Secret Love Affair (2014): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Hye Won auditions Sun Jae and finds him to be a gifted and thrilling pianist.




Come in.

Have a seat.

Don't you know why you're here?

Because of yesterday...

You should get punished.

-Play like yesterday.

I'll decide after that.

Decide what?

Whether to punish or forgive you.

I don't understand.

He made it clear that he'd let me go.

I will if I like your play.
I'm the one in charge.

Turning you in or not is up to me.

You want me to call the cops?

No, I'll play.

I'm recording it.

As evidence.

Oh, alright.

-Start playing.

What are you doing?

Aren't you going to play?

You had no problem yesterday
even without permission.

I wanted do give you a chance
but I guess that won't happen.

There're tons of kids like you.
I don't have time for all.

I'll do what I have to do.

It's as far as I played yesterday.

You're out of control.

Do you always play like that?
Ignoring the music sheet?

Actually it's a duet song.

But since I played alone...

There's also a solo version.

Well, I've never seen the music sheet.

I just played it by hearing the music

Let me explain as I'm playing.

This is what I heard.

But I changed it to this.

I added this upper part


Feel free to talk.
Take your time.

Can I play something else?

Which one?

The one I've memorized.

Go ahead.

Maybe he got another part-time job.

Then why is he hiding it from me?

Maybe he's cheating on you.

-He's not you.
-What's the necklace?

I found it somewhere.


-Are you okay?
-It's her hobby, you know.


Who let her take a day off?

This piece of paper is all she can do?

The chairwoman isn't her only boss!
Things have to go through me.

You let Oh Hyewon
take a day off?

I told her to.

I thought she might piss you off.

Of course she does.

It's like a concubine siding with
a court lady in front of the princess.

Not a concubine, the queen.

Don't you watch historical dramas?

I'm her direct boss.

She'll be disciplined.

I hope you reconsider.


One more thing to reconsider.

Keep your hands off
the university work.

It's none of your business.

Admission to the music department
is the professors' jurisdiction.

You know you shouldn't put
pressure on them every time.

People talk.

You're the one to be careful.

I know you called in favors for
eight students including three pianos.

Are you planning to let
every Tom, Dick or Harry in?

Not favor, recommendation.

I'm recommending, too.

It's not for everyone.

University seeks for talented ones,

and as the Art Foundation,
it's our honorable job to support them.

Each of them passed
a strict screening process.

Strict screening? By who?


Who is she trying to fool...

Put these on...

Where is she?
What is she doing?

She's with a student.

Student? Who?

He's a new face.
The assistant professor brought him.

This is how you spend
your personal time?

-I'm auditioning.
-What audition?

Are you selling off admissions
with Madam Han?

Watch your noble mouth.

I thought you took a day off.
So this is your side job?

I'm enjoying my day off.
A happy day for my ears.

Such a hypocrite.

How much is he paying
for the acceptance letter?

-It's not like that.
-Answer my question!

I'll call you later.
Or wait outside, whatever.



You're all corrupted!

Chairwoman, Dean Min,
your husband, and you.

I'll make you all
kneel at my feet.

Where are you?

Good. I need to see you afterwards.

I have to find out what you're up to.

I'm giving you a chance
for old time's sake.

I'll give you a call.



You came together.

-Professor Kang.
-You came first.

-Is it a secure room?
-I made sure.

Excuse me.

Seo Yeongu wants to see me.

I guess she wants to gabble about
yesterday's incident.

No, I think she has
a bigger thing in mind.

Okay. I have to make a call.


She and her same old moves.
So predictable.

We had our little chat
and there she goes again.

I intentionally hit her nerve.

Let them meet up.
There's nothing to be careful about.

Just make her talk a lot.


-Mrs. Chairwoman.

Seo Yeongu and Kang Junhyeong
will meet up this evening.

Alright, Mrs. Chairwoman.

Don't call me chairwoman
at every sentence.

It makes me uncomfortable.
We're not the mobs.

We're all working for the same
for art and culture.

I'll keep that in mind.

She's not good enough to accept.

Leave her.

Who are you talking about?

-Jeong Yura?
-Teacher Baek's daughter.

-Who's Baek?
-A famous investment analyst.

Oh, I heard she's almost a fortune teller.

Not almost.
She really is a fortune teller.

The chairman's favorite partner.

That's not true.

Just consulting about
the development fund sometimes.

But Professor Cho will oppose.

We have the exclusion clause.

This might cause an uproar.

I feel leery, too.

The young ones on that side are talking.

And don't forget the netizen.

Include one or two
outstanding ones

so that they can't argue.

Show them we have a right standard.

For Professor Cho, a student like
Ji Minu is the asset and weapon.

Of course he cares.

-I want to squeeze one more in.
-You have someone?

-I'm checking.
-Then let's talk afterwards.

And the private lesson students
excluded from the list.

We should somehow notify them beforehand.

I already told the parents straightforward

to apply somewhere else.

And recommended other schools.

Good job.

Don't we have
quite a number of cellos, too?

I took care of them already.

Poor talent, cheap instrument.

Well, then...
Ms. Seo's kids are left?


She has too many recommendations
this year.

She's my sister-in-law,
but I can't stand her.

What can we do?
She's a stockholder.

That's why we're trying to
weaken her influence.

Not because Madame Han is great.

Both sides should back up a little.

We can't. It's full already.

Did you listen to him?

You were at my place?

I saw Hyewon teaching a rookie.

Did you hear him playing?
How was it?

I only care about their looks.


I forgot who you were.

He kind of looked okay.

I'd like to meet him.

Don't you dare.
He could be my protégé.

Of course.

Professor Cho doesn't give a damn
about back-door students.


Sorry. Busted on the act.

What do you mean?

Everything going well?


Yes, it's arranged.

Professor Kang just entered.


Here's my conclusion.

Oh Hyewon is involved in
selling admissions.

Am I right?


Don't you know her?

I'm not doing this to get her alone.

Madam Han and Dean Min,
I'm throwing them in jail.

And you and your wife will be
loyal to me again.

Restoring our friendship,
so to speak.

Here's the deal.

Give me the back-door list.

Including their parents' jobs
and details of the deal.

Don't worry, I won't touch you.

Protecting the whistle-blower.

There's no list.

Would you make a list of
those who called in favors?

I have one proof at least.

That piano kid, I know he was
brought by your assistant.

I can easily open
his mouth, you know.

Hey, Seo Yeongu.

That kid you saw?
He has neither money nor connection.

Then why are you interested in him?

I'm serious this time.

I feel anxious.

I'm praying and waiting
for Hyewon's okay sign.

I want to raise a decent one for once.

Forget connections or whatsoever.

As Professor Kang,
I want to do it right this time.

Looks like somebody's afraid to
lose his dean job to Professor Cho.

You don't understand.

It's me. I can't reach my wife.

She's not texting me back.

She's still in the piano room.

She didn't bring her phone in.

She even skipped lunch.

It's quiet now.
Should I tell her to call you?

No, don't interrupt her.
I'm coming home now.

You're going nowhere!

I've got to talk to her!
I think he might be something.

Is that so urgent?

You and I have
more important things to discuss.

There's nothing to discuss with you.

So you're fine with me
leaking it to Professor Cho?

If the issue of admissions corruption

who will win the public confidence?

Han Seongsuk
representing corruption scandals,

versus Seo Yeongu
representing true educator.

Who wins?

My dad seems to
cherish Madam Han, huh?

Not at all.

That old man takes the winning side,
that's all.

Take my hand.
I promise to leave you out of it.

Would you consider it
if I call Professor Cho right now?

-Hey, hey!
-It's me. Can I talk to Inseo?

Asking for my husband
in the middle of the night?

It's Seo Yeongu.

-Sorry, never mind.

I hate you!

Stop messing with me!

You sneaky liar!

What did you say when you married Hyewon?

You told me she's nothing but

an empty shell!

Hang up the phone first.

-What are they doing?
-It's their way of playing.

Oh, god.

Include one or two
outstanding ones

that they can't help but admit.

Show them we have a right standard.

For Professor Cho, a student like
Ji Minu is the asset and weapon.

Of course he cares.

Should I go on playing?

You can go now.
You're forgiven.

Excuse me.


How was my play?

Go now. You're forgiven.

I'm exhausted from
hours of concentration.

I should rest.


It seems like
you don't know yourself.

You really don't know?

When did you start playing?

When I was about six.

Who taught you?

I just played it myself.

Was it fun?

My mom used to lock the door
when she went to work.

Your family had a piano at home?

It belonged to the former tenant.

Have you ever had lessons?

When I was an elementary student,
in the neighborhood academy.

-What about now?



I try to copy the good ones.

How do you memorize the music?

I download the music sheet
and play a hundred times.

Doesn't it get boring?

It's fun after I memorize it.

-Anywhere that hurts?

Oh, I got tenosynovitis treated
a while ago.


What do you want to hear from me?

Can I play one more song?

The one from yesterday.

I'll take it that you're serious.

Seems like you'll stand there all night
if I say no.

I'll play the bass.
Get me a chair.


-I'll work the pedals.

It's a super compliment.

You should go now, really.

What about dinner?

I'm fine,
but would you get something for him?


Crazy kid.

By himself?

-She wants you to have dinner.
-No, I'm fine.

It's a super compliment.

Why don't you use the pedals
when playing the equal temperament?

I like the separate sounds of the notes.

I'm asking about your interpretation,
not preference.

I think it's written to play that way.

You know, between the notes.

Now that's an interpretation.

That's what it is.

Play the third movement
of "Appassionata" again.

No, wait.

From the coda.

Did I play it wrong?

I want to hear it one more time.

I want to hear it one more time.

That kid...

He's a beauty.

Interview at nine.

Luncheon with the Platinum Club at 12.

I need the list of the members
an hour ahead.

Tape cutting at the gallery
invitation exhibit at five.

Oh, Professor Cho will give speech
at the scholarship improvement debate.

Call him and check, okay?

I'm on my way to the salon.

Mrs. Chairwoman will meet me there.

I want you to get my words to Han.


That would be faster.

What are you talking about?

I need one more spot on the list.

I'm squeezing in Lee Seonjae.

Squeeze in?

He'll get in anyway.
Even Professor Cho agrees.

So Professor Cho's opinion is
your benchmark?


Why bother
with such a talented one?

I'm anxious.

He has no experience
in lessons or competitions.

There's plenty of time to practice
until the audition.

To make sure he becomes mine,
he has to get in through me.

Is he an object to you?


I'm late. Let's talk later.

Tell Mrs. Chairwoman to hand over a spot.

Don't touch Seo Yeongu's share.

So complicated.




Hey, Jisu.
I'm on my way to work.

Let's see if we can meet up.
I'll call you.

-Good morning.
-Good morning, Dami.

Good morning, ma'am!

-You're finished already?
-Yes, nice and quick.

You have a busy schedule today.

Road is starting to jam already.

Mrs. Chairwoman is going to be a bit late.


When you confirm it,
I'll erase it right away.

You should.

Don't forget to remind Dean Min.


They're going to be late, too.

Okay, then.

I told the interviewer
to erase personal questions,

but if he mentions Ms. Seo...

Art Foundation can't be run by
personal interests.

We both know that well.

So there isn't any problem.

But the truth is,
I'm full of my personal interests.

I'm assigning seats for them.
I'll handle it.

Oh, right.

-Listen to this.

-What did Professor Kang say?
-Not to touch Yeongu's share.

Secretary Wang edited
their talking gibberish out.

You're already well aware of that part.

-Cut out all the vividness?
-I left some for you.

How considerate.

Nice and simple.

Han Seongsuk
representing corruption scandals,

versus Seo Yeongu
representing true educator.

Who wins?

Would you consider it
if I call Professor Cho right now?

What did you say
when you married Hyewon?

You told me
she's nothing but an empty shell!

Hang up the phone first.

You should have edited this part out.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Chairwoman.

No, I like it.

It's clear Ms. Seo
is scheming with Professor Cho.

She's planning to use
her husband's family.

Leak it to the prosecution.

-Better take measures ahead of them.
-I agree.

-Is Mr. Chairman having dinner at home?
-Yes, ma'am.

-You have Yeongu's list, right?

I'm not interested in anything else,

but I don't like my name being mentioned.

I don't care about other things either.

Like I don't care who the kid
you were playing with was.

Well, you should be
interested in him.

He might be the key to this situation.

Admission corruption?
He'll blow all the suspicions.

He's that good.


Why didn't you leave your bike at office?

I'm running late.

Look at my eyes when you speak.

You're laughing?

Yeah, I'm laughing.

We were worried about you.
Couldn't even sleep.

Why? You shouldn't have.

How can we sleep
when you're missing, asshole?

Watch your mouth.

I love you.

I love you.

Did you hurt your head or something?

It's a super compliment.

So? Will Mrs. Chairwoman give me
one more spot?

You can take Yeongu's share.

How? She won't allow it.

The big fox is working on it.

-It's about Yeongu.
-What now?

Help me.

I can't handle it myself.

Whose kids are these?

You don't owe them any favors!

Why do you pick on me only?

That's enough.

You, are you doing
your job or not?

If she's too kind to refuse,
you should've stopped them for her.

I'm sorry.

You, too.

The foundation owns
the Art Center.

You should have run it better.

It's all my fault.

I was being
too soft and generous to Yeongu.


I yielded my life motto for you.

My rules and principles.

Chairman worked so hard
on this school.

The admission process should be fair.

Mrs. Chairwoman,
the press conference...

You should go.

You stay!

Do you believe what she said?

Sit down.

This is crazy.

Mr. Chairman. Dad!

It was a show.

What? For what?

Why do you always lose?

I let you fight your stepmom
to toughen your guts.

You need to be strong
to become the chairwoman or the dean.

Letting them get to you
with something like this?

Learn from that big fox
and that small fox.

You're ruining my life!

You should have refused any favors
in the first place.

How could I?
It's my boyfriend's nephew!

-My boyfriend.

Please! You're 40 and married.

Then what about you?

Giving secret lesson?
That's even dirtier.

-He is worth it.
-How good is he?

Tell me!

Beyond your imagination.

He will bring glory to Seohan University.

Have a seat.

It's the clothes you lent me.

Put it on.

That day made all this happen, right?

It's a meaningful day.

You met a teacher of yours,
and I met a student of mine.

Here's the thing.

Lee Seonjae.

Apply for my school this season.

The first and second tests
are both 100% auditions.

And don't worry about the tuition.

Our foundation has
a world-class scholarship program.

Winning a prize in one of the three major
competitions, you even get allowances.

And of course,
you're exempted from military duty.

She's going more and more insane.

She's afraid to lose
her young boyfriend.

It's obvious how the story will end.

After he gets what he wants,
he'll leave.

It was funny, but at the same time
I felt sorry for her.

She doesn't have much joy in her life.

Who has? I don't have any joy.

If you say so,
I should as well kill myself now.

I work for Yeongu and Hyewon
who used to be my classmates.

How many bosses do I have?

Leave me out of it.

I'm always on five minute standby
like you are.

But our salaries are different.

-But you don't have a husband.
-Shut up, girl.

Yun Jisu has the best life here.

-The perfect couple.

-The lovebirds.
-Don't say that.

Well, you two made four kids together.

Whenever I felt like loving,
he was an easy prey.

That's blessing.
It means you have love and friendship.

Well, you can take all my blessings.

Let's switch our lives for a month!

You're crazy.

-I wish I had your life.
-Me, too.

Going on business trips,
connections with wealthy ladies.

Most of all, your skinny body.

My biggest envy is that
you go to work every morning.

It's my fantasy.

But my husband is Kang Junhyeong.
You really envy it?

That is a fantasy breaker.

Babysitting a husband is nobody's fantasy.

Why are Junhyeong and Seo Yeongu so close?

It was gross to hear their drunken babble
over the phone.

Don't you get mad?

What can I do?
She's our forever boss from high school.


What brought you here?

Didn't want you three
to badmouth about me.

You weren't the only subject.

Order something.
These three are the best menu here.

I'm not that hungry.

I can just eat hers.

-Hey, use your fork.

It's an indirect kiss.

Oh, you missed that?

Help yourself.
I'll cherish you tonight.

-My lips touched this part.

Even more delicious, huh?

-I can't watch this.

-By the way, who is he?

Junhyeong was bragging
that he found a gemstone.

Oh, him!

That kid was caught playing
at the music festival.

-Oh, him?

I recorded him playing at my place.
Let me send it to you.

Check him out.

You'll fall in love with him.

She was talking big
even to Mrs. Chairwoman.

-Oh, yeah?
-She made me curious.


-What are you doing here?

I was wondering
if I could graduate this time.

Yes, I've seen you enough.

I want to go to college.

What? College?

Piano major at Seohan University.

-I'm going.

Is that a joke?
None of our graduates made it there.

-Yes, Dami?

He's lost in a daydream.

I'm not.

Didn't you say you'd buy me lunch
when you got paid?

After probation.

Come. We need to talk.

Sir, I'm serious.

Just write it up for him.

What he wants is the girls' attention
when he says he applied there.

Am I wrong?

He's with me!

Okay, okay.

Go out and play. No more jokes.

Oh well...

Hi, Seonjae.


Okay, so?

Alright. Let me talk to him.

Hello, I'm Professor Kang Junhyeong.

Yes, it's true.

Thank you very much.



Of course.

-Here's my picture.




It was real.


Oh, let's get a good-luck gift
for Lee Seonjae.

-To show him our support.
-He doesn't need these.

But he'll be nervous.
He has no experience.

Excited to have him as your new student?

Let's make him into something.

I'll drop by your place now.

Only two days left.
Let's practice together.

Did you practice a lot?

This is your good-luck gift.

You won't need luck to get in,
but still.

How did you come together?


Oh, you didn't know?

You didn't?

It's funny.

Say hello to my wife.

Oh, nice to meet...
I mean, hello.

Look how cute he is.

Watch your step.

The stairs are steep.

This way.

-That's your room?

I'm impressed.

You overcame such a poor environment.

No one can argue
eggboxes are great sound proof.

Did you learn this from YouTube as well?


Look at these music sheets.

They're all fake.

I downloaded them
and printed them.

Seonjae, you cannot but succeed.

Have a seat.
I'll get you something to drink.

It's okay.
We came to hear you play shortly.

What are you playing
for the audition?


-"Wanderer Fantasie"!

-I'm proud.
-I think I'm going to cry.

Hold it and sit here.

What is this?

It's a glue trap.

-For mice.

Hey, hey...

I'm terrified of mice.
I'll wait outside.

Lee Seonjae!

My sole hurts.
It feels like burning.

It's a strong one.


It will hurt a lot.
Please be patient a little.

Be patient a little when it hurts a lot?

Are you okay?

I'm not okay but it's hilarious.

Should I call 911?

Shut the door.
Mice will come in.

I'll wait in the car.



I hope it all works out
till the results are announced.

I'm not your teacher.
Why do you ask me that?

It was meant to be... like destiny.

Just make sure she's qualified.

Dean Min called and said
that Mrs. Chairman is keeping tabs.

I look forward to watching him play.

Come back.
You are my most talented student.

Don't do that.
You're driving me crazy.