BrainDead (2016): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

Laurel must work alongside an old boyfriend, Ben Valderrama, when Luke enlists her help in putting together a political documentary to support his anti-war initiative. Also, Laurel worries about the health of Luke and Germaine's baby.

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This is what a baby seal
looks like.

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♪ Treat me like
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The matter under discussion

involves a-an appendix "Q"

and that means a time-sensitive,
ticking bomb

terrorist attack.

Are we here again?

False evidence leading us
to an unnecessary war?

Leaving a country in chaos?

And who benefits?

The one percent.

Who wants this war?

Wall Street.

How is it?

Luke, give me a few thousand
dollars and a camera,

and I can do better than this.

No. It's coming
from PAC money.

We can't coordinate.

But I can offer criticism?

Well, there's coordinate
and then there's coordinate.


Well, it starts out well,

but it's obsessed
with the one percent.

I mean, I don't think
these war hearings

are really about
financial inequality.

Are they?

So, talk to him.

Give him those notes.

The filmmaker;
he's coming in today.

Me? Why me?

It sounds better
coming from you.

It's kind of a "start over" job.

Well, that's all right.

Right now, we can out-vote
the war committee extremists,

but it's a razor-thin majority,
and public opinion matters.

A short, punchy documentary

can do wonders, especially
if it goes viral.

I'll get my notes together.


The one percent wants the war.

The rest of us suffer.


What an amazing job you've done.

Thank you, Senator.

It's been you
on the barricades,

fighting back the hordes, huh?

Pistols blazing.

There's only one way, Senator.

Yes, there is.

The One Wayers.

Now, Jane...

We're in the fight
of our lives.

That's why we idealists
have to stick together.

We're outnumbered.
Yes, Senator.


I'm glad you understand,

I want you to hold your breath

for the next few minutes.


Not-not literally.

Keep your powder dry when
I introduce these people to you.

Who are they?

Are you here to see the senator?

I'm here
to make a statement.

I'm angry.


Hey, here we all are.

Thanks for your patience.

Ella, hello, and
your friend.

Why don't you
come on in.

Senator, would you
like me to sit in?

No, buddy. I think this one
I can take alone.

I'll knock if I need you.

(shouting over each other)

Okay, let's all
just calm down.

Yes, now that that is out
of your system, let's talk.

Noah, you represent
the No Wayers.

And, Jane, you represent
the One Wayers;

there's nothing
you agree on.

Ella and I agree
on almost nothing.

Isn't that right?

It is. You are the devil.

And she's a bitch,

but our methods
are similar.

We're idealists.

We want 100%
of what we want.

We don't want
to compromise.


My debate is not with Red,
at least not now.

My debate
is with Democrats

who want less, who
betray our ideals.

Noah, when you first came to me,
what did you say?

I'm angry.

And what did
you tell me?

I'm angry.

See? Look at you two.

You're two peas in a pod.
(Ella chuckles)

What did you want?

What was your goal
when you came to me?

To stop the other...

No, no, no, no,
no, no. Remember?

What did you say
about the government?


That we need
to burn it down.

It's rigged.

That's what I said.

You see?

She is not the enemy.

The enemy...
is out there.

(low growling)

Now, let's be clear here.

This vote... this vote
to put boots on the ground

in Syria is not welcomed
by the president.

It's not even welcomed
by our allies.

It is being driven by
ideological extremists...

Am I an ideological extremist,

LUKE: You'll have
your 15 minutes, Senator...

Me, a man who-who had
two people on his staff killed

by-by Syrian terrorists...
DIANE: Senator Wheatus, please!

LUKE: We don't know
who killed them

or even if anyone killed them...
RED: We sure as hell do.

Senators, I have
in front of me

over 50,000 signatures
from patriotic...

(quietly): How are you? Good.

Stop betraying America! Vote for the war!
(crowd clamoring)

Stop human rights
abuses in Syria!

Vote for the war! Vote for the war now!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Why-why are we silencing the American
public? All right, you guys, out. Out.

They are under unprecedented attack.

you and these protesters are,
respectfully, on the wrong side

of basic common sense.

RED: Let me understand.
Your solution...

Do you know him?


He nodded at you.

He was just in our office today,
with Senator Pollack.

LAUREL: I don't know his name--
Noah something--

but he's the constituent in here
who threatened me.

I thought you said he was
some lefty extremist.

I know. But Gareth said
he was in his office with Ella.

Okay, look, we're still up
on the war committee votes.

We should be fine.
Are you sure?

I'm not sure of
anything anymore.

Hey, the documentary guy
is in the conference room.

Give him your notes.
We may need it.

Luke, that's Ben Valderrama.

The filmmaker. Yeah. Why?

I know him.


He's become... famous.

Good. Give him your notes.

No, I-I think
you should.

Laurel, give him your notes.

You represent me.


Ben, hi.

You look amazing.

Congrats on-on all your stuff.

I mean,
your-your documentaries...

You-you saw them?

The one on fracking--
very powerful.


I still hate that last shot.

It's kind of corny.

And you, you're, uh... you've...

You're working here.

Yeah. Yeah, it's good.
It's, uh...

Yeah, and-and your work, you
were doing something on music?

Um, Melanesian choirs.

It's still in the works.
I-I'm just gathering the money.

Well, I'd love to see
whatever you have.

Remember how we wanted
to just... change everything?


Not just the world
but reality,

how people saw reality.

Yeah. Yeah, we were young.

Yeah. We were.

So let's talk about
saving this country first.

Uh, they said you had notes.

Yeah, just a few, just...
Good, good.

I'm open to anything.

It's good.

It's very good.
I'm used to these notes.

"It's good, but..."

So give me the "but."
It's not a big "but."

It's, um... it's just the stuff
about the one percent.

Yeah, it's awful, right?

How Wall Street's
destroying this country,

how no one from the recession
went to jail.

Yes. But I think this should
focus more on the war.

But the money is the war. That's the
real problem. I know. I just think

Luke wants something more
focused on this vote coming up.

I'm being defensive, aren't I?
No, no.

Yeah, yeah.
It's one of my weaknesses.

So tell me. I'm here to learn.
What should I do?

What's this, uh, war talk about?
(indistinct arguing)

NOAH: I am a normal voter,
just a normal voter.

You're agreeing
with the Republicans...

Just give me one minute, Ben.

NOAH: It's a human rights issue!
LUKE: You are being used, sir.

How dare you accuse me
of being a warmonger?

The cynical Republicans are
using your passion to change...

Here we go.
If you can't win an argument,

just shut it down
and drag me out.

Well, I got news for you:
I'm talking to other senators!

You have lost votes, sir!
You lost votes, sir!

I'm going up and
down these halls!

I'd look at extremists.

LUKE: No, I just had one of
these crazy people in here.

He's talking about going
to all the Democratic senators

to pressure them
into voting for war.

Yes, I just had one in here.

A Republican.
It's Red astroturfing.

He's got these groups
working for him.

We've got to check on the votes,

make sure we're still up.
I know.


Are we still on the same page?

Look, I'm up for reelection,

just like you are.
Oh, come on!

And I'm going to entertain all
points of view before I vote.

Senator, this is all
a Red Wheatus operation.

And if you change sides,
so will others,

and we'll lose the majority.

I'll call you back.

(line beeps)


I'm all ears.

Why should I change
my vote on the war?

(sighs) Damn it.

Germaine, hi.

Did you want me
to get Luke?

No. I actually wanted
to talk to you.

So you must be
weeks away now.

Yes, next week.
But we might induce.

Do you want to sit?

Is Luke
cheating on me?

Is Luke?

I don't think so. No. Why?

Why? Because he cheated...

No, no, I-I know
you've had issues in the past.

I-I just thought
you two worked it out.

Yes. But she's still here.

(TV playing quietly)

The only reason she's here
is because we're worried

about a lawsuit; that's it.

It's over between them.
How can you be sure?

Because I am.

Where were you last night
at 11:00 p.m.?

Where was I?


I don't know.
I guess I-I was here working.

Why? Luke said he was
with you last night.

Right. Yeah,
that makes sense.

At your home.

TRUMP (over TV):
We can come back...

Look, I don't feel

(groans, hisses)

Germaine, are you okay?

Yeah, it's just...
this last month.

She just kicks really hard.

Do you want me
to get a doctor?

Mm. No, no.

They say it'll be over soon.

God, it's like having
a monster inside me,

the way she kicks.

A monster?

Look, this is weird.

Every time she hears Trump
on TV,

she just kicks out.

Strong, strong, strong.

It's weird.


See, and now
she's calm.

America first. Make the country
great again. And now... (groans)


She just doesn't
like Trump, I guess.

Germaine, I think
we should go to the hospital.

No, it's fine. It's just inconvenient.
Let's go.

TRUMP: We are going to

make America rich again.

Hmm? You shouldn't feel this way.
Not like this.

Okay? Come on.

MONARCH: The campaign continues
to heat up,

with charges
and countercharges flying.

The only thing that is certain:
this will get uglier.

Both candidates have...

♪ ♪


Okay, so this is what I decided.


Yeah. You got a minute?

So I think you're right.

I probably went a bit off-track
with the one-percent tirade.

I get a bit angry.
That's okay.

No, no. Thanks for
the constructive criticism.

So I've got some interviews
lined up today

about these extremist groups.

Come by.
I want to show you some footage.

Okay. I'll call you.

All right, later.

How'd it go?
Is that the sonogram?

Uh, this is my sister.
Uh, it went well.

Everything's healthy.
LUKE: And should

we induce earlier?
No, no. We should be fine.

Is there anything clearer
of the fetus's head?

The, uh... No. Why?

Is the sonogram
always so dark there?

What are you
looking for?

I just think
it would be good to-to do

a general prenatal rundown
on Germaine's health.

I just did.

The kick tests
were normal.

She was negative
for strep B...

Luke, Germaine is in
a lot of pain.

What else can
you do, Doctor?

Well, uh, we could do
a biophysical profile,

combine a stress test
with an ultrasound.

But you'll have to bring
Germaine back; we're not set up

for that right now.
I can do that.

Okay. Uh, I'll
arrange a time.

All right. Thanks.

What, Laurel?

Laurel, what?

Germaine didn't come
to the office to talk to you.

She came there
to talk to me.


Because she thinks
you're cheating.

I'm not cheating.

Where were you
at 11:00 p.m. last night?

At work. Why?

She asked if we were together
because you told her

you were at my apartment.

What did you tell her?

Don't make me lie for you,
Luke, ever again.

I-I wasn't
cheating on her.

Look, I-I was with
the moderates,

thinking through how to deal with
this craz... That is such crap.

What? Stop lying. If you
were with the moderates,

you would've told her that.
I... (stammers)


I know.

I don't know
why I do it.


I don't want to have
to e-explain myself.

I go home, I don't want to
talk about the whole day.

It's so much easier. It's-it's
like Holden Caulfield lying.

It's not really... Do you know how
hard it is to believe in you, Luke?

I go to the office every day
and defend you

and tell the constituents what a great
guy you are. Look, I-I'm trying to make

a difference. Do you know how
close the Senate is to anarchy?

That is not an excuse. I'm not saying
it's an excuse. I'm-I'm just saying

it's like JFK... Oh, come on.
Do not use the JFK thing.

I'm not a perfect person, Laurel...
It's not about being perfect.

It's about not screwing around.
That's not a high threshold.

Being perfect is here.

This is not screwing around on
your nine-month-pregnant wife.

So do it.

And don't make me
lie for you again.

I want to believe.

What you're doing in the Senate
makes a difference,

even more than you know,
but you have to stay true.

You'll stop doing
whatever you're doing?


Oh, good.
Just in time.

Sorry, I got delayed.
No, everything's good.

I'll show you what
footage I got afterwards.

Come on. I wanted to catch
you before you came in.

This guy doesn't
know the interview is

about extremist groups,
so don't say anything.

What's he think?
Uh, he thinks it's about

relationships. (scoffs)

Laurel, hi.


What are you doing?
He's not an extremist.

I know.

He's Red Wheatus's
chief of staff.

He's the one who helped
astroturf this political group.

Thanks for doing this, Gareth.

No problem.
Any way I can help.

If you don't mind, we're
gonna start taping now.


So, thanks for sitting
with us, Mr. Ritter.

Not many Republicans
even responded.

Well, I'm trying to be more
accommodating across the aisle.

And you're Red Wheatus's
chief of staff? I am.

So you have contact
with this group, the One Wayers?


Didn't you, in fact, help
to create this extremist group?

I mean, didn't your
office create it?

Sometimes our office
will recognize

a certain shared opinion
by our supporters.

Our office may offer guidance
to these individuals,

but that's it.
Excuse me,

Mr. Ritter, but I've interviewed
members of these groups,

and they all seem
to be coordinating

their bullet points with you.

I think I'll stick
with my earlier answer.

Oh, come on.

You promised to be

completely up-front
with us here,

Mr. Ritter. Isn't it true
that the One Wayers

wouldn't even exist without
your office creating them?

Every grassroots movement
has funding from somewhere.

And I don't really think
it matters if some of it

was distributed by my office...
Come on, Mr. Ritter.

Isn't this about the one percent?
Okay, that's enough.

No, Laurel, I'm not done.
Yeah, I think we have enough.

Uh, Mr. Ritter, will you
please sit back down?

I just have a few more questions.

Can you really defend
your position, Mr. Ritter?

Can you really?

Did you get it?

What's the problem?
This stuff was great.

He looked completely over his head.
It wasn't fair.

Oh, come on. That's the
drama in documentaries.

He didn't know it was gonna
be about those questions. So?

He's the enemy.
He's a Republican tool.

You don't do the cause
any good by pulling back.

I'm sorry.

We can't do this anymore.

What, so you're just...
breaking it off?

I have a child
on the way.

I have a wife.

I don't want to marry you, Luke.
I just...

want... you.

Yes, but I have a child
on the way.

I-I can't do this anymore.

Oh, come on.

Come on, Margie.
No. Mm-mm. Mm-mm.

It's so sudden. I...

No, I-I can't. I just...
Come on. Mmm.

This'll be
our good-bye, hmm?



You have a minute?
I was just headed home.

What do you need?

I'll walk you.

You don't have to.

I know.

That was wrong,
and I'm sorry.

What are we
talking about here?

Ben. I didn't know
he was gonna do that.

Laurel, you don't
owe me anything.

We're on opposite sides
of the aisle, you and I.

It's all right.
Gareth, seriously,

I didn't even know you were gonna be there.
Laurel, look,

we like each other.

I won't deny it.

But we're in a business
where it cannot work.

This is our

It's what I...
it's what I believe in.

We can't just throw
that stuff overboard

and pretend it
doesn't exist.

For a friend, I can.

Well, then you're a
better person than I am.

Because if I throw that stuff
overboard, I'm not me anymore.

Look, I accepted
that interview request

because it's what I thought
I should do for a friend...

I didn't know
he was inviting you...

And then I realized,

I have a job.

I have a job that I love,
that I believe in.

And this friendship
is hurting my job.

I'm not trying...

I didn't say
you were.

It's structural.

I just need to do my job, okay?

Maybe when things
cool down.

When will things ever cool down?

I don't know.

Soon, hopefully.

I have to go home.


There you are.

Hi. Sorry I'm late.
There was this...

thing that got in the way.
Nothing important.

Has the doctor seen you?

The biophysical profile

and the sonogram with
the stress test looked great.

He took some blood
just to be 100% sure

there's not an infection
going on, but he's not worried.


Here's your sister-in-law.

Yes. She wanted to hear
about the results, too.

Good, good. I just need
to talk to her for a second,

Germaine, if
you don't mind.

I'm not in danger, am I?

No, no, no. I just wanted
to talk to her for a second.

(door closes)

What's wrong? Is there something
wrong with the sonogram?

You love your sister-in-law,
don't you, Ms. Healy?

Yes, of-of course. Why?

Then I need to ask
something of you.

What? What's wrong?


Stop what?
Stop worrying her.

Stop making her think that
there's something wrong.

There is nothing wrong.
She is a healthy mother-to-be.

Are you sure?

Ms. Healy, the only thing
wrong with Germaine

is that she has you
making her nervous.

So stop it.

I just want to be sure.

I'm sure. Now go home.

Take Germaine home
and let it rest.

I'm sorry.
No problem.

Now take her home.

("You Might Think" by The Cars
playing quietly)

(music stops)


I just feel like something's
wrong. Have you heard of him?

Dr. Falcon? Um, no.

What'd he say?

He did biological profile and
some stress test with sonogram.

Did he show you
the results?

No. That's worrisome, isn't it?

I don't know. Not necessarily.

He asked me to stop
making her nervous,

and I was going to,
until I heard his ringtone.

Just give me a sec.

Hey. Can you take this?


Do you think everyone who
listens to the song is infected?

No, but it's a very old song.

It's kind of odd to be using it.

Yes, but yesterday
I found myself humming it

because it's out there
and people are listening to it.

It's infectious.

You think I'm overreacting?

No. I don't know.

I just am not sure
an infant can be infected.

I'm going crazy, aren't I?

This is how it starts.

Look, I will check out
this doctor

and see what I can find out.

(Jaime moaning)

Oh, I'm gonna miss you so much.

LUKE: I have to stop.
JAIME: Don't stop.

(moaning, panting)

I'm taking a new job
at Jackson Birch.

Here's my new info.

Look, I already told you, Jaime.

This is it.
I have a child on the way.

I know, I know. But here.

For a rainy day.


(door opens, closes)


Hey. Thanks for
doing this.

I lost my cameraman
to a bris.

You don't mind
taking over?

No problem.

Like old times.

The union protest. Remember?

What are you doing?
What do you mean?

This guy's...
this guy's dangerous.

Yeah, I know.
It's great, isn't it?

No, seriously, Ben.
I know.

It's perfect for the extremists.

Really wild-eyed,

foaming at the mouth.

Ben, listen to me.

This is a guy with a knife.

Uh, no. I checked his tote bag.

He could get violent; you
need to treat him carefully.

Look, it's like Vice.

You hear an explosion,
you head toward it,

not away from it.

Someone tries to punch you,
you fight back,

but with a camera.

Come on.

It's for the cause, right?

Hi, Noah.
Nice to meet you.

Why don't you, uh,
take the tote bag

off your shoulder there.

Mm... no. I'm good.

Terrific. Let's begin.

So, clearly, you're very angry
at the status quo in D.C.

Aren't you concerned
your platform has been

bought and paid for by
the very people you oppose?



You do oppose the Republicans.

Why are you letting them
finance you?

I am not letting
them finance me.

I'm-I'm following my issues.

Do you want a war?


I want to end human
rights violations.

By causing a war?

Do you consider yourself
a peacenik, sir?

"Peacenik" is an outdated term.

But you do consider yourself
against violence?


BEN: Then why the hell
are you working with

Republicans and bankers
who want to kill?

I am not.
Yes, you are.

Go to hell.

Now, there's an
intelligent response.

Is that all
you have to say?

Come on.

You're such an ass. What
are you gonna do? Ben...

No, if he wants
to do something, do it.



God, this is great.

You wanted that to happen.

We got lucky.

You baited him.

No. I asked
him questions.

Wasn't up to me
what he did.

That's honest.

What he did was
honest, yes.

Look at it.
That's honest.

Ah, what's wrong?

This is good filmmaking?

No, this just an event.

Something that happened.

What we do with it, how we
edit it, that's good filmmaking.

Laurel, I was asked to make
a short viral documentary

that would stop the Republicans
from fighting

another non-war
in the Middle East.

That's the reason
I did this.

Am I missing something?

No. No, you're not
missing anything.

How goes the war?

Uh, despite the CIA leak,
still on track, amazingly.

But I've got
some moves left.

Might be time for you
to vote with your head

and not with your heart.


Vote for the war.

You're kidding.

Luke, you need to start thinking
farther out, the long term.

There's a new Wall
Street Journal poll

out this morning...
Screw that.

I'm gonna bomb 100,000 Syrians
because of a poll?

Luke, look at me.

Uh, don't do
the "look at me" thing.

That big white house
over there...

it's yours for the taking.

So take it.

(crowd clamoring)

America has gotten angrier.

(crowd shouting)


NARRATOR: The One Wayers are
angry at the No Wayers,

and the No Wayers are angry
at the One Wayers.

And who benefits?

The one percent.

Who wants this war?

Wall Street.

The rise of big bankers.

Financial inequality.

Every grassroots movement
has funding from somewhere,

and I don't really think
it matters

if some of it is distributed
by my office.

Come on, Mr. Ritter.

Isn't this about
the one percent?

Uh, Mr. Ritter,
will you please sit back down?

No. I just have a
few more questions.

Can you really defend
your position, Mr. Ritter?

Can you...


Well, not everything
is about Wall Street, Ben.

Oh, come on, that's
not what it's about.

I agree, but that's what
your documentary is about.

Is this about your
Republican friend?

No. This is about
your documentary.

This is about
a creative disagreement.

Okay. At a certain point,

we all have
our individual opinions

and we need a pair
of fresh eyes.

So let's hand it in

and get those
fresh eyes.

(audio rewinding)

Every grassroots movement
has funding from somewhere,

and I don't really think
it matters

if some of it is distributed
by my office.

(ringtone chiming)

Laurel Healy.

Where are you?

Germaine's water just broke.

I was doing another sonogram
with Germaine,

and her water broke.

I can't get her OB/GYN.
She's here.

What-- Is Luke there?

She couldn't get ahold
of anyone.

Is that Luke?

Just hang in there, Germaine.

I'm on my way.

Good. I would get here fast.

Is everything normal?

I didn't get a chance
to look deeper.


Get this thing out of me!

We'll find out soon enough.

I'll see you in a minute.

She's beautiful. She's just...

Everything went okay?

Best day ever.
LUKE: She's amazing.

You're amazing.

And completely healthy, right?

Yes, Laurel.
(Luke clears throat)

I don't know how to say
what I want to say

to both of you.

To all of you.

You don't have to
make a speech, Luke.

Daddy thinks he's still at work.

She has your eyes.

Lucky girl.

Ah, but those might
be Daddy's ears.

Did you check her ears?

They're fine.

Why are you asking
so many questions?

Is something wrong?

'Cause she does look like
she has Luke's ears.

Can I... can I see?

Hey, Laurel?


(clears throat)

Let's call her...


That's what she is.

Hello, Grace.

Look at that expression.

What's she thinking?

Probably pooping.


I know I haven't always been
the best husband.


it will be different now.

You have to stop. You'll
worry them over nothing.

Did you check her hearing?

If she was infected in the womb,

her ears would be fine.

She has had every
medical test possible.

An MRI of the brain?

Laurel, I will not sedate
her to ease your fears.

Baby's normal.


Where's Luke?

He had to go.

(baby fussing)

Well, there's this
war resolution...

Scarlett called.

And we might be outnumbered.

Can I hold her?

Welcome to the world.

Is there really
a war resolution?


I can't stop.

I tried, but I can't.

Then see a therapist.

Or go to a support
group, or read a book.

It's not complicated.
Keep your pants zipped.

But-but... how?

Here's a hint: Don't meet women
in their apartments.

Don't meet women in hotel rooms.
Don't meet women in bars!


The video you sent me,
the documentary,

it's useless; I can't use it.
I didn't send you...

I thought you were handling
the one percent stuff.

Look, I want a propaganda piece
about the war.

I'm losing the vote.

Even Dad thinks
I should vote for it.

I need this.

And who benefits?

The one percent.

I didn't want to leave
without saying good-bye.



It's okay, Ben.

What's okay?

I'm, um...

I'm in something
right now.

You are? What?



we made a hell of a video.

Keep fighting the
good fight here.

(crowd clamoring)

Our country has been overrun.

(crowd clamoring)


Not with soldiers,
not with tanks,

but with... infection.

The infection is an idea.

An idea of revolution.


Not just Republican,
but Democrat.

A few more questions.

Can you really defend
your position, Mr. Rit...

♪ ♪

(gentle piano music playing)

I know we haven't, uh...

been together for a while.

But to be clear,
we won't again.

And you have to
find another job.


Uh, you'll get severance
and the best referral.

You can't just get rid of me.

I wouldn't use those words,
but, as of now,

you no longer work for me.

Uh, hey...

Don't touch me.

You weak man.

I'm sorry.

Sorry doesn't come
close to what you are.

Okay, uh...

Give my regards to Germaine.

She's not part of this.

All right.

I'll give my regards.

(choir humming)

Our country has been overrun.

Not with soldiers,
not with tanks,

but with an infection.
(video stops)

Stop betraying America!

Vote for the war!

Stops human rights
abuses in Syria!

Vote for the war!

An infection of extremism.

An infection
that pursues purity

and believes it's better
to burn down the government

and start over than
to compromise even one iota.

I'm angry.

Since when can the government
just do what it wants?

NOAH: This is why voters
have to get involved:

to show politicians
how angry we are.

We are angry.

Tell a woman to do something!

Then maybe we can name
something after a woman.

LAUREL: The extremist leaders
are collaborating in secret.

They have more in common
with each other

than they do
with their own party.

RED: See, that's why
they call it "the grassroots."

'Cause it's so stupid.

I could go out on Fifth Avenue

with a flamethrower,
and they'd still kiss my feet.


LAUREL: Tell your senators
and congressmen

to vote against this war.

After all,
their voices should echo ours.

RED: Jesus should be asking me
for forgiveness.

We decide.

(loud crash)

And that is the point.

(chuckles softly)

Senator Pollack?


Senator Wheatus?

Aye, damn it.

Belligerence noted.

Senator Healy?


And the chair votes no,

damn it.

The war resolution is defeated

and will not be sent
to the full Senate.

Senator, with all due respect,
the American people...

The American people sent us here

to make informed, intelligent
decisions on their behalf.

And that is the point.



Some are calling it
"the little video that could."

And it really did,
didn't it?

You know, Claudia, the country
needed a wake-up call.

I'm just happy I could make the
point that needed to be made.

It's been seen by the members of

the Senate Intelligence
Committee, as well as

over four million
people online.

More important, it
probably saved us

from another
needless war.

How the hell did you do all that?
Yeah, how?

BEN: Someone needed to focus
on the big picture.

This isn't a left or right
issue, it's about extremism.

The kind of mindless debate that
leads us to forget who we are.

(ringtone chiming)

I'm curious, Ben.

Where did the idea
to do this come from?

I mean, it's so provocative,
so elegantly done.


Can you believe this guy?

I'm used to it.

I know it was you.

I recognized your
barely contained contempt

for anyone that thinks
differently than you do.

I don't know, I thought
I contained it well.

...when asked how he sculpted
his magnificent David,

how he did it,

Michelangelo said,
"It was actually easy."

He said all he had to do was

chip away at this
big hunk of rock

and remove everything
that wasn't David.

(sighs) You did good.

I would've liked to have seen
Reagan in there with FDR.

Next time.

You could've used me.

I didn't come off well.

You didn't fit in the story
I was telling.


I just called to say


(baby fussing)

Shh, okay?



She sounds so happy,
looking up at you.

She won't go to sleep.

Where did that come from?

I bought it.

It's supposed to be soothing.



I've missed you.

I want you to
know I'm back.

I'm here.

I have missed you.

It was a good day.

Fighting back the
Philistines. (chuckles)

That's nice.

I know bringing this little girl
into the world wasn't easy,

but now that
she's here...

Luke, honey.

Not now. I...

I feel a little sweaty.




Stop it.

(crying continues)

(mobile playing
"You Might Think" by The Cars)

(crying stops)

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