Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript

Hye Won must make a decision that will affect the next decade of her life.

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So, the final word is

not to blame the instrument.

I don't think it's that simple.

He meant play with your heart,
didn't it?

-Is it easy for you?

It made me feel so small.

Richter didn't care about
the piano brands.

-Really? Is it possible?
-You, too?

Who made yours?

But, I replaced all the components.

I've never heard of it.

When you played the fourth movement,
you sounded different.

I know.
I think I'm getting there.

-I'd love to play madly.
-Me, too.

Play here.


-It'll be fun.

Come on. Try it!

Let's make a jaw-dropping performance.

Don't think.
Who knows someone might fall for you?

However they mess with the world,
but music is the king.

I'd love to. I was dying to play.

Yes, I'll do that.

You've been working hard to learn mahjong.

Have you improved?

I can't believe

you're still holding a grudge against me.

Everyone can lose a mind for a moment.

Can you let it go?

I see.

It was Hyewon's victory

at the police station.

What about you?

I have to behave myself
and try to please my husband.


You? Behave yourself?

I have no choice.

I've got everything to lose.

But, why you?

Wang Jeonghui, explain it to him.

Her husband is about to take over
her father's company.

Her father used their company
to hide the biggest assets.

Did Hyewon manage that too?


The foreign investment brought in
when establishing Yeongu's company.

The profits from the investment
were stashed away overseas.

Hyewon has the ledger.

That's Oh Hyewon.

You've borne all those times.

Why couldn't you bear more?
Why take it to the police?

That's what Kim Ingyeom really wanted.

Still, Oh Hyewon is the real scary one.

Who would expect such a reversal?

I thought

she'd go to jail with Lee Seonjae.

-For love.
-Let's not talk about that.

Why not?

You were humiliated in front of everyone.

You have to let the wound lay open.

It doesn't hurt me at all.

They are in love. I can't stop them.

-I just want them to pay the price.
-You've lost your mind, huh?

-You're confused.

No, I'm not. It doesn't matter.

Yeongu, let me stay here for a while.


You said you're going to behave.

So you don't need a place like this.

Who's coming?

Someone from the true royal family,
the power.

The power?

You'll see.

Hi. Do you remember me?

How are you?

Hey, I didn't know you were coming.

Isn't it too early for happy hour?

It's just a couple of drinks.

Why is she here?

She is one of
Mrs. Chairwoman's assistants.

I'm not working now. We are all friends.

-I'm thirsty.
-Let me get something.

What are you doing here?

You're usually busy in the evening.

I want to see the place.

My sweet sister-in-law suggested
I use it for practice.

I did. I want to show him
that I'm different.

Thank you.

-Want a drink?

Ingyeom is going to Hannam-dong.

I know. I'm going too.

Can I stay here for a few days?


I wanted to divert

the prosecutor's attention
to Mrs. Chairwoman,

which is not working.

Oh Hyewon should've given
the ledger to me.

But she's giving
the information to Mr. Kim

little by little.

And she's working for her own interests.

Would you like me to try something?

She was acquitted a couple years ago.

We can stir the case up again

and try to make it look
related to the current one.

Use us.

We're always ready.

Are you sure?

If we take the Foundation down with us,

it can be considered
an extenuating circumstance.

-Have tea.

This is a rare variety.

-Has Yeongu arrived?
-She will soon.

What is this?

I'm sorry, but I have to return it to you.


It could be considered a bribe.

You're the key to this whole mess?

I didn't intend to be,
but it turns out that way.

-The game has started.

Let's go.


wouldn't you hate to see

Executive Director Kim takes all my money?

Don't worry.
I won't let anyone have the money.

Then how can it be money?
It'll be only paper.

I'm using it as bait.

All I ever asked for was respect.


I'll let Mr. Chairman have that.

Just give me whatever you have left.

I don't think so.


-You're all ready.
-Excuse me.

Mr. Hong, join the other team next time.

-I'm looking forward to it.

Director Oh is in full power now?

Along with Executive Director Kim.

They will fight each other now.

I have no luck.

It has nothing to do with luck.
You just didn't play well.

How about this?

-I'll take it.
-I welcome anything.

Mr. Chairman, you seem relaxed today.

Director Hong is protecting him.


-Goodness, you're already out?
-I know. How heroic!

That's beautiful.

Playing defense is beautiful.

I hate to perish in vain.

I knew it.

-She must make your blood run cold.

-Because she's a wolf in sheep's clothing.
-I didn't hear that.

Give it to me.

Who do you think my last enemy is?

I'll see you around.

What's up?

On my way home.

-Don't ask me to come in.
-Of course not. I know you're busy.

You sound angry.

How did you get here?
I didn't see your car.

I have a company car now with a chauffeur.

I have to go.
Your girlfriend has a lot to do.

Did you think I was
just a little boy throwing a tantrum

because you didn't play with me?

If you didn't, you shouldn't be like this.

I know someone has to make money

and fight for it.

That's how people like me get help.

But, the means are so appalling.

It's a cheap shot.
And it'll never end.

It will end.

-Want to bet on that?

Because I know I'll win.

Okay, then.

We'll see. By the way,

stop playing with the quintet.

I saw you playing with them,
but it doesn't work for you.

They used to play
for entrance auditions.

How can you say that?

It's not your business.

It feels great to improve
little by little.

Dvořák rewrote that piece for months
because he didn't want trendy music.

It's the best
if we can enjoy those things.

Okay. You know better.

-Don't see me out.
-I won't. You have a chauffeur.

-Good night.
-I will.

Professor took the rest of his belongings.

-We talked on the phone. Go rest.

I moved the small bed to the basement.


-You clean up.

Park Dami is pretty

when she's drunk and asleep.

She's always pretty.

Maybe, should I confess my past

and ask her out?

Go ahead.

She'll beat the hell out of you
for a few months though.

After that, kiss her on a bridge.
She'll forgive for all your sins.

Tone-deaf, are you free this Friday?


I have a concert with my classmates.
It's a quintet.

You want me to come?

If you have time. And I want to meet you.

It's important to me.

Don't you think inviting
your goddess is in order?

I don't want to talk about that.

I'm going to bed. See you later.


Don't you think we have to break them up?

Leave it.
They said they'll quit the school.

-They're at the end of their rope.
-Not that.

-I meant Lee Seonjae.
-Haven't you heard?

-He's quitting the school too.

I guess he's naive.

What do you mean he's quitting?

I'm eating lunch with my brother.
Do you want to join us?


I thought you knew.

He returned scholarship certificate
to the foundation,

along with his student ID
and his allowance for this month.


He's having a farewell party today.

I said get out!

Stop the other students
from gathering. Understand?

How can I stop them if they're coming?

You want to quit too?



Are you leaving for the day?

I heard we'll have a ceremony
for the new chairwoman.


It'll be great.

It's me.

Yeah, are you in the office?

Your chair

doesn't go well with me.

Buy what you like. Okay?


Is it Hyewon?

Are you finally regretting it?


You were out of line.

Beg. It's not too late.

Lee Seonjae?

Yes, hello.

Hi, Mom.

The new house remodeling

hasn't finished.
But I have to move out soon.

Can I leave my things at your house?

It won't be much since I'm going to

give my old stuffs to my friends.


I'm going to purchase everything new

when I move into the new house.



Easy. Easy.

You came yesterday, huh?

I did.

I heard you had a great afterparty.

You drank like a fish.

Just tell me.
Don't say you were passing by.

It's true. I was only passing by.

So where are you going?

I know I visited for surprise

but can you get me some tea?

Wait upstairs.

In a case like this,

people usually plea bargain.

I don't know. I don't want to do that.

I want to look cool.

Is the prosecutor

-He's a prosecutor.

Have you

made an appointment with him?

Yes, it's seven a.m.

I'm going to stop by the hair salon.

With comfortable clothing,
a neat and clean look.

This is delicious.
Where did you get it?

It's a gift from my friends yesterday.

The taste of this tea

shall remind me of

this very moment.

What will be recalled?

The tea, my ass.

Body will remember this moment.

Your clothing looks so comfortable.

Don't I have to stay here
for a few days before my arrest?

It's a big decision.

I hope they don't know about this yet.

Of course. We'll release the news first.

Shall we go?

Inside you'll find the original documents
Mrs. Han Seongsuk has

plus the related information on

Chairman Seo Pilwon's paper company.

There is one more file.

It's the transaction processes
and statements

between Chairman Seo and Kim Ingyeom.

I made up my mind

for my own satisfaction.

I was disgusted
by the sense of entitlement

they're eager to take everything.

Prof. Kim Inju involved in
illegal instruments deals

Professor Kim, please!

Your students are leaving the school.

So we meet again.

-It's been awhile.
-You are so busy.

-Let's sit.

Oh Hyewon is full of surprises.

How could she
even think of doing that?

-Isn't it suicide?
-It could be.

But it could also be self-preservation.

At least the cards are in her hands.

Is Mr. Chairman letting
Mrs. Chairwoman take the blame?

He has no choice.

That's the reason I want to see you.

Pack a bag for two nights.

Yes, ma'am.

Mrs. Chairwoman is going to
take a long vacation.

You must be sorry.

It's just that

my university has
a very close relationship

with the Arts Foundation.

It's not my problem to concern,

but you need to continue the relationship.

What does Hannam-dong say?

He agreed.

In any case,

you need
a professional school administrator.

Go with the flow
until the new chancellor election.

Please reorganize
the board of directors soon.

-Take the School of Music.
-I surely will.

Do I have to I tell Mrs. Chairwoman
about this myself, don't I?

No, I'm going to see her shortly.

Take a trip abroad for a few days.

Why are you leaving already?

I don't like you coming to pick me up.

I guess I'm going to jail after the trial.

-Just deposit plenty of inmate funds.
-You worry too much.

Seo Yeongu.

You won by default.

Between Hyewon and me,

I don't know
who's going to be released first.

-Meantime, behave yourself.
-Don't worry.

-Mr. Jang, accompany her.
-Yes, sir.

It's all right.

Let's go.

Executive Director Kim.

Are you leaving now?

I feel relieved
because you're my attorney.

I'll do my best.

At any rate, I can't reach Dean Min.

I think I heard my sister saying

that they were going
to Beppu Argerich Music Festival.

No way.

Your sister is taking
a shopping trip to Hong Kong.

It's all right.

Good bye.

I'll be seeing your loyal minion,
Director Hong, in court.

Take care of yourself.

Yes, Father.

I'm in Hannam-dong.


What are you talking about?

Hold on.

Oh Hyewon went in with the acquisitions
statements, the ones you gave me.


They'll charge little by little.


-Damn it.

My life of peace is over.

Aren't you tired?

It's not that bad.

Honestly, I'm surprised.

You eat well.

You sleep well.

That's all I have to do here.

Have you made a decision?

As you understand,

timing is of utmost importance
in this case.

Because almost the entire industry
will be affected,

we need to make a significant impact.

I hope this answers your question.

I'm at your mercy.

I bet

they're shaking like leaves now.

They're already being punished.

Before I turned myself in,

I weighed the pros and cons.

I was thinking of

making a deal with them too.

And then it hit me.

If I did that,

I'd have to remain their slave.

Isn't Oh Hyewon incredible?

She's too incredible for her own good!

It's still kept secret.

But, it was really big.

Enough to make the prosecutor cautious.

I have a rough idea.

She stopped by at my place
before she went in.

Plea bargain?

She said she doesn't want that.

That's what she thinks.

Her sentence will be
much lighter than we think.

Still, it's going to be a year and a half.

Too long, huh?

In the meantime, you have homework to do.

With the piece I just played,

why don't you win some prize money?

I'm sure you'll be great.

Hyewon will be happy.

Someone called you?

Think of it as warming up

before the Busoni Int'l Competition.

The Emory Foundation
will pay the expenses.

When did you order Oh Hyewon to close
the Foundation's nominal trust account?

About four months ago.

I don't recall the exact date.

When did you suspect that
she was planning to flee the country?

Was it after that?

That I remember clearly.


Hyewon is...

Excuse me.

Oh Hyewon I know


cut off communication with me

for more than an hour.

On Friday of that week

she didn't answer the phone.

Is that why you put a tail on her?

As you know,

I can't even get out of bed without her.

-It was a necessary evil.
-Thank you.

The defense calls Lee Seonjae.

The witness is excused.


The court will recess for ten minutes.


Why didn't he testify?

According to Sejin, the defense's move
to call a witness was denied.

You have to confess
your crime to the world.

If you don't talk, it's no use.

Wouldn't it cause more controversy?



-Is Lee Seonjae's paperwork ready?

Professor Kang, you're here?

Why aren't you at the courthouse?

Jisu went.

Your friendship is admirable.

It's not like you can be proud of her.

I think Hyewon beat us.

Dad and Mr. Kim will live in fear,

always be afraid of your shadow.

She's shrewd, the mastermind.

Defendant, your final statement, please.

Your Honor,
I'm going to just focus on myself

this moment.

Chairwoman Han Seongsuk,

Director Hong Taeyeong who took
the blame for Mr. Seo Pilwon,


lead counsellor and Executive Director Kim
for the defense.

I really don't care

how they're punished.

I'm not going to ask the court for mercy

because I'm just an accessory,
not the principal offender.

No one forced me to do anything.

I chose to commit the crimes,

which was wrong.

Can she admit her guilt like that?

Don't people normally argue
for their innocence?

That's how I could enjoy
the rich and famous lifestyle.

The corporate credit card, the car,
the official residence, and the maid.

Considering my family background
and my own ability,

I could never achieve that on my own.
So, I wanted to make it all mine.

I wanted to exercise influence
over the music industry,

after giving up as a pianist long ago.

I wanted to possess it as my birthright.

I wanted it imprinted in my DNA,

so that nobody could take it away from me.

One day,


I saw my life's balance sheet.

There are things that were forgotten

and I was afraid to admit to.
And they began to question me.

How do I want to live
for the rest of my life?

I remember that moment
like it was yesterday.

It was one of the best moments of my life.

For the first time,

someone devoted himself to me


It wasn't like he took a bullet for me

or confessed his love passionately.

He just mopped the floor so hard.

He just wanted me,

a woman like me, to sit on a clean floor.

I realized it right then and there.

No one

treated me

with such tenderness.

Even I had treated myself

as little more than

a tool to achieve success.

I made myself unhappy.
I mistreated myself terribly.

Worst of all,

during that time,

I hurt countless other people,

more than I can remember.

I caused

so much pain and distress.

That's why

I'm going to accept

whatever sentence you decide on.

I won't appeal. That's all.

You did good.

That new girl

faced up to ten years or more,
based on the offenses she committed.

But she made a deal to help
the prosecutor catch a bigger fish.

Basically she betrayed her employers.

She was getting away beautifully, but

stripped of everything after
being caught sleeping with a young guy.

Crazy bitch.

Who's snoring?

The new girl.


I hate new girls
who settle in so comfortably.

That annoys me too.

I'm giving you a new hairdo.

Thanks, girls.

Just don't cut my throat.

I guess she wants to live.

Of course.

You have no idea

how sweet it is to sleep without fear.

She's cocky.

This is the punishment
for sleeping with a young guy.

My son is exactly 20 years old.

Since you've already started,

shave my head, please.

As you please.


My cellmates

gave me a haircut.

It was so choppy.
I had it fixed at the beauty section.

How do I look?


I'm so pretty, like hell?

It's becoming on you.

I heard you made the final.

I'll get the prize money.

I'm going to get us plane tickets.

Let's elope.

It's not nice.
Those people who love to gossip

will say that I'm sponging off you.

Isn't that how you take
rich people's money?

Oh, my God. You know all that?

You've achieved enlightenment.

You can forget me.

You came to me by chance

and you've done your job.

You gave me your love.

You helped me let go of everything.

I couldn't have done it on my own.

So, I thank you.

You can leave me.

Where can I go leaving behind our home?

I don't know
if it will last a year or ten years.

But we have to try living together once.

We will fight one day.

The next day, we'll stay in bed. All day.

We'll be sorry

if we part without doing all that.


Suit yourself.

Besides, you're pretty.

Mozart's Rondo in A-minor for piano.

I start my day playing this piece.

It tells me the day's story each day,

rain or shine, happy or sad.

It says this is life

and that's Mozart's secret.

It whispers quietly,

but it's not resigned.

It tells me to observe quietly,

to look deeply, and to love.

And they say that you don't
play this Rondo. You touch it.

There are 2,770 notes

and around 500 double chords.

I will touch you like that each day.


My super sexy sweetheart!

I'll be home soon.