Oh! My Lady (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

- Min Woo!
- Hey.

Oh dear!


Let's go.

Episode 11

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm all right.

You're still doing ludicrous
things like this?

Am I still some prize to spy on?

When I was a rookie, you used any means
necessary to put me on the rise to fame.

You're still doing this?

If you had quickly resolved things,
I wouldn't have had to go so far!

Everything I spoke to
you about is moot now.

I'm going to do whatever
I want from now on.


Don't mess with me.

If you pull this kind of stunt on me
again, I won't sit back and do nothing.

I'll reveal everything then.

I'll reveal everything,
and bring you down with me.

Drink some water!

Yes, thank you.

So nothing else happened?

Were you hurt anywhere?

Yes, I'm fine.

But how did you know
to come here, President?

I saw them pull you into the car
at the office and followed you.

I lost you in the middle of the chase,
so Min Woo came.

Ah, I see.

What was that about?

Well you see...

Manager Jung isn't happy with the fact
that Min Woo is starring in our musical.

He keeps holding him back
from the rehearsals

and scheduling different
appointments at the same time.

That's why I told him if he kept acting
this way, I wouldn't sit still.

That we had already agreed in a contract,
so why did he keep meddling in our affairs.

I kind of provoked him, you see.

After that, he told me
to stop fooling around.

And he tried to make me sign a
contract to refrain from his business.

So he went so far to threaten
you over something like that?


I think it'd be best if
you went home to get some rest.

I'll take you.

Will you really be okay taking the subway?

Yes, this is more comfortable for me.

Thank you so much for today.

Get home safely.

You too.

W... what are you doing here?

You're annoyed, aren't you?

I'm annoyed too.

What is this?

If he promised to go on this trip
with you, he should've shown up.

Will you stand for being stood up?

Is it certain that you and Sung Min Woo
were going on this trip?

Could it be that he was just going to go by
himself on business and you misunderstood?

Why you...

What do you think you're doing?

Why are you getting in with me?

Why waste cab fare when we can go together?


Head towards Kang Nam and
cross the bridge, please.

Your house is in Kang Nam, right?

W... wait.

I thought Sung Min Woo had good manners
but that's not the case.

Standing up women like this.

I told you that he called and
said something urgent came up.

And you believe that?

Sung Min Woo used to party and
have fun like crazy before.

Were you aware of that?

When you were in America, Team Leader Hong,
Sung Min Woo was caught up in many scandals.

You didn't know that, right?

Does anyone have the means
to party and have fun?

Since he's good-looking, well-mannered and
wealthy, women tend to follow him around.

And so... that doesn't bother you at all?

I see you can't be honest with yourself.

On the inside you're probably fuming.

What if hypothetically a
hidden child surfaced...

Reporter Han!

Do you want to get off here?

No, if I get off here,
how will I be able to get home?

I'll be quiet then.


Ye Eun must have had a hard time as well.

She's fallen asleep.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry you had to go through
something like that because of me.

I'll apologize on behalf of
what Manager Jung did.

And also...

All of the rude things I said and did...

Please forget all of it.

Thank you, Min Woo.

Thank you for apologizing.

He's a prize to me.

A very important prize.

Could it be that something's
wrong with that manager?

To threaten Team Leader Yoon
over something like that.

I'm going to try and find out
what's going on tomorrow.

Why did you want to talk to me outside?

I was going to talk to
you about the money...

But I heard you acquired an investor.

Your voice sounded so strange that I called
the office and heard from Team Leader Oh.

I was wondering if I should try and help
you quietly, but I guess I lost my chance.

Anyway, everything turned out well.


Ye Eun.

- Ye Eun, let's eat!
- I'd better go wash up.

Have a seat.

I'll give you some coffee.

Ye Eun, is the soup too hot?
Or is it okay?

I thought you said she talks now.

She doesn't talk to just anyone yet.

I was told that she'll just speak to people
she feels close to once in a while,

and increase the amount little by little.

You know...

Investment has come in for our show...

And there was a rehearsal
scheduled yesterday.

Let me know after another
one is scheduled then.


You're going to rehearse again, right?

How would we be able to put on
this show without you, Min Woo?

Thank you!

That's why...

What is this?

Read it.



One. I, Sung Min Woo, will attend rehearsals
from now on without flaking out.

Two, I will arrive at rehearsal on the dot.

Three, to bring All That Love
to success, I will give my all.

Even though I believe in your determination,

no one knows the true
depths of a person's heart.

So I'm just suggesting that
we set things straight

and clear between us and have
proof of that in writing.

So I sign right here?

[Name: Sung Min Woo]

You're signing it without any fuss?

Without even thinking on it first?

Ahjumma, how can you draw
up such a general contract?

How many hours a day
will I have to rehearse?

What punishment awaits me
if I don't arrive on time?

You should have gotten into
more details as you wrote this.

Ah, you're right.

I didn't think of that.

Let's draw up another one then.

But I signed it already.

How can you add onto it now?

I only wrote one more line.

We'll be leaving first.

Ye Eun, let's go!

There we go!

If I don't keep these promises,
I am not even a man.

That ahjumma, really...

We heard from President.

So you and Manager Jung went head-to-head?

It wasn't exactly head-to-head...

That person gave off a suspicious vibe when
I saw him before that kind of scared me.

Noonim, how impressive!

Taking a stand against oppression
and the courage to fight back!


We didn't know that had happened and just
assumed that you played hooky at rehearsal.

You fulfilled a public service. Good work.

But everything's all right now.

Sung Min Woo even signed a contract
promising to work hard from now on.


You made Sung Min Woo
the star sign a contract?

Not that exactly...
a contract within the heart.

Team Leader Oh, set up another time
for rehearsal and get the word out.

I'm going out now.

Yes, see you later then.

Gae Hwa, stop by J-Move to see how
dance rehearsals are going.

Jin Ho, let's get a move on too.

We have a lot to do.

Yes ma'am.

What business would the President of
The Show Company have to want to see me?

I'd like to hear your side of
what went on yesterday.

And why would I have to give
you an explanation, President?

Yoon Gae Hwa is an employee of mine.

Isn't it obvious

that I'd want to know why an employee of
mine had to suffer such ridiculous threats?

Why don't you hear from your employee then?

Because it seemed like Yoon Gae Hwa couldn't
bring herself to tell me all of the details.

Since you were the one who
made the whole thing happen,

why don't you explain it
to me, Manager Jung?

Well, you see...

I don't think I can tell you what
Yoon Gae Hwa is unable to tell you.

Instead, I'll tell you one thing.

That woman Yoon Gae Hwa
might seem like she's innocent,

but there's more to her than meets the eye.

It's best to avoid putting
so much trust in her.

I'm a little busy, so goodbye.

5, 6, 7, 8.

Bba. Up!

Strengthen your legs!

And, up, up!


Where's all your strength?

And down!

1, 2, 3, 4.


Okay, let's take a 10 minute break.

Sung Min Woo, you're great today.

You look like Tony from West Side Story.

Ah, thank you.

- Let's take a break.
- All right!


Min Woo!


I wanted to spring for some drinks.



Here, here!

You're sweating a lot
because of rehearsal, right?

I made these especially great for you.

- Wow!
- Thank you!

This is great for firming the skin.

Min Woo, thank you for this.

Min Woo, you're impressing me a lot today.

When did you prepare all that?

This much should be expected.

Oh, you're always cleaning up
every time you come, Team Leader Yoon.

Leave all that so the studio
cleaners can throw it away.

Since I keep stopping by here,
I feel like this is my home.

I'll just throw these out on my way out.

You're going to the office, right?

I'll drop you off on the way,
I have to go to the school.

J - Move always seems so full of energy.

You're never tired even though you're
dancing with all of those young people.

I do it because I love it.

Are you okay?

Ahjumma, what did you leave your eyes?

Weren't you supposed to see
if anyone was crossing?!

I'm sorry.

Is an apology enough? A person almost died!

If I didn't get out of the way fast enough,

you would've caused a huge accident,
do you know that?!

Ahjussi, how can you cross so suddenly?

It's not even like your eyes are
on the sides of your head.

And also, this isn't a street
where motorcycles are allowed.

Who are you to butt in, Ahjumma?

It's the truth!

Ahjumma, you were in a car,
and I was on a motorcycle.


Who was in more danger, you or me?

Of course it was you.

Isn't that why you needed
to be more careful?

I would've gotten more
hurt if anyone was injured.

Oh dear, but still-

I'm doing this to be able to survive.
To survive!

Are you undermining me
because I use this to survive?

That's not what I meant.

Then quietly get on your way, got it?!

That ahjussi must have been very busy.

He might get into an accident
if he keeps that up...

He probably has a family at home too.

You're not very good at fighting, are you?

My friends always mock me
for being an incapable meddler.

I'm sorry.

You wound up wasting so
much time because of me.

That's part of your charm, Yoon Gae Hwa.

Your ability to make people laugh.

Oh dear, that's not charm,
it's because I'm pathetic.

You're too kind, Teacher Han,
choosing to see this as my charm.

Who's Tony? Who could Tony be?

Fine, I'll give this a chance.

- Ahhh, it's Sung Min Woo!
- Oh my!

You can just insert this into
the blender and blend it.

Yes, the practices for the
drama will begin next week

and take place on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.

All right, I'll see you then!

Yeah, okay. I'll leave now.

Yoon Gae Hwa, let's go look at some sets.

Yes, Sir.

Mom, it's Min Ji.

Mom, you haven't forgotten

that you're going to speak in
front of the class next week, right?

Of course, I still remember.

Mom, you have to dress nicely, okay?

Put some makeup on too!

All right.

Mom, what are you doing right now?

Are you working at the office?

No, I've come out to look at
where they make sets.

Okay, I'll go and explain about that too.


President, would it be okay

if I leave the office on Wednesday
next week for a little while?

Min Ji asked me to come to her
school to speak about my job.

If I include my lunch hour,
I don't think it'll take long at all.

All right.

Min Ji will enjoy that.

Yes, thank you!

You have arrived at your destination.
Route directions are now concluded.

But there are no sets here, President.

Oh Hyung, it's me.
I think I've got the wrong place.

I'm in the city of Jangha right now.

Ah, is that right?

Okay, I'll call you when I arrive.

Director Lee hasn't even
come up from Seoul yet.

Let's get some lunch then.

I think this is a place
that has good baeksu*.

{\a6}* (meat boiled in a simple stew)

How's baeksu?

Yes, that sounds good.

We'll have that then.

The stage setup usually takes
place a week before the show begins.

For big shows, it might
take a week to set up,

but for smaller shows,
it could just take a day.

What are you doing?

Ah, I'm writing down what you say.

To keep in mind for next time.

If it makes you feel uncomfortable,
should I stop?

It's fine.

- Thank you!
- Thank you.

- Enjoy.
- Goodbye!

What is that?

We're going to have to turn back and drive
for a while to get to the set location.

He said to drive back about 20 minutes.

And so?

I felt bad about just
asking him for directions,

so I thought it'd be nice to give some
of this to the people at the location.

Let's go.

Director Lee is talented,

but he tends to curse often so he
might leave a bad impression on you.

What's wrong?

I'm sorry, President.

Could we stop by a pharmacy
before we keep going?

I think I have an upset stomach.

Are you all right?

Yes, I feel better.

I'm sorry for making you go out of your way.

Was there something wrong with the food?

I feel fine.

I wonder why it's only you.

I get like this whenever I eat baeksu.

My husband brought me
to a baeksu restaurant

and told me that he was
seeing another woman.

After that day, I would always get an
upset stomach every time I ate baeksu.

You should've told me before.

I thought I was okay by now.

But I guess I still have this problem.

When you heard about the other woman,
you must've been unspeakably furious.

The thing that makes me most angry...

Is that he's never said sorry,
not even once.

"I was wrong".

"Although I gave my heart to another woman,

I'm truly sorry for causing you pain".

If he had apologized like
that to me at least once,

I think I would've been less hurt.

I felt incredibly pathetic thinking
that he chose not to tell me

because he didn't think I was
important enough to know.

I thought I had forgotten everything,
but it still makes me upset.

I'm sorry.

Even though a person like
me isn't someone special.

You're a very special person,
Team Leader Yoon.

You have sincerity.

And make others around you feel happy.

So you should start believing
yourself to be special.

Although it's a bad thing to be conceited,

it's also not good to be too
hard on yourself either.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Yes, Teacher?

Ye Eun isn't feeling well?


All right then.

What do I do now?

Oh, Bok Nim, it's me.

Can you watch Ye Eun for me today?

Is there no security here?

Oh my, she's so cute!

Hey kiddo!


That little one is proud, isn't she?

That kid that Sung Min Woo had
in his arms was that same size.

I don't see them at all lately.

Should I give this up?


I've brought Ye Eun.

Ah, yes.

I'm finally meeting you.

You're even more handsome in real life.

Thank you.

You can go now.

Oh my, oh my.

As Ye Eun's doctor,

I have something I'd briefly like to
talk to you regarding her.

As an adult, if you've done
something to hurt a child,

the most important thing is
to discuss it and apologize.


I'm sorry about messing up
those paper animals you made.

And also...

I'm sorry for considering even for a
little while doing something bad.

You want me to fold this for you?

Dang it!

Are they telling me to
fold this inwards or outwards?!

Ah, how annoying.

I don't think I can do this.

Okay. I'll try again.

You're hungry, aren't you?

You're hungry!

Should we eat?

Let's eat! Let's go, let's go!

And take care not to get angry if she
does something wrong or makes a mistake.

Oppa will clean it.

Eat a lot!

{\a6}Give it to me love baby, I love you.

{\a6}Give it to me love baby, I need you.

{\a6}Give it to me love baby, I want you.

{\a6}There's only one person I love,

{\a6}I want to live forever in your embrace.

{\a6}I'll give my heart to
you for the first time.

{\a6}I want to live inside of you.

{\a6}Please protect lovingly like a flower.

{\a6}Give it to me love baby, I love you.

{\a6}Give it to me love baby, I need you.

When are you going to be done?

And from then on, the prince and
the princess lived happily ever after.

{\a6}Give it to me love baby, I want you.

You have to live your life kindly, okay?

{\a6}There's only one person I love,

{\a6}In this life you are
the only one for me.

Life is so great.

Being able to read books so easily.

{\a6}Give it to me love baby, I need you.

A continuous shoot for two nights
and three days would be better than this.

Let's keep reading.

The ugly baby duckling...

Oh my goodness...

Ye Eun!

Ye Eun!

I got into a car accident.

I was a vegetable for a month,
and afterwards I was unable to use my legs.

To face you in this manner-

I didn't want to become a burden to you.

Why don't we try this again?

Although I lived day by day
with you in my arms,

my heart felt so worn out.

If I take one step closer to you,

we still get farther apart.


{\a6}I think I love you.

{\a6}You make me smile

{\a6}with so many scars.

{\a6}When I look at you,
you're always smiling.

{\a6}I'm starting to resemble you.

{\a6}I've followed you here.

I was in a car accident.

I was a vegetable for a month,

and I couldn't use my legs after that.

I didn't want to become a
burden to you in this manner.

That was great.

One more time, more softly.

{\a6}I think I'm going to cry.

{\a6}I think I've come to know love.

{\a6}With one step at a time,

{\a6}I'm becoming a better person.

The letter of admission came
from Broadway Dance Center.

Really? Congratulations!

This is great.

Are you really congratulating me?

Of course I am.

You wanted to go.

You should boldly finish
up your work and go.

If you don't, you won't ever be able to go.

I'll have to go, right?

You're not going to go, right?

When you told me at first that you were
going to go with me, I couldn't believe it.

But since I don't know for sure,
I'm just asking you now.

If you want to at all, tell me.

I have a few days to decide.

Sister-in-law, relax, it's fine.

Wow, you look great today with the
necklace and the dress matching perfectly.

Ah, President Yoo!

Say hello, this is President Yoo Si Jun.

If you're wondering who this is,
this is my sister-in-law.

After she graduated from college,

she wanted to work in
the entertainment industry

so she's been practicing her acting,
singing and dancing.

If you went with her to a karaoke bar,

you'd see for yourself, but she's
the best at setting the mood.

Her singing is the best!

That's why I wanted to
know if there was a role

in this production that would be
just right for my sister-in-law.

I'll have a word with the director.

He takes care of all the casting, so this
isn't something I can decide on my own.

Why are you being this way?

If the head of the production company
says to put someone in,

there's nothing anyone can do.
Isn't that so?

You brought your profile, right?

Leave it here before you go.

That's right, that's why it's so
easy to communicate with President Yoo.

I hope we work well together.

Say goodbye, we're leaving.

- Goodbye.
- All right.

Why is this woman- really!

Why are you being like this,
Team Leader Yoon Gae Hwa?

Our president isn't one who works that way.

As soon as we come to an agreement,
you start by endorsing someone?

This is so humiliating!


Oh dear. Business is business
and people are people.

This is just business I'm doing.

Is it acceptable for you to use informal
language and threaten an investor this way?


I'm a person who's paying here.

Your salary is probably coming
out of my money as well.

Oh dear, you should think
about what you're doing.

I give you your salary, watch your kid.

Where would there be a
better ex-husband than me?

If I do this much for you,

shouldn't you try and talk your president
into helping debut my sister-in-law?

Oh my, how frustrating.

Treat your investor well, please.

I'm leaving now.

[Yu Ra]

Oh, Yu Ra.

I'm really sorry.

I felt I didn't have the right
to face you, so I didn't call you.

You said you had something
urgent come up. What was it?

Something happened to Yoon Gae Hwa.

Yoon Gae Hwa?

Did that woman cause trouble again?


It wasn't Yoon Gae Hwa
that did something wrong.

It was something that happened
because she was helping me.

It's difficult for me to
explain the details to you,

but something bad happened
to her because of me, so...

I couldn't not do something.

Anyway, I'm really sorry.

I'll apologize.

You did a great thing then.

So you understand?

Of course.

If something like that is happening,
of course you need to help her.

If I can't even be understanding of things
like that, can I call myself a friend?

Thank you, Yu Ra.

I was scared to call you because
I thought you were really angry.

From now on, don't worry about things
like that and just tell me first.

But promise me that you won't hide things
from me and you'll be honest. Okay?

All right, I will.

Min Woo, should we do something
else while we hang out today?

Going to a restaurant and a caf? after. It's
boring doing the same things over and over.

Min Woo, what's wrong?

You're tired after this little?

No, no, I'm not.

Should we have one more game?

No, let's stop then.

I shouldn't have asked you to
take me home when you're tired.

No, of course I need to take you home.

Ah I almost forgot, your manager
seemed like a good person.

You met him?

Yeah, I met him because of the
schedule for the fashion show.

He seemed like he looked after you a lot.

To tell you the truth, the plane tickets
to Japan were actually from Manager Jung.

To let you have some rest.

Those kinds of managers are rare.

Ah, is that so?

Should we get dinner before we go home?

How's a salad buffet?

It'll be nice and refreshing.


Instead of that, don't you want
something hot and spicy?

What are you talking about?

An actor needs to take care of
his body 365 days a year.

Yes, Director.

Right now?

Yes, all right.

What to do? I have to go in to the office.

I'll take you then.

We can have dinner another time.

Oh, I'm tired.

I have so much work, and on top of
that the investor is interfering.

I have no idea how I'm going to work up the
strength to make it to the day of the show.

What do you mean?
We have to endure together as a team.

Should we go have an office gathering?

Oh my, President! You're the best.

We're going to the place
we always go, right?

Should I call and tell them
to keep a spot open for us?

[Bad Acting]

Yes, please speak.

Why are you talking to me like that?

Is President next to you again?

When are you coming home?

Office gathering?

Ah, but I'm hungry.

Where are you having the office gathering?

A toast to the success of All That Love!

A toast!

Having the star of our show always
attend our office gatherings...

I think our production is
going to go very well!

I thought last time was too unsatisfying.

I'll spring for a second
and third round today.


Then should we move this to a club?

We don't have the energy
to go to a place like that.

Instead of a club, why don't we have
the second round at your house?


After saying that you'd take
care of our second and third rounds,

you're not going to retract that, are you?

Ah, well-

Wow, the food here is delicious!

Let's eat a lot here and go
somewhere else for the second round.

Can we have more helpings of
meat and vegetables here?

That's right, just barging
in without notice is rude.

Let's just have a beer and
send Min Woo on his way.

No, it's not rude.

We can go.

Let's hurry up and eat so we can go.

Then we'll be able to go in two cars,
President's, and yours, Min Woo.

Who's going to go in Min Woo's car...?

I'll go!

I really wanted to ride in it.

Of course.

I'll clean the room!

When are you going to clean all that?
Just lock it!

Ah, come on in!

This is an honor!

Oh my, it's so nice!

Oh my, this must be where you work out.

Isn't that right?

It's so cool!


This is the epitome of luxury!

The room is this way, right?

Ah, this is my storage room.


Where's the bathroom?

It's that way.

I just went in to wash my hands.

The kitchen must be that way.

We bought some beers,
so I'll go pull out some cups.

Your cups are...

Ah, right here!

And dishes...

Right here!

I wonder why I know where everything is.

Maybe it's because the cabinets
and sinks all look the same.

I don't think that's true.
Your sink must be half of that, Gae Hwa.

Oh dear, Team Leader Oh,
you always pick on me.

You- you shouldn't do that!

Open this.


You're not going to drink because you drove,
right President?

Bring some sodas from the fridge.


It's fine. I'll go.

No, it's all right. Please sit, President.

Ah, I heard you found an investor.

It's a little late, but congratulations.


I heard that you've been
rehearsing a lot lately.

When I say I'll do something,
I always see it through.

It looks like you've been watching musicals.

Aside from this one, there are a
few others that might be of help to you.

Ah, so this was here!

I bought it a long time ago,
and I thought I'd lost it.

I wanted to say something to you.

Be careful with the way
you speak to Yoon Gae Hwa.


Yoon Gae Hwa is an employee
of The Show Company.

It doesn't look good when you
address people as commonplace.

Aren't I an exclusive actor?

I thought I had the right
to do at least that much.

I'm just telling you to mind your manners.

Yoon Gae Hwa seemed like she wanted to avoid

something else happening like
that time with Manager Jung.

You should've had what was going on
with your manager under control.

Allowing something like that to
happen to a woman is unacceptable.

President, which drink would you like?

I didn't know what you'd like,
so I brought a number of them.

Thank you.

You drink one too, Team Leader Yoon.

Thank you!

Should I cut some more fruit for you?

There's a lot of mangos and
other expensive fruit here.

Yoon Gae Hwa, it seems like you're
the owner attending to her guests.

That's not it, it's
because we're guests here.

Ah, President, we should get going.

Team Leader Oh is drunk.

I want to live here!

Can you please stand up straight?!

There, there, there!

You should go, President.
I'll take care of Team Leader Oh.

Get home safely.

President, bye!

I should've been the one to
ride in Sung Min Woo's car!

Oh dear.

Get in, I'll drop you off on the way.

I think everyone who works in
our office are good people.

Team Leader Oh is so cute.

The way my life is going
right now makes me happy.

Try and find out if you can take out a loan
since you're an employee of a company.


We'll help you, so borrow some and
you can just pay it back slowly.

Then you'll be able to bring Min Ji back.

Oh dear, but the rent lately is astronomical.

How can you trust me enough to
lend me that much money?

What would you do if I took it and ran away?

And you have the courage to do that?

Oh my, I'm very weak when it
comes to money, President.

I love money so much.

You're a very bright person, Yoon Gae Hwa.

You lift the spirits of
the people around you.

You're going to get off at
the train station again, right?


Would it hurt you to clean up a little? How
could you just leave everything like this?

Because that's your job, Ahjumma.

You worked hard.

I'll help you with just one thing.

What should I do?

Throw this away.

You were waiting for it, weren't you?

I am going to leave now.

Sung Min Woo's become too nice.

And even if I keep looking,
he won't come out with anything.

Let's go now.

Oh my, I ask him to do one errand and
he acts like it's such a big deal.

Does he even know how to sort the garbage?

Oh dear!


Why are you here, Yoon Gae Hwa?

Let's go out and I'll tell you.

I'd like to hear an explanation
for what's going on.

Do you live here, Yoon Gae Hwa?

T... that...

I do live here.

So you're living in the same
house as Sung Min Woo?


That woman is living with Sung Min Woo?

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I want to let go of you now.

Let's get a divorce.

[Actor Sung Min Woo's Press Conference]

Here, look here!

What kind of relationship do
you have with Yoon Gae Hwa?