Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript

Joon Hyung tells Hye Won to end her relationship with Sun Jae. Meanwhile, Sun Jae looks into applying for school abroad.

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I thought about it a lot.

Stop now before someone else finds out.
Then I'll forgive you.

He is naive so he might act irrationally,

but you are old enough to know it.

-I have to--
-I know, you want to avoid it.

I know how you feel.

You got to know this too!
I won't divorce you. Never!

My family is fourth generation
Christian household.

My mom still leads the praise music

in the U.S. Korean Church
joint worship service.

I'm really sorry,
but I don't have time for this now.

Read the news.



You can't take pictures!

Visit is only allowed when the family
is not visiting in the morning.

The visit request must be done
on the same day, an hour before.

Let me tell you one more time.

Visit is only allowed when the family
is not visiting in the morning.

The visit request must be done
on the same day, an hour before.


Why is it so hectic?

At the beginning, it's always like this.
It's going to calm down soon.

The family will see him
once every three days,

and relevant personnel including me
will take turns to see him.

The brothers-in-law have yielded
their turns, so you guys can go first.


You don't want?

Would you like to?

Act like an adult!

I'll call you
after meeting Mr. Chairman.


He just came.


Yes, I'll.

Wait a second.

Each competition has different due dates.

I'll mail them,
so you don't have to worry about it.

The demo turned out well,
and the sound quality is great too.


Did Director Oh see this?

Ah, the vice president didn't see it yet.

Something unfortunate happened
to Mr. Chairman, so she was out all day.

She is responsible
for many important duties.

I guess you didn't watch the news.

Where is she?

She is...

It can't be helped.

If they don't, others won't have
much of a chance to see him.

Go have lunch.

Come eat with us.

I'll when they come out.

I got the DVD.

Although it's produced
with money from Hannam-dong,

I'll gladly use it.

Did you sleep a bit?

I don't know if I slept or fainted.

This place is really nasty.

I know.

-Get me out of here as soon as possible!
-Mr. Kim is trying his best.

I can't stand this place.

Tell them I'll confess.


What are you going to confess?


Stay strong.

Board members are working hard
to get you out of here.

I don't need it.

Tell Director Oh
to come visit me tomorrow.

Why do you need Hyewon for?
Can't you just tell me?

♪ There's a sadness that
has appeared to me ♪

♪ Someone's standing with you ♪

You're so pathetic!

♪ Lily says ♪

Yes, Mrs. Chairwoman!

Yes, okay.


They just finished visiting.
I'll escort them home.

I see. I got a call from my wife.

Is there anything you want to say?

You're the first one he asked for.

You get to see him right after me.
He must trust you the most.

I'm merely a supervisor.

He will be asking you for something.

-Contact me if you need anything.
-Yes, I will.

Can you give me the video of the audition?

It's uploaded on the homepage.

I mean the original.

Oh, right. I forgot to give it to you.

Of course I will.

Anyway, your performance was great!

Ah, thank you!

Here it is.


can I take some classes?
English and German.


Oh! You are here.

You must be feeling so exhausted
after finishing the concerto.

Try to have faith in God.

It helped me through tough times.

Thank you for your advice.

He wants to take
German 101 and English 101.


I watched your concerto. It was very good.

Can you do a duet with me some day?

Oh, yes.

See you again.

She is not your girlfriend, right?
One at the hair salon.

I met with your fake college friend,
Son Jangho, briefly.

Heard that Professor Kang's wife
adores you.

This is Lee Seonjae's DVD.

Oh, I finally get to see it.

You've been so busy recently.

Something to cheer about
in the midst of all the trouble.

We mailed it
to a few competition committees.

We can expect some good news, right?

I hope so.

How about the university?

He delivered it himself.

Why didn't you take him out for dinner?

Didn't have time to see him.

That's true. You've been so busy recently.

Still, he must be really disappointed.

Heard he has no family.

I'm visiting Mr. Chairman
in the afternoon.

Oh, that's right! Go ahead.

I'll give you a call.

-Good morning!
-Good morning, sir!

She is still...

-Good morning, Dean Min.

Having a tough day.

By the way did you see Mr. Chairman?

I am on my way to see him. She is in.

Have a good day.

The order of visitation is supposed
to reflect the rank.

Director Oh is the second.
Right after the Executive Director Kim.

He is in charge of the current situation,
so I get it though.

I told you so.
Director Oh has an X-file.

You can't sleep because of her, right?

Don't laugh! It makes me feel worse.

If you look back in time,

the old man recognized her value first
when she sent her

to study abroad with Yeongu.

I know.

There is no one who knows
how to make a good use of her.

Let's wait and see.

Just do it right this time.
This is a perfect chance!

You're right.

How is the old man?

He is whining, but who knows?
No one knows what's in his mind.

Even if

you can't figure it out, how wicked is he?

Stop it! What's so funny?

It's funny, isn't it?

You look better than I thought.

Yeongu was so heartbroken,
so I was worried.

I came to my senses.

Realizing that everyone is just waiting
for me to collapse,

I got really furious.

I've also got my appetite back.

That's a relief.

Oh, Director Hong gave me
a book of poems to read it for you.

I heard you have
something important to say.

I was going to, but thinking overnight,
I think it's not a good idea.

I'll try to hang in here a bit more.

I understand.

Knowing that you visited me,

people will snoop around trying
to get some info from you.

I'll be careful.

Seongsuk must have a lot in her mind.

Not sure.

Watch her out.

Yes, I'll.

Just leave her alone.

Just show her that you trust her 100%.

How much will it be?

It's probably nothing compared
to the chocolate money, right?

Won't that be the case?

She won't reveal it to me till the end,
will she?

That's what we will have to do.

If we secure enough evidence
to manipulate her,

it won't be too difficult.


will worry about Seonjae with my mind
at ease. Hear me out.

I can't help but to hear it.

How long did you stay in Germany?

In total of seven years.

After getting a diploma
in the U.S., right?

No, I was there for two years
during my undergraduate years.

I went back again.

I see.

What about Germany?
Weren't you going to talk about Seonjae?

Can you

talk him into going study in Germany?


I haven't had time
to talk to him recently.

I know that, but...

-Kids went to bed early today.

Yeongrae took them to the swimming pool.

Isn't it his mid-term period?

He plays more during the exam period.

-Were you with her till now?

Can you stop roasting anchovies?

Think about how much four kids eat.

How about Hyewon? How is she?

She looks awful.

-She wants Lee Seonjae to go to Germany.
-I know.

That's her wish.

Kang Junhyeong will never let that happen.

When Minu goes abroad next month,

can you send Seonjae with him?

Then he won't have any excuses.

See if you can.

This situation is so unsettling.


has a goal, so he will live
with it for now, but

he might burst out before.

In any case, try to talk him into it,

I guess.

I should have

taken more care of her.

-Finish with arpeggio.

-By the way...

Oh, come in!



I'm leaving in a few days.

He passed the preliminaries
for Geneva Competition.

I'm going there in advance
to prepare for the final.

I'm going to throw a party before leaving.
Join us!

I'll see.

-I'm leaving, Professor.
-Okay, see you tomorrow.

You look awful.

During a tough time, if you focus
on one piece, you can master it.

I experienced it first-hand.

But if it doesn't get you out of it,
there are other ways such as

studying abroad for
either a long or short period of time.

Director Oh wants you to go to Germany.


She worries about you a lot.

Tell her

not to worry about me.

Really? Good to hear that.

Professor Cho got something
that attracts students.

But what can you do? Show some generosity.

I'm worried he could have
bad influence on him.

Overlooking is a part of education.

If you make an issue out of it,
people might misunderstand you.

Kang Junhyeong and Cho Inseo.
You both are candidates for next Dean.

How are you doing with your wife?

We have no problem.

I think there are rumors about us.

It's because they didn't show up
at the afterparty, right?

I know what happened back then.

If that's the case, then it's fine.

Till the election of principal

take good care of the school atmosphere.

Of course!

Where is your car?

At the office.

Bathroom is past the deck
on the left side of the hall way.

Right around the corner is
a communal kitchen.

Frozen dumpling and noodles are free.
Also they have rice, but no side dishes.

Bowls, dish rag, spoons and
chopsticks are all clean.

You already did a sanitary check-up?

Be careful.

Place yours over there.

Are we animals? At any moment,
we could get dragged out and be stoned.

-Why are you making your bed roughly?
-Because I'm an animal.

-You packed my clothes too?

Aren't you hungry?

Yes, I am.

I have been hungry
since we got off the bus at the terminal.

I must have a wolf in my belly.

I'm with Jisu. I'll be late.

Enjoy your time.

-I just came because there were people.
-I'll just hang on.

I hid your shoes.
They seemed expensive.

-Just guard me while I'm in the bathroom.

Oh, Junhyeong!

-How is your business doing?
-Personal connections help.

Go in. They are waiting inside.


-You're together.
-She lives right in front.

I called you out to talk
behind your wife's back.

We don't fight thanks to Hyewon,
these bad tempered sisters-in-law.

-Do you want some?
-No, thanks.

-Bring me some juice.
-Yes, sir.

Drink some! You must be feeling down, too.


-What is your wife doing?

Why didn't you guys come out together?

She went to sleep early today.

I'm really curious.

On the day of the after-party,
did you all three sit and talk?


It's not a rare happening in this field.

A rare happening?
It happens all the time!

A love originated
from an artistic communion!

You know she is better than that!

Be frank with us!

-We are just trying to comfort you!
-There's no need.

Did you request the service to other team?

I think there is
another team behind them.

I don't know who they are,
but try to interfere them.

I have to secure the evidence first.

I'll give you an incentive.

-Having fun with your toy?
-Wait a sec!

-What is it?
-It's done!

Please excuse me,
even though I'm an animal.

I just installed an app in both phones.

-What app?
-Take a look at this.

When you press this,
you get to see who you are sharing with.

Why do you emphasize it so much?

It won't take one-letter words.

Anyway, Oh Hyewon only shares it
with Home.

How about you?

Mine is not a secret phone,
so anybody can see, but I can block it.

What's next?

Then from the list, you just select
any music that you want to listen.

You can reply or you can send a gift.

What is your gift for me?

Anything you say.

Something like old pop?

I don't know.

Here are the hit songs of 90s.

I don't remember them.

I didn't have time to enjoy those.

That's how it was.

Ah, I remember something.

While I was studying in U.S.,
I had two jobs.

One was being the dean's TA
in charge of Korean students.

The other was
the girl who you told me was a weirdo.

-Oh, that Ms. Seo?
-Yes, her.

-Being her attendant!
-Since then?


Oh my!

Why? Funny?

Not really.

Every night
I watched her enter a nightclub,

I waited at a cafe or somewhere
nearby the club until she is out.

Near the club
where she visited frequently.

The song that I heard
from my favorite cafe was--

It's strange.

What is?


What is it?

It was very worn down place.

It was near Grand Station,

so there were all kinds of customers.

Mostly they come by themselves
and have a quick drink and leave.

They are people from Manhattan stopping by
before heading for home after work.

Queens. Brooklyn.

Those who live far would stay
longer waiting for their train.

But the owner plays
the same song every day at nine o'clock.

It's really old song.
Even before we were born.

Our parents' generation

probably heard it when they were young.

Try to type it in. Let's listen to it.

-The singer's name is...

B-I-L-L-Y J-O-E-L.

Oh, that's it. The third one.

It says the life is the life.

It's not too late.

I don't mind being stoned.

-Let's just confess and leave--

It's doesn't cost that much to live.

People say the country would go bankrupt
if they live like me, but they all don't.

We can at least make a choice!

And just throw away your talent?

You never know!

You just talk as if you know everyth--

What are you doing out there?

I'm just enjoying the scenery.

I'm hungry.

-Let's have something at the downtown.

Leave it opened.


I heard
that you told Professor Cho not to worry.


With what confidence?

It's because

even if I don't get accepted,
I will go anyway.

You don't know.

What is so good to know about?

I'm speechless.

Let's cook lunch!

Cook what?

Tell me the most delicious food
that you had so far.

-A German bread?

-A German sausage and pickled cabbage.

Let's try!

It's easy. You can also eat it with rice.

Is she your aunt or mom?

We are a couple.


It tastes better to add
ground whole peppercorns.

A master can cook well
with any ingredient.

I guess you can do well living abroad.
You won't starve studying abroad.

I'm not leaving by myself.

I sent an email and the video clip
to various renowned professors.

Telling them how well I can play and

I want to study there with my lady
if you can accept me.

Excuse me?

English made me go crazy!

I ended up visiting a place writing
thesis in our building to take a look at.

Concerto DVD and the audition video clip.

One created with money from Hannam-dong.
I should make a good use of it.

No, I didn't see her today.

I see.

The mother and daughter are
on their way back from the visitation.

I got it.

Give it to me.

-She is not here yet?

Did you give her other work to do?


Why isn't she here then?
In such emergency situation!

Isn't she supposed to stand by 24 hours?

You should learn to deal with people.
They need a vacation once in a while, too.

Isn't it absurd

that my father had her visit after you?

I'm about to put in a request
for a suspension of imprisonment.

Please unify the channels.

What channel? I don't have any.

What are you going to do?
I'm going home after taking a short break.

There's something going on
between the two. Find it out.

Why don't you stay quiet?

Oh, President Oh!

She's vice president!

Did you get some rest?

Yeongu is little disappointed.

I'm baffled, not disappointed.

Please tell her I'm sorry.

No, out to get some air.


Yes, I'll see you on Monday.

I'm not getting some air
but having an affair!


You're right.

Can't they neaten it up?

They are so insensitive!

I guess they don't notice it.

My home is so much worse than that.

It's different!

Here, they sell sensibility!
At your place, I'm blinded.

It's your history!

That's their history too! And process.

You can look everything
from that point of view.

Don't you feel awkward using those words?

History, process, sympathy, and destiny.

Why? They are all in the dictionary.

I got it. Stop lecturing me.

What can I teach to Oh Hyewon?

You've been doing that since earlier.
No, even before too very often!

Then why don't you learn?

It would be nice

if I get a reply from at least one
of the places that I emailed.

Don't have your hopes too high.

You should at least make it to the finals.

The foundation has something specific
expecting from you.

Can't I just ignore it?

I dug into it on the Internet,

it wasn't clean money either.

I told you if you want to help me,
be smart and go hide.

-You should get going, right?

Before the sunset.

Where did I read it?

Was it the Le Petit Prince?

"The hardest time of the day is
when the sun is setting."

I think I read it in the book.

Anyway, I'm just saying.

Maybe that's why
I went to that restaurant.

I should be old enough to know better.

Should I say hello before leaving?

I think he is asleep.

-Jisu, It's been a long time!
-Hi, Junhyeong.

She gave me a ride because of these.

I see.

-Are your children doing well?
-Of course!

By the way, you are so insensitive!

Last time we met was
at my son's first birthday.

You're right.

-Wait a sec! I'll bring you the wine.

-Come in!
-Oh it's okay. I got to go.

I have my two sons
waiting in the car downstairs.


-Then come with Professor Cho sometime.


Come on! How can you just walk away
after seeing all these?

Ah, you're right.

I thought the housekeeper would take it.

-Drive home safe.
-I will.

Let's have a chat later.


-Just take it. I have no paper bag.
-It's okay.

You better take care of it fast.
You'll be in big trouble.

-Go on.
-Look at his glare!

I said I got it.

Are you still not ready?

I am. I'm coming.

Tell me straightforward.
About Lee Seonjae.

Are you
conspiring with Professor Cho?

What you do you mean?

Are you two encouraging him
to have him go abroad?

We are not conspiring anything.

So what I'm saying is...

I'm telling you. It can never happen!

It's clearly stated
in the scholarship regulations.

"That when one goes abroad to study,
the advisor must consent and recommend."

Then there is nothing to be
concerned about. It is all up to you.

He should have come to me first
to discuss it, shouldn't he?


are such a bitch!


I feel like went on a honeymoon

and left my newly-wed bride
at another man's room.

Talk straight.

It's old-wed bride, not a newly-wed.

I bet your bride didn't get
into bed with her husband.

Old couple like them, don't have sex.

My eldest brother is like that, too.

My eldest brother is like that, too.

Do you think so?

Who knows?
Your bride might miss you already.

Thank you, although it didn't help much.


Did you have a good weekend?

Yes, I did.

-How did your visitation go?
-It was alright.

How is Mr. Chairman doing?
I heard he has horrible headache.

He's just volatile.

One moment, he says he'd give up
all his assets to get out of here.

Next moment, he exclaims

that he wouldn't be scared of this.

He must feel anxious.

That sounds so vague.

I thought we were closer than this.

Shouldn't you be little more specific?

-If you ask me what you are curious about.
-Let's do that.

The legal team told me
the estimated collection charges.

How much has he put aside
under Yeongu's company name?

Not much.

Is that so? Wouldn't it pay off
and still have some left?

Before it gets discovered,

wouldn't it be better to transfer them
to my account?

Told you to stay only on my side.

That is not within my jurisdiction.

And I'm not an accountant either.
I only keep them.

Think it over.
I'm the queen of information, you know.

You are here.



Oh, Dami.

I'm sorry to have barged in
out of the blue.

-Are you here to see me?
-Yes, because of Seonjae.