Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript

In the midst of her legal trouble, Hye Won tries to clean up her mess with Sun Jae.


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A lady from the salon
came to see Director Oh.

I know.


I tried not to come here.

When I told Seonjae not to
meet you Director Oh,

I mean, vice president,

I thought Seonjae understood
what I meant.

Also, you have a husband,

so I thought you'd come to your senses.

But you two met again.


we met.

We had things to discuss.

Discuss something over night?

I don't understand why you're doing this.

You've already got everything.

Honestly, I'm quite a decent person.

Girls who work at that salon

want to have customer's
expensive designers' bags and clothes.

I've never done that.

I never talk ill of the customers.

I consider customers queens
who pay my salary.

So, I let them treat me badly sometimes.

But when I broke your necklace

I truly thought you were a nice person.

I'm not saying Seonjae is mine

but two people don't have to be madly
in love to get married.

Some people live together

for friendship or gratefulness
for each other.

Burning love is a one-time thing.


I like you and cheer for you.

This is out of line.

I don't know what you've heard

but you should have asked me first

if you wanted to know something.


This is where I work. Please, leave now.


believing what other people say,

that's really dangerous.

I'm being as polite as I can.

And I have all the evidence.

I'm keeping it to myself
because it disgusts me.

I'll call you when I can.

The three of us can have lunch.

Do you know why I tell
Seonjae not to see you?

It's because you

and someone higher than you,
who orders me to threaten you

and someone who runs errands for her.

You all seem ridiculous
and make me sick.

Seonjae is a naive person

so I can't help but to do something
for him.

Damn it!

Park Dami seems like a nice girl.

Keep her close as a friend.

What did Dami...

No girlfriend.

Delete this message
and no more texts today.

I'm at Seonjae's.

Come if you're not busy.

You even come to the door?

Did you do something?

Sure, I did.

What did you do?

Hey, don't sit there.


Tell me.

I met your teacher and
told her not to see you.


How dare you!

I'm scared you'll run
with the wrong crowd.

Have you heard of
"Birds of a feather flock together"?

She's the same kind.

I know.

But you need to give her a chance.

She likes me.

She loves me and wants
to give up everything for me.

Oh my gosh!

I got it.

Please stay out of it.

If she gives up everything

and comes to you,
then I will believe her.

If so, I won't say a word.

Or else.

My gosh!


Oh, hello.

Hi, I heard you became the chief editor.

Thanks to you.

You've earned it.

Have a seat.

What? Please.

You know his wife, don't you?

Of course.

She helped a lot
when I was a newbie.

I'd like to interview both of you.
What do you think?

It'll be interesting.

Both of you did an interview
for the rival magazine.

I almost got fired.

Director Oh is a hot shot and
I shouldn't have waited for my turn.

I read the article and it was good.

Even the photo was great.

We didn't have a choice then.

But I don't like being
exposed to the media.

Come on, you still need to do it.

If people were like you,

how would they cover the magazine?

-Am I right or what?
-You're absolutely right.

Would it be okay for me
to call Director Oh?

Let me think about it.

Just do the interview.

We'll do it when it's convenient for you.

Oh my.


We could get Seonjae in it.

That would be better.

Oh, you know him?

Of course.

We did a piece on the scholarship program.

He wants the utmost respect.

Tell me how much.


You texted me

right after you left him, right?


For the sake of Executive Director Kim.

You weren't trying to leave evidence?

This wasn't a proper deal.

Erasing one text message

isn't that hard for you, is it?

For me

it's like a protest.

I need to accomplish my errands.

You've thought everything through.


Is that enough?

Mr. Chairman wanted you to choose one.

I take the latter.


Let's start the procedure for taking over.

As you please.

Investigation isn't over. And the trial.

I know.

I know it took a lot of money to be here

but I had no choice. I felt like dying.

Take good care of everything
after it's done.

I'll brief you on that matter.

The trial will proceed
as fast as possible.

Our goal is to be ruled innocent
at the first trial.

-Is that possible?
-We'll try.

So far, I think it's possible.


we need your agreement.




Then, I'll proceed.

We should have taken him to the hospital.

He said no. I asked him several times.

Coffee for me.


You worried I'll take control over him?

Why do you keep talking
about the hospital?

I'm only worried about my dad's health.

Director Oh.

He wants to see you.


Is my company in trouble?

That could be.

You're always causing trouble.

That's enough.

Stop it. Don't start it.

Two of you, please stop fighting.


Did you want to see me?

Yes, have a seat.

I called you to give
you some pocket money.

No, that's not necessary.

Give her that.

Yes, sir.

It's really okay.
I haven't done anything.

You've done a lot for me.

I'm not sure if I should take this.

Take it. I want to show appreciation.

Thank you.

You've done a lot for me.

Could you wait for 20-30 minutes?


There's your delivery money.

You can eat here.

No, thanks.

And this too.


It's okay.

Come to this address,
next to the Secret Garden.

It's important.

You must be Lee Seonjae.


I'm Professor Cho's wife.

Nice to meet you.

I've heard a lot about you
and watched your concerto.

Thank you.

She's the owner of this work place.

We're all alumni.

Follow me.

Come on in.

I needed a secret place.

Are you being followed?

He's no ordinary type.

I know.

Do you get the big picture?

Now, you know how my life is.

It's scary.

Way more than I imagined.

It'll reveal itself more and more.

I didn't want you to know.

If I pretend to know nothing.

If I kept my eyes closed,

I may have thought that

you would take care of everything.


you feel embarrassed?

Are you mad?

I always told you I loved you.

Don't worry.

I need a favor.

For the time being,

I'll pretend to be

really happy with Professor Kang.

Bear that with me.

I don't want to be manipulated.

Everything I've earned
and will get from now

including you

I don't want to lose any of it.


till the day I win them all,

stay low

and hide well.

Try to hang out at college

and be nice to Professor Kang.

And never tell him

that you sent your DVDs
abroad to professors.

Professor Cho will

take care of your lessons.

Can you do that for me?

Can't you just get away from all that?

Not yet.

What if it takes forever?

When we heard "Piano Man" and you cried

it broke my heart.

What did you want so bad
to throw away your 20s?

It wasn't for living,

nor was it for a noble cause.

It was only

to get into the higher circles.

I worked so hard

to achieve that goal.

Isn't it funny?

"You wasted your youth just for that?"

That's what you want to say, right?

It's funny.

It's really hilarious.

You're still saying not yet.

That's really hilarious.

Would you

still like me if I weren't
the Arts Center vice president

or didn't spend time and money
to look good?

You'll still like me?

Sure, I'm like a weed.
I don't care for those things.

Stop having me as your excuse.

Just think about your life.

People live till they are
hundred years old these days.

If you really live like this,

you might spend the rest of your life

without any love.

Do as you like if you're okay with that.

Stop it!





The door's open.

The door's closed.

Come back later.


You're early.


How early did you get up
to come before me at this hour?

Only ten minutes earlier.

Ten minutes in the morning
make a big difference.

I talked with Mr. Chairman
on the phone for ten minutes.

It was about you.

I'm listening.

If it weren't for that phone call,

a confiscation warrant
would have been served.

Mr. Chairman changed his mind overnight.

He said not to make a scene.

Oh Hyewon he knows will do it willingly.

Those were his words.

That ten minutes were really important.

I believe that
you will hand over all documents

and follow the procedures.

You think I've been doing this

without any determination?

Partly admitting to crime,
probation seems possible.

Although some gallery owner
is serving in prison. But in that case...

I hate being compared with others.

Being the only one in the same business.

I take pride in that.

I give you credit for that.

Thank you.

I asked the prosecutor to approve
a voluntary appearance.

The sooner the better for you.

Let me ask you this.


I wonder

why you think I'll do as you say?

This is just the beginning.

I guess that's all for now.

She's being stubborn.

Well, we expected that.

Is she secretly keeping something for you?

Or it's hard to understand.

That's what I want to ask you.

She has your secret ledger,

so why would she agree?

That's enough.

You two have to be on the same side now.

He's right.

Both of you,

hand me every weakness
you have on Director Oh.

Mrs. Chairwoman,
you ought to play nice with her for now.

Make sure to tell her that the rumors
and the press are not from us.

And you

just watch your mouth.

By the way, don't put Director Oh
through to Mr. Chairman.

Yes, sir.


These don't belong to me anymore.

Okay, you've done a great job.

Legal team is sure that
probation is possible.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Let me start briefing you.

Planning office was
caught up with the investigation

and had trouble doing their job

but I'll make sure
to put them back on track.



this place will fall apart without you.

Don't worry.


Think carefully.

He says to talk
with Executive Director Kim.

I understand.

This could help us in some way.

It could buy us some time.

What if she gives up everything
as Mr. Chairman wants?

That's right.


I'm sorry.

No, not at all.

Please, check it.

Director Oh is behind everything
you're asking me to do, right?

It won't be a problem.

I believe you'll take care of it.

-I heard Director Oh will take the fall.

I don't know about that.

Please, have a seat.

They will take care of her
if she finishes her sentence.

I heard that's not true.
They're cutting her off.


they just serve their sentences.

I guess Director Oh
is holding something big.

I'm not sure.

I haven't thought of us a couple
or as a team.

Not because of what's happening.

Calm down.

If you part with her now,

everything you've built
will go down the drain.


If your wife takes the fall
and goes to prison,

the family will be taken care of.

That means you can be
the successor for Dean.

Maintain being husband and wife.

Some people are supporting
Professor Cho.

Concerning Lee Seonjae,

keep a true teacher and student relations.

That's what you should be doing.

How about the interview?

I should do it, right?

My wife agrees as well.

Of course.

This weekend sounds good.

My wife would be free that day.


You know where we live?

No problem. Just come.

Okay, see you then.

Hey, Seonjae.

Good thing you were at school.


I asked you to come because

you need to come over
to my place this weekend.

We're having an interview
and we'll introduce you.

But Minu's farewell party is on that day.

Hey, this is your priority.

But he asked me to come.


Pick up Seonjae and bring him.

Yes, Professor.

Are you okay?

I'm sure you don't want to be there.

What choice do I have?

That's a cost as well.


Rumors about your teacher are ugly.

You want to go out with me?

Get out of my sight.

You should handle the rumor like that.

What's the rumor?


Never get mixed up with those kinds.

They think they are nobles.

What is that?

Her mother is
really good at investment on futures.

She helped deans and professors.

That's why Professor Kang
looks after that girl.


Then what?

Never mind.

Director Oh will know about it.

That's how this world is.

I guess you're right.

That girl became a commoner now.

Dean Kim was her advisor

but she caused trouble with an instrument

and she's out of the game now.

She wants to quit school.


She can't take
major practice lessons anymore.

The Dean Kim rejected her
so no one would take her.

I'll call you on the way to your house.

You will be just fine.

Don't get stressed out and just have fun.

See you later.

Good bye.

Sorry to bother you,

but you said you wanted to
do a duet with me.

Are you serious?

I don't know you but I'll give it a try.


I'm so excited.

I'll give it a try first.


My left hand needs a practice.

Keep on going.

Where are you guys?

At the student union.

I'm at the computer room.

Come quickly to practice room seven.


We might have a chance.

Chance at what?

You know, the chamber music performance.

But how?

Come quick.
Someone is practicing the piano.

It's the Lee Seonjae.

-For real?


What's going on?

Was it not good?

It's not that.

That's not the priority right now.

Take this.

It's our mid-term exam piece.

All of us have to retake the exam.

We don't have a tutor
so they think we didn't take the class.

Even if we retake the exam,

if we don't get at least B+, we'll fail.

Take your instruments out.

Will you play that for us?


I'll play till the end first
so you guys tune yours.

Then, let's try playing all together.

It's my first time.


Not too loud here.

It's where the piano comes in.

Is it?

It's written right there.

Let's try it again.

What are they doing?

They are having fun.

Oh my.

What's the matter?

-Seonjae is in here?

Leave them alone. They're having fun.

He has no time for this.

Come on, that's how he'll learn.

What would he learn from those kids?

That's harsh.


Are you supporting this?

Come on.

Director Oh Hyewon.

I did my first quintet today.

It worries me that
I have to go to your place

but I'm having fun right now.

You said music is the king,

and it's a pity we can't share this.

I picked yours that will
go with my dress.

Why don't you pick Seonjae's as well?

What for?
His suit seemed nice.


Yes, Seonjae.

Jongsu will pick you up
a bit early.

Okay, I get it.

I know you don't want to come.

But I'd like you to come.

You're here.

Hello, Professor.

Did you tell Minu
you can't make it to his party?

No, I told him we'd be a bit late.

Tell him you can't go.
You need to help them.


Come on in.

Oh my, you're handsomer in person.

Say hello.
You heard of Monthly Auditorium?

She's the new Chief Editor.

Nice to meet you.

I look forward to an exclusive interview
next year.

You heard her, right?

Go and get changed.

Right. Do we have some time?

-Take your time.

Let's go up.

How about this?

My wife chose this.

Hey, relax.

Get changed and come down.


There are many alumni couples
in our field.

We're one of them.

You don't have to be so formal here.

We're hot when we have to be.

You two seem like a couple
rather than husband and wife.


Are you planning to have any children?

I heard someone say that
you planned not to have kids.

We did,

but these days
she's convincing me to have kids.

We're trying.

I look forward to some good news.

Next question is...

Let's go.

He's here.

He looks nice.

That shirt looks good on you.

We'll take a few shots of you playing.

Take the best shots.


Do what you can do best
and look at the camera.

Why don't you play a piece?

Seonjae, you sit in the middle.

No, thank you.

Sit down.

I'll start shooting.

Why don't you all smile?

Seonjae could move over
to Director Oh a bit.

Here we go.


Did you say she has an affair
with a young guy?

Article 241 of Criminal Law.

Only the spouse has the right
to sue under it.

You know that Schumann
cared a lot for Brahms.

Seems like I am that Clara.

"We leave in a car.

The car loading the piano follows behind.

As if to avoid plague,

we drive avoiding highway."

I'm in front of your house.