Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript

Hye Won finds it harder to pretend to have a loving marriage with her husband.

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-Lee Seonjae.
-Oh, yes.

You're zoning out for long.

Go join the second round
of Minu's farewell party.


Um... Jongsu.


Can you bring my clothes?

You don't have to change.

It's not that.



Hey, Jongsu.


-Wake Seonjae up.

Why? Let him rest.

He should come out and say hello.

-Wake him up.

Act like you just woke up.


Hey, why do you look so spooked?

I am not.

Something went on between you and her.

She knew that I was following her around.

I gave it my all.

After all, I ended up...

Ah, this is him?

Oh, you're the only one
who hasn't seen him before.

Remember his face.
He's the sponsor of after-parties.

Drinks are on me if you visit my bar.

Hello. We've met before, right?

I heard you had an interview.

-Boring stuff.
-Hey, it's all part of experience.

Have a seat.

-Who wants some ramen?

What about you guys?



Come have a seat.

Let me help.

No, be with Jongsu.

Leave it.
Go before Professor Kang calls you again.

It's okay.

Just leave him.


I'm fine with a quintet,

but the repertoire doesn't fit Seonjae.

There's definitely a reason why
Brahms thought highly of Dvorak,

but frankly,
isn't his music bit of a drama-queen?

Gosh, no.

Are you saying it's too emotional?

More like melodramatic.

Trying to force tears.

It's just personal taste.

I'm not talking about personal taste here.

Finish up with a light one.

Sit. Where are you going again?

To brush my teeth.

Don't stay too long.

So, what I'm trying to say is

squeezing in melodrama into constructivism

made it too dramatic.

You can't say that.

I'm impressed.
I don't remember any of that.


Hey, Seonjae.



"We leave in a car.

The car loading the piano
follows behind.

As if to avoid plague,
we drive avoiding highway.

We perform in a small remote city.

It can be a theater or a school.

The best part is that

people come for the music
not out of snobbery."

"I'm not insane.

I'm normal.

But maybe I want to be insane."


Why? Are they calling me again?

What is this? You can't even handle it.

You're right.

Come here. Why do you sit there?
Sit over here.

-Why do you sit there?
-It doesn't matter.

Come sit by me.


Drink up.

Don't drink so fast.

Here, have another drink.

Articles will be released
few at a time from tomorrow.

With the title "Seohan Arts Foundation,
Possibly Implicated",

they'll compare the actual conditions
of domestic and foreign arts foundations.

That will be it.

What do you mean?

You don't have to panic.

It's just to create an atmosphere.

Without mentioning any name,

for Oh Hyewon to notice
that she's the target.

Say it nicely.

Don't make it sound like
I'm hiding something.

So it's done.


with what will you make her guilty?

We can raise suspicion
on her background that

her internship experience
at New York Whitney Museum is fake,

and her master's thesis is plagiarized.

That's not true.

I know because I lived with her.

True or false, it's not important.

Sticking the image in people's head
is all we need.

Will that be enough to scare her off?

Let's get it out
and see how she reacts.

Yes, bring it to
Executive Director Kim.


Bring him what?

There's a document.

The one I compiled to warn her.

It's the list of
Oh Hyewon's corruption.

Does Hyewon know about this?


I had one of my guys to show it to
Lee Seonjae's girlfriend only.

To show who she is
that stole her boyfriend.

Wow, using kids that was a cheap shot.

That's a sin.

I'm already full of sins.

One more spoon won't do any harm.


What is it?

They're performing a killing show.

Oh Hyewon and Kang Junhyeong,

they're playing a perfect couple.

I like Borodin's and Richter's piece.

Yeah, especially the first movement.

I listened to the song again
that I forgot for a while.

-Oh, right.
-Didn't you borrow it?

-I didn't return it.
-Open it.

It hurts.

They must have invited people
to show that.

Why didn't you go?

It isn't fun.

I'll shape my plan based on this.

Compare it with the regular audit result.

It will help.


My two lady partners,
keep the teamwork for a while.

We certainly should.

What a happy family, don't you think?

I'm too nervous to watch it.

He's doing it for that reason?

What else?

He's manipulated by Dean Min. Poor kid.

Don't you feel worse for Director Oh?


Hey, tell them to stop playing.

Why not?

What is that?
It's not even authentic jazz.



-You were here?

We'll leave soon. Won't be long.

Why did you call me?

Professor Kang wants you to play
authentic classical music.

I'd love to.

Are you satisfied?

Is Seonjae there?

You can't stop thinking about him.

-Let them play themselves.

I need to have a word with him.

Hey, hey.

-You're drunk.
-Are you okay?

I'm fine.


Lee Seonjae!

Show them what you got!

Show them!

Do you have to kick us out?

-Don't say that.
-Junhyeong's drunk.

Come to my place.

To wake up all your kids
and have a family concert?

Where is everyone?

They just left.


Go upstairs and sleep. They left already.

-They did?

What a chaotic night.

Must have been a punishment for you.

It's no fun hanging out
with adults, right?

It was okay.

It was nice meeting you.
See you again when I return.


I'll call you at the airport.

It's fine. Just do well over there.


Seonjae, I'll give you a ride.

No, I'll walk home.

-Why? Hop in.
-Would you?

Lee Seonjae!

Bring my car. Let's drive him home.


He's really drunk.

-Will you be okay?
-Just leave now.

Minu, come with us.

Let's go in.


Let's drive him home like a happy couple.

Then it'll be perfect.

I'm okay. Let's go inside.

Bring my car!


Are you okay?

Am I okay?

Are you asking me if I'm okay?

Sit on the back seat.

He can't make it.

I'll bring him inside.

Put a cushion there.

I'm ashamed.

I made you go through hell.

I got it wrong.

I was arrogant.

I shouldn't have done that.

Please say something!



Don't make yourself piteous.

I can't kiss a piteous woman.

Don't say that.

Good night.

No, no.

We don't know anything about it.

Mrs. Chairwoman isn't involved.



Oh Hyewon, Seohan Arts
Foundation's hidden big shot?

I cut off calls from outside.

You shouldn't read those either.

It's fine.

Must be Chief Hyewon.


Come in.

I was so shocked.

Why? Because I became so famous?

You must be stunned.

I'm fine. Have a seat.


Sejin, would you get us that tea?
Any topping is fine.

Yes, ma'am.

Black milk tea with pearl topping.


Sugar content 30 percent.

How about ice?

-For both.

$8 for total.

Let me run your card.

Please sign.

Mrs. Wang.


I came straight to the center today.

I saw you on my way.

Would you get one for me, too?


Okay. Alright.

-One peach green tea, please.
-Peach green tea it is.

It's not completely untrue.

Send those calls to
Vice President Oh Hyewon.

She's unbelievable.

The articles are all so offensive.

You should confront them head on.

We won't respond to them.

If it's a problem for you,
it's okay to cancel your article.

Although Professor Kang
might be disappointed.

Honestly, that's what bothers me.

We'll be fine, but
we're so sorry to you two.

We don't want to trouble you.

Don't worry about it.

Then we'll withhold it for now.

Maybe postpone it to next month?

Suit yourself.

Did you read the article?
We're swamped with calls here.

I don't want to be photographed
in these kinds of clothes.

Look so dull.

I know.

Do we have to do this?

You said you'll throw Hyewon in instead
and let my father get free!

Did you say she has an affair
with a young guy?

That's what I heard.

A 20-year old guy!

Let me tell you
why we can't use that as a card.

No one in this family of Seo
can accuse her of such reason,

and Oh Hyewon is well aware of that.

-Let's go.

Take this chance to break it off
with your young boyfriends.

It's embarrassing.

Isn't the old serpent too drab?

-Is Teacher Baek here?

No tea needed,
and don't connect any calls.

Okay, and one more thing.

Could you give me a manual for responses
regarding to the articles?

That's your job.



I've looked into the material
Oh Hyewon turned over,

but I can't confirm
the borrowed bank accounts.

There are many accounts
that we don't know about,

which means
she distributed the money.

I thought so.

We can't reveal them yet.


It's me.

Try poking around Professor Kang.



That's good.

This is not like Oh Hyewon.

The more she persists,
the more she'll lose.

What can I do?

You should help her.

You're the only one
who can sue Oh Hyewon.

Article 241 of Criminal Law.

Only the spouse has the right
to sue under it.

That's the one thing I want to avoid.

I'm not asking you to sue her.

Just have a talk with her.

Do you think that
your wife wouldn't know it?

She'll become a martyr only if
she goes to jail at the right time.

She would know that better than anyone.

As long as you keep your posts,
it'll be fine.

Including the master class next month,
we have a heap of work to do.

Yes, I agree.

Cheer up, alright?


I have to drop this off
at the general affairs section.

Go ahead.

You must be having a tough day today.

I'd like to cheer you up.
Would you have dinner with me?

I'll make the reservation.

Okay. Thank you.

Yes, hello.

That's why I'm paying a visit today.
Also to show my face.

Hold on for a second.


Are you alone?


Sorry, someone came in.

About four p.m.?

Massage first.



What brought you here?


Keep them in the freezer and drink
when you feel like to.

-Have a seat.
-I have to go.

I parked my car on the road.

Say it.

I'm worried.

The articles are harsh.

You know, my phone was
on fire since this morning.

It must have been.


should keep on acting with Professor Kang.

Sweet-talk Seonjae to
change his mind, will you?

The most horrible thing in the world
is witch-hunting.

The whole country will judge you.

Will you come to the massage with me?
I made a reservation.

Hey, no.


think again.

You can go now. I'll call you later.

You know I'm on your side, right?

Sure I do.


Listen to my words, okay?


Can you call Park Dami
at the shampoo corner?

Yes, ma'am.


Good afternoon, ma'am.

What's wrong?

I came to make up with you.

I've heard all kinds of stories.

You must have.

Some say you'll be arrested.

By the way,

what was it that you were
too disgusted out to tell?

You don't have to answer
if you don't want to.

It's not something silly
like pictures or so.

Someone high over there
sent it to me,

saying I needed to see it.

I was furious after seeing it.

That's why I went to see you.


I told Seonjae that.

if you leave everything behind
and go to him,

then I'll believe it.

That's wonderful.

I mean it.

That thing you got,

show it to Seonjae.

You should.


No need to shampoo my hair.

I'll go style it right away.

See you again.

You are just amazing.

How could you not ask anything?

I've heard nothing.

I live with my ears closed.

You have to do so to do this work.

That makes sense.

There's a reason why someone succeeds.

So you have a dinner party?

Not a party, just dinner.
With Professor Kang.

Then I'll volumize this part.


Traffic is heavy, right?

I left early.


What is this?

Oh, Dom Perignon.

Sounds good.

Open it up quietly.

Please taste it first.

Let me fill up your glass.

I'm opposed to that.

A musician has to focus on music only?

Because that makes one pure?

This country's art policy makers,

they don't know a thing.

How long do we have to be dragged around
by those ignorant administrators?

Paderewski of Poland.
Take him for an example.

He started out as a pianist
and even became a prime minister.

Now it's time someone like him
appeared in Korean musical society.

Grand thought.

I might appear strange in others' eyes.

I'm the only one looking fine

when the whole world is suspecting
my wife and student's relationship.

But there's something they don't know.

You know that Schumann
cared a lot for Brahms.

Jealousy? It was never there.

There was no energy for that.

While he was suffering from
severe mental illness,

he was agitated to teach his young friend
all about his world, everything he knew,

in every possible way.

Even then time wasn't enough for him.

Seems like I am that Clara.


It's time to let go.

Dean Min's idea?

Even if you go to prison,

I can wait for you.

I'll take care of Seonjae.

If he wants, I can even
send him to study abroad.

But, all that is possible
only if I have power.

This will never happen, but

if I sue you with it,

what happens to Seonjae?

That beautiful kid

will become an adulterer
all of a sudden.

He will have to wear that dirty halter.

You and I are both crazy.

We're still husband and wife,

and here we are

discussing things like this so naturally.

It means we're that desperate.

Since we're already crazy,
wait just a little more.

You should learn to be patient
to get what you want.

What are you...


Check, please.

My wrist hurts from tremolo.

-You should relax.
-Relax your wrist.

I was so glad to see you
in this morning.

And thankful.

I happen to get up early.

They say you'll pass the preliminaries
for certain.

I heard from the TA
that you're going to quit school?

Did you hear the reason as well?


Isn't it better to avoid it
when you can't beat it?

Well, I don't know of that.


until you quit,
shall we work on this properly?

We'd love to.

If only you'd continue on with us.

I will.

Can you do that?


Doesn't Professor Kang push you
to prepare for the competition?

You're the Foundation's
scholarship student,

and you already applied
for the preliminaries.

I don't care.

I'm just doing this.

I said I'm doing it.

Just go to the fucking court!

They say they'll let you be suspended.

You owe me 100 times more than this!

Just go!

The longer the investigation becomes,
the worst it gets for you.

Mrs. Chairwoman,

even the source of money used to purchase
Seohan Apparel stocks will be revealed.

As you have a prominent past,
it naturally draws attention.

Yes, I admit it.

But I'm not ashamed at all.

Numerous people in this profession
want to emulate me,

but they can't be me even if they want to.

I respect you.

Thank you.

But time is running out.

Induce her to appear on the scene
however you can.

Legal punishment is one thing.

The scathing humiliation for her
is necessary.

Those two will meet up soon enough,
don't you think?

Once an ascetic tasted meat and flesh,

now she can't resist it.

She'll miss him like crazy.

Hey, make sure
the planning team's ready to go.

Be on standby.

You really don't want to see it?


But she really wanted to show it to you.

I said no.

I got cold feet.

She was talking like it was nothing.

Why does that make you get cold feet?

I thought maybe she wants you
to get disappointed and run away.

I don't have to see it
to know what it says.

It's not like that.

It even made me blurt out the B-word.

All sorts of things are listed.

Bilking the janitors out of service cost,

brokering illicit admission,
and embezzling company fund.

Are you getting removed
from school or what?

Or even pay back the scholarship?

If I have to, I have to.

See you.



She doesn't look like that kind of woman.

Her appearance is totally elegant.

I'm in front of your house.