BrainDead (2016): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Power of Euphemism: How Torture Became a Matter of Debate in American Politics - full transcript

Laurel comes under investigation about her potential involvement with the bug infestation. Also, Gustav and Rochelle discover a unique way to communicate with those infected by the bugs.

♪ Previously on BrainDead... ♪

(indistinct chatter)

I'm Laurel Healy.


I think I'm going insane.


Well, if we're being honest,
why "insane"?

Because I think bugs
are eating people's brains

and turning them stupid.


Yeah, well.


That's not what I'd
thought you'd say.

Yeah, me, either.

That's why I asked if you saw
anything coming out of my ear

the other night.

From your migraine?


I don't get migraines.

I just said that
so I wouldn't sound crazy.

As opposed to now.


Mm-hmm, okay.

So, you've seen bugs?


They-they tend to cluster
around cherry blossoms.

How patriotic.

I'm sorry.

No, no, it should be
made fun of.

It's-it's crazy.

Why are you telling me this?

I don't know.

It's not smart, I...

To be honest, I, um...

See those people
over there?


They're watching us.

Because they have bugs?

I'm just trying
to connect the dots here.

Okay, he's listening
to his ear buds, right?


How much
you want to bet

he's listening
to "You Might Think"

by The Cars?

More with The Cars.


Um, wait, you--


How you doing?

Good, you?

What music
are you listening to?

Excuse me?

why don't we just--?

♪ Think it's foolish... ♪
You like The Cars?

I like to be left alone.
So do I.

Stop watching me.


Good guess.

Listen everywhere you go.

You'll hear it.

And what does that mean?

They like the bass line.

The bugs do?


I love being patronized.

Keep it up.

(phone ringing)

I'm sorry.

I have to take this.

Hello, Senator.

Where are you, buddy?

At drinks, sir.

Yeah, with your friend Lana,
the bleeding heart liberal?


Well, I need some help
with these CHIs.

You know, you're poor departed
predecessor Broadbent,

his head exploded.

Did you know that?
I did, sir.

Why aren't the Feds
doing anything about it?

What's wrong with them?

I'll make some calls.

I know you never
liked Broadbent.

That's not true, sir.

But I'd still like you
to do the best you can.

And-and who's handling
my calls tonight?


The intern.

Tell Lana hi.


Mike the intern!


Uh, yes, Senator?

It's okay.

Just calm down.

Get me Louie Marchant
on the line.

All right?

He'll know what
this is regarding?

I'm a senator.

He's the head of the FBI.

Yeah, he'll know
what it's regarding.

(sighs heavily)

Help yourself.


I have Director Marchant
on the line, Senator.

Good, and get me some
of those cherry blossoms

from the vases in there.


What's going on
with these head explosions?

Come on, I had
an employee who died

from one of these--

Well, have you considered
terrorism, sir?

No, no, no.

No, I'm just saying
we have enemies

of the state, don't we?


No, well,

I've heard you were--
No, I heard

you were investigating
a Hill staffer up here

who had access
to all the victims

Lana something.

Uh, Healy, wasn't it?

There you go, little lady.

Don't go yet.

I need a favor.

No, no, turn around.

Turn around.

I've been reading
the chatter, Louie.

This could be bio-terrorism.

The terrorists
have it out for me.

Because of my stand.

I'd bring in this Lana
for questioning.


Look, Louie.

Ask your friends
at CDC what happens

when you're not responsive.

One second.

Mike? Mike the
intern, right?

Yes, sir.

You can, you can
turn around.

What did you
study in school?

Oh, in-in college?


Good, good.

Lean in.


lean, lean your head.



Yeah, good.

All right.

Take these home tonight.

And I'm gonna need you bright
and early tomorrow

at the senate gym.

You want me
at the senate gym?

Yeah, 7:00 a.m.

Don't be late.

Louie, here's what I want.

I want a report
by tomorrow morning.

Meet me at the senate gym
at 7:00 a.m.

Stupid bastard.

Oh, come on, it isn't terrorism, sir.
There is no medical reason for this.

The chatter doesn't mean anything.
The terrorists keep

telling us they're doing it,

Islamic Ra'id takes credit for everything.
we have to listen to it.

Wait a minute, weren't
we standing here a month ago,

and you were saying
it was terrorism

and you were saying it wasn't?

I changed my mind.

Ra'id doesn't know what
they're taking credit for.

They read the news in The Post,
then just try to mirror it.

Well, I got to give
this jack-ass senator

a report tomorrow.

Did we question
some Hill staffer Lana

Laurel Healy.

Yes, sir.

I think we should bring her in
for some more tough questioning.

Are you insane?

She's the sister of a senator.

She is?

God, okay.

Let me handle Wheatus.

These senators
love talking tough.

Best not to enable them.

Come on, pick it up,
you slow poke.

Oh, God.

You converts are the worst.

It doesn't matter
if it's religion or exercise,

everything is purity.


Have you met
my intern Mike?

Good kid.

Nice to meet you.

So, are the terrorists
doing this, Louie?

No, they aren't.

Okay, let me tell you
what I'm hearing.

The Islamic Ra-id Front
is taking credit

for these head explosions
and they're promising

a new one once a week
until the November elections.

Yes, and last time they promised
a pandemic of head lice.

They scan The Post,
and take credit for stories.

I don't think you're
taking these head explosions

seriously enough, Director.

Come on, Mike, two more.

You can do it.

Come on.

Where are you
hearing this, Red?

Hearing what?

About the terrorists
taking credit?

Well, my chief of staff
is dating Lana Healy

and she's supposedly
hooked in.

Come on, Mike.

I think you need
a little more weight.

I'm gonna help you out.

Okay, yeah.

All right, now,
come on, dig down.

All right, be the beast,
you got it.


My, my head hurts.

I'm an analyst.

You're a senator.

I don't tell you
how to do your job.

You don't tell me
how to do mine.

Well, uh, the
only difference is

that you don't hold
my purse strings.

Come on.

Just a few more inches.

Three, two,


Blast it!

Mr. Cornish?



You didn't fill in all
the blanks, Mr. Cornish.

How may I help you?

Oh, that's
an interesting statue.


I should probably get curtains.

Do you know
who it is?

Major Hancock, I think.

Ah, Major General
Winfield Scott Hancock.

Civil War buff?

No, just trivia.


Where's that door go?

To the hall-- why?

Just wondering about
other ways out of the office

that don't take me
through the reception.



I need you to stand, Laurel.

You need me to stand?



Eh, it's customary.


What are those?


Uh, less obnoxious
than handcuffs.

Why are you here?

To take you in
for questioning.

To take me in where?

Ooh, I can't answer that.

Oh... I'm sorry.

I need to talk to my brother.

I'm sorry, you-you can't.

Luke! Lu...
(taser crackles quietly)

I'm so sorry about this.

You seem like a nice person.

♪ ♪

(static crackling)

♪ ♪

(man whistles sharply)


(blipping continues)

(static crackling)

(indistinct conversations)


(blipping spikes)

(blipping spikes)


She got a call.
Who's it from?

"Unknown Caller."

Hi, you've reached Laurel Healy.

I can't answer my phone
right now.

Please leave a message
after the beep.

(static crackling)

She's late.

We were supposed to meet
for lunch an hour ago.

I tried calling her. Do you
think she's sick of us?

Do you need something?

(blipping spikes)
Uh, yeah.

SCARLETT: She's out.


Do you need something?

Uh, no. I'm all right.

Uh, Rochelle...

Oh, excuse us.


What is it?

She's infected.

It's picking up her
high-frequency communication.

Who are you calling?


You won't get her.

Why am I here?

To help with an investigation.

Who are you?

I'm Dr. Colin Mitchell.

I'm a psychiatrist
on retainer with the FBI.

On a scale of one to ten, with
ten being the most tolerant,

how would you describe
your tolerance for pain?


On a scale
of one to ten,

with ten being
the most fearful,

how would you describe
your fear of drowning?

KRETCHNER: Do you take any
heart medication, Ms. Healy?


You ever been told by
a health professional

that you have
an abnormal resting

or exercise


It'll help us modify
your treatment.

What-what treatment?

The treatment specified
for your questioning.

Is this about torture?



No. Is someone here
planning to torture me?

why am I here?

To, uh...

help with
the investigation.

(blood pressure cuff hisses)

Oh, great.


You're quite

Mentally, she's stable.

There should be no significant
mental aftereffects.

Of course, I'd want to reanalyze
her after each regimen.


Blood pressure
and pulse strong.

I would suggest
limiting regimens

to five-minute sessions
with breaks of ten minutes.

I'll re-check her vital signs
between sessions

and we can modify
the lengths based on that.

CORNISH: Possibilities of organ failure?

But I would avoid
the abdominal area.

She had her
appendix out...

eight years ago,
and it left some scarring.

MARCHANT: Open-handed slaps?

And closed-fist contact
in the chest area.

She'll accuse me
of assaulting her.

Just want to warn you.


Because she's lying.

(door opens)

Ms. Healy.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We just have
a few more questions.


No, no.
What-what has he told you?

If you don't mind
coming with us...?

Whatever he said, it's a lie.

He attacked me.

I already told them
about your lies.

This is illegal
and you know it.

Uh, not with
a ticking clock scenario

and with the consent of
the two Intelligence chairs.

Just... here, please.

Wait, you said the two chairs
of the Intelligence committee?

Those chairs have changed
since the senatorial handover.

They're new. Have you checked
with the new ones?

As part of my questioning,
an FBI lawyer must be present.

If that lawyer is watching,

the Intelligence committee
has changed leadership.

You need the consent
of the two new leaders.

Can I tell Mr. Ritter
what this is regarding?

Tell him it's regarding
Laurel Healy.

It's regarding Laurel Healy.

What's wrong?

I will get this back.


Laurel was supposed
to meet me for lunch.

And she didn't make it.

GUSTAV: I have a GPS
trigger on her cell.

It got disconnected

this morning
leaving her office.

The trigger sent
out a warning

that someone was trying
to unlock its encryption.

Hey, buddy, can you get
in here a second?

(Gustav's app blipping)

(blipping stops,
Gustav chuckles weakly)

Senator Red Wheatus.

(clears throat)

Dr. Bobb.

Rochelle. Daudier.

Well. Nice to meet you both.

I do think black lives matter.


Let's go.

Uh, actually, sir,

this is only open
to SCI-four clearance today.

Ooh, sorry.

It's my first time doing this.

Ah! Senator Healy.

Thanks for joining us.

It's just
the two chairs today?

Yes, sir.
Emergency session.

Well, I'll leave you two.

(clears throat)
We have a C-dash-5 scenario--

a possible bioterrorism attack
within the Capitol grounds--

and we are asking for

Appendix Q
interrogation protocol.

This is about the head explosion
this morning?

What head

One of my interns,
at the senate gym.

Poor kid.

A terrible tragedy.

Just... boom.

Clearly, terrorists
are coming after me

because of my strong
stand on terrorism.

I thought the CDC was
pursuing these strokes

as a physical ailment.

We have some chatter suggesting

the Islamic Ra'id Front
is responsible

and plans to conduct
more attacks in the future.

That chatter isn't

But the threat
is serious enough

that we must take it...


Who is it you have in custody?
MARCHANT: A local D.C. resident

who has connections
to the victims

and sympathies
with the Ra'id Front.

Good. Where do I sign?

Let's go, Luke.
It's Fort Apache time.

What were these sympathies

with the Ra'ids?

Excuse me?

You said the suspect...
Not a suspect.

Merely a person
of interest.

Oh, the "person of interest" had
sympathies with the Ra'id Front.

What were
these sympathies?

This person tried to hide

the identity of
a known Ra'id sympathizer,

an ambulance driver,
from our inspectors.

If it weren't for
the ticking clock scenario,

we probably wouldn't ask
for such extreme measures,

but we can't risk another
death on Capitol Hill.

We need to move fast.

No, I want to see the stats

on this person of interest. Come on!
Are you kidding me?

They're coming after me, Luke!
MARCHANT: Sorry, Senator,

we can't reveal those details
at this time.

Is this about
your bug fixation?

Shut up, Red.

Because if there is another

head explosion on my staff,

you might as well kiss
your chances for 2020 good-bye.

All right, well, this should
not be a political calculation.

That's right!

It shouldn't be.
This is about terrorism.

You don't mess around
with terrorism.

I will brief you
throughout the day, Senator.

These are all

approved Appendix Q
interrogation methods.

They're reasonable
and appropriate.

Especially given
the circumstances.

How many of them
have you infected?

With bugs?

That's the wonderful thing.

It's just me.

I don't believe you.

No, that's the great thing
about this country.

Everybody here
is just doing their job.

I don't have to do anything.

What if I tell them?




Tell them that
I'm infected with bugs

who have eaten half my brains.

See how that
goes over.

Agent Onofrio has been infected.

Half his brain has
been eaten by bugs.

I'm serious.

Give me a lie detector test
if you don't believe me.

Might have a mental issue here.


Yeah, what?


Yes, what's wrong?

The senator
is busy right now.

I just need a moment.

Go ahead--
what is it?

Senator, do you know
where your sister is?

No, why?

She hasn't been in the office
the last four hours.

And someone is trying to break
the encryption on her phone.

I'll tell Cornish
we can get started with her.

You're seeming pretty
anxious about this.

Why is that?

I want to stop the terrorists.

Why else?

(phone ringing)


You know who this is, Agent.

I do.

I want to know who is the
subject of your interrogation?

I can't say that, sir.
You seem the most

against this interrogation--
why is that?

Can't say that, sir.

If you're having a pang
of conscience, Agent.

it's best
to follow through.

help no one.

I can't say any more.

Ask about Laurel directly.

Agent, answer me yes or no.

Is my sister in your custody?



Okay, then let me

put it this way.

I'll count to five.

If my sister is in some way
being held there,

don't hang up.

One, two, three,



Are you still
on the line, Agent?

I am.

Thank you.

They have her.

What are you gonna do?

(Luke chuckles)

Raise holy hell.

Get me Director Marchant
on the line now.



(Gustav's app blipping)

(whispering): She's
communicating to someone.

(app blipping)

This is creepy.


I got him.

Director Marchant.

Do you have my sister
in custody?

No. Where you getting that?

From within your office.

Senator, I can tell you
without hesitation

I have no idea
where your sister is.

All right, you're telling me
she's not the reason

for your Appendix Q request?

That is correct.
She is not.

And you're not about to use

enhanced questioning techniques
on her?

As ridiculous
as your question is, Senator,

I can answer honestly
we are not.

Then why am I
getting different information

coming out of your office?

Senator, you have
received my answer.

Why don't you let us get
back to our important work.

Actually, I have a better idea.

You've just be subpoenaed
to a special meeting

of the Intelligence Committee.

Come on, you're kidding.

No, sir.

The ranking member can ask
for a committee vote

on all chair directives.
I am doing that now.

Senator, this is
ticking-clock scenario.

Just this morning I watched the
head of a Hill staffer explode

in my face.

And that's why we're expediting
the work of this committee.

We expect you here
within the hour, Director.

This is a mistake, sir.


Well, I make them
from time to time.

See you in an hour.

Have you ever been in contact
with the Islamic Ra'id Front?


Do you know what
the Islamic Ra'id Front is?


Then how do you know
you weren't in contact with it?

To the best of my knowledge,

I have not been in contact
with Islamic Ra'id Front.

Do you know
who Ali Wasem is?

I do not.

You'd ever met him?



There's a lie
right there, Laurel.

You have met
Ali Wasem.

He was the driver
of the ambulance in which

Dr. Daudier's catastrophic
head injury took place.

I didn't know his name.

Agent Onofrio mentioned
his name to you. Yes.

Yes, but that was weeks ago.

Who is this?

GUSTAV: No, not on the phone.

We can't talk on the phone.

LAUREL: Come on,
this is just getting paranoid.

No, not paranoid. Smart.

I'll meet you
at the usual place.

You were surveilling
my calls?


Who were you
on the phone with?

A friend.

And your
friend's name?

If I tell you, you'll bring him
in for questioning, right?


Well, then I can't tell you.

You think
you're being noble and good

by staying committed
to a friend.

But to me, it looks like
you're hiding something;

something that will...
hurt this country.

Are you patriotic,

What do you know
about Anthony?

Agent Onofrio? I'm not
here to answer questions.

Did you know that his brain
has been eaten by bugs?

Did you know that?

There might be
mental illness here.

And we can't aggressively
interrogate a subject

with delusional disorder,
with psychotic symptoms--

In what way is she psychotic?

She thinks her interrogators
are bug creatures.


All right, I'll get approval.

(indistinct chatter)

You are gonna regret this.

No, you will.

Now, people don't
like torture.

In fact, one of your
own caucus members

doesn't like torture--
Senator Hodges, the war hero?

Hi, Chuck.
Let's get this over with.

Oh, oh, that's what
you're hanging your hat on?


some of your caucus members
are ready to flee to me.

after the country sees

how you want
to coddle terrorists.


(static crackling)


Ah... damn it!


Damn it.
I think I lost him.

They must need to be
in range of each other.

50 feet or so.

So, we can't locate Laurel?

No, I thought we could
follow the bug people

to where they were
holding Laurel...

Did you record
their communication?


Their high-frequency

did you record it?



Good, send that out.

What do you mean?

Well, instead of tracking people
who send out that signal,

can you send it out
as if it were you?


Then do it.

I would've come to that.

I'm sure you would have.

The matter under discussion

involves an Appendix Q scenario.

That means a time-sensitive
ticking-bomb terrorist attack.

I would encourage us
to expedite these proceedings

by keeping our comments

to a minimum.

Lives are at stake.

Anything more, Senator?


There's nothing more from me.

All my questions have been
answered prior to this meeting.

(clears throat)
Director Marchant?

Now, how do you define

Appendix Q
interrogation allowances?

The agency will be allowed
more forward leaning

interview methods when there's
an impending terrorist attack.

And how do those methods

not constitute torture,

as defined
by Executive Order 13491?

Well, just to begin,

this country does not torture.

Uh, it's not within our makeup--

Is water-boarding torture,


So, we do not water-board?

That is

Now, do we use water

in our interviewing
of suspects?

Well, maybe a glass
of water now and then,

(committee laughing)
if they ask.

Do we use water
in any other manner?

Yes, infrequently.

But it's well within...

And how is the water used?

Uh, in an exercise

we refer to
as "controlled immersion."

LUKE: And how does
controlled immersion

differ from water-boarding?

The amount of water is reduced.

Uh, the experience is more one

of trying to catch your breath

than simulated drowning--
I want to be clear.

These are terrorists!

Do I need to show my colleague
photos of victims of ISIS?

Women and children.

I-I would do
a hell of a lot worse

than immersion
if it were up to me--

Oh, I-I know you would do
a hell of a lot worse...

Senator, have you neglected
to pay your cable bill again?

It is a matter
of national security

and-and our national identity. Or have
you just gone completely off the grid?

Now, you said,
you said it-it is...

Your brother is
going to lose.


Americans don't like torture.

It's why you have to lie
and call it something else.

Here's the thing
about the American public.

I was down
in Abbeville, Louisiana.

Best catfish in the country.

And my car got stuck in the mud.

This family of farmers came by.

Got me out.

Invited me home for dinner.

Towed my car to a shop.

Gave me a few hundred dollars
to get me home.

They had nothing.

And they treated me
like I was their son.

That's the American people.

They are great

Nicest people
in the world.

But get them in a group, voting?

(indistinct arguing on TV)

They turn vicious.

LUKE: It's a matter
of national identity.

And I believe the American
people to be smarter than that.


Looks like your brother
scored a point.

But isn't the real question

whether torture is effective?

No, I think
the real question is

why do we have
to look at it at all?

Like, my car mechanic,
Rodrigo, used to say,

"Some things in life
are better left mysterious."

Why do we have
to look at torture?

Let's stop talking
about it altogether.

Yes, but don't we at least...?





(crowd chattering)

You're down by one vote.

I-I count myself up by one.

No, you lost a Republican.


Chuck Hodges.
The war hero? No.

No, he'll never
vote for torture.

No, he had to leave.

He's not there.

Wait, what? What happened?
I don't know.


Your friend, Chuck Hodges--
where is he?


Not joggers. Why joggers?


See? Broadcast it.



Crap. Crap.

(blipping continues)

Crap, crap, crap.

Just stare back.

He knows we're not
one of them.

He'll definitely know
if we don't stare back.

Just keep broadcasting.
It's okay.

What could he do?
Kill us.

Just act like them.

How do you act like them?
I don't know.



(blipping continues)

Where are you going?

Following him.

See if he leads us to Laurel.

LUKE (on TV): Director Marchant,
how do you define

Appendix Q interrogation

What's that?

Flow control valve.

It regulates the water pressure

so the immersion doesn't reach
to the level of torture.

So it doesn't drown me?

So you put the cloth
over my face,

and then you pour that over it

for how long?
One minute.

And that simulates drowning?


And, hey, the vote could
still go your way.

(sighs) LUKE: We do not
protect the American people

by torturing them.

Come on, Luke.

...danger and, by the way,
puts our POWs...

(indistinct chatter)

(gavel banging)

Okay, let's get voting.

(indistinct chatter)

Come on.
Time's a-wasting.

Come on, everybody,
take their seats, please.

Where is he, Dad?
I need him here.

Out of pocket.
The staff is saying

he's at his daughter's
dance recital.

You're kidding?

He couldn't wait
to vote on this?

No, it's not that.

When I was in the senate,

"daughter's dance recital" meant
"sleeping with a mistress."

do you have any idea where?

Give me an hour.

I'll try, but hurry, Dad.

RED: I'll ask for a motion
on our Appendix Q understanding.

Excuse me, Mr. Chairman.

I have a few words
I'd like to share

before we, uh... vote.

(clears throat)

Back in 1803...


That's... that's not good.

(sighs) He led us right
back to where we started.

Maybe you're wrong about
what the message says.

So what now?

This message you

let me hear it.

This is just a 500 kilohertz
signal translated for our ears.

Yeah. We don't know
what it means, right?


Okay. Play it again.


So just broadcast part of it,
just the first part.

The... "Oh," or whatever.

And let's see
what one of them does.


To find out
what their words mean.


You're, um... you're much
smarter than I thought.

You know I did graduate
pre-med from Princeton?

(muffled laugh)

Oh, here he comes.

Okay, try the first sound.


Do it again.


Be my guest.

Let's try the
second word.



Oh, yeah. We're using this.

Who knows who

might be the victim
tomorrow of terrorists.

Any of us. You, Luke.

Your staff.

Yes, and if we torture,
all our enemies

will use torture on our soldiers.
Look at Jack Bauer.

What did he have to do
to keep America safe?

Jack Bauer?
That's a fictional character.

He's not real.

Justice Scalia used him as
a legal argument. Yes, and

it was insane then,
just like it is insane now.

Justice Scalia should be honored
by people like you,

not disrespected.
This debate

is far too critical.
It's a debate

about our national security
and our national identity.

No. What's left
of your credibility is...

(gavel banging)
Let-Let's just vote!

No, I have more to say.

Forget it. I'm done.
Let's vote.

I can count
on your vote, Senator?

Not with the
public watching.

That's why I tried
to stay away.

I have to vote for this.


All right, all those in favor

of the current definition
of Appendix Q,

please signify
by raising your hand.

That's one, two,
three, four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine, ten.

11. That's 11 yeses,

and I'll join in,
making that a majority.

Now, all those against.

Sorry, Laurel. Guys.

Part of me was wishing
that went the other way.

It still can.

You don't need to do this.

Yes, I do.

I like you,
but I have a job to do,

and I believe in that job.

I believe the country survives
because I do my job.

It doesn't. I-I don't know
anything. I... I... I...

We'll find out.

Senators, you can't vote twice.

All those who voted yes,

ple-please refrain
from voting no.

All right, once again,

all those against
the current definition,

please signify
by raising your hands.

One, two...

(people murmuring)

Again, you already voted yes.


Please refrain...

(people murmuring)

This is so cool.

(muffled laughter)

I think
we can discount the no votes.

We already have
a "yes" confirmation.

Now, excuse me, Mr. Chairman.

We do not have
a "yes" confirmation.

The "yes" votes negated
themselves by voting "no," also.

Well, I think that
mischaracterizes what happened.

No, it's exactly what happened.

(gavel bangs)
Then let's vote again.

Remember, senators,

you can only
vote once. Once.

All those in favor
of the motion,

please signify
by raising your hands.


(people murmuring)

Uh, se...

Uh, senators?

(loud banging on walls,
yelling and gasping)

(loud, indistinct,
overlapping chatter)

(loud head-banging,
loud chatter continues)

You all right?

We better get out of here.

overlapping chatter continues)

(loud thudding on wall)


Want a ride?



You sure you want
out here, at work?

Yes. Why?

I would have
taken the day off.


No, there's too much to do.

As-as part of my
training, I, uh...

I had to experience

all the interrogations I
was going to inflict on you.

You were lucky.

See you again.

You're okay.

Oh, my God,
are you all right?

We've been trying
to find you.

Your brother is going crazy.

Where is he?

I don't know how you did it,
but thank you.


I thought I'd lost you.

You did... for a while.

Are you okay?

Laurel. Oh, my God,
there you are.



You okay?

(static crackling)



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