Secret Love Affair (2014) - episodes with scripts

Sun-jae is a twenty year old piano genius who became a delivery man without finishing high school due to his poor background. One day, he delivers a package to a classical music concert hall, and he plays the piano positioned on stage. Sun-jae is found by Hye-won, an elite art director in the Arts Foundation and wife to a piano professor. Hye-won instantly recognizes his talent and sends him to lessons under her husband to cultivate him into a leading young musician. Born to a poor family, Sun-jae had never taken formal music lessons and is overwhelmed by Hye-won's support. Piano lessons are his salvation and she becomes his muse. One thing leads to another and he confesses to her, "I need you more desperately than music now." Hye-won is deeply affected by his masculine charm and pleading eyes. Yet she cannot afford to throw away everything she has worked to build. However, it would be even worse to lose this young lover. Hye-won thinks to herself, "This is my punishment, for being ignorant of my feelings and arrogant in the face of love."