Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

As Hye Won and Sun Jae become closer, she ends up being assigned as her official instructor.

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It's me, Oh Hyewon.
I'm heading out for work.

This is my personal phone number.

Save this number under different name.

I like your place.


I was a bit scared yesterday
to go into your place alone.

It was dangerous, steep,

and slippery because of the rain.

I hesitated every step I made

whether I should go back.

But even at that moment
I was worried I might tumble.

Because if I break my leg
I'll have to lie to people.

So I tried to be as careful as possible.

I finally got upstairs safely.

Walking through
the dark narrow passage,

I actually felt good.

Because, at the end of this passage,

I could be at your place.

After turning on the light,

I almost cried

thinking, this is home.

Home is some place like this.

Most of time, I'm standing

or sometimes I fall asleep
with my shoes on.

I felt like this is my own place.

And it made me thank your mom.

I just made myself at home.


since no one should know about this,

I was tiptoeing without even knowing.

I am so used to lying to people.

But I cannot make you do the same.

I should be more careful
of having any childish thoughts.


I want you to be cautious too.

It sounds even more childish, huh?

By the way,

I found a cup noodle, so I had it.

I went to rooftop because I didn't want
to wake you up with the slurping sound.

It was so delicious that I even forgot
the time when I last had a nice meal.

It reminded me of what you told me.

Practicing piano
until your shoulder falls out.

Appreciating every bit of
Rachmaninoff and Paganini.

And loving it the fullest.

I finally understood what you were saying.

I have such a messed up life.

So now

I can't dare to say

I love you

and your house.


I'll try to learn from you.


Even though you don't know
either English or Germany...

The smartest man, Seonjae.

In this world, this is an adultery.

This is something detrimental to you.

This is a sin.

Protect yourself, and watch yourself out.

I'll do the dirty job.

That's what I'm good at.

It must have made you cringe.

Now I'm done,
relax and have your breakfast.

Did she leave early this morning?

Yes, she said she will have
breakfast at Hannam-dong.

Did you see her leaving?

No, I got a message.

She just left because didn't want
to wake me up too early.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-Good morning, ma'am!

Were you at your parents' house?

Why would I be there
where my brother-in-law is alone?

Your clothes haven't changed.

Oh, it hasn't.

I just picked up whatever
because I was running late.

-Good morning, Mr. Chairman!
-Good morning!

How is it?
It's a surprise gift from him.

You look both amazing.

Yeongu's company.

It will take three to four years
till it gets settled down, right?

Not sure.

It all depends.

Diligence is the key factor
for a success in a business.

We can't expect diligence from Yeongu.

Wouldn't it be too much work
for Director Oh?

Why would it?
We assigned a managing director.

Can the foundation invest
some in her company?

As an investment for a potential donator.

Honey, I thought you cared
about Director Oh.

You are overloading her!

Thank you for your care.

Wait till it goes into orbit.
I think it's too early.

I agree.

I guess she won't be
so happy about it, right?

You lack a lot in those areas.
Music is a part of humanities.

It's important because

it gives you perspective to see
yourself and the world objectively.


Did you talk over any important matter
with Mr. Chairman?

Of course there was.

He said there's other purpose
for starting the company,

so report that it's receiving
an overseas investment.

Overseas investment?

Remember the investment company
in Singapore?

You mean...

You know.


I was questioning your loyalty,
but you are being so frank.

Of course you should be cautious.

You're right.

Most of people asking for mutual trust
are either crooks or dumbs.

So I made couple of suggestions.

Oh my! It's like a cash vault.

Yes, it is.

You are going to report me
in real-time, right?

Yes, I will.

Oh, regarding Lee Seonjae.


When is the result of preliminary
coming out?

It's different every year.

If there are too many applicants,
it gets announced three months before.

Should we give him a double-eyelid surgery
before the announcement?

His eyes are beautiful.

They are?

It's one of the Asian charms.
And Europeans like it, too.

It could strip away
his unique charm.

Anyway, it's time to focus on practicing.
So watch him for now.

He is working on the concerto now.

I heard she goes to your hair salon.
Haven't you seen her?

She is a well-known in that field.


Are you coming in with me?

I have to go to the office.
Got things to take care of.

-Come by noon.
-I got it.

Good morning, ma'am!

Hold on.

It's me.

That boy, Lee Seonjae.

Isn't it better for Director Oh
to take full charge of?

It's more distracting to go
back and forth with Professor Kang.

Some kind of chemistry
is important, isn't it?

Chemistry is important
for improving his skills as well.

Talk to Professor Kang about it.

I'll tell Director Oh.


You are pretty good.

Thank you, ma'am!

How come I haven't seen you before?

I was assigned here two days ago.

Uh, right there.
Keep pressing there.

Good morning!

Wait a bit.

Professor just went to Dean's office.

-Come in.

Wow! He has his own style.

-I told you so.
-Sounds rough.

But he got his point.

Compared to paintings,

he is like Jackson Pollock.

That's right.
He is very interesting.

He has unique sense yet very precise.

How about his personality?

Considering his background,
he grew up very well.

He is well mannered.
However, got to live to see.

-Heard he started practicing.
-Yes, I and my wife are both training him.

It's just my suggestion.

Isn't it better for Director Oh
to take full charge of him?

Excuse me?

It will be busy getting him
applied to several competitions

and you don't have time for him either.

You got classes
and many private lessons too.

Is it your suggestion?

Of course, it is! Who else?

Let me be frank with you.

I'll tell you why I think
Director Oh is better suited.

First, I'm afraid you will spend
too much time on him.

as I mentioned his style earlier,

when I heard him playing

his style's like Director Oh's

when she was at her peak
as a pianist before resigning.

Considering that,

she could be
a better suited person to handle him.

You know how Director Oh is
somewhat masculine.

That's true, but

it doesn't sound like a suggestion.

Don't take it wrong.

No one is forcing you to back off.

But you know, someone needs to take
the responsibility for the outcome.

We can't ignore the outcome.

Just think
that you both are taking care of him

and you can check on him once in a while.

Are you

having a strange thought?

George Sand and Chopin.


You are not thinking
of that situation, are you?

Of course not!

How was the lesson with Director Oh?

I don't know yet.
It was the first lesson.

I've been thinking recently.

Since I care so much about you,

I can't be objective.

I think I have such an issue.

Practice with Director Oh intensively.

Deadline is by the end of May.
We don't have much time.

I've told Dean Min about this.

Foundation will make time available
for her to help you.

So reset the schedule.

I'll check once in a while.

You can go now.

Thank you very...

I'm sorry.

Oh, you're here.

What's the matter?


will have another kid to take care of.

What are you talking about?
My hands are full with Kang Junhyeong.

Lee Seonjae.


I'm already teaching him.

All by yourself.

Professor Kang is out.

I thought you cared more about me.

As you know, I got to play the piano
to help him with the concerto.

I know.

But we have such a high expectation
for him, so I had to make a decision.

Dean Min also agreed with me.

Don't spend too much time
on Yeongu's business.

I'll also cut down
on the load you have now.

I don't know what to do.

I know it's tough
but there is no one else for this job.

I'll see what I can do.

I hope that we get a good result.

Don't feel pressured.

As you know, we look far.

Tell Professor Kang
I care about him a lot. Okay?

Yes, I will.

Do we have any sound source
of Paganini's "Rhapsody" accompaniment?

-The orchestra.
-No, we don't.

That would be the best.

There is limit
to my piano accompaniment.

You mean for Lee Seonjae?


I'm on my way.

Are you alright?

Yes, I guess.

Are you coming from classes?

I guess you didn't stop by your place.

I'm pretending if nothing had happened.
I'm little nervous about my sleep-over.

But from now,
you got to see me every day.

I guess so.

Wasn't Professor Kang angry?

I left before he got mad.

I made a mistake.

What did you do?

I thanked him.

Oh my! That beats everything.

I know.

Let's stop chatting.

You know there is a CCTV here.

We got to behave in this room.

Yes, I will.

Then let's get started.

Give me a moment.

Wait a second.


Excuse me!

Wait, this is a restricted area.

I know, but I'm a staff member.

I'll be practicing in room number three.


Can you turn the CCTV off?

It disturbs my practice.

Every CCTV in the room is on
for security purpose.

Didn't you know it?

I can't practice comfortably for hours
knowing someone is watching.

Others are just fine with it.

Please turn it off.

If it is because of your practice,
you don't have to worry about it.

This is to prevent anyone

from damaging instrument, stealing,
and any other inappropriate activity.

This is the control room.
May I speak to VIP?

Yes, yes.

This is Deputy Section Chief Cha
from control room.

He did?

He requested it directly?

He is really something.

What is there to do?
Turn it off.


It feels great!

How did you come up with such an idea?

It's the least I can do.

Since I don't have any power
to fight any dirty tricks,

I do what I can do.

I guess you were touched
by my love letter.

It was like an earthquake
in my head.

That wasn't my intention.

You just confessed your entire life to me.

You're so...

Don't start with me,
or I'll burst out!


Many things.

Tell me one at a time.


I can't hold you outside.

Even though there is no CCTV,

I can't because it's an adultery.

Oh, my stomach!

Confession and adultery?

It's just crazy.

That's not it.

For me

I can't buy you any nice clothes.

People will say I'm dating minors.


You left this at my place.


My bad.

Is it alright

to leave something like this
at your place?

You're right!

Too late!

Let's get started.

Do you know that?


It's a foreign novel called

Aimez-vous Brahms.

I thought it was about music.

In the book

the heroine was

living with a man
without a marriage.

Let's get started now!


We will try something different.

I can't be here to play the piano
for you every day.

But I have a recorded accompaniment.
It's in the USB so listen to it.

One day you practice listening to it,
and another day with me.

How does it sound?

Who played it?


When I was at your age.

Do you know Professor Cho?


When he was preparing
an international contest with this piece,

I gave this as a present.

You two must have been close.

We are still friends.
With his wife and all.

Start practicing by yourself.

You can either practice here or at home.
It's your call.

Are you done for today?


I see.


Are you heading home?



Would you like to have dinner together?

I'm leaving now.

Yes, I'm leaving early.

I'll go grocery shopping
before going home.

You must be having a good day.
Why with me?

I want to keep close relationship
with you.

I guess we should.

Okay then.
I'll be home soon.


It's been a long time
since we last cooked together.

The house should have a smell of food
at least once in a while.

That's home.

Which wine do you want?

How about Chateau Talbot, the vintage?

Okay. Come downstairs.

Dean Min was imploring me.

He must be.

The election for university president
is this autumn.

Mrs. Chairwoman asked me to tell you
that she cherishes you.

They always say that.

What did Lee Seonjae say?

He said he was relieved to know
you'd check upon him.

He knows manners.


let me bring some kkakdugi.
It goes well with this dish.

-Do you want one more bottle?
-No, thanks.

Dr. Yun, sorry for calling you
this late at night.

It seems like

Professor Kang's prescription
has been changed.

Till now, the dosage was
the same as mine but

I'm little concerned.


Men go through those as well?

I felt unfair it was just me
going through those.

I see.

Yes, I got it.

I will visit you some time soon.


Good night. Bye.


-This is not fair.
-I know.

You got to hold back.

Just one ride.

Let's go to your place.


What's on your mind?


Worried if I do this too often?

Not you, but me.

Lee Seonjae!



Go and greet them.
I know a place to hide.

-I'll kill you if you get caught!

-Hide my shoes first!

Hey, Lee Seonjae!

I'm coming!

I'll be right there!

What takes you so long?

I was out at the rooftop!

Stretching under the moonlight?

Are you here too?

Yes, I am!

Come on, open the door!

Is there somebody with you?



What's up all of the sudden?

-Why? Is your professor coming?
-Let's go out! It's on me tonight!

-I got the scholarship!
-Don't bother! We brought some!

Scare them away!

What is it?

That thing!

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Told you not to open it!

Hey! Go, go away!

Go! Go away! Bad cat!


Done drinking?

I have something to tell you guys.

-You sound serious.

Park Dami.

To me, you are not a girl.

You know that too.

I know.

Why are you guys so serious?


if you meet another girl,
I'll be very mad.

Hey, Dami.

He didn't do anything to be
responsible for you!

You stay out of this!

I know nothing happened between us,

and I know it's just me who likes you.

But you got me out of the gang.

At the Dokdae snack-bar alley,

I was beating up kids and
I met your eyes.

At that moment,
I was so embarrassed.

I was yelling and throwing things
at him to go away, but he didn't.

Standing there with his steel container.

I was watching because it was interesting.

I heard about you
but never seen you before.

You were awesome during those times.

Awesome my foot!

I was going through tough time.

Do you know how tough it is
to be number two in a gang?

The leader went crazy
about spending money.

Anyway, I got my tattoos removed
very next day.

Actually, in one's life

finding someone
who can change you is not easy.

I owe you my life!

To me, you are the only one.

As I start thinking that way

I couldn't find anything
that I could do for you.

Except for just liking you!

I appreciate it.

Thanks to you, my school life got easier.

But it's time to stop now.

If you get hurt,

it'll be hard for all of us.

To me, you two are
the only friends I've got.

It's something
that I can't afford to lose.

It feels so awkward.

I got it.

What the heck?
That's it?

I thought

you would make a scene.

Let's grab some more drinks.

Come out.

-Did they leave?
-Yes, they did.

I guess this is
how you feel getting caught.

This is nothing.

It's going to get even worse.

Why are you looking at me
desperately like that?

I don't know.

Can you close it?
I need to use the bathroom.

I'll stay away.
Make yourself at home.

Thank you.

Would you call me a cab?

Find the cab number in my phone.


-Good morning.
-Good morning.

-Oh, have you talked to Ms. Seo?

-Did she call?
-Yes, she is at the beauty shop.

She asked you to bring
the financial documents.

How did this happen?

She is acting weird these days.

I forgot to put it back
after calling the cab.

Then I made a call.
I forgot it. It's my fault.

Keep practicing. I'll check it later.

We are waiting for their decision
on the amount of investment.

So who are they?

It's a multinational investment company
based in Singapore.

Who is the owner of the company?

If it is a corporation,
I guess the share-holders are the owners.

Stop playing smart with me.

I need cash!

Why don't you talk to Mr. Chairman?

If I get pissed off,
I'll cut off your student's scholarship!

Scholarship is already allocated
to him for next four years.

You are the boss!

Had to make sure!

Get me a plane ticket
to Switzerland and Milan.

Get one for Useong too.

Yes, I will.

Take good care of
Madam Han's borrowed account for stock.

Before I reveal it to the public.

Can I leave now?



hello, Dami!

Thank you very much.

About what?

What are you thanking me for?

You are the wife of Professor Kang

and Director Oh Hyewon
of Seohan Foundation, right?

How do you know all this?

My boyfriend is Lee Seonjae.


I see.

I know him. Professor Kang's student.

I was wondering who the teacher was
because he talked about you so often.

I want to thank you again.
And please take good care of him.

I'll see you again.

See you again.


I'm where I can see
and hear you the best.

I'll play this, thinking of it
as my letter to you.

This is where I saw you
for the first time.

Back then, you weren't Oh Hyewon
to me. You felt so far away.

-Are you nervous?
-A little bit.

Oh Hyewon!