Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Da Mi appeals to Hye Won to help get Sun Jae released from jail after he nearly assaults a lady.



Wait here.


You're very late.

Why are you up?
You sleep like a log.

Professor Kang called several times.

I forgot my phone is on silent mode.

Go back to sleep. I'll check.

Don't set the home alarm.
He's on his way.

Do you have a guest?


If you need a tea--

No, thank you. Go.

Good night.

What are you doing?
Why don't you answer the phone?

Are you still with Seo Yeongu?

I left the students with Professor Cho.

I'm leaving now.


I'm sorry I didn't answer my phone.
Where are you?

You said you'd be home by morning,
so I didn't check my phone.

Why are you here?

You didn't leave?

I don't think I'd let you
in my house at this hour.

I'm sorry. I don't remember anything.

I get drunk fast and then sober up.


If you'll play the piano again, call me.
If you won't, don't.

I adore you because of your gift.

Want me to call a taxi?


How did you get here?

A truck from work.

Then show yourself out. Silently.

I feel terrible to Professor Kang.

I've never been
into someone else's girl.

Someone else's girl?

I'm your teacher.

I made a big mistake
and I'm not even drunk.

You don't have to tell me.

I know nothing.

Are you home?

You just got back?

A little while ago.

Did something happen?

You always stayed
until the last minute on retreats.

Now that I'm the dean I didn't feel
quite right being with them.

If I had stayed, they'd probably
have called me a senseless old man.

I bought them a couple cases of beer
and left.

Professor Cho's sanctimonious talk
got on my nerves as well.

That's why you're feeling blue?

By the way...


Tell the superintendent to step up
the vehicle control in the complex.

A mad man, maybe a thief,
drove out like a maniac

in a battered old truck.

Oh Hyewon, you're terrible!


I left my phone at home.

Are you crazy?

I waited for an hour. I came to work
after sleeping in a public bathhouse.

It's not that early.

I'm supposed to be the first one
to open the spa.

Where did you go?

To do something stupid.

I'm sorry.

I don't remember anything.

I won't remember.

Yes, Mrs. Chairwoman. Good...


Yeongu is so strange.

She and her husband
had breakfast with us this morning,

which was nice.

After her husband left for work,

she began to cry.

She went into the study
with her father

and she is still there for 30 minutes.

I don't know the purpose of living.

Oh, boy.

Since the day I was born,
I've never been happy.

I'm a scapegoat.

Mom believed that

you began to see another woman
after my birth.

She treated me, her only daughter,
as if I were a monster.

She never hugged me.

She was always cold to me.
Then she died.

Just like that she left.

Would you like me
to tell you the next chapter?

I don't know.

I'm just so sad.

Grow up.

You're a mother of two
but still hung up on the past?

If it's so bad, learn from it

and be a good mother
to your own children.

He doesn't let me see my own children
as I please.

How could he? You get into trouble
when you go to see them.

How could he trust you?

What do you want me to do?

That's all I overheard. It sucks.

I might need to get
a high-quality bug installed.

Would you do that while I'm away?

Tell him you're redecorating.

I don't think I can do that.

I guess
you're not a jack of all trades then.

Mr. Chairman sees everything.


It's all an act, isn't it?
Because she wants a divorce.

I'm not sure.

I heard
you told her boyfriend to leave her.

Yes, he wouldn't listen to me,

but it's one of my responsibilities.

Do you think
her boyfriend broke up with her?

That's possible.

I think Yeongu likes him more.

Why does she let him know that?

It's like
she's handing power over him.

If he was a suitable man,
maybe it'd be OK, but a male escort?

-She's lonely.
-That's just an excuse.

Never give up your pride
no matter how lonely you are.

Why buy a man to be with her?

How insecure she must be to let her man
see her as a bank, not as a woman.

I can still use my femininity

even at my age.

Did you see how I got some money

from stingy Mr. Chairman?

It took an emotional toll though.

You're something else.
I'll give you that.

Just pretend to stop Yeongu,
but let her be.

She has to hit the bottom.
Let her be humiliated.

I'll get fired.

Managing her personal life
is part of my job.

It must be hard for you
to be a double agent.

I have to pay my debt because
Mr. Chairman sent me to school abroad.

It's me who made your husband professor.

That's how I become a triple agent then.

I think you have
triple the strength that I have.

I'd like to go over the itinerary

with you again.

You'll stay in Paris for three days,

Berlin for two, and Zurich for ten.

I'd like to go to Zurich a day earlier.

Can I stay in Berlin for a day

and just attend
the Foundation's scholarship event?

It's for checking the music industry.
You must attend one concert.

Will the company's staff
follow me to Switzerland?

No. A local security company
will guide you.


This is your diversified portfolio
of the funding.

You'll decide what to do
after meeting Teacher Baek.


Come in.


How did your meeting go?

I was in the hot seat
because of my daughter.

I begged Professor Kang.

-Her daughter never attends class.
-Oh, no.

It's not good
if she wants to stay school.

I know. I dare to dream of making
my only daughter a professor,

but it's hopeless.

Director Oh, please put in a good word
with Professor Kang.

-I have no power.


Children are such dull subjects
of conversation.

-I beg your pardon. I'm sorry.
-Please sit.

Let's get on with the business.
Money is our favorite subject.

I agree.

Yeongu needs a holiday.

We're keeping her passport.

She tried to reissue it, but Executive
Director Kim managed to stop her.

Give it back to her.

I'll tell him
that I sent her on a few errands.

He won't believe me though.

Yes, sir.


Thank you, Daddy.


It's me.

You're upset because of my friend.

Don't be.

Let's go to Paris and shop.

You must reallocate
your assets this time.

Do you predict the market
will perform well?

I wonder.

These words describe

the exact situation
Mrs. Chairwoman is in.

These words mean

there are two women under one roof.

they will hurt each other.

This word means
you need a drastic change.

It's worth the risk.
Invest everything in futures.

You will be well and have no hassles
from the government this year.

By the time you return from this trip,
it will have grown significantly.

Excuse me.
I have to take care of something.

Okay. Hurry back.

Did you get home okay?

You can answer my question.

One, two, three.

One, two, three. Good.

One, two, three. Good.

One, two, three. Good.

One, two, three. Good.

Where are you going?

Stop harassing me, please.

I really can't stand your play.

If you're human,
you should improve a little bit.

Are you mad?

Hearing this every day,
anyone would go mad.

What does a guy like you know?
I've mastered Czerny's series.

Don't listen, if it makes you crazy.

I wish I could block my ears.

Put yourself in my shoes.
At the same time every day.

He's crazy. Call the police.

Where is my phone?

Call the police my ass.

Play as I tell you.

Don't touch me, freak!

It's not that.

-Do as I say.
-Let go!

Listen to me, please.

This crazy man threw me away.

My piano chair too.
I thought he was going to kill me.

Your pose is all wrong.


You don't improve
because you can't do this.

He's crazy.

Let go!

A citizen was assaulted
by a civil service worker.

He was caught in the act

and resisted arrest.

Officer, he scared my students so much
that they were crying hysterically.

Officer, this kid is a quiet,
hard-working guy.

He's not violent at all.

Are you mentally ill?

-Put him in jail.
-Please be quiet.

You won't settle this?

Then you're going to jail. You're
neither a serviceman nor a civilian now.

You're a civil service worker
who hit a civilian?

That's a double whammy!

Do you have anyone
who can vouch for you?

Oh boy, anyone?

No one?

I have no one.

Detective Kim Jusa searched
your mobile phone for phone numbers.

Dami and I are the only friends
listed by first name.

We visited the hospital to estimate
the settlement right after the call.

It's obvious she's faked.

Hospitalized for six weeks? She's eating
chicken and wandering around.

She wants compensation
for emotional distress. It's crazy.

Her emotions seem very sound.

You should've begged, stupid.
All she wants is money.

Begging for what?
I really don't understand.

How are you going
to come up with $7,000

unless your house is rented out?

Who's going to rent it when there are
so many cheap studios available?

Can you ask that professor for help?

He's the one who wanted to teach you.

Right. He was going to send you
to university too.

You, of course, didn't take the exam.
What's done is done.


I feel terrible to Professor Kang.

I've never been
into someone else's girl.

Someone else's girl?
I'm your teacher.

Don't! Never!
Please don't.

Why not?
You've got nothing to lose.


a heart can stop beating from so much
humiliation, frustration, and anger.

I'm going to jail.

-That's better.

-Don't even think.
-Haven't you heard?

So many freaks do strange things.

I'll stay quiet.

You're losing your mind.

Hey, get a grip.

No, I'm serious.

I mean it.

Feeling better?


Commercially Important Person.

You don't have to
go through security checks?

We do, but they are more relaxed.

VIP staff assists with check-in too.

This is too cool.

It's nothing.

While I'm away,
Mr. Chairman will call you, huh?

He would buy me a meal

and ask me about things.

He'll wonder if you still love him.

No, he's worried more
about my fat bank account.

Don't say that.
He's still in love with you.

The shelf-life of that love
has long passed.

Make up a story as you like.
Keep an eye on him.

If he fools around with another woman,
it'll annoy me.

His taste in women is so strange.

Yeongu takes after her father.

Oh my.
What in the world is this?

Ms. Seo!

How are you?

What's going on?

You tell me.
You should've let me know.

It is today that that woman leaves?

Introduce him to her
as your business partner.

It's too sad.

I'm your mother after all
and we finally meet here like this.

I'm busy with a new business.
I've been busy.

Let me introduce him.
It's Mr. Shin Useong, my business partner.

I've met him a few times.

He's a rising star in fashion.

What's your destination?

I hope it's not the same flight.

Paris, 10:40 a.m.

How incredible!

We'll meet again,
if opportunity presents. We must talk.

Switch to the evening flight.

Why should I? You're the one
who's displeased.

This is her official visit
so there are people standing by.

Same here.

You're really asking for trouble.

Still, I'm your mother.

There is a handful
of first-class seats on the flight.

I could see you by turning my head

and do you really want
to cuddle with your boy in there?

You're strange to see him that way.
I said he's my business partner.

Everyone can see it's a lie.

I won't be happy
even if you beg for mercy.

What if photos of you and your boy
were leaked online?

You could have a son his age.

-You'd be stoned.
-Go ahead. I'm not afraid.

You see, I have such a baby face.

Can she do that?

I guess.

-It's time to board.
-Okay. Thank you.

How may I help you?

I don't mind.

Neither do I.


We're free!

From both of them!

They're gone.

How long has it been?

Yeah, Hyewon.

You must have been shocked.

Mr. Choi didn't know about the trip.

Would she call her driver
when she's on a trip with her boyfriend?

You should be aware of her 24 hours.

We need to be more careful
from now on.

You two eat lunch.
I have one more thing to do.


That's funny.
They can't jump out of the plane.

-I knew you would laugh.
-What else can I do?

Yeongu needs to learn how to gracefully
deal with unpleasant situations.

She complains
about her relationships and feelings,

which are trivial.

She is hot-tempered
and has a small mind.

It's so small
that it won't fill this cup.

That's not true.

She's got a business idea.

A business idea to waste money.

Excuse me.

I'm going to tell you this
since you'll hear it eventually.

Tell you the truth,

Ms. Seo wasn't alone.


She was with a man?


She's so stupid.

Why travel together?
She can rendezvous at the destination.

It's my fault.

No, it's not.

I hope you trust her
and give her a project.

It doesn't have to be big.

Something she can be in charge of.

How can I

unless you completely oversee it?

I know nothing about business.

I can't leave the Arts Foundation.

Most of all,

Seongsuk won't let you go.

Have some.

I have to drive.

You'll only be a director under her.

For your whole life.

My whole life? Sounds good!
My title is not important.

Han Seongsuk is great

with her big boobs and everything.

But, her bank account
has become too big.

I let her have
the Foundation for too long.

Mr. Chairman, I have a dilemma.

By my principle,

I have to report this to Mrs. Chairwoman.

I see.

You're one smart cookie, aren't you?

You just threatened me.

I'm sorry.

It's a compliment.

I'll tell you this
because I consider you family.

If Yeongu were half as good as you,
I wouldn't worry.

If you were a man,
you'd be my son-in-law.

The soup is here.

Thank you.

It's very hot.

Whenever I'm here, you look so sad.
What worries you?

I guess that's life.

I have many worries

about my daughter, my wife,
and everyone.

Please let me know
if you need anything.

I will.

Her eyes are so dreamy and sad.

She breaks my heart.

I will give her comfort one day.

It's so good.

Before Lily returns,

let's go on a picnic. It's nice.

Yes, sir.

Oh, my god.

Thank you always.

You're welcome.

By the way,

you're off
on the second and fourth Mondays?

Hey! Jeong Yura!

Not today. Go to class.

Are you kidding me?

I can't fail because of you.

What am I supposed to do
if you miss the duet lessons?

Do what you have to do.

-Hit it.


People like her
take lessons too seriously.

Who is she?

Never mind. Frustrated.
Live a little.

How can I overlook this?
Her attendance is so poor.

If you put your mind to it,
there is a way.

She attended only one duet lesson.
That's it. One.

Find a way.

I don't want Dean Min
to get on me about this.

Take the instrument.

So annoying.

Go with the flow.


The other one.


If that's the case,
I need more motivation.

That's for sure.

After the mid-term,
she's planning a dinner party.

I eat dinner every day.

Do you think that's all there is?

Tell me some good inside information.

I heard Mrs. Chairwoman is opening
offshore bank accounts.

Jeong Yura's mother has helped
her investments grow.

Aren't you a part of it?


I don't know anything.

It's not because we are rich.

I don't know, either.


Professor Kim, you don't need that.


I'll talk to the dean.
Do me a favor, okay?



-You're alone again?

Jeong Yura left.

Then you should find another one.
Don't blame her.

Yes, ma'am.

Don't waste time. Go ahead.

Can't you see this?

What does it say? Read it.

"Dolce cantabile."

Then why do you play so harshly?

I can't listen to you.

How can a girl like you
be admitted to our school?

It must be a mistake.

You're not a person, but a swine.

Why are you crying?

Do you understand what I said?

Try this.


For goodness sake,
you're a music major.

Get a good instrument like this

if you think it's not fair.

Don't torture my ears any longer.

Got it?


Play again.

Good night.

Calling it a day? It's still early.

I set a 10 p.m. curfew for you,

which means I care for you so much.

It's so frustrating.


I heard your mother knows
the movers and shakers in town.

Does she know
any prosecutors or policemen?

What's this, all of a sudden?

A friend of mine is in trouble.

I don't want our parents to know.

I can ask my dad,
but our fathers are best friends.

What kind of trouble?

Nothing serious. Anyone?

No idea. And I'm afraid she might
be arrested at any moment.



Who told you to drive it around?

I had an urgent matter
and the key was on the counter.

Why did you use it without permission?

Useong didn't leave it with you.

I'm sorry.

Do you know anyone with influence?

Forget it.
Park the car and go back to work.




While Seonjae is in jail,

you drove a fancy car around

having fun
pretending to be a university student?

I borrowed it for Seonjae's sake.

Did you ask around?

Nothing's come up.

It sucks. There is nobody.

Focus. Focus.

Think positively.

You can do it. Only good things.

You can do it. Only good things.

Only good things.




have a migraine.

You have this shampoo person

who is a great masseuse.


Yes, I'll call her.

-How are you?

Massage her head. Thoroughly.


How are you?

What's wrong?

I'm sorry.


Oh, that?

You told me to throw it away.

I fixed it myself. It's so pretty.

I'm sorry.

Why sorry?
I'm glad to hear you like it.

Please massage away my headache.

Thank you.

Please move up a little.

I don't understand.

Let me explain as I'm playing.

This is what I heard.

But I changed it to this.

I added this upper part repeatedly.

Who taught you?

I just played it myself.

How do you memorize the music?

I download the music sheet
and play a hundred times.

Doesn't it get boring?

It's fun after I memorize it.



Oh, no. Let me do it.

-I shouldn't have come.

Not at all.

I mean...

That's not true at all.

I mean...

I don't know what I'm saying.

Your teacher is Professor Kang,
not me.

I don't want that.

No, he's not. Because...


When I first met you

it was meant to be like destiny.

I've given everything to my Goddess.

It doesn't matter.

In the end, it's all a fiery pit.

Are you all right?


I'm all right.

Excuse me.




Because you're so kind,
I summoned up the courage.

You seem to know many powerful people.

It's about my boyfriend.

Is this about relationship advice?

No, it isn't.

He hit someone and got arrested.

Let's sit here for a minute.

He's not that kind of guy.

He suddenly enlisted himself
in public service.

Maybe he had a nervous breakdown.

Slowly. Okay?

I'm sorry.

You really like him?


The only thing we didn't do
is to sleep together.

I really want to marry him.

Nothing seems

to be going right.

He almost went to university

because he played the piano well.

Then his mother suddenly passed away.



You haven't left?

-What's wrong?

Has she done something wrong?

No, nothing at all.

I asked her personal questions,
which upset her.

We're almost done. Is it okay?

Of course.

He plays

the piano?


I didn't know.

A professor told him he was great.

The professor even visited his place
with his wife.

He must be

a great player.

Yes, Seohan University
offered him a full scholarship.

If we don't do anything,
he'll go to jail.

Please help him.
I'll repay you for the rest of my life.


Let me ask around.

But don't get your hopes too high.

Chin up.

Could you find this out for me,

We have Lee Seonjae's information
on his report, right?

With that information,
can you inquire about an arrest record?

He's charged with assault,
threatening, property damage,

and obstruction of justice
in both civil and criminal cases.

He's in custody
of Yangpyeong Police.


What is this?

You knew this, huh?

Prof. Cho, juror candidate
at Int'l Chopin Piano Competition

Don't get upset.

I'm always the last person to know.

It's not decided yet.

His nomination
is enough to make me sick.

Should I find out news like this?

Aren't we married?

If you had helped Lee Seonjae a little,
he wouldn't have left.

You wouldn't let that happen
if he was under Professor Cho.

Am I wrong?

You're wrong.

I'm not wrong.

Answer it, please.


This is he.




Please tell me in details.

He's my best student.

Your student?

He's in Seohan University?

No, he's my private student.

He's preparing for
an international piano competition.

He was so stressed out

because of the pressure.

He was seeing a psychotherapist.

-I mean he is--
-You mean he's a patient?


He enlisted himself
without talking to me.

And this is what he got himself into.

He's a nice, gentle young boy.

I'll take full responsibility.

Please reconsider.

I had no idea.

Detective Kim.

I'll settle right now.

Hang on.

He's charged with
a criminal case as well.

I see.

Let me make a call first.

Commissioner Cho,
this is Kang Junhyeong.

About the case
I just talked to you about.


It's so nice.

I'm eating lunch with Director Oh
since the bosses are away.

This is one of the perks.

You know what? When I was hired,
I chose you as my role model.


I decided to become your shadow
and learn everything from you.

In reality, I was shocked.

I could never do your job.
So, I gave up.

Someone like me wouldn't last a week.

-It should be like me, not you.

-Today's salad is so fresh.

What happened to the boy, by the way?

He's okay. He'll be out soon.

I'm relieved.

What's gotten into you?

You disappeared without a word.


I'm so sorry about your mother.

I understand how you feel.

No matter, this isn't the way.
You should know better.

You definitely need my help.

No man can avoid his fate.

We're meant to be from day one.


It's open.

Slept well?

It's my house.

It's desertion. I have to go back.

You don't have to.

You're now a patient.

Am I?

Stay here and warm yourself up.

Your fingers must have gotten
slow and rusty.

Let's go in.

No, I...


You don't have to go back.

Don't you understand?

Your condition is severe.

It's not normal to hit a person
because she's noisy.

That's more than enough ground
for military service exemption.

I took care of everything.

You'll be exempt

once we submit your medical records.

Leave it to me.

No, thanks.


I shouldn't let you pay the settlement.

I got scared
after staying in jail for a few days.

So I'm grateful for your help.

But about the military service

it's not right.

What's not right?

It's wrong. Because...


Look who's here.

I know.

You look well.


-What's going on?
-I rescued him.

He kind of lost it
because he was dying to play.

What happened?

-You see, he was--
-Let me tell her.

He's got pride.

Everything he said is correct.

But, that's not all.

Go in.

Boys at that age are like that.

I understand.

Let's talk over some beer.

Don't think of anything else
from now on.

I have experienced this.

You can't live by denying your gift.


I can play any song you want.

That kid, Lee Seonjae.

You manage him well.

That's how all married women
ignore things?

Excuse me.

I'm helpless.

How can I win
against a 20-year-old man?


Can I sleep over sometimes?

How about you?

How dare you?

Just love me.