Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

Hye Won tells Sun Jae to not meet or call her for awhile after she receives a text from a man who knows about their secret meeting place.

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I never thought
my window was small before.

It looks so tiny today.

There are so many things I don't know.

When you bowed to a car
in the middle of the night,

all I could do was to hide and watch.

The palatial residence and high walls.

And those people in suits.

They scared me.
I had never seen such things before.

People don't care
that Mr. Chairman was arrested.

I'm sorry to say this but
all they care about is

what happened here from 8:30 p.m.
for one hour last night.

That's all they talk about.

The only person who's in trouble
is your boss.

I'll call you later.

It must have been hectic.


I was talking to Jongsu.

The school is in turmoil as well.

I would guess so.

Is there anything I can do for you?

Yes, there is.

It's really important.

Please order a nameplate for my desk.

My title is Vice President.

Oh, no. She was not happy?

It's my fault.
I should have listened to you.

I'll order it right away.

I'll be off to Hannam-dong after
seeing Ms. Seo and her husband. Go home.

Please be careful. You know, everything.

-What's going on?
-Why are you asking me?

Your wife must know better.

She's having a hard time
so I can't ask her.

Is the Arts Foundation

involved with any of this?

It's time to turn it all inside out.

Nothing to worry about for you.
You can hide behind your wife.

Don't say that.

Director Oh must be nervous too.

I know.

Still, she's smart.

She did everything for
Yeongu and Mrs. Chairwoman,

especially money-wise.

She's too smart for her own good.

Anyway, I talked to my brother
on the phone this morning.

He is meeting Director Oh.

It's to double check things, you know.


Why didn't you join us for dinner
last night? I was waiting.

I had other things to do.

Your teacher must have
been happy yesterday.

-She praised you, huh?

It's a bit messy here because we're
moving into the new wing.

Have a seat.

Thank you.

Sorry, I don't have anything to drink.

It's all right.

By the way,

what makes you visit me?

Hyewon is one of my closest friends.

But I don't know what kind of work
she does for the Foundation.

You're worried about her.

Take a look at this.


The most beautiful student is my wife,

the second is Oh Hyewon.

Loving someone doesn't mean
you have to know everything.

We accept each other unconditionally.

If Oh Hyewon today

is one of the 24 Variations
you played yesterday,

that photo of her

can be the main theme.


It's been a while
since I last saw you together.

Look closely. You'll never know
what Mrs. Chairwoman asked of her.

Is there anything else you need?

There are many fraud cases related to
instrument and painting purchases.

Some foundation was accused
of forging a painting.

We purchase all instruments
at auction.

However, Professor Kim Inju, your sister,

has arranged instrument sales
to her students

and introduced the Foundation
as a middleman.

The Foundation has nothing to with it.

Our employee has corrected it.

I heard about that.
It was a misunderstanding.

I'm not so sure about that.

The Foundation was not happy.

You mean
my sister-in-law acted as a broker

and received a commission? Non-sense.

Please take a look at
the attached documents.

I will.

I'll see after I take a look.

Where were you yesterday for an hour?

Ms. Seo, I'm working.

Your absence became a bigger issue
than my dad's arrest.

Will you be quiet?

Thank you.

Is Director Oh still
in Executive Director Kim's office?

Yes, Ms. Seo is with them too.

Tell her to go to Hannam-dong directly.

-That I'll be there soon.

She wouldn't show it, of course.

While dealing with this crisis,
she'll use it as an opportunity

to more firmly secure her position.

I'm sure she will.

You need something solid,
something confirmed.

You need concrete evidence,
not speculation.

I guess.

I'm saying this to you

not because she has put me up
against the wall,

but because I care about you.

My daughter wanted
to change hair salons recently,

so I took her a new one
without giving it a thought.

And I found out that some apprentice
at the salon hit her.

At first, I was going
to confront the woman directly.

But, I decided to settle it quietly
because I didn't want more trouble.

So, I did a little digging.

Life is something else, you know.

If my temper got the best of me

and I demanded
the hair salon owner should fire her,

I wouldn't be able to tell you this today.

I hit the jackpot. It's big.

Mrs. Chairwoman, talk to her.

The apprentice?

You'll find her very useful.

They weren't a couple.

We're good friends, the three of us.

Anyway, you've grown apart recently.

It happens.
His world is different from ours now.

Is there any other reason?

What other reason could there be?

Maybe Lee Seonjae is seeing another girl.

I don't know about that.

Park Dami told me once

that Director Oh is overbearing.


She knows everything about
Dami and Seonjae's relationship.


She stabbed them in the back,
coming between them. Right?

Is that so?

Why are you asking about Seonjae?

I have a budding interest in his field.

Classical music.

-Do you listen to that?
-Yeah, it's nice. You should try it.

It's so profound.

I really don't get it.

Hey. Educate yourself.

You can hear as much
as you know. Right?

-I guess.

-I'll buy you a drink when I have time.

Yes, it's me.


It's not confirmed, huh?

You have no proof.

Anyway, thanks. I'll call you later.


Please tell me.

What you're asking is against
my business ethics and principles.

Once I break someone's confidentiality,
it will never end.

I will have to close down my business.

I'm just worried about
my friend and her husband.

There is nothing to worry about.

How can it be?

Please tell me just a little more,
something specific.

Gosh! You've put me
in an impossible position.

What did he want to know about?

If you're concerned about them
that much, I will tell you.

But only because I believe
it will be beneficial to them.

I'll tell you one thing.

The point is their relationship.

I told him that it was a false alarm.

His wife has
a dignified, respectable disposition.

She puts her work and honor first.

Anything about men?

She is not interested in men.

That's not possible. She's a woman.

-Just a massage, please.
-Yes, ma'am.

Have you hit someone?


That girl doesn't come here anymore,


I was just threatening her. That's all.

You dodged a bullet.

I know her mother.

I stopped her from having you fired.

Only because you're my favorite masseuse.

Don't stop.

Yes, ma'am.


Have you been to
Jongno Pork Restaurant in Susong-dong?

Just answer my questions.

I'll ask you again.

What's your relation to
Oh Changseok, a major shareholder

of SH Co. in Singapore?

I don't know.

I'm close by.

You're all good.

Where did you hear that?

The wind told me.

We have to watch our mouths.

Then, does she know that too?

I need some fresh air.
Call me when Yeongu returns.

-You look so tired.

That's why I'm going for a walk.

All right. See you.

You stay there.

Take it slow.

-You've met Professor Cho?

I must be mad.

Let's sit here and talk.

Does Professor Kang know?


I was so stupid.

So was I.

Honestly, I looked much better
in person when I was 20.

You're not going to tease me?

I should go to apologize.

I should tell him I'll pay the price.

It's my problem. Stay put.


I'm not going to hide.

To tell you the truth,

this annoys me more.



Professor Cho told me

he understands Oh Hyewon unconditionally.

Because we're friends.

I can't.

Got a message?

I checked the time.

You always leave first.

They can wait.

Because they need me more than anything.

I guess that's one of your assets.

When in crisis, get Oh Hyewon?

Your husband came out
to catch you cheating on him.

Instead, he begged you
to go to Hannam-dong first.

You've grown up.
I guess you've finally become a man.

Because I witnessed the horror
of reality.

Don't be so snappy.

Sit next to me.

Have you finished the book?


Tell me how you felt.
Which part moved you most?

The part about the man

who traveled around
with his piano in a truck

and performed
in small rural churches and barns

after completing his regular tours.

That's a dream.

I'm going to make it big.

We can tour together.

Being successful is one thing.

You have to be a good pianist first.

A pianist praised and admired

even by the old man in countryside.

You'll make it.

You won't be a one hit wonder.

If people read your piano diary,

they can't say that to you.

Yeah, right.

If you want to tour around like him...

Director Oh, I'm the only one who knows.

Call me, ASAP.

-It's nothing.
-How can this be nothing?

-Damn it.

Were you at your parents' house?

Why would I go there
where my brother-in-law is alone?

Your clothes haven't changed.

His eyes are beautiful.

They are?

It's one of the Asian charms.
And Europeans like it, too.

It could strip away his unique charm.

What's so frustrating?

You are alone with a sweet young boy
in an enclosed room.

I see. That's suffocating for you?

My boyfriend is Lee Seonjae.

I want to thank you again.
And please take good care of him.

I know who it is
that thinks this is my Achilles heel.

It's obvious.

They don't scare me.

But, I'm

only inexperienced in you.

You have no idea

how capable and ruthless I can be.


don't want you to see that side of me.

Wait as if you don't know.

Let's see how it turns out.

Am I saving the world
by playing the piano?

I can't turn a blind eye because
I'm a great pianist. Am I a leech?

I hope

someday, another young courier,
someone like you, finds inspiration

in your videos on YouTube.

That's enough.

Let's get out of here.

This is why I wanted to see you today.

Just give up
a beautiful home, an expensive car,

those sorts of things.

-I'm practicing.
-Why do you need to practice?

We kissed without practicing.

We made love.

We're madly in love with each other.

It's time to leave a note and run away.

Hannam-dong and Cheongun-dong
are not your whole universe.

Are you afraid you'll die
if you leave them?

There's no oxygen in other places?


-You're super sexy.

I have to go.

-Stay five more minutes and leave.
-I'm not finished.

I hate seeing your back.

It drives me crazy.

I'm just being cautious.

We can't see each other for a while.
Don't call me, okay?

Waiting can be the best part.
Let's enjoy it.

In the meantime,

you keep this.

It'll remind me of you too much
and make me miss you terribly.

Give me your hand.
It's more dangerous going down.


Good night.


This idiot will just gobble down
cup noodles. Alone!

Do command me from time to time.
I love it.



-I'm sorry.
-You took a long walk at night.

I guess.

Have a seat.

Thank you.

I have something to tell you
before my briefing.

I've received a text message.

Let me read it to you, word-for-word.

What is it?

"Director Oh,

I'm the only one who knows. Call me, ASAP.

I'll decide to whom I'll report it
once I see you."

Have you put a tail on her?

Do you think you're making sense?

What for?

You don't know who?

Of course not.

It's just that one of you
is involved in this.

That's what I think.

Not me.

Don't you think
this is too much even for you?

How could you do this to her?
She's not just your employee.

I said it's not me.

Wang Jeonghui, bring in Mr. Choi.

Are you kidding me?

He's your driver.
He will, of course, deny it.

Won't he?

I don't want to come between two of you,

but I think that's the way it is.

Most of all, what is this?

The culprit is trying to deal with her

behind his boss's back.

He definitely won't talk.


Don't you know Mr. Choi, Hyewon?

He works hard,

but is not capable
of doing this kind of thing.

Should I tell Mr. Choi to come in?


This is embarrassing for both of you.
So, I'll just wrap this up.

First of all,

one of you is involved in this episode

without a doubt.


Keep talking.


I really don't understand.

Under the circumstances,

I believe
I can help you with a lot of things.

I know.

Why are you doing such a childish thing?

That's what I was going to say.

Besides, Director Oh has nothing to hide.

I won't touch
anybody's private life, at least.

Besides, why can't she have a little fun?

Is that what you're after?

So, you're going to
threaten her with that?

I said it wasn't me.

The dumb one always speaks
the loudest at the end.


Could you get my purse, please?


Anyway, because this is all happening,

both of you have lost my loyalty by half.


Can we talk for a moment?


Did you really think
Director Oh would get scared

and give you a bunch of money?

No more information duty.

You're lucky that you're not fired.

I'll overlook it this time.

Not because I like you,
I'm just afraid to get suspicion.

I see.

By the way,

have you seen anything?

Stop being a triple agent.

Why are you saying that?
It sounds like you want me to resign.

I'll speak bluntly.

I want you to work for only me.

I'm honored.

I really don't mind
your working for Yeongu.

But, Yeongu's money
comes from Mr. Chairman.

And that's what her in-laws want.

That concerns me.

Her husband,

Executive Director Kim, will take
this opportunity to find out

the exact amount of money from you.

He wants it for himself, of course.

He's a devil looking after his father.

He'll play both ends, you and me.

This is getting too complicated.

Think about it.

I'm the queen of war
when it comes to information.

Am I leaving a trace anywhere?

Not really.

He must be scared.

He doubts he will be arrested.

He must have a lot on his mind.

I'm focusing on the latest things
that were caught on radar.

I don't think it's at the corporate level.

That doesn't mean
I can accuse the Arts Foundation.

I talked to Yeongu's friend,
but her story is watertight.

You have to work swiftly.

-I'm home.
-You're late.

Come here for a second.

Is this about Yeongu?

Have you seen Oh Hyewon?

Stay low for the time being.

Why? Did she say something funny?
About instruments?

Don't underestimate her.

Strange. I'm not in her husband's way.

Because Han Seongsuk is backing her up.

I don't think that's all.

-She's very interesting.
-You didn't know?

She works for both sides.

-She manages your wife's money.
-I've heard that too.

She's not really managing her portfolio,

more like acting as safe-keeper, you know.

That makes sense.

Why are you blaming me
for getting dumped by Jeong Yura?

You got caught pretending
to be a university student.


I know this man.

-He asked me about Seonjae.
-How do you know him?

Never mind that.

Anyway, I'm confused.

What did he ask about?

I shouldn't tell this to Seonjae, huh?

What is it about?

He asked me if you and Seonjae

broke up because of her.


Come on, don't shout.

Did you get home okay?

I'm on my way home.

Don't worry. They officially apologized.

Why aren't you talking?

I have nothing to say.

Whether or not they apologized to you,

it was still my fault.

I thought all that mattered
was not getting caught.


I have friends with me.

I see.

Don't have too much fun. Sleep early.

Towel, please.

-Who called?
-My teacher.

Come down. We need to talk.

Go ahead. I can hear you from here.

Come down.

I said talk.

While looking at your back?

Listen to her. We came to talk to you.

His teacher happens to be a woman.

A woman happens to be his teacher.

That's fine. It's all good.

I'm not talking to you
as your girlfriend. Listen carefully.

This is not jealousy talking, okay?


First of all, don't see her.

The clients in my hair salon
gossip about you

that Oh Hyewon is fond of
Lee Seonjae just a little too much.

They have
nothing better to talk about?

That's how it is in a place like that.
Your teacher is a regular there.


Do you remember
when I picked up this necklace?

You told me to throw it away.

It was hers originally.

I really didn't want to tell you this.

When working at a bar... I mean,
drinking at a friend's bar, I saw her.

Your teacher
is a friend of his girlfriend.

During a dispute, she threatened a man
with a broken beer bottle.

I don't care if she throws knives.
That's not what's important.

Something invisible is scarier.

It's possible it wasn't Professor Kang
who bailed you out of jail.

I overheard someone
who is more powerful than your teacher

talking about you.

This is so scary.

I thought I was in some shitty world.

These people always
manipulate people to their advantage.

They're the worst kind.

Stop seeing her.

Don't get involved with her.

-Say it.

-Did you hear my play yesterday?

Answer me.

Let me play for you.

The accompaniment was the piano as well.

Don't bother. We won't appreciate it.

Don't be a snob.

That's better.

Play Variation No.2 alone.


Are you exercising your fingers?

A brilliant technique without emotion
or philosophy is useless.

How was it?


Do you really get all sweaty

after playing?

How was it?

This is weird.

What is this?

It didn't make me sleepy.


I got a lump in my throat.

That means I played well.

Park Dami, you?

I feel so frustrated.

Is it supposed to be sad?



Good night.



The door's open.

The door's closed.

Tone-deaf, have you talked to anyone
about my goddess?

No, why?

Please don't in the future. Please.

See you.

Seriously, why now?

I told you to meet
somewhere quiet this evening.

This is nice. Dating in the car.

Let's go in.

Your mother-in-law is visiting you.

We can talk in my room.

Here's your tea, ma'am.


What's going to happen to Yeongu's father?

Will he be arrested?

I have no idea.

It must be chaos there.

It's time to cover their own ass.

How about you?

I don't matter. I'm just a minion.

Minions are usually
the ones who get arrested.

Inseo didn't tell you anything?

Of course he did.

He's got a big mouth.

When he asked me to talk to you,

I knew something was up.

When you mentioned a 20-year old man,

it was about you.


What's so crazy about all this is

I believed

people can't see, that they don't see me.

When I came to my senses,

I realized I've been
under close scrutiny all along.

I live in a fishbowl.

Does your husband know?


All he needs is to catch me in the act.

Who else knows about this?

The rest of them are just speculating.

I guess they're waiting for proof.

It's crazy.

I know.

What did your husband say?

He doesn't say anything.

He doesn't demand explanations or excuses.

He must be confused himself.

You know how he is.

How others think is everything to him.

The same to everyone else.

My god, just thinking of it
is so chilling.

You guys aren't talking
in that big house, huh?

It must be torturing
for that spoiled brat.

His tormented soul, swallowing in misery,

won't take it out on you.

I feel sorry for him.

I didn't know I'd cross the line.

Everyone says that.

I'll just dip my toe in the water.

I'll just test the water and get out.
That's how it always starts.

Who intends to cross the line
from the beginning?

Go ahead. Scold me.

Moreover, you know how this field is.

I can just imagine.

Everyone is sitting in a circle and
waiting to see

how Oh Hyewon will be destroyed.

And they'll say you serve it right.

I guess.

God, I hate this!


what's the hardest part for you?

In spite of all that, I miss him.


And I miss his place.


I don't know what to do.

Oh Hyewon.




I feel like I've left my newly-wed bride
at another man's room.

Who knows?
Your bride might miss you already.


are such a bitch!

Stop now before someone else finds out.


And I have all the evidence.

I'm keeping it to myself
because it disgusts me.

I told you if you want to help me,
be smart and go hide.

It's not too late.

I don't mind being stoned.