Æon Flux (1991–1995): Season 3, Episode 8 - Ether Drift Theory - full transcript

Aeon discovers an ecosystem existing in an ocean of paralytic fluid called the "Habit" where Trevor is conducting experiments on life forms.

How could he leave
them there like that?

I wouldn't want to guess.

Trevor is a deranged individual.

The fluid does that to them?

Look at that one.
He seems alive.

Lindze, to your right.

That's it?

An artificial world, sealed off from
real life's little irritations.

You mean, like us.

Quick and simple. We get
Bargeld, and we get out.

No distractions.

I'll be glad to
get out of there.

- With your eggheaded boyfriend.
- He's not an egghead.

He's just very inhibited.

No time for tender
reunions, Lindze.

I know.


- What is it?
- My ammo's gone.

No time.

Did you get that thing to work?

Get Bargeld, and we'll
rendezvous back here. Now!


Chairman Goodchild, just a note,
in case you'll be wondering.

The fluid can be neutralised.
I'm going to do it.

Put my few remaining
hours to good use.

The inmates will swim free.

There's nothing you can
do about it, of course.

Lindze! What are you doing?
How did...

Bargeld, come on. Let's go.

Oh, no. No!

- What happened?
- Please.

Don't come any closer. It's bad.

I mixed some bad
culture samples.

- You shouldn't have come.
- Bargeld?

Just go! I mean, I
can't go back now.

Am I making sense?

Stay back! Are you insane?

This is why I came.

Lindze, don't.

It doesn't matter.
Aeon can take us.

Oh, no! Aeon.

- Wait!
- Come on.

The process is
working beautifully.

Aeon Flux can't be
allowed to disrupt...

the thread-fine symbiotic
harmony that thrives here.

You will subdue her
for me, Number 16?

The Republic's tax
dollars hard at work.


No. What...

I can't believe you got
Aeon Flux involved in this.

She only thinks of herself.

That's not true.

- I know Aeon. She's...
- She's what, Lindze?

Think. What do you really
know about Aeon Flux?

I could tell you some things.

I was right. I hate that.

She must have run into trouble.

Your friend set the eradicator on us.



Lindze? Bargeld?

Don't bother with that.

Our only chance is to get to
a place where I can use...

Bargeld, don't talk now.

Aeon and I have a plan.

Can't you see it?

She's just another variable.

A cat loose in
Trevor's mouse maze.

Aeon is trouble and nothing but.

What the...

The fluid can be neutralised.
I'm going to do it.

Put my few remaining
hours to good use.

The inmates will swim free.

Lindze, enough fooling around.
Let's go.

Your imagination has a
gutter all its own, Aeon.

Where's Bargeld and Lindze?

Bargeld's working for me.
You're not taking him anywhere.

You don't know where he is.

I don't. But he'll come to me. He
can't escape, and neither can you.

Your sub, I'm afraid,
is feeding the bottom.

I'm glad destroying things
gives you such pleasure.

It's your vapid heroics
that are contaminating...

my perfectly-balanced ecosystem.

I don't think I have the slightest
idea how this thing works.

Look, Aeon, I've got a
proposition for you.

Go ahead, proposition me.

Lindze, please. I
can't keep going.

Take the neutraliser.

Come on. We can do it.

Which way now?

Down this vent. It
comes out near my lab.

I'm finding my
friends and going.

You want to leave? Fine.
But not with the others.

- Share reconstitution with me.
- Reconstitution?

It's the only way out.
Let me show you.

We melt our bodies together...

to form a single composite being
that can pass through the fluid.

Two minds, one body.

Your little games always
sound the same, Trevor.

Well, think it over.

At least let me rid you of...

These are what the insects want.


All this time.

All along. And I
couldn't see it.

You were right, Bargeld.
I hate her.

Don't be selfish, Aeon. Think
about me for a change.

I need a partner
to escape, myself.

We must melt.

A dream can seem to
last for hours...

and yet I awaken to find I have been
sleeping only for a few minutes.

The Habitat was my dream...

and soon it will be gone.

Bargeld could save
it, but he is dying.

I could save Aeon...

but she will not come.

Who will save me?

"Quick and simple.

"No distractions, no tender
reunions." Goodbye, Aeon.

Keep an eye on her while
I neutralise the fluid.

It's not what you think, Lindze.

I was late only because...

Because you couldn't wait to sell us
out to that sheepshearing visionary.

You were right. Why
did I trust her?

Lindze, what's happened to you?

I mean, you look really sick.

- We have to get you out of here.
- Yes, and look at you.

I figure I'm doing everyone
a favour, even Trevor.

You've got him eating
out of your fingers.

You don't understand
any of this, Lindze.

You're right.

No, wait!

What is it?

- The key, it's gone!
- What key?

It's useless without it.
Completely useless.

I've failed.

Your key?

Shut up! How dare you!

I know where your
precious key is, Bargeld.

- Aeon, the key?
- It's a trick.

She doesn't know anything.

Come on, Bargeld. We can
still get to the submarine.

The sub is gone.
Trevor saw to that.

And you, no doubt, helped him.

- We don't have time for this.
- She's right.

All right. Take us to it.

I can get there faster myself.

- Come on.
- I can't.

I'm in a hurry...

so we won't debate who tracked the
mud into my brand new petri dish.

What are you going
to do with us?

I'm going to cure you and
get you out of here.

This project is
obviously at an end.

I'm sorry you have to see...

your life's greatest achievement
destroyed, Bargeld.

Aeon Flux.

If we go, what about you?

It takes two, right?

I'm waiting for Aeon.

What choice do we have?

It's your decision, of course.

But if you don't do it, I guarantee
you'll be dead in five minutes.

Let's do it, Bargeld. Let's go.


Oh, my God!

Lindze? Bargeld?

Come on.

If she isn't here by now...

They say cats always land on their feet,
but at this point there's really no floor.