Oh! My Lady (2010–…) - episodes with scripts

Series Outline: Sung Min Woo is the top male star in Korea due to his good looks and singing talent. Ambitious, he moved into TV dramas which he helps with his star power and hinders with his terrible acting. He also has an exploitative, unethical manager. Yoon Gae Hwa is a housewife divorced from a rich husband who needs to earn enough money to keep her daughter in her custody while her ex-husband's new wife doesn't want the daughter of a previous wife around. Gae Hwa's sole prior work experience is 6 months as a reporter for a weekly scandal rag. Her first jobs shown in the series are unsuccessful but include 1 day as housekeeper for Sung Min Woo where a babysitting emergency forces her to leave early, infuriating Sung Min Woo. Shortly afterwards, she finds another job at a musical production company, learns a secret about Sung Min Woo, and convinces him to work on the agency's musical, and becomes Min Woo's handler for that agency as it prepares to put on a musical starring Min Woo (if he ever improves as an actor). Handling Min Woo is no easy task due to their mutual antagonism, spurred by Min Woo's immaturity. Min Woo grows up as he faces the challenges of caring for his unexpected 5-year-old daughter Ye Eun, the result of an affair several years earlier, and by Gae Hwa's example in caring for the otherwise unprotected Ye Eun. Min Woo gains maturity very quickly as he learns to accept and love his daughter and becomes something unexpected - a good actor. The romance also ends satisfyingly - but I'm not telling that part of the ending.