Oh! My Lady (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript

Do you live here, Yoon Gae Hwa?

Episode 12

That... yes, I live here.

So you live in the same
house as Sung Min Woo?


That woman lives with Sung Min Woo?

President, that's correct.


we are not in a relationship.
Please don't think otherwise.

I know it looks bad, but please
don't misunderstand.

It really isn't that kind
of relationship.

I see.

You go in.

Let's talk about it tomorrow.

President, president.

Editor, let me write the whole front page
for tomorrow's paper.

That woman Yoon Gae Hwa,
you better not trust her too much.

Where did you go?

What? I went out for a little bit.

You should go in and take a rest.

Ahjumma, you don't lie very well.

Before, you were practically advertising
that we live together.

That's the extent of your acting skills?

Why did you bring them home then?

What else could I say when they
all wanted to come over here?

I need to keep my face too.

What would you do if they found out
all because you wanted to keep face?

If it's been found out, I would
be in more trouble than you.

So why are you so nervous?

Really, you are so relaxed.

How should I tell the President?

I can't tell him the whole truth.

But I don't have a good explanation.

What should I do?

Let's talk.

About what?

I... would like to let you go.

Let's divorce.

We've had form but not function for years.
We're married but we don't have a marriage.

It's meaningless to continue living
like this and you know it too.

You should know that you have no right.

You want to continue with a woman who
betrayed you and had an affair?

It's impossible for you, isn't it?

I'm crazy.

I'm crazy because of you who won't get mad
even when your wife has an affair.

For no reason.


I'm crazy because of you who doesn't
have even a single problem.

I'm crazy because of you who still
holds on even in such mess.

But you can't suggest divorce first
even as we are stranded in such a condition.

So I felt it would be better
for me to ask for it first.

I felt I could do so in good conscience.

Give me an answer.

I'll ask Lawyer Kim to handle it.

Signature?! Wait a minute,
Ahjumma is busy right now.

Wait just a moment.

What? Signature?

You just need to sign it after reading it.

If it's a signature then
daddy is really good at this.

Go show off to your friends that you got
an autograph from Sung Min Woo!

Your socks aren't on properly.

The picture is on the back.

This picture should be on the front, right?


You are so cute.

Yes, stick with it.

I'm sorry about the President but if I don't
say anything then everyone will be happy.

Big star Mr. S, living with a woman!

Please give me your answer soon.

This is neither anger nor pretence.

I really mean it.

Good morning.

I'm not feeling well.

You had quite a few drinks yesterday.

You drink this.

Will this make me feel better?

I can't remember anything that happened
after three beers at Min Woo's house.

Did I do anything unreasonable?

Nothing, nothing besides getting up
on the table and climbing the wall.

I haven't done that since three years ago.

You have some juice too.

Thank you.

Is the president here?

He's going to the producers association
meeting before coming to the office.

So he'll probably be a bit late.

President Yoo, you are here!

I thought you would be too busy to come.

I should attend regardless of how busy I am.

What? Looks like you know
nothing about it yet.

Now is not the time
for you to be reading this.

Look at this.

Superstar Mr. S who performed in
the TV show "Man in the Dream"

is living with a female employee
of T company,

the company producing the stage show
in which he is starring.

If it's "Man in the Dream"
then it's Sung Min Woo.

The company producing the stage show
would be The Show Company.

Does that mean you knew it all along?

Don't let even a fly get through,
do you understand?


This isn't that difficult.

Opera is only this level.


You said you'd handle it by yourself?

So this the result?

And you said we'd go down together,
now it looks like it's real.

What happened?

You're asking me?

How did you get exposed?

Where did you get exposed?

I'm really going crazy.

Mr. S in "Man in the Dream"

Stage show production company, T company.

They didn't spell it out but a 3 year old
would know who they're talking about.

There nothing we can say
to explain this away.

We need to have some way to cover this.

There's a guard at the entrance
so the reporters won't come in.

You must not do anything random.

Just stay at home.

Do you understand?

Look at this, look at this.

I was going to give up, who would
expect it to turn out like this?

I would never go after spoiled meat.

I came laughing so I can't leave crying.


Isn't this director Hong?

Did you see the news?

So you wrote this ridiculous scandal?

Scandal... You would like to think so.

Reporter Han, I know you want to be famous.

But what would you do if someone
sues you for making up the story?

Making up the story?

What I wrote was real with proof.

How could I be making up the story?

Real proof? Who told you?

Director Hong, really.

The fundamental job of a spy
is to collect intelligence.

I'll confirm with Min Woo myself then.

Once I confirm it, Reporter Han should
expect a warrant from the court.

She really doesn't understand men.

Pretty lady but really simple-minded.

What are you doing?

Listen to me;
I am a good friend of Sung Min Woo.

You can confirm with him.

I was instructed he will
not meet with anyone.

I'm sorry.

Sung Min Woo is not answering the
phone and not opening the door.

You are probably quite anxious.

Director Hong, you know for men...

If woman sticks too close then it's too...

Looks like you know nothing about dating.

Looks like you really have dated a lot.

What happened?

Excuse me, what is going on?

Go away, Ahjumma.

Why not just tell me?

Excuse me.


Are you an employee of The Show Company?


Do you know an employee
called Yoon Gae Hwa?

That's me.

Here, come here.

This ahjumma is that woman.

Why are you guys doing this?

Why are bothering Oppa?

It's you, right?

It's impossible that Oppa would want
to stay with a woman like you.

Get out.


Hurry up, let's go.

"Man in the Dream" Mr. S, Sung Min Woo.

Stage show production company T company,
that would be The Show Company.

Yoon Gae Hwa, that's me.

This, who found it out?

No one knew it.

How did they find it out?

You should calm down.

What should I do? How did it get exposed?

Looks like someone knew the whole thing.

There is nothing to counter it.

It's very hot on the net too.

What should I do? The story in the newspaper
makes our relationship very strange.

But it's nothing like that.

Then what is it?

Can you tell me clearly?

Is it a problem of Min Woo's?

I'm sorry, President.

If you can't tell even me then
it will be impossible to clarify it.

Are you prepared to take
such treatment forever?

I really don't know what to do.

But how about Min Woo?

It must be harder on Min Woo.

Why is this ahjumma not answering her phone?

She must be hiding in some corner.

This is The Show Company.

Yes, Secretary Kim.

Yes, I was on the phone.

How are you?

We will handle it right away.

It really wasn't like that.

So busy yet you still call me out?

You must be tired.

Yes, the company can't do it without me.

If you're looking for ways to
turn this around,

then I think you shouldn't say anything.

I'm an honest reporter who tells the truth.


But Reporter Han do you know the
phrase "Think small, Lose big"?

"Think small, Lose big"?

It means I gave up something big, does it?

You really are reporter,
such a quick response.

Living together never happened, so let's not
discuss the question of living together.

Because there is a secret bigger than this.

What bigger secret than this meant?

In truth, sometimes we are the victims.


Do you know how scary a woman
is Yoon Gae Hwa?

Han Min Gwan, you finally wrote
a big news report.

Music show production company Yoon...
threatens star Sung Min Woo.

It's time change my car.

I'm going to take back my property.

I already resolved it.

You don't need to worry too much,
take a rest at home first.

Then take a break at beach
when you do the photo shoot.

They'll forget this soon.


No one else but me would help you
when you're in trouble like this.

Min Woo, we will start afresh.

Do you understand?

You haven't eaten yet, right?

Eat this.

Be strong.

Everyone work hard.

It's me.

There is something up in the company
so I didn't have the time to call you.

I saw the news.

What's going on? Looks like they are
talking about Yoon Gae Hwa.

It can't be the truth, is it?

I'll tell you the details later,
and we will talk about our matter later.

I understand.

Are you still outside?

We can't stay at the office,
so I took Yoon Gae Hwa away.

You and Yoon Gae Hwa?

Um, I'll call you later.

President Yoo? How are things?

I don't know.

He's so busy already; I guess he
doesn't have time to divorce.


His wife already asked for a divorce
yet he's busy taking care of another woman.

He is with Yoon Gae Hwa.

Are you jealous now?

Is that it? Am I jealous
of such a kind person?

Min Ji, I am really sorry.

Mother has something going on,
so I can't make it today.

You can't come to school?

That's right, I'm sorry.

I don't care, you promised me.

Min Ji, next time Mother...

I don't care!

You're already not living with me and
now you're not keeping your promise.

Min Ji.

Min Ji.

Min Ji, Mother will call you again
after your class.

Min Woo.


Why does the phone show
President Yoo's number?

It's a mess at the office,
so I came out with the President.

Min Woo, are you OK?

Of course, what problem would I have?

That's good you're OK,
I've been so worried about you.

I'm OK too.

The President stayed with me all this time
so I wasn't afraid.

Did I ask you?

I can't interfere with your business either.

I thought you would be worried about me.

It's good if you aren't worried.

I'm sorry to have caused such a scandal
between you and me.

That's right.

Do you know how ashamed I feel now?

I'm sorry for making you feel ashamed.

I was very scared too.

I don't know what to do.

Anyway, eat well and on time.
Take care of your health.

I will call you another time.

Forget it, don't call.

Still such a bad temper.

President, you still have a lot to
take care of back at the office.

I'm OK by myself.

Finish the drink before we leave.

Why is she staying with President Yoo?

So they stay together all this time?

How could she have no friend to complain to?


Forget it, don't worry about Ahjumma.

That would save me some mental stress.

Yoon... in the musical show company.

She used the weakness of a star
to gain huge profit for herself.

She is a dangerous terrorist.

She used the accident which occurred
when Sung Min Woo just started his career.

Insisted it was a hit and run,
and threatened Sung Min Woo.

Forced him into her company's musical show.

The stage company that used the actor's
past to profit is also in a mess right now.

According to the report, Yoon...
is a married 35-year-old woman.

She is a temporary employee in the company,
a trainee hired through internet recruiting.

How can it be like this?

Rumor is she lived in Sung Min Woo's house.

So everyone said they might be
living together.

Divorced women really aren't afraid
of heaven or earth.

That's true, would normal person divorce?

You say Sung Min Woo has
a child outside of marriage?

Don't they say they're all like that?

How would I know?

President, may I borrow your phone?

Bok Nim, please take care of Ye Eun for me.

I am afraid Manager Jeong might hurt her.

Keep her from the reporters
and don't let them find out.

Otherwise he will be finished.

Do you understand?

You must take good care of Ye Eun.

Who is Ye Eun?

Your daughter's name is Min Ji, isn't it?

She's Min Woo's child?

You did all this to keep it a secret?

We can't hurt the child.

And... I did threaten him before.

I take care of Ye Eun and Sung Min Woo
takes the lead in the show,

that's a threat, isn't it?

I have nothing else to say now.

But I didn't know it would
affect our company.

Everyone will know that it's our company.

What should we do, President?

President, are you really angry?

Yes, I am really angry.

I'm sorry.

The one who did the hit-and-run was her?

That was you!

The details don't matter.

The important thing is that
she threatened us.

She's taken care of Ye Eun up until now

And she's someone who's put her everything
into caring for both me and Ye Eun!

You're being really weird.

So what?

Are you saying we reveal everything?

Since she's already taken part in it,
I just let her sacrifice a little more.

It's not like her image is going
to be permanently damaged.

People don't even know who she is.

Are you sure you'll be okay alone?

Of course.

I frequently come to relax
at the sauna.

I really like it here.

I took you from your work all day.

I'm really sorry.

You should at least go now and work.

If something happens, call me.



Where is Yoon Gae Hwa?

She's taken a leave due to circumstances?

A leave?


So how did this happen?

We haven't checked if this was true yet?.

This company is a really
problematic company, isn't it?

- What?
- What?

I mean, how horribly did this
company treat that nice woman,

that she would do something like this?


Although I'm a person who
doesn't know many things,

I know exactly what kind of person
that Yoon Gae Hwa is.

She's definitely not the time to have this
blackmailing reputation.

She doesn't have the guts to do that!

So what I'm saying is?

How badly did this company treat her that
she would resort to something like this?


Wait a minute.


Did the company do all this and
is blaming Yoon Gae Hwa for it?

Mr. Kim, how can you say that?

Where is President Yoo?

I'm going to have to speak directly
to President Yoo.

Now? if this company continues
to bully Yoon Gae Hwa,

tell him that I will take all
of my investment back.

Understand me?

What's the sudden caring about his ex-wife?

Hey, hey.

There are so many reporters outside.

It's worse than the time when you hid
because of that assault case.

Did you bring it?

Huh? Yeah.


It's been a really long time
since you used this.

But Min Woo, is the report really true?

You were with Yeon Hee before and I thought
you arranged everything with Yu Ra?

Isn't that it?

Don't ask me. You'll get hurt.

This woman doesn't even take her cellphone.


Come see me for a second.

I'm busy. Why don't we do it over the phone?

After creating this whole mess,
what could you possibly be busy with?

What mess?

Didn't you see the article? I'm the victim.

Where are you?

What's this?

Did you hit me?

Are you a man with even just a
little bit of conscience in you?

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Who do you think are you, hitting me?

Are you really a victim?

What kind of damage did you receive?


She's the one being misunderstood everywhere
but keeping quiet because of your secret.

What kind of damage is she doing you?

I don't care about your secret.

Your personal life? That's your own problem.

But you need to be somewhat considerate.

Whose fault is it that Yoon Gae Hwa's
in the middle of this madness?

And all you say is?


You're the victim?

Yoon Gae Hwa is the real idiot.

Even after getting caught by me,
she was only worrying about you.

There's no need to blame Manager Jeong.

This is something you've encouraged?

No, this is something you've agreed to do.

You said before.

Since we met ten years ago,

you've matured a lot,

that you're wiser now and
I shouldn't look down on you.

Let's see,

if you will act as if you've grown up.

You step up and clean this mess yourself.

Where is she?

That woman.


Yoon Gae Hwa, where is she?

This man!

Min Woo.

You just hit whenever.

How did you get in here?

The owner didn't recognize me.
She must've been blind or something.

What if people recognize you?

Put the towel back on.

Are you okay?

Of course I am.

Are you really okay?


How do you stand it every time
it happens to you?

Earlier today, all the reporters'
cameras were flashing

And ever since then, everything
has been a blur to me.

Even in here, it feels like everyone's
staring and pointing at me.

I even got photographed earlier.

Your face isn't something that'll get
remembered just after one shot.

Don't worry.

I'm worried Min Ji will see it.

But why did you come here?

Because I knew you'd be like this.

The expert has to be here to give advice.

You were probably shaking in fear
after creating this scandal.

Let's go. I'll buy you some Shik Hae*
*Korean rice drink

About the articles that call you
a blackmailing criminal...

That's true.

I did threaten you.

You even asked yourself,
if I were a blackmailer.

No matter who says it,
I don't have the right to feel wronged.

About those rumors?

They could get worse.

And you'll get more negative
comments online.

I didn't even think about that.

I guess it could happen.

All the words people can't say
in person will appear in bulk.

And you can't even count the words that
make you want to jump into the Han River.

But the funniest thing is,

After just a few days, it gets really quiet.

It doesn't matter if you got
nailed in your heart or bruised.

Don't look at all those things.

And for the time being, just be patient.

If you close your eyes and ears,
everything will pass quickly.

Don't worry.

I'm good at that.

I've gone through a lot of things like that.

Isn't she such a scary woman?
How can she think to threaten Sung Min Woo?

She wasn't even that attractive.
How did she do it?

She's a vicious woman.
She threatened him to appear in a musical!

I hear she's really good at lobbying, and
you know what it means when a woman lobbies.

Gae Hwa.

Gae Hwa!

Just look into my eyes.

I'm sorry.

If you just lived in Yoon Gae Hwa's world,

you wouldn't have experienced harsh things
because you knew Sung Min Woo.

I can only say endure it.

And for that, I'm sorry.

President Yoo.

It's Sung Min Woo.

Do you have a moment?

Oh Min Ji! Ye Eun!


Min Ji, you were really disappointed
in me today, huh?

I'm really sorry.

Auntie explained everything
to me on the way here.

You only did it because
you were really busy.

Sometimes things don't go according to plan,
there are times when you get really busy.

So you're understanding my situation?

Thank you. My daughter.

Mom, Ye Eun is a little girl who's being
treated at Auntie Bok Jim's hospital.

Can I eat boiled eggs with Ye Eun?

Yes, go ahead.

On the ride here, they exchanged
stickers and became really close.

They're like sisters.

Anyway, are you okay?

Your face looks so frail.

Even if I'm not, what can I do?

I just have to stay energetic.

By the way,

your pictures haven't been
floating on the internet.

I've been surfing all day, and I think
someone erased your photos.



Honestly, that's a portrait violation.

I heard if you complain about it,
they can take the pictures down.

Do you think someone did that?

I don't know.

I hope someone did.

I don't think I can even go to work.


The company's being treated badly
for what's happening to me.

I have to quit in order for the
company to stop being defamed.

Hey! Why do you have to quit?

The responsibility belongs to Sung Min Woo.

Tell him to take responsibility!

I wanted a drink, but the only person
I could think of was you.

The easiest thing is for someone to
live the way they've been living.

Not caring about acting
or being professional

Just living by myself,
being treated like a star,

Depending solely on Min Suk, Manager Jeong,

Even though I get sick of it at times,

It's hard to jump off that train.

I'm scared.

Even though I've been pushed around
from all sides,

I'm not confident doing it alone.

No one tries new things because
they're confident about it.

After trying, they get confident
because they did it.

There's no one that doesn't fear something.

Is that the truth you learned
after failing so many times?

The scariest thing is that at the 2nd, 3rd,
even the 100th try,

the fear doesn't disappear.

The only difference is that each time,

you're a little bit more emotionally
prepared for it.

You're right.

If I weren't a star, just a random actor,
would you pull me off the show?

No, I would have to decide after
seeing your last practice.

That's the same even if you were a star.

That's very like you to say that.

Do you? have some kind of a problem?

Just because.

Since you hit me once,
you have to make me feel better.

Your fist is surprisingly painful.

I always remember something given to me.

When your mind has cleared up,
come to me at any time.

I won't reject you.

Finish eating.

I'll be going.

Oh! It's Sung Min Woo.

Is the woman in the scandal a celebrity?

Please comment on this!

Who is she?

Please say something!

I will give a press conference
tomorrow afternoon.

I'll reveal all the information
that you're so curious about.

But, I have a precondition.

I want all the pictures of Ms. Yoon,
who was targeted because of me,

deleted from the internet.

Also, I ask that you stop
following Ms. Yoon.

I'm a public figure, but she's not.

There is no reason for her to be subjected
to this harassment

based on rumors without evidence.

If you keep your promise,
I will keep my promise tomorrow.


Is he really going to give
a press conference?


I just heard something weird.

What is this?

A press conference?

Don't even think about
doing something stupid.

Bok Nim and Min Ji went home
early in the morning.

I called the daycare to say you'll late,
so let's play here for a little bit, okay?

Actor Sung Min Woo Press Conference


What's he doing?

Due to a couple of recent rumors,

I deeply apologize for the disappointment
my fans might have felt.

I've prepared this to clear up some
suspicions and misunderstandings.

The first thing I'd like to clear up

is that the Show Company's "All That Love"
is a production that I have chosen.

The rumor that I was threatened into
this production is completely false.

At least we've cleared up
that misunderstanding!

That what is the meaning of
the previous car accident?

It's true that there was a car accident.

But the story of it being turned into
a hit-and-run and blamed on me?

never happened.

I've never received a threat like that.

It's false.

Are you saying Ms. Yoon of the Show
Company has nothing to do with this story?

Yes. Ms. Yoon is only a responsible and
honest employee of a musical company.

There is nothing more or less.

That can't be.

I bet they're going out.

- No way.
- He's just saying that.

Then what exactly is your relationship
with Ms. Yoon?

I've definitely heard that Ms. Yoon
visited your home many times.

Hey, what do you think Min Woo will say?

What do you mean? She's just an employee.

If it's true that she came
in and out your house,

then the excuse of her being just
an employee is unbelievable.

Then what exactly is your relationship with Ms. Yoon?

A good relationship.
We're seeing each other.

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