Æon Flux (1991–1995): Season 3, Episode 6 - Reraizure - full transcript

Æon works to undo a successful mission after realizing how much it is hurting an innocent person.

- Let's try it again. Who is this?
- It's me. Of course it's me.

Of course, Emon. Of course.
And who is this?

I don't know.

You know who she is. I
don't have to tell you.


And what is she telling you?

I don't remember.
Damn your machine!

You don't remember.

Smells trigger memories, Emon.
I can smell Aeon now.

Leather. Hazelnuts.
Gun powder. Sex.

Memories are precious.

We are only what we remember of
ourselves and what we have done.

Without memories,
we are nothing.

So tell me, Emon.

What do you remember now?
What did Aeon tell you?

What plots? What plans?
What plunderings?

- She hates you.
- What?

She told me that she hated you!

Your memory's playing tricks.

And so am I.

To retrieve the rest of these
images, please obtain a narghile...

and bring it to the location described
on the rear side of this photograph.

Who wanted the narghile?
Who is your contact?

- What's a narghile?
- Don't play dumb with me, you bitch.

You know that narghiles are
a controlled species. Ugly.


- Dangerous.
- I think it's sweet.


You're the sweet one.

Hedrik, I don't want
to see you doing that.

Allow me.

Now key her up and
throw away the lock.

Yes, sir.

- Not now. I can't stand backseat drivers.
- Better buckle up.


This isn't the time
to bear a grudge.

I haven't the time, but
I'll get you out of here.

- Let's go. Now.
- I don't know you.

- Who are you?
- Emon, don't say that.

I may have dumped you, but
I wouldn't desert you.

Ripe fruit for picking!

Ripe fruit for picking!

Feel my skin! Feel my skin!

Feel my skin! Feel my skin!

Feel my skin!

I don't care who you are
or what you're up to.

But you're in my way,
so just let me pass.

Keep away from me.
I'm desperate.

Desperate to live or to die?

Your choice.

I would have let you go, you idiot!
I would have.




You're not going to
hurt me, are you?

Why would I be interested
in hurting you?

I don't know. You look
as though you might.

You look as though
you might enjoy it.

- Really? Appearances can be deceptive.
- No kidding.

- So why did Muriel stand me up?
- Who's Muriel?

Wait a minute.

- Muriel didn't send you?
- No.

But you came from
the prison, right?

- Yes.
- Did you see a woman?

Short hair, very pale.

Would have been wearing
a gray prison uniform.

I wish I could say
I hadn't seen her.

I'm sorry.

You don't want to
know what happened.

She didn't make it, did she? I
told her not to trust them.

She said it was her only chance.

So odd. She didn't trust anyone.


Did you know her?

I'm sorry.

Of course not.

I'm glad to know you.

Thanks for taking me with you.

- Where are you going now?
- I don't know. Your place?

- This really isn't the time.
- Well, wake me up when it is.

Good going, Muriel. Clean break.

Sentence suspended
for good behaviour.

- You caught that?
- Not right now.

- I'm busy.
- Excuse me.

I'm sorry, Aeon.

I guess I'm a little tense.
It's called a narghile.

I collect them.

You collect... Could
have met you earlier.

Do you have the bliss pellets?

If your idea of bliss is to
forget everything about yourself.

Your favourite colour,
your mother, your lover.

I'm truly sorry about Muriel.

Yeah, well, she'd
want me to carry on.

We took the bliss pellet together
and found out how it really worked.

It destroyed everything we had.

- It twisted your minds?
- All our memories were gone.

Had we been lovers? Enemies?
What? How had we met?

I didn't even remember her name.

Hell, I still don't
know how I lost my leg.

- So why do you collect them?
- Planned extinction.

Muriel and I made a promise
to eliminate all of them.

When we started, they were
said to be endangered.

Collect them all?
Seemed like no problem.

It's taken me years, Aeon.

I've caught thousands.
Recorded every one.

Now it's down to a dribble.

Almost finished. I
fished them out...

Muriel climbed up the cable to
store them on the platform.

And once I'd found them all...

Muriel would have blasted the
platform off into the sun.

You little bastard!

What have you done to my Muriel?

What has it done to you?

Is getting rid of
them really so hard?

First thing you do is
stop thinking about them.

I thought you said you
wouldn't hurt me.

- I didn't.
- So why am I so damn sore?

See the retro boosters?

I'm not seeing it. There.

Muriel took each of the
narghiles up there.

That was her idea?
Not to destroy them?

How? You can't kill them.

So I was collecting them
to blast into the sun.

- The sun?
- Now I don't know what I'll do.

- Sounds good. I'll do it.
- What?

I'll take Muriel's place.
That's what you want, isn't it?

Well, I don't know. I'm not
sure it's a good idea.

The air is very thin up there. You'd have
to wear a special suit. It's dangerous.

Come on. What else
are you going to do?

You can't climb up
there yourself.

Hey! You think I'm some
kind of a helpless cripple?

Something like that.


What is it, Muriel?

Are you angry that I hit you?

You know I couldn't help it.

Tell me you forgive me.

You're forgiven.

That's better.

Muriel, I've loved these
close encounters.

I can tell.

This is the last...

narghile, you know.

I won't be putting it back.

I figured. What...

should I tell Rorty?

Tell him to blast the platform.

He'll never know.

What about us? Oh, God!


- It's...
- You, too?

It's over.


How many of us can you
betray at once, Trevor?

Who's betraying who, Aeon?
What have you done to Muriel?

What have you done to Rorty?

Oh, Muriel. Why me?

Mission accomplished.

That platform's infested
like a Breen tenement.

So you didn't have any trouble?
Everything okay?

Very much okay.

I'd say it's time to
rev up those boosters.

Funny you should say that.

It's true. I've found
no more narghiles.

It seems to be time. But
how would you know that?

Looking for these?

- May I tell you the truth?
- That's up to you.

I never wanted to
hurt you, Rorty.

- Quite the opposite.
- You expect me to believe that?

I have to hurt you.

- I killed Muriel.
- What!

I was in prison to
retrieve those pictures.

It was an accident.

She attacked me. I fought back.

When I met you outside, I thought
I'd try to make it right for you.

- I didn't expect to care about you.
- You don't care about me.

- Muriel loved me.
- Maybe she did.

But the platform
is empty, Rorty.

- There are no narghiles there.
- What are you talking about?

You're lying again.

- Muriel gave the narghiles to Trevor.
- That's ridiculous.

Rorty, I know you won't...

Trevor and Muriel wanted it
as a reason to be together.

- They were lovers.
- No!

You're the one
sweating with Trevor.

Get out. Get out!

- You're trying to destroy me!
- Rorty! Don't!

I can prove it! I need
you to believe me.

Go ahead. Prove it to
your heart's content.

I don't care! Just get out!



You believed me.

Old faithful.

Aeon, you're slipping.


Look, Rorty.

- It's all right. I'm here.
- Muriel?

- Aeon!
- Look, Rorty.

Look at the mark. It's the
one Muriel gave Trevor.

- It doesn't mean anything.
- It means I'm telling the truth.

Sure. Fine.

I really don't care any more.
Forget about it.

I've just gone halfway around the
world to prove something to you...

and you don't even care? I
think I'm going to kill you.

That's what I expected the
first time I laid eyes on you.

Big mistake.

- Here. Keep this as a memento of me.
- I'll never forget you, Aeon.


Rorty? Where are you?

Rorty, I'm sorry.

I know how much...

- What are you doing here?
- I'm not gonna hurt you again, Rorty.

That's nice. What's your name?

No, Rorty. You didn't.

Didn't what?

Who are you? What is this place?

We are not what we
remember of ourselves.

We can undo only what others
have already forgotten.

Learn from your mistakes...

so that one day you can
repeat them precisely.