and you'll have your own cell.
Fancy a drink?
It must be great to be able to express yourself the way you do.
Did something happen to you, Lowrie?
Is that why you paint the things you paint?
When I was at, um... school... younger brother and myself
were on our way home from a night out.
We were set upon by a...
..a group of lads.
There was no rhyme nor reason for...for it.
One pulled a knife.
It was over in seconds...
..and my brother was gone.
We always said he died because...
..he had such a big heart.
They couldn't miss it.
That much was true.
I'm so sorry.
And me for you.
What are you doing here?
- I wanted to spend a few days with you before I go to Brazil. - Aww!
I thought we could watch an old movie tonight?
OK, what have you got?
- Do you remember? - Yeah.
- Right, well, you stick it on. I've got popcorn. - OK.
You're OK. You're OK...
You're just having a bad dream, that's all.
'Sorry to call so late, boss. I thought you should know this.'
The...e-mail Calvin received.
It's a proxy account
set up under some random name,
but I've managed to trace the IP address.
Can you be more specific?
Um, not yet.
We're working on it.
OK, Witness Protection are maintaining
that there was only five people
who knew that Michael Thompson was on Shetland.
So, that means that one of them must have been here on the 14th,
the day the e-mail was sent.
- So, that's who we have to find. - Is there anyone else?
- Someone we've overlooked? - PHONE RINGS
Hey, how's things?
'Good, good.'
Listen, I've got a couple of days' leave
and I thought I'd spend them in Shetland, if that's OK with you?
Sure, of course.
Well, that's a relief. Cos I'm on the 11.45.
'You going to pick me up from the airport?'
Yeah, I'll see you there.
Grace, from the care home, wants to talk to you about Leanne.
Oh, yeah, they're worried about her.
I called in on them yesterday.
OK. Well, call her back
and tell her I'll drop by later on this afternoon.
- Hi. - Hey.
- How was your flight? - Yeah, I'm still not used to the runway
- being quite so close to the sea. - HE CHUCKLES
- You OK...with me...being here? - Yes, I am.
- I have to go to Herder House for two minutes, is that OK? - Yeah, fine.
I thought we could meet up for dinner when you finish work?
Sure. I don't know when that's going to be, though.
Oh, don't worry, whenever.
Oh, and there's another thing,
my daughter Cassie's home for a few days so...
I've got a room at the Lighthouse.
I'll be two minutes.
Right, Sandy was saying she's still having nightmares.
Yes, and it's getting worse.
I'm sure now she's reliving the trauma of being shot.
There's something else.
Leanne's prescription from the hospital.
Anti-depressants. High dosage.
She'd been taking them for years. Long before this happened.
OK. I can get in contact with Victim Support,
- see what help they can offer. - That'll be great. - OK.
How are you feeling?
Yeah, a lot better, thanks.
Are you not sleeping so good?
I dream.
What's that about?
The shooting?
Think so.
Well, you know, if you think of anything new...
..doesn't matter if you don't think it's important, you must tell me.
Because it might not make sense to you, but it might make sense to me.
I will.
I promise.
I knew it was too good to be true.
What's that?
You being single.
She's a colleague.
I'm just dropping her off at the Lighthouse.
- I believe you. - Good. - Yes. - Uh-huh. - I mean, thousands wouldn't.
You know, if you want to talk to anybody.
I can arrange that for you, OK?
You just have to tell me.
I'm going to have to take this.
- 'Tosh?' - I've checked the list of people who knew where Michael was.
- 'And?' - All of them were in Glasgow.
Except Asha Israni.
'She was here visiting Michael on the 14th.'
Are you sure?
Right, I'll need to look into her background. Um...
Her training, her university, everything.
See if there's a link to either McCall or Sarwar.
Why don't you text me when you've finished work
and we can meet up in the fish restaurant by the harbour?
I don't think that I'm going to be able to make dinner.
There's been a development on a case.
Oh, of course. Don't worry about it.
You still have to sleep though, don't you?
Right, have we got anything?
Yeah, this from the university alumni page.
A list of the Debating Society circa '93.
Asha and Calvin Sarwar were both in the Debating Society.
Doesn't mean they necessarily knew each other, does it?
Those WP files in yet?
Yeah, just got access.
OK, start digging.
And go through the passenger manifesto again.
I want to know if Asha was on the ferry
the night that Robbie went missing.
Sandy, get me Leanne's initial statement.
We're going to have to go back to the beginning
- cos we missed something. - OK.
Billy, I need Leanne's initial statement.
Leanne's first statement.
Right, get on to the hotel in Aberdeen
where Asha and Michael met,
talk to the staff that were on that day.
Did anybody see Asha meeting anybody else
- before or after that meeting? - OK.
DS Boyd.
'Sir, I've managed to track down the e-mail to its source.
'It came from Lerwick Library.'
OK, thanks. I'll keep you posted.
Asha's Witness Protection files.
Spotted one I think you'll be interested in.
Her first. The Gilborne family from Shetland.
- OK, go. - Anne Gilborne was a single mother,
she witnessed a crime while on holiday on the mainland.
Her testimony could've brought down several heavy-duty targets.
Despite threats, she agreed to testify.
But she never gave evidence. The case collapsed on a technicality.
And she was relocated from Shetland to the mainland?
From what I can gather from the file, Anne didn't adjust.
She killed herself.
And are there any links in this case
- to Arthur McCall or Calvin Sarwar? - Not that I can see.
Right. See what you can find out about the family.
In fact, try the Gazette.
- See if they've got anything in the archives. - OK.
The 14th.
Pretty quiet that day.
Do you remember anybody using the computer?
They are there for the public. Tourists mostly.
We have sites of local interest bookmarked.
Is there anybody stands out?
Not really.
What about an Asian woman?
Not that I remember.
Oh, one thing though, someone wiped the history.
It was a bloody nuisance, to be honest.
OK, thanks, Vicky.
Oh, how's the wee girl getting on?
The one that got shot.
Er, she's fine, she's on the mend.
Glad to hear it. She's a lovely girl.
Do you know her?
Aye. She was in a here a few times, before it happened.
Did she use the computer?
She did.
Hotel confirms Asha checked out at the same time as Michael left.
Well, there's no sign of her on the manifesto.
Although she could have been a foot passenger.
They did say the one person we could've checked with
was the chambermaid, but she left her job that same day.
Oh, let me look at Leanne's statement again...
"Oakhill Hotel, Aberdeen."
- Kokkaloorie. It's the old Shetland word... - For daisy.
Hardly anybody uses it any more, but Leanne did,
the other day with Bella.
Yeah, she also knew the Driftwood Rule.
'I got the impression she'd never been to Shetland before.
'Yes, so did I.
'Right, we need to talk to her...
'..because she sent the e-mail.'
- What? - Just got the word from Glasgow.
Calvin Sarwar was found dead in the VP wing.
Hanged himself.
It's McCall.
What did you expect was going to happen?
Well, not that.
Sir, just got a photograph from the Gazette. Anne Gilborne.
Notice a resemblance?
She's her daughter.
Leanne's Lena Gilborne.
She followed Michael onto the ferry,
but it wasn't him she was after,
it was Asha.
She's just in here.
She was.
- Has anyone seen Leanne? - No.
- What is it? - My car!
It's gone!
Remember me?
I'm sorry. Can I help you?
You don't remember?
Can I come in?
Yeah, yeah.
How have you been?
You look well.
I can't believe you'd forgotten us.
I never forgot you.
what is it that you want?
I'm sorry.
- I need to get this. - Leave it!
- VOICEMAIL: - 'Hi, this is the phone of Asha Israni.
- 'Please leave a message after the tone. Thank you.' - BEEPING
Asha, it's Jimmy. I need to speak to you.
Can you call me as soon as you pick this up, please?
Any word on Grace's stolen car?
Willie at Brae said it's just been sighted heading to Wadbister.
That's where the Gilborne family lived.
'So, that's why Leanne was there when she was shot.'
She was visiting her old family home.
Right, I'm heading over there now.
Tosh, check the Lighthouse Hotel.
Asha's not picking up her phone.
And then try the harbour restaurant.
- I want to make sure that Leanne hasn't taken her... - 'OK.'
Where's Asha?
Where is she?
She said that we would have a new life.
A better life. Well, she lied!
I know what happened to you and your mother and I'm very sorry.
But if you've harmed Asha, I really need to know.
She abandoned us when we weren't useful any more,
and she didn't care what happened!
She is the reason my mother killed herself.
She didn't even know who I was!
- She didn't even recognise me! - When?
When didn't she recognise you?
When, Leanne?!
Just now... the hotel.
Tosh, Asha's still at the hotel.
- 'And I think she's hurt.' - On it!
Billy, we need an ambulance to the Lighthouse Hotel! Now!
Asha, can you hear me?
You're going to be OK.
How long are they going to be?
She's suffered a piercing trauma to the chest...
Looks like a kitchen knife.
Weapon is still in the wound.
Help is coming.
Just hold on, Asha. It's going to be fine.
When I saw her at the hotel...
..I knew who she was.
But then, she was gone.
And Michael?
I saw the two of them together.
I knew he was in Witness Protection. There was just something about him.
The way that his eyes never stopped moving.
- So, I followed him onto the ferry. - Because you thought that...
..he would lead you to Asha?
And what about Robbie?
He was upset after the argument with Michael
and he got really drunk.
I told him, he should report Michael to the police, but he wouldn't.
You wanted Michael to get into trouble... that Asha would have to show her face to save him?
I told Robbie...
..about my mum.
But he... He still... He wouldn't help me.
Well, no, Leanne, he wouldn't help you because Michael was his father.
How did Robbie get locked in the container?
We went down to the car deck to smoke some weed.
..he thought it was a funny idea to get inside it.
That it would be a good place for us to be alone.
He was totally wasted.
And then, he passed out.
You walked away...
..and you closed the door,
and then, you just left him there?
And you just pretended to look for him?
I wanted Michael to get the blame
when Robbie was reported missing.
I thought you would find him! I did! I really, really did!
Then, you sent the e-mail to Calvin Sarwar,
that ruined Michael and Freya's lives...
..all in the hope that Asha would have to come back to Shetland?
My mother...
..she was so beautiful...
..and she was so kind.
I just want her back!
What have you done?
What have you done?
What have you done...?
I'm sorry.
For what?
For this, or for thinking that I was the leak?
For both.
I guess that's what makes you so good at your job, isn't it?
Being naturally suspicious.
Seeing everyone as guilty until proven innocent.
Yeah, it's not a great start, is it?
Tosh is going to take your statement now, if that's OK?
She's all yours.
Time to go, Leanne.
These men will escort you to the mainland.
It's Lena.
My name is Lena.
- Hey. - Hi.
- How are you doing? - OK.
Now that we've got Sarwar's mobile phone records,
we could track down the man who attacked you.
If you want, that is.
I already know who he is.
He was among the mugshots.
But I don't want to take it further.
We both know what a court case would be like.
It wouldn't make me feel any better.
The man who attacked me was a weapon.
Sarwar pulled the trigger.
I know that.
We both know that.
Again, it's your call.
I mean, the SARC will keep the evidence for seven years.
So, you could change your mind.
I could.
I have to do what's best for me.
Request for a transfer.
I need to stand on my own two feet.
It's time.
- Right, that's me! - Sure you don't want a lift to the airport?
Nah, this is better.
- You got everything? Your passport? - Yep, check.
- Spanish phrase book? - No, but I do have my Portuguese phrase book.
OK, I'll shut up now.
Probably best.
- Call us when you get there. - Aye. Or text.
- E-mail. - Or Facebook.
Yeah. No excuses.
All right! OK! I will. Relax, both of you!
See you later.
Bye, Dad.
You have a great time.
Yeah, I will.
See you.
Have fun!
Do you want a cup of tea?
No, um... I'm going to get going.
I phoned Mary last night, had a chat and, er...
Well, I think I'm going to give it another bash.
Aye! Aye!
I'm worried, though.
About Cassie?
No, no, no. Not about Cassie.
She's got a good head on her shoulders. You did a great job.
I'm talking about you.
Cass was always your reason to get up in the morning.
Now she's gone...
..and you're going to have to rejoin the human race.
You know, get back out there and...
Aye, OK.
Go on, away you go!
Oh! What, what about
I think that might be just a wee bit too difficult.
It's always difficult, Jimmy.
- See you later. - See you.
Hi, Asha.
It's me... It's Jimmy.
I was, um...
I was just wondering how you are.
Oh, I'm glad to hear that...