Shetland (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - "Shetland" Episode #4.5 - full transcript

convicted in 1994

for the murder
of Lizzie Kilmuir.

Drew McColl called in.
His daughter seems to be missing.

They've deployed a major
investigation team.

They arrive first
thing in the morning.

A bunch of people that just
think we knit jumpers up here.

This is a eight-millimetre film
I got transferred.

- Is that your dad, Kevin?
- Aye. That's him.

Alan Killick showed us
some of their home movies.

- You were in it.
- What are these doing on the wall?

If you go anywhere near Molly,
again, anywhere near her,

I will kill you.

Jo, it's me.
It's Alan.

Someone from Bergen
wanting to talk to you

about their Soderland

- Hi.
- Lars.

Jo Halley thinks there's
someone outside her croft.

- Again?
- Go and take a wee look, will you?


I'm at Jo's croft.

Place has been turned over.

Is Jo OK?

I don't know.

Season 4 - Episode 05

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Do you think she's going to be OK?

They'll let us know.

How long between the call
and you getting here?

I don't know.

I got here as quick as I could.

It's not the first time
she's said

there was somebody
on the property.

Yeah, only this time she
was telling the truth.

Well, given as her attacker
tried to strangle her,

I don't think it takes a genius

to see who our person
of interest should be.

It's a mess in there.

Whoever attacked her must have
been looking for something.

You have any luck tracking
down the ex-husband?

No, not yet.

You get on that.

Go to the hospital.

Keep me posted.

I want to know what she says
when she comes round.


There's nothing you can say

that I haven't already
thought myself.

Alan, you can't go in there.

What's happened?
Is Jo OK?

She was attacked last night.

Is she all right?

When did you last speak to her?

I don't believe this.
Do you know who did it?

I suggest you go home
and I'll talk to you later.

So how do you want to play this?

Are you going to bring Malone in?

I will.

But I've got an abusive ex-husband
I want to talk to before I do.

Jimmy, the first thing MIT
will do is arrest Malone.

The second, they'll demand
to know why you haven't.

They can think what they like.

But this is different from Lizzie
and it's different from Sally.

Jo was attacked in her own home.

I'm just warning you.


Alan Killick,

he was at Jo's croft
this morning asking questions

and that bothers me.

Like a bad penny,
that boy.

Jo Halley is the only witness
that we've got who saw Sally

talking to our mystery
Norwegian at the festival.

However, we're going to have to
accept that Jo might have been mistaken

and the person she saw
might have been somebody local.

One thing's for sure, though -

whoever broke in was
looking for something.

What, we don't know.

So I'm going to need you
to knock on every door

between Lerwick and Jo's croft

and I want you to
check every CCTV camera

on Shetland and
then check it again.

Because somebody crossed those
hills to that croft,

attacked Jo and then ran away

and they must
have left a trace somewhere.

Thanks. Sir,
someone by the name of Downing

hired a car from Sumburgh
Airport two days ago.

Could be Jo's ex-husband.

OK, well, if he's still on Shetland,
then we're going to need to talk to him.

Detective Inspector Cole?

- Hello.
- Billy McCabe.

Not much space,
I'm afraid,

but I've designated an interview room as your office.

Thank you.

We will need DI Perez to brief
my team as soon as possible.

We've just got an awful lot to get
through and time's of the essence.

I'm DI Perez.

Welcome to Shetland.

How was your flight?

Well, let's just say I prefer
my planes a little bigger

and my runways a little longer.

They'll wrap this up in no time.

So in both the Kilmuir
and McColl cases,

the victims were found in some
sort of stone cairn, is that right?


But this attack is connected?

Jo Halley is the only witness
that we've got who saw the man

that we believe attacked Sally
McColl after the music festival.

Well, in that case, I'd like to
interview Thomas Malone again.

I know you've already spoken to him

but perhaps we can get more out of him.


We need to put some real pressure on him.

Did you find anything useful
when you searched his farmhouse?

Please tell me you searched his farmhouse.

We have no evidence to link
him to Sally McColl's death.

Apart from a previous
conviction for a similar crime?

That conviction was quashed.

Well, as far as we're concerned,
that original conviction

was evidentially sound.

A mistrial doesn't mean
that he was innocent

and we have to proceed on that basis.

Look, if he feels that
you're targeting him,

then he could react badly.

I'm sorry, am I missing something here?

Or have I stumbled into the
social work department by mistake?

Organise a search, soon as.

I was led to believe that the
McColl case was still ours.

Well, not if they're connected
and, according to your report,

Malone was given a false
alibi by Gail Callahan,

which makes me believe
that they could be.

Thomas Malone!

Open up!

We're police officers.

What's the score with Lars?

Is he here to take a statement
or make a statement?

Very good.

Does seem to have a wee bit of
thing for you, though, doesn't he?

Well, he's only human.

Downing gave the car hire firm the
St Olaf Hill Hotel as an address.

I've got a uniform picking him up now.

- Where you going?
- Away from you.

Mr. Downing, I'm DI Perez,
this is DS Mclntosh.

We'd like to ask you some questions

about your ex-wife Jo Halley.

Has something happened
I should know about?

Why do you ask that?

Because I'm here.
With you.

She's been attacked.

And given your history,

I would like to know
where you were last night.

Is she OK?

- Where were you?
- At the hotel.

And you can verify that?

I think so, I...

I was in the bar at one point.

When was the last
time you saw Jo?

That's why I'm up here, she...

She asked me to come. She
wanted to see me to apologise.

For what?

For telling a pack of lies about me

and getting me locked up.

She wanted to make amends,
maybe even start over.

Bit of a coincidence that she gets attacked
just after you arrive on Shetland, though?

I know what you're thinking,
but it wasn't me.

Well, I'm going to keep you
in custody until Jo regains

consciousness and she can identify
the man that tried to kill her.

- I've got a flight booked.
- Well, you'll have to change it.

This is crazy,
I didn't touch her.

You know what?

I don't believe you.

Convince me.

I... I did hit her
when we were together.

But I went to counselling in
prison. I've turned my life around.

I came up here to find
her, not to hurt her, but

to see if she'd take me back.

She isn't interested, so I left.

OK, so you've already lied to me,

so why should I believe you now?

I'd be fool to lay a hand
on her again, I know that.

Well, maybe you just can't help yourself.

As I see it, I don't have a choice.

I can't go back inside. I...

I couldn't survive that again.

I never laid a hand on her.
That's the God's honest truth.

Malone's gone.

His place is empty.

Do you have any idea where he could be?

- Is his medication still there?
- I'll check.

If that's gone, then he's planning
to leave the island.

If not...

.. he could just be out walking.

Back to happiness?

Or he may have tried to harm himself.

Yes, well, either way,
we still need to find him.

We can't risk another attack.

You know he's playing you,
don't you?

And it's working.

You're looking at everyone
else apart from him.

Then you're making the same
mistake that Drew McColl did.

Donna Killick can't account for
Alan's movements last night.

don't let Downing go anywhere.

I'll be back in half an hour.

Been looking for you.

What happened? Why didn't
you come in this morning?

You know why.

I don't want to cause any problem
between you and your mum.

She was the same with Sally.

She's just really possessive.

Pushed her away.
Sally hated it.

Anyway, it's not just up to her.

We run the place now.

Sally had a point.

Nobody wants to be somewhere
they're not wanted.

You are wanted.

I couldn't have handled
any of this without you.

You know, I better go.

Just come back
to the sanctuary full time.

And I'll deal with my mum.

Just think about it,

What do you want, Dad? I don't
appreciate being followed.

It's not you I want to
talk to, Cassie, it's Alan.

You're going to need to account
for your movements last night

and I don't want any
mistakes this time.

I went to see Jo and then I changed
my mind and I went down to the beach.

Which beach would that be?

The one by the sanctuary.


That's right.

- See anybody?
- No.

Nobody walking their dog, nothing?


Why did you change your
mind about going to Jo's?

It was late, I didn't want
to give her a fright again.

What do you mean again?

I went up see her before...

.. cos I wanted to get
some of Sally's stuff, and

I gave her a fright.

Why did you come
to Jo's this morning?

I was going to ask her if she
wanted to get some breakfast.

What's your relationship with Jo exactly?

Just friends.

Why are you asking me this?

I just thought that under the

you and I should get to know
each other a wee bit better.

Look at me when I'm talking to you.

See if you're using my
daughter as a shield,

see if anything happens to her,

I'll take you apart bit by bit.
Do we understand each other?




You need to come into the station
to make a statement,

so arrange a time.

It's my job.

So, I wrote up your
statement in Norwegian.

I can read it over
with you if you'd like.

- I trust you.
- All right.

.. so I just need
your signature -

right here.

So how's your witness doing?

Not sure. She hasn't
regained consciousness yet.

I suppose you're
too busy for lunch.

- Sorry.
- Yeah. I understand.

So any idea who attacked her yet?

Well, it wasn't Soderland,
we know that.

She made up this whole thing
with the Norwegian guy.

What makes you say that?

I don't know. Just from the way
you've been talking about her,

she sounds a little bit crazy.


Hillhead Road isn't
still closed off, is it?


Hillhead Road. Lars said
it was closed for roadworks.

That was last week.

- Hi, Graeme.
- Hi, Tosh.

I need to know if any of
your drivers picked this man

up from the airport on the 28th.

The only way Lars would know
that Hillhead Road was closed

last week
is if he was here.

And one of the drivers thinks
he picked him up from the ferry

on the day of the festival.

I had a feeling about him
when we were in Norway.

why didn't you say something?

I didn't trust my own judgment.

I do.

I trust your judgment.

So the next time, say something, OK?


I need some information on Lars Bleymann.

- Why?
- I just need to verify some dates.

I don't understand.

Well, look, I mean, it's probably nothing.

I just need to know
if Lars was on leave

on the 28th of last month.

The reason for this?

We have a report...

saying that he was on
Shetland on that day.

Why would Lars be on Shetland?

Well, that's what we're
trying to establish.

Well, I can tell you the dates myself.

He took two weeks' leave

to spend time with
his grandfather...

The 1st was his first day back.

Are you saying you think
Lars is your Norwegian?

I don't know.

But I know he's lying.

Billy, is Detective
Bleymann still here?

I thought he was waiting to
take a statement from you,

but he left a while ago -
must've gone to the airport.

Right, make sure he doesn't
get on that Bergen flight

cos we need to talk to him.

You're all right, Jo.

You're safe now.


.. can you remember who did this to you?

Was it Thomas Malone?

Was it your ex-husband?

I'll fetch someone.

This is the CCTV footage
of Sally at Bergen Airport.

I just wanted to look at it again
cos Lars kept asking about it.

See, she talks to this
woman in the red jacket.

He seemed to want to know who she was.

Stop, rewind.

There. Does she...
Does she give her something?

Bring up the CCTV footage
of Sally at Sumburgh

before she goes to Norway.

She parks her car, locks
it and heads inside.

She doesn't call anyone
or speak to anyone.

- It's the same on her way back.
- Here. Here, stop.

Zoom in there.

Freeze it.

Right, now show me the footage

of her opening the car
when she comes back.

- What am I missing?
- There.

See, there's something
on the key ring.

It wasn't there when she left and
it's there when she came back.

That's the thing the
woman gave her in Bergen

It's a memory stick.

Holiday snaps?

See what's in the other file.

That's the NDA office in Bergen.

Sally must have filmed this.

Looks like a meeting with
different far-right groups.

There's Soderland.



You OK?


What are you doing in here?

You're not allowed in there.

Stay with Jo.


Detective Bleymann has
just run out of the hospital.

- What's going on?
- Look, he's involved, Sandy,

I'm not sure how,
but if he comes back, detain him.

Billy. There's only one
way off the island for him,

so get them to hold the ferry.

Get Sandy down at the terminal,

but tell him to leave a uniform
at the hospital.

Tosh, let's go.

Thank you.


Got a sighting of him at the terminal.

Armed response are on
their way from Lossiemouth,

they'll be at least 30 minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, on
behalf of NorthLink Ferries,

I'd like to apologise for the delay
of the departure from Lerwick.

We will keep you informed of any updates.

Tosh, any sign of him?

He's not up here.

Try the lounge.


They don't want to hold
the ferry much longer.

Well, they'll have to wait.
Just keep looking,

he's here somewhere.

That'll be great, actually -
I just want to go and check.

I'll just see if I have it here.

That's my car!

Stay where you are.

He's on the car deck.

There's been a crash with a police car.

He's going towards passenger
deck. Block the stairs!

- Block the stairs!
- Will do.

Lars, stop!

Move out of the way, Tosh.

- Lars!
- Stop right there.

Lars, don't.

We've seen the footage, we know
you're involved with the NDA.

Put the knife down.

There's nowhere to go, Lars.

She's right, Lars. Put
the knife down, it's over.

It's over, Lars.

All right.

Holy shit.

Fy hell in hell!

Thomas Malone.

I'd like you to come with me, please.

No. No. No.

No! No!

You're saying this is the man
who killed Sally McColl?

No. I'm saying it's possible.

He's a clandestine member of the NDA.

I'm assuming that Sally filmed
him at a meeting in Bergen

and he came over here to try
to retrieve the evidence.

He stole her phone,
they argued...

And he killed her?

Making it look
like Malone did it.

It's possible that he
could've read up on the case

- while he was here.
- I'm not buying it.

Malone has a stronger motive -

- And Jo Halley?
- Well, when Tosh went to Bergen,

I think it alerted him to the fact
that he'd been spotted at the festival,

so he then knew that Jo Halley
could identify him at some point.

I also believe
that he told the NDA

that Mathias Soderland
was an informer,

which lead directly
to him being killed.

Well, if you're right,

what's so important about that NDA footage

that Jo and Sally
had to be silenced?

Interview with
Detective Bleymann,

commencing 2:56.

- Present are DI Perez.
- And DS Mclntosh.

Detective Bleymann, you've been
detained on suspicion of murder

and attempted murder.

You don't need to answer any questions
other than giving your name,

address, date and place
of birth and nationality

and you have the right to
have a solicitor present.

Your initial detainment
time is 12 hours but this...

- I know this.
- .. can be extended to 24 hours.

I would like you to tell me why you
were at the Shetland Folk Festival.

No comment.

Did you meet Sally McColl there?

No comment.

Or Jo Halley?

No comment.

You tried to distract us

with the CCTV footage

of Sally meeting a
woman in Bergen Airport.

that backfired on you...

.. because we now know that Sally
filmed you at an NDA meeting

of far-right groups.

And then you traced her back here

and then you killed her, and
I would like to know why.

No comment.

You know, saying "no comment" is
not going to make this go away.

No comment.

You didn't want anyone to
know you were part of the NDA.

You'd lose your job,
I get that.

But to kill Sally because of it?

Yeah, I don't think it was just
about protecting your identity,
was it?

There was something else
that you were trying to hide.

Now, you told the NDA that
Mathias Soderland was an informer.

What were you trying to protect?

My country.

Your country?

Sorry, what threat was Sally
McColl to your country?

All I am trying to do
is keep people safe.

By killing them? Sorry, you've
lost me a wee bit there.

By preserving our way of life.

let me ask you again,

what threat was Sally
McColl to your country?

This is not the question
you should be asking.

We know that the NDA are
planning attacks of some kind.

Is that what this is about?

I'm sure it's probably
some kind of soft target.

Young people, defenceless children,

women -
nothing too dangerous.


Like Utoya.

You have no idea what
you're talking about.

Anders Breivik
was not a coward.

He should be considered a hero.


Your idea of a hero and mine
are very, very different.

Well, he fought for what
he believed in, didn't he?

Oh, is that what you were
doing when you murdered Sally

and tried to kill Jo?

It took courage to do what he did.

He's what people who love their
country should aspire to be.

Oh, really?

A pathetic child killer

who lived with his mum?

He lived with his mum!

We need to look
after our own first.

Before we try to save everyone else.

No more foreigners.

Why should we trust them?

Our race is being destroyed.

Our blood is being diluted.

They... they marry our
women, they pollute our genes.

We will disappear if we don't act now.

And I thought that you
would understand that.

Aren't you proud of
your Shetland heritage?

Don't you want to live
with your own people?

Yes, I do.

But, you see, the thing is
my blood's already diluted.

Clue's in the name.

All right, Perez.

Then why don't you tell your happy family

that we are going to kill even
more than Anders Breivik did?


We have to get some
idea what the target is.

He will stall us till they do
whatever they plan to do.

I got the footage translated

but you can't really make
out what they're saying.

is mentioned a few times.

Now, I think it's a reference
to Peter Tordenskjold,

he was a Norwegian naval hero.

His face is on everything in Norway -

matches, bank notes, stamps.

Is it on any buildings?

Hospitals, schools, something
that could be a target?

The Norwegian government is using
a ferry - the Tordenskjold -

to house migrants.

How many people are on it?

Mostly from Syria.

OK, well, this might
already be on their radar,

but let you better
let Bergen know.


Are there any other Norwegian heroes
you want to talk to me about, Lars?

Peter Tordenskjold, for example.

I suppose if you were looking
for a symbolic attack,

then a ship housing desperate refugees

would probably do the trick,
wouldn't it?

Especially a ship named after a
great Norwegian hero like that.

I mean, that must be quite a
kick in the teeth for the NDA.

Using a ship like that for those people?

What were you going to do? Were
you just going to walk on board

and start shooting women and children?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Yes, you do.

Cos that's why you came back after Sally.

Cos what she filmed

was you making plans to
attack the Tordenskjold.

It's not going to happen, Lars.

Not now. So you might as
well tell us the truth.

Well, even if I did, there is
not much you can do about it.

Is there?

Take your hands off me!

Calm down, Thomas.

We just want to ask you a few questions

about the night Sally went missing.

Maybe we should have Perez in here, too.

So you were at this music
festival, is that right?

And in your statement
to DI Perez,

it says you went home
and called Gail Callahan.

- Why?
- I was upset.

- You were upset?
- Aye.

Why were you upset?

Cos people were...

They were watching me.


Because they knew who I was.

Gail Callahan says that you
were on the phone to her

all night

well, our phone records
show that not to be true.

What's that to do with me?

Well, there's a gap between
the end of the music festival

and that phone call being made.

Where were you
at the time in between?

Was walking.

Thomas, I'm going to
need better than that.


I was just walking.

Do you want to know what I think?


I think that Gail
Callahan was protecting you

because she thinks you
do have something to do

with the death of Sally McColl.

No way.

Just like your own mother thought
that you killed Lizzie Kilmuir.

You are aware, Thomas, that double jeopardy
doesn't exist in Scotland any more?

So if I find out that
you're in any way involved

in these new crimes,

you'll be prosecuted
a second time

for the murder
of Lizzie Kilmuir.

I'll see you later.

The NDA are claiming Lars
has nothing to do with them.

Not according to the
video that Sally took.

I'm not sure we have enough to charge him.

There's no physical evidence.

We're going to have to wait for
forensics to come back on Jo's clothing.

This guy's going nowhere.

He is extremely dangerous.

The Norwegians are going to have
to start taking this seriously.

Just thought you'd like to know,
they've got Malone in a cell,

trying to find out where he went
on the night that Sally died.

And he's not a happy bunny.

You said that if I told the truth...

- .. I was going to be OK.
- Yes, I did.

Well, they're going to
put me on trial again...

.. for the killing of Lizzie Kilmuir!

- They said that.
- Who said that?

They said that.

This is because another young
woman was attacked last night.

OK, well...

That's bad news for me, then.

Name's Jo Halley.
Used to live with Sally McColl.

OK, Thomas.

You're a smart guy.

You hide it really well,
but you're far fae stupid,

so I'm going to be straight with you.

You're not being paranoid -

they are out to get you.

And unless you start giving
them some straight answers,

they're going to find a way to
charge you with Sally's death.

What do you want from me?

What do you want from me?!

Another confession?

I didnae kill Lizzie, or Sally, OK?

And it's not my fault that
you don't know who did.

And it's not my fault

that Gail Callahan
gave you a false alibi

for the night Sally went missing,

so why won't you let yourself off
the hook and tell me where you went?

That's my business.


Hey! Nobody needs to
know anything about me.

Cos I'm a free man.

Be smart, Thomas...

.. be smarter...

.. and tell me where you went.

Same place as I went to last night.

To the cliffs.

And I stood there.

And I thought...

.."Maybe I'll just fly away."

Just let myself go and fly.

But I want to live.

I deserve...

.. to live.



Release Thomas Malone.

I'll take the flak.

Exactly what did you achieve in there?

That guy is like a time
bomb waiting to go off

and you might just
have lit the fuse.

I'm sorry. I'll take some classes
in pussyfooting around once I find out

who killed Lizzie and Sally.

The assistant chief constable
sent you up here

to cover her arse.

And we both know it.

Interview with Detective

recommences at 5:35
with DI Perez and DS Mclntosh.

the refugees are safe.

And your friends at the NDA
are under investigation.

You're lying.

Well, somebody in this
room is, but it's not us.

You're a police officer.

People trusted you.

I trusted you.

- Don't you feel any shame at all?
- Why?

I have nothing to be ashamed of.

Well, then turn around and look at us.

You're not even half as
smart as you think you are.

Now, stop insulting my intelligence

and tell us the truth about Sally McColl.

I only came here for the footage.

That's all.
I broke into her car,

I stole her laptop
and took her phone.

These things I did.

But then I left.

I had what I needed.
I never touched Sally McColl.

You're lying.

You killed Sally and then
you came back to make sure

that Jo couldn't identify you.

You came back to kill her.

- I wasn't going to kill her.
- Seriously?

You beat her
and tried to strangle her.

If it wasn't for one of our
officers, she'd be dead now.

Yeah, I just needed to make sure
that she didn't have the footage.

But then she started
screaming and kicking.

What was I supposed to do?

Well, then why would you go to the
hospital if it wasn't to finish her off?

Or was that a lie as well?

Was it?

I just had to talk to her.

- I just had to make sure...
- You really expect us to believe that?

Well, it's the truth.


.. this is your last chance.

Did you kill Sally McColl?


The last I saw of her,

she was arguing with an
older man at the festival.

You know... perhaps you should
be talking with him right now,

instead of me.

An older man?


This man?


Well, would you recognise
him if you saw him again?

Yeah, sure.

That's him right there, next to you.

This man here?

That man.

That's the man I saw talking to Sally.

You don't believe him,
do you?

Mr. Trustworthy in there?
He's a lying ratbag.

He'll say anything.

Duncan's hiding something, Tosh.

I knew when I saw
Alan's home movie

that he knew Lizzie a lot
better than he was letting on.

What's that got to do with
him arguing with Sally?

Not sure.

Why didn't he tell me that
he spoke to her that night?


It's Alan, isn't it?

That's right.

If you're looking for
Cass she's not here.

Aye... No, it was you I
came to see, actually.

I wanted to ask you a favour.

Would you mind withdrawing your
offer of a full-time job for Cass?


I want her to come and
work with me for a bit.

Keep her where I can see her,
you know.

Just till she gets over this break-up.

Is that not up to her?

Well, in normal circumstances, aye.

What do you mean by that?


Cass is a bit
vulnerable just now, Alan, and...

.. I don't want her getting
dragged into whatever's

going on in your life.
I don't mean that to sound heartless,

but I'm just trying to look
after my daughter, you know.

That's funny.

I thought Jimmy Perez
was her father.

Well, she's, er... She's lucky,
she's got two for the price of one.

I'm not just thinking about
her. I'm thinking about you, too.

I'm sure this is the last thing
you need, don't you think?

Well, I'm touched.
Thanks for your concern.

I'm not saying withdraw the
offer of a job completely,

just until things calm down,

till we know what
happened to Sally and Jo.

You think I killed my
girlfriend, don't you?

Have you got any proof?


Well, I suggest you keep
your mouth shut.

What did Duncan Hunter want?

He's getting on at me for
offering Cass a full-time job.

Hey, what's up?

Did you speak to Sally McColl
the night she disappeared?

I might've said a quick
hello at the festival.

I've got a witness that said
that he saw you arguing with her.

offered her a lift home

because... she'd had a
bit to drink and...

.. she seemed upset.

- About what?
- She didn't say.

Did you see her leave?

She went in that direction, yeah.

Was Mary with you?

No, she went home.

Did anybody see you leave?

Did you speak to anybody else?

I don't think so, no.

For Christ's sake,

why didn't you tell me before
that you'd spoken to Sally?

It was a very brief conversation.

- I forgot.
- You forgot!

You forgot that you'd spoken to a
woman who got killed the same night?

What time did you get home?

- Midnight.
- Right, can Mary confirm that?

No, she was asleep.

You don't seriously think I had
something to do with it, do you?

Cos that would tip my day
over from bad to horrendous.

Come on, have a drink.

I've got to get back to work.

You will see
I was right one day.

That'll never happen.

Maybe I could come back to
Shetland, pay you a visit.

If that is supposed to scare me,

you really don't know me.

Locking me up in here
doesn't change anything.

I know you can hear me.

Get them out!

- Good work.
- Get them out!

Get them out!

Get them out!

I heard about Jo Halley.
Is she going to be OK?

Erm, she'll recover.

I don't know about OK.

Do you think it was the same
person that killed Sally?

I don't think so, no.

Truth is, though,
I need to...

I need to know
what happened to Lizzie

in order to try and make
sense of what happened to Sally.

there's an eight-millimetre film

from back in 1993
at a party on a beach...

.. and you're on it.

And you're watching your
sister and Duncan Hunter,

and I could be wrong,
but you look jealous.

Of my sister?



I was.

Being a twin is different.

If you lose one,
it's not like losing a sibling.

It's like half of you is just gone.

Just gone.

I would look in the mirror...

.. and all I could see was Lizzie.

I mean, my mum...

My mum couldn't
even look at me

cos all that she saw was a constant
reminder of what she had lost.

So I tried to...

change the way that I looked.

Cut my hair, stopped eating.

And then I started sleeping around,

eand it didn't matter who with, just...

.. just needed somebody
to distract me.

And then I got pregnant.

And Molly changed everything.

I looked in the mirror and
it wasn't Lizzie that I saw,

it was Molly's mum.

I wasn't alone any more.


yeah, my feelings towards
Lizzie are quite complicated.


What about her and Duncan Hunter?

On that day?

She was a pain in the arse.

She was flirting with all the older guys.

But Duncan mostly.

So, I'm sorry.

About earlier.

It's OK.
It's a weird time for you.

So, I kind of threw out all
Mum's old boots and stuff.

I know.

And you're OK with that?


And you're looking at old photographs?



Go and watch the football
or something.

Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd
Sync by Marocas62