Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Hye Won becomes jealous when she sees Sun Jae with Da Mi eating dinner and takes it out on him.

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I'll be watching you

how you're covering
for her suspicious business like this.

If I made you vice president,

you should've stopped doing
personal errands for her.

Tone-deaf, it's been a while.

You're not online,
so I'm leaving a message.

A lot of things have happened to me.

I'll just talk
about my emotional state.

In a word, I'm so miserable.

My woman was humiliated by a maniac.

She has bruises on her face and hands
for unknown reasons.

But the thing is,
I can't do anything for her.

What's the use in loving her?

She's been demoted
from goddess to a mortal woman.

She has come down to earth.

I'm not so sure about that.

She became angrier
because I was there.

Will she get angry if I ask her
to meet me in this situation?

Stop bothering me.
Just do what you want.

I need to see you.

I know I have a lesson
with you this weekend.

But, I can't wait that long.

I won't ask you anything.

Just let me be with you.

I'm not getting a motel room.
Come to my home.

You like my place, don't you?

It's me.

I told you to call first.

-Is your professor coming?

I'll leave when he comes.

Do you have ramen?

I mean no.

Go buy some.

Aren't you hungry?

Let's eat out.

-I want to treat you.
-We can cook at home.

-Come on. It's delicious.
-You surprised me. Awesome.

What are you doing?
I have to go out.

-Going to a club?

Leave. I want to get drunk alone.


What are you, Oh Hyewon?

Why is your husband here?
Why do you make this happen?

Though you and I only remain married
for the sake of appearance.

25-year friendship deserves
a little patience from you.

-Pickles, please.

I'm looking at things differently.

I'm going to do this right.

I want to be the girl you deserve.

My first goal is to enter
a cosmetology program in junior college.

Eat slowly.

I'm just a high school graduate
and I always beg you for a kiss.

That's not right.

My employer at the hair salon began

as an apprentice
after graduating from a high school.

After she made it,
she enrolled at a junior college

and later transferred
to a four-year university.

She's a professor of Cosmetology now.

She's an adjunct professor,

not an associate one.

Maybe I can't be
as successful as she is,

but I want to grow in the field.

Because I want to be with you.


I knew it.

-Park Dami.



Never mind.


Excuse me. You can't park here.

This is a designated parking lot.

I'm sorry. I'll move there.

No, you can't. It's reserved
for emergency vehicles.

Why are you so rude to me?

Excuse me.

Leave now, lady! Okay?


Just go!

Get out of my way then.

-Come in.

Thank you.

You're here?

So! Did you enjoy

a wild Friday night?

Don't you have dreams?

Any ambition?

How can you squander such a gift
as yours? People would kill for it.

What did I do?

What did you do?

You tell me.

You should know better.

Don't come
if you're going to act that way.

Why don't you go back
to your old life?

It's nice out.
Go have fun with your girl.

You came. Am I right?

Yes, I went to your house.
I didn't mean to. I was passing by.

You couldn't keep your hands off her!

Okay. I know now.

It's all good.

What's good? What do you know?

It's good because you came.

Now I know you're jealous.

So, it's all good.

It's superb, actually.

That's why

I'll ask you this without fear.


Who the hell does she think she is
to humiliate you like that?

That's nothing.

Don't look at me.

I felt like the worst kind of scumbag.

In movies the male protagonist
beats the bad guys.

You've watched too many B movies.

He is a scumbag then.


I told you.

It's a lesson about how society works.

What kind of society is that?

You earn your living as a courier.

With your money,
you only eat cup noodles

and hardly pay your mobile phone
and utility bills.

It will be much easier

to live on scholarship money

if you play the piano well.

That's true.

Don't mind her.

You're worth so much more.

What about you?

I make those people
spend money happily.

I make them earn money too.

It's my job to facilitate it.

The food chain.

Social hierarchy.

Have you heard those words?

I guess I have.

Read books.

I know.

I belong somewhere

in the middle, I guess.

An elegant


Then she is
at the top of the food chain?

What's at the top

is not the woman.

It's money.


What's really at the top

is the devil whispering into my ears

that there is nothing
that can't be bought

with money.

Are you crying?

No, I'm not.

It doesn't matter
whether or not you understand.

I know.

What are you doing?
Aren't you practicing?

I've scolded him.

He doesn't have any ambition.

Why should I waste my energy on
someone like him?

Say something in front of your professor.

What do you want to be?

You can't just discipline him
with no direction.

We have to specify
goals and plans first, and then--

I've been telling him over and over,
but he doesn't get it.

I'm sorry.

I didn't take it seriously.

I'll work hard.

Let's practice a piano concerto

for the audition's DVD submissions.

Have you heard about this?

One day out of the blue,

Mozart decided not to work
for aristocrats anymore.

He wanted to write music what he wanted.

That's how he died so young.

He had to borrow a lot of money.

Then he got sick.

What a nonsense.

How would you know

if he was simply ill-tempered
or spoiled?

You can do whatever you want
while working for rich people.

-You can't.
-I said you can.

The application deadline for the next
Busoni Int'l Competition is May 31st.

You have to select
a performance piece, right?

Have you memorized

the piano parts of any concertos?

Schumann's "Piano Concerto,"


and "Variations on a Theme of Paganini."

How did you memorize?

I listened to the full scores
about 30 times.

I printed out the piano parts.

Can't you stop whining?

However they mess with the world,
music is the king.


It's me.

Did you have enough fun?

I ate something at your house
and came home a little while ago.


That kind of thing won't upset her.

It's not like I'm involved with you.


who do you see?

I mean for fortune telling.

Can you refer me to someone?

Teacher Baek won't do.

She's one of my students' mothers.

Can I speak Mr. Yu Simjo, please?

I'm wondering

if I can make an appointment with him.


Is he available next Monday?

Ms. Seo Yeongu referred me to him.

Oh, I see.

I understand.

I'll make time.


Why do you like this piece?

Because I think it shows
how far anyone can go.

That's all you need to do then.

That's how you take
rich people's money.

When are your school lessons?

At one p.m. on Mondays,
Wednesdays, and Fridays.

At ten a.m. on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays,

come to my office with full scores

and the scores of
orchestra accompaniment for piano.


It must be so absurd to you

that I'm in love with you.

Your life seems so intense.

Do your work well.

Don't ever pretend you understand.

Be on time.

What's wrong?

I must be approaching menopause.

Aren't you a little too young?

Do you think so?

Come in.

-How are you?

Wait here for a moment, please.

She is in a meeting.


Yes, he's here.

About ten minutes ago.


Okay, I'll tell him.

She wants you to come downstairs.


Do you know
where the practice room is?

Yeah, it's on the basement.


The placement of the pianos
isn't right.

We're practicing for a piano concerto,
not regular lessons.

If the pianos can't face each other,
is room two...


Professor Kim rented it
to her students?

I understand.

Don't say anything.


Thank you.

It sucks.

I actually like it this way.


I don't mind having the pianos
placed side by side.

Your ears don't work that way.

Yesterday, I listened to my recording

letting the sound come from the sides.
It sounded okay.

It's in sync with the full score.

Warm your hands up.

Now what?

Are you feeling better?

I told you. Do your job well.


I'm ready. Let's begin.

First, the intro.

Pretend you're playing
with an orchestra.

What are you doing?


The majors are more difficult.

If you play like that, you'll come
in 1/32 faster than the orchestra.

I'll play accompaniment.
Play as you did.

You see? Am I wrong?

If you start off on the wrong foot,
it'll be hard to correct it.

Try again.

That's better.

Play Variation No. 2 alone.


No way.

It has nothing to do
with proposing bills.

That's their bread and butter.

There are ten or more bills
that didn't pass.

I'm talking about
the private institution law.

Let me call you back.

I have a favor to ask you.

Sure. Anything.

A Christian Business Men's
breakfast meeting is next week.

It's pretty big.

I know. I heard.

Organize a choir and orchestra
for the meeting.

With graduate students,
not undergraduates.

I'm not sure they can make time.

We don't have a choice.

Form a choir with a string quintet.

The schedule is too tight
to organize it by Friday.

What do you mean it's too tight?

That's all we do.

Contact students
and get it done today.

What about compensation?


When we went to Mr. Cho's wedding,
no food or even taxi fares were offered.

We have to take taxis
because of the instruments.

Being thoughtful is always nice.

My father is a pastor, but he doesn't
take advantage of his congregation.

This is volunteer work.

This is to glorify God
but you want money?

Be honored and serve gladly.

I've got errands to run.
Call me after arranging the performance.

What an asshole!

I'm taking a taxi. Wash my car.

Yes, sir.

Are you exercising your fingers?

A brilliant technique without emotion
or philosophy is useless.

Director Oh.

You look cool!


I loved Son Yeoreum

when she stood up like that
after playing a Kapustin piece.

You need your head dunked
in ice water.

Tone-deaf, I am dying.

She's still angry.
I'm practicing with her now.

It was her who played incorrectly.

What a lucky guy!
She plays the accompaniment for you?

I know.

It's like a dream.

But I can't breathe.

I think I made a dire mistake.

I let her talk too much.

She talked about the food chain
and elegant slaves, you know?

Just hearing those words
breaks my heart.

How does she feel saying those things?

I can understand her.

She bared her soul to you.

She told you, who thinks her a goddess,
that she's only a slave.

She revealed her true identity.

What should I do?

What should you do?

True love always
comes through in the end.


That's such a cliché.

Tear my heart out and show it to her?

Have you considered this?

Maybe she has an older women's
paralyzing inferiority complex.

Maybe we should elope?

Director Oh, Ms. Seo is looking for you.


Please order lunch for Lee Seonjae.



What the hell is this?

What is it this time?


Lee Seonjae is going to make
a studio album?

With a live orchestra?

Don't worry about it.
You're busy running the arts center.


It's the Foundation's annual event.

It's me. Yeah.

I've got some food.

That's your lunch. Go ahead.

Practice those parts
I mentioned earlier.

Oh, my.

You're teaching him?

It's so frustrating.

What's so frustrating?

You are alone with a sweet young boy
in an enclosed room.

I see.

That's suffocating for you?

I envy you.
You don't have to pay a dime for him.

Shut up.

I'm going.


You're picking a fight out of boredom.
I'm not listening to you.


You are supposed to help me.

That's why I promoted you
to vice president. And you're doing this?

This isn't working. I'm really going.

When did Madam Han buy so much stock?


Ask her yourself.

You bitch!

Why don't you investigate?

Why don't you use your brain for once?

You really want to see my brain work?

Are you sure?

I'm looking forward to it.

My wife and I have a student.

A student?

Yes, a male student.

-You want me to read all three of you?

Actually, my wife and I work
in the same industry,

so she runs into him a lot.

Are you afraid
she has an affair with him?

No, no. It's not that.

He's so gifted,

but he's from a poor family.

I want to nurture him
and see him realize his potential.

What I want to know is

if my wife, the boy, and I
are compatible.

In practice room three,

Hyewon is with Lee Seonjae alone.
It doesn't upset you?

Get a nap if you're that bored!

Wow, it's amazing.


Your student, he's extraordinary.

In what way?

He's a savior to you, Professor.

-He's like the rice to an empty barn.

The forest to a barren mountain.

He's water to a man dying from thirst.

-How about my wife?
-Your wife?

Your wife will be successful
as an executive.

She puts her work and honor
before men.

You don't love each other much.

We share camaraderie.

We're not exactly love birds.

-But never thought of divorce.
-Don't even think about it.

Never mind that. How about with him?

Why are you trying
to tie them up like that?

It's not that.

Trust your wife's disposition.

It's not because she loves you.

It's just not in her nature.

There are four successes in her fate,

meaning she's destined to
be an executive, a woman of high rank.

She puts her work first.

Most of all, don't send this boy away.

This powerful energy
emanating from him

keeps you safe from all bad things.

This kid will be a great stepping stone
for you to take a leap forward.

He'll take you to a whole new level.

Here it is.

Thank you.

I'm so messy these days.

It's all right.

Technically, Lee Seonjae is not
Professor Kang's protégé.


I heard his wife adores him so much.

He's grabbed a big opportunity
performing at the Foundation's concert.

I know.

I wanted to have
my students perform this year.

But, everything had been finalized.

I had to settle
for self-financed concerts.

Is Lee Seonjae that good?

He's pretty good.

That can't be all.

No, it's my teacher.

It's different from the professor.

When are you meeting Jeong Yura?

I overheard my clients today.

I have a bad feeling about this.

They were talking about Seonjae,
which doesn't sit well.

Can you ask Jeong Yura

about Professor Kang's wife?

I'm not stupid.

I'm not going to ask Seonjae
about that.

Let's call it a day.

Are you kidding me?

You don't like it?


I just want you to smile.

Don't get cheeky with me, smartass!

Turn off the light when you leave.

Can you consider
my feelings a little, please?

I often visit this online chat room.

A friend told me

that a long CV is not as important as
enjoying the music.

Enjoying it to the fullest is love,
I think.

I want to enjoy this piece
to its fullest like that.

I don't want to dissect it
into 1/16 or 1/32 beats

and practice until my shoulders fall out.

I hate my staccato of Variation No. 8
one minute,

but then it's perfect the next minute,
which is elating.

That's love.

How much Rachmaninoff and Paganini
would love that?

That's the best.

To hell with the food chain
or slaves or whatever.

See you on Thursday.

It's me.

I left my jacket and key again.


No, I'm alone. I'm almost home.



Don't turn my shoes.

I'm going to stay for a while tonight.

As I entered your house,

I thanked

your mother.

How do I look?

I'm playing your girlfriend.

I saw Dami wearing my mother's.

That says she's not your girlfriend
but a sister.

I'm right. Don't argue with me.

You'll lose if you get caught.

I know where to hide.

You're super-sexy.

How come you're still standing there?

I'm supposed to brush my teeth
and wash my face when I return home.

Have Director Oh and Lee Seonjae
finished practicing?

They already left.


I see. Thank you.

She fell for him on day one.

Trust your wife's disposition.

It's not because she loves you.

It's just not in her nature.

She puts her work before men.

Most of all, don't send this boy away.

This powerful energy emanating from him

keeps you safe from all bad things.

This kid will be a great stepping stone
for you to take a leap forward.


I might not do well.

Why not?

Didn't you say
you want to enjoy life to the fullest

and that is love?

I shouldn't have said that.

Are you really a virgin?

Come to think of it, I don't think I am.

You have to think to be sure?

After listening to Liszt,

I held you.

I'm sorry.

Did you sense

that I wasn't experienced then?

A little.


I might be worse than you.

I'll be the judge of that.

Are you all right?

Let me know if you're uncomfortable.

I'm all right.

I thought you don't drink.

Who told you that?

When did you learn to drink?

My homeroom teacher taught me
my sophomore year.

We had a lot of tough students
in my school.

No mercy to a boy like me.

They poured soju and beer in my mouth

while two boys held me down.

It happened when I went to school
in a while and I passed out.

He brought Kaoliang liquor to my house

to teach me how to drink.

He's cool.

How about you?

I'm always smart
and do everything in moderation.

I've always been an old soul.

I'll be 60 when you are 40.



You'll be like her.

Mrs. Maria.

Hers is the textbook of Mozart?


How should I live to have

a face like hers at the age of 60?

You'll be more beautiful.

That's not impossible

if I put enough time and money into it.

Expressions, thoughts, and sensitivity

are what make your face.

You'll be gorgeous.

Even your brain is sexy.


you don't feel embarrassed
to say such things?

Am I supposed to?

You don't sound genuine.

What sounds genuine?

"That's the best way, my man.

To hell with being a slave. Whatever.

I don't drink, my man.

Why are you ignoring me?"

Like that.

Then how about this?


You little brat.

I have a foot fetish.

You like women's feet?

I meant your feet, Hyewon.



Yes, Mrs. Chairwoman.

Yes, I'm leaving now.