Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Joon Hyung is becoming suspicious of the relationship between Hye Won and Sun Jae which seems closer than it should be.




It's been two hours already?

No, it's been 40 minutes.

We're at Jangheung.

We can stay here a while
then go back.

How did you hurt yourself?

I was hit by a shooting star.

It was a joke.

Why did you call me

instead of going home?

I do as I please.

A home can feel like

a second work place sometimes.

You go get something to drink.




Are you spending the night?

No, I'll stay
for about an hour and a half.

It's $30.

How much is the best room?

$50 will be extra charged

and $5 discount if you pay in cash.

Can I see the room first?

Come down here to escort a customer.


It's a killer whirlpool, right?

Yes, it is.

This is the light switch.

This is the mood light switch.

Adult channels
and Internet are available.

If you want to enjoy various postures

come here and try it out.

Why, what's wrong?

You don't like this room?

Your lady friend wants
a five star hotel?

Do you have a room
without those?

Just clean room is okay
with no bugs or rats.

Where are you?

I got a room.
It's clean.

You said your house
felt like a workplace.

So, I wanted you to rest.


I'm sorry. It's my mistake.

I shouldn't have called you.

I'm running away right now.

Because I don't want to go to
such a place with you.

You're late.

I'm not so late.

Mahjong takes time, you know.

Bring me some tea to my study.

What happened?

I bumped into a wall.

Be careful.

People might think I hit you.

I mean, behave yourself.

What is it you want to say?

What do you think?

It's just as I said.

Yeongu did this.

So, you're taking that anger out on me?

No, I'm not.

Then why did you talk like that?

What about it?

Someone might think I ordered
her to hit you.

What others might think and hear
is all you care, right?

Don't pick at what I say.

So what?

This is something

you need to blame me?
Can't you comfort me?

I need to take whatever she does
to maintain this much?

I didn't make you do that!

You like wearing expensive clothes

hanging around people in high places!

You asked for it!

Or, why don't you just quit?


I'll just quit.

We can return this house,
our jobs

and go back to our 20s
when we had nothing.

Only if that could happen,

I'd love to do so.

Go back by yourself!

You would love that.

My key is in my jacket
which is in your car.

And I'm in front of your house.

You should have gathered your things.

I don't know what I've done wrong.

Like I didn't ask you to spend the night.

You don't know?

You thought I'd follow you all happy?

I told you.

You said your house seemed
like a workplace.

And you can't rest at your own place.
What else can I do?

That was all?

You want me to believe that?

I'm telling you only the truth.

So, what is your truth?

I meant every word I said!

I love you!

I hope to spend the night together

but not today.
You said you were tired.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I got angry yesterday.


I was mad at myself and not you.

Thinking of you being treated that way

because I'm not a better man.

Please, don't worry.

Saying "please" makes me nervous.


I guess I got mad, too.

Have breakfast.
I'll eat outside.

With who?

With Mr. Chairman, concerning Yeongu.

Can you make it to Seonjae's audition?


I'm sorry again.

What is this?

Why did you skip
your morning exercise?

You should keep a promise
if you made one.

I avoided you
because you were mad at me.

That's nonsense.

Did you practice for the audition?

Do you remember you shouldn't get
emotional from the cadenza?

Son Yeoreum is a great pianist

because she interpreted
hot to stone cold.

Only then,
you will burn your passion.

Do you understand?


Are you there?

Are you sullen?

Are you pretending to be sullen?

Are you

playing hard to get?


I understood what you meant
about Son Yeoreum.

And I don't know
how to play hard to get.

I don't even want to do it.

Concentrate on your performance!

He knows nothing.

I'll do good.

You thought I'd follow you all happy?

That was all?

You want me to believe that?

My gosh, it's hot!

Good morning.

Good morning.

I'm sorry I made a scene yesterday.

Though I knew her temper.

Not at all. Don't worry.

Have a seat.

Thank you.


We should let Yeongu
keep her position, right?

Of course.

Instead, I told Mrs. Chairman to

promote you to vice president.

Thank you, sir.

Are you disappointed?

Disappointment comes last.

That's right.

Only you can answer like that.

As you always said,

a position isn't a big deal.

Your authority is the point.

I know quite well.


You and I should open an account.

What do you mean?

You really don't know?


I heard Lily bought some paintings?


Two pieces of Malevich
from the Zurich Auction,

and one piece of Willem de Kooning.

What's with the names?

Those names are hard to remember.

She made a good choice.

Paintings have values in possession
and also investments.

The rich Russians are eager
to have them.

They are not fakes, are they?

Not because I want Yeongu's company
to profit from it.

I assume you already know.


It'll be a parallel importation business.

In other words,

if you need a separate channel...

Can you make it happen?

I should.

Then, let's eat now.


What's Director Oh's schedule
after the breakfast meeting?

She has an appointment with Ms. Seo.

She will have a tour inspection
of Seohan Apparel.

She'll come by the office
around three o'clock.

Then, I should leave around then.

I should stop by Teacher Baek's first.

Leave her call.

Yes, ma'am.

What is it?

You found something
in his pocket?

Lily doesn't know about that, right?

No, not yet.

You must

really like her.

She's something.

She could be icy-cold
and burning hot.

I wish I could take her someplace

and spend a month with her.

Would that be impossible?

If you don't be careful
she will notice.

You're right.

Wow, you look amazing.

You should be the model.

Maybe I should?

You're here early.

How was your breakfast?

Yes, thanks to you.

Sorry I'm late.

No problem. I know you're busy.

How do I look?

You look great.
You have the perfect body.

Shall we sit down?


Seohan Apparel will
make an announcement

of this brand's independency.

Accounting practice is taken care of.

I'm sure you heard from Mr. Chairman.

You only make sure
to keep Madam Han away.

Make sure to match
the concept with men's outdoor.

Yes, I'll do that.

We should participate in
the advertisements, right?

Of course.

We are allowed to do that?


we could find a way.

He wants to play "Spanish Rhapsody"
by Liszt.

Oh, that's new.

He's a fan of Son Yeoreum.

Did you teach him?

Of course, I did.

What about Hyewon?

I mean, Director Oh?

She's busy these days.

Though she takes interest.

Let's start.

Lee Seonjae.

Start playing.


You're funny.

What's so funny?

Everything about this kid is funny.

I'll get going.

Where to?

I agree.

That's a good idea.

Come. Let me hold you.

No, I'll hold you.

He's quite good.

Only quite good?

You did great.

You even made no mistakes.

Thank you.

You were better today.

This is Ji Minu.


You guys should be friends.

You guys can compete in good faith.

You could battle each other someday.

That would be great.

Director Oh scouted me

and introduced me to Professor Cho.

She's my real teacher.

I went to the States
where Professor Cho was

then came back to Korea with him.

I don't see her often these days

but getting advice from her
time to time is great.

Want to exchange numbers?


I'm sorry.


What are you doing?

I was on my way out.

We have an emergency.


You should have come to me
and not get caught.

She was right there.

There was no box with it.

I guess he might took it back.

Come to think of it,

it seems he wanted me to find out

who she was.

I can't get the whole picture.

I'm sorry.

You didn't know about this?

No, I didn't know.

Then, you're not doing
your job right.

You agree?

I agree.

By any chance,
do you have something against me?

You expected to be president
with Yeongu starting her company

but you only got to be vice president?

Of course not.

I told Mr. Chairman as well.

The worst scenario I can think of is

Yeongu getting another girl
to her father

and you helping that plan.

You are capable enough of doing that.

That's very sad.

Then, it's time to prove yourself.

I'm going to rest.

I won't even take Mr. Chairman's call.

Take care of it, no mistakes.

Yes, ma'am.

The number you have dialed
is unable to...

Oh my.

The phone is only for outgoing calls.

It's a burn phone.

Of course it is.

Then, how did Mr. Chairman call her?

What if he got her a place?

She quit working at the restaurant.

-That's not good.
-I know.

Watch your mouth!


Where are you going?

I should look around.

Shall I come with you?

You should get ready
for the scholarship ceremony.

You want me to come with?

Stay and guard Mrs. Chairman's office.

She's a bit...

You noticed that, too?

Who is it?

It's me.


Did you do well today?

Yeah, depressingly.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

Don't ask me to come in.
I just came to see you.

Let me act cool
since you're going to college.

Come again.


I said come again.

What was that?

I might forget who I am

if I don't see you and Jangho.

I'll forget where I come from.

I'm glad you know it.

Don't forget you used to
make deliveries for a living!

Or I'll make you suffer.

But call me before you come here.



I mean, my teacher may be here.

Professor comes here to teach you?

Not my professor.

You have your own teacher?

Well, it's a bit different.

Okay, bye.

Be safe.


I see you changed restaurants.

Why are you here?
I have no business with you.

Please, have a seat.

I know you're working
but I've already talked to the owner.

Are you well?

Say what you came for.

Yes, I should.

Would you like some beer?

I don't drink beer.

Get me a strong one.

Okay, sure.

-Excuse me.

I've got nothing to say.

Take that back and leave.

You seem like an upright person.

I admire that.

Maybe that's what Mr. Chairman
likes about you.

If it's okay with you,

I'd like to be your friend.


I'm not here to judge
what's right or wrong.

You live away from your family.

I understand it's nature you want
someone you could lean on.

Let me...

Have you ever

seen this before?

Yes, I have.

I see.

-Please, take your time.
-No need for that.

I will just tell you.

Mr. Chairman or whatever gave it to me
and bothered me so much.

So I put it in his jacket
and got away.

I guess that old man got caught
by his wife.

Go and tell her exactly
what I tell you.

That I spent the night with him twice.

He was not good so I dumped him.

So, she has nothing to worry about.

I don't understand what you mean.

You don't understand?

I told him we were done

then he came to me
with that thing.

That's why I changed work
and my phone number.

I was sick and tired of him.

I don't know what you think of me

but I went to school
founded by Mao Zedong

which was to honor Lu Hsun.

I also learned that
all people are equal

and I own myself.

If I like someone, I can pay for that.

Just because a man has some money,

I don't go around pretending
to like him.

I understand what you mean.


Since I'm only a messenger,
I need confirmation.

In other words, I need confirmation
that you won't meet him again

-even if he wants--

-I said I dumped him.

What confirmation do you need?

You sit there all dressed up
but you're deaf?

Taking that will
give me confirmation.

What on earth is this?

Don't make me repeat myself.

If you run errands for the rich,

you should at least understand
what I'm saying.

You're sick!

I don't think you need to worry.



By the way,

the scholarship ceremony is
at one o'clock tomorrow.

Yes, Lee Seonjae.


Good night.


Get me a present.

A present?

What do you want?

A vasectomy.



I had so much fun yesterday,
thanks to you.

I guess our trust is back on track.

Thank you.


Dean Min is here.

Come on in.

It's been a while, Mrs. Chairwoman.

This is Seonjae?

Lee Seonjae, say hello.

Seohan Arts Foundation
Chairwoman Han Seongsuk.

I've heard a lot about you,
also your play.

I have high expectations.

He wouldn't be here
if it weren't for you.

That's not true.

Let's get over with
the formal part first, Director Oh.


Are you ready?

-Seonjae, over here.


"Scholarship Certificate, Lee Seonjae."

"Under the foundation law number three
of Seohan Arts Foundation"

"this person is nominated for the
scholarship program for gifted of 2014."

"I hereby present this certificate
and award the scholarship."

"March 25, 2014 Seohan Arts Foundation
Chairwoman Han Seongsuk."

Seonjae, look at the camera.

What's going on?

Ms. Seo, join us.

Yes, come join us.
It's a Foundation business

so I didn't tell you.

We're taking the publicity picture
after the award.

I'm sure you all have fun
with what's good for you.

Don't talk like that.

Let me introduce him.
This is Lee Seonjae.

-You're that boy.

I'll be watching you how you're covering
for her suspicious business like this.

Ms. Seo.

Did I say something wrong?

What was that about yesterday?

If I made you vice president,

you should've stopped doing
personal errands for her.

-Come on.

You need to sign a few papers.

-This way.

You are working for my company.

Why do you have to keep doing that?

I think that's enough, Ms. Seo.

They must have startled you.

They all have strong personalities.

Sign where marked,

and the school will give you
the scholarship.

So turn these in and the assistant
will get your student card.

Leave, if you're done.

I said go.

What I saw earlier...

Who was she?

Are you deaf?

The CEO of the Arts Center.

But why does she treat you like that?

It's not your business.

You just learned the way of life.

The bad feeling I had for you
yesterday melted away.

Now, I'm so furious with anger.

Please, just leave!

What's the matter?

Let's go.

Let's go get the certificate
and I have something for you.



Excuse me.

Professor Kim from Instrumental
Music Dept. is saying things absurd.

What shall I do?

Be specific.

She's selling instruments to students

and telling them the broker
is from the Arts Center.

Tell them that's not true.

I did call them.

I wish I didn't hear such thing.

-Do you need a blanket?

-Professor Kang.

I'm sorry, but I'll go by myself.

I need to take care of some
family affair.

Oh, will you?

Yes, I'll see you soon.

You want to quit school?

You went tell everyone
just because I dared you?

You got the assistant involved
from other department.

That wasn't my intention.

I got frustrated

because I couldn't make the sound.

I heard someone
at the Arts Center was a senior--

You're all the same.
She was just like you.

That's why she couldn't teach
even one class

and gave up.

Your future is the same.

Get another tutor.
I don't want to teach a student like you.


I'm here.

Yura, you're here.

-You're doing a double major?
-Yes, unfortunately.

I chose the perfect one for you.

You can leave.

How much is it?

I'll discuss it with your mother.

Try making a sound.

I don't like fakes.

Listen to the way you talk.


Call Seonjae.
What's taking him so long?

I'm here.

Oh, you're here.
I thought it was my assistant.

I met him just now.

-Did you get everything you need?

Don't lose your student card.

Make the most out of it.

It works as a debit card

so you'll get theater discounts.

He told me to ask you
about my class schedule.

This semester already started.

So you only need to take
lessons with me.

Three times a week.
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1 p.m.

-Mr. Choi will fill me in if I'm busy.

By the way,

pack these books.

I asked you to come for these.

When the second semester
begins officially

you'll have a hard time catching up
with arts and music history.

Particularly, the liberal arts.

You lack a lot in those areas.
You know that, right?

So, read all these till then.

Music is a part of humanities.

It's important because

it gives you perspective to see

yourself and the world objectively.

Kids at your age could mistake easily
momentary vigor for a pure thing.

But that won't help you
interpret music or whatever at all.

I understand.

Come to my place over the weekends
for a check-up.

I'll pass the schedule
to Director Oh.

You should practice a lot

and go on to the next level.

Do you have any question?

No, I don't.

I'll go then.

Okay. See you at lesson.

What's with the attitude?

Please, just leave!

It's not your business.

You just learned the way of life.


It's good because you came.

Now I know you're jealous.

So, it's all good.

Don't you have dreams?
Any ambition?

She told you, who thinks her a goddess,

you think as a goddess.

Can you consider
my feelings a little, please?

I want to enjoy this piece
to its fullest.

Enjoying it to the fullest is love,
I think.