Oh! My Lady (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript

Then what exactly is your relationship
with Ms. Yoon?

Episode 13

A good relationship.
We're seeing each other.

I hope that everyone will wish us happiness
in our relationship.

Thank you.

Calm down, Yu Ra.

Your face color doesn't look too good
right now.

Unbelievable... Move!

Even if he was in a relationship,
it's supposed to be with me.

How did it ever become that woman?

Hurry up.
Come in and sit down.

What in the world happened?

How did the press conference
become like that?

I don't know.

I think he did what he did to get rid of
those rumors about me.

I really don't know what he's thinking.
He's just pouring oil on the fire.

Are you two, by any chance...

You're not really dating each other,
are you?

Am I crazy? Have a relationship with
that inconsiderate, immature child?

That's only from your point of view.

For others, the thing that's strange is
that Sung Min Woo would want to date you!

Hey. That's from other
people's perspectives.

For me, Yoon Gae Hwa,
that is absolutely not possible.

Is being a star that great?
These scandals just make people's head hurt.

Shouldn't you know, since you've been
involved in this situation from the start?

But he seemed sincere at the press
conference just now.

My heart even started to pound.

He's an actor.

I don't know how he managed
to act so well when he has no acting skills.

All my life, I've never had people
throw eggs at me before.

The egg-throwing experience, the divorce.

My job at the magazine publishing company.
All those were written by those reporters.

Now, to add to all that,
this ridiculous scandal!

I'm actually more worried about
Sung Min Woo's fan club.

They definitely will not let you go.

You don't know how scary those teenage
fans are.

What do I do?!

I can't even go to work.

I have to get to work,
so I can resign or something.

It's death no matter what.

Yoon Gae Hwa?
You're Yoon Gae Hwa, right?

No, I'm not.

You're obviously Yoon Gae Hwa.
Please accept my interview!

I'm sorry. There were too many reporters
at the door.

When I came to work, people even asked me
whether I was Yoon Gae Hwa.

Thanks to you, our company is
no longer quiet.

But... are you guys really dating?

Didn't you hear about it?
Do you still need to ask?



I'm so sorry, President, for making
the company so chaotic.

I will take responsibility for this.

Although I'm not sure how a person like me
can take responsibility.

No matter what,
I'll do everything I can.

How are you going to be responsible?
You want to resign?

It doesn't matter what you're up to
in your private life.

If you let these personal
affairs affect your work,

then it's even more of
an irresponsible behavior.

Everyone's been late today.

So please don't waste energy by
thinking about other things,

and focus on the performance.

- Yes.
- Yes, President.


Oh, so you're here, President Yoo.

I've come here because I'm worried
about the investment.

Do you think I can keep on investing
in your company?

How did you look after your employees?
How come these things happen every day?

Employee and actor... in a relationship?

- This, this. Is this supposed to be responsible?
- You! Hurry up and come out with me.

Why are you being like this, Yoon Gae Hwa?
I'm still talking to President Yoo.

Hurry up and come out!

What are you doing?

What are you doing? Let go!
Ah, really...

I've come as an investor, you know.

When I'm talking to President,

you should not just interrupt me,
since you're just an employee.

Don't be so perverse when you're talking!

Did you invest in the company
just to see me?

What? Perverse?

Really... The one who's being
perverse is you.

Dating Sung Min Woo?

This is more unbelievable than blackmailing,
don't you think?

You're not really blackmailing Sung Min Woo,
are you?

Let's analyze this.

If he is not being threatened,

he would not need to say
such unbelievable words, would he?

Did you really catch on to
Sung Min Woo's Achilles' Heel?


Let me just tell you.

How could a mother...

If you keep on acting like this,
you should take Min Ji.

Is Min Ji a burden to you?

Why do you mention me taking her
away every single time?

Do you hate her that much?

When did I say that I hated her?

I was just warning you. Don't have
these weird news spread again.

If you piss me off, I'm not going
to invest anymore.

I'm only letting you go this once
because I feel sorry for you.


No matter what happens, I will take back
Min Ji, so stop threatening me with her.

Oh, just look at you.
You really are something.

Then be that way! If you do that,
I'll be extremely grateful towards you.

But... you are not really dating him, right?

He would actually date someone like you?

He said that I was very pretty!

What? Pretty?

Please say something that makes sense,
Ms. Planning Support Team Leader!

You don't have to believe me.

Who is it?
Sung Min Woo?

Yes! It's Sung Min Woo!

Is it really him?

That felt great.

But... he won't really pull out
the investment, would he?

I have some important news for Ahjumma.
Why isn't she picking up?

I'm sorry for the disturbance.

President Kim Byung Hak isn't going
to withdraw his investment, right?

He's probably only being like this
because he can't accept it at this time.

If he really does pull out,
I'll take action in stopping him.

I'm going to a meeting.

Have a good trip.

But I really don't see what's so
mesmerizing about you.

How did you manage
to get Sung Min Woo?


I have an idea. It's because of
Sung Min Woo's unique taste.

Every millionth person, there's one
with that unique taste.

Noonim, when are we going to eat noodles*?

{\a6}(*implying to when she'll get married)

Sunbae, Sung Min Woo's acting still
needs improvement.

Plus, this recent scandal...
Will he focus on rehearsing?

That's why we need someone like you
to help him, Director.

I will make sure he practices properly,
so you help with the plans too.

Let's proceed as we planned today.


I'm somewhat shocked at the scandal
involving Yoon Gae Hwa.

I thought she wasn't the type of women
for hiding secrets.

You must be disappointed.

Oh yeah...

I heard that Chae Ho Suk got admitted
into DVC?

When did this happen?

Well, I don't really know.

Let's get together once before he leaves.


You came.

Let's talk.

Your idea...
I'm actually very disappointed.

Was this your idea of a solution?

Yoon Gae Hwa is in an even more
awkward of a situation now.

Did you think that your words would
solve everything?

The fans and the reporters are
even more interested in her now,

and are constantly waiting outside
the office.

Do you know how much pressure it is on someone
who has never experienced this kind of thing?

Then what should I have done?
There are no solutions.

I didn't want to use this way either,

but this is the extent of what I can do.

To me, this is the limit.

She's different from you.

She needs to advert people's pointing
and photography.

All this is different than what
you've experienced.

You need to be more aware, and not let
Yoon Gae Hwa be hurt.

What is the most important aspect
of this production?

This is the first thing I've done

in opposition of Manager Jeong
so I must handle it well.

You tell me what I need to do.

There's a part in the middle where
the male lead has a solo.

The simplest way to hook the audience
is to use your voice.

If you sing this song well, that's a
half guarantee of the male lead's success.

So you do good on that.

I got it. I'm leaving.

Then stop your investment.


The investment. Pull out.

How can I do that?

Don't you have a temper?

Your ex-wife is now some other man's woman,

yet you still want to invest money in the
musical that they're both doing together?

How pathetic does a man have to be

in order to willingly give money
to fund his ex-wife's affair?

This is not an affair!

When two single people are meeting,
that's dating.

Really, whose side are you on?

But, if I really pull out of the investment,
they will definitely panic, right?

The Show will immediately go bankrupt.
You'll be single-handedly closing it down.

At that time, your ex-wife will be
immediately fired.

What's a better form of revenge?

It's killing two birds with one stone.

Oh, yes. Two birds with one stone.

Gae Hwa noonim,

your scandals are helping the company
become known.


Right now we're heading towards a
positive direction on the Internet.

Sung Min Woo has a reason
for picking this woman.

If it's not appearance, she definitely
has other inner charms.

Not being affected by those around him,
and boldly picking who he likes,

that's definitely Sung Min Woo.

- What's so great about Sung Min Woo?
- Not only that,

our hit counts are currently at first place.

From yesterday until now,

we completely rose in popularity.

There are companies who said
they'd support our show!


They just left a message saying
they're interested.

These types of rumors are great marketing
for us.

Yoon Gae Hwa, you sure are killing and
reviving the company at the same time.

That means, it won't cause trouble for
the company, right?

Of course.

Yoon Gae Hwa, treat Sung Min Woo
well, okay?

You'll probably get dumped by him
in a few days.

Who are you looking for?

Yu Ra.

Let's talk.


Can you clear out a room for us?

Who was that? That person really is...

Why did we have to leave?

It should be the people who came
looking who leaves.

- Isn't she really pretty?
- Aish...

Please drink some tea.

Did you come because you saw the press

Yes. Before I talk to Min Woo,
I want to hear what you have to say.

You didn't have to come see me
specifically because of this.

What do you mean?

Did you really believe that?

There's no way for it to be true.
Why would Min Woo date me?

There's just no way.
If it were you, that'd be possible.

Then what was Min Woo talking about?

Min Woo originally wanted to cover up the
rumors that were going around about me,

so now it became like this.

Although the result didn't really
help me at all...

Anyway, the whole thing is not true at all,
so you need not worry.

Okay, I believe you.

But why is Min Woo always tangled up
with you?

Do you two have something going on?

Min Woo... has some issues.

But I can't go into detail about what
it is exactly.

So, you still can't tell me the whole truth?

Yu Ra, at this moment, why don't you just
keep silent and just stand by his side?

He won't pick up the phone, and I can't
even meet him. What can I do?

Men have times when they're annoyed too.

The more you bother him, the more
he's going to hide from seeing you.

All you have to do is leave him alone,
and wait for him to come to you.

He'll like those types of women
and he'll be thankful.


Of course.
I've lived a few years longer than you.

Although you can't feel it now, but in time,
he'll definitely know that you're good to him.

Min Woo really likes you, doesn't he?

So you need to believe in him,
and wait for him.

I got it. My heart is rested now that I know
that it's not true.

But I also hope that you will explain
to the public soon.

This is also beneficial to Min Woo's image.
I'm going.

Thanks to someone, I've become
a relationship expert now.

Get ready to turn,

then to the side and bam!

Let?s continue after a short break.

It?s definitely different with stars.

If it were someone else,
they'd be depressed,

but you still work really hard at rehearsal.

This little scandal doesn't count
for anything.

It's been ringing since a while ago.

It's me.

You came? Sit.

Do you have time over the weekend?
Let's have a meal with the Chairman.

Let's sign while we're there too.


You have to make sure to do well
on this contract.

That way we can establish a long-term plan.

What are you talking about?

Why? You don't want to continue working
with me?

It's okay if you don't sign.
But isn't it better if you did?

There are definitely a lot of complicated
things to deal with.

You need a person to watch out for you
even more at this time.

The child needs to grow up properly too,

Are you trying to threaten me with
that piece of paper right now?


Do what you want.

It doesn't matter what you do, because
our contract is about to be up anyway.

You sure have gotten gutsy.

Our six year relationship...

I don't want it to end badly.

If possible, I want to leave on a
positive note.

Okay. Let's end on a positive note then.

Oh, Tae Goo.

Oh, you came.

Yu Ra kept telling me to call you.

Wait, no. It's me.
I kept wanting to call you.

Oh, you guys talk.

I'm sorry I didn't call you these days.

You probably saw the press conference.
Were you shocked?

I was a bit shocked,

but I realized that you probably said it
because something troubled you.

Or else you wouldn't have had the reason
to say those words.

Yeah... To be honest,
there are problems.

I'll wait for you.

Tell me after you've solved your problems.
I'll wait.

I will always be by your side,
waiting for you quietly.

When you're ready, tell me then.


But... what is Manager Jeong doing?

In these circumstances, shouldn't
the company be helping you?


Do you want to eat together today?

What do you want to eat? My treat.

Not today, Yu Ra.

I want to rest at home today.

I'm going.

What happened? Min Woo left already?

I didn't think he was ever going
to leave you voluntarily.

He has really changed.

Also, he was furiously searching for
Yeon Hee a while ago...

The girl he went out with after
I dumped him?

Yeah, but it's all in the past now.

Min Woo can't seem to forget her.

She already went to America,
but he's still searching for her.

He even grabbed my shirt collar.

But why did he suddenly change to
another woman? I really don't understand.

I was annoyed already in the first place.
Please stop talking nonsense.

Oh, okay. I got it.

Excuse me. You want to eat with me, Yu Ra?

Forget it.

Oh, Bok Nim.

The reporters still seem to be outside.

I'm worried about leaving,

so I can't go home.

If I'm very late, can you please take care
of Ye Eun?

Yeah, I'll judge the situation,
and call you back later.

You're getting off work?

The others went out, and phoned me
saying they're not coming back.

Yeah. You're getting off work too?

I still have some stuff to sort through.

Team Leader Oh asked me to prepare
some material for the press conference.

Is it really because of work?

I will take care of myself, President.
Don't worry.

Okay, I'm leaving first.

I plan to come back to the company later,
so if you need anything, call me.

Okay, I understand.

Are you very surprised that I want
to see you?

Yeah, a little.

There's currently an investor very
interested in your work.

Looks like these two days has made
a positive impact on your image.

I heard that the youngsters are very
interested in this subject.

If it was at this speed, doesn't it mean that
there's great hope for a good box office?

A company seems to favor this project
very much.


Then can you introduce him to me,
Director Kim?

Why aren't they leaving yet?

That ahjumma is probably scared of
coming out.

Okay, let's focus on work.

Rather than putting the company in chaos,

I will do good on my original job

Yeah, come in.

Oh my god!

Oh my goodness!
I?m the one who got startled.

Hello, it's me.

What are you doing?

What else can I do?

I came to do some research.

Last time I came here,

I got to talk to you, and still didn't
pick up the relationship thing.

That is the biggest mistake of
my reporting career.

So today, I've come to hear about the
full story about how you've met to now.

I'm sorry, I can't tell you.

Please go back.

I had to use all of my abilities just to
get this outfit from the cleaning lady.

Why are you being like this to me?

Bad Acting?

Give it to me.

Yoon Gae Hwa, you are quite violent.

No need. Please go back.

I told you to take it.

I told you to leave.

Just take the call! It seems the person
calling is pressed to get through.

- Fine, I'll take it for you.
- Oh, my god.

Oh my god, What are you doing?

- Hello? Hello?
- Give it to me! What are you doing?

Give that back to me!

- Hello! Hello? Hello?
- What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Sung Min Woo?

Min Woo?

Why are you bullying a weak female?

No! It's a misunderstanding.

How is she a weak female?

Hey, I'm the one being bullied. He defends
her so much as she's his woman.

Team Leader Hong is better looking.

What's so good about that ahjumma?

Let's talk.

All you need to do is sign this form.

After we submit it to the courts, it's done.

Why are you in such a hurry?

It's better to not drag your feet on
these things.

Do you think that it's easy for me?

But even these kinds of things are
pushed aside because of work,

while I can only wait for my husband's call.

It's very tiring.

I only want you to care for me
as you do to an employee.

Was your day alright?

No. Do you have any thoughts at all?


Good relationship? What kind
of good relationship do we have?

Well, it's not like our relationship
is bad...

What did you say?

Then what would you want me to have done?

I needed to explain to everyone

that you weren't the bad woman like
they said in the rumors.

But you shouldn't have said those lies.

What's the big deal about dating?

We can just "break up" after a little while.
Then it'd be fine.

How is it that simple?

Am I such a player?

How is that being a player?
You're so narrow-minded.

Not only that, the scandal about you
were linked to me. It should be an honor!

Oh really. An honor, yeah right.

I'm sorry for doing things my way,
but I can't go public with everything.

I couldn't think of other ideas.
I'm sorry.

Did anything happen to you today?

No. Although I had to stay in the office
the whole day. It was like going to prison.

What about you?

Me? I've had a normal day.

I rehearsed dance diligently.

I signed autographs for the fans.

I let the reporters photograph me.
That's all.

You went to practice even though
it was like this?

Did I sign a contract before saying
that I would practice hard?

Don't think about other things. You need
to be focused on the performance too.

Since there are rumors about
the actor and an employee dating,

it would be embarrassing if the
performance was to be horrible, right?

Don't stare at me like that
just because you're touched.

Did you have a good day today?

And you sang the rabbit song?

Let's go.

We can't even go home?

Min Woo, go in by yourself.

We'll go to the sauna like yesterday.

Let's go on a drive.

It's Ye Eun.

Are you very hungry?

It was Ye Eun again?

No, this time, it was me.

Do I look like someone?

Sung Min Woo...

Yeah, that's right!

A lot of people have told me that I look
similar to Sung Min Woo's girlfriend.

Maybe it's because the pictures aren't
very clear.

Maybe if you saw it, she would be
completely different from the pictures.

I looked carefully... still seems like
the same person to me.

Here. It's a bit hot, so be careful.

Looks good.

This is Ye Eun's.

[My love Min Ji]

Oh, Min Ji.


Mom, I heard that you were dating
Sung Min Woo.

Oh... that was...

I've carefully thought about it,
and decided that ahjussi was alright.

There were some of his posters
at our school.

They said he was the sponsor
for our anti-bully campaign.

Isn't that something only the
nice people do?

Oh, well, maybe?

I looked at it for a long time, and
he doesn't seem as sleazy anymore.

But, Mom.

That ahjussi likes you?

That... Min Ji,

Mom definitely has a good relationship
with Ahjussi,

but it's not the relationship like
the adults said.

So, you don't need to be that mindful
of those, understand?

Okay. Sleep early.


How will I explain to her?

Not bad.

Does Ye Eun think it's good that Dad
took us out for some night air?

Was it your daughter?


My Min Ji said that you're very average,

and that I'm wasted on you.

What will she do in the future, if her
ability to see a good man is so off?

Teach her properly.

Did she really say that I'm average?

What are they doing?

Are you looking for a suit?

The slim line in our clothing is
a big specialty.

And from bright blue to pinks,
we offer a variety of colors.

Take your time looking.

So cool!

No wonder he's Sung Min Woo.

What are you doing, not helping
the customers?

Team Leader Hong...

Did you see the report about Sung Min Woo?

This... When did this happen?


The pictures were uploaded fast,
weren't they?

Team Leader Hong, didn't you say
that you were dating Sung Min Woo?

We all thought so.

He came here every day.
Didn't you also give him clothes?

What are you saying?

Didn't Team Leader Hong say that

- he was only a "soulmate"? Right?
- Ah.. soulmate.

He's really changed.

When did his taste become so bad?

No matter how I see it, there's
no way it could be that ahjumma.

Tell Min Woo to come here.

Me again?

Why, you want me to call him?

Okay, fine.

But I'd be mad if I were you too.
I really can't understand Min Woo.

Who is it? There's no number.

Hello? It's me. You are?

Yeon Hee?

You're really Yeon Hee?!

I've been trying to contact you.

You don't know how much Min Woo
wanted to find you!

Yeah, I told him not to search
for you anymore.

But Min Woo wouldn't give up
in looking for you.

What? Child?!

Yeon Hee? Hello?!

What's the matter?

I'm afraid I can't tell you.

Tell me!

If you don't want to see me faint,
you better tell me right now.

She said she sent the child to Min Woo.

She doesn't want him to find her,
and that he should just raise the child.


So, Yeon Hee and Min Woo had a child,

so that's why he was trying so hard
to find Yeon Hee.


Min Woo had a kid?!

It seems like there's something under here.


What is this?

Oh, this is just a prop for the shoot.

Oh, Yu Ra, look at the time!

Hurry up and go home, people are
probably waiting for you at home.

I'm fine.

You better shut your mouth about this.

Never, ever tell anyone. Got it?

Of course.

And don?t tell Min Woo. I?ll tell him
I know myself. Do not call him.

Oh, okay.

I want to be a cool guy.

Cooler than Hyung, and more skilled
than Hyung.

A bit more forcefully here.

I want to be a better guy than you.

How am I supposed to read this here?

[Yu Ra]

Gae Hwa.

Gae Hwa?

Ah, I actually fell asleep.

Where is this?

Stay here tonight.


There are probably still reporters at home,

and Ye Eun needs some proper rest.

I've already made a reservation,
so don't worry.

Be careful on the road.

If something comes up, remember to call me.

I got it.

You... why did you do it?

Why are you set on being like this?

No matter what I say,
it would sound like an excuse.

Do you still want to hear it?

When you start the production,
your eyes always change.

It seems like there's only you in
this entire universe.

Although I often hear from people saying
that I work hard,

I still have a hard time understanding you.

Sometimes I feel like you don't
need a woman by your side at all.

So it's a relief because I've never
once suspected you of cheating.

Every time you?re working on a production,
you make me feel that lonely.

And you?re a person who works
365 days a year.

I don't want to feel that kind of
loneliness anymore.

Even if it was like this...

Even if it was like this, you wouldn't
forgive me, right?

That's why I said that everything
I say will sound like an excuse.

I will never be able to forgive myself.

So, let's divorce.

Can I come in for a bit?

Min Woo...

Yu Ra,

let me talk first.



It seems like we could only go this far.

The situation I'm in doesn't look too good.

I have no way of being good to you.

All I can do is involve you in this.
I feel very sorry towards you.

I'll let go of you.

I'm sorry.

Do you want to tell me the reason?

It's nearing the time of the musical,

so I think I'll be very busy from now on.

I don't think I have the time to focus on
something else.

Is that all?

Up until now, I feel like I've been living
without a purpose.

After I've been called a star instead
of an idol,

and only doing what others told me to do.

No matter what they told me, I'd do it.

I lived like that because it was
a good life.

Now, I don't want to listen to someone else.

I just want to do what I want to do,

and living how I want to live.

Hold on.

He didn't pick up my phone calls just now.

I think it's because she's not used to
the new bed,

but Ye Eun can't sleep, and is being fussy.

Can you bring over Ye Eun's pajamas
and teddy bear?

I got it.

What floor? 1604?


Yu Ra.

I've got practice early in the morning.

Oh really? I should get going then.

Oh, you came?

Did you miss me?

Go in.

Oh, you drew it so well! Is it a monkey?

Oh, dog?

Ah! Is it a bear?

You drew it so well.

It's really well drawn.

Who is it? I'm going to go take a look.

Yu Ra?!

Yu Ra...

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I'm moving out for the time being,

so please give me the documents after
you've signed.

Are you leaving with Teacher Chae?

It doesn't matter, since it has nothing
to do with you.

How did something like this happen?

We've been having a lot of headaches
due that woman.

What do you mean?

Are you looking to rent a place?

I can't live there anymore,

and I have to bring Min Ji back.

Ye Eun is also a problem.

Did Min Woo tell you to do this?

Hello! Let's have fun together tonight.

We can?t fail this time.
Do you understand?

Ye Eun...

She lost Ye Eun!