Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

Sun Jae performs for his biggest audition and Hye Won has to deal with her boss being caught for illegal financial activity.





Your friend's performing a concerto?


There will be a recital two weeks later.
All piano majors should attend.

Go ask Professor Kim
to shift the sound post location.

-Am I interrupting?
-No, it's okay.

You had the problem
about the instrument?

Don't worry. She changed her tutor.

I can't teach anyone like her.


I saw the poster.

It came out well, right?

You seem so happy.

I'm proud.

But I heard he's actually
Director Oh's favorite disciple.

She's just his supporter.

What kind of a supporter
devotes herself that fully?

She only helps me when I'm busy.

Anyway, I need the instrumental
music department's cooperation.

Have a lecture off
for your students to attend the recital.

Wow, why should we?

You know, he has
no practical experience at all.

It should be as similar as possible
to the real competition.

Also, we have to record it
like a simulation.

We'll send the DVD
to Busoni preliminaries.


But I can't be there.
I have an appointment.

Anyway, thank you.

He can't stop smiling.

Let's hear it again.


You put a great effort on this.

It's worth it.

Why couldn't you do it sooner?
The final is next summer.

I'd be perfect if he has
some results this year.

I'm thankful enough
we made this happen.

You know we had our difficulties
along the way.

Too bad, but get him to make headlines
as soon as he passes the preliminaries.

Yes, Director Oh will handle that.

Sure she will.

Your couple's team play
is finally being paid off.

I normally don't postpone
making decisions.

No, you don't.

The day before yesterday,
I met up with Yeongu's father-in-law

and heard unexpected news.

He says there will be some poking-around
before long.

He's informing me ahead
so that I can make preparations.

As you know, they had been
too avaricious from the start.


The fact that the prosecution
is ready to break the news anytime,

I was already aware of that.

But thrusting Yeongu's issue?

It makes me so...

In order to keep Kim
from divorcing Yeongu,

I thought I paid them well enough

but I guess not.

You did.

Make sure to secure Yeongu's money.

She has a little slush fund arranged
behind Seongsuk's back, just in case.

Yes, sir.

Ms. Seo returns early next week.

Is there anything I can do
before that?

Just make sure to hide up everything.

He was blunt about
us being the object of investigation.

He doesn't mean
to take any actual action, does he?

Well, that's what I assume, too.

But it's not pleasant at all.

I can imagine.

As you said,
I'll prepare well to avoid any trouble.

If it wasn't for Yeongu,

there's no reason for me
to crawl to them.

Consider it a blessing

that you don't have any children.

Come in.


Where's Director Oh?

She went out.
You can come with me.

Mrs. Chairwoman wants to buy you
a suit for the recital.

-It'll be brief. Just measuring your size.

Does Director Oh know about this?

Sure. She told me to tell you well.

Don't feel burdened.
You can pay back with a great play.

Oh, okay.

Which one would be better,
tuxedo or a single-breasted suit?

Based upon the type of concert,
he says a single-breasted suit is better.

He says that you have nice proportions.


Could he be a real hit
throughout the world?

He's sure of that.

I recommended double-eyelid surgery
but Director Oh was against it.


I was speaking to the kid.

Seonjae, she's speaking to you.


I think Director Oh likes your face
quite a lot.

As you may know,
she's a star maker.

Follow her lead and make it big,
will you?

How was it?

Do you want to hear the finale
one more time?


It would be just fine
if he plays as now.



You've gotten a lot better.

Thank you.

-What about the recital suit?

Sejin will bring it.

Okay, then.

See you at the rehearsal tomorrow.

See you at home.

Oh, right.

You'll need this.

-Are you nervous?
-A little bit.

You said you'll enjoy it.

Go home and sleep early.


If I ruin this

I think I'd want to die.

Hey, you'd die of that?

All this...

You had to deal with all the dirty work
for me to get this opportunity.

I said that was my expertise.



You'll come out
with the conductor this way.

Stand about here,

and make a bow.

Conductor goes there.

Now, shake hands with the concertmaster
and sit down.

I didn't do it earlier.

You're supposed to.

Just stick out your hand.
She would accept it.

I liked the rehearsal.

Oh, you were there?
I didn't notice.

I was at the very last row.

-I'll be looking forward to it.
-Okay, thank you.

Good luck.

Now, let's rehearse
exiting and reentering.

-Hey, Jongsu.

Okay, it's finished. Applaud.

Still applauding.

Oh, don't exit right away.

You should thank them, too.

Oh, do I shake hands?

Thank you.

No need.

I have an important appointment
with Dean Min anyway.

It would be great
if you bring Dean Min there.

We don't do anything
if there's no cameraman.

Unless you've called the press
and made it a big game.

I'll do that later.

Once he passes the preliminaries,
I'll run the articles first thing.

I'm sure you'll put up a good show.

He's your work of art.


You look amazing!

Looks great.

I'm sure you'll put up a good show.

He's your work of art.

Where are you?


It says staff only.

Why did you come so early?

I can't make it later.
I have to go for the cleanup.

What a stud!

It's uncomfortable.

Don't take it off.


Your hair's not good enough.

Let me put some wax on it.

No, my eyes hurt.

I feel weird.

Your mom comes to my mind.

If other girls give you flowers,

throw them away, okay?


Sorry, I'm coming right now.

Please focus on video and sound.
We'll send it to the preliminaries.

Got it.

Son Jangho!

-Son Jangho!

Ah, well...

Say hello to my friend.

Oh, so you're Jeong Yura?

Nice to meet you.

Hey, how do you know her?

What do you mean how?

We went to
Bukwang Vocational High School together.

Lee Seonjae, too!

Dami, let's talk afterwards.

Come to Seonjae's house.
We should celebrate then.

Now that you learned
our relationship diagram,

try to lie low, understand?

Hey, you went to
a Vocational High School?

Let me explain.

It's funny.

Now I understand.

Lots of things about you
made no sense.

Should I spit it all out right here?

Yura, don't do this
on such a good day. Let's...

You wanker.

Yura, wait.


Hey, wait.


Wait here.

Hey, Justin!

-Meet me in the office.

Where is Oh Hyewon?

I think she's busy.

-Come in for a sec.
-No thanks.

Good luck.

One more time.

You didn't turn it off yet?

Let me check this one.


I'm where
I can see and hear you the best.

Put your jacket on.

-No, it's too uncomfortable.

-It's time.

What took you so long?
Who was he?


Oh, okay.

That guy back there,
didn't he look familiar?

We've seen him at the bar
several times.


This kid will be a great stepping stone
for you to take a leap forward, professor.

He'll take you to a whole new level.



-Good work.
-You, too.

I'll play this
if I get an encore request.

I'll think of it
as my letter to you.

You should, too.

I don't think so.


I don't think he and Director Oh
are an item.

You'll know
when you see them together.

Let's go to the after-party.

-There's an after-party?

It's the centerpiece of a concert.

-Let's go.
-I don't feel like it.

-Why not?
-I don't feel comfortable there.

You're with me!
Consider it a good experience.

You should meet those people
and learn to get along.

I'll be at Samseong-dong.

Will you?

Professor Kang.

-It was amazing.
-Thank you for coming.

You are awesome.

You know there's an after-party, right?

Let's meet up at The Island.


You can do the editing tomorrow.

-You may go.

Let's go.
I'd like a drink, too.

Let me just finish this up.

What about Director Oh?

She'll be there.

You took my breath away.

I had to find you
within those few seconds.

So, did you find me?

Sure, that's how
I could continue playing.

Sit here.
Let's watch that funny scene again.

Is he good?

You didn't watch him?

I did, just for a moment
through the monitor in my room.

His look was nice.

Sis, you should have studied
theater and film.

Shut up.

Who told you to call me sis?

Minu, you'd better sit over there.

Join us again
when Lee Seonjae gets here.

Good idea, caterpillar.


Is he better than him?

They're different.

Oh, he feels a bit like Director Oh.

I guess so.

Speak freely before Professor Kang comes.

Professor Kang might be crying
somewhere alone.

-Why isn't he coming?
-I don't know.

Wang Jeonghui!

Did you see Hyewon?

We're also waiting for her.

Hello, sir.
What brings you here?

I have to check something.

It's a blind area.
No cameras are here.

How do you know that?

I only got caught
playing the piano.

Hey, this is my secret place.

Be careful.

This is where I saw you
for the first time.

Back then,
you weren't Oh Hyewon to me,

but someone from another world.

You felt so far away.

It feels like
100 years have passed.

You've crossed a big river.

In a way,

stress given by you
trained Director Oh to her success.

It means you did her good.
You toughened her up.

Cut it out.

Who gave whom stress?

Oh Hyewon has a thing

for getting under my skin.

I had counseling because of her
in the U.S.

Well, that must have been
your problem.


Say something!

Read the text message.

This is not my day.

What's wrong?

-Where are you going?

Looking for Director Oh.


Don't go.

Why not?

Let them have
a three-party encounter.


Please answer the phone!

Find Hyewon and send her
to Hannam-dong right away.

The investigation has begun.

Oh Hyewon!

Go to Hannam-dong right now!

The prosecutors are there!
They're looking for you!

Please go!

I have to go.

What about you?

I'll take care of myself.

What were you doing?

What about your father?

You said he has control over them!

My dad paid a fortune
for you to prevent this!

He even had to
fall out with my brothers!

Your new company,
can you confirm the source of its funding?


That will be included
in the further investigation.

Be ready.

Hey, Kim Ingyeom.


They send you home early
when dressed like this,

don't they?

Honey, nothing will happen, right?

A handkerchief? How romantic.

Director Oh.

Yes, sir.

If I get tied up there,
please take care of my Lily.

Don't say that.

I heard it would be brief.

It's what we were all told.

It has to be.

You're really going?

I'll spend a night there.
Am I right?

They say it depends on you.


Kim will accompany me.

Hey, do something!

I still like this guy though.

Please comfort her
so that she doesn't break down.

Okay, ma'am.

We should calm down.


-Let's head out now.

Stop putting on an act,
you despicable woman!

You always take something under the table
whenever these things happen!

Let go of me.

Oh Hyewon, you're no different!

I'm so sick of this.

Why does she have to make a scene?

You did well.

Why didn't you answer your phone?

I apologize.
I fell asleep in the office.

Whether it ends up to be
an opportunity or a crisis,

it would be a waste
if we gain nothing out of this.

We'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, get some rest.

You must be tired from
holding your favorite student's concert.

Will you be okay? I can--

You have a private life, too.

Well, have a good night.

How did it go?

He was taken.

Do you know that
I went looking for you?


Then how did you know
you had to go?

I got a call.

Tell the staff to relax.

It's not like a war broke out.

Okay, ma'am.

Did you and Yeongu's husband
discuss about something yesterday?

He wanted to review
the foundation's account book,

so I sent it over this morning.

That lunatic!

He received it.

He's asking for a call.

Make a call.
Let's hear him out.

Is there anything I have to know
before calling him?

Is there anything you don't know?

Yes, Executive Director Kim.

Oh, some of the files
require a password.

It's written at the end of the e-mail.


As you'll find out after reviewing,

the Arts Foundation has nothing to do
with Mr. Chairman individually.


Yes, I see.

He wants to see me.

Always watching for an opportunity
to shake things up.

That bastard's trying to find out

how much I siphoned off
by kissing up to Mr. Chairman.

I suppose he does.

I always erase that part
from the hard drive.

It's only saved on a separate USB.

It should be.

But there are many things
to be careful of,

so you'd better stay away
from Teacher Baek for a while.


By the way,
why didn't you change your nameplate?

It still says director.

Is it that you think
vice president is only temporary,

and that the word vice will be
taken off soon?

Let your mind relax.

You can go now.

Report to me after you meet him.


Send in Secretary Wang.


Go inside.


Is she seeing someone?


I heard you guys are close.

Didn't you sense anything?

It's just a suspicion.


I mean Director Oh

is known to be romantically challenged
among us friends.

But these days,
she seems a bit...

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