Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

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This is the courier.
Samples to #403 Doosan Tower.

I'm leaving now.
It'll take about 30 minutes.

I'll call you twice on my way
and right before I arrive.

Right. Please answer.

The opening set is the most important
for the music festival.

I've chosen a popular piece,
Beethoven's "Piano Concerto No. 5."

-Napoleon was...
-Never mind.

I wouldn't remember.
Get me a list.

Who's performing?

Professor Cho Inseo
will conduct and perform.

Wasn't he in another program?

Yes, he'll play the finale.

Your husband must be envious.

His younger colleague
steals the limelight.

-What can he do?
-They're all jealousy incarnate.

Jealousy can be a driving force.

I'm sure you'll comfort him.

Is she asleep?

I'm in the neighborhood.

Don't goof off on the job.

-I'm sorry.

You have a client
waiting for a shampoo.

Can it be done
before she is done?

I'm just trimming your ends,
so it'll be quick.

-Take special care.

-Relax and enjoy.

A last-minute client like me
can't be welcome?

That's not true.

Please move up a little.

I'll cover your face with a towel.

So good.

You're a great masseuse.

I've had a headache all day.

-Are you a student?
-I graduated from a vocational school.

Good for you.

So you'll be an assistant
after doing your apprenticeship?

Yes, want more massage?

No, that's enough.

Excuse me.

Let me raise the chair.

I'm so sorry.

Throw it away. It was only $10.
I've grown tired of it anyway.

I feel so refreshed and great.
Thank you, Dami.

It's a fake.

I was scared thinking it's from
a top designer brand.

They leave the real stuff at home,


Those women are fashion police.

They can spot real or fake.

Only this part...

Throw it away.

-You're not a beggar.
-No way. It's pretty.


-Is it done?

Let's go.

-Stop here.

If you kiss on a bridge,
your love lasts longer.

Get real.

Don't play hard to get.

Good morning.

Good morning.

-Good morning.

Hi, Director Oh.


How are you?

-It's cold.

I shouldn't have worn a skirt today.


-Nothing new.
-Director Oh.

-You need to wake up.
-Take a picture of me.

-Please buy me a skirt.

In the meantime, this will do.

-Give me a safety pin.

Thank God, it's big enough.

Yeah, I can wrap it twice.

-Did you get the photo of Ms. Seo?

-Mr. Choi is waiting for her call.

Ms. Wang didn't know
her whereabouts after work.

-I have to find her.
-Do you know where she is?

-I want a charcoal gray skirt.

See you.

Answer the phone.

If you don't answer in ten minutes,
it's my way.

I'm here. I'm coming up.

I don't care who you're with.

If you're embarrassed, send him out,

or hide him in a closet.

I'm going in.

Wake up, Ms. CEO.

Go back to sleep.

This photo will be perfect for PR.


-What the hell...

Please leave.

Go. I'll call you later.

Good bye.
Please excuse me on our first meeting.

Oh Hyewon! What is this?

What if it was your husband?

Then answer my phone.

I don't care what you do.
Never cut off communication with me.

What do you think you're doing?

You're another.
You've got a palace.

I delayed an hour for your hair
and a photo shoot.

Mr. Choi is waiting.

I'll bring coffee to your car.

I won't be at ease
until I see you in the car.

Drink this and go wash up.

I have heartburn.
Give me something soft.

You're unbelievable.

A director with a six-figure salary
follows her boss around?

That's my job.

Do you think it's easy
to be your friend and maid?

I'm going to ask for
a 20% raise next year.

You'll pay dearly one day.

You'll blame me, huh?

Of course.

Who else will tattle to Madam Han?

Stop before you get caught.

If not, you'll be in big trouble.

Why do we have ethics and morals?

They are a way to keep out of trouble.

Are you preaching to me?

If you're not going to eat,
get dressed. We're late.

I hate you.

Then get into a real relationship.

That was really painful.

So what?

You don't have an affair because
you love your husband?

Get ready quickly.

You're a faker.

I know your husband is good
for nothing.


Moreover, you own nothing.

Your house, your car,
and your maid are all mine.

Don't worry. I'm with her.

Get yourself dolled up
for the nice photo. Quickly.

I have to order it to be printed
by today.

Don't forget.

We have to go
to Hannam-dong tonight.

I was with you yesterday.

No way. Do you know
how many lies I have to tell?


I'm leaving now.

Email a CV to each performer to check

for spelling errors.

I need references for the report.

Please take a look and
let me know if you want revisions.


What's wrong with your face?

I applied too much blush.

Why don't you put an end
to Yeongu's hitting habit?

You know a lot.

My power comes from information.

Where is her photo?

She's doing a photo shoot now.

Why do you need a new photo?
Anything will do.

People don't come
because of the CEO's photo.

This music festival is big.
Nice photos won't do any harm.

She's going out with a model?

She bought him a Porsche?

I don't know.

They're a perfect couple.

I heard her husband bought a condo
for a music student in Vienna.

When are you coming back?
Have you seen the children?


Why does a great man like you want
to know about such trivial things?

I fell asleep late after the music
festival meetings with employees.

I'm going to Daddy's
to play mahjong tonight.

No calls. The time difference
is such a pain.

See you when you come home.


-Mr. Kim.
-Yes, Ms. Seo.

Make me look more beautiful
than Madam Han.

I can't bear to see
how young she looks in photos.

The museum knows
you'll miss the three o'clock event.

See you
at Mr. Chairman's at 7 p.m.,

but I'll be there earlier.

You must come.
Nobody likes to play mahjong.

I'll lose big time.

Sounds good.

You work hard to cover up Yeongu's vice.
I should thank you.

Officially it's my family's reputation.

She's legally my daughter after all.

I'm worried
that Mr. Chairman will find out.

Well, I'm actually paying lip service.

What my heart desires
is all her inheritance.

It's getting on my nerves
to see her here as CEO.

No way.

Yes way.

You don't want her job?

You know I can't tell you I do.

You're smart.

Gosh, I'm drained.

My legs are shaking.

Hold on. She's back.

It's Professor Kang.
I answered because it rang a while.

Yes, honey. I'm sorry.

I had a long meeting
with the Chairwoman.

You got the program sample?

Anything to correct on your--

Why is only Professor Cho
performing with his protégé?

As if I have none.

Put me into a trio.
No solo performances.

It's not right.

I have been meaning to tell you this.

Are you my wife? Are we a team?

You always send promising students
to Cho Inseo.

I don't need this from you.
I thought Dean Min explained it to you.

Even if you didn't know.

I didn't have breakfast
and I'm exhausted.

That's right.
Dean Min did everything he could.

Honey, I'm sorry.

Can we talk later at home?

I'm really tired.

Yeah. Sorry.

I'll be late.

Professor Cho is getting
more popular each day.

If you let him play with Ji Minu,
young people will go crazy.

If he becomes that powerful,
it'll ruin the school.

It won't do you any good either.

How naive you are!

That's your charm, I guess.

Let's be real.

Let him have the playground.
It'll free us up.

We have many things to do.

The admission
for the next academic year is ongoing.

We have the CSAT

and the Board of Directors meetings.

-Exactly. That's why--
-Trust me.

I'm looking at the big picture.

Mr. Chairman will say
something tonight.

Why don't you join us?
Your wife is a faithful member.

I'm not invited.

I don't know how to play mahjong.

I see.
Don't worry too much, okay?

Get me audition videos
for the last three years.

The National Competition finals,
auditions for the gifted.

Just the finals? Many eliminated
from the early rounds are great.

How about videos on YouTube?


-Anyway, as soon as possible.

-How are you, professor?

-Are you going to class?

You two are playing together?


It'll be great to see a teacher

playing with his protégé.

It'll be great if we play well.
We're working on it.

Looking forward to it. Good luck!

-Thank you.
-See you.

Can you possibly tune it in advance?

You're such shit!

Here is what you requested.

That's a lot.

Couldn't you put them together?

Haven't you heard of a USB drive?

You said ASAP.

The videos from the Internet are here.


Put them in a bag.
I'm taking them home.

It's in the print shop.

After mailing the invitations,
I'm done for today.

Good job.

I have one more thing to do.
Going to Hannam-dong.

Get an automatic table, Daddy.
It'll be more convenient.

It's more fun to use your own hands.

It's a tournament tonight.

Director Oh, bring me their money.

Oh, no. My target is your money,
Mr. Chairman.

Oh, boy.

Don't worry.
I'll raise the pot as much as I can.

That's such meaningful.

You mean you're stealing my family's
money with your minion?

Don't say that. I'm hurt.

Don't fight.

You are my two favorite women
in the world.

I taught you mahjong
because I wanted to have fun with you.

I know.

-You start, Mr. Chairman.
-Okay. I'm the dealer.

Let's see.


-Here you go, Mr. Chairman.

-You never miss it.

Lily, I'm powerless without you.

I'm cheering you up here.

-Whose Lily is she?
-You can't discard that.

-Hyewon, you take all.
-You're in bad condition today.

She's been so busy
pulling all-nighters

because of the music festival.

I've got a free ride.



Oh my.

What's this?

Let's play after some refreshments.

I prepared abalone noodles.

It's fun to play with Director Oh.

-I don't mind losing to her.
-Cash out, please. Cash is good.

What's the secret of winning?

Preparation and review are the truth.

Good. No more salt.
Please bring them out with sauce.

So, I pulled all-nighters working.

Does that mean
you've got me by the balls?


I don't want your father to worry.

He trusts me.

Put your affairs in order.

Having class
is the best asset for women over 40.

I've been meaning to ask you this.

Lily Han. Madam Han.

What's your relationship
with Dean Min?

-He was your former client.

And a current...


You bitch.
What did you just say?

Let go of me! You crazy...

Let's go.
It's time for the second round.

Oh, my gosh.

Let go of me!

Lock the door. I'll finish her today.

Why would she? Every Korean except one
knows about you. She's not dumb.

Mr. Chairman can hear you.

I'll flush her head full of shit.


Please stop.

What are you doing, Lily?

I'm coming, darling.

You two are the same.

Whose side are you on?

I'm on my own side, always.

Go. Smile.

This is disgusting.

The professor is in his study.

Let me catch my breath.

Something bad happened?

Nothing's bad, just difficult.

Can I have one more, please?

Nothing is easy.


Nobody. Seriously.


Are you still sulking?

Don't be.

You've got a wife like me.

If you're so upset, take a protégé,

instead of tutoring.

Is playing the piano a joke
for this crazy boy?

Hold on.


He's not crazy. He's sick.

Look at his ring finger shaking.
His hand is hurt.

He's an amateur.
He's not a good player.

Why didn't you send me
students like Ji Minu?

You discovered them.
You should've given them to me.

Move. I have something to tell him.


Have Tenosynovitis?
Go to the hospital ASAP.

Thanks for your concern.
How did you know?

I had to quit music
because of it.

I was born in 1994.
Can I call you big bro?

Sure. You're a baby.

You, big bro?

I'm 25 years old, unemployed.

Are you a music student?

No affiliation.
No CV. You do, huh?

Graduate student. Long CV.

What are you doing?

This is fun.

I am a jobless 25-year-old man.

Are you drunk?

A little.

Did Dean Min say anything to you?

Learn to play mahjong.
He'll recommend you as a member.

No stress is a way of life.
CVs are useless.

Don't starve. Enjoy music.

By the way,
am I any good?

Too many good players.

See an orthopedist.
I'll refer you to one.


Kim Hobae, M.D.
in Sindang-dong.

Would they know Tone-deaf,
your ID?

May I ask your real name?

My real name is fake too.

Wow! Tough.

Go see him.
You'll get better.


Tell me how it goes.

What is it? Who is it?

Nobody you know.

Aren't you going home?

Tone-deaf: Good night, see you.

I'm Genius: Yup.

You're a faker.

I know
your husband is good for nothing.

Moreover, you own nothing.

Your house and your car are all mine.

Do you think you'll get my job
if you're loyal to her?

You don't want her job?

Sure I do.


thank you so much. I'm better.

That hospital was great.
Cheap and kind to the patients.

I want to show if off.
Can we meet IRL?

I can be anywhere in greater Seoul
in an hour.

What is "meet IRL"?

It's online game slang.
Meeting in real life.

I'm busy. I work part-time.

Okay. I'm going to work too.

Are you coming
to the festival tonight?

Yes, Mrs. Chairwoman invited me.

I'm going with Teacher Baek.

Teacher Baek?
You mean the psychic?

Her daughter plays the piano.

You're early.

I guess so.

You look pretty today.

How can you schedule
appointments like this?

How can you put two clients
in one VIP room?

I'm sorry.

Everyone, be careful with her.

You could lose your hair.

This is my show

since my Art Center is hosting it.

Your foundation is just a patron.

Of course.

Don't butt in.



I could kill her.

There is Professor Kang's bow tie
on my desk.


Yes, that's it.

Right. I owe you one.

Thank you.

Sanghyeon is sending it
by courier.

Can you do anything right?

You always leave something out.

I'm sorry.
It'll be here in no time.

-Professor Cho.

Done rehearsal for the finale?

Not yet.

Minu wants to get Director Oh's OK.

Please finish in an hour.


What are they to you to ask
your confirmation for rehearsal?

It's not that.

Be patient with me today.

Can't you see I'm busy?

Why do you take care of them
when you're busy?

Yes, I'm on my way.

I'm sorry. See you later.

Professor Kang.


You two look close.

Why not?

It's just a stereotype
that sisters-in-law are enemies.

We've been badmouthing Hyewon.

She's too focused on Professor Cho.

I strongly recommended him.

-I have no time to practice anyway.
-You don't have a protégé like him.


Don't rely on your wife's network.
Be a virtuoso or revered.

Maybe you need a new network?

Let's rehearse later.

Let's go.

Go to the basement.
You can't park here.

I'll be back
after delivering this.

I can't allow it
because of the concert.


This is the courier. I'm here.

On the first floor.

Yeah. Yeah.


Excuse me.



I'm $2 short.

Can you give me a discount?

I use couriers all the time.

I'll keep using Trust Quick.

Director Oh sounds so strange.

You were my teacher
for over ten years.

Your teacher is Professor Cho.

You discovered him.
You're his teacher.


Okay. Okay. I'm your teacher.

Please try.


-Something's not right.
-I know.

I'm sorry. It was in here.


You're amazing.

No more messing around.
Get serious!


Very nice.

It's all good.
Are you relieved now?


Thank you.

Good luck!

Thank you.

They found a hammer

after playing
at the Chopin Piano Competition.

Those competitions are worse.

People try to ruin their opponents.

Please secure the stage,
especially the piano.

No access
for unauthorized personnel.

Would you like something to drink?

They're free for performers.

No, thanks.


Would you care for a little make-up?
Here and here.

-Go ahead.

They're rehearsing again.

They surely want to play well
to gain popularity. Both of them.

Minu is playing the upper part?


No harmony in the lower part.

Some of the upper part as well.

They must be focusing
on the tricky parts.

Their teamwork is great!

Minu is fantastic.

Where can I find one like him?

I know.


Is Professor Cho here?

Weren't you with him?

I left the restaurant before him.

If that's not you...

then who?

No, he isn't. He just left, right?

Please check the instrument.

The concert starts in an hour.

VIPs arrive in 30 minutes.

No alarm.

Main hall on full security alert.

Main hall on full security alert.
Main hall on full security alert.


Main hall on full security alert.

What's going on?
Have you checked the CCTV?

I'm checking now.

Trust Quick on the back.
Confirm. Trust Quick.

Professor Kang.

He's the courier.

What courier?


Okay. I got it.

He can be arrested.
Find him before he's caught.

I want to see him first.

Urgent. It's me whom you just delivered
a bow tie to. Call me.

See this?

You came here to deliver this
and got in trouble?

Excuse me. ID, please.

I'm Kang Junhyeong
from the Piano department.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

The security is so lax.

I didn't invest my money in this so
that you have fun with your people.

This is why people call art foundations
the playgrounds of wealthy wives.

It's my fault.

They thought
it was one of the performers.

You should've cross-checked
with the performers' photos.

How can you leave
the concert-ready piano unattended?

There's no harm done to the piano,
which is fortunate.

What if he had done something?

You always preach morals and ethics.
Where is your work ethic?

You're subject to severe disciplinary
action due to this negligence.

Reprimand her later.

Finishing the Festival successfully
comes first.

Go back to your position, please.

Director Oh, go welcome the VIPs.

Yes, Ma'am.

How can you take her side?

Are you trying
to make an ass out of me?

Did you order Director Oh to ruin--


Mr. Chairman will arrive soon.

Let's go welcome him.

I said not to butt in.

Act normal.

He's a courier.

Have you heard him play?

We'll talk later.

I'm curious about him.
I hope he's caught.

I shouldn't let you go.

This is for the Festival,
not for you.

Be calm and walk to the door.
Disappear as quickly as you can.


I have to go to the basement
for my motorbike.

Then come this way.

Something's wrong?

Whose jacket is this?

You can't eat it.

Dami, did you fight with Seonjae?

He won't talk to me. I'm so sad.

He must feel superior to me
because he's repaying my debt.

Never mind him. I'll talk to him.

Mrs. Lee.
I have a day-off tomorrow.

Want to perm your hair?

Write down your name,

address, and contact numbers.

Wait for my call.

If you run away out of fear,
that'll get you in big trouble.

Tomorrow you...


You know that boy.

I'm taking the day off today.

What about yesterday's incident?

Submit a full report.


I thought
Seo Yeongu would go berserk.

That's why I'm off.

I'm going to do nothing today.

What are you doing today?

Classes in the morning

and an admission meeting
with the dean in the afternoon.

Could you meet a student?

Your private students
already met Mr. Choi.

I don't need to see them again.

He's not my student.

He's the culprit
in yesterday's incident.

The courier?


You didn't hear him play, huh?

No, the sound wasn't recorded.

I just watched the CCTV video.

My ear for music is not as good as yours,
but when I heard him

I thought it was Ji Minu and
Professor Cho playing together.

He played a piece for four hands
by himself,

alternating the upper
and lower parts.

Listen to him play
and tell me what you think.

Jongsu is bringing him over.

See if I should let him audition
for admission.

Yes, Professor Kang.
I'm almost there.

Just drop him off.

I've already told my wife.

Where are you going?
I'm going to cut your hair too.


No respect for your mother.
Do you hate me?



Get in.

I left a Professor Kang's jacket
at home.

Get in. We need to hurry.

Where are we going?

You'll see.

-Please seat here and wait.
-Thank you.

Lee Seonjae?



Something to drink?

Want some?

No, thank you.

Follow me.


Say hello to my wife.

I know you called in favors for
eight students including three pianos.

Include one or two outstanding ones.

For Professor Cho, a student like
Ji Minu is the asset and weapon.

Lee Seonjae.
Apply for my school this season.

You're out of control.
Do you always play like that?

Can I play one more song?

The one from yesterday.

Crazy kid.

That kid... He's a beauty.