Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

Hye Won tries to gain the upper hand in her legal war against the Chairman and Chairwoman.


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Where are we going?

To get caught!



Two teams are tailing them.

They're probably heading to Itaewon
or Sinchon from here.


I haven't seen Yeongu around.

She doesn't have much to do.

Just like your situation right now.

Her husband and I try to boss her around.

Anyways, I'm glad to see
you two aren't fighting.

I'm kind of left out.

You suspect me of everything.

Come on.

Just tell me what it is.

What do want to ask me?

There's nothing like that.

I only believe what I see with my eyes.

I know you told Director Hong,

that I'm like a musk that
you can smell from far away.

I meant it as a good thing.

Go to Mr. Kim.


Stand by, just in case.

We'll have to give up
catching them in the act.


They're not acting as you expected.

Those two...

You said we're here to get caught.

We are doing that.

Just by holding hands?

They'd want to see us go into a motel.

This is way better.

It looks like we've been
together for about ten years.

I heard romance is gone after ten years.

That's different case by case.
Look at Professor Cho's couple.

I know.

I just told you
what I heard from somewhere.

Hey, who are we?

What would people think we're doing?

You could be a shop owner around here

and I could be a cheap restaurant
delivery guy.

Two people working hard

then fell in love.

That sounds all right.

Though the owner won't be
as complicated as I am.

Everyone has their own story.

Aren't you scared?

Scared of what?

So many things will happen now.

Let's walk a bit more holding hands.

You need to sober up.


It's good to be walking with you

and wandering around.


I've wanted to do this for a long time.

Me, too.



I guess you really like me.

Of course.

You must deeply love me.


That's why you don't get intimidated.

Forget everything.

Just be my girl.

Oh my, did you say my girl?

I'll begin putting
legal pressure on her.

It'll be much easier if both
of you share everything with me.

Well, I'm not hiding anything.

Make sure Yeongu's private life
doesn't become a problem.

Yes, of course.

You said you two were over!

You took my money to
help her get back on track!

You two in this together?

You thought I'd pay up
if a young bitch makes a fuss?

Stop swearing!

Let me go!

Hey, I broke up with her because of you.

She's my ex-girlfriend.

You want me to call your men that way?

I guess I was too nice to you.
How dare you?

I'm getting sick and tired of you.

Then, we should end this.

Get everything and get out of here.

What do you mean?

That's not an option.

Get out! Get out!


Who's that? Who knows this place

other than Director Oh?

Who is it?

I was resting. I have a headache.

I heard there was some noise an hour ago.


What do you mean?

Can I get you something to drink?

I don't care about this

but we're at war against Director Oh.

She could use all this to her advantage.

What have I done wrong?

That kid could be helping Director Oh.

He's not like that.

Behave yourself.

Why don't you care?

Why won't you say anything?

How much longer
do I have to live like this?

You never liked me from the beginning?

I'm sorry.

Confiscation warrant will be served.

I'm sure you have a copy?

Please make sure it doesn't go public.

I will think about it.

Don't be afraid.

I'll pay for mine. You pay for yours.

I'll pay for mine,

you pay for yours.

Don't you feel relaxed and be brave?


Your girl feels better now.

See you.

Take my jacket.

You'll be cold.

You still haven't decided?

Why should I go willingly? It's toil.


Open the door.
They must be our guests.

What guests?

Who is it?

We're from the Prosecution's Office.


Please, put that down!

There's nothing illegal.

I have

nothing to do with whatever she's hiding!

Your phone, please.

There will be some changes.
Do as you're told.

Keep the followings safe.

Files signed by Mrs. Chairwoman
and Ms. Seo personally,

and Ms. Seo's company credit card
usage details.


I wanted to handle this quietly.

The timing wasn't good.

What happens if I sue her?

We'll see how it turns out.

If we get something we want
from Executive Director Kim,

there will be something in return.

It's in their hands now?

I wouldn't say that

but Mrs. Chairwoman will
cooperate with them closely.

There's nothing to agonize over it.
Nothing changes.

I understand.

For that, divorce is a precondition.

You need to file a charge first to stick.

It does?

Call me if you have any questions.

I can ask Executive Director Kim
for cooperation.

I understand.

Why are you here?

I'm with them.

Shouldn't you be elsewhere?


You haven't heard?

Is she your dean?


What did she mean you don't know yet?

I'll be right back.

Are you going somewhere?

Take her to the practice room.

-Good bye.

Why are you here?
Why didn't you answer your phone?

I had to see Jongsu
and I don't have my phone with me.

Never mind, follow me.

We're at school.

It's okay.

I haven't seen Professor Cho today.

I know.

How about Professor Kang?

-I heard he went out earlier.
-That's good.

They are my friends.


This is Director Oh Hyewon.

I went to this school as well.

-That Oh...
-Yes, that Oh Hyewon.

-Sit down.

It's an honor.

Me, too.

-Here you go.

You're playing Dvořák?


Play it for me.
I like the second movement.

We're really good with that.

Still, you should start
from the beginning.

Yes, we talked for some time.

She asked me about
the instrumental department kids.

I think Professor Kang
was talking to a lawyer on the phone.

What are you doing?

No, it's nothing. I have to go.

You should take that down.




How long will my nameplate take?

It'll take a day or so.

Is it okay for you to come to school?


Is everything okay?

It never ends.

You have my phone?

It's at home on the bottom of my drawer.

I'll go get it then.

Be there when I get home.

Why should I?

You guys watching?

Stop it.

Drive safely.

All of your friends are quitting school?


The violinist is going to Russia,
another is joining the army

the viola is going abroad
and one is switching majors.


No reason.

-Come on.

I should spank you?

Get in the car.

Drive safely.


You played well today.

She plays quite bold.

She's really into him?

She's pretending to be his teacher.

Normal people would keep
their distance no matter what.

The students must know by now.

My kid barely goes to school

but even my kid knows.

A hundred of those won't matter.

Even the confiscating was done

with Executive Director Kim's help.

She must have hid everything important.

Let's see.

It seems to me
her fate is expecting a big scandal.




Something happened.

Professor Kang must play his part right.

Someone should be with him.

You're sleeping without locking the door?

You're home early.

I told them I'd have dinner at home.

I ate everything you had.

I'll eat downstairs.

See this? Oh Hyewon!

I'll talk to them.

I've been to the station,
I know the drill.

You're cheap!


I know what I've done

but talk with me first.

See? He's confessing.

What more proof do you need?

Did you guys hear?

Seonjae was sued.


Professor Kang sued them,

for having an affair.

That's nonsense.

Don't be naive.

Look it up.


I can play the piano instead.

He confessed. Why do you need proof for?

A confession needs to be when I'm present.

You told me you made a mistake.

Oh Hyewon, you heard him.

How dare you two...

Hey, Mr. Lim! You also saw...

Let me ask you again.

I asked you earlier--

Okay, be quiet.

-Kang Junhyeong?

Tell me in detail what you saw
today at 5:04 p.m.

when you entered Lee Seonjae's house.

I saw the shoes were...

Whether I saw or not
isn't what's important.

He admits to his guilt.

Under the civil law,

a cause for divorce may include
a spouse's infidelity.

Under the criminal law 241,

proof of an affair is as follows.

Man and woman needs to be half naked

or their sexual organs
need to be closely--

Excuse me.


You be quiet. Say something.

Can I call my lawyer?

For something like this?

You admit this is all dirty, right?

Stop staring at me.

I'll make the call.


Thank you.

Do it here.

What if you run away?

Use this phone.

Director Oh, this is a surprise.

I thought we had nothing to talk about.

I was waiting for my value to go up

but something came up.

I think you might already know.

Of course I should be there
as your legal attorney.

I'll be there for you and
help you sincerely.

Wait a minute.

How long will it take
to Jongno police station?

About 30 minutes.

I'll be there in 30 minutes.


Leave a message for
Commissioner Cho to call me.

Who's coming?

A lawyer, my friend's husband.

We just need to be patient.

I don't want to.

Sit over here.

So, your lawyer's coming?


Hey, what are you sitting here?

I'm sorry.

My gosh.

Talking too much won't do you any good.


Mr. Shin stopped by earlier.

He took a few new arrivals.

He's not Mr. Shin anymore.


-Get me another, please.

Put what he took to my account.

I'll do that.

Hey, Jeonghui.

I'm at my shop now. What's wrong?




Don't hang up.

-Get the car ready.

Who else is there?

This is big.

I'll be right there.

I can't miss something like that.

That's how true love is broken.

What will happen if I share
Mr. and Mrs. Chairman's files?

You want to have Mrs. Chairwoman
on the investigation list?

That's what you mean?

Yes, it is.

We become a team in no time.

I wouldn't go that far.

We're a team only on this matter.

I apologize for today's incident.

It was too naive of Professor Kang.

I'll make it go away.

Let's wrap it up as lack of evidence.

Yes, sir.


I just filed for a divorce.

You may proceed as you wish.

What the... That's it?

It's a good thing.

This is no fun.

Whose power is this?
Your husband's or Hyewon's?

I didn't want to do this, you know.

-Dean Min told me that--
-He doesn't know everything.

You disgraced yourself.

What just happened?

A lot.

Why did you shake hands with him?

I need the power.

You're trying to go back.

To the world of money and power.

No, I'm not.

Nothing out there is free.

Let's all go home now.

It was all a misunderstanding.

I was curious if you were arrested
for true love.

That's enough.

I'm sorry but I'll throw a party instead.

A divorce ceremony for
Kang Junhyeong and Oh Hyewon.


Is that true?

Go home.

I know this is not right.

But let's just show them.

They must really love each other.

Let go.

I told her I'll forgive her.

I gave her several chances.

I did as the Bible says.

What now?

I should go for a divorce by agreement.


There's such thing?

That can be applied that way?

I'll call you back.

We should talk.

I just talked to my sister.

Mother was shocked.

She must be.

She's in a hospital.

Mother has a heart disease.

Don't get me wrong.

We should consider that part

while we discuss the details
for the divorce.

Which part?

I mean the alimony.

I won't be suing you,

so I think we can come to an agreement.

We both know you've caused all this

so something should be done
for my family who suffered

from this shocking event.


I'll see what I can do within limits.

What do you mean by

within limits?

Then what?

That's all you can say?

Giving everything you have
is still not enough.

If you play like this,
I'll have to sue you.

Kang Junhyeong.

You spent $30,000 on your suits
and shoes just for a year.

That's how we lived so far,

how much money would I have?

You will get some money now.

If you team up with
Executive Director Kim.

Don't say we teamed up.

Are you saying you didn't?

What just happened?

Who is he?
Why did you shake hands with him?


could you get me a new tablet tomorrow?

Yes, the same one.


I warned you about this situation.

Hyewon has something on the both of you.

He says the both of you.

I have no idea.

I don't either.

If any new slush fund is revealed,
your probation will be off the tables

and Mrs. Chairwoman could be
placed under arrest.

Take it and don't provoke her.

Hyewon will take Chairwoman position.

She says she will maintain
her current position.

I won't be treated like that.

I will stay home.

That sounds good.

I guess you need to be nice to Hyewon.


I have a few questions
but I'll save them for later.

Okay, sir.

Who are you?

What do you mean?

I'm not stupid.

I'm the one who protects
your father's money and status.

Watch your mouth.

We'll have a gathering this evening.


I should explain what happened
to the staff members.


Everything is still here.

Go back to your seat.

Yes, ma'am.

What about Mrs. Chairwoman?

She's not in yet.

Leave now.


I know you've been concerned.

I'll do better
not to cause any more trouble.

Take as much time as you need.

Okay. Thank you.

I have to go now.

Did you make Teacher Baek a scapegoat?

You haven't called Teacher Baek?

Pull yourself together.

I've never seen her like that.


She's engaged in some shady things.

I hate this.
I was starting to have fun at school.

Only a couple of months.

Excuse me.


-Put these in a locker.

-I need some champagne.
-Yes, ma'am.

-Why don't you drink something?
-No, thanks.

Lee Seonjae, it's me, Jeong Yura.

You surprised?

I'm running away with my mother right now.

Director Oh told her to go far away.

She is scary.

I talked to Teacher Baek
to flee the country.

Her actions tell that she is guilty.

Seohan Group slush fund
Teacher Baek involved

Prosecution's Office suspects Teacher Baek

Seohan Group, who is Teacher Baek?

Teacher Baek is the center of
Seohan Group corruption?

It's okay. I know the whole story.

I see.

I don't need all the answers.

Just answer one.

What's giving you a hard time?


it was something

I wanted for a long time.

Though not like yesterday.

But still, I was a bit relieved.

But I'm not happy.

You once told me you understand
Director Oh unconditionally.

So, I'm trying to do the same

but it's not easy.

You can see

what she's thinking if you love her.

That her heart is falling apart.

That she's slipping away on something.

I know this is not right.

But let's just show them.

Your friends are waiting for you.

I'll go with you.

I have something for them, too.

I'm not invited?


I'm sorry about last time.

-Don't be.
-No problem.

Let's sit down.

Let me hear you play.

You all know Professor Kim Munsu?


He's a friend of mine.

He was top of your major

but his instrument was

the cheapest on campus.

But he won competitions with that

and auditioned to study abroad.

He sent me an email
and wanted you guys to know this.

Let me read it for you.

"To my young friends.

An instrument is nothing

unless I start making a sound.

It's the same with people.

I once wanted an expensive instrument
and even got sick.

But without putting your heart to it

a great instrument is just a thing.

But even if it's a cheap one

there's always room for expressing myself.

I hope you care and love

what you have right in front of you."

There are two things.

First, share the documents.

Second, be specific
about the share ratio.

It was a smart move
to make Teacher Baek run away.

But I didn't feel so good.

I think it's a bit early.
For both.

Spreading ill rumors.

A ridiculous scheme.

You put me in a tight situation

and came right on time to save me.

Still, you asked for money and my help
and shook hands first.

Tell me what you want.

You can take in charge of
the arts foundation

but we will take over
the school foundation.

The school and arts foundation
can't be separated,

financially or systematically.

Perhaps this is the right time
to separate it.

Also, my sister is a professor there.


I forgot about Professor Kim Inju.

You want her to be the next
university president?

So, what do you say?

You declare a war only after a day

we shook hands.

That's how it is.

I'm afraid

the school is off limits.

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