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MacGyver (2016) - full transcript

A reimagining of the classic series, is an action-adventure drama about 20-something Angus "Mac" MacGyver, who creates the Department of External Services (DXS), a clandestine organization within the U.S. government where he uses his extraordinary talent for unconventional problem-solving and vast scientific knowledge to save lives. Joining his team on high-risk missions around the globe is maverick former CIA agent Jack Dalton; Patricia Thornton, an ex-field agent turned director of operations; and Riley Davis, an unpredictable computer hacker with a chip on her shoulder. At home, MacGyver is entertained by his ambitious roommate, Wilt Bozer. Under the aegis of the Department of External Services, MacGyver takes on the responsibility of saving the world, armed to the teeth with resourcefulness and little more than bubble gum and a paper clip.


As you can see, the
month-to-month increase

in units shipped is reflected here.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

What, what, what?

G-Give me, give me a sec, okay?

It's just a minor technical
glitch, I think. I hope.

Come on, come on, come
on. What, what, what?!

Okay. Just stop.

This is painful to watch.

I don't even know what I did wrong.

You hit the command shortcut for
making the laptop go to sleep.

If I can't get through a demo of
the simplest tasks here at home,

how am I ever gonna survive the
first day on the job, huh?

Which starts in-in less than ten hours.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.
Don't spiral now, Dad.

Okay? You're almost there.

By the time I'm done with you,
you'll at least be able to

fake it till you make it.

Hope so.

Thanks. I appreciate the crash course.

Uh, answer me this, though.

Why on your résumé did you
say you were proficient

with spreadsheets when you're not,

- at all?
- Because I wanted the job.

- Okay.
- Inventory associate at a

distribution warehouse?

Uh, pretty solid gig...
with benefits, I might add.

So I figured, you know,
a little embellishment,

worth the risk.

Well, given your record, I
guess it's karmic justice

in you making sure things
don't get lost or stolen.

That's good. That's good.

And you're doing a really good
job at getting it together.

Ah, thanks.

So, white lies aside, I'm proud of you.

Well, coming from you, Riles,
that means the world to me.


- What the hell?
- Show us your hands!

Hands where I can see 'em!

- Now put 'em up!
- On the ground!

Okay, okay!

You can't just...

- Get your hands off my daughter!
- Dad!

- You heard me!
- Dad!


Riley Davis, you're under arrest!



Okay, I officially cannot
take this anymore.

We've been listening to pan
flutes for, like, two hours.

It helps me concentrate.

And nobody's making you stay.

Director Webber said I
should familiarize myself

with the lab and give you a hand.

And this has been you helping?

- I'm lending moral support.
- Right.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- I was being sarcastic.
- Whatever.




Great. Now we can change the music.

Not before the didgeridoo solo.

Ah. My servos are now
operating in optimal range.

- Thank you, Bozer.
- You're welcome.

Now, if you actually want to help,

I do have a few diagnostic
tests I need to run on Sparky.

Really? I got a few
tests I'd like to run.


Kind of more of a riddle.


A woman has five cousins.

Monday is the first cousin.
Tuesday is the second cousin.

Wednesday is the third cousin.
Thursday is the fourth cousin.

What is the name of the fifth cousin.

The expected answer to your
riddle would be "Friday."

But that is not correct.

And all the information you need

to find the answer is
contained within the riddle.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

- Then answer the riddle.
- Go ahead, Sparky.

- Show her your brilliance.
- Processing.

Processing. Processing.

- Processing. Processing.
- Sparky.

Processing. Processing.

You got him stuck in a logic loop.

All I did was ask him a question.

Maybe the answer will unstick him.

Processing. Processing.

Processing. Processing.

I heard you had a rough
night in jail, but...


That hair's pretty funky.

Well, the accommodations in
county aren't exactly five star.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm all right.

It's Elwood I'm worried about.

He's still in lockup,

and he's about to miss his
entire first day of work.

Matty was able to spring
Riley pretty easily,

but Elwood, it's taking a little
longer, considering his past.

A past he's really
trying to leave behind.

What exactly happened to you guys?

Uh, I was helping him brush
up on some software skills,

prep for his new job and
then, boom, we got swatted.

- Swatted?
- It's when some jerk

calls 911 and pretends to alert police

to an imminent terrorist threat.

SWAT has to take any call

about terrorism seriously, which
can lead to innocent people

staring down the wrong
end of a dozen M4s.

Any idea who called the cops?

No. And that's what's bugging me.

I... I moved into this apartment
after I joined the Phoenix.

So how'd this swatter
get my current address?

That's the million-dollar question,

because all of our personal
information is classified.

To find them, I'm gonna have to
figure out how they found me.

And you best believe I will.

Oh, Matty needs me in the war room.

Uh, alone.

Hey, boss.

Is everything okay?

Mac, I think you should sit down.

I received word that Lieutenant
Commander Robert Reese

was flying a covert op over
southwestern Azerbaijan.

The first operational use

of the lidar ground mapping
system you engineered.

Something happen?

35 minutes ago, his jet suffered
a total systems failure

and crashed.

There is no indication

that Reese ejected, Mac.

He's presumed K.I.A.

Reese is dead?

I wanted you to hear this news from me.

I'm so sorry, Mac.

I know that you and the
Reese family are close.

Do we know what caused the malfunction

- that brought the jet down?
- You know, we don't know much right now,

but we do know that the cascade
of failures began shortly

after Commander Reese
switched on the lidar.

So this is my fault?

No. No.

And you can't start blaming yourself.

Who's leading the recovery?

This mission was top secret.

Once the Azerbaijani government realizes

that we violated their airspace,

things are gonna get very
complicated very quickly.

- So, no one.
- No. Not yet.

Matty, I need to recover his body.

His family deserves closure,

but Reese also deserves to be
buried in Arlington Cemetery,

not 6,000 miles away
in a foreign country.

I agree with you, Mac.

But I have no authority...

We don't leave our own behind.

Which is why the Phoenix jet
is gassed up and waiting.

Take Desi,

bring your friend home.

Thank you.



- We still on course?
- Oh, uh, right.

Sorry. The PIN says

the debris field is east of us,

so this way.

Where were you just now?

Recalculating the power draw

of a fighter jet. It's got a 120 volt,

400 hertz three phase system,
so I wired the lidar

straight to the A.C. generator
to pull 17 amps, in parallel.

You're doing electrical
engineering calculations

- in your head?
- Well, I need to know

what went wrong with Reese's jet.

I just don't see how the
lidar could've caused

such a catastrophic malfunction.

Yeah, I mean, from what
I read on the way over,

lidar is pretty much a camera
that uses lasers, right?

You mount it on an airplane and
you get detailed 3-D images

of everything below, even
through dense tree canopy.

Yeah. Over the last couple
years, Reese and I have been

working together, and I
developed a next-gen lidar

capable of operating at Mach speeds

on fighter jets.

So you two became tight?


Tell me about him.

Well, we complemented
each other perfectly.

His aviation knowledge, my engineering.

His patented shrimp
gumbo and my appetite.

I even crashed in his
basement for a month

when a water line busted
in my house and flooded.

His twins call me Uncle Mac.

I haven't, I haven't been around
to see them much lately, but...


I get how much this all hurts.

I do.

Now take all those
emotions, put it in a box,

and do not open it
until this op is over.

Why ask about Reese and I if you
didn't really want to hear it?

'Cause I needed you to get
it out of your system.

We both got to stay dialed in,

or Matty will be sending
a team to recover us.

Heads up, Riley. Matty expedited

a release of the 911 call
that got you swatted.

- No need.
- Processing.

- I'm already in the LAPD system.
- Processing.

That surprises me zero percent.


Hey, uh, how's Elwood? He get out yet?

Well, considering he almost got
shot and spent the whole night

in lockup right before
starting a new job

he's totally not prepared for,
I'm sure he's just peachy.


And it's all because of me.

I'm used to Elwood creating
turmoil in my life,

- not the other way around.
- Processing.

Processing. Monday.

Processing. Processing.

- What's his problem?
- I don't know.

Desi asked him some stupid riddle,

and now he's stuck in a logic loop.

Seems like the rest of his
functions have shut down

while he tries to solve it.

Well, why don't you tell him the answer?

- Processing.
- That's creepy.


- I would, but, uh...
- Processing.

- You don't know the answer.
- I even looked online.

Okay, look, the riddle goes like this:

- a woman...
- Uh, hold that thought.

- Processing.
- I just found the 911 call.

911, what's your emergency?

Hey, I overheard my neighbor

talking about planting a bomb.

There's people coming in and
out of her place at all hours.

I don't know what they're planning.

I'm scared.

Her name is Riley Davis.

She lives at 400 Pine
Street, apartment 2B.

Did you recognize the voice?

- No.
- Can you trace the call?

They used Voice over Internet Protocol

and spoofed a local number,
which is almost untraceable.

But... if I access

the internet service
provider's records and search

- the database...
- So that's a yes.

- Yes, that's a yes.
- How can I help?

- Processing.
- Do something about him, right now.

- Okay. Uh...
- Processing. Monday.

Sorry, buddy,

- but this is creepy.
- Processing. Processing.

Monday. Processing.

Hope you're not afraid of the dark.

Processing. Processing.


let's find the cockpit.

That's where the body will be.

Hey, MacGyver, was this
part of the cockpit?

It's the nose cone.

We must be close to the cockpit, then.


That's the lidar. It's still intact.

- What are you doing?
- I'm taking it.

This might be able to tell
us what went wrong up there.

Uh, we got company.

All right, buy me some time.

- I got to get this unhinged.
- Stay out of sight

and I'll go be my charming self.

You can speak Azerbaijani?


It's close enough.







It's not... polite...

to touch... a lady...

without her consent!

Well... that didn't work out
the way that I planned,

but we're good.

Actually, I don't think we are.


Desi! Duck!


I think we lost them.

We have to go back. We
have to find Reese's body.

I'm not going home without him.

Yeah, agreed, but this
place is gonna be swarming

with soldiers soon, so for
now, we need to find cover.

We'll try again when it gets dark.


What's wrong?

I think that parachute might
belong to your friend.

Reese ejected.

It's the pilot's seat.

The survival kit's been taken.

- MacGyver...
- I know what you're gonna say.

Doesn't mean he's alive.

Locals could've arrived first,
grabbed his body and the kit.

There are a lot of reasons
why the Azerbaijani military

would grab a dead U.S. pilot.

I know.

But take a look at these.

- U.S. Army-issued boots.
- Yeah.

And I don't see any other prints.

No. His are the only ones here.

Reese walked away from the crash.

He's still alive.

Mac, I tasked a satellite
to look for Reese

near where you found his ejection
seat, but it's impossible

to see anything through these trees.

We'll just have to pick up his trail.

Your friend's used to
dealing with emergencies

three miles above the battlefield.

Any idea what he's gonna do down here?

There's too many variables to
accurately predict his behavior.

Okay, so what's the plan?

Cover as much ground as possible.

We just got to find him before

the Azerbaijani military does.

What are you doing?

Mac got me thinking, what if the locals

have already picked up Reese's trail?

Desi, patching through local chatter.


Bad news, MacGyver. There
have been sightings

of an injured male in
a U.S. flight suit.

Military units are heading east

- to a small village called Farux.
- Okay, we got to hurry.

That search party
massively outnumbers us.

Won't be long before they find Reese.

We'll just have to pinpoint his location

before they stumble onto him.

I like that in theory. How
do we make it a reality?

Well, it's just like you said,

Reese has never been in
this situation before,

so he's gonna fall back on his training.

Everything he does will be by the book.

Question is:

which building would this
book tell him to hide in?

That restaurant. It's closed down.

Which means no locals would wander in,

and it backs up into the woods.

Providing a quick escape.

Reese! Reese, Reese,

- Reese, Reese!
- Hey!


It's me. It's Mac.

Oh, man.

It's good to see you, buddy.

You, too. Let him go.

- Come here.
- Easy, easy.

I got a little banged up when I
augured in here at Mach speed.

Oh, yeah, you broke your clavicle.

Oh. Sounds way less
cool when you say it.

Look, a, uh, brace will
set your collarbone back

into place and then, uh, give you

some more range of motion,
even help with the pain.

Hang tight.

Matty, we have Reese.

- He's banged up but mobile.
- Great.

Sending exfil coordinates right now.

Arm one.

Arm two.

What are you doing here, man?

Well, uh,

we heard that your plane went down.

So you came to bring home a body.

Something like that, yeah.

Well, lucky for you, I can still walk

'cause I don't know how
much luck you'd have

trying to lug me out of here. Oh!


It'll feel better soon.

So you say.

Can we get word to Rose?

Let her know I'm alive.

She's probably freaking out right now.

I'm on it.

Name's Desi.

Thank you.

Appreciate you coming all
this way on my account.

What can I say? I'm a sucker
for frequent flyer miles.

And I hate to break up the reunion,

but this ain't exactly a safe house.

Exfil's three miles from here.
We should get moving.

Yes, ma'am.

We need to find another way out.

There is no other way out.

That back door is wedged
shut. It won't budge.

Guess we're making a last stand.

Uh, maybe not. Follow me.

Everyone knows air makes a raft inflate,

but filling it with water
greatly increases its density,

creating more force.

- This gonna work?
- Yeah. I just hope it works fast enough.


Never thought a raft would save
my life ten miles from the sea.

How's that arm of yours?

Oh, as good as new.

Okay, might be a spell

before I'm fly-fishing with the
twins again, but I'm alive.

Hey, Reese, uh, flight control
said that your systems

went haywire as soon as
you turned on the lidar?

Yeah. One second, I'm
painting the treetops

with our fancy laser, and the next...

I'm dropping from the sky
in an $80 million brick.

Hey, look, man, I'm sorry.

Obviously, the tech
needed more testing...

Mac, Mac, Mac,

I'm a test pilot. I know the
risks come with the job.


what are the chances that
all my jet's fail-safes

would fail at exactly the same time?

Astronomically low.

- What are you doing?
- I'm going to power the lidar,

establish an uplink with the Phoenix,

- transfer data.
- Good.

I think we all want to know
what happened up there.

So this is your swatter. Brock Eskola?

On the Net, he goes by the
handle "Predator Squad."

He's a hacker I had beef
with a few years back

after he slaved one of my C&C servers

to his botnet for a DDoS attack.

Okay, well, that answers the
"who" part of our question,

but that still doesn't tell us
how he got your current address.

I can tell you it wasn't by
exploiting our Phoenix network.

I checked the system. There's no holes.

Then it sounds like we're gonna
have to have a few words

with Predator Squad ourselves.

I'll send a tac team to scoop him up.

Sorry, but Elwood Davis is here.

I'll make it quick.

He asked for Director Webber.


You asked to see me?

I want to know what you're
doing to protect my daughter.

- Excuse me?
- D-Don't "excuse me" me, okay?

I-I don't know exactly what goes on

inside this building, but
I wasn't born yesterday.

You know what strings to pull.

I realize you're having a hard day...

What if one of those
SWAT guys made a mistake

with all those guns pointed at her?

That's the thought I can't
get out of my head.

So I ask you again,
Ms. Webber, all right?

What are you doing to
protect my daughter?

Everything I can.

You have my word.

Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- Glad we were able to work through this.

Riley said you started a new job today.

Can I arrange to have someone
drive you back to work?

Well, my new boss wasn't
too thrilled about me

showing up late on day one,

so, actually,

I'm looking for a new new job.

That's unfortunate. Sorry to hear that.

All that matters is
knowing Riley's safe.

Okay, Riley, Bozer, uplink
has been established.

The data should be coming your way now.

We're getting it, Mac. Dot-L-A-S
files are streaming in.

I'm starting a scan of
the diagnostic logs.

I see a ton of error codes
popping up right after

- Reese turned the lidar on.
- _

Huh, that's weird.

What's weird?

Someone updated the lidar software

three hours before Reese
took off for his mission.

No, that can't be right.

Goes against protocol to
make a change like that

- just before takeoff.
- I don't know what to tell you.

I can say with 100% certainty

that someone plugged into your
jet and pushed an update.

Can you see what the
update was designed to do?

Yeah, hold on.

So, it was supposed to
corrupt the lidar's data.

But the code is super
buggy, a rush job, so...

when the lidar was flipped on,

this code inadvertently shut down

all the jet's flight control systems.

My plane was sabotaged?

Hey, fellas, we're gonna have to put

this tech support call on hold.

Gotta go. Go, go, go!

What do you think I'm trying to do?

All right.

Fight or flight?

- You okay?
- Yeah. Good.


That was awesome.


These guys don't look like
Azerbaijani military.

No IDs.

This tracker is locked onto our comms.

- How's that possible?
- Well, I don't know.

You would need the exact frequency,

not to mention the encryption codes.

Only a handful of elite espionage

organizations in this neck of the woods

would have that kind of tech.

GRUs, the Saudis, Iranian intelligence.

Sounds like the kind
of guys who'd sabotage

- top secret experimental lidar.
- Yeah.

Yeah. All right, Riley,
I'm sending you photos

of our mystery men;
maybe you can help us

put names to the faces.


Starting facial rec now. I'll
let you know as soon as it's...

That was fast.

You already got a match?

Yeah. And you're not gonna believe this.

The two guys who just tried
to kill you... are CIA.

The two CIA agents you tangled with

are part of a working
group stationed in Baku,

the capital of Azerbaijan.

They were sent there six months ago

to man a listening post

and gather regional intel.

Well, no one will be tracking
us over comms anymore.

Any more info on the rest of the group?

According to the CIA internal network,

the whole Azerbaijan team has gone dark.

Which means that entire team
could be a threat to you.

And Langley won't have
any answers for us.

Why would these guys sabotage my plane

- and then try to kill us?
- Hey.

I might have found a clue as
to what this is all about.

If this CIA group wanted
to sabotage the lidar,

that means there's something
they didn't want anyone to see.

So I started looking through
the maps that were rendered

before the malware kicked in.

Reese, your mission was to

search for military installations

- under the tree canopy, right?
- Well, that was the idea.

Well, I'm no expert at
reading lidar maps,

but, to me, this looks a lot less like

a military installation and a lot more

like the dig site in
Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Matty, are-are you seeing this?

Yeah, and I wish I wasn't.

Those canisters appear to be

- chemical weapons.
- That's exactly what they are.

30 years ago, Azerbaijan
and Armenia went to war.

It was violent, it was bloody,

and it involved chemical weapons.

White phosphorous, to be exact.

Now, after the war ended,
large caches of the stuff

ended up unaccounted for.

So these two CIA clowns
just stumbled on it

and started digging it up? Why?

My guess:

they're opportunistic salesmen.

Azerbaijan sits at the nexus
of two active war zones

and three countries
that support terrorism.

So, if you're looking
to start a business

selling chem weapons,
this part of the world's

a great place to do it.

Okay, this off-the-books
recovery mission

has just become an active Phoenix op.

Mac, Desi, I need you to
get to that dig site.

Neutralize the remaining
rogue CIA agents

and secure those chemical
weapons right now.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Copy that, Matty.

All right, let's roll.
Daylight's burning.

Easy, Reese. We'll find a
safe place to stash you

until this is over.

Mac, I don't sit on the sidelines.

Yeah, and I didn't come
all the way out here

to drag you into the line of fire.

I thought you were gone once already.

What am I gonna tell your
family if something happens?

I hear you, pal.

When I wear this uniform,
I go where the fight is.

Don't worry, I'll just... supervise.

And where are you going?

Take that old jeep if you want to, boys,

but I'm rolling in style.

- Well, what about these two?
- Leave 'em.

We'll circle back after we've
taken care of their friends.

Looks like they're packing
up their equipment,

ready to break camp.

When their buddies didn't check in,

they must have figured it
was a good time to bug out.

Once those trucks are on the
road, it'll be tough to stop 'em

from getting into Iraq or Syria.

Well, we're the cavalry,

and we're all here, so who's got a plan?

Our best bet is to sneak in,

quietly take 'em out one at a time.

Love it.

- How?
- We're gonna slow 'em down.

Whatever that means.

You two watch the front.

I'm gonna go do some shopping.

So, we got to guess, or are you gonna

tell us what you're building?

You ever watch nature shows as a kid?

If Real World or Road Rules
on MTV count, then yeah.

I was always partial to
that crocodile hunter guy.

Yeah, I was thinking more
like National Geographic.

Like when a researcher
had to subdue a predator

with a tranquilizer gun.

That's what you're building?

Yeah. When unlit, the
blowtorch will fire

compressed butane gas
through the PVC pipe,

like an air gun.

And I'm guessing these are the darts.

Definitely packs a hell of a punch.

Yeah, but that brings
me to the tricky part.

In order for these
darts to fly straight,

they have to be stabilized,
so in place of a feather,

like you'd find on an
arrow, we use gauze pad.

And second,

they can't just hit the
target; it's not enough.

They also have to inject the morphine.

So, if I use these steel spacers
as casings, it will provide

enough weight for when
the dart hits the target

to depress the plunger and...

Night-night, CIA turncoats.

Yeah. More like it'll
deliver the equivalent

of ten shots of vodka.

Which is where you come in.

All right, truck's about to roll out.

Let's get to it, nature boy.

Where are the guys at?

I-I can't make out what they're saying.

Little souvenir I picked
up from the last guy

we sent to dream land.

Parker, Olson, Andrews.

Report in.

Does anyone copy?

Move. Go.

I don't need to speak Azerbaijani

to know they're onto us.

At least we cut down their odds.

Let's take these last guys out fast.


Come on, come on!

Come on.

Canister's empty.

- I got this.
- Reese. Reese!

Freeze! Now!

Get up. Get up!


There's another one out there.

Go. Go!

Listen up, hero!

You better come out right now.

Or it's your friends that
are gonna pay the price!

Tell your friend to quit
playing and come out.

- Take it easy, Spencer.
- Shut up.

- You don't know me.
- Oh, I saw your file,

so actually I do know
something about you.

You got pulled from the field
and dumped at a listening post.

Not exactly a career turn

to make a 14-year vet feel appreciated.

I get why that'd make you feel bitter,

which is when bad choices
suddenly look good.

Don't try to get in my head.

Clearly, there's not a lot in there

if you're making choices like this.

Just keep talking, Desi.

Walk away now, and we'll
forget this is treason.


Tell your buddy to come out now
or I'm gonna shoot this man!

And then I'm gonna shoot you.

This man has a name.

It's Lieutenant Commander Robert Reese,

and he's served more than
15 years in the Navy.

He's a husband to Rose,
a father to twins.

He makes the best shrimp
gumbo you've ever had

outside New Orleans,
and he never hesitates

to let a friend crash on his couch.

You really think you can play
a tune on my heartstrings?

I think you once loved your country

the same way this man does.

You and your guys stumbled

upon a cache of chem weapons.

Millions of dollars just
sitting in the ground.

Anyone would be tempted.

But this can still get sorted out.

We crossed a line that
there's no coming back from.

It's not too late.

For you, it is.

What the hell?

Oh, those are my buddies
from Delta Force C Squadron

saying hi.

Wave back, boys.

You're surrounded.

Hold for my command!

So here we are, Spencer.

Decision time.

We can do this

the easy way or the messy way.

Your choice.

On your knees.

Lock your fingers behind your head.


How did you know I was
gonna use the lidar

to fake a team of snipers?

I didn't. But I'm starting to
realize that, given enough time,

you'll always come up with something.

I didn't think you were paying attention

when I was talking about Reese earlier.

I'm always paying attention.

I'm starting to realize that.

I'm so glad you're home.

Come on, now. I wasn't gone that long.

We can never thank you enough.

But, uh, we can start with
dinner at the house on Sunday.

I'd never miss it.

I expect you both. It's gumbo night.

- Thank you.
- Of course.

Thank you, Uncle MacGyver.

I'll see you guys on Sunday, okay?

See you Sunday.

Thanks again, pal.

You got it.

You'll be happy to know that Spencer

and the other rogue CIA agents

are in federal custody and cooperating.

And with the intel they'll
give us on their buyer,

we should be able to take a
half a dozen terrorist groups

off the board.

That's very good news.

They also gave up the saboteur

who uploaded the virus
to the lidar camera.

They bribed a contractor
in Turkey who had access

to the U.S. airfield where
Reese was stationed.

But most importantly,

Reese is back home safe with his family.

Yeah. I thought I was
gonna have to hand over

a folded American flag to Rose, so...

Thanks to you both,

that didn't happen.

Nice work.


Thank you.

Still having robot problems, huh?

I'm glad this amuses you.

Do you have any idea
how many hours I spent

- bringing this guy to life?
- You have friends.

Why did you feel the need
to build another one?

I like to make things.

Apparently, you like to destroy them.

Look, it is cruel and inhumane

to leave a sentient being not
knowing the answer to a riddle.

Especially a sensitive and caring

sentient being like yourself?

Just tell me the answer, please.

It's a play on words, Bozer.

"What is the fifth cousin's name."

That's a statement, not a question.

What in the hell are you talking about?

The answer is "What," Bozer.

- That's not a riddle.
- Except it is.

What is the fifth
cousin's name. Of course.

Sparky. You're okay?

I believe so.

My failure to solve
Agent Nguyen's riddle

was due to my inability to
identify her final sentence

as a statement.

I'm so glad you're back.

Now, you, stay away from my robot.

Actually, Bozer, riddles like these

could be a great help to me.

They will improve my ability

to interpret expression and tone.

May I hear another?

A man with size nine shoes
works at a local deli...

Oh, no, you don't.

I got a riddle for you.

What's a new agent
wearing a green jacket

that needs to leave?

- Bye.
- Okay.

Mm, scoot.

Stupid riddles.

Might be a future in this for you.

Let's see if it closes first

before we call it a new career path.

- Perfect.
- Boom.

Anyway, I thought we shouldn't
hold our breath waiting for

- the LAPD to fix your door.
- Yeah, you got that right.

This was really nice of you. Thank you.


the other night reminded me
of how helpless I feel trying

to protect you from this part
of your life that, you know,

you can't tell me about.

It's... it's not easy.

But hanging a new door

is something the old man can do, so...

Well, you should know,
the guy responsible

for the swatting is in custody.

He's gonna be spending a
long time behind bars.



Listen, I found this new place
that has excellent spring rolls.

I was thinking maybe

daddy-daughter dinner?

Yeah. Yes, that sounds great.

Dad, I... I got to go. I'm sorry.

Everything okay?

I don't know.

What's going on?

Had some words with your
Estonian hacker friend.

He said he got your address
on a dark web forum

used by organized crime and
even some terrorist networks.

Said it was posted less than a week ago.

By who? And how'd they get my address?

We don't know. The post was anonymous.

Okay. Well, I doubt
you called me in here

just to say you hit a dead end.

What is it?

Riley, your address

wasn't the only address
posted on this forum.

It was part of a larger
set of documents.

With the exception of Desi,

the entire team's
classified personnel files

have been made public.

We all got doxxed?

The Phoenix has been compromised.

And what's worse is we have no clue

who did this or why.