Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

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I'm surprised you just sent him.

I thought you would make a scene.

I held my temper.

If I push him,
he might go astray.

Of course.

But he smiled a bit
in front of you.


I guess he's more comfortable
with you than with me.

That's because
you're his professor.

He's not rejecting me, is he?

Don't worry too much.

I'll show him patiently.

About the affection and trust
between a teacher and a student

he wouldn't know any of those.

Why did you agree with him
back there?

The same reason as yours.

So... I made the right call, right?

It keeps bothering my mind,
but he deserves some leeway.

But I'm worried about his girlfriend.

Should we just open it up for him?

Buy them lunch maybe,
or invite her to our place.

Come to think of it,
it's not all that bad.

Both emotionally and physically

kids are active and sensitive
at his age.

Stopping him isn't the answer.

Dating a specific partner
makes them more stable.

You're going way too far.

You said you'll be patient with him

to show affection and trust
between a teacher and a student.

Are you being sarcastic?

You keep changing your words.

One minute you're worried,
and the next minute you're acting cool.

You should show some enthusiasm!

I want to discuss with you
how we'll manage him.

If you don't like my ideas,
just say so!

Sorry I yelled at you.

Please understand.
Honestly, he's not an easy kid.

I don't know
if he likes me or feels grateful to me.

I can't read his mind.

I've never met anyone
from that kind of environment.

That kind of environment?

I know.

But try to reach out first sincerely.

Should I?


Can you drop me off
at the main street?

I'm meeting Jisu and Jeonghui.

Again? Why?

Why not?

You can come if you want to.

No, they're too loud.

Hey, Jisu.

This is a secure message.

If anyone asks, you're with me.

Don't forget. You're my alibi.

I have to do something.
I'll tell you later.


Nothing has changed, huh?

No reason to spend money.
Even the menus are the same.

Well, it makes me blue.

Reminds me of my mom.

If she comes to your mind,
just think about her.

I guess so.

What about the civil service work?
Is it completely over?

They might call me again
after the re-exam in several months.

Come down anytime to eat
or take some side dish.

Help with the delivery in return
when we're busy.


Good to be home again?

How did you come here?

By taxi, safely.

I wasn't asking that.

I came to tell you something.

You don't have the phone yet.

And we won't be
seeing each other privately now.

Why not?

I'd like to sit and talk,
but I can't find any coffee shop.

There's nowhere else but my house.

I came as your teacher.


Will you

be okay?

What do you mean?

It's dark and dangerous

for you.

I'll follow you.

Alright then.

It's dirty,
but you should hold onto the handrails.


Wow, it's really dark.

Yes, the light's off.

Can I borrow your phone?

One moment.

-Follow me.

Please wait here.

You tried to move but returned here?


You should close the door.

-Oh, the mighty mice.

Here, wipe your hands.

It looks fine.

My girlfriend says she dropped by
and cleaned it sometimes.

I see.

It's okay. I'm coming in.


Sit here.

-Really? It's your music sheets.
-It's okay.

Music sheets

Have a seat.

Okay. In a minute.

Are you bringing out something?

Yes, coffee.

Water's just fine.



So here's the thing.

First of all,

you should set a bigger goal.

What you should go after is

neither Oh Hyewon
nor Seohan audition.

Seohan is just a stepping stone.

Go for international competitions.

Check the schedule on the website.

You know Ji Minu?

You saw him at the music festival.

He's going for the Geneva Competition
in November this year.

I heard that
he applied for the DVD preliminaries.

The due day has passed,
so you should prepare for next year.

Epinal, France in March 2015,
Geza Anda, Switzerland in early June.

Tchaikovsky from the 15th
in the same month.

Munich in August,
Chopin in October--


Remember what you said?

You said I'm different,
that I'm special.

You know what?

I'm not a little kid
acting cute in front of you.

I'm sorry to say this, but

I'm not an insensitive robot
like Professor Kang either.

My tactic worked.

Yes, I said this to upset you

so that you'll aim higher
and go for it.

I think you're trying too hard.

Trying to look like a grown-up
in front of me.

I can do well.

Do what?

I won't get cold feet.

What do you mean?

I mean
my heart is 100% true to you.

I don't have to lie about anything.

No reason to get cold feet.

Of course I have to hide my feelings
to others

because I want to protect you.

That's why

I can do it even better.

Since I came back to my place today

it made me feel
more confident and bold.

I feel like
I'm a rather decent guy.

So don't worry too much.

Don't try to act like a grown-up.

Just love me.

It wouldn't do you any harm.

Because obviously I love you more.

I'm just saying.

Here's the snack you asked for,
fruits and other stuffs.

Good, it's enough.

-What should I tell Director Oh?
-That I'm meeting a student. She'll know.

Bye, then.
I put something on the stove.

Why are you so stubborn?

Your feelings...
Don't you know how dangerous it is?

Read this
while I set up the computer.

-Listen, I'm not finished.
-It won't take long.

Wash your penis and armpits during bath.

Hey, what are you doing?

This is funnier.

English is difficult.

Its funny sound makes me blush.

Today, I only played Mozart's "Sonata"
all day long.

I played until late at night.

Mom said it was too noisy
while doing the dishes.

But after listening to it,
she said it was strange.

She said the music was
both cheerful and sad at the same time.

I feel the same.

Its major chord
feels like a minor cord.

Also, its minor chord
feels like a major chord.

What was your mother like?


I think your talent
came from your mother.

She feels the music properly.

Do you have a picture?

Oh, yes.


She's beautiful.

Yes, but she's a simpleton.

Always getting herself
hurt and conned.

She raised you well.


I haven't done anything bad.

Compared to my friends,
I don't really use bad words.

Oh, and she nagged me
into proper lifestyle.

I love her a lot, my mom.

You speak in the present tense.

Of course.

I want to tell her about you, too.

For her sake, stop coming on to me.


Moms can't bear
their sons doing such thing.

Having a crush on
a 20-year-older woman?

It will make her so sad.


It makes no sense.

She'd want to slap me
and humiliate me.

She would.

Do you want headphones or not?

Don't change the subject.

I picked some pieces I've played.

There's no traffic noise at this time
so I'll put in on speaker.

I only recorded the sound
without video.

You played pieces like this, too?

Yes, just...

It's one of the hardest pieces
of Liszt.

I was taken by Son Yeoreum's play.
It looked nice.

That Tchaikov thing.

Why do you cut off his name?

Pronounce it fully with confidence.


I watched the second round video
over and over.

Play this for the audition repertoire.

-Was it okay?
-Of course.

Come. Let me hold you.

No, I'll hold you.

I better go.

Don't forget what I said
about aiming high...

You're at home?
Then why didn't you call, jerk?

You're a dead man.

I just got off the bus.

What's wrong?

Give this to Dami.

And can I borrow your bike?

Hold tighter!

I'm not evil-minded.
It's a safety issue.


So this is why kids love this.

One more round?

Too much sugar
will decay your teeth.

Go to your girlfriend now.

It's only a half-hour run
from my place.

I'll come and practice early
in the morning and leave quietly.

Practice at your place.
I'll send you a piano from the company.

Professor Kang will contact you
with any school related issue.

You don't call me or text me.

Only I can.

I'm home.

Had fun?

Always the same.
Badmouthing about Ms. Seo and stuff.

About Lee Seonjae...


What should he play
for the audition?

Not sure.

What about Liszt?
"Rhapsodie espagnole."

That's not your taste.

Who cares about my taste?

What's important is that
Seonjae gets all the attention.

People will be madly amazed
by the cadenza.

You should suggest it to him.

You do it.

Back and forth from my place to yours,

it's about a 40-minute run.

I'm going to jog for exercise
every morning.

If you wake up around 6:30 a.m.,
please look out the window.

Let's not use

my hands.

You fell asleep downstairs?

Yes, I was watching a soccer game.

What were you doing there?

It's just

pear flowers have bloomed.

What are you talking about?

They don't bloom this early.

Don't they?
I'm going to take a shower.

I'm passing by right now.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

Send me the list of instrument purchase.


It's more like building a whole new one
rather than a repair.

Hammer, damper, strings, and
even the keyboard have been replaced.

I know.

$300 at purchase
and $1,800 at repairing?

Wouldn't this be a problem
during the audit?

If they argue whether
it's worth purchasing and owning...

If it's an arbitrary decision
by Mrs. Chairwoman,

it won't be a problem.

Please do the paper work
for the rental.

-The recipient is Lee Seonjae.



Oh, I'll be right down.

-Lee Seonjae?

-You were told about this, right?

-Take a look.


Looks familiar, right?

Director Oh had bought it
when you sold several months ago.

How? How did she know?

I received the piano.

How did it come back to me?

Seems like you know everything
about me.

The sound became much better.
Have a listen.

Welcome, ma'am.

-You're too polite.

Didn't we get close?

I was glad
that you told me your worries.

I was very grateful to you, too.

Have a seat.

You can speak comfortably between us.
The way you talk with friends.


Let me raise your chair.

Oh, right.
How did that go?

It all went well.

Maybe this brings luck.

My boyfriend got released.

Good for you.

I felt bad that I couldn't help.

I'm thankful enough
that you listened to my story.

That's why your face is glowing?

I guess so.

But it was annoying that he went to
the professor's house right after.

Oh, no.

Since he didn't answer the phone,
I went there looking for him.

I got mad when I saw him sleeping
like a pig in a classy room.

I stayed up all night
worrying about him.

We had a big fight.

Is the water temperature okay?

Yes, it's perfect.

You know what's decent about him?

His professor let him live
at the professor's house

but he declined and came back
to his own place.

His house is awfully lousy,
but he says he likes it as it is.

I let him off as praise.

From now on, I'll take care of him
like a supportive wife.

He says he'll play the piano again.

You two will live together?


You said you'll be a supportive wife.

Oh, I mean
I'm going to act as a wife in advance.

Even if we get married later.

Will you cover my face?

I was out of my mind.

I'm thinking about
having my hair straightened.

I feel kind of blue.

It's good right now.

You think it won't suit me?

Better to avoid it if possible.

It accentuates your age boldly.

I like you. You're frank.

Thank you.

Oh, Ms. Seo was here yesterday.

She says you're establishing a subsidiary?

She's only hoping as of now.

Mrs. Chairwoman should come back
for things to get going, right?


-You should have a word with her.
-Yes, ma'am.

Why? I like her smile.

She should be polite to VVIPs.

Press 1 if you're busy.
Press 2 if you don't feel like it.

Why don't you coat your hair
if you have time?

No, I have an appointment.
Maybe next time.

Alright, ma'am.

Oh, no! I'm so sorry.

Shoot, you suck!

I know. Are you okay?

Get out of my way!

I won't.

Shut your mouth.

You woke the bitch inside me.

I'm so sorry.

Call me, ma'am.


Say it in a sentence!

I'm so sorry, ma'am.

I'm so sorry, ma'am.

Now get lost.

Are you finished?


Well, then...

See you later.

Age 20 these days
is absolutely not a child.

It's different from our times.

I guess so.

Don't be ridiculous.

Whether at our times or theirs,
kids at that age act all the same.

When I was dating Daehan,

I went on a vacation with him
and told my parents it was a school trip.

Hey, it was only you.

Look who's talking!

You were caught filming an adult movie
with Inseo in the practice room.

Hey! How was it an adult movie?

I was just staring
with my eyes wide open.

Did I brush my teeth
after lunch or not?

Oh, no. I had chili powder today!

That was all.

I wasn't the only one
who saw Inseo grabbing your ass.

Your reaction was no joke as well.

Hey, what are you talking about?
I'm innocent.

Innocent? Hey.

To be continued when I come back.

I'll look forward to it.

She's naughty.

What was I doing back then?

Come to think of it,

it was like hell.

Think of it positively.

You've overcome all of it.

The problem is

I thought I was doing right
at that time.

Are you saying you weren't?

At the prime age to love
with all my heart,

I was just being a smart fox.

"I must get myself out of here.

I'll study abroad even if it means
I have to mooch on Yeongu."

That's what I was thinking.

Anyway, you survived.
And your past made you today.

Yes, well...

But that today is so...

I don't know.

My body starts sagging here and there.

And my heart

has become a sandbag
a long time ago.

Is it some kind of a crooked mind

trying to get back
what I gave up back then?

I'm helpless.

How can I win
against a 20-year-old man?


Don't panic.
I'm just saying.

You didn't tell me
about yesterday yet.

Tell me now before she returns.

Why did you need an alibi?

Is Professor Kang cheating on you
with a young girl?

Is it that

you went to meet her yesterday?

To take care of it quietly?

Let's finish this up and leave.

You don't call me or text me.

Only I can.


Yes, Professor.

I heard the piano was delivered.

Yes, I told my wife to do so.

I figured
it was the piano of your life.

So, how do you like it?

I specially asked Director Oh

to replace all the parts
with the best ones.

Oh, thank you very much.


No, I'm alone right now.

I was about to go to bed.

Good night, then.
Let's talk again later.


Come. Let me hold you.

No, I'll hold you.

Poor chick.

She should back off
with that affiliate or something.

How dare she cling on.

She'll be dumped
within six months anyway.

I'm sure Mr. Chairman will
somehow straighten things up.

-Tell her I'm on my way.
-Yes, ma'am.

Number one, huh?

Or number two.
Pick one for me.

I'd recommend number three.

That's not an option.
Pick between those two.

Allow me to divorce Kim,
or give me Seohan Apparel.

Number three.


Divorce can't be allowed
since he's the head of our legal team,

and I can't give you Seohan Apparel
since you're not qualified.

You said my happiness is
what matters the most!

What do you think is
the biggest happiness to a businessperson?

It's making the most profit
with small seed money.

Start small with the affiliate
and work up from there.

I'll get someone to help you.


I think Mr. Chairman's planning to
take Director Oh out

and assign her to Ms. Seo.

I thought you should know.


Investment return was good enough

to meet the bottom line criteria
for Seohan Apparel.

It means Ms. Seo can't have it
even if she covets it.

Teacher Baek's fund brings in
quite a good income, doesn't it?

It would be great if our foundation
could run a for-profit business.

Will you look into it?

That's beyond my province.

Also, I don't have the guts.

I don't know about that.

Anyway, good work.

Open that drawer.
I got you a present.

What a pleasant surprise.

Wow, this

looks very expensive.

I did splurge a bit.

I can bustle around without worries
thanks to you.

You handle
all the bothersome work for me.

Also, the old man seemed to have behaved
during my trip.

It's all thanks to you.

I'm flattered.

Well, try it on.

Later when I'm dressed properly for it.

So it can shine even more.

Will you?

Thank you very much.

-Let's go downstairs.

You can disobey Mr. Chairman's order
for once.

That also is a strategy.

I'll act appropriately.


How have you all been?

Did you have a good rest?

Yes, thanks to you.

Thank you for the gift.

My wife loves it.

Good to hear.

Mrs. Chairwoman,
why don't you join us today?

That would be great.

Shall I?

May I play with the guys tonight?

Suit yourself.

You and I have caught up already.

Enjoy yourself.

Director Oh, come with me.


Hyewon, help Yeongu with her company.


Ms. Seo is starting a company?

Don't pretend to be surprised.

You can be its outside director
while doing the foundation work, right?

You'll be paid quite a lot.

Money's not the problem.

Hey, mister.

She likes money more than you think.

Hey, you're the one
asking for a favor here.


So it's done. Submit the proposal.

I will.


That was easy.

I won't dare refuse your request,

but please consider deeply
what I'm about to say.

You see, I'm devoting myself completely
to the Arts Foundation.

I know you do.

Say what you want.

I'd like to have the right to make
arbitrary decisions over my work.


Are you trying to take this opportunity
to become the president?

Position doesn't matter.

-Sit down.

You ingrate!

Sly cunning fox!

Get her out of here.

Let go!

Oh Hyewon,
you and your dark secreted mind!


Let go of me!

Go to the hospital tomorrow
and get treated properly.

It might leave a scar.

It will be okay.
It's not like my skin tore.

Good job.

Mr. Chairman won't be able to
turn you down.

He saw his daughter making a scene
right in front of him,

and sent her off immediately.

He wants to have
a private conversation with you.

I'd be grateful if he does.

I'm worried and concerned about you.

If you aren't busy nor uninterested,

then why aren't you answering me back?



Do you know

how to drive?

Yes, I got my license
right after I got my ID Card.

I've driven vans and
small freight trucks.

And one-ton trucks.

I know.
I'm asking if you're good at it.

Yes, I quite am.

Then will you come out now?


I need a safe driver.

I don't care where,
just drive for two hours and don't talk.

Okay, I'm good at staying quiet.