Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

With Sun Jae staying at their home, Joon Hyung preps him for his audition while Hye Won tries to avoid his advances.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


Is the student going
to stay here for a few days?

Not sure.


Find me the clip of Seonjae practicing.
I want to go over it.


And get me some drinks, not tea.

I want to see him drink, too.

Oh boy. Not bad.

It's me.


What are you doing?

I was...

A word of advice.

Even if he offers you a drink
don't take it. You may make a mistake.


Good boy.

Professor Kang is in the practice room

watching your performance.
Go there.

The door on the left past the stairs.
You remember, right?


May I ask you a question?

Ask Professor Kang.

I think he has a detailed plan
about your future.

No, I want to ask you first.


On that day

why were you upset at me?


Where do you think you are now?

How can you not remember?

I am sorry. I don't remember.

I've never been into someone else's girl.

Someone else's girl?

I am your teacher.

Are you a child? Do you not think?

How can one say anything in their mind?

I thought about this a lot.

I even practiced it
thinking where I should start.

I don't know any sophisticated words.

For example, foreigners' names

I can barely read them unless I search
and write them in Korean.

I said to myself so many times.

So I can speak without stuttering.


I'm really confused.

You told me

to play the piano again

when I was in the deepest agony

hating myself to a point
where I wanted to kill myself.

You knew about my insecurity.

I was deeply touched.

That's when a man kisses a woman.

And you

accepted it.

That's why no matter how afraid
or scared I am,

I can't forget the moment.

I was dumbfounded when you said
that you didn't remember anything.


that's how

all married women
ignore things?

What do we do?

Ah, I'm sorry.

I couldn't find any better word.

When Professor Kang is around,
there is nothing you can do.

But when not, be honest with me.

You talk too much.

Come out.

Look at him!
Your clothes fit him really well.

It does.

Seonjae and I hit off well
from the beginning.

I helped him escape in my clothes.

I heard.

-Take a sit.

Just sit back and relax.

-You drink some, right?

What? Every kid starts
drinking early these days.

-Sorry, I don't drink.
-Drink this then.

With the cookies.

Kids should learn to drink
with an adult present.

Get blacked out

and beg for silly mistakes.

If you need anything, call me.
Don't wake the housekeeper.

Please, join us.

I have to call Mrs. Chairwoman
due to the time difference.

Come on, you should join us.

Let's listen to his story.

We are joint managers of public property
called Lee Seonjae.

Get it done and come back.

I'll see.

I heard that Seo Yeongu is back.


Let's toast.
For the return of the prodigal son!

No, for the return of the gemstone.

You just listen to what I tell you.

I'm your reference.

And it's all legitimate.

TA will pick up your belongings at work
and bring them tomorrow.

The dean arranged an audition
for a special admission

and you'll receive a scholarship.
It's all perfect.

There's nothing more to hope for.

So, just focus on practicing.

Make yourself at home, okay?


Yes, I spoke to Dean Min.

I heard that he's at your place?


Professor Kang brought him here.



We should make a good use of him.

If admission scandal breaks,
I might end up getting implicated.

Teacher Baek's daughter illegal admission
is another liability I have as well.

So we got to sweep all this
under the rug.

That kid, Lee Seonjae, was
for this purpose from the start anyway.

So, make sure to do it.

It seems Professor Kang is bragging
about his rescue.

Just let him do so.
You manage him well.

Don't lose him like last time.


By the way,

did you open the new account?

Teacher Baek suggested
a few borrowed-named accounts,

but that could cause a problem later.

So I'm thinking of using
my parents' accounts.

I'll organize and report it to you.

Okay. And as soon as there is profit,
tell them to buy the SA stock.

Yes, I understand.

Are your parents still living
at your eldest sister's house?


She is very busy with her kids.
They feel bad for her.

Anything else? Yeongu's arrived, right?

Yes, she said
she'll be at the office tomorrow.

Look into the corporate card purchase.

She seems to have done
a lot of shopping.

But given her young age,
she's bound to spend more.

She can ask for something big
nagging and begging her father again.

Keep an eye on the old man.

I'm neither a daughter of
Mr. Chairman like Yeongu,

nor I have a child.

How have you been?

What brings you here?

To organize her wardrobe
while Mrs. chairwoman isn't around.

I'm just about to leave.

While the boss is away,
the chief secretary should rest a bit.

Thank you.

By the way,
why are you still a single?

I don't know.

It's because all men are blind.
Your other half should be around.

Look for him carefully.
You're a late-bloomer and still pretty.

Seriously I hate that so much.

Borderline sexual harassment!

He does that when he is in a good mood.

Has he come back from embracing
that restaurant's lady?

Why? He must have come back
from holding her in his arms tightly.

What a wretch.

Don't say that I told you.

It turns me off
when he acts friendly with me.

-Don't worry.

-Please take good care of her!


Good bye!

Love you!

I'll call you.

-I love you.

Ah, Dami!
I got the number and address.

Isn't she really useful?

Are you sure her professor is that person?

I've told you enough.

Professor Kang took Seonjae
out of the police station,

and he is her professor.
And I'm her boyfriend.

That's how I got the number.

Give me the number. Let me check.

What are you going to say?

What else I say?

I'm Lee Seonjae's girlfriend.
Is it sure you got him out?

It's more appropriate to text him first.

Is that so?

Hello, is this
Professor Kang Junhyeong's cell phone?

Hey, check your spelling,
you're texting to a professor.

They also make spelling mistakes.

It's a typo for them,
but sloppy for you.

Give me a break!

Hello, is this
Professor Kang Junhyeong's cell phone?

I'm Lee Seonjae's girlfriend, Park Dami.

If it's true that you took Seonjae out,
I deeply thank you.

Please, let me talk to Seonjae.

If I'm wrong about all this,
I'm truly sorry.

I'm feeling so frustrated.

The only thing we didn't do
is to sleep together.

I really want to marry him.

Nothing seems to be going right.

He almost went to university
because he played the piano well.

Then his mother suddenly passed away.

You got the wrong numb...

What am I doing?

It's Professor Kang Junhyeong.

I'm talking to him
over an important issue...

Honey, check your phone.
You keep getting text messages.


Are you drinking again?

Strange that
I'm not feeling drunk yet.

She says she's Lee Seonjae's girlfriend.

That kid has everything there's to have.

He's still young.

-Is he drinking too?

-You too, don't drink too much.


Now, you should tidy up
the people around you, too.

In your case,

if you can't get your love life
under control, you're done.

Even if you're in your prime time,

that can't become the main thing.

In your head,

there should be nothing but music.
Only music!

How awesome is that!

Clearly, you'll pass the audition.

So just aim for
the five major competitions.

And go crazy for once.

You manage him well.

Don't lose him like last time.

We should make a good use of him.

No, no, it's okay.

I'm not drunk. I'm not drunk.

I had great time drinking.

You should learn to drink a bit too.

Let's drink with me.


Sleep well.

Remember what I had told you, alright?

Sleep well, sir.



That's when a man kisses a woman.

You're just a boy.

Excuse me.

Weren't you sleeping?

Oh, you can't find your room?
It's to the right at the end of the hall.

This house is like a maze, isn't it?

No, that's not it.

Ah, right!
Did you call your girlfriend?

Excuse me?

Professor Kang must have forgotten.

He got a text message.
She was worried about you.

It's too late now,
so make sure to call her in the morning.

I passed the message.

I can

play any song you want.


Because you said I talk too much,

I want to play the song instead.

You're right. I said that.

But is it going to be okay?

Aren't you tired?



let me listen, since it's been a while.

I'm your teacher, after all.

Oh, you cleaned it up already.

Well done. You're such a good boy.

But, aren't you little rusty?

Yes, a little.

There's no other way
than playing a lot to loosen them up.



I'm sorry about my girlfriend's
text message.

That's no problem.
Don't worry and just play.

I've never slept with her.

I didn't ask that.

Just to make sure
you don't misunderstand.

Why would I?

For what?

I didn't really like

how Professor Kang called you.

He called you, Hyewon.

Sharing the same room.

Are you happy now? Do you want more?

How dare you?

I just gave you a severe punishment.

Don't overstep your boundary
and reflect on yourself.


I'll just play.

Please listen.

You flipped two pages.

That kid is really obedient.

Isn't this part great?

Let's do it again.

That's it for today.

How are you feeling?
I didn't want to wake you up.


He seemed to be practicing last night.

I guess so.

I saw him going back to his room
when I came out.


Did he play all through the night?

I guess so.

Let him sleep.
I'll call him in the afternoon.


Can you reserve a personal shopper?


I want to buy Seonjae some clothes.
And for myself as well.

Make some time in the afternoon.

I can't make it. Yeongu said
she will be in my office today.

-I'll make the reservation though.
-You have to choose for us.

Let the experts do their job.

Give me a call on your way.

Hide these somewhere deep inside.

I'm afraid he may run away.

You are overreacting.

If anyone asks for him,
don't let anyone in.


Is this Professor Kang's house?

He just left.

I didn't come to see him.
Isn't Lee Seonjae in there?

Is she talking about that student?

He's not a student.

-May I check?
-Who are you?

My name is Park Dami,
and I'm Seonjae's girlfriend.

Wake him up and ask him.

I really have to see him.

What should I do?

The owners of this house aren't here now.

I texted them several times,
but they ignored me!

That's why I came.

I'm neither from a MLM company
nor church. I have a job.

She's waiting outside.

She seems desperate.
What should I do?

Since Professor Kang strictly mentioned...

Let her in.

She must be really worried.

Treat her nicely.

If she passed a breakfast,
let them have breakfast together.

No bread, but rice and soup.




Leave the bedroom door open.

I might be overreacting,
but since they are young...

I have an incoming call. I'll hang up.

Call me if anything happens.

Professor told me not to wake him.

I just want to take a look.

I have to go to work soon.



It's me! You terrible bastard!

You should have called me
as soon as you were released!

It's me, Park Dami!



I don't have the phone with me.

I'll call you when I get it back.
So go for now, go!

Go where? It's all good as you are
staying in a nice house, huh?

You don't care how I was fretting?


Be quiet!

You don't know how much I missed you.

She's so disturbing.

You don't know how worried I was.

Dami, stop crying.

We've gone through so many things.

I know, you stupid fool.

Park Dami, go for it!

I love you.

You don't think of me,
not even one ten-millionth.

I do about that much.

Yeah, sure.

Guys, have breakfast.

Me too?

Looks hurt.

Put a bandage on it.
Just like on a hickey.

Are you going to live here?

I don't know.

If you are going to...

can I sleep over sometimes?

The concert for rental is the problem.

We should audit
or set some kind of standard.

Still, that's more than
half the revenue.

And from our standpoint, it's a relief.

What's a relief?

It's either invitational
or by solicitation.

Substandard audience forces us
to clean up their mess whole night.

That doesn't come cheap.
And above all,

the reputation of the theater
will suffer.

Then what should we do?

That's what I'm asking you to work on.
There should be a breakthrough.


Okay, work hard.


Is Ms. Seo coming to the office today?


Yes, in the afternoon.

As soon as he came,
he stayed up all night playing.

I wanted to take him to introduce you,
but I couldn't wake him up.

He can introduce himself at the audition.
Mrs. Chairwoman promised a full support.

Since it's mid-semester,

we should accept him as an auditor.

He's always welcome.

I felt really bad
when he disappeared like that.

I heard his auditory skill is amazing.
He memorized it mostly by ear.


And he fostered
his sight-reading skill by himself.

After attending few classes at a local
academy while he was at a grade school.

I was looking at it again last night,
and I was touched again.

Hyewon must also be very happy.

Why wouldn't she be?

As the director of Talent Search Program,
she must be.

Why are you still calling her Hyewon?

I'm used to calling her that way.

-You two look so friendly.
-I know, right?

Since we're talking about it,
let's settle one thing.

It's about your followers.

Followers? Do I have one?

-Cho Inseo, you're quite provocative.
-Cut it out.

Anyway, tell them not to stir up
the atmosphere within the university.

It's not like we can measure musicality

as we weigh beef on a scale.

Professors have an authority
to pick their students on their own.

It means all students are different.

Don't know why people would make
an issue out of the admission process.

You are no different.

You enrolled Ji Minu
under the special admissions.

Which made it possible
for Seonjae to get enrolled as well.

My point is that
we should discover and foster

the talented with an open mind.
Isn't that the strength of our school?

I can't wait to see them competing
one another.

It could be a stimulus for both of them.

Is this a proxy war?

-Do you have to put it like that?
-It was a light banter.

You shouldn't teach your pupil
in that mindset!

Don't drag your pupil
into your old grudge.

Did you pick up Seonjae's belongings?

Yes, I put it in your car.

Take them to my place.

And bring Seonjae.

To the fifth floor at the Plaza
by four p.m.


I guess he's not in Korea.

Try calling him again
instead of bothering me.

No, it's just that...

You're little weird.
Did I force you to buy it?

No, you didn't. But

the sound is a bit...

It's because you didn't break it in.

The process of making the sound is
equally important.

Professor! Professor!

Professor says it's not her business.

Since she only introduced the broker,
I should meet up and resolve it directly.


Mom, I'm really sorry.

I will head home now.


What is it?

Did you buy an instrument from her?

Excuse me?

I said if she introduced a broker to you.


When I went to tune it,
they said it doesn't seem like an antique.

Then you should go sue her right now.
Should consider quitting, too.

-Excuse me?
-Poor girl.

I'm heading to Cheongwun-dong,
get in if you're going that way.

I'll give you some advice.

It's fine.

I won't sue her.

Good bye.

Gee! What a scum!

Don't be too concerned.
There're those who don't fit in all well.

It's not my major.

It's a group project, so she can
avoid an F if she attends the class.

Since she doesn't even do that,

I dared to
request this individual meeting.

I can't do any more than that.


she switches her major to my department.

Gosh! Why didn't I think of that?

In middle school, she--


Should have come earlier!

-Good to see you.

How come we run into each other here
but not at the school?

I'm sorry.

Honey, would you like to change
your major from piano to cello?

Oh, my.


She's plucky.

Kind of charming though.

Thanks for the compliment.

Come have a seat.

Aren't you interested in cello?

I'm not interested in either of them.

Mom, I'll leave after I get my hair done.
I have an appointment.

Honey, honey!

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's so much easier to make fortune
than to raise a child.

Have you checked the earning rate?

I know kids like her a bit.

Send her to me after discussing it
with Professor Kang.

I will do as you say.

-Excuse me, bring more fruit here.
-Yes, ma'am.

Miss. What is it?

It's a chewing gum.

-Bring it quick!

-She has a guest.

She now drags him even into the office.

In Mrs. Chairwoman's absence,
she's a total brazen face.

Come in, Director Oh.



-Did you enjoy your trip?
-Thanks to you. Sit.


I was hoping to discuss
some work-related issues.

I guess you'll be seeing
each other more often. Right?

Yup, sure.

What do you mean by work-related issue?

I'm hoping to work with him.

Something like an affiliate
of Seohan Apparel.

He has an extraordinary
sense for it.

I was checking him while shopping,
and he's a man of insight.

Stop. You're embarrassing me.

Why don't you speak for yourself?

Yes, it's like this.

I have some good business plan.

Let me explain.

You can think of it
as a member's only luxury boutique.

We parallel import luxury goods
and connect these goods to the members.

This is a fail-proof business.

Upper 1% often goes out just
for shopping.

-It's quite cumbersome.
-I know, right?

Our strategy targets the top drawers.

For instance,

we could use this Art Center
to hold a member's only show,

-or we could--
-I'm sorry but

Ms. Seo, I don't think this is
the correct venue for this discussion.

What do you mean?

We have a detailed plan now.

We already have a name for our company.

Seohan's "Seo" and Seo Yeongu
and Shin Useong's "U." So Seou.

You just have to listen thoroughly
and bring me a business plan.

I will prepare when the elders provide me
with more specific orders.

Elders? Why plural?

Who else is there other
than Mr. Chairman?

Are you saying

even Madam Han is included in the elders?

I mean it's not that simple of an issue.

Watch your attitude.
Shouldn't you listen to the end?

Are you sick?

Yes, I feel a bit nauseous.

Same here. I feel a bit nauseous, too.

-I'll be going then.

I wasted your time.

-Not at all.
-Sit! Both of you!!

I will call you.

You watch.

Darling, darling!



What makes one behave like that?

It's as if she was drugged.

Isn't that also a kind of addiction?

Of course it is as one can't stop it.

Tell her to get a counseling.

Only if she has will for it.

What made her fall for him?
Is she a blind or what?

It's arrogance.
She feels that she can do so.

I really thought
I was going to throw up.

You really were quite disgusted.

Would you like to call Jisu for a drink?

What's the difference?

How would a person like her
understand me?

Yes, Jongsu.

I made the reservation
so just confirm it and...


Where are you now?


Professor Kang says he'll be a bit late.

An urgent consultation
with a parent came up.

I also have to get back
to school right now.

Would you do that for me?

Yes, I got it.


She's on her way.
She'll be here soon.

Then, please step this way.

Not me. Just this boy.

Director Oh will be here shortly.

If you disappear, I'll be dead.


Tea is not necessary.

Just check
if everything has been prepared.


Those clothes are...

I changed into my own clothes.
My things arrived.

Where did you get that from?


You have another one.

I had an argument with my girlfriend.

I know. I heard she came by.

She did.

That's how you guys argue, huh?

Why did you two argue?


We missed each other.

That's pretty rough.

A bit.

Professor says that you shouldn't make
a girlfriend just yet.

How about you?

Not me. I like that you have one.

If you follow me around all day
and say "let's do it once more" then...

We're talking about the piano.

Anyway, then you'll be tiresome.

Let's do it again.

That's it for today.

What is that smile for?

Because I'm happy.

I'm thinking about going home today.

I have my belongings.

If too much love is shown,

people will find out.


it might sound a bit coward,

I don't want to get caught till the end.

By neither my girlfriend
nor the professor.

You're funny.


What's so funny?

Everything about this kid is funny.

-Did you rest up well?

Let's go.


You don't like it?

That one next to this one.
Yes, that one.


No, I'm really okay.

I'm not okay.

Try it on.

Are you going to the audition like that?

And what about the school?

Well, I'm not sure about that.

I'm going to take off now.

Where to?

I can go to my previous home.
It's not rented out yet.

Listen to this punk.

If too much love is shown,

people will find out.

He wants to go back to his old place.

I agree. I think it's a good idea.

We should let him be comfortable.

-Thank you.
-Let him go.

You may go.

What's going on?
What's wrong?


If you wake up around 6:30 a.m.,
please look out the window.

You don't call me or text me.

Only I can.

It wouldn't do you any harm.
Because obviously I love you more.

My body starts sagging here and there.

My heart has become a sandbag
a long time ago.

No, I'll hold you.