Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 3, Episode 9 - Beautiful Girls - full transcript

Lynnette, having learned about her new neighbor's, Art Shepherd's obsession, assumes that he's a pedophile and goes to the police, but she is told that they cannot do anything about it. Gabrielle gets a shot to train a group of yo...

Previously on Desperate Housewives...

Wisteria Lane's new hero...


Superhero houses are great!

Turned out to be anything but.

Orson's mother took
up residence...

I've decided to accept
your wife's kind invitation.

You wouldn't.

And Mike couldn't remember...

No memory, huh?

Anything at all.

Here's our search warrant.

We couldn't
find a toolbox.

You might want to
wash that wrench off.

It's got something on it.

I'm just saying that we never
spend the night at your house.

But your place is
so warm and cozy.

Oh, it's also
a disaster area.

I didn't get a chance
to clean it today.


Oh, here, let me.

Susan Mayer had never
thought of herself as Cinderella,

but then one day...

a prince showed up.

Well, we can't have you
sleeping in squalor, can we?

My place it is.

And Susan realized
her life had become...

a fairy tale.

And since her prince had
welcomed her into his castle,

She felt the least she
could do was thank him...


And again...

And again.

The next morning, however,
Susan discovered castles...

Don't run themselves.

All right, oh...

But let's make it a quickie
'cause you are wasting water.


I didn't mean
to startle you.

Who are you?

I am Rupert.

I work for Mr. Hainsworth.

That would be the
man you slept with,

in case names
weren't exchanged.

Oh, no,

I'm your boss' girlfriend.

Surely he mentioned me.

Mm, not that I recollect.


Good morning...


I thought you
were off today.

Isn't... Isn't your
sister in town?

Uh, that's next
weekend, sir.

It's a good thing, too.

Otherwise, I might not have had
the pleasure of meeting your...



Yes, we met at the,
um, at the hospital.

Why don't I fetch
you a robe?

Loving that idea.

Would you care
for some breakfast?

Strawberry tart? Brioche?

Um, yeah,
that sounds great.

You pick.

Yes, Susan's life had indeed
become a fairy tale.

You are aware there
is a Mrs. Hainsworth?

Well, of course.

And what's a fairy tale...

Tart it is.

Without a dragon to slay?

By Tyno, Wisteria Team
Transcript by FRM
numarul 1 in Romania

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We know dangerous men
walk among us.

What we can't be sure of

is who they are
or where they hide.

So the most we can
offer any stranger

is reasonable doubt.

But once the doubt is gone,

people are anything
but reasonable.

I am telling you, our
neighbor is a pedophile,

and I expect you
to do something about it.

Mrs. Scavo, he's not listed
on any sex offender registry.

He's never had so much
as a traffic ticket.

He's a single man with
a basement full of toys!

I understand your concern, but we
can't book a guy on possession of toys.

You don't get it.

His house had
this creepy vibe.

Tell him, Tom.

I never went down
to the actual room...

Okay, he wasn't there.
He doesn't know.

Look, he had a wall full of pictures
of half-naked boys in swimsuits.

Didn't you say
he was a swim coach?

What are you, his lawyer?

You have to admit, it's odd.

Here's what's odd...

If your neighbor
had something to hide,

why'd he invite you in
to see all of his stuff?

He wasn't technically home
when I went inside.

So you broke in?

The door was open...

I was bringing
him a cake.

A cake?

It was a "thank you" cake.

He sort of saved my life.

She didn't know thate was a pedophile
when she baked the actual cake.

He doesn't care
about the cake, Tom.

-Why are you snapping at me?
-I'm not snapping at you.

-You're totally snapping.
-I am snapping

because there is
a monster across the street,

and Barney Fife here is making
me sound like the bad guy!

Look, I'm sorry.

She's been under a lot
of stress, hasn't slept well.

You better not be
apologizing for me!

Gotta go.

So, I've got some
fabulous news.

Well, I hope it's more
fabulous than this dress.

I look something
Ike Turner would hit.

You're gonna have to find yourself
another personal shopper.

What, I slam one dress,
and you quit on me?

No, that's my news.

I'm leaving the store and
starting my own business.

"Beauty by Vern"?

You're opening up a salon?
God, could you get any gayer?

It's a consulting firm for
beauty pageant contestants.

And the answer's "yes."

This week, I'm coaching little girls
for the Miss Snowflake pageant.

It's very rewarding.
Hey, you know what might be fun?

If you come down
and give a talk.

You know, give the
kids some pointers.

Vern, I worked the catwalks
in Milan and Paris.

I'm not gonna give makeup tips
to little miss training bra.

You have been
in rare bitch form.

It's been months now,
so don't blame it on your cycle.

Don't call me a bitch,
and stop tracking my cycle.

I told you that freaks me out.

I'm just saying you've
been very cranky today.

What's going on?

The divorce decree
came through today.

Carlos is officially
out of my life.

Oh, honey.

The girls' ages
range 8 to 12.

We meet every Thursday in
the rec room of the elks lodge.

I'm not doing it.

You need a project.

That's your problem,
you're bored.

And you know what
the cure for that is...

Helping others.

Fine. I'll do it,

But I want
this dress for free.

Evil! You said
you hated it.

And I hate helping
others, too,

but I'm doing that,
aren't I?

Is the coast clear?

I don't wanna
flash the help again.

He's making breakfast,

But you're more than
welcome to flash me.

How long has Rupert
worked for you?

Oh, for years.
He's practically family.

So you're that close, and
you never told him about me?

Yes, about that...

Rupert was incredibly
devoted to Jane.

He's, uh, never seen me
with another woman,

Let alone a frisky,
naked one.

Well, that explains why he was
a little cold to me this morning.

Was he?
I'll have a talk with him.

Oh, no, don't do that.
That'll just make it wor.

I get it.

He loved Jane.
He doesn't know me.

You know, I'll just
have to charm him,

warm him up a little.

Well, I'm, uh,
I'm sure you'll find a way.

9:00 in the morning,

and I have to put on
a slinky, black cocktail dress.

Hey, here's an idea.

You keep some things
in a drawer at my house.

Would it be okay
if I had one here?

A drawer?

Do you think we'll
be here that often?

Your shower
s six power nozzles.

With or without you,
I'll be back.

Well, then by all means,
let's get you a drawer.

I don't need much.
One of those will do.

that's not a good idea.

Rupert arranges
things meticulously.

You'll never win him over
if you mess with his system.


Wow! Your timing's perfect.

Not always.

Susan will be
needing a drawer.

A drawer, sir?

Yes, for her things.

She's gonna be spending
more time here.

Yeah, Rupe, I hope
we can be good friends,

'cause you're gonna be
seeing lots more of me.

Oh, madam, that
hardly seems possible.

Mother Hodge,
your food will get cold!

Why, please, is there a lock
on the liquor cabinet?

Because your doctor says people taking
your medication shouldn't drink.

A warning you've chosen
to ignore if the...

lipstick on the vodka
bottle is any indication.

Poached fish again?

I don't want this.

I want what
you're all having.

Well, your doctor has you
on a low fat, low sodium diet.

Eight meals this week,

Eight times I've told
you the same thing.

So, who would
like to say grace?

Allow me.

Dear Lord,

I thank you for this bland,
indifferently prepared meal,

and beseech you to ignite
some spark of compassion

in my coldhearted

That she might show
some shred of mercy to me,

her wretched captive.


Mother, may I remind you,
you asked to come here?

I didn't know I'd be trading
one jail for another.

At least at the home

you could bribe the orderlies
to smuggle things in,

But here, nothing gets
past the commandant.

I have done
everything I can

to make you happy
and comfortable.

What do you want from us?

I want my freedom.

I want out of this
perky little gulag

and into a house
I can call my own.

And you're going
to buy it for me.

I can't afford
to buy you a house.

You can't afford not to.

I know a house won't
be easy to swing,

but how many more of these Edward
Albee dinners do you want to sit through?

What did she mean by,
"you can't afford not to"?

Was she threatening
you with something?

Yes, she's threatening to
make us miserable till we cave.

Look, at least see if Edie
has any cheap listings.

We'll be happier,
my mother will be happier...

Yeah, and she'll take
terrible care of herself

and be dead in a year.

You just stole my
next argument.

Okay, you've got enough
money to pay either

the phone or the cable
bill, but not both.

Hello? Mike.

I'm trying to
help you here.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Just do whatever you want.

Fine. Cable it is.

Nobody calls you anyway.

What do you want?

My toilet's clogged.

I thought maybe
you could fix it.

Oh, wait, you can't,
can you?

'Cause you don't
have any tools.

Must be tough being
a plumber without tools.

Why don't you people
leave me the hell alone?


you sure are hostile for a guy who
makes his living in the service industry.

You know, it just occurred to me,
there's no point in paying the cable bill

If you're not gonna
have electricity,

So I'm thinking pay the
electricity upfront and...

Where have you been?
They're all waiting for you.

I'm here to teach fashion,
so I'm fashionably late.


Now remember, these mothers have refinanced
their trailers In order to pay for this,

so when you make your entrance,
for God sakes, sparkle.

Now in addition to her
three Vogue covers,

you may remember her as
the face of La Roque cosmetics.

Please welcome miss
Gabrielle Marquez!


A moment.

Is there a problem?


What am I supposed to do with
that petting zoo out there?

Not everyone wins the
genetic lottery like you did.

These girls need help

finding the promised land
of beauty and style.

Please, Gabrielle,
be their moses.

Good comparison,

because it's gonna take a miracle
to turn these mutts into show dogs.

Hey, girls,
let's talk beauty.

What's up, brother?

I'm sorry. You are...

Carlos from
down the street.

We were only
best friends, dude.

Things have been
a little fuzzy,

since the accident.

I'm sorry that I, uh,
I hadn't come by sooner,

but my divorce has
been kicking my ass.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Anyway, I got a new condo,
but it's getting renovated,

So I was thinking
maybe I could crash here.


Yeah, I could help you
out around the house,

and free you up to focus
on job one,

getting better.

'Cause you're tossing it
to Edie now, right?

That's a real
relationship killer,

needing your lady
to hoist you off the can.

How long are we talking?

Couple months.
Three at the most.

And, of course, I can kick in
for half the utilities and rent.

Well, how can I say no
to my best friend?

Can you do a kickflip?

What are the Blake kids
doing all the way over here?

Pam needs to keep
a closer eye on them.

Will you please come
away from that window?

You barely slept last night.
Come on. Take a nap.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Hold on.

Hey, what's up?

I've been meaning to
get this back to you,

and to thank you.

Rebecca and I really
enjoyed the cake.

Oh! Good.



So what'd you think
of our place?


I heard you were good friends
with the Young family.

It must have been weird being in
there with all the new furniture.

I didn't notice.

Well, how about
the kitchen?

Rebecca likes the color,
but I'm not so sure.

Oh, sorry. Never made it
past the living room.

What?! Come on!
You're in an empty house,

curious about
your new neighbors...

You look around.
We all do it.

Well, I don't.

Well, next time you're over,
I'll have to give you the tour.

Great, great.

Mr. Protector man!

Hey, hey,
not now, Parker.

I just wanted to see if I can
play his pinball machine again.

I guess there's no
need for that tour.

All right, girls,
first things first things first.

If you can't walk,
you can't win.

Hit it, Vern!

Remember, eyes forward,
shoulders back, hips square.

Look left, look right,
whip and walk.

Yes, I'm unbelievable.
Close your mouths.

Stop, stop.


My eyes were forward,
my hips were square.

But where's your confidence?
Where's your pride?

Come on. What do
I have to be proud of?

Have you guys ever
seen a runway model

without the hot
clothes and makeup?

Well, trust me,
they're not that special,

But the one thing that
they do have is attitude.

You have to
believe in yourself,

and if not, pretend to
believe in yourself, okay?

All right.

Now I want you to pretend
you're on the runway...

Flashbulbs are popping,

everyone's looking at you,
envying you,

and they're all thinking
the same thing...

Isabel Horowitz
is smoking hot!

Go, Isabel! Go!

You're doing it!
Isabel, you're doing it!

That's it! Keep going!

I was walking!

You were
totally walking!

Good job!

All right, Donna, you're next.

Get up there and make
me hate your beauty.

Now this place is a real
diamond in the rough.

Cozy little
two-bedroom plus den,

with a highly
motivated seller.

Oh, look, a highly
motivated cockroach.

Let's try to be
positive, people.

It's a fabulous location.

Just walking distance
to all sorts of fun shops.

Right, from here I can see a bail
bondsman and an adult bookshop.

What do you expect in
your price range, "Tara"?

Let's go.

Thank you.


I'm not an
impractical woman.

I know that my son's
resources are...

like his achievements,
rather limited.

I want to see
the rest of it.


Now the lighting in the
kitchen is a bit harsh.

The previous owner...
Well, let's just say

he ran some sort of
home-based medical business.

You cannot let your mother
move into this neighborhood.

It's filled with
junkies and whores.

And we'll owe
them all an apology,

but who cares?
She likes it.

Of course she likes it.

There's a 24-hour liquor
store across the street.

She wants a house.

This ithe best we can afford
without bankrupting ourselves.

Orson, what if something
should happen to her?

Stop worrying about her.
Worry about us.

Do you realize how much we've
been fighting since she came?

The woman's ruined
every relationship

that's mattered to me,
and she's doing it again.

Oh, my God!

-Are you all right?
-Oh! Mother?

It's just a little spill.
Her cane hit a loose tile.

Is anything broken?

Well, obviously, the damn floor.

We'll need that fixed
before she moves in.

Are you insane?!

She obviously can't
be on her own.

Why, it's a loose tile.

-I'm perfectly fine.
-And what if you weren't?

What if she had broken something
and she was lying here for hours?

You are coming home with us.


And I will not hear
another word on the subject.

I can't believe
you bought us pizza.

Well, you guys earned it.

But eat fast, because we only
have one hour left, and I want

to introduce you to your new
best friend, Mr. Spray Tan.

You know so much cool stuff.

Can't you come back another day?

Oh, I don't know.

-You have to.

Well, let me
check my book.

I might have to move
some stuff around,

but I think I can swing it.

Your life must be
so exciting, huh?

Yeah, every
day's a parade.

So what was it like
being a famous model?

Honestly, it was
like any other job,

except the pay was great,
the clothes were couture,

and the parties were
just this side of Gomorrah.

You don't know what
Gomorrah means, do you?


Did you know Kate Moss?

I invited her to a party once.

Did you eat pizza with her?

'Cause if you did, it's almost
like we ate pizza with her.

Well, honey, most
models don't eat pizza.

Well, at least not without
having a finger for dessert.


I know. I never did that.

You would not believe the horrible
things these girls did to stay skinny.

Like what?

Well, some would smoke those
unfiltered french cigarettes.

But cigarettes
can kill you.

But before they do,
they kill your appetite.

One time,

there was a girl who took
too many laxatives, and, uh...

Well, if you're ever at the
Chateau Milan in room 238,

do not use the jacuzzi.

Do you have to be
skinny to be a model?

Well, yeah. When's the last time you
saw a fat person on a magazine cover?

Now I'm gonna go talk to
Vern about our next session.

You guys finish lunch
so we can get back to work.

Hi, Rupert!

I went to the mall and bought a change of clothes
for the weekend, and while I was there,

I got something for you.

I thought you could
wear it on your day off.

Do you like it?

Very much.

It'll come in handy,

should my nationality
ever slip my mind.

That was good.

You... I wanna
party with you.

Hey, I was thinking this afternoon
maybe we could go look for that drawer.

Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am.

I'm afraid I have
all this silver to polish.

Well, let me help you,
and we can talk.

There is so much
I wanna know about you.

Who is Rupert

What makes him tick?

Tell you what. Let's go
find you that drawer, hmm?

Oh, isn't the master
bedroom down that way?

I realize it's
a bit of a jaunt,

But I managed to find
you an entire bureau.

Okay, well, you certainly
didn't have to go to all that...


Is there a problem?

No, I just, um...

Well, all I really needed
was just a little...

Little drawer, and, uh...

this is just so far away
and what is that smell?

Oh, yes, about that...

The cat passed
away in this room.

Did you consider
removing the body?

Well, if this
isn't acceptable,

I can look elsewhere
for a drawer

when I have the time.

Why do you have
to be this way?

What way is that?

Listen, I know how
you feel about Jane,

but if you could just
give me a chance...

I mean, come on,

you can't possibly hate
me this much, can you?

I'm done.

Fine. Fine,
fine, fine, fine.

I don't need you
to like me,

but I think you should
give me just a little respect.

I am Ian's girlfriend.

He's still married.

At best,
you're his mistress.

Okay, you are not
allowed to call me that.

Fine. What term
would you prefer?

Concubine? Consort?

Gold-digging whore?

I'm so sorry.

I'm, I shouldn't
have done that.

But, Rupert,
you have to admit,

it's just a drawer.

Those drawers are
filled with Jane's things.

This is her house.

You are a guest
in her house,

and a temporary
one at best.

Okay, you know,
that is for Ian to decide.

Oh, he has decided.

Why do you think he never
told me about you?

Why did he wait so long
to bring you here?

He didn't want you
in that room,

where he still keeps Jane's
things exactly as she left them.


I'll keep looking
for that drawer.

Hey, I'm going
over to Mike's.

I thought you were
gonna mow the lawn.

I know. It's just that I promised
I'd help him install a shower bar,

And, um,
it could take a while.


T-Rex. How they
hanging, brother?

Low and lazy.

-Here you go.

Hey, if Lynette asks,

I installed your
shower bar today.

Got it.

Vern, what are
you doing here?

We need to talk.

Is it about the
girls' makeup?

'Cause I got them each
their own makeup kit,

to match their skin tone.

And I got melina some wax.
I know she's only 11,

but those greek genes are
gonna kick in any day now.


This morning, Mrs. Hayes caught
Donna her finger down her throat,

trying to barf up
her toaster waffle.


And Mrs. Horowitz found Isabel
behind their garage smoking.

Apparently, she thought cigarettes
would help her lose a few pounds.

Where do you think
she got that idea?

Those damn tobacco companies!


Fine, I may have told a few
stories about the old days,

but as a warning.

I didn't say anything
inappropriate for kids.

Cassie Warren asked her mother
If she could throw a Gomorrah party.

Okay, look, we have to do
damage control. I get it.

Next session,
I'll apologize to all the moms.

Unh-unh, there's not gonna
be a next session for you.

The moms don't want you
anywhere near their daughters.

But I'm helping them.

They love me!

Wait, please, Vern,

you have to give me
a chance to fix this.

It's too late, Gaby. You are
now officially a bad influence.

Well, see you
at spin class.

Mom said we couldn't leave.

I'm just going out front.

What the hell is that?!

Stop running the ball!

Can I ask you
guys something?

What was I like
before the accident?

What do you mean?

I mean,
what kind of guy was I?

Was I happy? Was I angry?

Did I ever get violent?

You were fine.

I'm serious.

I really need to know.

You can be honest.
You're my best friend.


You were sort of mysterious,
kept to yourself.

Nobody really knew
you all that well.

And this is coming
from your best friend.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!


I'm sorry, guys,
I just...

I guess I was really tired.

Where's your brother?

-He went outside.


Okay, watch her!
Watch her.

I'll be back.
I'll be right back.

Hello? Open up!
Open the door!

Lynette? What's the matter?

I want my son.

He's not here.

He's not at our house,
he's not in our yard.

Do not jerk me around.


You can't just barge into
my house like this, Lynette.

Don't play dumb with me.

I know exactly what
is down here!

Where's the pinball?
Where's all the games?

Oh, that was a collection I was
taking up for the children's hospital.

I delivered
everything yesterday.

Did you donate
the photos, too?


What exactly is it
you're accusing me of?

Don't pretend you don't know.
I'm calling the police.


Is there a problem?

You're damn right
there's a problem.

I can't find my son.

Isn't that your son?

Hey, hey!

Where have you been?!

We were at Mike's.
He wandered over looking for me.

What's going on?

Well, that was the
children's hospital.

Art's story checks out.

He donated all that stuff.

That proves nothing. He knew I was on
to him. He had to dump it someplace.

Honey, believe me,
I am with you.

There is something fishy
about this guy.

But you gotta get a grip.

You can't go barging
into people's homes.

-What if Parker had been in there?
-But he wasn't,

And if you keep accusing
this guy whout proof,

he can sue us.


I've been thinking that after everything
that you have been through...

Please don't bring up
the supermarket again.

That was
a traumatic experience.

I think it's affected you
more than you realize.

And maybe you need to talk
to somebody about it...

Like a therast.

You're right.
I need to talk to someone.

He'd gotten rid
of everything...

The toys, the pictures,
everything was gone.

You can't sit
on this, Lynette.

I know!

If something happened to someone's
kid because I kept my mouth shut...

The thing is,
I promised Tom I'd back off.

Well, I didn't.

Jane has
some beautiful things.

Yes, she's always had
impeccable taste.

I, um, I know how
it must seem to you.

My holding on to them.

But I justouldn't
bring myself to...

I get it.

As much as I have
tried to pretend that

it's just you and me.

There's three of us
in this relationship.

Susan, you know
I adore you.

No, please, listen...

The last couple of months,

I thought we've
gotten really close,

and I have been loving that.

I just feel like lately...

There's thisimit to how
far you'll let me in.

Well, I'm trying.

It's just the, um, the more
I let you into my heart,

the more I feel I'm
pushing Jane out and...

You don't have to push
Jane out to let me in.

Of course. You're right.

Do you know what I think?


That kind of compassionate wisdom
deserves an obscenely expensive meal.

Okay, well,
give me a minute,

and I will change
into something nice.

Rupert still hasn't
found you a drawer?

No, not just yet.

Well, in that case...

Ian, you don't
have to do that.

If I can make room in
my heart for both of you,

I can certainly make
room in my bureau.

It's just not right.
Your mother skipped lunch, too.

She said she
wasn't hungry.

Can't we just revel
in her absence?

I know she's a handful, but she
deserves some compassion.

The woman watched
a dream die yesterday.

I'm taking her dinner up.

Oh, that's okay.
I'll do it.

Oh, no,
I'd rather do it myself.

I wanna talk to her.

Oh, well, I'll let her
know you're coming.

Mom's coming.
Ditch the wine.

Very well.

You finished the
whole bottle already?

I was... thirsty.

Gloria, I've been
thinking and...

Does no one in this house
ever bother to knock?

Is that alcohol?

Where did you get that?


When my grandma asks me a favor
with tears in her eyes, how...

Oh, shut up,
you little extortionist.

He charged me 20 bucks,
plus 5 for the corkscrew.

I'll deal with you later.

You can kiss that
codeine good-bye.

Andrew brought her wine.

Oh, for God's sake.

This is our house.

If you expect to stay here, You're
going to learn to obey a few rules.

I don't obey rules.
I make them.

Not anymore, mother.

Just watch yourself,
sonny boy.

Okay, look,

I know you're upset, but don't
blame Orson. It's not his fault.

It's all his fault.

You think he's so wonderful.

You don't know the half
of what he's done.

Let's go. I can't deal with
her when she's like this.

He doesn't want you
to hear the truth,

how he cheated on Alma.


She's drunk!

How he broke her
heart... and mine,

All for his precious Monique.

You shut up, mother.

Monique Polier?

I thought that was
Harvey Bigsby's mistress.

Oh, she got around,
that girl!

See, I told you.
I told you she would do this.

There he was,
cheating on Alma,

not knowing all the time his
whore was cheating on him.

Stop it!
You shut your evil mouth!

Or what?!

What are you gonna do to me
that hasn't already been done?



Bree, no!

Bree, wait!


I know. I thought
it was so adorable.

-I know!

Miss Gabrielle!

What is she doing here?

I have no idea.

I told her she was banned.

Okay, just give
me a minute.

I'm sorry about what
I said to the girls,

and it won't
happen again.

Damn right. You're not going
anywhere near our girls.

Can't you give me
a second chance?

Why should we?

Yeah, I mean, you walk in here all
clickety-clack, perfect little miss size zero,

thinking you're all
better than us.

We all saw the look on your
face when you showed up.

I don't think
I'm better than you.

Hell, I envy you.


No, it's true.

You have husbands and families and
a reason to wake up in the morning.

What do I have?


Teaching your kids
about confidence and

beauty is the most useful
thing I've done since...

I don't know when.

And as much as
I've helped them...

They've helped me
so much more.

So please, I need this.

And I promise, no more talk
about dodgy weight loss methods.

Like the highly effective,
non-F.D.A. approved diet pill

I can get from my
friends in zurich...

in bulk.

Well, I suppose the Christian
thing would be to forgive her.

Well, why don't you
ladies talk it over?

And I'm gonna work on
posture with the girls.

Yeah! Come on!

Come on, you guys.
Let's go!

As long they're safe...

Oh, thank God.

I've been driving around
all night looking for you.

We saw that woman
at the morgue...

On our wedding night.

You pretended
not to know her.

Bree, I can explain.


I'm done.

You don't understand
what happened.

There were two women
in your life before me.

One vanished, and the other was killed.
That's all I need to understand.

I've packed some
of your things.

I want you out of the house.




I love you.

I know...

but it scares
the hell out of me.

Dangerous men
walk among us,

and we can't always
be sure of who they are

or what secrets they hide.

But once our worst
suspicions are confirmed,

we can take action.

Once their agendas
are revealed...

We can take steps,

to protect ourselves,

and those we love.

Yes, dangerous men
can cause great harm.

But sometimes the greatest
danger they pose...

I'll take those.

Is to themselves.