BrainDead (2016): Season 1, Episode 9 - Taking on Water: How Leaks in D.C. Are Discovered and Patched - full transcript

Senator Red Wheatus hires a special investigator to dig into the Healy family's financial and personal history. Also, when Gareth learns some sordid details about Laurel's romantic past, it puts a strain on their budding relationship.

♪ Previously in my life... ♪

He went in there.

Who did? Kevin?

Yeah, after
we let him go.

What is it,
a Senate office?

No, I don't think so.

He's been in there
since yesterday.

You've been down here since...?
Oh, no.

Gustav put a tracker
on his phone.

What do you think?

(buzzer sounds)


Room 54?

From who?

I have no idea.

I was just told to deliver it.

The beds can be more narrow...



What is that?

A room in the basement.

Okay. Why are we
talking about it?

Because it's a war room.

Uh, for who?

No, it's not a war room
for a candidate.

It's a war room for a war.

And how do you know this?

One of the Syrian dissidents
who testified at your hearing--

Dr. Samira-- he was there.


(clears throat)

Hey, Judy.
How you doing?

No, no. No, I'm fine
with the office.

I'm starting to like it.

But I got a delivery
from someone in SRB...


Uh, whose office is that?

Wait, are you sure?

I have the package right here.
I mean...

Judy, come on. Are you
telling me there is no SRB-54?

Okay. Thanks.


(buzzer sounds)


Excuse me.

I'm here to meet
with the senator.

There is no senator
here, sir.

Red told me to meet him here.

Are you sure?
Very sure.

Well, he's not
here, Senator.

And who are you?


Don who?
Don Pickle.

Pickle, really?
That's your name?

Yes, sir.

And your position, Mr. Pickle?

Legislative aide.

To whom?

I'm a little busy, Senator.

With what?
You can't just take...

...a room.

Sorry, Senator.

We're busy here.

What are you thinking?

...allegations have been made

about Syrian involvement
with American bioterrorism...

What is it?
A leak.

...but now I personally
have received confirmation

that the testimony by Syrian
dissidents was completely bogus.

In fact, a source close
to the committee has told me

exclusively that CIA official
Sidney Tellefsen

briefed the committee
that there is no link

between Syria and
these recent head explosions.

So, if there's no connection,
why is Red

out there misleading the public?

This briefing today
stunned me.

In all my 20 years as a senator,

I've never been so shocked
as by what I heard today.

MISTY: So was there something
shocking in the CIA briefing?

Or has it been overblown?

Obviously, Democrats will
make hay with this statement.


Senator, are you all right?

Yeah. What do you mean?
The news--

you heard it?

Well, which part?

The CIA briefing.

Oh, the leak?
Yes, sir.

Do you want me
to work up a statement?

You sure?

They're saying you lied
about the CIA briefing.

What's the name
of the new intern?

Jed! Jed the intern!

Yes, sir? Yes, sir.

Wow. Mr. Enthusiasm.

Sorry. I guess I am.

(chuckles) Send Ashley in.

And get me another one of these.

Yes, sir, right away.


How long do you think
he'll last?

Ah, he's a good kid.

His parents gave
to the campaign.

Oh, good to know.

Ashley, my favorite
African-American person,

how are you?

Good, Senator.

Good. Good.

Gareth, this is
Ashley Cook.

Ex-capitol police,
now working as, uh...

What do you
call yourself?

Freelance investigative analyst.

Right. Right.

Ashley is helping us out
with our little problem here.

Who leaked.

Nah, nah, nah, nah.
I know who leaked.

Luke Healy leaked. He's the
only one with a motive.

Senator Healy has had affairs
with several Hill staffers.

Do you want a rundown?

Senator, do you want me to go?
No, no.

No, no. You should be
in on this, too.

We don't need a verbal
on the affairs.

But I do want you to
expand the search.

Hmm. Into his financials?

No. Into his sister.

I want oppo research
on her, too:

what skeletons she
has in her closet,

gambling debts, affairs



porn addictions.

Okay. I'm on it.

It's a good idea,
don't you think, buddy?

Yeah. The girl works
in her brother's office.

We should find out
what she's up to, too.

If that's what you want,

It is.

So go ahead.

Help facilitate Ashley.

Yes, Senator.

(door closes)


(desk phone ringing)


Oh, Laurel, hi. I was just...

Yes, I do have a minute.

Okay, the Smithsonian.

20 minutes.

(loud chatter, gavel bangs)

Can we please, please,
stick to the point?!

What is the point?

The point is: there
is no reason for war.

Syria is not the reason

for these Catastrophic Head Injuries.
(door opens)

RED: No, no, no,
the point is this:

The CIA briefed four of us

on the status
of their investigation--

myself, Senator Pollack, Senator
Vaynerchuk, and you, Luke.

And one of us leaked!

Don't-don't try to
change the subject, Red.

You went in front of the press
and lied about that briefing.

That is the true outrage here.

So that's why you leaked?

I did not leak.
Look, you told the press

you were shocked
by the briefing.

Because I was shocked.
I'm still shocked!

You implied the CIA
showed us evidence

that supported your move toward war.
RED: No, no, no,

no, no, no, I was shocked

because the Syrians were behind
these head explosions!

Oh, my God, it's
Alice in Wonderland.

Madam Chairwoman,

I ask that
this committee censure

and commence
criminal proceedings

against Senator Healy
for leaking.

I did not leak.

And I ask this committee to
assign a special prosecutor...

ELLA: If someone
is to prosecute,

I nominate Lawrence Boch.

He's a former senator,

he's respected
on both sides of the aisle.

RED: I have
my disagreements with Boch,

but I can overcome them
in the spirit of bipartisanship.

What bipartisanship?

This is not about a leak;
this is about warmongering.

I thank Red.

And I think we should
nominate Lawrence Boch

as special prosecutor

Thank you, Ella.

I don't agree
with you on much,

but this committee
cannot afford more leaks!

What are you doing?

How can you be
on his side?

Poor Luke.

We're playing
a different game now.

Try to keep up.

Is Red running a war room
out of SRB-54?

I... What?

Is your boss
running a war room

out of the Russell
Building basement?

I have no idea.

Where are you getting this?

Go look.


I'll look.

What'd you want
to talk about?

Red's expanded his
oppo research team.

It's not just looking
into your brother.

It's looking
into you, too.



Why me?

I think Red is
worried about you.

Well, I'm honored.

(chuckles): I don't
know if you should be.

Is there anything in your
past that can hurt you?

What? You mean like recreational
drug use in college?


But anything
more recent?

Well, I am currently sleeping
with someone I shouldn't be.

A Hill staffer from
the other side of the aisle.

Yeah. That's not good.

I should probably
break it off, right?


Maybe not yet.

I want you right now.



Have you ever been
to the planetarium?

(dramatic music playing)

After a star's demise,

its fragments join
with other space matter

to form a gigantic
gaseous nebula.

Say it.

It's a climactic explosion...

"My gaseous nebula."

Your gaseous...


The nebula disintegrates

in spectacular fashion,

leaving in its wake
a spinning ring

of overheated material.

It's a climactic explosion,

one that results
in a shock wave...

Senator Healy,

do you have a moment?

Lawrence Boch.

Very nice to meet you.

And you.

Oh, I respected
your father.


And as you're no doubt aware,

I've been asked to be
a special prosecutor

on this leak case.

Yes, yeah. Please, sit down.

No. Uh, if you don't mind,
I'll... I'll stand.

I'm-I'm having
some health issues.

(chuckles): If I sit,
I might not get up again.

So, let me just say this first.

I know you leaked.

You do?

You don't want to talk, Senator.

You want to hire a lawyer.

See, even your
two words, "You do?"

I could use that
to prosecute you.

And I'm not a bad guy,
but, you know, they've given me

a two million dollar budget
to prosecute someone.

And... and my guess is

is that somebody is you,
so hire a lawyer.

Don't say anything else.

And... if I didn't do it?

Well, that'd be good.


But, uh, you know,
two million dollars is

a lot of money,
so, you know,

I'm gonna have to bring
them somebody's head

to justify that budget.

I didn't do it.

See, I'm-I'm gonna interrupt
you there, Senator.

I'm interviewing you
at noon tomorrow.

I'd suggest you have
a lawyer there.

I'm also interviewing
your staff,

including your sister,
tomorrow at 3:00.

Yes, your sister.

See, I... I find it surprising

that the ethics committee agreed

to let you hire
a relation on staff,

so I'd tell your sister
to get a lawyer, too.

Anyway, that's it.

And it's, uh, nice
meeting you, Senator.

(clears throat)

Nice meeting you, too.

(indistinct conversation)

(knock on door)


I'm Gareth Ritter.

I'm Red Wheatus's
chief of staff.

Oh, hi. What do you need?

To know what goes on
in this room.

Talk to Red.
We're a little busy.

I'm Red's chief of staff.

What's your position?

Legislative director.


Then I outrank you, so...

step aside.

Not with this.

I'm sorry.


I have some research
we should discuss.


Senator Wheatus
asked that I run

all my research through you.

This is information
on sexual relationships

involving Luke Healy.

It's kind of thick.


And this is the information
on sexual relations

involving Laurel Healy.

This file?


Looks like you've gone
into a lot of detail.

No. In fact, I have
the supporting information here.

Would you like me
to take you through it?

No, no.
Think I can handle that.


I should be back
with more.


♪ ♪

You wanted to see me, Mr. Boch?

Yes, ma'am.

I-I just have one question.

And I warn you: you can have
a lawyer present when I ask it.


Why don't you ask
the question first,

and then I'll decide.

All right.

Well, who leaked the contents
of the select committee

CIA briefing to you?

I don't need a lawyer for that.

The leak came from
a confidential source,

and I cannot be compelled
under the First Amendment

to reveal their identity.

Ma'am, you understand
that, under the law,

there is no
such protection.

You must answer my question.

Who leaked to you?

Mr. Boch, I will not
answer that question,

nor will I ever
answer that question.

Well, gentlemen, I ask that you
place Ms. Monarch under arrest.

And how's your dad?


He was the one
who recommended you.


I miss Dean.

Hug him for me.
I will.

And now the legal problems
have passed to the son.


I've been accused of leaking.

The special prosecutor
intends to question me tomorrow.

Who is the special prosecutor?

Lawrence Boch.

Look, I didn't leak.

Then you have nothing
to worry about.

I think I know who did.

That still might not cause
a problem for you,


I think my sister leaked.

And you told her?


Why did you leak to your sister?

I was trying to figure out
whether to leak myself.

I decided against it, but...

Hold on.

Do you need anything

from me, Senator?

No, thank you.

Look, I was tempted to leak

because Senator Wheatus
was lying

about the CIA briefing
and pushing us to war.

So, you asked
your sister's opinion?

And my father's.


Anybody else?


What, I'm in trouble?


I'll need to talk
to your sister.

I'm not cutting
her loose.

I know.

If the special prosecutor found
out you leaked to your sister,

you could be sentenced
to eight years in prison.

Don't talk to Lawrence Boch
again without me there.

And... I'll talk to your sister.

You okay?


You don't like
my quesadillas?

No, I love your

Good, 'cause that's the only
food I know how to make.


Okay, what?


This is about
your oppo research, clearly.

Look at you.

You're judging me.
I am not judging you.

I'm just trying to keep Red
from using stuff against you.

What stuff?

You want to do this?

Oh, I'm raring to do this.


Did you sleep with your poly sci
professor at Georgetown,

and did he get you pregnant,
and did you have an abortion?

That's a compound question.

Yes, it is. Do you want me
to break it down into parts?

That could be fun.

Go for it.

Is any part of it true?
No, no.

Start with the abortion.

Did I kill a baby--
that's what you want to know.


I slept with my
poly sci professor,

Cultural Revolution 101,
Colin Handke,

but I didn't get pregnant.

They're saying you slept
with him to get a good grade.

Did they show you the grade?

It was a B-minus.


That doesn't say much
about me, does it?

I should stop doing this.

No. What else
did I do wrong?

How many people did I
sleep with in college?

Let's drop it, okay?

No, how many?
It's not a good idea.

How many did they
say I slept with?




Are those confirmed kills?

You asked.

You're right.

You're right, I did.

Help me correct the record.


Tell me how many
it should be.

How many sexual
encounters is acceptable?

What would make
you happy?

This is not about me.

Oh, it is so
certainly about you.

Let's drop... How many sexual
encounters did you have in college?

Come on.
Let's drop it, okay?

No, how many?

Are we including summers?


Laurel, we shouldn't
end it like this...


Doggie bag.


When I feel more like it,
we'll talk.

I come from a
conservative fam...

Actually, I don't care. Bye.

Go now.

She had 24 confirmed
sexual liaisons

in and after college.

You'll find them
tabbed in yellow.


The Healys sure do get around.

One paramour was

a Russian
foreign exchange student

named Kirill.

He is a direct
descendent of Kruschev.

Yeah, this doesn't really
help us, Ashley.

You see, the key
to oppo research

is to hit on
that one infraction.

So, what is
our one thing?

Laurel slept with her communist

poly sci professor
and had an abortion.

That's interesting.


it's not true.


How do we know that?

Because we do.

She slept with

her professor, Colin Handke,

but there was
no pregnancy

or abortion.


Then, Ashley...

...find out what
else we can use.

Yes, Senator.

Yeah, Gareth.

Let's talk a minute.

Yes, Senator.

Yeah, my friends down at SRB-54

said you tried
to get in the door?

I did, yes.

Why? I'm your chief
of staff, Senator.

I should be aware of all aspects
of your operation.

Yes, but I'd rather you not
touch upon this aspect.


Because it's mine.

Do we understand each other?



Hello, Laurel.


Do I need a lawyer?

Everyone needs a lawyer.

Do I need a lawyer now?


let's close your door
and find out.

What's the issue here?

The leak.
The leak to Claudia Monarch

about a CIA briefing.

Your brother apparently
told you about it.

He said that?


And now the question is:

did you tell the press?

What did Luke say?

He thinks you told the press.

You wanted to stop the war,
so you leaked.

And what if I said I didn't?

That would be good.

Is it true?


Claudia Monarch has been given
the full Judith Miller.

She's in jail,
and I don't think

she'll last that long.

Will she mention your name
as the leaker?


Okay. Then this is
my instruction to you:

don't tell anyone
what we said here.

Do you understand?

I understand.

Good. That's it.

(door opens, closes)

What do you want?

You handle I.T.
for the office?

I handle I.T.
when they let me handle I.T.

More often, they just
bitch and bitch and bitch.

You handle I.T. for all
the senator offices?

Yeah. Why?

SRB-54, the
basement offices?

All the senate offices. Why?

I need the Wi-Fi
turned off in SRB-54.

How would I do that?

You wouldn't do that.
I'd do that.


Okay. Could you do that?

Why would I?

Because I appreciate you
and no one else does.

Why should I believe that?

Because I just said so.

Come on.

(all muttering)

Wi-Fi's down.

(knock on door)

Our Wi-Fi is down

I'm sorry, what?

Our Wi-Fi needs to be rebooted.
They said it's up here.

Are you sure you want me?

Shouldn't you be going to Red?

Come on.

I need to reboot up here
and downstairs.


Over here.

(computer beeps)

What do I need to do?

Turn those all off and on.
Every one.

(camera clicks)

So good to see you again.

And you.
I think you've grown taller.

No. No, it's just the
tailoring on my suits.

(both chuckle)


is there something
more you want to ask

of my client,
or shall we just drop

this whole witch hunt?

Just... just one more question.

And I'm glad
you got a lawyer,


Oh. I hope
you don't mind.

I've asked my client
to talk through me.

Well, sure. Sure.

And... and, uh... here.

Uh, this was
sent to me

by someone in your office.

It appears, Senator,
that you called

Claudia Monarch
five hours

before she reported
on that leak.

Now, do you want
to tell me why?

No, thank you.

We'll discuss it.

Would you like me to leave?

Yes, please.


LAWRENCE: You know,
just so you know,

Claudia doesn't like
being behind bars.

So, if you don't tell me,
she will.

(door opens)

Did you happen
to call Claudia Monarch

in the last two days?

back five billion years

to observe a great star.

Its magnificent light,
that has shined

for over ten million years,

is about to be
extinguished forever.

What is it?
Thanks for meeting me.

You said you had something.

A blueprint from SRB-54.

What is it?
I have no idea.

How did you get in?


What is 38 days from today?


There was a calendar in SRB-54--
it was counting down.

It said 38 days.

I have no idea what that means.

That's... September 12th.

I know. I can't
figure it out either.

I have to go. Can you
e-mail me the blueprint?


Hey, Laurel.

I'm sorry.


Last night.
Saying those things.

I was an idiot.

Whatever our pasts were,
that's not our present.


Let me make you
dinner this time?

You didn't like my quesadillas?


Over time, the star has
built up tremendous pressure.

Soon, heavy elements within
will shoot out

in every direction
across the galaxy...

(door opens)



I have one more thing
that just came up.

Good. Let's hear it.

It's on his sister, Laurel.

Great. What, she kill someone?

Not exactly.


I don't believe it.

It's true.
How do you know?

I have three witnesses
at Sundance.

It was after a screening.

She had a documentary there.

She slept with Michael Moore?


I want to take it in to Red.

Not yet.


Not yet.




(clears throat)


I think it's time
you two talked.

Who leaked?

I didn't.
I didn't either.

Wait, you didn't?

No, I thought you did.
I didn't.

I thought you did.

Family misunderstanding.

Second question.

Who called Claudia Monarch?

Come on,
one of you did.

The call came from
these offices.

I did.



I was going to leak
the information,

but I decided not to.


This puts us
in a sticky situation.

Luke told you about

the CIA briefing,
and that was illegal.

And Lawrence Boch

can compel you to testify,

if he thinks you have
something to contribute.

Does he think I have
something to contribute?

I would've said no,

but he keeps...
throwing your name out there.

So... we need to
give him something.

Such as?

Well, he's a good man.

And he wants the truth,

n-not just a-a leak.

And what's the truth?

Mr. Boch. My guess is you
have some information for me.

I do.

Did you leak
to Claudia Monarch?


Did you tell your sister
about the CIA briefing?

I read your report
on the Iraq War--

the false WMD evidence.

Very well-written.

Thank you.
Now, did you know

the same thing was
happening here?

Senator Wheatus
has a private room--


where he's creating
false evidence

connecting Syria
to bioterrorism.

That's not my mission, Senator.

These are blueprints
taken from that room.

Blueprints for?

LUKE: Facilities.
Look at the bottom.

Facilities in Colorado,
New Mexico, California...


Internment camps?

Yes. For Syrian refugees--
shovel-ready in 38 days.

Eh, it'll never happen.
It'll happen.

People are angry. Anything can
happen when people are angry.

So you're suggesting I overlook
the leak because of this?

No, I'm suggesting you widen
the scope of your investigation.

You have two
million dollars.

Why not go after
the real culprit?

♪ ♪



Wow, you look like
something's wrong.

No, no. I, um...

I forgot dinner.

I was gonna make you dinner.


You want to know a funny thing?

Sure, but I'm not
sure it sounds funny.

What do you mean? Just the
way your voice sounds--

it doesn't sound
like a funny thing.

No, it's funny.

The newest oppo research

has you sleeping with
someone I know is wrong.


Yeah. You want to know who?

Sure, if you want to tell me.

Michael Moore.

You know, Michael Moore,
the liberal.

I do.

I told the researcher
that that couldn't be true.

I mean, you and Michael Moore.



It's not true, right?

Why don't we get dinner.


There are certain names,
to a Republican.

I mean, what would
the equivalent be?

If I slept with
Ann Coulter, I guess.

Have you slept
with Ann Coulter?


Then let's get dinner.

Did you sleep with
Michael Moore?

Do you really
want to know?

I don't know. Yes.


At Sundance.
Just once.

Okay. Let's get dinner.


Now, what are these?

Blueprints taken from
one of your offices.

Are you sure?

I've never seen them before.

Why are you pushing
for the war in Syria?

Because they're attacking
my country.

Maybe you're not aware,
but two of my staff members

were personally killed
by Syrian agents.

You know that for a fact?
You know that not for a fact?

No, but the burden of proof
rests with you proving it.

Ugh, what's going on, Lawrence?

Has Luke gotten to you?

Luke and his
sophist ways?

I am expanding my investigation.

You need to stop these leaks.

No, I'm expanding
this investigation

into the cause for this war.

God. You liberals.

You're destroying
this country.

I'm not a liberal.
Then what are you?

A thinking independent.
Then think about this.

This country is being
taken over from within.

It's like the redcoats!

They want us to bow
to their socialist king.

Come on, Red.
Stop with the propaganda.

This isn't propaganda!

When you scream "war" every time

there's a political

the people stop believing you
when there is a war.

There's no going back
from that kind of language.

Well, there is a war.

Yes, with the Syrians.

But also with people
right here, right next door,

right down the hall,
right in this office.


Well, if this is a war,
and I am your enemy,

then why not take out a gun
and shoot me right now?

(laughs) That's what
the words mean.

You can't just...


Oh, my God.

Why'd he do it?

He just took
out the gun.

I told him, "Stop!"

What's your name again?


Right, Jed the intern.

Where are you going?

To call the police.

No, no, no, no.

Listen, uh... go grab the dolly
from the bullpen closet.

Huh? You'll find
a drop cloth

up on the top shelf.


(snaps fingers)

Listen to me.

I need your help.

Go grab the dolly

and the drop cloth
from the closet.


Why'd you make me do that,


Dare I?

One of the best minds
of our generation.

Oh, that's not bad.

Hey, good job!

Let's get to work.
What are we doing?

Laying a great man to rest.

♪ ♪

♪ So long ♪

♪ The days while... ♪

Okay, just so I understand.
Were you drinking?

Okay, that's enough. No.
Just make me understand.

How old were you?


And you were drinking.

No, I was completely sober.

Have you seen Fahrenheit 9/11?

Okay, I think
you should go home.

I'm not... I'm not
trying to judge you.

♪ So wrong ♪

♪ You know it always feels... ♪

Good night, Gareth.

♪ To say good-bye to you... ♪

Sorry. I'll call you.

No. Don't.

You handled this poorly.

♪ So long ♪

♪ So long ♪

♪ So long ♪

♪ So long ♪

♪ So long ♪

♪ So... ♪

♪ So long ♪

♪ So... long ♪

♪ So long ♪

♪ So long... ♪

You have some...

Oh. Oh, thank
you, sweetie.

Senators, I'm not sure

what we can do
if Lawrence Boch

isn't here
to present his report.

I think we should look for
another special prosecutor.

Excuse me. He's been
missing one day.

Yes, but Lawrence Boch
came to me last night

and told me he was worried

and scared.
He had received

threatening calls
from Syrian terrorists.

Are you serious?
Yes, Senator, I am serious.

I take Syrian terrorism
very seriously,

as did Mr. Boch.

And still does, I imagine.

He was worried he was being
hunted due to his work

on this committee.

Again, I would argue for
a new special prosecutor--

perhaps a conservative
this time.

I would disagree.

Let's give Mr. Boch some
time before we move on.

Come on, we need
to find this leaker.

All those in favor
of staying the course,

please signify
by raising your hands.

Come on!

I want oppo research.

This is child's play.

I've got a half-dozen affairs
with married women.

That's hardly child's play.

It's old news.
Everyone knows that about Luke.

What about the sister, Lana?

Laurel. Nothing yet.

I had a lead that she
slept with Michael Moore...


...but it turned out
not to be true.

What? It... it did?

As of when?

This morning. It was gossip.

The three witnesses confused
Laurel with another filmmaker.

You're sure?

Gareth, please,

can we get back
to work here?

Yes, I am sure.

Michael Moore left Sundance
before Laurel even arrived.


let's get some painters in here.

That's such an ugly spot
on the wall.

There she is!

Thank you, thank you all.
Thank you so much.

The First Amendment
is the real winner here today.

Shall we get back
to the good fight?

I heard you

were ready to cut a deal.

No. Where'd you hear that?

From the special prosecutor.

Before he went missing.

Well, it's true,
I'm not a big fan of jail.

Neither am I.

So... don't say anything.

About you leaking?

Don't worry.

As long as I stay
on the outside.

They're internment camps.

You're planning on taking
Syrian refugees into custody.

No, no, no, no, no,
they're just buildings.

Beautifying the landscape.

Part of the farm bill.

Oh, okay, good.

Then I'll send it
to The New York Times.

Let's see how
that goes over.

Tomorrow, when we convene,

you tell the committee
you've had a change of heart

about all this war talk.

You were wrong.

Why would I do that?

So I won't send your internment
proposal to the press.



(chuckles) I'll do it.

Oh... oh, please.

I'll help you.

God, I love the sweetness
of the liberal.

The New York Times. Yeah.

Yeah, once they print it,

people will come
to their senses.

"Oh, my God, internment camps."

Don't you realize?
I'll be a hero.

People want
internment camps.

They want the Syrians
held captive.

We did it with the Japanese.

That turned out well.

Didn't hurt
FDR's reputation.

(scoffs) Think it'll hurt mine?



I saw this,

and it made me
think of you.

I'm sorry.

You never slept
with Michael Moore.

And I was an idiot.

Gareth, um...


I just think
we're too different.

Our politics, our jobs.

And yet we seem
to make it work.

Sometimes. (chuckles)

I think we should take a break.


Yeah, that's fine.

(sets DVD on desk)




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