BrainDead (2016): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

♪ Previously on BrainDead ♪

♪ Somebody told you that ♪

♪ This head-exploding
thing exists ♪

♪ And now you're worried that ♪

♪ It comes from bioterrorists ♪

♪ You argue about politics ♪

♪ With coworkers
with whom you disagree ♪

♪ Get the Space Bugs
in your head ♪

♪ Space Bugs in your... ♪

♪ Get the Space Bugs
in your head ♪

♪ Space Bugs in your... ♪

Some people with Space Bugs
in their heads experience

stumbling, loss of balance
or loss of hearing in one ear.

This is normal since part of
your brain needs to come out

somewhere. Some people with
Space Bugs report an aversion

to sex and also alcohol,
plus an interest in vegetables,

vegetable juices,
and the curative properties

of juicing in general.

♪ Get the Space Bugs
in your head ♪

♪ Space Bugs in your... ♪

♪ Get the Space Bugs
in your ♪

♪ Space Bugs in your ♪
♪ Head... ♪

I thought I'd lost you.

You did... for a while.

Laurel, oh, my God,
there you are.


(app squeals)

He's infected.

Laurel's dad.

Wait, shh.

You don't know that.

It's this... Just... get closer.

(app squeals)

You need to find a way
to silence that.

(app squeals)

(squealing stops)

This must be Laurel's
friends? Hello.

Dean Healy. This is
Rochelle and Gustav, Dad.

Nice to meet you.

What you got there?

Uh, a-a speaker system.

Uh, do you mind?

Am I supposed to be hearing
something or...?

Uh, eh...

Gustav, we should
probably... go.

Laurel, so glad
you're safe.

Thank you,


You need to tell her.

(whispering): What?

That her dad
is infected?


Your machine said no.

No, it didn't.

It just stopped.

It's broken.

(theme music playing)

Seems like a simple enough
concept, doesn't it?

One person, one vote.

Too bad no one got the message

to the senators
on the "torture panel."

("Anvil Chorus"
plays on television)

Where are we, buddy?

We're set up.

What are you
looking for, Senator?

This is the Capitol
security footage?

Yeah, from today
and yesterday. Why?

Get me the hallway

outside the Intelligence
Committee hearing.


Those people exiting.

Freeze frame there.

Those two black people.

Who are they?

And I'm not being racist.

I'm just being descriptive.

If they were dwarves,
I'd say, "Those two dwarves."

I don't think you can
say dwarves, either.

Well, good thing
they're not dwarves.

Who are they?

Come on, they were
here yesterday.

Dr. Bobb

and her, the...
Rachel something.

What were they here about?

on the Intelligence meeting.

Terrorist sympathizers.

It starts in San Bernadino.

It comes here.

All right.

Get that printed up,

and have it ready for
the committee today.


Where are you going?

I'll walk you.

I was walking to you.

Let me go first.

Okay, forget what
I said about bugs.

I-I don't want that
to get in the way...

No, wait, nothing is
gonna get in the way.

We just have so
many other hurdles,

and I don't want you to
think that I'm insane.

No, it's just a weird time,
and any one explanation makes

just as much sense as any other. Look,
I just want to act normal from now on.

I just want to just get
a burger and fries and a beer.

I don't want to...
Your friends are in trouble.

What? Your friends, Dr.
Bobb and Rochelle.

They're in trouble.


My boss saw
surveillance footage

of them leaving
the Intelligence meeting,

and he thinks that they
had something to do

with the failed vote.

What will he do?

I don't know.

It's working.

It's not broken.


They changed their frequency.

They knew we were
on to them,

and they changed
their frequency.

You don't know
that, Gustav.

I know that you
should be telling

Laurel about her father.

Okay, guys, we need to talk.

Hi, Laurel.

You're so nice... today.

Good to see you.

(clears throat)
Well, uh, nothing.

What do you mean?
(whispering): Tell her.

(whispering): No, I...
Tell her. Okay.


We're not certain
about this,

because Gustav's toy here
went on the fritz...

Ah, it's not a toy,

and it didn't
go on the fritz.



Gustav's machine reacts

to high-frequency

500 kilohertz.

...and he was seeing who
was infected and who wasn't.

Most of D.C. is
largely untouched.

Most of the infections

are on Capitol Hill,

and only five percent
here are infected.

Anyway, when we were
in your office,

there seemed to be

a high-frequency
communication coming from...

...coming from your dad.

It's not certain.

It could mean anything.

It couldn't mean anything.

I got to go.

Laurel, it might
not mean anything.

I'll talk to you.

Be careful, by the way.

Senator Wheatus saw you
leaving the hearing yesterday

and Gareth doesn't know
what he'll do.

(gavel pounding)

Thank you.

I'm calling

the Select Committee
on Intelligence to order.

I need everyone to sit down.

The matter

under discussion today
is the recent spate

of catastrophic head injuries.


Let's just drop the euphemism
and call them what they are.

LUKE: Madam Chair, can we
have some order here?

(gavel pounds)
That's enough.

Senator, you will have
an opportunity to speak.

I would like to be recognized,
Madam Chair.

I'm-I'm, uh,
I'm raising my hand.

Why not both hands?



Yes, the...

senator from Maryland

is recognized.

As per prior agreement,

I have a witness.

Ahmed Kadhimiya.

I'm a former freedom fighter

in the Islamic Ra'id Front.

And, uh, could you tell us

how you became a member
of the Ra'id,

and what you did for this
terrorist organization?


My mother was killed
in a drone attack.

I had studied chemistry,

so I helped the Ra'id create
a new methane-based compound.

And what did this compound do?

When injected under the skin,
it would make a head explode.

(people gasping and murmuring)

Thank you, Mr. Kadhimiya.

And you did this
with the approval

of the Syrian officials?

I did.

(people murmuring)

LUKE: W-wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait.

Are-are you
seriously saying

this is state-sponsored

I'm not saying anything. I have a witness.
All right, this is not a matter

for this committee.
Only the president

can conduct
international affairs.

This is about war,

and only Congress

has the right to declare war.

You will not be satisfied
until this country is at war.

You won't be satisfied until

this country is made
the laughingstock of the world.

Oh, Laurel.

Hey, you startled me.

How are you, Dad?

Not good.

Have you been watching this?

Red's sandbagging your brother.

These Republicans,
all they want is to start

another war.

Look at this.

Mr. Kadhimiya's testimony...

What's wrong?


Fire up our bombers...

You feeling okay?

Yeah, sure. Why?

I mean, I was just
about to go running.

How's your hearing?

My hearing?


Can you hear me?

Yes, I can hear you.

I'm not in the grave yet.


Just humor me, Dad.

Okay, what do you need?

How about now?

I'm gonna go on
a run now, Laurel.

If you want me to
get a hearing aid,

I'll talk to
your mom, but

I'm not as old
as you think.


You couldn't hear
me, could you?

I can always
hear you, dear.

A father can always
hear his daughter.

All right getting home?

I am. Are you?


Call me.


♪ ♪

(passing car horn honking)





I dropped it.
Just a second.


(heavy breathing)

Where are you?

I need your help.

I caught one.

♪ ♪

Do you have any more questions,

No. There's nothing more to add.

Anything from the ranking chair?

Yes, thank you, Madam...

Uh, let me.
I'll rip him a new one.

Ella, let's
keep it...

Uh, thank you
for speaking here today,


Do you blame America
for your radicalism?

Do I...?
(camera shutters clicking)

I... What do you mean?

You said
your mother was

killed in a drone attack?

Don't you blame America
for this?


It was an Iranian drone.

But built with our technology.

No. Chinese.

But isn't America
the real culprit

here, because we...

created the... idea...
of the drone?

Let me... let me
ask this a different way.

Why do you hate...


Because of...

(camera shutters clicking)

...your freedom?

Our entitlement.

Our wealth inequality.

The top one percent

owns everything. I mean,

look at our bankers.

Isn't that why
you hate America?

I-I... I guess.

we can't blame you, can we?

We caused

this terrorism.

We are the real culprits.

The rich get richer, the
poor get poorer. Laurel!

You sure you don't have
to get back to work?

It happens every time
we elect a demagogue.

What are you doing in there?

Just washing my hands.

Hey, Rochelle, I'm sending you
a photo of some pills.

Can you tell me
what they're for?

Yeah, sure.

But I think
you should get over here.


We think we
caught one.

Ow. My head hurts.

You really took him down with this?


I wasn't trying to hurt you.

Shut up, bug man.

You did this. Yeah,
because you startled me.

I-I just wanted
to steal your knives

and get out of here.
Seriously? That's your story?

Knives? Look, you can't keep me here.
I-I have a family.

They'll come looking for me.
What is this?

GUSTAV: It's to keep you from sending
out high-frequency bug signals.

Oh, my God, you're crazy.

What are you doing?
Checking your ear.

What's the bug agenda?

What are you talking about?
The bug agenda?

What is it? Are you from outer space?
Yeah. Hmm.

I'm from outer space,
just here for a visit.

What is that, bug sarcasm?


Some scar tissue
in one ear.

But it could've healed.

Or it could be from

a near-drowning accident
I had when I was six.

Oh, that sounded
rehearsed, didn't it?

Look, let me go now,
and I won't press charges.

Press charges?

You broke into my apartment
and tried to stab me.

Then get the police.
Call them.

What do you think?

Are you okay?

Does Dad have Parkinson's?


Did Dad say something?

I was looking through
his medicine cabinet.



Yes. He does.

Didn't somebody think it
was a good idea to tell me?

He didn't tell me.

I saw his hands shaking,
so I asked Mom.

You know Dad.
He doesn't like people

to see any weakness, or...

Is it terminal?

Yeah. Stage three.

How long?

Six months to a year.

Oh, my God.


Why do you think
he wanted you to come home?


He what?

Yeah, he wanted you
to come home

so he can spend time
with you, Laurel.

He said it was
about working here.

Yeah, I mean, that's Dad.
That's what he does.

He loves you.




Okay, let's review.

You tested this chemical

on everyday Syrians,
like these?

Yes. First corpses.

Then we needed live hosts.

And you watched heads explode?
I did.

I'm sorry to say.

Um, is that all
the testing you did?

No. We first started
on zoo animals.

You blew up

the heads of zoo animals?

from the Syrian National Zoo.

Yeah. What... what
kind of animals?

Uh... zebras,

two giraffes and


Pandas? You-you blew up pandas
like these?


Like those.
Just the heads.

Madam Chair,

what is the relevance of this?

The relevance is that I care

about what happens to pandas
like these, don't you?

But... yes, but, uh,
more importantly,

I want to know
if this witness

is telling the truth.
RED: I'm sorry

to see that my respected
colleague has a greater regard

for the truth than he does
for the lives of pandas.

Madam Chair, I ask that

we be given time to investigate
this witness's claims.

May I finish my questions first?

Go on, Senator.
All right.

Ahmed, is this testing
on zoo animals going on

even as we speak?

Yes, right now.

They have a shipment
of baby seals.

RED: And will they
continue to blow up

the heads of baby seals until

we get boots
on the ground in Syria?


("You Might Think"
by The Cars playing backwards)

What are you doing?

It's "You Might Think"
played backwards.

Gustav is trying to see
what works on him.

You can't just
tie people up.

We need
to call the police.

(shouting): No, we
need to figure out

what the bugs want! LAUREL:
He's denying he's infected,

Yes, but he would.

So how are you gonna
get him to talk?

Can we put on some better music?
Tell me what you know.

I'm gonna cut your fingers off
if you don't tell me.

What do the bugs want?! Huh?
Hey, hey.

What do they want? Stop.
Stop. Okay...

I don't know what you're talking
about. Please let me go.

You can't do this.
Why not?

He's not gonna talk to us
unless we threaten him.

It's torture, Gustav.
Yeah. It's not like

what happened with you.

He's not human.
You don't know that.

You guys aren't getting it.

This is serious.

This could be the end
of the world.

Let's just hold off
for a while, okay?

Let's-let's wait and-and see
if we can find out who he is.

There's one
other thing.

I talked to
my dad.

Is he infected?

I don't... I don't know.

Is there any way Parkinson's
could have made your machine

give a false positive?
GUSTAV: Your dad

has Parkinson's?
The reaction of the brain

could be the same.
It's possible. I don't know.

Did you test his balance,
his-his hearing?

I did. But it could be
Parkinson's related.

Is there any other way to know

if he's infected?


Has he given up drinking
or... sex?

You talking
to your mother?

The Jefferson Memorial,

designed by John Russell Pope,
honors our third president.

Though Pope's first design
was chosen in 1925,

construction began with
a new design by Pope in 1938.

Thank you so much
for such great questions.

This is the end of our tour,
but I want you to know

some important facts
about the Jefferson Memorial.

The bronze statue,
sculpted by Rudulph Evans,

is 10,000 pounds
and 19 feet tall.

And that's it.

Is Dean all right?

He's all right.

When's the last time
you saw him?


Because I'm asking.

You never wanted anything
to do with me, Laurel.

Because you're sleeping
with my father.

I'm not judging you.

I'm just wondering
why you're here.

You know my dad's ill?

I do.

He told you before he told me?

No. I guessed.

He had tremors.
I told him to see a doctor.

I went with him
to the doctor.

He called you
in L.A. afterward

to wish you a happy birthday.

That's why he called? I...

I thought he got the date wrong.
No. He wanted

to hear your voice.

Has my dad's behavior changed
the past few weeks?

What do you mean?

I mean, I'm worried
his health has changed.

Has he s...
stopped coming to you?



He says it's just temporary,

he'll be back
to his old self soon, but...

You don't want to hear this.

I don't, but I have to.

I suggested Viagra.

Thank you.


I wish we could talk sometime.

I love your father.



You're infected, Dad.


You're back.

I've heard of this book.

Forever Juice.

It's a godsend.
Makes my body a temple.

Put your hand out, Dad.

It's not real.

What are you talking about? Your
tremor is gone, Dad. You're acting.

Laurel... I saw you in
here trying to figure out

how to make it look real.

I have something
to confess, Laurel.

I have Parkinson's.

I saw your mistress.


Terri, your mistress

for the last 15 years.
What are you talking about?

Okay. What lie are
we dealing with, Dad?

The one where you lie
about Parkinson's,

or having a mistress,
or being infected?

Which one do you want to start with?
I stopped

seeing that woman
when I swore to your mom...

Oh, no, you saw her.

Luke and I always knew.

We'd go on mall tours
and try to figure out

which guide it was.

I'm not sleeping with her.

Well, no. Not now.

Not the past week.

Because you're infected.

We should talk.

Oh, yeah.

You start.

Let me start by saying this:

I understand where
you're coming from.

You do?

Where am I coming from?

Fear of something different.

You mean a fear of my dad
having bugs crawl

into his head
and eat his brain?

Half his brains.

Oh, my God.

Look, I'm still here.

I'm still your dad.

I know about how
you snuck out

on your 13th birthday.

I know about that
boy you slept with.

Okay, Dad.
I'm still looking

at you as a father
who loves his daughter.

But you're infected.

Let's take this
step by step.

There are good

Oh, God. Tell me
that's not true.

are basically

good parasites.

Look at that.

A week ago,
I couldn't do that.

I was stage three,

going on to stage four.

And now look at me.

I-I played
racquetball yesterday.

Half your brain
is missing, Dad.

And how much of that
brain was I really using?

How much of Einstein's
brain was he using?

No, Dad. You're not convincing
me that this is a good thing.

Well, then let me
convince you

that it's an inevitable thing.

This is happening, honey.

And people are going
to be better for it.

Is it from space?

Does it matter?

It matters to me.

Can't do anything
with the information.

Well, then tell me.

There's a force outside
of our petty concerns,

and they want to help us.

By controlling us?


More like living...
beside us.

You can come back, Dad.

I did it.

You just need to battle it

with the right side
of your brain.

I did it.

You can't use logic.

You have to use
the opposite.

And what does that do?

Remember the driving trip
to Orlando?

How we thought it
was so stupid.

How we hated Disney World.

And they only sold candy
in all the stores

and all you wanted
was an apple.

Just a simple apple.

And all they had
were apple gummy bears,

so you made a candy salad.

That isn't illogical.

Yes, it was.

And the song.
You sang that song.

You sang,
♪ I'm a dog, I'm a dog ♪

♪ I'm a dog, dog, dog. ♪
Yeah, uh...

That was stupid.

It made us laugh so hard.

What do you want, babe?

Do you want me to
go back to a state

where I have a
year to live?

Where the last year
of my life

will be in a wheelchair

with your mother feeding me?

Is that what you want?

I want my dad.

I'm your dad.

No, you're not.

Give me a hug.

Come on.

It's me.

Just let me hug you.


(helicopter blades whirring
in distance)

What's that?

Three-year-old whiskey.

I don't drink.
I know.

Bug people
don't drink.

No. I'm AA.
Two years sober.

Where's your chip?

Yeah, your chip.

Oh, my sobriety chip?

It's in my other clothes.

Drinkee, drinkee.

Seriously... guys.

Y-you'll be responsible

for knocking me
off the wagon.

This is torture.


And you approved the testing
on the Syrian zoo animals?

Yes. It was me.

How did you get
access to them?

The animals?

Uh, by talking to our
other departments

in the Syrian authority.

And what department was that?

The Council

for Cultural Imperatives.

You know, there is no

Council for
Cultural Imperatives.

Yes, there is.
No, there isn't.

It might translate differently
into English.

Give me the Syrian name.

I thought we were on
the same side.

And what side is that?

You're prepping me for my

Select Committee testimony.

Yeah... and if
you're caught lying,

that's not going to do
much good for our side,

now does it?

The People's Council
of Cultural Affairs.

Is that what you
meant, Doctor?

That's the council

that supplied
the zoo animals?

Yes. Exactly.

Good. I think you're ready.


Do you have a moment?

I do.

Many moments.

He's lying.
How do you know?

Because he changes his story
based on our needs.

(scoffs) Have you ever
been to Syria, buddy?

Well, I have.

And it is not
a pretty sight.

I've never been,

but that's
not the point.

I have an imagination.

It's war-torn.

And he is suffering

from post-partum

Posttraumatic stress.

He sometimes has
to be reminded

of what he's saying,
because he's so upset

about what happened.

So let's not judge him.

Let's just help him.

You understand?

Why do you want a war,

I don't want a war.

We're a
peace-loving nation.

But if we have
to go to war,

I won't shy away.

Will you?

No, sir.


That's what
I'm looking for

in a chief of staff.


Are you all right?


A burger just feels
like the best thing

in the world right now.

You need to tell your brother

about the next witness
at the Select hearing.

He's lying.

How do you know?

This is when you're supposed

to get ketchup on your lips

so I can wipe it off.

Oh. Excuse me.

Miss, you have some...

♪ You never say you love me ♪

♪ But you never
let me fight you ♪

♪ Can't get you
off my mind, babe ♪

♪ So I bought this dress
to spite you ♪

♪ I'll wear it
'cause I hate you ♪

♪ 'Cause you don't know
what you got ♪

♪ Then I'll wear it
to your house ♪

What is it?

♪ And I'll let you
take it off ♪

Are you close
with your parents?



Are they divorced?


They're the only people

in North Judson,
Indiana who aren't.

They have nothing in common,

but they make it work.


My parents have everything
in common,

but they hate each other.


No. Not really.

My dad's had the same
mistress for 15 years.

My mom likes her friends.

I'm sorry.

No. No. It just is.

♪ But I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I ♪

♪ I wanna be the one
who says good night. ♪


My mom.

Your mom?

Yeah. I-I don't know
what I was thinking.

I gotta go.

Laurel. What a surprise.

What about Mom?
What about her?

Are you gonna infect her, too?

I can't let you do that.

How will you stop me?

I'll tell her.

Tell her she
has to move out

because I have
parasites in my brain?


Are you there?

Laurel. How are you?

I'm good.
How are you?

Um... Laurel?

Stay right there, Mom.
Laurel. This is...

What are you doing?
DEAN: Laurel.

You need to calm down.
We're fine.

You need to move out, Mom.

No... Why?

Because Dad isn't who
he says he is.

Your daughter is talking
complete nonsense, Liz.

She's worried about my health.


Dad is still seeing Terri,
the tour guide.

You bastard.

Liz. It's not...

You need to pack, Mom.

This isn't true.
It is.

You know it is.

You bastard.

You complete


RED: And where did you get all
these zoo animals, Doctor?

The ones you exploded?

The People's Council for, um,

uh, Cultural Affairs.

RED: Well, thank you for
coming here today, Doctor.

Is war the only thing

that would stop the Syrians
in their tracks?

War or...

No. Just war.


Your witness,
or whatever we say here.

Thank you, Senator.

Uh, Dr. Samira...

Is that your lab coat?


The coat you're wearing...

your lab coat,
is it yours?

I, uh... no.


Uh, who gave it to you?

Well, uh...
(clears throat)

Red did.

I see.

Senator Wheatus.

And did he get it
from a valet or...?

Come on, this is outrageous.

Where'd you
get it, Red?

He is a doctor.
Why are you

making fun of these
terrible head explosions?

I'm not making
fun of anything.

Isn't it true, Dr. Samira,

that you've never
even been in Syria?

RED: You are so dead set
against confrontation...

All I'm looking for
is the truth here.

This is outrageous.

You will just keep making up these lies...
We can start talking about...

(gavel pounding) Okay!
Are you even a doctor?

That's enough.

We're gonna take a break.

Thank you.

Senators Healy,
Pollack and Wheatus,

we need you to stay here
for a second.

(indistinct conversations)

I have been given
permission by my director

in the foreign bureau
to brief you

on a few matters
regarding Syria.

This is class four confidential,
so you can't take notes...

...and you cannot repeat
what is said here to anyone.

Before I continue,

I need to know
that you understand.

I understand.

I understand.

I understand.

I understand.

There is no chemical program

in Syria.

There is no attempt to bring

to the United States.

The witnesses you interviewed
today and yesterday were frauds.

We can't say any more
without revealing

ongoing investigations,

so this is only
for this room.

But there is no reason,
and I mean none,

for suspecting Syria
of state-sponsored terrorism.

Do you understand?

I do, yes.

I do.

I do. Senator?

Oh, yeah.

I get it.
All's good here.


I'm sure you understand,

but that's all I can say.

That's all I can ever say.

Yeah, I understand.

This is not healthy
for me, you know?


It's not healthy for the bugs?

Oh, no, they don't care.
They just want a well-run car.

Wouldn't you? Would you steal
a car that needs oil?

So we're just
cars to them?

You said that, I didn't.

You said it.

The thing is,
I don't like alcohol.

Are they from outer space,

the bugs?
Yeah. Don't say "aliens."

They don't like
the word "aliens."

What do they want here?

Oh, they just want
a place to live.

They want a place to call home.
They live in us?

Yeah. And what about
the extremism?

Why are they making people
more extreme?

'Cause that makes it harder for

people to fight them. They're
too busy fighting each other.

Republicans, Democrats.

Americans, Russians.
Why "You Might Think"?

What? The song, "You Might
Think"-- why do you all like it?

Why not?
It's a beautiful song.

Don't-don't you think
it's beautiful?

No. I don't.

It is the most
beautiful song

ever written.

It sounds like
your home planet?

What? Yeah.
I guess it does.

I never thought of that. Yeah.

You want to dominate us,
don't you?

You want to take us over?
Is that it?

Come on. It's such
an old-fashioned concept,

who takes over who.

You're probably just
as likely to overtake us.


You said, you're likely

to overtake us.



You're a bug,
and you're more bug

than human.

You got me drinking.
I don't know what I'm saying.

Yes, you do.

You said "us."

My dad is a bug.

What the hell do you want?
(door closes)

You know what I want.

I have nothing in
common with you.

You want welfare
for the poor.

You want tax breaks
for the rich.

Get the hell
out of here.

Feel the Bern.

Always Trump.

Cute little queen.

You got a problem with that?

You know you want it.

Not as much as you.

Smell that.
You smell like a bitch.

A bitch you want.

You know you want it.

Force me.
Here it comes.

Take it all.

(sucking sound)

(door closes)

So you can't help
but infect others?

It's in our DNA,
like yours.

We need to multiply.

Don't you?

Why is Red Wheatus so intent
on this war with Syria?

Why not?

What, you want
to occupy us in squabbles?

That would be nice.

If we're tied down
in the Middle East,

we won't have time to stop you
from conquering us?

You know you're gonna
have to let me go?


'Cause it's not
in you to kill us.

I've squashed a bug on
the floor before. Yes.

But I'm Kevin.

Look at my
driver's license.

I have a sister
and a family.

I like foreign films.

Have you seen
The Bicycle Thief?

No, you're just using
the human side.

No. I'm here, too. Hello.

See? E necessario piantare

i vostri semi in
un altro campo.

That's a line from
The Bicycle Thief.

You know you're gonna
have to let me go.

Thank you, Senator.

We just have
a few quick questions.

Misty, this is a
very troubling time,

but, uh, I always
have time for you.

Now, you were briefed
by the CIA today, weren't you?

I can't speak to
any specifics.

confidential, so...

Of course.
We understand that, Senator,

and we won't
press you on it,

but can you tell us
what the CIA said?

Unfortunately, no, uh...

but I can say this.

This... this
briefing today... stunned me.

In all my 20 years

as a senator,
I've never been so shocked

as by what I heard today.

Son of a bitch!

He can't do that!
He-he can't.

He-he didn't break

Oh, but he implied.

Yes, but what we
heard was shocking.

We were all shocked.

You're kidding me?
We can't do anything.

We can contradict Red.

Not without breaking

Well, then we get Ella,
and the three of us censure Red.

I don't think that'll work. Why?

Yes, I was stunned.

The CIA has asked us not
to divulge any of the details,

and as much as I hate that--
like Edward Snowden,

I want a society
free of secrets--

I must fulfill my duty.

All I can say is that I was
awestruck by what they said.

And you are still pushing

for a non-binding
War Powers resolution?

I am.

This is what
a baby seal looks like

before its head is exploded.

I can not let this happen.

What are you doing?

You won't regret this.

Yes, I will,
but I've been outvoted.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

What's up?

Close the door.

I'm trying to figure out
whether to leak.

And I'm telling
him not to.

It'll hurt his presidential
chances in 2020.

LUKE: Yeah, but Red
is pushing us to war.

He's suggesting

something from a CIA briefing
I know is not true.

But the only way to prove
it's not true is to leak,

which he can't do.

Unless it's the only way
to stop a war.

No. Either way,
he can't leak a CIA briefing.

Unless it's to stop a war.

Okay, I need
to think about this.


(door opens)

Are you gonna fight
me the whole way?

What do you think?

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