Æon Flux (1991–1995): Season 3, Episode 7 - Chronophasia - full transcript

Æon encounter a mysterious boy on a mission to recover one of Trevor's test subjects.

I'm not going to spend
the next six months...

traipsing around this
stinking jungle.

We've got to find this place.
Just plug in the coordinates.

Damn it, I can't get anything.

Give me those figures again.

86.7, 1209.


39.3, 1118, 74.9.

I'm sorry, sir, I just
can't seem to get a fix.

- Either the coordinates are wrong...
- The coordinates are not wrong!

Where are you?


Come, come, dearest!

How can she have
just disappeared?

All she knows is how to destroy.

- Lf she finds it before we do...
- She won't, sir!

Everything that rises
must converge.

Who are you? What's
this all about?

I was falling...


Wait a minute!

This is Colloden, isn't it?

So much for your
coordinates, Trevor.

You're wet.

This is elegant.

Well, well!

Well, what do you think?

Thank you for the dry clothes.
Very sweet of you.

Maybe you can do me another favour?
There's a laboratory...

Bring the suits, we're going in.

What happened here?

What the flame does not
consume consumes the flame.

- Is everybody dead?
- Unborn.

- Been here a long time, have you?
- Forever.

What will we find
in here, I wonder?

Looks like it's all been taken care of.
Came here for nothing.

- Who did this?
- They did. They all did.

Don't suppose you've
seen her around?

This one remembers its function,
which all the rest have forgotten.

What do you mean? Is she alive?
Is she here?

Too late.

We've checked over
some of the bodies.

They seem ancient, mummified.

According to my information, this was
a working facility three weeks ago.

Interesting. One of the
vials seems to be missing.

See? Three here and
one on the table.

Out of five slots, yes, I know.

- So, play it both ways, would you?
- Sir?

I want this place
searched, the whole cave.

There must be hundreds
of miles of tunnels.

Do it!

If Aeon Flux has that vial,
we may not have come in vain.

You've been exposed, Aeon.

When will you learn
to take precautions?

What did you do with the vial?

- What?
- The vial from the vault.

There was no vial.
They were all broken.

Were they? Pity.

If I had that vial, I might
be able to cure you.

If you had the vial, you could
infect the whole world.

I'm sorry about the restraints, Aeon,
but it is for your own protection.

I suggest you relax
and get used to it.

This particular strain of the
virus causes permanent insanity.

But don't worry, Aeon, I'll
take care of you, always.

Naturally, I'd
prefer to be dead.

Odd, the virus has
never been fatal.

In fact, there's some evidence
exposure actually extends life.

Why, Aeon, you may have another
80 or 90 years of this.

Fresh ground pepper?

Universal madness? Is that
your current project?

As usual, Aeon, you only
have half the picture.

The virus they were working
on here does produce...

a particularly nasty psychosis,
as you're learning first-hand.

The sauce is good,
don't you think?

But we believe that at one time,
before the dawn of history...

a form of this virus existed
in every human brain.

In fact, it was an essential
component of human consciousness.

What it produced then
was not a madness...

but a sense of connection. Of
being in and of the world.

But somehow, we
developed an immunity.

That was the fall, Aeon.

Ever since, we've been
missing a part of ourselves.

I think your chef uses
too much tarragon.

Hard to say where the
mutation occurred...

in the virus or in the human mind, but
if we could reverse the process...

My project is not universal
madness, it's universal happiness.

Who was it you said was insane?

- I'm sorry to interrupt, sir.
- Quite all right.

I'm just doing my weekly volunteer
work with the mental patients.

We've recovered two of the
missing men from the cave.

- Dead.
- How irritating.

Trevor, you have only
half the picture.

Thank you, Number Two.

- Is this your work?
- You know nothing.

Take a look at the photograph in my top.
Go ahead.

My pleasure. How cute.
Is it yours?

One of the test subjects
from the little experiment.

- I came here to get her out.
- A test subject. How interesting.

- It's not dead?
- Not dead. But not human.

- You want a killer? There she is.
- A baby?

Poor Aeon. I keep forgetting.

Kiev, we're going back
into the cave, tonight.

Take me!

Now? I have more
important things to do.

But don't go blowing
anything up.

Whatever this thing is, I
need a clean blood sample.

The waker sleeps.

You have to tell me
what happened here.

Nothing happened.
Nothing happens.

That is the secret.

Did everyone go crazy?
Or did that thing...

She's very strong. You
have to be good to her.

- I bring her things.
- Like me?

Listen, the others down here,
the men in the yellow suits.

Have you seen them?

- Take me to them.
- The waker sleeps.

You must do it. Or
they'll all die.

They went in there? The suits?

You wait here.



is in our minds.

Aeon. The vial.

You know what to do.

Why doesn't that thing kill me?


I have to go back to
where the baby is.

There was a vial, a
small container.

- Give it to me.
- You are not yet ready.

Hand it over.

What's going on?
I've died twice.

Is death only a frame in time?

Or was I dead already?

She still sleeps. Fear not.

The waking comes soon.
Like a storm.

Take me to the lab.

I do love thee. To you,
I deed all that I am.

Why, thank you.

The lab. Let's go.

My God. The baby.

You have looked in the face of death
but have not guessed its secret.

I'm sorry about this...

but I need to cut down
the variables here.

- Aeon.
- Trevor?

- Trevor, you're alive.
- Of course I am.

Beautiful, isn't she?

It's clear to me now.
Madness is the way.

My God, Trevor,
you've been exposed.

Exposed? Yes, exactly. Exactly!

We have to get out of here.

Why, Aeon? We were never
here to begin with.

We were always here!

- Trevor.
- Always will be!

- I think we've done it!
- I'll run, you cover.

- What do you take me for?
- I worshipped you, and you used me!

Why did you lie to me?

I didn't mean to, Rorty.

Aeon? Are you all right?

- Trevor?
- I thought we'd celebrate your cure.

But if you're not
feeling up to it...

- What is this?
- I thought we had an understanding.

I would give you the cure...

and you would give me
what I most desire.

- The vial?
- The vial?

Aeon, you!

Come now. This is
what we both want.

And it certainly beats
a Breen prison.


I knew you'd come eventually.

- I never did catch your name.
- I am before names.

Good for you.

- How long does this go on?
- Always.

I'm bored already.

You were the test
subject, weren't you?

- You were the one I came here for.
- No.

It was her. I was here first...

before they came here
with their experiments.

A virus that produces
human happiness.

- So you killed them.
- Except you.

- What do you want?
- What I have always wanted.

- You.
- Always?

My time is not your time.

So I've noticed.

Well, here I am.

- You resist me.
- No!

- I will have you!
- Have me.

What's the matter?

- No! Not like this!
- Fine.


Wait. I will show you
the secret of time.

Thanks, but...

To you, I bequeath.

Forgive, sir, we didn't
get here in time.

We got here in plenty of time.

What do you mean?
The missing vial?

I don't even know if there was a
missing vial. Doesn't matter.

It's pretty clear to me this
entire experiment was a sham.

Jascow was either an
idiot or a charlatan.

There was no virus.

Sir! The bodies!

If there was no virus,
then what happened here?

I don't know. But whatever it is had
nothing to do with the work here.

Just in case, we should
keep the men on alert.

I don't want any
casualties down here.

Aeon. Turning yourself in?

You know you went to a lot of
trouble for nothing down here.

You don't look so well.

I know, I know.
I've been exposed.

Permanent psychosis.

At least the colours are nice.

- What are you talking about?
- The virus.

Sorry to disappoint you.
There is no virus.


Fever. Dilated pupils.

Aeon, I think what
you have is the flu.

Fortunately, I think you'll
find the medical facilities...

in Breen prisons
quite up to date.

I apologise for the
bumpy ride, Aeon.

- Are you feeling better?
- I don't know.

Chairman, we're under attack!

A Monican trap. I knew it!

Not again.

To you, I bequeath...

To you, I bequeath...

my inheritance.

Composite things
are like dreams.

Fantasies, bubbles, thoughts.

Like a dewdrop and a
flash of lightning.

A new dress and a burning tyre.

- No.
- Grains of sand and sinking ships.


The shadow of a statue
and an entry in a diary.

A brain tumour...


- They are thus to be imparted.
- No!

This, I bequeath to you.